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  • Title: WBR Sundance hosts first ever level A testing | Wasatch Backcountry Rescue
    Descriptive info: WBR Sundance hosts first ever level A testing.. Blog Home.. WBR Sundance Ski Patrol hosted it s first ever level A testing on the slopes of Sundance.. Two teams traveled to Sundance for testing on March 12, 2010.. Mike from the Canyons Ski Patrol and Chris from Deer Valley Ski Patrol both successfully completed the level A testing.. It was a tough day for testing with clear and above normal temperatures for March and almost no winds at the testing site, this required the handlers to work a little harder and tighten up the search as they kept an eye on there dogs.. Congratulations to Mike Roxey / Canyons Ski Patrol and also to Chris Piper / Deer Valley Ski Patrol on level A testing.. In addition, the WBR/Sundance Ski Patrol would like to congratulate Jeanette and Oakley, Tracy and Mick on successfully passing level A testing this month.. Jeanette and Oakley have shown true dedication to the Sundance avalanche dog program with many  ...   happier with him.. Sundance Ski Patrol is very proud of it relationship with Wasatch Backcountry Rescue (WBR).. Chris Piper / WBR Deer Valley Ski Patrol / Level A testing site.. Mike Roxey / Canyons Ski Patrol / Level A testing site.. Jeanette Oakley / Sundance Ski Patrol / Level A team.. Tracy Mick / Sundance Ski Patrol / Level A team.. Tue, 3/23/2010 - 2:41pm | Posted by.. Sundance Ski Patrol.. Sundance Ski Patrol s blog.. Comments.. Post new comment.. Your name:.. *.. E-mail:.. The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly.. Homepage:.. Comment:.. CAPTCHA.. This question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions.. Click a term to initiate a search.. Categories.. Avalanche Safety.. (32).. WBR.. (31).. Public education.. (28).. News.. (27).. (24).. (22).. Resorts.. (21).. Seminars.. (17).. Volunteers.. (8).. (6).. (4).. Date authored.. 2010.. (36).. 2012.. (19).. 2011.. (16).. 2013.. (14).. 2009.. Keyword search.. More options.. Related categories.. 03/2010.. 03/23/2010..

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  • Title: WBR attends Steven's Pass dog school. | Wasatch Backcountry Rescue
    Descriptive info: WBR attends Steven s Pass dog school.. Thanks to Sundance Ski Patrol and WBR angus and I were able to attend the Steven s pass dog school this year with Chris and his dog Ike.. It was a great learning experience and has helped us come away with new ideas on how to approach our training regiment.. The week began with Angus and I flying up to the SeaTac airport, and meeting up with Chris and Ike to drive to the resort.. When we arrived we were greeted by Chris Hunter ( The organizer of the Steven s Pass school) and shown to the cabin we would be staying at.. Because of the Forest Service permit there is no lodging at the resort, with the exception of a few privately owned cabins which were built in the 30 s.. One of these cabins, known as the Swiss house, graciously hosted all of the handlers and their dogs for the week.. The first night we had a meet and greet with the Swiss instructor s, Marcel and Christoph, as well as the other handlers and were briefed as to the weeks itinerary and goals.. We were also split into two groups with Marcel leading one and Christoph leading the other.. The first real day of on hill training was an introduction into the Swiss four phase progression and centered around learning how to dig proper holes and figuring out where each team was at in the progression.. We also used this time to prep two sites with 4-6 holes each that we could rotate through each day.. Over the next few days we would head up to our work sites and run each dog through a series  ...   were great opportunities to get ideas and feedback from our Instructors and fellow handlers on a one on one basis, not to mention enjoy the excellent food prepared by one of their patrol supervisors (who is also a very accomplished chef).. One thing that I learned quickly is that the Swiss method is a very slow well thought out method, but one that produces very good results and a rock solid base for dogs to build on.. The dogs develop a strong foundation rooted on strong digs, victim loyalty, and confident ranging.. It also doesn t hurt if you have a highly food motivated dog, since the Swiss use sausage for the reward.. Marcel gave an excellent presentation one night on avalanche site management using examples and things he has learned from over 53 accidents that he has responded to.. The last day Marcel and Christoph put together a ranging demonstration using targets and of course sausage.. This was a great experience for both Angus and myself.. Not only was I was able to meet handlers and dogs from the Tahoe area clear up to northern Washington and every where in between, but just being able to travel with Angus via car, plane, etc to an unknown place was invaluable for us as a team.. Even though we were there to learn the Swiss method of avalanche dog training it was very useful to hear a variety of view points and questions from such a diverse group of handlers and organizations.. We both came away from this school with added tools that will help us and the other teams here at Sundance to continue to progress and improve.. Mon, 3/22/2010 - 1:52pm | Posted by.. 03/22/2010..

