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  • Title: Apple: News, Reviews & Features
    Descriptive info: .. Subscribe by RSS.. Sample Page.. News.. Mac OS X.. Reviews.. Editorial.. Dr.. Mac.. Design.. Macintosh.. I will call it AntiTroubleShooting.. I have a technique that allows me to recover from almost any problem with OS X or a particular program in 15 minutes or less.. I ve fine-tuned this method over a year and a half of OS X beta testing and while it s not for everyone, it works like a [.. ].. Posted in.. /.. no comments.. Five Points For OS X.. As users of one of the most secure operating systems there is, OS X, many of us don t often think of things like encryption, trojan horses, hackers or the such.. A friend on one of the e-mail lists I belong got a rude awakening this week to the awful truth [.. Tiger More Oh than Wow.. There s some talk on the net at the moment about honesty being the best policy and people being paid huge sums of money (oh, I wish!) to say great things about Apple.. so I m fessing up straight off.. The wonderful people at Renaissance kindly gave me a copy of Tiger to [.. Apple Thunderbolt Display review, quad-core ARM CPUs, emulating Lion s Versions, and more!.. With every significant release of any interesting or special technology comes the Anandtech review of said technology, and the Apple Thunderbolt Display is no different.. The thing about Anandtech reviews is that they are incredibly thorough, so if there was anything you ever wanted to know about the Apple Thunderbolt [.. Apple fined, iOS apps on Apple TV, Mac version of The Old Republic important, and more!.. Apple has been fined $1.. 2 million for misleading Italian consumers on the warranty period of their products, says Ars Technica.. There s a law in Italy that guarantees consumers a two-year warranty period on all products they purchase — including Apple products — and apparently Apple hasn t been clear enough about [.. First Look and final word: Adobe Photoshop 7 is Mac OS X native.. If Steve Jobs has seemed impatient waiting for Photoshop to come out Mac OS X native, then imagine how the rest of us feel.. We d be happy just to have it open in Aqua, and be a Wet Version 6.. But Adobe can t usher out a mere OS X.. The Next Killer App? AquaMind s NoteTaker.. I want to tell you about an extraordinary piece of software I have discovered.. It s not often that I write software reviews anymore because there s not a lot I get excited about.. In this case, however, I am excited, The software.. Apple iBook G4 1.. 33Ghz, 14inch.. I had initially found the enjoyment of Mac hardware through my purchase of a second hand B W G3 (which I considered a discovery type buy), fantastic but a little slow for my work as a web developer.. So in need of a little more power.. The wonderful people.. iMac G5 20 2.. 1GHz.. Upon the release of the iMac G5 Front Row Edition (Power PC)  ...   to access your corporate networks or home network remotely.. Looking for possibility to organize your own local Internet marketing, it is extremely important to find that very company which will definitely meet all your requirements.. 32bit.. com would be glad to provide you.. bulk email software.. for highly effective email marketing campaigns.. Most Recent.. What do they think about the Photoshop professional reviewers?.. Find the Center To find the center of the contents of a layer, choose View Show Rulers and then call up Free transform by hitting Command-T.. While the Free Transfoprm rectangle is visible, you can drag guides out of the rulers and they will.. We will tell and show all.. Get Rid of Fringe Pixels Sometimes when you combine multiple images for a collage, you see a slight fringe around the edges of layers that are copied from other images.. In many cases you can remove that fringe by going to Layers Matting.. What would happen to the design, if it was not a photoshop?.. Accessing Grayed out Areas in CMYK If you re working in CMYK mode, you ll notice that many of the filters are grayed out in the filter menu, so you cannot access them.. Rather than converting to RGB, which could affect.. Instructions Photoshop for Dummies.. Use the Extract Command to Create Border Effects To create an unusual border effect, open the Extract command (Filter Extract) and use the edge highlighter tool to paint some edges.. To get straight lines, click once, hold down shift key and.. Information from the developers.. Edit the Shape of Letters If you need to alter the shape of some text, try this: from the Layer menu, go to Type Create Work path.. This will put a path around your type as if you drew it with the Pen tool.. Then either hide or delete the type.. Another Photoshop prank Thanks to a feature added in Photoshop 7, you can now pull one of my favorite Adobe Illustrator pranks on your Photoshop coworkers or friends that will drive them just this side of insane.. Adobe put a pop-up list of language.. Find something better?.. Step-and-Repeat Photoshop s Edit Free Transform command (Command-T) offers some additional keyboard shortcuts for step-and-repeat functions that can be very useful: To make the same transformation again, for an additive.. Special review for designers.. Working with Guides Hold Option to change the direction of the guide (horizontal/vertical), hold Shift to snap it to the tick marks of your ruler, and hold Command to move a guide when using a tool other than the move tool.. Hold the Control.. As you should easily get into Photoshop.. Reset the Preferences as You Launch You ve probably heard the best way to fix many common problems in Photoshop is to delete the Preferences.. Rather than struggling to find the preference file and delete it, instead, quit Photoshop and.. Older Entries.. Recent News.. The solution to start an email marketing campaign is.. email address list.. or current customer database.. Featured.. Recent.. Comments.. Tags.. No comments.. featured.. Copyright 2014 Apple: News, Reviews Features.. All rights reserved..

