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  • Title: Blogs: Dog School | Wasatch Backcountry Rescue
    Descriptive info: Blogs: Dog School.. Results 1 - 15 of 24.. Results.. The Intern @ the WBR Dog School in January with Jett Kevin Huggett from Alpental BARK.. Wed, 5/1/2013 - 10:47am | Posted by.. WBR Intern.. Avalanche Safety.. News.. Public education.. Resorts.. Volunteers.. WBR.. WBR Intern s blog.. Add new comment.. Read more.. WBR teamed up with Wasatch Adaptive Sports and The Cottonwood Canyons Foundation to combine efforts in Little Cottonwood Canyon.. Thu, 3/28/2013 - 10:12am | Posted by.. Seminars.. WBR Teams Attend CARDA Dog School: Lauren Edwards Blog Entry.. Ever wonder what it s like for the WBR teams selected to travel abroad and attend a Dog School? Here s Ski Patroller Lauren Edwards first hand account of her experience at the 2013.. Canadian Avalanche Rescue Dog Association.. school.. This January, my black lab Tucker and I had the honor of getting to travel to Golden, BC to take part in the CARDA s annual winter avalanche dog training course.. We joined Matt Leri from Alta, and his yellow lab, Primrose, for a week long course held at Kicking Horse Resort in Golden, BC.. Wed, 2/13/2013 - 2:25pm | Posted by.. WBR Dog School Day 1.. \.. The 2013 WBR International Dog School is now underway.. All the dogs and handlers spent the first day on the snow at Alta and Snowbird despite well below freezing temperatures.. Teams searched for articles, trained on obediance, and even found live burials.. Photos courtesy of Paul Clark,.. Black Red Photography.. Mon, 1/14/2013 - 9:52pm | Posted by.. 2013 WBR International Dog School.. Nason and Ryan Audett, Stevens Pass, Washington.. On Sunday January 13, 2013, twenty eight dogs and their handlers checked into Alta s Peruvian Lodge.. Ski patrollers had travelled from resorts across the continental US and as far away as Alaska.. They were full of expectations, and were now buzzing with excitement in Little Cottonwood Canyon, ready and waiting in anticipation for Wasatch Backcountry Rescue s biannual International Dog School.. Leif and Shannon, Sundance Resort, Utah.. Thu, 1/31/2013 - 10:26pm | Posted by.. Upcoming International Dog School at Alta Snowbird.. Dog and handler teams begin to arrive tomorrow for Wasatch Backcountry s 2013 International Dog School.. The Dog school begins Sunday, January 13, and will host teams from accross the United States including Alaska, with some puppies attending as young as 5 months.. The school will be held over the course of four days, with stations at both.. Alta.. and.. Snowbird.. , where the dogs and handlers will be put through a wide range of drills and scenarios.. These stations are designed specifically by the professionals at WBR to focus and enhance the dogs skills in an emergency rescue scenario.. Thu, 1/10/2013 - 11:15am | Posted by.. Secondary Handler Steps Up To The Plate at Solitude: Rio Jeremy Brodney.. Last Friday I had the opportunity to visit Solitude resort and spend the day with their professional Ski Patrol.. The director of Solitude s dog program, Keith Sternfels made me feel right at home, and sent me up to the Powderhorn shack to meet  ...   2012.. It was another great year for participants at the Wastatch Backcountry Rescue In-House Dog School.. A wide range of dogs, handlers, educators, and volunteers gathered at Brighton Ski Resort in Big Cottonwood Canyon for the four-day training.. Thu, 2/9/2012 - 12:32pm | Posted by.. WBR Attends the ARS Avalanche Dog Handler Training Course in Andermatt, Switzerland.. Every year the WBR selects one avalanche dog team and one handler to attend the ARS Avalanche Dog Handler Training Course in Andermatt, Switzerland.. This year, Sean Hopewell and Parley from the Utah Olympic Park along with Dan Costaschuk from Canyons were selected to attend.. This agreement between the WBR and Alpinerettungshweiz is