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  • Title: UBI-SERV Project - Home
    Descriptive info: .. UBI-SERV Project.. Home.. Research.. Events.. Publications.. Our Team.. Blog.. Contact Us.. Welcome to UBI-SERV project's web site!.. Project Title:.. User-centric Design of Ubiquitous Welfare and Safety Services and Supporting Technologies for China and Finland (CHI-FIN UBI-SERV).. Sites of the research:.. 1.. Department of Communications and Networking.. ,.. Aalto University.. 2.. Peking University.. 3.. Fudan University and Nordic Centre of Fudan Unversity.. The objective of this research project is to investigate user centric designed services and technology for ubiquitous computing (e.. g.. services applying networked, embedded computers) in Welfare Technology and Services (WTS).. As such, WTS is a very large research area covering two major frontiers of Health and Public Safety referring to (i) health management, health monitoring and medication reminders as well as (ii) public safety and security services.. In our project we apply user centric design approach to pinpoint from this  ...   resources and scientific expertise of our research consortium.. The project modules are: User-centric Design, Public Safety, Glocal (global/local) Networking Technologies and Services and Remote Tele-care Technologies and Services.. The research targets were further developed in Start-up Workshop (and its preliminary investigations) by following the user-centered design philosophy.. This approach aims to develop truly usable, cost-effective WTS for both China and Finland by taking care of the user, service, environment, regulatory and technology levels simultaneously.. Note that during the course of this project,.. Helsinki University of Technology.. (TKK) has merged with.. Helsinki School of Economics.. and.. University of Art and Design Helsinki.. to form the new Aalto University.. The acronym.. TKK.. is still often used as a shorthand for.. Aalto University School of Science and Technology.. CHI-FIN UBI-SERV is part of the.. Academy of Finland.. MOTIVE.. research programme.. Created and Maintained by UBI-SERV group..

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  • Title: Research - UBI-SERV Project
    Descriptive info: UBI-SERV Work Package Structure.. WP1: User-Centric Design.. Our user-centred design approach for each of the service is characterised by qualitative and ethnographic research methods (e.. focus groups, observations, and diaries).. The Start-up Workshop and requirements meetings conducted in TKK aim to specify usability requirements that will be user centrically tested in the research and development processes.. After the requirements meetings the project will focus on intermediate research modules to be carried out in China and in Finland that are constrained by the findings of the Start-up Workshop and requirements meeting.. Generally, the work of the human-centric group in this project will focus on three main themes:.. Exploring user needs for the services with emphasis on neighbour- and location-awareness e.. communication needs, needs for networking, and needs for feeling safe.. Evaluating usability (i.. e.. usability testing, heuristic evaluation) of the system architectures at various stages of the development process.. Evaluating acceptability and the quality of service experienced by the target user groups.. WP2: Glocal (Global and Local) Technologies and Services.. Communications technology advances and associated service developments are creating new service ecosystem that is at the same time local and global in nature and can be called as Glocal Service Ecosystem (GSE).. Services in GSE simultaneously address local nature but admit global mobility and are in some form available anytime and anywhere.. From research perspective the applied approach in the project can be called as Human Centered Mobile Computing (HCMC).. This is a research sub-field of the Human Centered Computing in which mobile aspect is in a key role.. This work package covers the following aspects:.. Glocal services and requirements set by human centric design.. Characterization of glocal service types and analysis of the corresponding human-centric requirements.. Existing and evolving technological enablers for glocal services.. Recent technological advances that will greatly impact to the available enablers in localized service provision.. Notably, the introduction of Home Base Station (HBS of femtocells) concept will create a bridge between centralized management and distributed mobile computing.. Future evolution towards ubiquitous HCMC.. The technology push is on its limits and turning to  ...   set the baseline user and system requirements for the underlying communications technologies that enable services for public PSS purposes.. Other technical bodies (e.. , TISPAN, 3GPP, ITU, etc.. ).. would take into account these requirements when specifying communications architectures, protocols and services for PSS use cases.. WP4: Remote Tele-Care Technologies and Services.. In the Work Package 4, we research the remote health-monitoring network, terminals and services in the follow-ing functions:.. The monitoring system is to prevent people from the disease/harm by giving a warning/advice in time.. Using the wireless sensor to track the routine activities of daily life – how do they do physical exercise and what habits do they have and so on – What are the measures to obtain early information?.. Assist user’s life for chronic and geriatric care that can produce savings in health personnel costs without increasing risks and even improving the overall quality of the treatment.. This function is becoming increasingly important both in China and in Finland.. Measur-ing of bio-signals and activity-signals at same time gives basic information for the services.. The objective of this function is to create the supporting, techno-economically balanced service realiza-tion as boarded by our user centric design methodology and boarder conditions (addressed in WP 1).. Finally, in case of critical situations, life saving services and technology is an important function we are going to research.. This function requires the application to work with paramedics giving the first aid to the people in need.. Whenever accidence happens, the person may be in critical situation by health or some other reason.. The question is if his/her doctors, relatives and friends can be awarded immediately through the system operation? Can all the associated health-care personnel get all the information they need? This requires a well-organized communications and information processing.. WP5: Security, Reliability, Ethics and Safety.. All the research functions of the tele-care module relate to SRES questions that we will pay special attention in our focus group gatherings striving to keep a close touch with service operators and potential device manufacturers and governmental authorities during the whole project time..

