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  • Title: ubiqx development, uninq.
    Descriptive info: .. development, uninq.. Free Software, Useful Information, Crazy Ideas, and Wholesome Geek Fun.. Presentations.. December, 2011.. Three new.. presentation slide sets.. have been posted.. New Projects.. July, 2011.. The.. Prequel.. project has started to take shape.. is an implementation of Microsoft's.. BranchCache.. distributed caching system.. So far, we have focused on the server side, as this will be of the greatest interest to Samba.. Podcasted on Linux Outlaws.. May, 2011.. While attending.. Samba/XP.. last week, I was.. interviewed.. by Fabian Scherschel of Linux Outlaws.. In the interview, I talk about our experiences working.. with.. Microsoft to produce the.. [MS-CIFS].. and.. [MS-SMB].. specifications, as well as my current projects and the future of Samba.. There are also interviews with Kai Blin and.. Tridge.. Website Overhaul.. April,  ...   of the.. MS-BITS upload protocol.. Open for Business.. ubiqx.. (this website) has been our outlet for Free and Open Source software and documentation for a long time now.. A couple of years ago we spawned a consulting team to meet the demand for commercial protocol support and project development.. This kind of work keeps showing up at our virtual doorstep and it seemed reasonable to turn it into a business.. Consulting, Inc.. provides network protocol expertise, documentation, Open Source software development, and various levels of support for BSD, Linux, Samba.. Both sides of the house will continue to work together to produce publicly available information, documentation, and utilities.. " BORDER=0>.. $Revision$.. $Date$.. Copyright 2011.. Christopher R.. Hertel.. This site is my fault.. Terms of Use..

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  • Title: Projects - ubiqx development, uninq.
    Descriptive info: Projects.. Writings.. Implementing CIFS.. is a complete on-line book describing the inner workings of Microsoft's CIFS filesharing protocol suite.. It includes sections on NBT (NetBIOS over TCP), SMB (the Server Message Block protocol) and the Browse Service.. Oh!.. and it's also available in.. printed format.. from Prentice Hall PTR.. [Open Publication License].. Software.. BadfingerD.. A silly little thing that we found useful when testing those small, headless computers you can get cheaply these days.. Also useful for checking up on remote computers (if you are connected over a VPN).. BadfingerD.. is a simple daemon that is intended as a poor replacement for the old.. fingerd.. server.. Hence.. bad.. listens for a connection, but ignores whatever is sent to it.. Instead, it executes a shell command and sends the output (from stdout ) back to the caller.. [GPLv2].. Prequel.. The purpose of.. is to create an Open Source implementation of the PeerDist protocol (also known as Microsoft BranchCache ).. This project is in the early stages, but some testing code exists and more will be published as it becomes ready.. Testing code:.. Program code:.. [GPLv3].. STiB.. The purpose of the.. project is to create an Open Source implementation of Microsoft's BITS upload protocol.. BITS is the Windows service used by Windows Update to download patches and service packs in the background.. The download process uses plain old HTTP, but there is also an.. upload protocol.. , which is a proprietary extension to HTTP.. project currently provides a BITS upload client toolkit and a testing program.. [LGPLv2.. 1].. modules.. The ubiqx modules implement simple data structures  ...   of the the SMB/CIFS and SMB2 protocol family, plus a review of the new features in SMB2.. 2 and the basics of implementation.. The audience was full of practitioners of the art, senior developers, and leaders.. Slides are available.. in PDF format.. October, 2011.. An opportunity to present the wonders of the SMB/CIFS and SMB2 protocol suites to a bunch of coders, and hopefully spark some interest.. These protocols are neither the easiest nor the most rewarding, but they represent a large segment of the market.. I have seen several start-ups moving along nicely until they crash head-long into the brick wall that these protocols present.. I've seen similar things happen to established companies as well.. In addition to SMB/CIFS and SMB2, this presentation covered the Microsoft BranchCache and BITS Upload protocols.. September, 2011.. Further updates to the.. May, 2011.. An update on our activities in most of 2010 and early 2011, including.. , and the work done toward implementing BranchCache for Samba.. March, 2008.. A general overview of storage technology, including a comparison between ATA and SCSI, emerging technologies, changing politics, and potential areas for product development.. November, 2007.. Further updates to the INet 4011 presentation from previous years, combining slides from several sources with several new ones.. INet 4011 is a Network Administration class.. It's part of a University of Minnesota Bachelor of Applied Science program presented by the College of Continuing Education.. North Central Linux Symposium.. June, 2007.. I had a cold.. Somehow, I managed to spin out this presentation covering the differences (both technical and practical) between SCSI and ATA..

