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  • Title: Virginia Bicycling Federation — Advocacy, Safety, & Education
    Descriptive info: .. Virginia Bicycling Federation.. ≡ Menu.. About.. Members Affiliates.. Donate/Join.. Contact.. Read Bud Vye s.. Fall 2013 Advocacy Report.. Bike-Related Bills in the 2014 Virginia General Assembly.. TheWalkman.. January 7, 2014.. 4.. comments.. General Assembly Begins Wednesday, January 8.. With Session to begin tomorrow, the VBF is currently working for the passage of three bills focused on cycling.. Two bills, one requiring three foot passing and another for dooring, have been introduced in the Senate by Senators Reeves and Petersen, and Delegate Comstock has introduced a following too closely bill in the House.. Summaries are below.. We need your help to get this legislation passed.. Please take a moment to call, email or write your Delegate and Senator and ask them to support these bills.. To determine who your legislators are, click.. here.. With the hundreds of bills before the legislature, a quick call or a sentence or two with the bill numbers is all you need to do.. Remind them that this is about safety on our roads, transportation choices, and saving lives.. SB 97 Three Foot Passing.. Map of States Requiring 3 Feet to Pass*.. (Map Courtesy.. 3feetplease.. com.. ).. This bill would help educate motor vehicle drivers to pass the drivers of any non-motorized vehicle (including a bicycle) with a wider margin of error, and thereby reduce the number of fatalities and serious injuries to these legal and legitimate road users.. In addition, this bill could improve justice for all lawful and prudent drivers of non-motorized vehicles (including bicycles) who are injured by negligent following motorists.. Finally, this bill would make it illegal to harass or endanger the driver of.. any legal vehicle.. by buzzing them.. Note that § 46.. 2-907 (Overtaking and passing vehicles) additionally applies to riders of bicycle and mopeds.. This section says that the bike or moped rider “may overtake and pass another vehicle on either the left or right side, staying in the same lane as the overtaken vehicle, or changing to a different lane, or riding off the roadway.. as necessary to pass with safety.. ” Also, a bike or moped rider.. “may overtake and pass another vehicle only under conditions that permit the movement to be made with safety”.. and shall.. otherwise “comply with all rules applicable to the driver of a motor vehicle when overtaking and passing.. ”.. §.. 46.. 2-839.. Passing bicycle, electric personal assistive mobility device, electric power-assisted bicycle, moped, animal, or animal-drawn vehicle.. The sole proposed change to this statute would be to increase the minimum passing distance for bicycles and mopeds from two feet to three feet.. The current code says “pass by (at least) two feet”, but it doesn’t seem to be enough.. Recent bicyclist fatalities:.. an average of 11 cyclists were fatally struck by motor vehicles in the past several years in Virginia, most of whom were hit from behind.. Several were high profile cases Daniel Hersh in Virginia Beach; Kevin Flock in Dinwiddie county; Dr.. John Bell and Dr.. Joe Miranda from Lynchburg; Lanie Kruszewski and Gary Burton of Richmond all of whom were hit from behind.. Claims of a “suicide swerve”:.. drivers involved in such crashes may state that the cyclist swerved into them as they were passing the cyclist.. A three-foot swerve or wobble is less credible than a two-foot swerve or wobble.. Extended mirrors:.. vehicles pulling boats, horse trailers, and trailers with lawn care equipment tend to have extended mirrors on the passenger side that extend farther than the driver realizes.. Educational value:.. neither drivers, cyclists or law enforcement officers carry measuring devices to know exactly how closely one vehicle is passing another, but 3 feet seems to be a recognizable educational tool to give the drivers the message to give the cyclists a wider berth (whereas any collision provides the needed proof that the passing distance was inadequate).. If the changes to following too closely and passing too closely are adopted, DMV’s Virginia Drivers Manual and state Drivers Test can incorporate this information.. Enforcement:.. though some argue that a 3 foot law cannot be enforced,.. Austin, Texas passed a 3 foot ordinance in 2009.. Though slow to initially issue tickets, the City of Austin police department began an enforcement effort using undercover police officers on bikes.. This new emphasis on enforcement has led to.. 104 citations.. for violation of the city’s 3 foot passing ordinance.. Nationwide practice 22 states, plus the District of Columbia have already adopted 3 feet in their codes:.. Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Maine, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah, Wisconsin, California (effective 9/14), Georgia, Kansas, Maryland, Mississippi, Nebraska, Nevada, and Pennsylvania (who has a requires four feet.. ) Similar bills are currently pending in several other states.. Thus, a 3-foot minimum distance for passing bicyclists will likely be the law in a majority of the U.. S.. states within a few years.. Bicycle-Friendly State criterion:.. the League of American Bicyclists has adopted the existence of a 3-foot minimum passing law as one criterion for ranking the bicycle friendliness of the 50 states.. Virginia is currently ranked.. 