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  • Title: WFD publishes 2011 Annual Review
    Descriptive info: Latest News.. / WFD publishes 2011 Annual Review.. Parliamentary Committees in Bosnia and Herzegovina.. WFD publishes 2011 Annual Review.. 30 March 2012.. Highlights include;.. Our work in Sierra Leone to set up constituency offices;.. New programmes in the Middle East in the wake of the Arab Spring;.. An update on our programmes elsewhere in Africa and Europe, and the other countries in which we worked.. Click here.. to access the review.. back..

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  • Title: Myles Wickstead steps down after six years as WFD Governor
    Descriptive info: / Myles Wickstead steps down after six years as WFD Governor.. Training Young Political Leaders in Moldova.. Myles Wickstead steps down after six years as WFD Governor.. 12 February 2012.. Myles Wickstead stepped down in January 2012 after six years as a Governor of WFD, including three years as Chair of the organisation s Projects and Programmes Committee.. Myles needs no introduction.. He s long been a familiar face in international development, with an extensive history and involvement in Africa in particular, and a pretty impressive CV to boot.. To take just one example, he was a key member of the taskforce that produced the 1997 Government White Paper on.. Eliminating World Poverty: A challenge for the 21st Century.. As he explains,.. This paper emphasised that aid must reach the poorest people, rather than being used as a political instrument, and that the building of democratic institutions should become an in-built condition of aid.. Democracy can only function when there is basic respect for human rights.. From early 2004 to late 2005 he was Head of Secretariat to the Commission for Africa (CfA).. The CfA s report.. Our Common Interest.. , which he played a key role in developing, formed the basis of the G8 Gleneagles Communique on Africa in 2005.. This advocated the view that strong, stable, good governance lay at the heart of a country s ability to build democratic processes.. I stand by this report today,.. said Myles.. Everything changed in 1989-90 with the fall of communism, including the fundamental way in which we see the world.. Before this there was, in simple terms, an east-west divide; capitalist or communist, and the ideological and political viewpoints of leaders developed alongside this, depending  ...   is already happening.. Over the years he has seen the organisation move from being a mostly grant-giving organisation, to placing itself more strategically at the centre of programme delivery.. The scope of what WFD has to offer has grown, and it has so much more to contribute.. The organisation is uniquely placed to get behind and reinforce change and to help shape new systems.. One example is the great success its parliamentary strengthening work has achieved in the East Africa Legislative Assembly.. It s helped to recreate and reinforce this community this is important and significant work.. He may be stepping down from WFD but Myles schedule looks anything but relaxing.. He s working on media development in fragile and post-conflict countries, to strengthen coverage and reporting of governments.. He s also working on the Olympic 2012 Legacy, and considering some further work for the CfA around partnerships.. Other items on his agenda include a focus on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) as they come up for scrutiny in 2015.. He s part of a team that s considering whether there s a need to revise the MDGs, or maybe set some new ones, including the question of whether they should be more explicit about democracy and governance.. However busy his schedule he ll continue to follow WFD s work.. We re now witnessing the Arab Spring, which is presenting tremendous opportunities for WFD to deepen its engagement in this work, as we see the emergence of civil society organisations.. If the organisation continues to capitalise on the shifts already starting to happen, and is ready to respond in a timely way that reflects local needs and priorities, it s got a bright future indeed..

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  • Title: Improving engagment at the grassroots
    Descriptive info: / Improving engagment at the grassroots.. Citizens' Empowerment in Kenya.. Improving engagment at the grassroots.. 09 January 2012.. The project, 'Strengthening MPs Engagement with their Citizens,' saw 47 constituency offices opened across the country where people could express their concerns, issues and ideas to their MPs.. A constituency caretaker  ...   the chance to have their say either by recording their views and issues in a written ledger or through a suggestion box , which were then passed on to the MP at regular intervals for action and feedback.. You can read a feature about the project by.. clicking here..

