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  • Title: UK leader in parliamentary strengthening holds training sessions with Jordanian MPs
    Descriptive info: Latest News.. / UK leader in parliamentary strengthening holds training sessions with Jordanian MPs.. Women in Local Government in Sierra Leone.. UK leader in parliamentary strengthening holds training sessions with Jordanian MPs.. 18 March 2013.. Newly-elected Jordanian MPs have been taking part in seminars on the workings of a parliamentary system, including the legislative process and the role of committees.. The first workshop, which took place on 5 March 2013 with about 60 MPs from the Jordanian House of Representatives, focused on parliamentary 'rules of procedure.. ' It also marked the official launch of a wider induction programme for MPs, which is taking place over six weeks until about mid-April 2013, supported by the UK's Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD).. More than 90 of the 150 MPs elected to the Jordanian House of Deputies in January 2013 were elected for the first time, with little or no parliamentary experience.. The induction programme has been developed by WFD under the auspices of H.. E.. Hayel Al Srour, Speaker of the Jordanian House of Representatives, in collaboration with local Jordanian and UK experts, including from the House of Commons.. MP Mahmoud Kharabsheh, speaking at the first session on 5 March, stressed the importance of amending the 'rules of procedure' to reflect the changes that have occurred in the country s constitution, and the increase in the number of MPs from 120 to 150.. "This could allow the House to more effectively perform  ...   parliamentary affairs, to enhance the legislative and oversight role of the parliament.. Speaking at the launch of the induction programme Peter Millet, the UK s Ambassador to Jordan, said,.. This new Parliament has been elected with a clear mandate for reform.. Reform also needs to include the internal organisation of Parliament, so that MPs can show that they are producing effective legislation.. WFD s draws on deep and wide experience with the British parliament, and we are happy to share that experience, both those aspects that worked well and the mistakes.. The induction training for MPs is part of a long-term, three year programme of parliament support being provided by WFD from 2012-15, which was officially launched with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding, pictured below, with the Jordanian House of Representatives in October 2012.. Speaking about the programme WFD Chief Executive Linda Duffield said,.. Our aim, longer-term, is to support an effective political culture building on principles of consultation and responsiveness.. This will include strengthening expertise around the legislative cycle.. We will also help to develop the research and information services of the Parliament to ensure that MPs have the information and support which they need to do their jobs effectively.. And we are also working with youth leaders across the country to develop their expertise to support government reform longer-term,.. she said.. You can read more about WFD's programmes in the Middle East by.. clicking here.. back..

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  • Title: Youth workshop builds networks
    Descriptive info: / Youth workshop builds networks.. Youth workshop builds networks.. More than 50 youth leaders from political parties and civil society organisations across the Middle-East and North Africa and the UK, had the chance to build links and share experiences at a regional workshop held in March 2013, supported by the Westminster Foundation for Democracy.. The three-day event, held in Amman, Jordan from Saturday 16 to Monday 18 March 2013, gave youth leaders the chance to share their knowledge and experience, develop an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the UK party system and the role that youth play in this system.. It was particularly aimed at participants who had experienced youth involvement in political change.. Representatives from seven countries attended including Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia  ...   the workshop, the youth leaders from Jordan are scheduled to participate in activities led by Jordan s Al-Quds Centre for Political Studies, an independent research institute based in Amman and WFD s partner in its youth-focused activities, as part of its wider parliamentary strengthening programme in the country, from 2012-15.. The centre aims to broaden understanding of developments and challenges which the Jordanian state and society are facing, with a focus on political reform and democratisation processes in Jordan.. WFD's three year programme aims to support the development of influential young leaders with increased expertise in governance reform.. It is specifically working with 40 young Jordanians aged between 20 and 30, from several Jordanian parties, as well as civil society movements including trade unions and non-governmental organisations..