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  • Title: WBR Night School | Wasatch Backcountry Rescue
    Descriptive info: WBR Night School.. Sundance Ski Patrol hosted the monthly WBR training for March, it was a night drill.. The goal was to expose the teams to searching in a low light night time rescue situation.. Every team had the opportunity to search three different sites in a rolling scenario.. For many of the teams this was the first time they have searched and worked as a team in the dark, headlamps and glow stick s were used in the search strategy.. The teams were sent out on a traverse were they came in contact with a ski patroller who alerted the team an avalanche had been reported and started the team in a down hill search.. After the dogs and handlers located the single person burial and cleared the slope they were started down another ski run where a second avalanche was reported to the teams.. This problem was slightly up hill and off slope, again the teams cleared this situation and then were transported up hill by snowmobile to the starting of another problem.. The  ...   in the canyon.. North Fork Fire Department also responded and placed an engine in the parking lot next to the problem, the over head lights were on and a generator was running as a slight distraction for the teams to work around.. The goal was to create a true road side emergency with sights, smells and sounds that would be on scene if responding to a canyon road side avalanche emergency.. It was a great night of training for all involved, every resort involved with WBR was represented with a dog team that night.. Thanks to every one who dug a hole, went in a hole, gave up a night to get cold and wet, and to all the dogs and handlers who went home late and had to work the next morning.. Tracy / Sundance Ski Patrol.. Handlers Dogs getting set for night search.. Entrance to car.. North Fork Fire Department helping out.. Looking out from the rear seat of the car.. Fun inside a buried car.. Mon, 3/8/2010 - 11:47am | Posted by.. 03/08/2010..