essentially an exchange program where WBR handlers can learn training techniques from one of the oldest dog programs in the world.. Thu, 1/26/2012 - 4:34pm | Posted by.. Utah Olympic Pa.. Utah Olympic Park Patrol s blog.. Wasatch Backcountry Rescue In-House Dog School Training January 2012.. It is an even numbered year, which means the WBR Dog School is ramping up and getting ready to train in-house WBR member teams.. Next season (2013), an odd numbered year is available for enrollment for public and International teams by application.. Local WBR dog handlers train on basic and advanced field work, dog socialization, puppy instruction, ranging, beacon search, probing techniques, modern shoveling techniques, dog agility, dog obedience, and the Swiss four phase method.. Next week the crew hits Brighton Ski Resort to build on their skills.. Check in next week to see how the pups and handlers measure up to these rigorous standards.. Mon, 1/16/2012 - 10:45am | Posted by.. CARDA Avalanche Rescue Dog School.. Max McNeal is a Ski Patroller, emergency medical provider, and avalanche rescue dog handler for Brighton Resort and WBR.. Mon, 2/7/2011 - 7:22am | Posted by.. Brighton Ski Patrol.. Brighton Ski Patrol s blog.. 2011 WBR International Dog School Recap.. The WBR International Dog School was founded in 1981 in Little Cottonwood Canyon Utah.. The Dog School is held biannually.. On even numbered years the school is held in house for WBR member teams.. On odd numbered years it is open to International dog rescue teams.. This year the 2011 WBR International Dog School was held January 10-14.. Fri, 1/21/2011 - 12:57pm | Posted by.. Snowbird Ski Patrol.. Snowbird Ski Patrol s blog.. 2010/2011 WBR Dog School Announcement January 10-14, 2011.. Wasatch Backcountry Rescue would like to announce the 2010/2011 Avalanche Rescue Dog School to be held in Little Cottonwood Canyon.. The WBR Dog School is open to all professional rescue teams.. Dates: January 10-14, 2011.. Cost:$800-includes lodging and meals from Monday night through Friday lunch.. Limited to 28 teams: first come, first served.. Lodging at the Alta Peruvian-check in Monday the 10th, check out Friday the 14th.. Tue, 11/16/2010 - 7:49pm | Posted by.. Ari Theodore.. Ari Theodore s blog.. 1.. 2.. next ›.. last ».. Click a term to refine your current search.. Categories.. :.. all.. Date authored.. 2010.. (10).. 2012.. (6).. 2013.. 2011.. (2).. Keyword search.. Search within results.. More options.. Return to Blog index..

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  • Title: Blogs: Rescue Dog Testing | Wasatch Backcountry Rescue
    Descriptive info: Blogs: Rescue Dog Testing.. Results 1 - 15 of 22.. Dog Drills at Park City Mountain Resort.. This past Thursday I had the opportunity to visit Park City Mountain Resort and observe some of their dog teams run through drills in preparation for the teams upcoming A and B tests.. For Bert and his dog Stella, it would be the last chance to practice before their A test the very next morning at Deer Valley, and for Hutch and his Golden Retriever, Calamity, it would be their first ever double blind burial.. Thu, 3/14/2013 - 8:55am | Posted by.. The Intern Spends a Sunny Day at Sundance.. On a sunny Friday in mid- February I had the chance to visit Sundance Resort and spend the day with John Woody Woodruff and his dog, Angus, who had just returned from the Swiss Dog school in January.. Mon, 3/4/2013 - 3:22pm | Posted by.. Woody and Angus Level A test at Snowbird.. Angus and I have been a team for nearly 4 years now at Sundance Resort.. We completed our first Level A test at Deer Valley two years ago.. We were excited to come off a great WBR dog school at Brighton and Solitude and head back to the Cottonwoods to test this year.. Thu, 3/15/2012 - 9:15pm | Posted by.. Sundance Ski Patrol.. Sundance Ski Patrol s blog.. Brighton early season training and O S testing.. WBR Avalanche Rescue canine and handler teams gathered at Brighton Resort 11-07-2001 for an annual obedience and socialization test.. Teams from Brighton,  ...   