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  • Title: Focus on International Women's Day Friday 8th March
    Descriptive info: / Focus on International Women's Day Friday 8th March.. Paralegal Training in Uganda.. Focus on International Women's Day Friday 8th March.. 06 March 2013.. This Friday marked International Women's Day.. In the run up to the event, WFD took the opportunity to highlight its work to promote women's involvement and participation in parliamentary life and civil society.. Many of WFD's programmes have a focus on building the skills and participation of women, both those aspiring to get involved in politics, and women working at the grass-roots in civil society organisations to better represent the concerns of women and get their voices heard.. Commenting on the importance of marking International Women's Day, WFD's Head of Programmes for the Africa and Asia region Marina Narnor said, "Women s full and equal participation in the political arena is fundamental to democracy.. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, for example, part of our programme is focused on strengthening the capacity of  ...   building practical skills in advocacy and developing ways in which to work closely with MPs on gender-based policy issues.. Women from civil society organisations and MPs from the Provincial Assembly of the Province Orientale attended the event," she said.. WFD is currently running six long-term parliamentary strengthening programmes, from 2012-15, that have a component focused on women's participation.. These include programmes in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Nigeria, Pakistan, Morocco, Tunisia and a regional programme across the Middle East.. The UK political parties are also working internationally to increase women's participation, particularly on building regional networks and developing the skills and expertise of women MPs from their sister-parties.. You can read about WFD's recent women focused workshops and activities by clicking on the links below.. DRC.. Morocco.. Tunisia.. WFD's women focused planning workshop for its MENA regional programme.. You can read more about International Women's Day 2013 by.. You can access a 'Women in Politics' world map by..

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  • Title: Workshop builds skills of Tunisian youth leaders
    Descriptive info: / Workshop builds skills of Tunisian youth leaders.. Strengthening Financial Scrutiny in Macedonia.. Workshop builds skills of Tunisian youth leaders.. 05 March 2013.. More than 35 youth leaders from across Tunisia, representing 11 of the country s political parties, got together in early March 2013 to take part in a workshop on developing and building strategies for engaging young people in policy-making.. The two-day regional workshop, facilitated by the UK s Westminster Foundation for Democracy, also focused on improving communication and debating skills of youth leaders.. The cross-party workshop was facilitated by trainers from the UK s Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat and Democratic Unionist parties.. Topics up for discussion at the workshop included a session on campaigning, with groups  ...   to strengthen the position of youth in Tunisia.. Caption.. : Debating skills and communicating policy-based messages were just some of the topics covered at a cross-party workshop for youth leaders in Tunisia in early March 2013.. The workshop followed a similar cross-party event with youth in Tunisia in November 2012, which focused on increasing young people s participation in politics.. An outcome identified from that workshop, which 50 young people attended, was the need to reach out to regional youth networks and structures.. Both workshops was held as part of WFD s three-year programme in Tunisia, from 2012-15, on Supporting multi-party democracy and the National Constituent Assembly in Tunisia.. You can read more about the programme, including recent activities, by..