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  • Title: WBR Snowbird hosts Level A dog test for the Canyons ski patrol | Wasatch Backcountry Rescue
    Descriptive info: WBR Snowbird hosts Level A dog test for the Canyons ski patrol.. On February 20th, 2010 WBR Snowbird hosted a Level A dog test for the Canyons Ski Patrol team.. WBR has pioneered the U.. S.. Standard for avalanche dog testing.. Currently, in all avalanche dog tests, WBR adheres to the current WBR validation rules, levels of verification, and uses a standardized test evaluation form.. VALIDATION RULES.. To remain in the program a Candidate Team must pass obedience and search test within 18 months from the date of acceptance.. To remain in the program a Level B Team must certify for Level A within 1 year of achieving Level B status.. To remain on the callout list, dog teams must renew their WBR certification, on a biennial basis, by 12/31 of the current season.. To remain on the callout list, dogs older than eight years old must renew annually.. BIENNIAL VALIDATION.. Testing for Levels A B will be held during the winter season.. The handlers will be expected to stay current with their validations and contact the Dog Committee to set up testing.. Testing times are early season with each member ski area helping with the testing site preparation.. Dog teams must renew their WBR certification, on a biennial basis, by 12/31 of the current season.. No more than two failures will be allowed during one season.. STANDARDS FOR EVALUATION.. Number of evaluators shall include at least two from a different agency.. Any protest of the test scenario shall be presented and considered prior to the test, e.. g.. presence of smoke, fuel or female dog in heat.. No team with a female dog in heat will be allowed to test with other teams present.. All evaluators are answerable to the WBR Officers and may be dismissed by the same.. However, all test results are final and may not be reversed by WBR.. Selection of an evaluator is by unanimous agreement of the WBR Dog Committee.. All teams testing will be given fair and equal test situation.. Teams will not test on the same day on a previously used site.. GENERAL FORMAT TEST SITE.. Test area shall be at most 100 yards square, unless snow conditions dictate otherwise.. The perimeter shall be adequately marked.. The entire test area shall be disturbed, and there shall be four fake contaminated burial sites within the test area.. Victims shall be buried 3-5 feet deep.. Burial of victims shall be in a manner which  ...   level A test if/when WBR is comfortable with its implementation.. The testing criteria and site are the same as the current level A test, but a dog team must clear the slope of an undetermined number of victims (0-3).. A.. Two subjects plus clothing articles buried out of sight of test team in moderate depth snow(3-5 feet) for a minimum of ten minutes in a simulated avalanche site at most 100 yards square, less if conditions dictate.. The handler and dog must approach and navigate rapidly and carefully, despite radio interruptions and people in the area.. They need not locate the clothing articles.. The team must find all of the live victims in the allotted time of 20 minutes.. Finding only one victim does not qualify for a level A rating.. Prior to testing, the handler should be able to describe to evaluators the body language their dog will display when signaling a find.. B.. EMERGENCY Intermediate Search.. Subject buried out of test team s sight in moderate depth snow (3-5 feet) for a minimum of ten minutes in a simulated avalanche deposition site at most 100 yards square.. The handler and dog must approach and navigate rapidly and carefully, locating the victim within 20 minutes, with strong indication and enthusiastic digging.. Level B testing is not a required stepping stone.. A team may elect to test for level A without having tested for level B, if the handler feels that the team is ready.. C.. CANDIDATE Basic Search.. Test handler in shallow hole with light snow cover is sight of dog.. Look for strong indication, desire to dig, and response to reward system.. Basic obedience skills, sociability and handler control should be evident.. Below is a outline of the test results, along with pics of the team in action.. Congratulations to Pete, Voodoo, and Paul from the Canyons for passing their Level A Rescue test at Snowbird.. LEVEL A TEST.. : February 20th, 2010.. TEST AREA.. : Mineral Basin Snowbird: Endora Bench.. TESTING: RESCUE DOG TEAM.. : The Canyons: Handler: Pete K9: Voodoo Rescuer: Paul.. LEVEL A.. : PASS.. SITUATION.. : High Clouds: Light winds.. 2 Live burials and 1 Article.. TIMES.. : Rescue team arrives at test site.. Interview the Witness : 1 minute.. First Find: Victim #1: @ 6 minutes.. Second Find: Victim #2: @ 8 minutes.. Scented Article found: 12 minutes.. Tue, 3/2/2010 - 5:16pm | Posted by.. Snowbird Ski Patrol.. Snowbird Ski Patrol s blog.. 03/02/2010..

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  • Title: Scene Safety and the Human Factor | Wasatch Backcountry Rescue
    Descriptive info: Scene Safety and the Human Factor.. The 2009/10 avalanche season in the intermountain region has been particularly active.. As reported on.. http://utahavalanchecenter.. org/advisory/slc.. there have been 261 unintentional, human triggered avalanches in the backcountry, 59 caught, 23 partial burials, 5 total burials, 11 injured, and individuals 3 killed to date in Utah.. Pair these statistics with the several professional rescuer fatalities in Europe and the United States this year and one needs to take a step back and ask What can I do to minimize my exposure as a avalanche safety professional or back country enthusiast?.. In numerous after action reports as examined by avalanche researchers the human factor reveals itself as an important variable in the attitude and decision making process of back country/snow  ...   it.. 2.. Anti-Authority - We feel that the rules don t apply to us.. These could be avalanche procedure or safe travel guidelines.. 3.. Impulsivity - We need to do this quickly, thus throwing caution to the wind.. 4.. Invulnerability - We feel that nothing can hurt us, blinding us to potential threats.. Saying to ourselves It couldn t happen to me.. 5.. Macho Attitude I can do this no matter what.. The FIRST step in eliminating the hazardous attitude, thus keeping our scene safe, is to identify the hazardous attitude.. Only then can we have a true perception of the dangers that will affect our decisions and potentially our lives.. Ski, Ride, and Work Safe.. SSP.. Sat, 2/27/2010 - 11:36am | Posted by.. 02/2010.. 02/27/2010..