16th.. in part for lacking a 3-foot passing law.. Passage of this bill would help improve Virginia’s ranking in the future which will help attract more bicycling tourists to visit Virginia.. Objections: Reasons Given for Requiring Less Passing Distance.. Two feet is adequate for passing motor vehicles at low speeds:.. Low-speed maneuvering such as in parking lots often has vehicles as close as two feet, and the driver and passenger in the motor vehicle are protected by the vehicle, so passing by two feet seems to work well for motor vehicles.. Motorists naturally pass other motorists widely at higher speeds:.. in part because lane-splitting by motor vehicles is illegal, motor vehicle drivers tend to naturally give other motor vehicles a wide berth, particularly at higher speeds.. Non-motorized drivers are more vulnerable and may naturally wobble to stay balanced:.. on the other hand, the bicyclist (and similar road user) lacks occupant protection, resulting in small miscalculations or errors having catastrophic consequences for the bicyclist.. Moreover, two-wheeled or single-track vehicles such as bicycles must necessarily wobble some to stay balanced, whereas four-wheeled vehicles don’t wobble The catastrophic results of a collision dictate that a greater passing distance be required when a motor vehicle passes a bicyclist.. Wind blast:.. the wind blast from a large truck passing  ...   Action.. : Tell your congressional lawmakers to support this bill.. More on.. HR 3494.. and.. S 1708.. Fact Sheet.. Chart breaking down the numbers.. Safety Resources.. and League.. Rules of the Road.. Sample blog/editorial to use in your community.. Go to the Bikeleague page now.. Use the template, modified with your own local examples.. We need.. everyone.. to write!.. Roanoke County Adopts Bike-Ped Policy.. While the City of Roanoke has been proactive in bike-friendliness (a Bronze Bicycle Friendly Community), Roanoke.. County.. has lagged behind.. Though incorporating bike-ped has been.. VDOT policy since 2004.. , the county was not necessarily onboard.. (Is this a familiar story?).. Well, no more.. Two county supervisors who are also on.. the MPO board.. brought the bike-ped case to the county board, which unanimously agreed to, and passed, a bike-ped integration policy.. Kudos to the Roanoke County supervisors for their vision and leadership.. The Roanoke Times has the story.. , and says:.. People walk and ride bicycles these days for commuting, for fitness and for sheer pleasure.. People with physical disabilities demand full mobility.. Changing needs are evident along roads where people afoot and in wheelchairs cling to the pavement’s edge, and bicyclists have no choice but to ride in the traffic lane, risking life and limb.. Remember, VDOT and municipalities build what local electeds and.. MPOs.. direct them to.. Directing.. them.. is up to us!.. Does your county, city, or town have a bike-ped policy? How well is it followed?.. Bike Virginia 2014 Chesterfield to Williamsburg.. November 14, 2013.. ,,,.. The cat s out of the bag! Bike Virginia 2014 will be held June 20-25, Chesterfield to Williamsburg, including historic Richmond.. Read about it.. at the Bike Virginia site.. Registration is now open!.. Bike Virginia is the state s largest bicycling event, a 5-day fully supported tour for 1500-2000 riders.. Held in a different part of the state each year, it highlights that area s history, culture, and scenery.. A Successful Harrisonburg-Rockingham Bike Summit.. Perhaps in the shadow of the Fairfax Bike Summit, Harrisonburg and Rockingham County had a successful bike summit last month, jointly sponsored by the Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition and the Harrisonburg-Rockginham MPO.. Harrisonburg s Thanh Dang did.. a great write-up.. for SVBC, so we ll let you read about it there.. Amtrak Roll-On Task Force Thanks.. November 12, 2013.. 2.. The Virginia Bicycling Federation would like to thank these listed organizations for helping to get Amtrak to consider roll-on bike service on trains in the Mid-Atlantic.. Our September 3 letter to Amtrak President Joseph Boardman led to.. a meeting November 8,.. at Amtrak headquarters in Washington DC.. Representatives from Amtrak met with the Virginia Bicycling Federation, Richmond 2015, and Adventure Cycling Association to talk about forming a task force to fully investigate roll-on solutions.. The tone was positive all around.. Everyone agreed that the task force should include national and state bicycling groups, passenger rail advocates, and state DOTs as well as Amtrak officials, working in teams to develop pilot projects and field progress reports to our various constituents.. Willingness to move forward with this task force suggests that all parties see roll-on service as a win-win.. One Step Closer to Roll-On Service on Amtrak.. November 8, 2013.. A dream team Adventure Cycling Association s Ginny Sullivan, with Tom Bowden (L) Champe Burnley (R) on their way to meet with Amtrak at Union Station, Washington DC.. Following.. our test on the Capitol Limited.. , the next step toward getting roll-on