the dog would stop and drop midway while returning to the handler.. Teams also practiced retrieving drills that are good skills for an avalanche team to exhibit.. Fri, 10/15/2010 - 9:25am | Posted by.. The Utah Olympic Park Tests At Snowbird.. On April 15th, Chris Monroe from the UOP Patrol tested at Snowbird Ski and Summer resort as second handler to Parley, the UOP s only A level avalanche rescue dog.. The test was held in the Mineral Basin area on the south side of the resort.. The test consisted of two live burials with one article in the search area and one outside for a reward.. The first live burial was located in under five minutes and all three were completed in just over twelve minutes.. Fri, 4/16/2010 - 10:29am | Posted by.. Canyons Resort avalanche rescue team validates @ Brighton.. Brighton Resort hosted a revalidation test for Canyon s Resort avalanche rescue dog team Dan Costaschuk and Linus.. The team worked hard for the entire 20min test scenario.. Dan and Linus cleared the path, finding two articles and one live victim.. Finding only one victim the team worked quickly to recover areas and clear margins.. Upon conclusion of the test when asked is the site was clear? Dan replied with a smirk yes i believe it is.. The training and effort this team has put forth is evident in their travel and practice.. They are a great asset to The Canyon s Resort and WBR.. Fri, 2/11/2011 - 6:56am | Posted by.. (7).. (4).. (3).. 2009..

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  • Title: Blogs: Resorts | Wasatch Backcountry Rescue
    Descriptive info: Blogs: Resorts.. Results 1 - 15 of 21.. Athletes Gather at Snowbird for 2013 Freeride Avalanche Summit.. Athletes listen to a presentation given by LifeFlight, January 7, 2013.. Wed, 1/30/2013 - 10:20am | Posted by.. ALTA, UT Non-profits serving Alta and the greater Little Cottonwood Canyon are combining efforts for Love Give Utah, a statewide day of charitable giving organized by the Community Foundation of Utah (.. www.. loveutgiveut.. org.. ).. The community is supporting two projects, each with matching grants up to $1,000 for donations made on March 22, 2013 during Love Give Utah.. Wed, 3/20/2013 - 9:09am | Posted by.. Manuel Genswein Teaches Professional Rescue Class for WBR Member Resorts.. On Tuesday Wasatch Backcountry Rescue hosted Swiss Avalanche Guru, Manuel Genswein at Snowbird Resort.. Manuel came to teach a class for professional rescuers from WBR member resorts on how to best train their peers in professional rescue, as well as the general public in partner rescue.. I had the opportunity to sit in on his Train the Trainer session, and cannot speak highly enough of Genswein.. His teaching methods and techniques  ...   Athletes watched films, attended lectures, and put their skills to the test in real life scenarios.. Sun, 12/9/2012 - 4:08pm | Posted by.. Safety and Decision Making: A Psychological Dilemma.. Last week I went on mountain with Snowbird Ski Patroller Ari Theodore to do some basic beacon locator drills and transceiver practice.. I learned a lot and had a great time, but it was a sobering experience.. After locating two buried beacons I began to think about what the drill represented, what those thuds I had felt my probe striking were intended to represent.. Bodies.. As the reality of the drill sunk in I started thinking about all the unnecessary risks we take in our day to day lives, and how taking just one of those risks, making one tiny mistake in the backcountry could put actual human life in danger.. Then it hit me- what about the tiny mistakes we make every day we ski in bounds at the resort?.. Sat, 12/1/2012 - 10:27pm | Posted by.. Snowbird s Newest Team: Trailer Seth Roller.. Thu, 11/29/2012 - 5:05pm | Posted by.. (11).. (8)..