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  • Title: Events - UBI-SERV Project
    Descriptive info: Upcoming events.. HWTS 2011, 11 - 13 May 2011.. Preliminary Program Released.. International Workshop on Health and Well-being Technologies and Services for Elderly (HWTS 2011) Held in conjunction with 6th International Conference on Grid and Pervasive Computing (GPC 2011) Oulu, Finland, 11-13 May 2010.. This workshop is a peer-review event which will provide a platform to present new and innovative services and technologies that will be specifically useful for care of elderly persons with physical or mental health problems, social isolation or other factors that affect quality of life and increase dependency on supervised care.. Our aim is to bring together researchers, experts and practitioners from academia, industry, private sector and health institutions to stimulate research discussions, share experiences with policy makers and to investigate novel economical aspects of the wellbeing and healthcare sector.. In technology side we strive to address especially ubiquitous computing and diversity of communication that links directly to the technical topics of GPC 2011.. For instance, machine-to-machine communications and cloud computing are good examples of technologies, when adapted effectively, improving significantly care services especially for independent-living elderly persons.. In service side we address topics that relate to ethics, culture, behavioral sciences, and psychology that manifest for instance in user centric design of rapidly developing social media services as well as in personalized health / well-being environments using new sensor and networking technologies.. Important dates.. Mar 20 2011 Submission of papers.. Apr 11 2011 Notification to authors.. Apr 18 2011 Early registration ends.. May 11 2011 The HWTS workshop.. Jun 10 2011 Camera-ready papers due.. Past events.. UBI-HEALTH'10, 31 May - 2 June 2010.. International Workshop on Ubiquitous Healthcare and Welfare Services and Supporting Technologies (UBI-HEALTH’10) provides state-of-the-art forum for the latest services, technologies and researches in the field of information and communication technology (ICT) assisted healthcare and well-being..  ...   Welfare and Safety Services and Supporting Technologies for China and Finland.. ) and THEWS (.. Trusted eHealth and eWelfare Information Space.. )projects, joined by PSC (.. Pervasive Service Computing.. ).. ORGANIZING COMMITTEE.. Iiro Jantunen, Timo Korhonen, Pekka Ruotsalainen.. DATE and VENUE.. 3rd February 2010 at Aalto University, School of Science and Technology, Espoo, Finland.. SPEAKERS.. Timo Korhonen,.. UBI-SERV project.. Maija Pekkola,.. User-centric design and culture.. Edward Mutafungwa,.. UBI-SERV research on automatic emergency calls.. Pekka Ruotsalainen,.. THL.. THEWS - a framework for trusted ubiquitous healhcare.. Antto Seppälä,.. University of Tampere.. Personal health records - basic concepts and models.. Pirkko Nykänen.. Ontologies in eHealth.. Jiehan Zhou,.. University of Oulu.. Pervasive service computing.. Ole Arrhenius,.. EADS Secure Networks.. Ubiquitous public safety communications.. Frank Ryhänen,.. Culminatum.. oy,.. Health and Well-being Cluster Programme.. OASIS 1st International Conference.. , 4-5 November 2009.. UBI-SERV took part in the 1st International Conference of EU FP7 Integrated Project.. OASIS.. in Florence, Italy, 4-5 November, 2009.. UBI-SERV presentation was at Session A3.. Healthy Ageing.. UBI-SERV Start-up Workshop.. , 19 May 2009.. Organizing committee.. Iiro Jantunen, Mika Husso, Jyri Hämäläinen, Timo Korhonen, Edward Mutafungwa, Xirui Wang, Zhong Zheng.. Venue.. Faculty of Electronics, Communications and Automation, Otakaari 5, Espoo.. Speakers.. Timo Itälä, senior researcher, SoberIT / TKK.. Eija Kaasinen, research coordinator, VTT / Technical Research Center of Finland.. Vesa Pakarinen, senior research scientist, VTT / Technical Research Center of Finland.. Lauri Repokari, research manager, TKK / Helsinki University of Technology.. Päivi Topo, academy research fellow, THL / National Institute for Health and Welfare.. Yuping Zhao, professor, PKU / Peking University.. MOTIVE Workshop.. , 12-13 May 2009.. VENUE.. Kansallisali, Aleksanterinkatu 44, Helsinki.. UBI-SERV presentation time.. 13th May, 11.. 