service was for Amtrak to lead a task force, to work out all the details.. We re happy to announce that in a meeting today, they agreed to go forward with this.. Yay!.. Please share.. Fairfax Bike Summit Recap.. Matt O'Toole.. Panel discussion 2013 Fairfax Bike Summit.. Last Saturday, Champe Burnley, Allen Muchnick and I attended the Fairfax Bike Summit, hosted by Fairfax Advocates for Better Bicycling (FABB).. They did a great job, and attracted ~160 attendees.. There s no reason to repeat.. FABB s great recap.. , but here s what made an impression on me.. Tysons Corner, aka Tysons, is already the 12th largest central business district in the US, and destined to become the 5th or 6th largest, along with population increasing from 20,000 to over 100,000.. Parking capacity, now 138,000 spaces, will not be expanded commensurately.. Transit, walking and biking, and living and working in place will have to make up for it, with the new Metro Silver Line, new bus routes, a new infill grid street layout, and connections to regional trails.. The basic plan was shown at the Summit.. No one s pretending that Tysons will be a new urbanist paradise, but.. it will be a lot better than it is.. This transportation modeshift will need a major marketing effort, explained speaker Robert Thomson, aka Dr.. Gridlock.. To some degree, don t we need to be doing this everywhere?.. Previous Posts.. Get Updates by Email.. Don t miss a thing! Legislative updates, action alerts, the latest news.. Search This Site.. Featured Articles.. Advocacy Report From Bud Vye, Fall 2013.. Virginia #16 in Bicycle-Friendliness.. Is that Good Enough?.. Virginia Ranks 16th -- 2013 Bicycle Friendly States.. New Bike Smart PSAs for Richmond.. The Barbara Pinter Memorial Fund.. New Safety Posters Available -- Light Up the Night Don t Be Color Blind.. New VA East Coast Greenway Guide Published.. Position Your Position!.. Guaranteed Camping for Touring Cyclists at Virginia State Parks.. The Virginia Mountain Bike Trail -- 480 Miles Along the Appalachians.. Advocacy How-To.. FABB s New Guide for Reviewing Bicycling Facilities in Road Projects.. 10 Mistakes That Can Derail Your Bike Injury Case.. How Any Town Can Become Bike Friendly.. A Guide to Transportation Planning in Virginia.. How To Report Potholes Other Hazards.. Dangerous Dogs -- What Cyclists Should Do.. Find Your VDOT District.. Riding in Virginia.. Virginia Bike Routes.. Virginia Bike Trails.. Links.. More Articles.. Access.. Action Alerts.. Activism.. Bicycle Facilities.. Bicycling Friendly Awards.. Bicycling Law.. Bike 76.. Bike Culture.. Bike Route 1.. Centuries.. Commuting.. East Coast Greenway.. Education.. Events.. Featured.. Grants.. Jobs.. Legislation.. Mountain Biking.. Planning Engineering.. Policy.. Politics Elections.. Rails With Trails.. Richmond 2015 World Cycling Championships.. Safety.. Uncategorized.. University College Campus.. We have traffic!.. (click graphic for info).. Become a member.. and get your event featured in our blog, and your website listed on our.. Members & Affiliates.. page.. WP.. Admin..

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  • Title: About Us – Statewide Bike (Bicycle) Advocacy, Safety & Education
    Descriptive info: The Virginia Bicycling Federation works to change public policy and community attitudes, to improve the safety, convenience, and acceptance of bicycling in Virginia; and to promote bicycling for transportation, recreation, public health and economic development.. With roots going back to about 1980, the current organization was formed in the early 1990s by bike clubs and other organizations, businesses and individuals coming together to form a unified voice.. We work alongside organizations like the League of American Bicyclists, International Mountain Bicycling Association, Alliance for Biking and Walking, Adventure Cycling Association, Rails to Trails Conservancy, BikeWalk Virginia, and Friends of the Rivers of Virginia.. We work directly with elected officials and government agencies the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR), and Department of Rail and Public Transportation (DRPT) to gain advancements in bicycling access and safety, and development of off-road trails.. We helped develop the.. VDOT Policy for Integrating Bicycle and Pedestrian Accommodations.. (adopted 2004).. We keep engaged with VDOT, and with legislators, to ensure implementation and improvement of these policies.. We work with state and local governments to promote bicycling-oriented tourism, and economic development through bicycling.. For example, we ve been working with VDOT, AASHTO, Adventure Cycling, and local planners to improve routing and signage of US Bike Routes 1 and 76; and promoting them with our annual Cross-State Ride.. We raise awareness of bicycling through events like our Cross-State Ride, and delivering the Governor s Bike Month Proclamation; and by giving.. Bicycling Friendly awards.. We promote bicyclist safety through.. education for bicyclists and motorists.. We promote bicycling as a safe, low cost, energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and.. healthy.. means of transportation and recreation.. VBF is an all-volunteer organization, with no paid staff.. Our activities are supported by.. membership fees and donations.. