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  • Title: Welcome to Voluntary Action for Development
    Descriptive info: .. Webmail.. Home.. About.. Who we are.. Organisation.. Core Values.. What We Do.. Departments.. Projects.. Hygiene Sanitation.. Family Economic Empowerment.. Food Security.. Acknowledgement.. News Events.. Publications.. Annual Reports.. Audit Reports.. VAD Profile.. Donation.. Contacts.. instant payday loans.. mission.. "Empower the rural poor communities to effectively participate in their social – economic development initiative".. vision.. "A result oriented organization with a self reliant and the best community".. Success stories.. Hard work and trust pays.. Read more.. International award.. Ugandan charity wins.. international award.. Download details.. Achievements.. VAD is a focused, strong and well recognised NGO worldwide due to its outstanding governance and best performance.. As a result, we have won various international prizes;.. In 2003, VAD won a “Grand Prix” prize from the World Water Contest that took  ...   universal sanitation.. View FULL Gallery.. About Us.. Voluntary Action for Development (VAD) is governed by a board of five people who draw policies that govern the organization.. VAD has a management team of five people headed by the executive director and this team.. Latest News.. •.. VAD hosted a team of twenty three students with their two teachers.. The organization together with MRDF organized a farewell students.. VAD was graced with Miss Anne Catherine Margaret.. View all.. Contact Details.. Voluntary Action For Development.. P.. O.. Box ,22281 Kampala (Uganda).. +256-414-534068 (Office Line) +256-774-317556 (Director) +256-772-389744 (Projects Manager).. Email:.. vad@vaduganda.. org.. Website:.. vaduganda.. VAD affiliations.. AQRINET-U.. National NGO Forum.. UN Aids Service Org.. Copyright ©2012 Voluntary Action For Development | Powered by.. Datacraft Systems Ltd.. Contact us.. Gallery.. Sitemap..

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  • Title: Who we are
    Descriptive info: Who we are.. Voluntary Action for Development (VAD) is a non-profit making indigenous, non-governmental Organization initiated in May 1996, and registered under the Non-Governmental Organizations Board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the same year.. VAD works with the rural poor and disadvantaged communities in Wakiso , Mpigi and the North-Eastern districts of Uganda with  ...   programs/projects such as; water, hygiene and sanitation improvement, sustainable agriculture and Agri-business, relief aid, rural micro-credit scheme and the family economic empowerment.. Goal:.. ".. Contribute to the improvement of the living conditions and uplift the standards of living of the rural poor and disadvantaged communities including women, children, people with disability and the very poor people..

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  • Title: Who we are
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  • Title: Organisation
    Descriptive info: Organisation.. VAD has a management team of five people headed by the executive director and this team is responsible for the day to day operations and management of the organization.. The organization has a team of 13 well-qualified technical Staff who implement the different field activities..

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  • Title: Core Values
    Descriptive info: Core Values.. VAD core Businesses.. • Food security and Agri business.. • Family Economic Empowerment.. • Community Managed Water, Hygiene and Sanitation improvement.. • Institutional strengthening and development..

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  • Title: What We Do
    Descriptive info: What We Do.. VAD works with the rural poor and disadvantaged communities in Wakiso , Mpigi and the North-Eastern districts with the aim of improving their livelihoods through the implementation of development oriented programs/projects such as; relief aid provision, water, hygiene and sanitation improvement, sustainable agriculture and agri-business, rural micro-credit scheme and  ...   youth, children, elderly and people with disabilities.. These programmes are in support of Government’s policy outlined in the Poverty Eradication Action Plan (PEAP).. VAD’s interventions are focused on Government policies on poverty eradication in the rural communities with special emphasis to increased access to clean and safe water for the rural poor..

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  • Title: Departments
    Descriptive info: Departments.. Voluntary Action for Development has four major departments and these include the following;.. • Agriculture/Agri-business department.. • Water and sanitation department.. • Family Economic Empowerment and HIV AIDS.. • Information Communication Technology.. • Fundraising Department.. • Accounts Department..