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  • Title: Blogs: Seminars | Wasatch Backcountry Rescue
    Descriptive info: Blogs: Seminars.. Results 1 - 15 of 17.. Free Beacon Clinics and Avalanche Seminars @ Snowbird.. Free 1 Hour Beacon Clinics.. Learn how to navigate the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache Backcountry safely with Snowbird s expert guides.. In this seminar you will learn how to use transceivers as well as mountain rescue techniques.. If you have a transceiver, bring it.. - Friday, December 28, 2012 5 6 p.. m.. FREE clinic.. - Friday, January 25, 2013 5 6 p.. - Friday, February 15, 2013 5 6 p.. - Friday, March 8, 2013 5 6 p.. Tue, 11/20/2012 - 8:52pm | Posted by.. 2011 IKAR Conference, Spring Field Session, Revelstoke BC.. The Canadian Avalanche Association hosted the first North American meeting of the International Commission of Alpine Rescue s Avalanche Committee, held in Revelstoke BC from March 22-24, 2011.. This three day conference brought together mountain and avalanche rescue personnel from around the world to discuss  ...   12:00 p.. For more information contact Dennis:.. deedurrant@hotmail.. com.. Sun, 2/13/2011 - 10:52pm | Posted by.. Brighton night search, socialization and obedience.. Mon, 11/29/2010 - 9:39pm | Posted by.. Utah Snow and Avalanche Workshop 2010.. If your able to attend, the 2010 Utah Snow and Avalanche Workshop (USAW) will be held in the intermountain s mecca for winter sports, Salt Lake City, Utah on Saturday, November 6th.. USAW is a great opportunity to glean some knowledge from professionals in the snow and avalanche industry.. Mon, 11/1/2010 - 7:44pm | Posted by.. WBR day at Deer Valley Resort.. Thu, 9/9/2010 - 7:52pm | Posted by.. Deer Valley Ski.. Deer Valley Ski Patrol s blog.. 4 attachments.. WBR at Solitude for Directional Training.. Sun, 7/25/2010 - 4:19pm | Posted by.. Solitude Ski Patrol.. Solitude Ski Patrol s blog.. WBR Training Seminar with Swiss Avalanche Specialist Manuel Genswein.. Thu, 3/18/2010 - 11:34am | Posted by.. (5)..

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  • Title: Blogs: Volunteers | Wasatch Backcountry Rescue
    Descriptive info: Blogs: Volunteers.. 8 results.. Wasatch Backcountry Rescue Announces Winter Intern.. Mon, 1/16/2012 - 10:56am | Posted by.. Intern search for Wasatch Backcountry Rescue – Snowbird 2011/2012.. Wasatch Backcountry Rescue Snowbird (WBR) is looking for one to two interns for the 2011/2012 winter season.. Interns will assist with the formulation of website  ...   rescue manuals, and a variety of other projects throughout the winter season.. In addition to assisting WBR with administrative functions, interns will have the opportunity to observe and train with professional ski patrolmen and backcountry rescuers in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah.. Requirements:.. Tue, 12/20/2011 - 12:23pm | Posted by.. (1)..

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  • Title: Blogs: ICAR | Wasatch Backcountry Rescue
    Descriptive info: Blogs: ICAR.. 6 results.. Wasatch Backcountry Rescue in Andermatt - Update at the finish of training.. Day two of training for Andy, Tracy and Zeke in Andermatt, Switzerland, and from a short emailed update it sounds like they are having a great experience.. While Zeke was trained in our traditional "tug" reward, it sounds like he's adapting quite well to the sausage program.. No surprise there, I guess.. With 2 dogs starting training at Park City Mountain Resort this  ...   I hope to see some photos soon, and will update as soon as I do.. Update: 1-21-2010.. Sun, 1/17/2010 - 3:03pm | Posted by.. Park City Ski Patrol.. Park City Ski Patrol s blog.. IKAR Congress: Zermatt Switzerland September 2009.. This year the annual IKAR congress was held in Zermatt Switzerland.. Dean Cardinale WBR President, Dave Ream WBR Trustee and Dr.. George Varges attended annual congress.. Wed, 11/25/2009 - 6:23pm | Posted by.. Kevin Breedlove.. Kevin Breedlove s blog..