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  • Title: Consulting - ubiqx development, uninq.
    Descriptive info: Consulting.. now has an official commercial wing:.. The focus is on protocol development & documentation, Multimedia, and storage solutions.. We also provide software development on Linux and/or *BSD platforms.. Knowledge of the SMB/CIFS protocol suite is still our mainstay.. Over the past several years we have helped developers understand SMB/CIFS,  ...   There is a lot more to be said, but we're not quite ready to say it all.. Check back from time to time, and let us know if you're interested.. In the mean time, you can view.. the founder's résumé.. to get a sense of our expertise.. crh@ubiqx.. com.. Copyright 2010..

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  • Title: About - ubiqx development, uninq.
    Descriptive info: About.. (U*b ks), in reference to the modern computer: the.. ubiq.. uitous bo.. x.. name has been around since 1990.. Its first official use was as the name of a project that produced some free software utilities and modules, plus an associated UUCP address.. The UUCP address eventually morphed into the.. org.. website (.. this.. website), while the software modules lead to involvement with larger projects.. Those projects, in turn, led to a couple of magazine articles and  ...   is what finally lead to the creation of a separate business entity:.. This site,.. (aka.. net.. ) is the Free and Open development side of the house.. It hosts projects of various sizes and various degrees of completion, including the aforementioned book and the early modules that started everything.. Many of the smaller software projects are either very new or have stalled for lack of time.. If you are interested in helping out, please send us a note..

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  • Title: Implementing CIFS: The Book!
    Descriptive info: Implementing CIFS - The Common Internet FileSystem.. has been published by Prentice-Hall.. Copies are now in bookstores.. You can order a copy on-line!.. In the USA, order your copy from.. your own local independent bookseller.. Please support your local independent bookseller.. These folks are your neighbors.. Order directly from.. the publisher.. and I get a nice kick-back.. Also available from on-line sources such as.. Amazon.. com.. ,.. Barnes Noble.. , and.. Eyrolles.. or just visit your local independent bookstore and tell them that you are looking for ISBN number.. 0-13-047116-X.. The List Price is $44.. 99.. (which is marketing mathematics for $45.. 00).. The page count is a whopping  ...   part of.. Bruce Perens' Open Source Series.. Help save my local independent bookstore.. Buy your copy from.. Ruminator Books.. in Saint Paul, Minnesota.. [Sigh.. Didn't work.. They're gone.. ].. is also available under an Open Source license.. You can download the XLM, PFD, and TIFF sources:.. Download the PDF.. Download the Docbook XML source for the book.. Download the figures.. Can't Say It Enough Alert:.. Thanks once again to everyone who sent comments and encouragement while I was writhing.. I am.. so.. glad I did this project on-line.. I could not have done it on my own!.. Chris.. -)-----.. Copyright 2003, 2004.. All rights reserved.. $Revision: 1.. 33 $..

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  • Title: Terms of Uselessness
    Descriptive info: Terms of Uselessness.. Acceptance of Terms.. By accessing the content of this site, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to abide by the terms described below.. If you do not agree to the terms presented here, you must discontinue use of personal hygiene products and staple a walrus to your forehead.. Limitation of Liability.. You agree that, whatever it is, if it is bad it is not our fault, it was never our fault, and if anyone says it is our fault you will be very, very angry with them for saying such a mean and nasty thing about us.. Further, you agree that if it is  ...   hygiene.. Intellectual Property.. Any thoughts or ideas which may occur to you while viewing the content of this site are belong to us.. You are required to submit scans of brain activity for the period of time during which you viewed this site so that the relevant brain cells can be extracted, at your expense.. Your Rights.. By viewing the content of this site, you agree to forfeit all rights and privileges for the greater good of the American Corporate Oligarchy, particularly if you are not a citizen of the United States and may, therefore, still have rights.. The terms of this agreement are foolish and shall not be enforced..