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, our membership fees and donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law.. Many of our board members are League Cycling Instructors (LCI), certified by the League of American Bicyclists.. 2014 Board of Directors.. Champe Burnley.. President.. , is a life-long cyclist who is a native of Richmond Virginia.. He is Co-Chairman of the Mayor s Bicycling, Pedestrian and Trails Commission in Richmond and a former President of the.. Richmond Area Bicycling Association.. (RABA).. Champe also sits on the boards of the.. Virginia Capital Trail Foundation.. Richmond 2015.. Partnership for Smarter Growth.. Tom Bowden,.. Vice President.. , is a Richmond attorney/MBA, a bike commuter, and frequent bike writer, especially known for.. How to Talk About Cycling to a Conservative.. Bowden is also chairman of the board of.. Bike Virginia.. Lloyd J.. Bud Vye.. our.. Treasurer.. Advocacy Director.. , is VBF s point person for bicycle issues when the Virginia General Assembly is in session.. He is also the Advocacy Chair for the Richmond Area Bicycling Association (RABA), and was their Social Ride Captain for 13 years, until giving up that post to become the Chair of the Heart of Virginia Century, their major event held every September.. He also represents RABA and the cycling community on the Richmond Metropolitan Planning Organization s Citizen s Transportation Advisory Committee and has been involved in a number of other efforts, including meetings pertaining to the Virginia Capital Trail, since retiring as Maintenance Manager for Circuit City Stores, Inc.. Read the.. Bud Vye interview.. by the Richmond Times-Dispatch.. Sheryl Finucane.. Secretary,.. is a faculty member at Virginia Commonwealth University, where in addition to her faculty duties, she teaches traffic cycling classes and promotes safe legal cycling by the campus community.. Sheryl is lifelong bicyclist who enjoys bicycling for both commuting and recreation.. She has served on the VBF board of directors since 2006.. Sheryl is currently a member of the Richmond Pedestrian, Bicycling and Trails Commission, and has in the past served on the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee of the Fredericksburg Area Metropolitan Planning Organization / George Washington Regional Commission, the Richmond Area Bicycling Association Board of Directors and Safety Committee Chair, as well her local planning advisory committee.. Sheryl is an LAB-cycling instructor and actively teachings traffic skills and commuter courses in the Richmond area.. Allen Muchnick.. has been actively campaigning for on-road cycling accommodations, safe and effective trails, and less car-dominated urban communities throughout Northern Virginia since 1991.. During his decade (1992-2002) on the board of the Washington Area Bicyclist Association (WABA), one of the leading metropolitan bicycling advocacy groups in the U.. , Allen spearheaded scores of advocacy campaigns; represented WABA on VDOT’s statewide Bicycle Advisory Committee; developed two major fund raising bike tours; networked with smart-growth, environmental, and trail coalitions; and guided a  ...   Virginia.. He was a charter member of the Roanoke River Rails to Trails board, which established Virginia s Tobacco Heritage Trail.. He has participated in VBF US Bike Route 76 cross state rides since 2003, coordinating route enhancements between VBF, Adventure Cycling and VDOT since 2010.. Joe joined the VBF Board in 2011 and hopes to serve as a liaison for VBF on regional planning with the East Coast Greenway and US Bike Routes.. He is a life member of the Virginia Local Government Management Association and a former board member of the Virginia Association of Planning District Commissions.. After serving in Nelson Buckingham counties (central Virginia), Greensville Halifax counties (southside Virginia) and Pulaski County (New River Valley), he resides on the southern shore of the Chesapeake Bay at Ocean View in the City of Norfolk.. Terry Dorn.. is a recreational and touring cyclist who likes his bike routes to be the same way he cooks his barbecue – low and slow.. As president of the.. Fredericksburg Cyclists Club.. , you are likely to find him cruising the backroads of central Virginia on his Long Haul Trucker most any weekend.. Terry also serves as Secretary on the board of.. Spotsylvania Greenways Initiative.. , working to extend non-motorized trails throughout Spotsylvania County.. Michael Gilbert.. is an economist for the City of Richmond; founder of the.. Saddle Sores Bicycle Club.. , co-founder of.. RideRichmond.. , and the treasurer for.. RABE.. Richmond Association for Business Economics.. He s been called a.. Crusader for a bike-friendly Richmond.. and was named to Style Weekly s.. 2012 Top 40 Under 40.. Brantley Tyndall.. is the Alternative Transportation Coordinator at Virginia Commonwealth University where he is the program manager for.. VCU RamBikes.. , the currently highest-ranked.. Bicycle Friendly University.. (by the League of American Bicyclists) in the commonwealth.. He is on the board of.. , is the staff manager for the VCU Cycling Club, and races road and cyclocross for.. Richmond Bicycle Studio.. Brantley specializes in cycling at