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  • Title: Sample Page | Apple: News, Reviews & Features
    Descriptive info: This is an example page.. It s different from a blog post because it will stay in one place and will show up in your site navigation (in most themes).. Most people start with an About page that introduces them to potential site visitors.. It might say something like this:.. Hi there! I m a bike messenger by day, aspiring actor by night, and this is my blog.. I live in Los Angeles, have a great dog named Jack, and I like  ...   founded in 1971, and has been providing quality doohickies to the public ever since.. Located in Gotham City, XYZ employs over 2,000 people and does all kinds of awesome things for the Gotham community.. As a new WordPress user, you should go to.. your dashboard.. to delete this page and create new pages for your content.. Have fun!.. Be the first one to leave a comment.. Post a Comment.. Click here to cancel reply.. You must be.. logged in.. to post a comment..

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  • Title: News | Apple: News, Reviews & Features
    Descriptive info: So I m wandering around a bit until I arrive at a strange house where people are drinking tea and saying even stranger things.. I listen a moment hearing all kinds of weird stuff like gtk, gnome, X11 but there comes something that makes.. Adobe extends web video leadership with H.. 264 support.. Adobe Systems Incorporated today announced the latest update for Adobe Flash Player 9 software, code-named Moviestar, which includes H.. 264 standard video support the same standard deployed in Blu-Ray and HD-DVD high definition video.. Codeweavers releases crossover games for Mac and Linux.. New offering delivers gamers the ability to play more games on the platform and machine of their  ...   Picasa for Mac.. Google has announced Picasa for Mac (in beta) free software that helps Mac users easily organise their photos in one place, edit pictures, and share them online with friends, family, and the world.. Picasa for Mac makes it easy to manage.. Steam is released.. The Steam game platform has launched on the Mac platform today.. On subsequent Wednesdays, additional collections of Mac titles will become available, each designed to highlight specific functionalities of Steam on the Mac.. The first collection.. The thing about Anandtech reviews is that they are incredibly thorough,.. There s a law in Italy that guarantees consumers a two-year warranty period on all products they purchase —..