30 PM.. Hyvinvointi- ja turvapalveluiden sekä niitä tukevien ubi-teknologioiden käyttäjäkeskeinen.. suunnittelu Kiinaan ja Suomeen.. Dosentti Timo korhonen, Teknillinen korkeakoulu.. S-72.. 2510 Tietoliikennepalveluiden käyttäjäkeskeinen suunnittelu.. Course arranged Spring 2009..

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  • Title: Publications - UBI-SERV Project
    Descriptive info: Journal papers and book chapters.. I.. Jantunen, J.. Jantunen, H.. Kaaja, S.. Boldyrev, L.. Wang, and J.. Hämäläinen, “System Architecture for High-speed Close-proximity Low-power RF Memory Tags and Wireless Internet Access”, International Journal On Advances in Telecommunications, pp.. 217-228, Vol.. 3, No.. 3 4, 2011.. E.. Mutafungwa, Z.. Zheng, J.. Hämäläinen, M.. Husso and M.. Laitila, "Femtocells for Public Safety Communications: The Emergency Telemedicine Case Study," In: R.. A.. Saeed, B.. S.. Chaudhuri and R.. Mokhtar, Mobile Femtocell Communications and Technologies: Business Opportunities and Deployment Challenges.. IGI Global Publishers, ISBN-10: 1466600926 | ISBN-13: 978-1466600928 | Publication Date: January 31, 2012 | Edition: 1.. Husso, T.. Korhonen, ".. On the use of Home Node Bs for Emergency Telemedicine Applications in Various Indoor Environments.. ," Special Issue of the International Journal on E-Health and Medical Communications Vol.. 2, No.. 1, pp.. 91-109, January-March 2011.. Mutafungwa, "Transferring Patient Data in Medical Emergency Calls using Standard eCall Solutions", Journal of eHealth Technology and Application, Vol.. 8, No.. 1, July, 2010.. M.. Husso, J.. Hämäläinen, R.. Jäntti, J.. Nieminen, T.. Riihonen, R.. Wichman, ".. Performance of On-Off Scheduling Strategy in Presence of Transmit Beamforming.. ", Physical Communication Vol.. 4, Issue 1, pp.. 3-12, March 2011.. Santiago, J.. Sierra, I.. Jantunen, E.. Kaasinen, H.. Kaaja, M.. Müllenborn, N.. Tille, and J.. Virtanen, ".. User evaluation of mobile phone as a platform for healthcare applications.. ",.. Mobile Web 2.. 0: Developing and Delivering Services to Mobile Phones.. , CRC Press, pp.. 491–515, 2010.. Li, E.. Mutafungwa, R.. Wichman, Z.. Zheng, and A.. Wyglinski, ".. Interference Mitigation by Practical Transmit Beamforming Methods in Closed Femtocells.. ", EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking, Volume 2010, Article ID 186815, 12 pages, 2010.. Kaasinen, M.. Niemelä, T.. Tuomisto, P.. Välkkynen, I.. Sierra, M.. Santiago, and H.. Kaaja, ".. Ubimedia Based on Readable and Writable Memory Tags.. ", Multimedia Systems, vol.. 16, pp.. 57–74, 2010.. Laine, P.. Huuskonen, D.. Trossen, and V.. Ermolov, ".. Smart Sensor Architecture for Mobile-terminal-centric Ambient Intelligence.. ", Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, vol.. 142, pp.. 352–360, 2008.. Conference and workshop papers.. T.. Korhonen, M.. Pekkola and C.. Karaiskos, "Social Media in Healthcare - User Research Findings and Site Benchmarking" In: Proceedings of the 2nd International ICST Conference on Wireless Mobile Communication and Healthcare (MOBIHEALTH 2011), 4-7 October, (Kos Island, Greece), 2011.. Zheng and J.. Hämäläinen, "Reduced Power Consumption for 3GPP-Compliant Continua Health Devices by Deployment of Femtocells in the Home Environment" In: Proceedings of the 2nd International ICST Conference on Wireless Mobile Communication and Healthcare (MOBIHEALTH 2011), 4-7 October, (Kos Island, Greece), 2011.. G.. Li, Y.. Zhao, B.. Jiao and T.. Korhonen, "Design of Easy Access Internet Browsing System for Elderly People Based on Android" In: Proceedings of the International Workshop on Health and Well-being Technologies and Services for Elderly (HWTS 2011), 11 May, (Oulu, Finland), 2011.. Korhonen, X.. Wang, and S.. Liu, "Alert Calls in Remote Health: Cultural Adaptation and Usability Inspection for China" In: Proceedings of the International Workshop on  ...   ", UBICOMM 2010, IARIA, pp.. 310–316, 2010 (best paper award).. Husso, Z.. Hämäläinen, and E.. Mutafungwa, "Dominant Interferer Mitigation in Closed Femtocell Deployment", IEEE IOFC 2010, (Istanbul, Turkey), 2010.. Mutafungwa, T.. Korhonen, and J.. Hämäläinen, "User-centric design of.. ubiquitous welfare services and technologies for China and Finland", Well-being in.. Information Society (WIS) 2010, (Turku, Finland), TUCS General Publication no 56, pp.. 248–264, 2010.. Husso, and T.. Exploiting Femtocellular Networks for Emergency Telemedicine Applications in Indoor Environments.. ", IEEE HealthCom'10, (Lyon, France), 2010.. Jantunen, S.. Siikavirta, V.. Nässi, T.. Kaasinen, "Add-on 5 kHz Inductive Link for Mobile Phones Using Audio Port", UBI-HEALTH'10, (Shanghai, China), 2010.. Mutafungwa, and T.. Korhonen, "UBIeCall: Automated Emergency Calling for Medical Emergencies using Standard eCall Solutions", UBI-HEALTH'10, (Shanghai, China), 2010.. D.. Ye, C.. Qiao, B.. Jiao, Y.. Zhao, "Design and Implementation of ECG detection method based on HHT", UBI-HEALTH'10, (Shanghai, China), 2010.. Zhou, Y.. Jiao, "Automatic Emergency Telemedicine System in Mobile Communication Network", UBI-HEALTH'10, (Shanghai, China), 2010.. Wang, M.. Pekkola, and T.. Applying Ethical Guidelines to Ubiquitous Health Care in China.. ", 1st ETICA Conference, (Tarragona, Spain), 2010.. Wang, and T.. Barriers of Implementing Applicable Remote Health Care System in China.. " in World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, (Munich, Germany), IFMBE Proceedings, Springer, 2009, pp.. 318–321.. Mutafungwa, and J.. Hämäläinen, ".. Leveraging Femtocells for Dissemination of Early Warning Messages.. ", in NGenSafe'09, workshop of ICC 2009, (Dresden, Germany), 2009.. Y.. Têtu, I.. Jantunen, B.. Gomez, and S.. Robinet, ".. Mobile-phone-readable 2.. 45GHz Passive Digital Sensor Tag.. ", in IEEE RFID 2009, (Orlando, USA), pp.. 88–94, 2009.. Jäntti, A.. Adaptive Antennas and Dynamic Spectrum Management for Femtocellular Networks: A Case Study.. ", in IEEE DySPAN 2008, (Illinois, USA), 2008.. J.. Quero, C.. L.. Tarrida, J.. Santana, V.. Ermolov, I.. Laine, and J.. Eichholz, ".. Health Care Applications Based on Mobile Phone Centric Smart Sensor Network.. ", in 29th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society EMBS, (Lyon, France), pp.. 6298–6301, 2007.. Other publications and dissemination.. Jantunen, ".. System Architecture for Mobile-phone-centric Ambient Intelligence Applications.. ", Doctoral Thesis, Aalto University Publication Series Doctoral Dissertations 81/2012, 2012.. Xirui Wang, "Service Localization of Ubiquitous Health Care in China", Master's thesis, Aalto Unversity, 2012.. Liu, "Evaluation of Chinese Healthcare System", Master's thesis, Aalto University, 2011.. Korhonen:.. Effect of cultural differences in design of health service, presentation in Science days.. (Tieteenpäivät) 14th of Jan, 2011, in Helsinki University, Finland - link (in Finnish).. Zheng, "On the femtocell concept: performance studies and application in the public safety framework", Master's thesis, TKK Helsinki University of Technology, 2009.. Jantunen, T.. Korhonen, J.. Husso, E.. Mutafungwa, M.. Pekkola, X.. Wang, and Z.. Zheng, ".. User-centric design of mobile remote health care and safety services and supporting technologies for China and Finland.. ", in OASIS 1st International Conference, (Florence, Italy), 2009.. Zheng, E.. Exploiting femtocellular networks for emergency telemedicine applications in multiple dwelling units.. ", in 6th Finnish-Russian University Cooperation in Telecommunications (FRUCT) seminar, (Helsinki, Finland), 2009..