universities, sustainability issues, transportation equity, and and merging the worlds of competitive cycling and advocacy.. Stan Huie.. is Vice-President of The Fredericksburg Cyclists and is active in road biking and touring.. He is an instructor with the League of American Bicyclists and on the advisory board of the Spotsylvania Greenways Initiative.. He is also a member of Adventure Cycling and the Rails to Trails Conservancy and is active in cycling advocacy and community outreach on behalf of cycling.. Beyond the cycling community, Stan is a retired commercial airline pilot and is active with the Presbyterian Church and with a number of Christian organizations.. He is also an avid skier.. Greg Rollins.. is a past president of.. the Richmond chapter of MORE.. (Md-Atlantic Off-Road Enthusiasts), and President of the.. Greater Richmond Bicycle Coalition.. Nicole Capella.. has been an avid cyclist since she bought her first road bike at 16.. She spent a couple years racing the Triathlon circuit both as an individual and as part of the Virginia Tech Triathlon Team.. From 2010 to 2012, she cycled for Tech’s cycling team as well.. Since September of 2012, she has raced for a premier woman’s cycling team based out of Roanoke, VeloRiot.. She is a junior at Virginia Tech and studies both Engineering Science and Mechanics, and Math.. She is also the Director of Transportation for the Student Government Association where she advocates for alternative transportation use among students.. Stephanie Weber.. from Williamsburg is the regional network manager for the.. Safe Routes to School National Partnership.. Prior to joining the National Partnership’s staff, Stephanie served as the organizer for Virginia’s Safe Routes to School network from its inception in May 2007.. She worked with.. BikeWalk Virginia.. for nearly six years as a public relations coordinator and education director.. She is an LCI and also serves on the Historic Triangle Bicycle Advisory Committee and the newly-formed Bike Williamsburg Board of Directors.. Scott Cramer.. from Norfolk.. Bill Conoscenti.. from Virginia Beach.. Tim Miller.. is the Chief Operating Officer of.. the World Cycling Championships to be held in Richmond September 19-27, 2015.. I look forward to contributing to the Board and the overall objectives.. I will do my best to leverage my relationships and that of Richmond 2015 to further the statewide goals.. Laura Pyle.. is a disability lawyer in Staunton and bikes all over the Shenandoah Valley regularly, and all over everywhere else as able.. She races cyclocross and road, and does mountain biking and touring as well.. She s a League of American Bicyclists-certified instructor, and is involved in local bike-pedestrian advocacy efforts, including outreach to women..

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  • Title: Virginia Bicycling Federation (VBF) – Member and Affiliate Bike Clubs, Organizations, and Businesses
    Descriptive info: and get listed here!.. Businesses.. Affinity Underwriters Group, and American Cyclist Accident Plan.. are creating affordable accident and disability insurance for cyclists.. They need your feedback about benefits and pricing.. Please take the time to.. complete a survey.. Stay in Love.. at the.. Royal Oaks Cabins.. , at Milepost 16 on the Blue Ridge Parkway, near the community of Love, VA.. Relax at an elevation of 3000 , in luxurious cabins amid 17 acres bordering the George Washington National Forest.. Royal Oaks offers rural mountain charm, a peaceful atmosphere, and an unforgettable Virginia mountain experience.. Bike and Roll Washington DC.. offers unique and fun professionally guided bicycle tours from three convenient locations in DC and Old Town Alexandria.. Rentals are also available and include a variety of all new Trek adult and child bikes and equipment.. Bike and Roll is a national network of bike rental and tour companies known for outstanding customer service, exceptional value, and quality equipment.. (202) 842-2453.. BIKES@VIENNA, LLC.. Specializes in recumbents, tricycles, comfort bikes, hybrids, and folding bikes, and is located a few short blocks from the W OD Trail in central Fairfax County.. BIKES@VIENNA is a sponsor member of VBF, and is active in bicycle advocacy.. 128-A Church St NW, Vienna, VA 22180; (703)938-8900;.. john@bikesatvienna.. Michael I.. Ashe, P.. C.. Attorneys.. Recognized by the legal community as the legal gurus of bicycle and recreation related injuries throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.. We currently represent bicycle racing teams, bicycle clubs, Chesapeake Skydiving Adventures, Inc.. , Uninsured Jump Gear, Inc.. , Adventure Alternatives, Ltd.. , and the Virginia Beach Indoor Rock Climbing Gym, Ltd.. Other law firms know to call us to assist in the complexities of bicycle product liability and accident matters.. In one example, when referred a wrongful death case involving a cyclist and an 18 wheeler that was not considered winnable by the referring law firm, because of three eyewitnesses and a police investigation that placed fault on the deceased bicyclist, after a thorough investigation and discovery process, we convinced the defendant insurance company to settle for a significant sum of monies satisfactory to the beneficiaries.. 