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  • Title: Mac OS X | Apple: News, Reviews & Features
    Descriptive info: The conference was held in Santa Clara, California at the Westin Hotel.. (Santa Clara is right next door to San Jose, and Cupertino.. ) The.. Mac LeVitus is presenting a unique session for the first time at Macworld Expo and Conference 2003 in San Francisco.. Entitled, Dr.. Mac Presents the 2002 OS X Shareware, Freeware, and Otherware Awards, he ll.. If you wanted to access your corporate networks or home network remotely you had to dial in (remember, using that modem thingy) or you were somebody important and had a private line into the.. You and Your Mac s Commitment to the Collective Success of National and Economic Security.. The new year is on us- time for resolutions! I was gratified by the response I received on my grandiose editorial of 7-7-02, Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You, Ask What Your Mac Can Do For Your Country.. Now, inspired by an.. OS 9 Users Wish You Were Here.. Macrimination is bad when practiced by those on the outside, but it can be even worse when it s  ...   OS X Leopard: applications that come with Leopard as well as a couple of the developer tools.. This is the second in a 3-part overview of Apple s new operating system, with the final part to be published tomorrow.. In this part, he looks at the applications that come with Leopard as well as a couple of the developer tools.. The Applications:.. Mac OS X Leopard: some other applications that Apple and how they function with the new OS?.. This is the final in a 3-part overview of Apple s new operating system.. In this last part, he looks at some of the other applications that Apple encourage us to use with (or are designed for) Leopard, as well as some other applications.. Mac OS X Leopard: some of the utility applications that Leopard features.. This is the first in a 3-part overview of Apple s new operating system, with the other parts to be published over the next two days.. In this first part, he looks at the installation process, the desktop and Finder, as well as some of the..

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  • Title: Reviews | Apple: News, Reviews & Features
    Descriptive info: iWeb 1.. 0.. iLife 06 was released at the January 2006 MacWorld conference and took up much of the Keynote speech.. Some were a little miffed about this but personally I enjoyed the release because iLife 06 is a fantastic package.. Before the.. iMovie HD 6.. In 2000 I was in the market for a new computer as I wanted to upgrade my Amiga 4000, 2000, and 1200.. The only reason I wanted to upgrade was to perform desktop video which at that time was cheaper to do on other platforms and everything needed.. iPhoto 6.. iPhoto has to be one of the most  ...   files using a simple, easy to use format.. But iPhoto 6 has become something of.. GarageBand 3.. Music is the greatest language mankind has.. There is not a single race, religion, or tribe that does not use music in some form to communicate.. It transcends spoken language.. Even deaf people can understand music (see Mr Holland s Opus.. iDVD 6.. I ve never used iDVD before on account of not having a SuperDrive equipped Mac.. Apple saw fit not to include it as an option for over the counter 12 iBook, but iDVD in the iLife 06 package allows you to use any DVD writer..

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  • Title: Editorial | Apple: News, Reviews & Features
    Descriptive info: Once upon a time, in December, I was skiing at Copper Mountain, and I met a professor in Computer Science from the U.. S.. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.. As we skied, we got to talking about his incoming freshman and their level of preparation.. The subject of courage and honor come to mind, especially with respect to the use or misuse of technology*.. It s a subject critical to Apple enthusiasts.. In the history of American culture, in reality.. High Performance Computing on the Mac.. Tell us about yourself: your position at LIU, your background, education, and your technical interests Let s go in chronological order.. I received my initial education in my home country, India.. I was fortunate enough to get a chance to.. Macworld Expo San Francisco Analysis Rethinking the Desktop.. Every viewpoint is based on assumptions.. experience, and perspective.. Since just about everyone has a different blend of these items, everyone will come to different conclusions about the MWSF 2003 Keynote.. Especially, those involved with science.. Macrimination Manifesto.. What is Macrimination? Once upon a time, the Apple Macintosh was at the top of the personal computer heap.. If you worked with Photoshop or digital music,  ...   the last couple of years, as PC processor speeds have surged upward and the speeds of Mac G4s have struggled to gain on them, Apple has spent a considerable amount of time trying to battle what it calls the Megahertz Myth.. According to.. Al Gore s Apple.. Former Vice President Al Gore has a lot to bring to Apple now that he has been elected to its board of directors, if you think about it.. He s a bit of an underdog, just like Apple, and he did create the Internet, right (wink, wink)? And.. Some DVD-ROM Features May Not Work On A Macintosh.. After finally plopping down the cash to upgrade to a DVD-burning PowerMac G4, I ran over to my DVD collection.. Now I could finally watch movies on my big studio display, I thought, and access all of that cool DVD-ROM content I ve never.. The Liberation From Filler Songs Must Continue.. Earlier this week, I heard the new Madonna single American Life while I was shopping.. I ve never been a huge Madonna fan, but I liked the hook of the melody.. So when I came home, the first thing I did was open my peer-to-peer..