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  • Title:
    Descriptive info: / Case studies.. Women in Local Government in Sierra Leone.. Case studies.. Please use the drop down lists below to filter the list of case studies displayed.. Any Country.. --------------------------.. Europe.. Albania.. Armenia.. Azerbeijan.. Balkans.. Belarus.. Bosnia- Herzegovina.. Bulgaria.. Caucasus.. Croatia.. Estonia.. Georgia.. Kosovo.. Latvia.. Lithuania.. Macedonia.. Moldova.. Montenegro.. Poland.. Romania.. Russia.. Serbia.. Turkey.. Ukraine.. Middle East North Africa.. Bahrain.. Egypt.. Iraq.. Israel.. Jordan.. Lebanon.. Morocco.. Palestinian National Authority.. Yemen.. Africa.. Botswana.. Cameroon..  ...   Sudan.. Tanzania.. Uganda.. Zambia.. Zimbabwe.. Party/Non-Party.. Conservative.. Labour.. Liberal Democrat.. Non Party.. Smaller Parties.. Any Theme.. Civic Participation.. Elections.. Local Government.. Media.. Parliaments.. Political Party Work.. Rule of law.. Trade Unions.. Women.. Youth.. Showing records 11 to 14 of 14.. Promoting Information Sharing.. Strengthening Financial Scrutiny in Macedonia.. Strengthening the Capacity of the Macedonia Parliamentary Human Rights Committee.. UK MPs share experience with women counterparts in Kurdistan Parliament.. previous.. 1.. 2.. Case Studies..

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  • Title: The First Workshop of the TWC Network
    Descriptive info: The Westminster Consortium.. Focus Areas.. / The First Workshop of the TWC Network.. Asia.. Articles.. The First Workshop of the TWC Network.. The objectives of the workshop are:.. To discuss the challenges and opportunities facing partner parliaments and how the TWC model can support them.. To review lessons from the programme to date and develop ideas for more effective projects, curriculum content and learning and development in parliaments.. 3.. Develop existing relationships, study centres and Circles of Support through thematic, local, regional and global networking with aims of long term sustainability.. The aim of the DFID GTF funded TWC programme is to:.. strengthen the capacity of participating parliaments to  ...   parliaments within the current global context has several challenges.. The demands of citizens on their representatives are ever increasing while parliaments are generally under-resourced, making it hard for them to fulfil their most basic functions.. The following outcomes are expected:.. A better understanding of the challenges and issues we face in our programme moving forward.. Learning from activities to date will inform the next phase of the programme.. Practical ideas for sustainability and development of the model.. 4.. New relationships established between TWC partners.. COURSE DETAILS.. Course.. : The First Workshop of the TWC Network.. Module.. : 1.. Provider.. : Westminster Foundation for Democracy.. Participants.. : 80.. Duration:.. 2 Days..

    Original link path: /where-we-work/focus-areas/the-first-workshop-of-the-twc.aspx
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  • Title: Parliamentary Seminars
    Descriptive info: / Parliamentary Seminars.. Parliamentary Seminars.. As its contribution to the Consortium programme and working with another Consortium partner, the Overseas Office at the House of Commons, CPA UK will design seminars for groups of participants on a wide range of issues specific to their parliament.. Typically such seminars, held over a period of two to three days, will involve groups  ...   partner parliament.. The wide range of expertise available from within the Houses of Parliament at Westminster will enable CPA UK to facilitate discussion and dialogue with delegate MPs and staff in order to identify practical resolutions to pressing issues in parliamentary practice and procedures.. COURSE DETAILS.. : Parliamentary Seminars.. : 1.. : Commonwealth Parliamentary Association UK Branch.. : 40.. 2-3 days..

    Original link path: /where-we-work/focus-areas/parliamentary-seminars.aspx
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  • Title: Working in the Parliamentary Service
    Descriptive info: / Working in the Parliamentary Service.. Developing the Skills of Young Iraqi Trade Unionists.. Working in the Parliamentary Service.. This course will improve understanding of what is involved in working for a parliament and how the key functions of a parliament can be supported and enabled by its staff.. This course has two elements.. First, it will examine the defining characteristics of a parliamentary service, what principles and values it should be based on and what services it should provide.. Second, it will look at how those principles are translated into specific activities, focusing especially on supporting the responsibilities of parliaments for oversight and scrutiny.. This element of the programme may be  ...   the main principles and values that underpin a parliamentary service.. the outputs of a parliamentary service:.. - procedure: understanding what parliamentary procedure is and how it contributes to the work of a Parliament.. - accountability and oversight: the various means by which a parliament can hold the executive to account.. - committees: the functions of committees; their working practices and their contribution to oversight and scrutiny.. - legislation: how legislation and draft legislation are scrutinised and approved by Parliament.. - research and information: the role of a parliamentary research and information service.. Course:.. Working in the Parliamentary Service.. Module:.. 1.. Provider:.. The Overseas Office of the House of Commons.. Participants:.. 15.. 3 days..