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  • Title: Our Team - UBI-SERV Project
    Descriptive info: Aalto ComNet Team.. Email addresses: firstname.. lastname.. at.. tkk.. fi OR.. firstname.. aalto.. fi.. Jyri Hämäläinen.. Jyri is a professor in radio communications in TKK/ComNet.. He has been working in communication industry until end of 2007.. Before that he was with University of Oulu around 10 years working in two separate units of Mathematics.. Hämäläinen is also a Docent in Division of Mathematics in University of Oulu.. Hence he has experience from both academic research (round 50 scientific publications during 2000-2007) and industry research and development work.. He is author or co-author of 6 patents and round 30 patent applications.. Before TKK professorship he was a Program Manager in Nokia-Siemens Networks where he was leading projects that concentrated on new network technologies emerging from 3GPP standardization.. Timo Korhonen.. Timo Korhonen (Dr, adj.. prof.. ) has worked in Helsinki University of Technology (TKK) since ’92.. Before that he worked for two years in Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand participating to research planning and realization, design of tutorials and setting up laboratory equipment.. He's got a PhD at '1999 in TKK.. His research interests include user centric design, virtual organizations, quality management, telecommunications services, technologies and techno-economic analysis.. Hes has published about 60 international journal or conference papers and supervised / instructed about 80 respective MSc / PhD studies.. Mika Husso.. Mika is a researcher at the Department of Communications and Networking.. He received his Master's degree in electrical engineering in 2007 from the Helsinki University of Technology (TKK) and is currently working towards PhD in communications engineering.. His current research focuses on femtocellular networks, more specifically techno-economic and interference analysis.. He has worked as a project manager, taught on several courses and instructed altogether around 20 B.. Sc.. and M.. theses.. He is expected to receive L.. (Tech), M.. (Econ) and D.. (Tech) in 2009, 2010 and 2011, respectively.. Iiro Jantunen.. Iiro Jantunen is a researcher at Department of Communications and Networking.. He received his Master's degree in engineering physics in 2001 from the Helsinki University of Technology (TKK) and is currently working towards Dr.. Tech.. degree in sensor network architecture, expecting to graduate in 2010.. He has worked 5 years at VTT Technical Research Center of Finland, studying optical microsystems and organic leds.. He has also worked 5 years at Nokia Research Center developing system architecture for mobile-phone-centric ambient intelligence applications and doing business development for a novel radio interface technology.. He has also worked in seed capital investment business, evaluating technology start-ups for investment and worked as a member of board in target companies.. Edward Mutafungwa.. Edward is a post doctorate researcher at ComNet.. Edward received the B.. Eng.. degree in electronic systems engineering and the M.. degree in telecommunications and information systems both from the University of Essex, Colchester, U.. K.. , in 1996 and 1997, respectively, and the Dr.. Sc.. degree in communications engineering from the Helsinki University of Technology (TKK), Espoo, Finland, in 2004.. Since 1998, he  ...   