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    Archived pages: 82 . Archive date: 2014-10.

  • Title: Vajkard | International Workshop of Art and Design
    Descriptive info: .. Archive.. video archive.. Workshop works galleries.. Happening gallery.. Vajkard.. International Workshop of Art and Design.. Workshop.. Vajkard 2013.. Where to come.. contact.. here you can see, what everybody that visited the workshop in past years, did for the exhibition.. Galleries.. If you want to be a part of Vajkard 2014, send an email to martin.. petric(at)gmail.. com till 15th July 2014.. The data we need is: Name.. Application 2014.. This year s topic will open our brain through a different channel than normally, we will experience the sound from different aspects.. The programme will be.. The infinity of sound.. June 26, 2014.. 0 Comments.. Application.. By.. martin petric.. in.. Apllications are opened, you can check the  ...   you all for the marvelous experience last year, i will make everything in my power to see eachother this year too! the mentors: Junoš.. May 3, 2013.. Gallery 2012.. By Blaž Žnidaršič.. Gallery.. Vajkard on facebook.. We're already 20, hurry up with applications! Lectures schedule almost done! Soon we'll have it on.. http://www.. vajkard.. org.. 2.. likes.. ·.. 1 year ago.. website currently dead.. :( some server issues i guess, let's hope for the best! If you need any info, you can contact us here.. 0.. Great work!!!! by Vasja Stojanovski (montage and script) & Peter Koštrun (camera), thanks guys!!!!.. facebook.. com/photo.. php?v=579500938750786.. 14.. 4.. Vajkard 2014.. 6th international plain-air conference workshop of Fine Arts and Design..

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  • Title: Archive | Vajkard
    Descriptive info: 2013 Application | Prijava 2013.. Here you can see all the informations about this year’s workshop, please apply as soon as possible, so we can take care of the logistic.. April 20, 2013.. We are changing location.. Due better logistic conditions, we re moving from the house of animals to a new cowboy-style ranch Lovrenc we will miss our old place, but we ll.. July 31, 2012.. Warmly welcome to see our works ;).. So, we are close to the end of the workshop, and we would like to invite you on our exhibition.. The opening wil take place.. June 1, 2012.. Informations for participants / Informacije za udeležence.. Here  ...   May 28, 2012.. Poster 2012.. workshop 2012.. Accepting applications and all additional questions considering workshop, on martin.. petric@gmail.. com or +386 31 418 626 Martin Petrič / Prejemamo prijave in vsa dodatna vprašanja.. Programme / Program 2012.. Programme is under construction untill we get all the details from the lecturers.. / Program je v gradnji dokler ne dobimo vseh podrobnosti od predavateljev.. Monday.. April 3, 2012.. Tagged as.. topic.. Topic 2012.. Future of coexistence! more information follows on next posts, i m gathering some additional readings for everyone, before you come to Vajkard, all the best, Martin.. Older.. Join us and have an amazing experience!.. Log in.. Entries.. RSS.. Comments.. WordPress..

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  • Title: video archive | Vajkard
    Descriptive info: youtube.. com/watch?v=TudO0X6Eawk.. https://www.. com/watch?v=cV-vEZOXQl8.. com/watch?v=Mw2O3rZKFuE.. http://youtu.. be/LerjTISX9As..

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  • Title: Workshop works galleries | Vajkard
    Descriptive info: 2008.. Our works.. 137.. Photos.. 2009.. 98.. 2010.. 95.. 2011.. 88.. 2012.. 104..

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  • Title: Happening gallery | Vajkard
    Descriptive info: No categories.. happening 2012.. Photo: Blaž Žnidaršič.. 105.. happening 2008.. 148.. Exhibition Vajkard 2009 Grad Snežnik, photo: Blaž Žnidaršič.. 18..

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  • Title: Workshop | Vajkard
    Descriptive info: Sinopsis of the project.. The spirit of the project Vajkard can be described in the practice a fieldwork on art and science of the Slovenian poly-historic researcher Janez Vajkard Valvasor.. Very important part of the workshop is exploring of natural, cultural and visual values of the environment, and at the same time nurturing authorship and individual conceptualism of each participant.. The main goal of the project is to connect different individualities (in this case scientists and artists, professionals and students) to community, where people stay together and work together with the respect for specific knowledges and tolerance to each other s nationality, belief and personalities.. The workshop is about sharing knowledge and experience with each other in a plain-air habitat.. Because of the natural and untouched environment, we have noticed that, people become relaxed and start to think and act in different ways than in usual urban spaces.. They can test their skills in techniques they didn t know before.. Special attention is put on the process of work and functioning together on different levels, from light the fire to draw an insect.. The results of this two week process are exhibited in a beautiful castle in Snežnik whit a multi media patterns of art work (drawing, painting, sculpture, prints, poetry, photography, video, web).. Topic and happening.. We sellect  ...   According to basic idea of the workshop, which is the approach to work, that was used by Janez Vajkard Valvasor, we try to explore our habitat, interpret it in our creative ways, and with this we want to give it a meaning.. Through this point of view, the workshop connects the tradition with new holistic praxis.. Context:.. Vajkard workshop tries to join participants from different social, national and geographically specific environments, under the same roof made of trees, just the right distance from the civilization.. This distance allows us to connect more intensively.. Each one has an opportunity to learn different techniques of artistic expression, such as illustration,lithography, painting, pottery, photography, sculpture and many more.. We encourage people to make experiments with natural materials in their work, that s how we connect art to nature, not only by motif.. With the exhibition at the end of Vajkard workshop we represent the ideas to the public, the exhibition is seen by average three thousand viewers per year.. We settle it in a castle Snežnik, which is one of the most beautiful Slovenian castle-museums.. Because we have had participants from quite a few European countries along with our home country Slovenia (Italy, Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Belgium, Finland, France), the workshop is considered one of the biggest inter-cultural projects in our region..

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  • Title: Vajkard 2013 | Vajkard
    Descriptive info: April 29, 2013.. Vajkard Promo video.. We have a new teaser video montage and script: Vasja Stojanovski | camera: Peter Koštrun.. April 25, 2013.. New place.. We will spend our 12 days here:..

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  • Title: Where to come | Vajkard
    Descriptive info: Back to old location..

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  • Title: contact | Vajkard
    Descriptive info: You can contact us on this e-mail:.. info(at)vajkard.. or.. Ring ring the coordinator, Martin Petrič on his cellphone: 00386 31 418 626.. or just send him the sms.. skype: tino.. sestric.. www.. com/vajkard.. Links to the organising institutions:.. Kulturno društvo Rak Rakek:.. kdrak.. si.. Academy of Fine Arts and Design Ljubljana:.. aluo.. uni-lj..

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  • Title: Galleries | Vajkard
    Descriptive info: here you can see, what everybody that visited the workshop in past years, did for the exhibition..

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  • Title: Application 2014 | Vajkard
    Descriptive info: The data we need is: Name and surname, Institution you come from, status, date of birth, mobile number and specifics about diet or some other special needs or illnesses.. Here is the info file, where you can find general information about the workshop.. Vajkard_info.. We look forward to meet you!.. Vajkard team..

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