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  • Title: Hygiene & Sanitation
    Descriptive info: Hygiene Sanitation.. Voluntary Action for Development (VAD) implements an integrated water, Hygiene and Sanitation improvement project with the main goal is to improve the general health of the rural poor and the Peri-urban poor communities through construction of water facilities to help people have access to clean water and creating awareness on hygiene and sanitation good practices with more emphasis on proper storage of utensils and hand washing after critical moments.. Voluntary Action for Development constructs latrines for the poor elderly and V.. I.. P latrines for school children to access better sanitation.. For the year 2009, VAD has supported 35,000 people in the six Sub-counties of Wakiso District with access to clean water; and has changed their hygiene and sanitation bad behaviors.. VAD has supported 24 schools with access to clean safe water and has improved the sanitation condition of these targeted schools through the construction of  ...   respond to the enormous bad practices of hygiene and sanitation which are still the major cause of illness like diarrhea and malaria to the community.. Your support will greatly change lives of many vulnerable people in Wakiso and Mpigi Districts of Uganda.. Success story.. Alice lives in Katubwe village of Banda Parish in Wakiso District.. She is 95 years old living with her orphaned grand children.. Her elder grand son only comes to check on them once or twice a week.. Alice used to have a big water problem before VAD constructed her a water jar, she only had to wait for her grand children to collect water and when she had used it all, she would live helplessly with out water.. She narrates with joy, "I no longer wait for my grand children to boil for me tea and i have hope in my life," says Alice..

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  • Title: Family Economic Empowerment
    Descriptive info: Family Economic Empowerment.. Voluntary Action for Development (VAD) has been receiving support from Friends of Uganda eV.. Germany.. www.. freundeugandas.. de.. coordinated by Mrs.. Ilse Schummer since her initiation in 1996, where Friends of Uganda funds VAD's activities on the project of Family Economic Empowerment which has two major components namely; the Economic Empowerment of the poor less privileged women and the improvement of the learning Environment of the Less privileged children.. The Economic Empowerment of the less privileged women aims at building and strengthening the capacity of these women through training and provision of group revolving loans that create capital for such women to enable them engage in gainful income generating micro projects in order to become economically stable.. Why women?.. Women reinvest 90% of their income in their families and communities, compared with men who invest only 30% to 40% (World Bank).. Women are also more likely to use their profits to help the poor and are more likely to hire other women to work to work for them; they are also more likely to repay their loans than men.. As such, VAD emphases this model of Women-led Community Development work that leverages Women's Economic Empowerment for the benefit of entire families and communities.. The program has provided critical skills training,  ...   by their women in the family welfare.. Successful women from these group revolving loans are then given opportunity to obtain soft individual loans with low interest from VAD Micro Finance (VAD-MFI) to further enlarge their projects.. VAD-MFI is also another project funded by Friends of Uganda eV.. Germany.. The second major component of the Family Economic Empowerment project is the improvement of the Education standards of the less privileged children through improvement of their learning environment.. Every year Friends of Uganda eV Germany in partnership with VAD supports over 60 Primary Schools both in Wakiso and Mpigi Districts to improve on their infrastructure where construction materials like cement, Iron sheets, Iron bars are provided to support such schools face lift the classrooms.. furniture (Desks) for the children and teachers are also provided.. There are frequent influxes of children joining the supported schools because of the improved learning environment where new classrooms are also constructed from this support.. Our slogan, "a step by step to development" has seen fundamental improvement in the livelihood of many families and children both in Wakiso and Mpigi Districts.. This project has turned round the lives of several families in both Wakiso and Mpigi Districts of Uganda and Women are now viewed by their husbands as family welfare partners..

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  • Title: Food Security
    Descriptive info: Food Security.. Food security and Agri-business is aimed at attaining food security and reduce poverty among the rural poor communities through increased household food security, incomes and improved environment.. Uganda being an agricultural country, where over 95% of the people most especially so in the rural areas depend on agriculture for food and income, there is need therefore to support the farmers.. This is because majority of the farmers practice subsistence agriculture which is characterized by low productivity both for food and cash; leading to insufficient food production and low  ...   and sensitization of farmers to various Agricultural concepts.. VAD also supports the formation of community based structures known as Community Based Agriculture Trainers (CATs) which offer extension services to farmers.. VAD has also created marketing channels for farmers’ produce by organizing them into farmers’ organizations and credit cooperatives to provide improved cows and hybrid goats to improve on the local indigenous animals.. Above all projects that VAD promotes/supports, participation is a prerequisite, both at community and organization level for better outcomes.. This also goes hand in hand with lobbying and advocacy..

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  • Title: Acknowledgement
    Descriptive info: Acknowledgement.. VAD wishes to thank all her partners in development both local and international.. Sincere appreciations go to our donors, other NGOs, (Mpigi and Wakiso districts) and all the sub-country leaders for the support.. VAD is so grateful..

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