713 19th Street #101, Resort Offices, Virginia Beach, VA 23451; (757)422-1278;.. ashemiller@lawyervirginia.. Bike Clubs Other Organizations.. A statewide non-profit membership organization that has educated Virginians about the benefits of biking and walking since 2000.. In 2004, BikeWalk Virginia merged with the Virginia Trails Association, expanding its constituency to hikers, paddlers, and equestrians, and broadening its mission.. PO Box 203, Williamsburg, VA 23187; (757)229-0507;.. info@bikevirginia.. Blue Ridge Bicycle Club.. , Roanoke Dedicated to the sport of cycling in the beautiful Roanoke Valley of Virginia.. Contact.. Daniel Foster.. Charlotte Spin Club.. , Cullen An informal group of cyclists in and around rural Charlotte County in southern Virginia, who ride together and provide the organization and support for September s annual.. Ride in the Heartland.. Nancy Carwile.. , 434-248-6407.. Charlottesville Area Bicycling Alliance (CHABA).. The primary purpose of CHABA is to promote the bike as  ...   the county comprehensive plan, have partnered with other organizations to build the Virginia Blue Ridge Railway Trail, a multi-modal trail along the Piney and Tye Rivers, the border between Nelson and Amherst Counties, and are active in other transportation issues in the area.. Ron Enders.. New River Valley Bicycle Association (NRVBA).. , Blacksburg Something for everyone, from the most casual rider to the most avid athlete road and mountain bike rides, social rides, training rides, indoor spin classes, time trials, 2 yearly centuries, kids rides, picnics, and social events.. Home of the annual.. Mountains of Misery.. Wilderness Road Ride.. Active ride groups in Blacksburg and Radford, sometimes Pulaski and Christiansburg.. No-drop policy on all club rides.. Newcomers and visitors welcome! Contact.. Liz Hokanson.. Peninsula Bicycling Association.. , Newport News A bicycle touring and social club for people of all ages.. Club cycling is the best way to get into riding on a regular basis, meet other cyclists, and learn about equipment, riding techniques, and the best places to ride on and off the Peninsula.. Howard Beizer.. Richmond Area Bicycling Association (RABA).. Since 1967, Richmond Area Bicycling Association has offered cyclists of all levels and abilities the opportunity to meet and ride with other cyclists.. is a 501(c)3 non-profit community organization focusing on charitable and educational programs through hosting events, activities, and rides in the Richmond area and surrounding communities.. Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition (SVBC).. , Harrisonburg, serves the Harrisonburg/Rockingham County area, with members and excursions into Augusta, Highland, and Page Counties as well.. SVBC focus is mainly on riding for fun, but they do have weekly time trials and are involved in local advocacy.. Kyle Lawrence.. Virginia Creeper Trail Club.. , Abingdon A private non-profit corporation whose purpose is to maintain, promote and preserve the Virginia Creeper Trail corridor and to help develop and conduct public education programs regarding its scenic and natural qualities.. Tom McMullen.. Tidewater Bicycle Association.. , Virginia Beach The purpose of the TBA is to promote and encourage the use of the bicycle as a means of recreation and transportation; to develop a physically fit, self-reliant, well informed citizen; to uphold and support the rights of bicyclists; to encourage the use of facilities for bicycling on public lands; and to provide information in the interest of bicycling safety.. Contact:.. president@tbarides.. Williamsburg Area Bicyclists (WAB).. Sarah Darling.. Winchester Wheelmen.. A club dedicated to providing bicycling opportunities in the Northern Shenandoah Valley.. The club works to extend the individual s knowledge and appreciation of the environment, and to promote improving individual bicycling skills in the following ways:.. promoting bicycling as a recreation, a sport, and as a viable means of transportation.. promoting public recognition of the need for safer bicycling conditions.. encouraging the development of public facilities including bike paths.. and trails for recreational and functional uses of bicycles.. cooperating with public authorities in the observance of all traffic.. regulations.. promoting bicycling as a lifetime activity for individuals of all ages.. Mike Perry..

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  • Title: Virginia Bicycling Federation (VBF) – Contact – Email – Mailing Address
    Descriptive info: PO Box 7282.. Richmond, VA 23221.. General Inquiries.. Your Name (required).. Your Email (required).. Subject.. Your Message.. Local or Regional Issues Questions.. Email the.. VBF Board member.. closest to you:.. Arlington and northern Virginia:.. Richmond area:.. Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Hampton Roads:.. Bruce Drees.. Harrisonburg, and all mountain biking issues:.. Roanoke, Blacksburg and the New River Valley:.. Beth Lohman.. Website Inquiries.. For article and event submissions, send email with links, attachments, etc.. to.. webmaster@vabike.. Comments on our articles are encouraged, but please use the comments section.. We do see all the comments that come in, and will respond accordingly..