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  • Title: Study day focuses on enhancing women’s participation
    Descriptive info: / Study day focuses on enhancing women’s participation.. UK MPs share experience with women counterparts in Kurdistan Parliament.. Study day focuses on enhancing women’s participation.. 28 February 2013.. Women MPs in the Moroccan Parliament are a step closer to establishing a permanent committee on equality following a recent study day facilitated by the UK s Westminster Foundation for Democracy.. The study day, held in February 2013, saw 20 women MPs from the Moroccan Parliament s Equality Working Group come together to refine a strategy for implementing a committee on equality.. As well as recognising the need to speed-up its demands for creating an equality committee in the Parliament, the group also proposed that such a committee should be in charge of gender representation in all parliamentary instances and laws.. The group also stressed the importance of raising women s representation in the upcoming elections.. Picture caption.. (above right): The study day was officially opened by the Minister of Solidarity, Women, Family and Social Development, Bassima Hakkaoui, and the Vice President of the Lower House, Khadija Rouissi (third from left).. Caption:.. Saad Benkirane, a Moroccan expert on strategic planning, assists women MPs representing the parliament s eight parliamentary groups, at a preparation day for the working group to develop their strategic plan in February.. The focus on setting up an equality committee which could utilise Morocco s new constitutional principles to boost and strengthen women s political participation is timely.. The Parliament is currently updating its rules and procedures, as set out in the country s 2011 constitution, to encourage  ...   policy regarding women's rights and equality.. Intissar Khodr Jebouri, a MP from Iraq shared her experiences as President of the Parliament s Committee of Women, Children and Family.. Jill Kyatuheire, an MP from Uganda, talked about the roles of women s organisations in the Ugandan Parliament.. Tasks identified by the group for further work included the need to better specify its purpose, clarify its relationships with other parliamentary bodies and what it could contribute to parliamentary life, and how it could become operational through, for example, a memorandum of understanding.. The study day built on the outcomes of an earlier working session with women MPs held in September 2012 and facilitated by WFD.. That workshop resulted in the establishment of the Moroccan Parliament s Equality Working Group, whom WFD has been supporting to strengthen women's participation.. Women MPs from all parliamentary groups in the Moroccan Parliament came together at a workshop in September 2012 to consider how to establish cross-party networks, to strengthen their representation within the parliamentary setting, and their ability to represent women s voices.. Tina Fahm, a WFD Governor (third from left) facilitated the training session.. ".. We support any form of women s coalition that can boost their political performance.. Hasnaa Bouzid, MP from the USFP Parliamentary Group, commenting at the WFD facilitated workshop in September.. WFD has been working with the Moroccan Parliament since 2011.. It January 2013 a new Memorandum of Understanding was signed, representing a new phase in WFD's programme of parliamentary strengthening support to the Moroccan Parliament, building on previous activities..

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  • Title: WFD hosts workshops for women in DRC
    Descriptive info: / WFD hosts workshops for women in DRC.. WFD hosts workshops for women in DRC.. 31 January 2013.. WFD is supporting a three year programme from 2012-15 to strengthen the skills of the Provincial Assembly of the Province Orientale in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.. The programme aims to engage with parliamentarians, parliamentary staff and civil society to promote a more effective Assembly.. A key focus of the programme is to empower women from the province to engage more  ...   continuing to support the Assembly's own training centre, the Reseau Congolais de Personnels des Parlements, with which it has worked on a parliamentary strengthening programme since 2010.. Picture caption:.. Women participants at the workshop in January 2013, which focused on building practical skills in advocacy and policy development.. Women MPs and representatives from civil society organisations in Province Orientale attended a workshop in October 2012 focused on training in.. advocacy, as well as in developing evidence-based policy recommendations, and policy platforms..

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  • Title: WFD's EU-funded programme in Lebanon
    Descriptive info: / WFD's EU-funded programme in Lebanon.. Engaging Sierra Leonean Youth in Politics.. WFD's EU-funded programme in Lebanon.. 06 November 2012.. Launched in May 2011 with support from the Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD), the Advisory Unit has become a permanent part of the parliament s structure fully funded by the.. Lebanese Parliament, with a staff of seven.. An online database of experts, so that parliament has access to technical specialists at its fingertips, a newsletter and a dedicated website,.. has been developed.. Background.. WFD has been working with the Lebanese Parliament since 2006.. In 2010, building on previous work with the parliament, it devised a tailored 21-month programme, funded by the European  ...   its implementation.. The programme, which ran from January 2011 to June 2012, also supported two key parliamentary.. committees the Budget and Finance, and the Justice and Administration; the former on passing.. new legislation and policies in line with best practice and international conventions; the latter.. specifically on its budgetary role.. The support included peer exchanges between MPs from the.. UK, Lebanon, and between technical staff from the UK s National Audit Office and the Lebanese.. Court of Audit.. As of September 2012 WFD is continuing to support the Advisory Unit for a further six months, until March 2013.. You can access a case-study by the EU on WFD's 21-month programme in Lebanon by..