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  • Title: Blogs: Long Range Receiver | Wasatch Backcountry Rescue
    Descriptive info: Blogs: Long Range Receiver.. 4 results.. WBR Little Cottonwood Canyon Interagency Training.. Slick.. that is the general consensus of the WBR Interagency training in Little Cottonwood Canyon on Friday, December 17, 2010.. The Interagency training was designed to facilitate the seamless interface of the several WBR affiliated agencies that operate as an cohesive team in the Wasatch Mountains of northern Utah.. Sat, 12/18/2010 - 3:21pm | Posted by.. WBR Snowbird holds inter-agency training session..  ...   a mock backcountry avalanche rescue scenario.. Snowbird Ski Patrol, AirMed, and the Salt Lake County Sheriffs' Search and Rescue participated in the event.. The training was very beneficial to all parties involved and fostered the type of inter-agency cooperation that will lead to positive and effective working relationship in the future.. Here are the write ups courtesy of the Salt Lake Tribune, KSL, Fox 13, and ABC 4.. Tue, 1/12/2010 - 5:49pm | Posted by..

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  • Title: Blogs: 2010 | Wasatch Backcountry Rescue
    Descriptive info: Blogs: 2010.. Results 1 - 15 of 36.. The Canyons Rescue Training Center.. The Canyons Rescue Training Center is up and running in it's new home.. It took a little while longer than we hoped, but we finally got enough snow to bury the targets and open it up.. It is currently located at Mid Mountain on the Chicane ski run - about 100 Yards north of it's old location.. It's still a great, convienent place to stop and do a few quick drills to keep your skills sharp on your way to Tombstone and beyond, or use it to learn your beacon and hone your skills.. Stay tuned for beacon seminars later this month.. CSP.. Sun, 1/3/2010 - 5:39pm | Posted by.. The Canyons Ski.. The Canyons Ski Patrol s blog.. Brighton KBYG Avy Awareness clinic.. On Monday Dec 13th WBR Brighton, The Utah Avalanche Center, and Brighton Education Program (BEEP) hosted our annual Know Before You Go Avalanche Awareness Clinic.. This FREE clinic is geared toward Brighton employees, and open to the public.. Presentations by the Brighton Patrol and UAC educate users about avalanche awareness, side-country use, and Brighton policies.. With over 180 employees and guests in attendance it was a fun and educational evening.. Thanks to The  ...   personnel.. WBR Brighton personnel responded to 12 other backcountry recreation injuries in and around the Brighton Basin including skiers, snowboarders and even a snow mobiler.. Thu, 4/15/2010 - 11:21pm | Posted by.. WBR Snowbird Participates in High Angle Rescue Training on Twin Peaks.. Sat, 4/3/2010 - 10:58am | Posted by.. Hey Buddy, What’s in That Pack?.. The mountains of Utah are filled with countless opportunities to explore new areas and experience the epic terrain up close.. However, as more and more people push farther into the back country, the importance of the professional rescuer being prepared for a back country call out increases dramatically.. The evolution and proliferation of touring equipment has made it easier for the average individual to get out and about.. In the event that you do get called out on a backcountry rescue, make sure your gear is in good working order and that you have the best combination of equipment to get yourself in and out in one piece.. Tue, 3/30/2010 - 9:38pm | Posted by.. WBR attends Steven s Pass dog school.. Mon, 3/22/2010 - 1:52pm | Posted by.. WBR Sundance hosts first ever level A testing.. Tue, 3/23/2010 - 2:41pm | Posted by.. 3.. 01/2010.. (12).. 02/2010.. 03/2010.. 04/2010.. 11/2010.. 12/2010.. 07/2010.. 09/2010.. 10/2010..