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  • Title: Advocacy Report From Bud Vye, Fall 2013
    Descriptive info: BudVye.. October 28, 2013.. Taken from.. RABA.. s newsletter, The Pedaler:.. James H.. Wallace/Times-Dispatch photo.. Click to read more.. Plans for the Legislative session will again focus on the Bill containing.. “Don t Follow Too Closely”.. “Three Foot Passing”.. , and several of us in the Virginia Bicycling Federation (VBF) have been making the rounds in an effort to line up Co-Patrons for the bill, which again will be carried by.. Sen.. Bryce Reeves.. , a Republican from the Fredericksburg area.. Several other delegates have already agreed to sign on, and we are cautiously optimistic that we may be able to get the bill through this year.. Secondarily, we are trying to get the.. “Dooring”.. bill on the legislators radar screen, which will again be carried by.. Chap Petersen.. of Northern VA, but a number of the rural legislators see this as an “urban prob- lem” they don t seem to be that interested in solving.. You may recall that I earlier reported that.. Del.. John Cox.. of Hanover County had decided not to run again.. His, and.. Frank Hargrove s.. , long time aide,.. Buddy Fowler.. is running for the seat against.. Toni Radler.. Since Del.. Cox has been a major obstacle for any legislation that would benefit cyclists in his role as Chairman of House Transportation Sub-Committee 2, we are anxiously awaiting the results of the elections to see the makeup of the House Transportation Committee and its Sub-Committees.. Tom Rust.. of Herndon has already been appointed Chair of House Transportation, replacing.. Joe May.. of Loudoun, who was defeated in a primary for having supported the Governor s new tax package.. Assuming that he gets re-elected, we expect that he will be a reasonable Chair, since he s been on that committee and we ve seen him in action for some time.. Another area we ve been devoting some attention to is the State.. Funding for Bicycling Pedestrian projects.. , which has completely changed since the passage of Governor McDonnell s tax package in the last session.. No longer funded by the Gas Tax, but now instead by the increased Sales Tax, we no longer have to hear the mantra we have heard for so long “You cyclists don t pay any gas taxes,  ...   the double yellow line, as long as there is no oncoming traffic” provision in it and Gov.. Brown vetoed it, citing that it would open the door to motorists crossing the double yellow line unsafely and too frequently, so he couldn t approve of it.. Now he has approved it, without the crossing of the double yellow line.. And a very strong.. Anti-Cycling bill down in the Georgia legislature.. , which currently has 3 foot passing.. That would not change, but bikes would have to be licensed by the State.. ($15 per year per bike, or $48 for a permanent registration) Beyond this, it authorizes “the State DOT and local governing authorities to restrict persons from riding bicycles on the roadway or designate certain times when bicycle riding is permissible.. ” Further, it repeals the existing “shall not ride more than two abreast” provision and replaces it with “single file at all times”, and “persons riding bicycles upon a roadway shall ride not more than four riders per single file line, and at least four feet shall separate each bicycle.. ” And, finally, “At least 50 feet shall be maintained between each line of four riders at all times.. ” Now, there s a bicycling advocacy night- mare, that the Georgia cyclists are working hard to see does NOT get passed, while those of us in other states are keeping a close eye on.. Even John Cox wouldn t have done that to us.. Just at press time, I learn that the Jury Trial for the Tractor Trailer.. driver who hit Jonathan Clarke Will Bagby on the Cap2Cap Ride.. has been scheduled for January 10th at 9 a.. m.. at Charles City Courthouse on charges of Reckless Driving and Felony Hit Run.. The above report from Georgia reminds us to never take our rights for granted.. Related Articles:.. Legislative Articles Recap (2013 GA Session).. Rust To Chair House Transportation Committee?.. Wearing a Winter Mask Still a Felony in Virginia.. How Three Feet to Pass Became a Two Feet Law in Virginia.. comments.. add one.. Leave a Comment.. Cancel.. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.. Previous Post:.. Alexandria Goes Silver 2013 Bicycle Friendly Community Awards.. Next Post:.. Please Attend the Commonwealth Transportation Board Public Input Meetings..

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  • Title: Bike-Related Bills in the 2014 Virginia General Assembly
    Descriptive info: Dooring Bill Dies, 3 Foot Passing Still to Be Heard.. Legislative Update: Dooring, 3 Passing, Distracted Driving Press Conference.. 3 Feet, Following Too Close, Moped Ban: Bud s Report.. dkimmel.. January 7, 2014, 5:25 pm.. I m not sure about statewide, but Sioux City IA does have a municipal code section 10.. 30.. 270 specific to opening doors in the path of traffic.. Richard Masoner.. January 8, 2014, 1:21 am.. Good luck this go around on the door in law ( and the other bills too).. Wes_in_va.. January 8, 2014, 4:35 pm.. I support all of these but I m more concerned about the lack of education that drivers and even police officers receive regarding even existing statutes.. I was at a meeting with local law enforcement a few months ago and the attending police officer a specialist in dealing with bicycle safety had no idea what the passing law was in VA in regards to bikes.. Additionally, when I asked that the police take a more proactive role in ticketing cyclists who break the law the response was that there was no interest in ticketing cyclists for doing stuff like running stop signs.. We need to target  ...   ticketing cyclists.. I was talking to a local LEO at a community association meeting last fall about the same subject.. I openly admitted to him to not always following the law and explained some scenarios where I felt it safer to pursue this.. He said he entirely agreed and that they are worried about if decisions impact someone else, ie, lead to an accident or recklessly put myself/others in danger.. I found it to be a quite thoughtful and appropriate response.. With that said, I e-mailed my delegate and senator requesting they cosponsor or crossfile the bills as appropriate.. I explained my active cycle commuting, running errands and leisure rides in the district.. I also noted I ve had some close calls with people passing me by inches on downhill sections where even as a cyclist I m going 10mph over the speed limit.. Also, glad to see Comstock pushing a pro-cycling bill this session.. Seems like the advocacy to her has worked.. It s important too if she goes on to join the US House of Reps where it would be nice to have some more folks advocating for our safety (Earl B taking the biggest role, obviously)..