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  • Title: WFD cheers Paralympians
    Descriptive info: / WFD cheers Paralympians.. Parliamentary Committees in Bosnia and Herzegovina.. WFD cheers Paralympians.. 29 August 2012.. WFD chief exceutive Linda Duffield manages to grab a quick moment with a Paralympian torch bearer just before the next handover point on Artillery Row.. WFD is a proud supporter of the ideals of the Olympic Truce.. You can read about the truce by visiting the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website by.. You can also find out about how the FCO and partners are marking the Olympic Truce at our British Embassies, High Commissions and Missions abroad..

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  • Title: WFD publishes Annual Report and Accounts
    Descriptive info: / WFD publishes Annual Report and Accounts.. Training Young Political Leaders in Moldova.. WFD publishes Annual Report and Accounts.. 12 July 2012.. to access the report..

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  • Title: Catch the latest news from WFD's Westminster Consortium programme
    Descriptive info: / Catch the latest news from WFD's Westminster Consortium programme.. Sudan Mirror Sheds Light.. Catch the latest news from WFD's Westminster Consortium programme.. 15 May 2012.. The TWC five year programme, established in 2009, helps developing parliaments create their own sustainable centres of learning for staff  ...   of parliamentary practice, financial oversight and communications.. Latest news from the programme includes:.. A committee on Human Rights established in the Parliament of Uganda -.. to read more.. Debating prisoner health in the Parliament of Ukraine (Verkhovna Rada) -.. Georgian parliamentary reporters take part in training -..

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  • Title: Parliamentary training programme launched for Egyptian MPs
    Descriptive info: / Parliamentary training programme launched for Egyptian MPs.. Parliamentary training programme launched for Egyptian MPs.. 08 May 2012.. About 50 MPs from the Egyptian People s Assembly, including parliamentary support staff, took part in two workshops on Sunday 6 and Monday 7 May.. Organised by the Egyptian People s Assembly and the UK s Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD), topics included setting a structure for the Egyptian Parliament, including its bylaws or rules and procedures and a session on the UK s parliamentary system.. The workshops are part of a wider, 10-session induction programme for the Assembly.. Developed by WFD at the request of Dr Saad El Katatni, Speaker of the Assembly, the programme has been put together in collaboration with local Egyptian and UK experts, including the House of Commons.. The sessions, set to run until July this year, focus on supporting the parliament in its oversight role - including financial; the role of parliamentary committees; parliamentary ethics; the legislative process; parliament s role in protecting human rights; and parliamentarians relationship with their constituents and the media.. Commenting on the programme and Sunday s official launch, Dr Katatni said,.. In light of the fact that most MPs have been elected for the first time with no particular legislative expertise, and the recent formation of  ...   give the People s Assembly the tools it needs to fulfil its role in Egypt s democratic transition.. These first sessions were attended by members of all parties and have raised interest in the technical assistance that we can offer the parliament.. The People s Assembly is addressing some important political, security and economic issues.. It was really encouraging to see the interest from those MPs who came for the launch and initial workshops and their willingness to exchange ideas and experiences.. There is real interest in the topics we will be covering during the rest of the programme.. The UK has a long parliamentary history, which has evolved in response to the expectations and demands of its people and the Westminster model has many lessons and experiences to share.. But this is always a two way process from which we seek fresh ideas as well, said Ms Duffield.. WFD has been working in the Middle East and North Africa since 2006.. It has responded to many requests for assistance in strengthening democratic institutions and reforming governance, working with local partners and helping to build bridges across the region.. In the wake of the Arab Spring, WFD has developed new programmes in Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia and extended its parliamentary strengthening programmes in Lebanon and Iraq..

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