    Original link path: /blog/snowbird-ski-patrol/scene-safety-and-human-factor
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  • Title: WBR & Switzerland Dog Handler Training Course | Wasatch Backcountry Rescue
    Descriptive info: WBR Switzerland Dog Handler Training Course.. Wow, what a great experience! My adventure started out at 4:30am picking up Andy Zeke from Park City Ski Patrol, they were going to be my travel partners.. Our plans were to fly to Zurich and take a train up to the town of Andermatt where the dog school was set for training.. Zeke was great and had no problems traveling by air or ground, we arrived late Friday afternoon with everything set up for us, we were not allowed to go to our room until we had a hot meal prepared for us.. This was just the first of many great meals to come over the next week.. Later that night we had a short meeting with the Swiss instructor s, what a bunch of great guys they made us feel very welcome even when I could not understand Swiss-German.. Marcel Meier was our contact for this trip and went out of his way to make sure we understood everything and really took great care of us.. Thank you Marcel!.. If you have ever been exposed to the 4 phase Swiss method you know it works, it s a slow process and very detailed.. every step along the way.. The big change  ...   We also did a review and field testing of shoveling technics for faster recovery one afternoon.. It was a privilege to attend this class with the Swiss dog handlers, our last night was a special one.. A very special meal was prepared for us and diplomas were given out to the certifying handlers - more food drink- and I was also presented with a diploma of attendance and a big bag of sausage so I could return home and teach my dog (Mick) the right way of searching.. After this we all joined in a song, Lawinenhundefuhrerlied = Avalanche Dog Lead, again my Swiss-German is not great but the chorus goes like this:.. Such forward my faithful friend, fulfill your duty as your nose deep in the snow.. I always trust you in the white death always on the track at day or night or if the sky bright blue, the avalanche rages and cracks.. After a few more cheers the dinner winded down and we all said our good-byes and back to the United States of America we headed.. Tracy Christensen - Watch Backcountry Rescue / Sundance Ski Patrol.. Attachment.. Size.. P1010071.. JPG.. 999.. 07 KB.. 010 (2).. 06 MB.. Thu, 2/18/2010 - 7:10pm | Posted by.. 02/18/2010..

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  • Title: Sundance welcomes new level "A" team | Wasatch Backcountry Rescue
    Descriptive info: Sundance welcomes new level A team.. Sundance Ski Patrol would like to welcome John Woody and his black lab Angus as the newest level A team to the Sundance Ski Patrol.. Woody and Angus successfully passed their level A testing at Deer Valley and are off to a great start!.. DSC00967.. Tue, 2/16/2010 - 10:50pm | Posted by.. 02/16/2010..

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  • Title: WBR Fundraiser!! | Wasatch Backcountry Rescue
    Descriptive info: WBR Fundraiser!!.. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!.. We would like to thank everybody for the donations they gave to helps us make our fundraiser a success!.. Nick Vigos- Under Armour.. Garret Rose- Smith/Skullcandy.. The Lift House.. Stoneground Pizza.. Kimi s Mountainside Bistro.. Silver Fork Lodge.. Pete and Lara Rude.. Cole Sport Deer Valley.. Park City Fire Department.. Jamey Liddell.. Wanderlust Photography.. Black  ...   Liberty Mountain.. Knead a massage.. 19 Sports.. Backcountry.. com.. Hank and Bullits K-9 adventure.. Burton.. Surface skis.. Bluehouse.. Samak Smokehouse.. Park City Grooming.. BCA.. Deer Valley Resort.. Park City Mountain Resort.. Canyons Resort.. Snowbasin.. Solitude Mountain Resort.. Brighton Resort.. Sundance Resort.. Snowbird Resort.. Olympic Sports Park.. Thu, 2/11/2010 - 9:57pm | Posted by.. Deer Valley Ski.. Deer Valley Ski Patrol s blog.. 02/11/2010..