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  • Title: Implementing CIFS
    Descriptive info: is now available in bookstores.. You can.. order.. a copy on-line!.. Dedication.. Queen Victoria, it is said, so enjoyed.. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.. that she asked for a copy of the author's next work.. Carroll obliged with the.. Syllabus of Plane Algebraical Geometry.. Her Majesty was not amused.. In that same spirit, I dedicate this effort to the memory of my mother.. Contents.. 0.. Introduction: CIFS from Eight Miles High.. 1.. First Impressions.. 2.. What is CIFS?.. 3.. The CIFS Community.. 4.. Audience.. 5.. Scope.. 6.. Acknowledgements and Thanks.. 7.. About the Author.. 8.. About the Cover Art.. 9.. Foreword.. 10.. License.. 1.. NBT: NetBIOS over TCP/IP.. A Short Bio of NetBIOS.. Speaking NetBIOS.. The Basics of NBT Implementation.. The Name Service in Detail.. The Datagram Service in Detail.. The Session Service in Detail.. Where it All Went Wrong.. 2.. SMB: The Server Message Block Protocol.. A Little Background on SMB.. An Introductory Tour of SMB.. First Contact: Reaching the Server.. SMB in its Natural Habitat.. The SMB Header in Detail.. Protocol Negotiation.. Session Setup.. Authentication.. Building Your SMB Vocabulary.. The Remaining Oddities..  ...   Known NetBIOS Suffix Values.. D.. The SMB URL.. 5.. Glossary.. 6.. References.. 7.. Index.. 8.. Back Cover.. 9.. Annotations.. 10.. Errata.. CIFS.. is a CIFS documentation Wiki.. Contact the maintainers if you would like to contribute.. jCIFS.. Version.. 17.. Released.. jCIFS.. is an SMB/CIFS implementation in Java.. The current production release of.. Samba.. is version.. Fine Print.. This is an Internet Book describing the CIFS protocol suite.. It has taken almost four years to put the whole thing together.. My thanks to the many people who have answered questions and provided input.. Writing this book in the open has been a fascinating--and enjoyable--experience.. Copyright 1999-2003 by Christopher R.. This material may be distributed only subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the.. Open Publication License.. , v1.. 0 or later.. (The latest version of the Open Publication License is available at.. http://www.. opencontent.. org/openpub/.. ).. The quotations in the left-hand margin of the web pages are not under my copyright, and so are not under the OPL.. The book has been published in paper form by.. Prentice-Hall PTR.. Copyright 1999-2004.. 178 $..

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  • Title:
    Descriptive info: Prequel Source.. The source code for this project is available at.. https://fedorahosted.. org/prequel/.. Currently published:.. mcrypt_key_dx.. c.. oSSL_key_dx.. Two test programs.. used to help extract the.. Server Passphrase.. Server Secret.. from a Windows 2008r2 Server system.. pq_cgi.. A sample CGI program that can generate PeerDist Content Information on the fly.. pdDump.. A tool to dump PeerDist Content Information in a readable form.. Extraction:.. Windows servers that support PeerDist protocol (via HTTP or SMB2) sign the.. Segment Hash of Data (HoD).. field using a.. Server.. Secret.. to produce the.. Segment.. for a segment of data.. is the SHA-256 hash of the.. Did that make sense? No, of course not.. Don't worry, it's all documented with greater clarity in.. [MS-PCCRC].. , except that we introduce the term Server Passphrase to name what [MS-PCCRC] obliquely describes as an arbitrary length binary string stored on the server.. Windows servers allow you to export both the.. and the.. (which is simply the SHA-256 hash of the Server Passphrase) using the Netsh.. exportkey.. command for BranchCache , as follows:.. > netsh branchcache exportkey [ outputfile= ].. FilePath.. [ passphrase= ].. PassPhrase.. outputfile..  ...   ubi_sLinkList.. [ch].. - Simple linked list implementation.. util.. - Small selection of utility functions and macros.. program is a sort of shim that can be used to create PeerDist Content Information from existing content.. Simply add the.. executable to your.. cgi-bin.. directory and then add the pathname of the actual content to the URI of.. For example:.. PQ_CGI URI:.. http://testserver/.. cgi-bin/pq_cgi.. Content URI:.. stuff/thingies/content.. odt.. Content Information URI:.. cgi-bin/pq_cgi/.. Generating Content Information with.. requires either compiling the program with.. NO_CHECK_PEERDIST.. defined, or using a web client that lists peerdist as an accepted encoding.. You can use the.. stibtest.. program from the.. project.. stibtest get.. subcommand supports PeerDist requests.. You can use a web browser that lists peerdist as an accepted encoding when sending requests.. Currently, the only known web browsers that support PeerDist are recent versions of MS Internet Explorer.. If you compile.. with.. defined, then.. will send PeerDist Content Information instead of actual content whether or not PeerDist encoding was requested.. PeerDist Content Information Dump:.. program reads Content Information from.. stdin.. and produces a human-readable dump (on.. stdout.. ).. For the latest source code, see..