Liu.. Shuo Liu is from China.. He is a master student in Aalto University (TKK).. He is major in Networking Business, and minor in Work Psychology and Leadership.. He got his Bachelor degree in Communication Engineering in Aalto University too.. Before that, he was selected from China to participate the senior high exchange programme between Vantaa and Jinan (China), therefore, he was graduated with Bilingual Diploma of the International Baccalaureate Programme in Tikkurilan Lukio.. Currently, he is doing his master thesis with adj.. prof Timo Korhonen in Remote Healthcare.. He used to work in China Mobile Shandong Branch as a Summer Trainee in the Networking Maintenance Department.. And he also spent one winter holiday work in Luyin Investment (Group) International Corporation as the Marketing Asistant in the Product Sales Department.. During his spare time, he studied painting and designing for over 9 year, and photography for 3 years.. He likes cross-country skiing, travelling, cooking, and music.. Christos Karaiskos.. Christos Karaiskos is a research assistant at the Department of Communications and Networking, in Aalto University of Science and Technology.. He is currently on his first year as a Master's Degree student in the Program "Communications Engineering with specialization in Radio Communications" offered by Aalto University.. He received his Bachelor's Degree in "Computer Science and Telecommunications" in 2010, at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece.. PKU Team.. Prof.. Jiao Bingli.. Jiao Bingli received Dr.. Degree from University of Saarbruecken, F.. R.. Germany in 1995 and became an associate professor and a full professor of Peking University in 1995 and 2000, respec-tively.. In 1998, he was a member of Chinese 3G Standard Evaluation Group and, now, he is a board member of Chinese Wireless Communication Committee.. His current interests include wireless communication and sensor design.. He has done the researches in contracts with lots of companies, such as Fujitsu, Japan, ETRI, LG and STK in Korea, and also with national projects 863 and NSF.. So far, he has published more than 50 papers and has 7 patents.. Yuping Zhao.. Dr.. Yuping Zhao is a professor in wireless communications laboratory, Peking University, China.. She received her Master degree from Northern Jiaotong University, Beijing China in 1986, and Doctor of Science degree from Helsinki University of Technology, Finland in 1999.. She has been working with Railway Communications and Signalling Company, China; Japan Data System Com-pany, Japan; Nokia Research Center, Finland.. Currently she is a professor at Peking University.. Zhao’s main research fields are wireless communication systems, which include mobile services; Radio Resource Management; Mobile Radio Channel estimations; Wireless sensor networks; RFID systems.. Coding and Modulations; OFDM and MIMO communication Systems.. Zhao was the leader of several projects of national science foundation of China (NSFC), and national high-tech program 863.. She has published over 50 papers in international journals and conferences, and also has applied several patents.. XiaoHui Duan.. Associate Professor.. Dou Li.. Leiming Zhang.. PhD Candidate.. Feng Wang.. Xiao Ruan.. Ye ji.. PhD Candidate..

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  • Title: Contact Us - UBI-SERV Project
    Descriptive info: Contact Details.. Telephone.. : +358 9 4702 2351.. Fax.. : +358 9 4702 2345.. E-mail.. :.. timo.. korhonen@tkk.. Website.. http://www.. ubi-serv.. org/.. Postal Address.. Department of Communications and Networks.. P.. O.. Box 13000.. FIN-00076 Aalto, Finland.. Visiting Address.. Otakaari 5, E-wing, second floor.. Espoo, Otaniemi..

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