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  • Title: Review of Avalanche Victim Medical Protocols by WBR Medical Advisor Dr. George Vargyas | Wasatch Backcountry Rescue
    Descriptive info: Review of Avalanche Victim Medical Protocols by WBR Medical Advisor Dr.. George Vargyas.. One of the worst scenes a professional rescuer could respond to is a active avalanche burial.. Just finding the victim can be a herculean task.. Once the victim is extricated, the medical treatment of that victim becomes a priority.. WBR Medical Advisor Dr.. George Vargyas has reviewed the current guidelines regarding the medical treatment of the avalanche burial victim.. When the victim is located via probe strike, remember to leave the probe in place to facilitate digging.. Proper shovel technique greatly enhances ones ability to access and treat the victim.. Medical guidelines listed discussed here are referenced from ICAR Medical Commission, Colin Grissom, MD.. See:.. http://www.. worldcongress2007.. org.. uk/images/Grissom%20Avalanche%20syllabus%20World%20Congress%20Scotland%202007.. pdf.. Once the victim s head is uncovered, the rescuer should assess ABC c and level of consciousness.. Is the victim breathing? Are they conscious or unconscious? Is there an air pocket or is the airway occluded? These are essential early questions in victim assessment and triage.. Any signs of life, including a palpable pulse or an organized EKG rhythm, are hopeful signs for patient survival.. Remember to handle  ...   that a pule seems to be absent.. There is controversy regarding the rate avalanche victims become hypothermic.. International guidelines use 35 minutes as a triage branchpoint, and US experts recommend one hour.. If victims are buried more than 35 to 60 minutes, have a patent airway, an air pocket and a core temperature less than 30 C, transport for rewarming is recommended.. Burials less than 35 to 60 minutes, with no signs of life should follow standard BLS/ACLS protocols.. If rapid transport (usually via helicopter) is unavailable, resuscitative efforts and rescuer safety require close scrutiny.. Assistance by a medical control provider familiar with avalanche victim resuscitation could be helpful.. We hope this is helpful to both professional and lay rescuers and we welcome any questions or comments.. George Vargyas M.. D.. , FACEP.. - WBR Medical Advisor.. - Fellow American College of Emergency Physicians.. - Intermountain Medical Center Emergency Department.. - Life Flight Medical Control Provider.. - Adjunct Assistant Professor.. Division of Emergency Medicine.. University of Utah.. - Snowbird Ski Patrol Physician Program Member.. - ICAR Medical Commission.. Thu, 2/11/2010 - 2:11pm | Posted by.. Ari Theodore.. Ari Theodore s blog..

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  • Title: The Canyons Ski Patrol's blog | Wasatch Backcountry Rescue
    Descriptive info: The Canyons Ski Patrol's blog.. Dog School Update.. Wed, 2/3/2010 - 5:27pm | Posted by.. The Canyons Ski.. Add new comment.. Read more.. NSAA Safety Week.. As part of NSAA safety week, The Canyons Ski Patrol did a public dog demo and meet the avalanche dogs at Red Pine Lodge yesterday.. We had about 50 kids participate, including putting a few of them in dog holes with patrollers.. The event was a great success for both avalanche awareness and WBR visibility - a great educational tool for the general public.. The dogs had a great time showing off their stuff as well.. Mon, 1/18/2010 - 11:35am  ...   is up and running in it's new home.. It took a little while longer than we hoped, but we finally got enough snow to bury the targets and open it up.. It is currently located at Mid Mountain on the Chicane ski run - about 100 Yards north of it's old location.. It's still a great, convienent place to stop and do a few quick drills to keep your skills sharp on your way to Tombstone and beyond, or use it to learn your beacon and hone your skills.. Stay tuned for beacon seminars later this month.. CSP.. Sun, 1/3/2010 - 5:39pm | Posted by.. 1 comment..

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  • Title: Dog School Update | Wasatch Backcountry Rescue
    Descriptive info: Day two of the in house dog school is about wrapped up.. We have had a great two days of working dogs and enjoying the great Park City weather.. Deer Valley and PCMR have been awesome hosts for us and we want to thank them and all of the volunteer help that has been here the last two days.. Tomorrow we wrap up at The Canyons with a  ...   Air Med in the afternoon (weather permitting of course).. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to come watch the fun tomorrow and we wrap up with the fundraiser at Harry O s - doors at 7pm,we have awesome prizes and silent auction items including 5 pair of skis and avalanche rescue gear inlcuding beacons and an avalung pack.. Hope to see you there!!.. The Canyons Ski Patrol s blog.. 02/03/2010..

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  • Archived pages: 614