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  • Title: Index of /proj/STiB
    Descriptive info: STiB Source.. The name STiB stands for something, but we're not quite sure what.. It could be Slow Transfer is Benign , STiB Terminology is Backwards , or Sipping Tea in Belgium , or it could just be BITS spelled backwards with a small 'i'.. BITS.. is an MS Windows file transfer service.. It is the service used to download Windows Update patches and service packs.. Its main feature is that it handles transfers in the background so that it can (in theory) avoid interfering with other tasks.. BITS supports both download and upload file transfers.. Downloads are performed using standard HTTP (or HTTPS), but uploads are performed using a set of proprietary extensions to HTTP.. STiB implements the BITS upload protocol (currently, only the client side).. The key components of the project, at present, are:.. stibtest:.. This is a testing program used to exercise the STiB client library (see stibclilib, below).. It can send a BITS Ping command to a server, send a file to the server using the BITS upload protocol, or start a BITS upload session under user control.. The latter is probably the most interesting from a testing perspective.. Entering a command in the following format:.. $ stibtest  ...   retrieved.. command stores the raw content returned by the server in the destination file.. stibclilib:.. This is a library of functions that can be used to build a BITS client.. There are individual functions for sending each of the five available BITS request messages.. In addition, there are functions that allow the user to compose and send their own message, parse URL strings, and parse server response messages.. Known bug in V0.. At present,.. stibclilib.. does not handle chunked encoding properly.. The planned solution is to revisit the entire mechanism used for reading the server's responses.. Gbfr:.. Growable buffers.. This module packages a mechanism for creating buffers that grow in size as needed, up to a hard-coded limit.. util:.. A grab bag of useful functions.. ubi_sLinkList:.. A simple singly linked list implementation.. To compile stibtest:.. $ cc -o stibtest -lreadline \ stibtest.. c \ stibclilib.. c \ Gbfr.. c \ util.. c \ ubi_sLinkList.. c.. GNU Readline is required by the interactive session mode of stibtest.. Name.. Last modified.. Size.. Description.. Parent Directory.. -.. ReadMe.. STiB.. 28-Jun-2011 03:14.. 1K.. STiB01.. tgz.. 28-Jun-2011 03:09.. 42K.. Tarred and gzipped.. STiB02.. 28-Jun-2011 03:27.. src/.. 28-Jun-2011 03:28.. Apache/2.. 3 (CentOS) Server at www.. ubiqx.. org Port 80..