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  • Title: Parliamentary Democracy
    Descriptive info: / Parliamentary Democracy.. Paralegal Training in Uganda.. Parliamentary Democracy.. In this introductory section on parliamentary strengthening, participants will gain a greater understanding of:.. the purpose and function of parliamentary strengthening.. the main actors involved in parliamentary strengthening.. the expertise brought by Consortium members to parliamentary strengthening.. the centrality of parliament as an institution and as an agent of democratisation.. the key needs of a well-functioning parliament.. relations of parliament with other social and political actors, including the executive and judiciary, civil society organisations, the press and broadcasting media and international donor agencies.. Participants will then examine the role of parliament in a democracy.. They will gain a greater understanding of:.. how parliaments provide the main channel of representation for mass publics in modern democracies.. how parliaments provide vertical accountability between citizens and government and horizontal accountability between different branches of government.. how to develop  ...   institutional arrangements around the world with a view to enabling participants to locate their own parliamentary system.. It will cover how institutional arrangements provide different constraints and incentives, strike a balance between representation and governability, and represent political compromises and accommodation during times of democratic transition.. the main differences in institutional design that exist among the world s democracies and why they matter for democratic governance.. the main differences between electoral systems and formulas for electing parliamentarians and executives to power.. the main contours and dimensions of different party systems and how they are related to electoral systems and electoral rule.. how the system in their own country has contributed to the structure of the party system, populated the seats of parliament and affected relationships with the executive and the judiciary.. Parliamentary Democracy.. 2.. University of Essex Institute for Democracy and Conflict Resolution.. 20..

    Original link path: /where-we-work/focus-areas/parliamentary-democracy.aspx
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  • Title: Government and Opposition
    Descriptive info: / Government and Opposition.. Government and Opposition.. This workshop will be led by parliamentarians from the UK.. The topics to be covered will include:.. Transition to government.. Effective opposition.. Scrutinising government.. Evolving legislation.. Participants in the workshop will also examine the ways in which government and opposition parties can work together to ensure the efficient conduct of parliamentary business.. : Government and Opposition.. 5.. : Westminster Foundation for Democracy.. : 20.. Duration.. : 2 days..

    Original link path: /where-we-work/focus-areas/government-and-opposition.aspx
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  • Title: Three Roles of a Member of Parliament
    Descriptive info: / Three Roles of a Member of Parliament.. Three Roles of a Member of Parliament.. This workshop is designed to enable members of parliament to identify a productive balance between their responsibilities to their party, parliament and constituents and to deliver those responsibilities effectively.. Specific themes to be covered will include the role of an MP as a legislator, party  ...   British parliamentarians and local participants to exchange best practice.. It is envisaged that participants will gain a greater understanding of the roles and responsibilities of individual members of parliament and the ways in which the discharge of those responsibilities is supported by adherence to party and parliamentary procedures.. : Three Roles of a Member of Parliament.. : 4.. : 20..

    Original link path: /where-we-work/focus-areas/three-roles-of-an-mp.aspx
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  • Title: Financial Scrutiny for Parliamentary Staff practicum
    Descriptive info: / Financial Scrutiny for Parliamentary Staff practicum.. The Serbian Code of Conduct.. Financial Scrutiny for Parliamentary Staff practicum.. Each Financial Scrutiny for Parliamentary Staff course will be followed by a week of practicum in which participants can apply new learning in a supportive environment.. During the practicum, NAO experts will observe staff and advise them on how to use their new skills to provide more effective support for parliamentary committees.. (* Number of participants subject to requirements and availability.. ).. : Financial Scrutiny for Parliamentary Staff practicum.. : 2.. : The National Audit Office.. : *.. : 5 days..

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