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  • Title: Dr. Mac | Apple: News, Reviews & Features
    Descriptive info: And everyone knew a book was a gift I d treasure.. While it s not the first thing you might think of, a technical book makes a perfect gift for the Mac user, and there have.. Someone saw me do it the other day and commented that it was a cool feature and that they had never seen it before.. I call it hover-scrolling.. The bad news is that it requires.. The Option Key is your Friend!.. Many of you know this already but it s worth repeating open any menu then press and hold the Option key.. Do it in the Finder s File menu and you ll see the Open With command transform into the immensely useful Always.. Type Less and Say More with TypeIt4Me.. Yes, it s another freely distributed software Friday and today s offering is a gem.. If you hate typing the same phrases over and over, or often find yourself copying and pasting the same paragraph or sentence over and over, you re.. Hiding Files from Friends and Enemies.. So yesterday s tip  ...   files and folders.. I ve seen many users whose Desktops have so much crud on them you can t distinguish what their beautiful Desktop picture is.. Kiss Chris For This.. Pre-Jag it was easy to have a Trash can in your Finder toolbar.. In those days, all you had to do was drag the proxy icon the little tiny Trash icon in the titlebar of the open Trash window onto the Toolbar of any Finder window.. Broadband? Browse Different.. I have a cable modem connection that s always on and always fast (thanks to RoadRunner).. And, because it s there, I like to use as much of that delicious bandwidth as I can when I browse the Web.. So today s tip has to do with.. Burn one today save money and heartache.. A friend called the other day to ask me about disk recovery specialists; I told him to call DriveSavers and that it wouldn t be cheap.. I told him he should know better and that recovering his disk was gonna cost him much more than a fullly-automated,..

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  • Title: Design | Apple: News, Reviews & Features
    Descriptive info: We ll tell you a little about Photoshop.. Maximize File Browser Give yourself the maximum viewing area for the File Browser by viewing it in Full Screen Mode, with all palettes hidden.. To do this, hold the Command key and then click on the File  ...   for Photoshop.. Find the Transform Handles If you have dragged a large image onto a smaller layer the outer edge of the new, larger layer is of course, hidden.. This becomes a problem when you use the free transform command, since you cannot see the handles..

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  • Title: Macintosh | Apple: News, Reviews & Features
    Descriptive info: Microsoft Office for Macintosh.. Suite-wide, Microsoft has added some nice features that make installing and using the package easier and problem free.. Installation is merely drag and drop, with no product activation (maybe the next version!).. Other global enhancements include.. EyeHome Macintosh Digital Media Player.. The extensive suite of EyeTV personal video recorder products by Elgato Systems allow you to watch, record, edit and archive TV shows on your Mac.. The original EyeTV was released in 2002 as an entry-level digital video recorder for analog TV.. Interarchy  ...   long, edit code in BBedit and send those files to ftp servers with Interarchy.. Many years ago, I started with a ftp application called Fetch, as my needs got more serious, I started looking for a alternative.. The Latest Fad Macintosh.. Am I in the Mac Twilight Zone? Did I go to bed and wake up in a different dimension? Have I died and gone to heaven or maybe hell? Apple s stock is up and the financial analysts are jumping on board.. I m definitely not used..