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  • Title: ubiqx: modules
    Descriptive info: Modules.. Module Overview.. The goal of the.. project is to develop a set of clean, small, re-usable code modules which implement fundamental constructs and mechanisms, and to make them available under the terms of the.. GNU Library General Public License.. (LGPL).. These are the little training wheels that keep getting re-invented; the small parts in that drawer in the kitchen.. It's those things that are always in your way when you're looking for something else, but are never there when you really need them.. Our goal is to be the good neighbor who always seems to have the missing flange-screw or cup of sugar that you need when you're in the middle of a project.. modules are written in ANSI C and have been tested on a variety of platforms including AmigaOS, Linux, OpenBSD, Irix, etc.. The core library consists of those modules found in the.. ubiqx/library/.. directory in the distribution.. We expect that all of the core modules will compile and work without modification on any platform that has an ANSI C compiler.. If you find an exception, please let us know about it.. There are additional modules in.. ubiqx/DB.. ubiqx/DBimps.. , and sloppy example code in.. ubiqx/test-toys.. The modules currently available are:.. Lists, Queues, and Stacks.. These are the kinds of thing that are so basic that most programmers simply re-write them whenever they need them, and therein lies the problem.. We've seen plenty of otherwise good code that has half a dozen re-implementations of a linked list.. This is re-inventing the training wheel.. Do it once, do it right, and don't do it again!.. Binary Trees.. We originally wrote these for the Amiga, an environment in which one must to be careful about the use of stack space.. As a result, these modules are non-recursive.. They are also designed in an object-oriented style using regular C (not C++ or Objective C).. Three types of binary tree are available:.. Simple, unbalanced binary trees.. AVL height-balanced trees.. Splay trees.. The AVL and Splay Tree modules are descendant types of the basic Binary Tree module.. Each of these has its own characteristics.. The API is quite complete and, to make things easy, there is a generic interface that is the same for  ...   built on top of the ubi_SplayTree.. It provides the basic tools needed to build an in-memory hierarchical database.. Database Interface Modules.. These modules, located in the.. directory, provide APIs for three types of table/database managers.. ubi_DB:.. This is a base module.. It contains bottom-level typedefs and utility macros.. ubi_KeyDB:.. A key-access database API.. It provides an API for unsorted, unique-key data managers such as hash tables (eg.. ndbm/gdbm).. ubi_IndexDB:.. A descendant type of ubi_KeyDB, it adds support for sorted-order storage and duplicate keys.. ubi_SparseArrayDB:.. This is a descendant type of ubi_IndexDB.. It allows multiple sets of data to exist in the same database.. These sets are linked together in a hierarchical fashion.. An entry in a set may have a link to another set.. Sparse arrays are also called hierarchical or multi-dimensional associative arrays.. Database Implementation Modules.. directory, are the glue between the ubi_DB APIs and the actual table manager or database.. They also serve as examples, so that you can write additional implementation modules.. They include:.. kdb_ll:.. Implements a key-access database using an in-memory linked list.. Lookups are performed by sequential search, and a search must be performed before each insertion to prevent duplicate entries.. Not recommended for large lists.. It takes about 35 to 40 minutes to store and dump 44K records on our 486-based/120MHz Linux box at home.. kdb_xdbm:.. Implements a key-access database using ndbm or gdbm.. It is a tiny bit awkward at times, but it runs our database store and dump test in around 8 minutes, about 1/5th the time needed by kdb_ll.. Note that this module requires either ndbm or gdbm.. idb_tree:.. Implements an index-order database using binary splay trees.. This one finishes the store and dump test in.. less than six seconds.. Compare that against 35+ minutes for the linked lists!.. sa_tree:.. Implements a sparse array using splay trees.. Because the database types are object-oriented, this module can also run the store and dump test.. As would be expected, it is almost exactly as fast as idb_tree.. Note that the database implementation modules do.. not.. have the ubi_ prefix and are not considered to be part of the core library.. They do things like allocate memory and open files and other real-world stuff like that..

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  • Title: Index of /proj/libcifs
    Descriptive info: CIFS Library Source.. as a rule there is not such great perfection in works composed of several parts, and proceeding from the hands of various artists, as in those on which one man has worked alone.. -- René Descartes.. This is a small and very unfinished collection of code that I started writing as I was working on my.. CIFS documentation.. In the.. source directory.. you will find:.. Header files.. Common include files.. A set of header files common to the system as a whole.. When writing code using this library, simply include the "cifs.. h" file.. The "cifs.. h" file combines all the required headers for you.. Auth/.. Basic encryption tools needed for SMB Challenge/Response authentication.. Included are tidy implemtations of DES, MD4, and MD5.. There is also a small module that uses DES to create LM hashes and LM responses.. NBT/.. Modules that implement NetBIOS over TCP/IP (NBT).. NBT provides three important services: the Name Service, the Datagram Distribution Service, and the Session Service.. SMB/.. Modules that implement  ...   with the following caveats:.. This is.. developer.. code.. It is semi-random and definitely incomplete.. There is no.. Makefile.. There is no packaging.. In order to use this stuff, you need to know how to program in C and how to build your own tools from parts.. The code is heavily documented.. in the comments.. You will find that there is a 2-to-1 or higher (sometimes much higher) ratio of comments to code.. I'm trying to pack a lot of information into every module.. There are tools available on the web that will strip out the code if you just want the comments (and vice-versa).. any sort of finished or polished product.. This is raw geek stuff.. I find it useful (very) but you might not.. Have fun.. Chris -)-----.. GNU-GPL.. txt.. 24-Mar-2001 22:36 18K GNU License.. GNU-LesserGPL.. 24-Mar-2001 22:41 26K GNU License.. GNU-LibGPL.. 24-Mar-2001 22:38 25K GNU License.. Readme.. 21-Mar-2004 03:34 2.. 1K Project Information.. TermsOfUse.. html.. 30-Apr-2011 21:00 2.. 4K It's funny.. Laugh.. source/.. 26-Apr-2011 02:16 - Source code..

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    Archived pages: 257