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  • Title: Blogs: 2012 | Wasatch Backcountry Rescue
    Descriptive info: Blogs: 2012.. Results 1 - 15 of 19.. The Facets of Avalanche Awareness.. Over the course of the past weekend I took my Avalanche 1 course through the.. American Avalanche Institute.. My course was held in.. Alta, Utah.. , and run by Sarah Carpenter, one of AAI s co-owners, with the help of Pete Earl, a Professional Ski Patroller at.. Canyons.. resort in Park City, Utah.. Fri, 12/21/2012 - 1:07pm | Posted by.. WBR Welcomes 2012/13 Winter Intern.. Wasatch Backcountry Rescue is proud to announce Whitney VerSteeg as Intern for the 2012/2013 Winter Season.. As a New England native, Whitney grew up skiing ice, fast, mostly at night.. However, after moving to Utah in 2010, it took very little convincing for Whitney to trade in her carving skis for powder skis.. After spending two seasons cutting her teeth within the resorts in the Wasatch Range, Whitney is excited to expand on her snow science knowledge and delve into Utah s famous backcountry.. We invite you to take the journey with Whitney, as she progresses through her Level 1 Avalanche course, and puts her skills to the test alongside the professionals at WBR.. Sat, 11/17/2012  ...   skills.. Must be available during events and weekends.. Thu, 11/1/2012 - 10:02am | Posted by.. Intern search for Wasatch Backcountry Rescue – Snowbird 2012/2013.. Wasatch Backcountry Rescue Snowbird (WBR) is looking for one intern for the 2012/2013 winter season.. The intern will assist with the formulation of website content, blog content, accident reports, snow safety data, international dog school logistics, and a variety of other projects throughout the winter season.. Tue, 10/16/2012 - 8:54pm | Posted by.. The Human Factor: Making Decisions in Avalanche Terrain.. Provided by:.. David Budge.. , Mountain Guide,.. Utah Mountain Adventures.. Tue, 3/6/2012 - 3:57pm | Posted by.. Know Before You Go at the Utah Olympic Park.. On Wednesday, February 29th the Utah Avalanche Center will be giving a Know Before You Go presentation at the Utah Olympic Park.. This is an introduction level presentation for backcountry users in Utah.. Sean Hopewell and Parley will also be on hand to discuss Wasatch Backcountry Rescue s role in the avalanche community.. It s free to attend-come join us!.. Where: Utah Olympic Park Museum.. When: Friday, February 29th at 7:00PM.. Wed, 2/22/2012 - 2:10pm | Posted by.. 11/2012.. 02/2012.. 12/2012.. 01/2012.. 03/2012.. 10/2012..

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  • Title: Blogs: 2011 | Wasatch Backcountry Rescue
    Descriptive info: Blogs: 2011.. Results 1 - 15 of 16.. WBR training with AirMed at the Utah Olympic Park.. On October 13th, teams from throughout northern Utah gathered at the Utah Olympic Park for obedience testing and hot load training with AirMed.. The teams started off the morning by performing their annual obedience test.. Every A level team must complete an annual obedience test to be considered operational for the up-and-coming winter season.. The test focuses on the K-9 s ability to heel, stay, stay with the handler out of site, and aggression with other avalanche teams.. Congratulations to the teams that passed!.. Fri, 10/28/2011 - 5:25pm | Posted by.. Snowbird Activities Center Hosts Basic Avalanche Transceiver Clinics and Backcountry Skills Seminars for the 2011/12 Season.. Basic Avalanche Transceiver Skills Clinics.. There is no need to sign-up.. Just show up in the rooms below! If you have a transceiver, bring it.. - Saturday, January 7, 2012 Alpine B 5 6 p.. - Friday, February 3, 2012 Alpine C 5 6 p.. - Friday, March 2, 2012 Alpine B 5 6 p.. Mon, 12/12/2011 - 12:50am | Posted by.. Snowbasin Avalanche Dogs go to Roy Elementary.. On November 10th Hans Hjelde and Pivot the dog along with Kory Davis and Nika attended a school event at Roy elementary.. They spoke to 3rd and 4th grade students about Wasatch Backcountry Rescue and the Avalanche Dog Program at Snowbasin.. The students had a great time and were more intrigued by the dogs than by what we had to say.. The visit was sponsored by the United Way of Utah as a reward for a reading program that Roy Elementary had participated in.. Snowbasin s Dog Teams joined with the U.. S.. Air Force, Roy Fire Department, and Roy Police Department for a fun day of  ...   