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  • Title: Mac OS X Jaguar | Apple: News, Reviews & Features
    Descriptive info: on /.. I ve fine-tuned this method over a year and a half of OS X beta testing and while it s not for everyone, it works like a charm for me.. I call it anti-troubleshooting.. It works like this: I save as few files as possible on Jaguar (my boot volume).. And I avoid having my apps or documents in my Home folder.. If I can keep a file on a different volume or disk, I do.. My boot disk has little more than OS X and everything that comes with it.. If it s of value to me, it is stored on another disk entirely, cleverly named Storage.. Non-Apple apps are on Storage.. My Documents folder is on Storage.. iTunes Music is on Storage.. And my iPhoto library.. The point is: My application and data files are not stored on Jaguar.. So if anything on Jaguar goes wonky.. I have no qualms about blowing it away.. I could reinstall OS X from a CD, but it s even easier.. You see, my secret is to clone Jaguar every day when it s healthy.. I have a pair of FireWire disks I clone Jaguar onto every other day.. Since I am using Retrospect for a bunch of backup scripts that protect  ...   overkill for some of you.. But I install more new software and hardware in a week than most people do in a year.. And I test a bunch of different Macs at any given moment.. So having my boot disk be portable works for me in other ways as well.. But most of all, my clone lets me recover from almost any problem in 15 minutes or less.. Which happens to be about the length of my attention span.. After 15 I stop troubleshooting and start demolition I blow away (reformat/erase/initialize) Jaguar (my boot disk) and clone the most recent clone back to the boot disk.. I lose a few preferences and if I ve installed software that installs software in my Home/Library, I might have to reinstall it.. But I m back to work in 15 minutes, mostly intact.. Now granted I don t have to do it very often, and many of you will never need it at all.. But OS X has many pieces and permissions; it s easy for one to get just a little out of whack and drive you nuts.. When I m not in the mood to track down just why, my anti-troubleshooting system lets me get back to work almost instantly.. Tags:.. Share this article..

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  • Title: Five Points For OS X | Apple: News, Reviews & Features
    Descriptive info: A friend on one of the e-mail lists I belong got a rude awakening this week to the awful truth that if you live part of your life online, as most of us do, none of us are safe.. Her PayPal account was hacked to the tune of $3,000.. The hackers also got into her.. Mac account, changing the answer to her security question to: Dude you ve been hacked.. They also hacked her primary e-mail account with her ISP, her eBay account and her cable account.. She talked to Apple security by phone, and they helped her change all of her passwords and remove her credit card and bank info.. She said the person she talked to at Apple had personally assisted in putting over 400 people in jail this year alone.. She has filled out a reports with both her local police and the FBI.. Because this is a federal offense, between the bank, the FBI, police dept.. , and Apple, I am hoping they nail the roast them, she said in an e-mail to the list.. All of this comes at a conspicuous time.. In case you haven t heard, on Sunday, July 6, the hackers of the world are holding a contest to see how much mischief they can cause.. This won t affect most of us, as it will be aimed squarely at Web servers.. Out of the box, Mac OS X is a very secure operating system.. As a matter of fact, the hackers in the contest will get extra points for hacking Mac OS X servers, just because they are so easy to break into.. According to one account on Computer World s site, Rather than focusing on the volume of defacements, the Defacers Challenge is set up to reward the skill of malicious hackers who can compromise systems running less  ...   updates on its Web site.. The company also has a page on how to report security problems and how to sign up for security notifications.. Turn on your firewall.. Turn off personal file sharing and Web sharing in the Sharing preference pane.. Keep your important documents and information in an encrypted disk image.. Here are Apple s instructions on how to do it.. In OS X 10.. 1 and later, you can turn on Open Firmware Password Protection, which will block the ability to use keys to do things at startup like starting from a CD-Rom, a NetBoot server or FireWire Target Disk Mode.. It also blocks the ability to start up in single-user mode.. If you get an e-mail from eBay or PayPal telling you they need to update your records, so click here to do it don t.. This is a common and easy ploy for hackers to get your information.. Although it s not easy to figure out where to send such things to eBay or PayPal to let them know of the schemes, they will never send you such an e-mail asking you to enter your personal information like that.. Short of turning your computer off (and who wants to do that when you have a Mac), there is no way to be 100 percent safe.. Some of the people who will be competing in Sunday s contest are very creative people who probably could do a lot to further the world s knowledge if they used their brains in more constructive ways.. We shouldn t let these things put us in panic mode or lead us to cut off all contact with the Internet or the places we frequent.. No, much like terrorism, that would be letting them win, wouldn t it?.. But it also doesn t hurt to prepare a little bit..

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    Archived pages: 184