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  • Title: USBR 1 Improvements – Richmond & Northern Virginia
    Descriptive info: Help Raise Funds for US Bicycle Routes in Virginia.. Transportation Secretary Ray Lahood on US Bike Routes.. AASHTO Approves New U.. Bicycle Routes.. US Bike Route 1 A Ride Through Richmond..

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  • Title: Annual Meeting, Sunday 11/24
    Descriptive info: Tim Miller was next with a Richmond 2015 progress report, the latest news being.. the launch of Charter 2015.. , a program to encourage bike-friendly businesses.. This, along with.. Societe 2015.. , the business engagement program, should help push Virginians toward becoming a Top Ten.. Bicycle Friendly State.. (currently #16) in time for the.. 2015 World Championships.. This event has been an important rallying point to meet bike advocacy goals, and complete high-profile bike-ped projects such as the.. Virginia Capital Trail.. , the new.. IMBA Ride Center at Pocahontas State Park.. 80 miles of bikeways.. within the city of Richmond.. It was great having Thomas Houff there with his cycling history book, On Richmond s Wheel, another Richmond 2015 project that was.. launched on Kickstarter.. We intended to elect Tim Miller to our Board, which we did, after taking care of some business and approving our last meeting s minutes.. Along with Tim Miller, we also elected BikeArlington s Zanna Worzella, and Laura Pyle, an attorney from Staunton.. Welcome to our new board members!.. With that accomplished, we moved on to committee reports.. Here are the most important points:.. We re continuing to work with Amtrak on getting roll-on service, helping to form a national task force, along with Adventure Cycling Association,  ...   76 in Virginia.. We re working to improve the application process in time for next season.. In the meantime, if you ve ridden the whole route and would like a pin, please let us know!.. We ve done.. some successful light giveaways.. , and are working on providing resources for others to do their own.. We re encouraging each other,.. and you.. , to write about biking issues in mainstream press, and advocacy issues in bike press.. For example, Mark Blacknell s articles in Arlington Patch, and Tom Bowden s articles in Commute By Bike.. We re working on finding good patrons and strategies for the three pieces of legislation that.. we know.. we will be pushing in 2014 (opportunities for others may or may not materialize):.. Three foot passing (change from Virginia s current two feet).. cyclists.. too closely.. Dooring.. Read more in.. Bud s Fall 2013 Advocacy Report.. Finally, we re planning a.. Virginia Bike Summit.. on.. Thursday evening, Jan 9.. in.. Richmond.. , at the beginning of the legislative session, to organize support of bike legislation.. 2013 Board Officers, Legislative Strategy, Bylaw Changes, and a Productive Meeting.. 2012 VBF Fall Retreat, Board Officers Election Sat.. Nov.. 17.. VBF Annual Meeting.. 2012 Annual Meeting.. Annual Meeting Elect Our Board Officers..

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  • Title: Tell Congress to Vote Yes on the Bicycle & Pedestrian Safety Act
    Descriptive info: ACT NOW: Stop Sen.. Rand Paul s Attack on Bike Funding.. Cantor Offers Support for Building Bikeable, Walkable Communities.. Will We Pass a Federal Transportation Bill in 2012?.. Legislative Update 2-15-12 Bud s Version.. Urgent: Act Now to Save Federal Bike-Ped Funding.. comment.. Jon Nye.. November 28, 2013, 12:39 pm.. I sent in my response to my local representatives within the commonwealth last week!.. Now is anyone looking to help with the EC Greenway?.. greenway.. org/explore-by-state/va..

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  • Title: Roanoke County Adopts Bike-Ped Policy
    Descriptive info: Roanoke Bike Summit Feb.. 27-28.. Thank You, Liz Belcher, for Giving Us the Roanoke Greenway.. Now Accepting Submissions for the 3rd Annual Bike Shorts Film Festival.. Bike Virginia 2013.. Placemaking Bikes a Win at Roanoke s CityWorks (X)po..

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  • Title: Bike Virginia 2014 — Chesterfield to Williamsburg
    Descriptive info: Capital Trail Pale Ale.. Capital to Capital Ride Cap2Cap.. Virginia Capital Trail Rt.. 5 Corridor Study Public Input Meeting.. Virginia Capital Trail Video.. Stop, Swap, Save Bike Swap Expo..

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