and deployment excersize.. Wed, 3/23/2011 - 8:04am | Posted by.. Backcountry Skills Seminar, Snowbird, UT March 20 April 4th, 2011.. Learn how to navigate the Wasatch Backcountry safely with instructors from Wasatch Backcountry Rescue and the Snowbird Ski Patrol.. In this six hour seminar you will learn how to use transceivers as well as mountain rescue techniques in the classroom and out on the mountain.. You will need to be prepared for any kind of weather during this seminar.. Sun, 3/6/2011 - 9:44pm | Posted by.. WBR Fundraiser Feb.. 25th Peruvian Bar - Alta, UT.. Mon, 2/21/2011 - 11:42am | Posted by.. Alta dog team validates at Brighton.. Alta Ski Resort WBR avalanche rescue dog team Dave Richards, Jake ( the dog ), and Helen visited Brighton Resort 2-9-2011 for level A revalidation testing.. Dave s experience, training and dedication are very evident in the way this team moves and searches.. The team recovered two victims, an article, and cleared the path in the 20 min test.. They received a passing score with high marks in all areas.. Dave and Jake ( the dog ) are obvious assets to Alta Patrol and WBR.. Thu, 2/10/2011 - 8:34am | Posted by.. Brighton Backcountry 101 Avalanche Awareness Courses.. Brighton Snow Safety, WBR and the Utah Avalanche Center have developed this course to support education of Brighton Resort side country or slack country users.. The course focuses on Conscious decision making, Using UAC forecasts, Safe travel, Avalanche terrain recognition and management.. Brighton Snow Safety is committed to providing education to the staff and users of Brighton Resort.. We offer Brighton Backcountry 101 courses once a month through March.. Next course Feb 11th-12th, 2011.. For more info contact.. dodge@brightonresort.. Mon, 2/7/2011 - 7:06am | Posted by.. 02/2011.. 12/2011.. 03/2011.. 01/2011.. 04/2011.. 05/2011.. 10/2011.. 11/2011..

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  • Title: Blogs: 2013 | Wasatch Backcountry Rescue
    Descriptive info: Blogs: 2013.. 14 results.. Joint training day at Snowbasin and Powder Mountain.. On Thursday March 14th.. Snowbasin.. and Powder Mountain put on a joint avalanche scenario with the assistance of Life Flight.. Four members of the Powder Mountain patrol along with one of their dogs Gunny (a.. Tri.. State canine.. SAR.. dog) were flown by Life Flight to a scenario in the Porky Cirque area of.. Sun, 3/17/2013 - 1:20pm | Posted by.. WBR Callout Millcreek canyon.. WBR responded to a callout for injured avalanche victims in Millcreek Canyon Saturday night 1/12/2013.. 2 victims were caught and carried by a large avalanche in the West Porter Fork Drainage of Millcreek Canyon.. One victim was fully buried and recovered by her partner via beacon search.. She sustained injuries and lost equipment including one ski.. and  ...   out of the back country to awaiting EMS units.. This is a great example of the inter-agency co-operation in play in the Wasatch Mountains.. Great job team.. Sun, 1/13/2013 - 12:44am | Posted by.. Under Advisement: Avalanche Presumptions and Unnecessary Risk.. When we travel into the backcountry we acknowledge that we are taking a risk.. Understandably, this is a risk that we must mitigate, or limit, to the best of our abilities.. This includes taking measures on the day of our tour, in addition to the seasonal, and ultimately life long acquisition of knowledge with regards to the snow, snowpack, and terrain across which we intend to travel.. We must strive to know not only the snow and the mountains, but ourselves.. Wed, 1/2/2013 - 3:29pm | Posted by.. (13).. 01/2013.. 03/2013.. 02/2013.. 05/2013..

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