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  • Title: Woman Made Gallery: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
    Descriptive info: WHAT'S NEW.. FAQ'S.. TRIBUTE.. Mary.. Phelan.. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS.. About WMG: Questions and Answers.. The following is a selection of questions most often asked about the Gallery.. Questions 1 to 9 have been reproduced here with the express permission of the publisher of the Chicago Artists' News and were taken from an interview with former Gallery Director, Janet Bloch and Kristen Brooke Shleifer, reporter of the Chicago Artists' News.. The interview was published in an article entitled "A Closer Look" and appeared in the December 1997 issue of that magazine.. The answers to questions 10 to 16 were written in Spring of 2002 by WMG Associate Director Pamela Callahan in response to questions asked by DePaul student Genevieve Yapelli for the class, 'Topics on Women and Art,' ("an incredibly worthwhile learning experience") taught by instructor Joanna Gardner-Huggett.. Questions 17 to 20 were answered in Spring 2005 by WMG Advisory Board member, Mary Stoppert in response to Jennifer Watson's questions about US Women Artists for an article for the Area Revue - an art publication and gallery based in Paris.. Regardless of the dates of the questions, the answers to them are still valid today.. Please click on the.. number.. of the question of interest to you.. (right) "Power Umbrella", hydrocal and mixed media sculpture by Cherry Rahn.. ">1.. All of your shows are juried, why did you decide to take that approach?.. ">2.. How do you select your jurors?.. ">3.. Does one have to be a member to show?.. ">4.. Potentially, the jury system offers a very democratic way to put art on the walls.. How many of your exhibiting artists have an art background, and how many are making art in a self-taught way?.. ">5.. What are some of the special considerations of being a gallery devoted to women artists?.. ">6.. Will you show works by male artists?.. ">7.. Women have established a certain mode of artistic discourse, both formally and conceptually.. How do you grapple with improving the status of that discourse? Does one attempt to integrate it with the establishment, or sustain it as separate and equal?.. ">8.. Do you see many collectors?.. ">9.. How would you describe the current state of women in the arts here, in terms of exhibiting, collecting, and advocacy?.. ">10.. Why is there the need for a space like Woman Made?.. ">11.. What drew you to Woman Made?.. ">12.. What does it do for the community?.. ">13.. for women artists?.. ">14.. for art in general?.. ">15.. What about Woman Made is unique from other art cooperatives like, for example, Artemisia Gallery?.. ">16.. Are there ways in which Woman Made has not gone far enough; ways you would like to see Woman Made go further?.. ">17.. What are your thoughts on and interpretations of the conditions of women artists in the United States?.. ">18.. What does Woman Made do to counterbalance the gender inequality of the American art scene, i.. e.. , what is your mission?.. ">19.. How have your actions as an organization led to changes or advancements in the situation of women artists?.. ">20.. In what way can you see that women are gaining ground in the art world?.. When I came on board, one of our first considerations was: what kind of business is this going to be? Being an artist, I didn't want a vanity gallery; I wanted to be more discerning.. However, we did feel that if we were going to be supportive, we couldn't be in the business of accepting and rejecting people.. So the idea of jurying shows came from this sense that we did not always want to promote our vision of what we thought was good art.. We also wanted to give other women leadership and a voice in the gallery, and to enable artists to feel included whether or not they were accepted into a particular show.. Sometimes they come to us; sometimes they're people we know.. The woman jurying our show in March is curator of the South Bend Museum, whom I met when I had a show there.. Judith Racht, who just juried our folk art show, is a gallery owner, and Joy Horwich has expressed interest in jurying a show in the future.. We do try, within a year, to have a variety of women from different ethnic backgrounds, cultural backgrounds, different ages, different media.. They might not be involved with the arts - our November show on grief and loss was brought to us by a therapist.. Part of our mission is to bridge the dialogue between art and the public, so we feel the public should have a say, to some degree, in what's shown.. No.. You don't have to be a member to have anything to do with the gallery.. We have a slide registry that's completely free to women, and more and more it's being taken advantage of by buyers and curators.. That was another part of our mission - not to discriminate financially, and to give all women the same benefits.. For instance, we charge entry fees for submissions, but on each prospectus we say that if you can't afford it, just write us a letter and you can enter for free.. People who have sold their work through the gallery and have shown with us numerous times are almost all members.. It sticks in your mind who's not.. If we're doing this work to support women, I think that women should participate and support us.. But we are not a co-op, and we didn't want to be a co-op.. Members don't get any benefits other than, say, discounts at workshops.. Honestly, the biggest difference between trained and untrained doesn't come out in the art as much as in the process of jurying the show - from the slides in their presentation.. We actually devised a workshop addressing this, because we saw the need.. Even people who have shown and exhibited are rather shocked when they see their slides on the wall.. We show them the best and the worst and in between, and you can see why some people will get in shows and others won't.. One of the things we tell women in a workshop is that if you're really serious about your work, you have to be prepared to spend money on your career.. You can do your work for yourself, and there's not one thing wrong with that.. But if you want to show, there's a different standard, and you have to meet it if you want to be successful.. Beate and I shared the vision that we were not looking for anyone else's approval, whether to affirm that the gallery was good, or to let us "into the loop.. " This is an institution that we will say is okay.. We knew we weren't going to put up crummy art, but normally when you talk about a women's institution, art or otherwise, it's like a charity.. People say, "Oh, those poor women artists.. " Well, women artists do need help being bought or being shown, but they don't need help with their art.. I try to use the word patriarchy, even though people have a phobia about it - it seems to suggest some sort of paranoia on the part of the user - but there are patriarchal systems, and we don't want to be part of those systems.. Men can volunteer, be patrons, or be part of the Advisory Board, but they cannot govern; it would be completely against what we're after.. And we probably wouldn't let a patriarchal woman come on board in any governing capacity.. It has nothing to do with being against men - we have men all over in our lives, who are supportive.. But we want an institution that is run by women, has the values of women, where the aesthetic and administrative judgments are made by women.. We just think women have a different way of doing things - it's not as hierarchical, it's much more communal and community-oriented.. Our Board has tried to come up with a formula.. During the last five years Beate and I were the ones deciding, with the juror, whether or not it would be appropriate for a particular show.. We realized that if we felt it would make a more interesting exhibition, we opened it up to men.. When shows deal with certain genres - the portrait or landscape or still-life or the nude - we feel we're all familiar with what men have done with that subject matter from the beginning of time, so we're not especially interested in that vision.. However, in 1999, we'll have a show called "Stitches" with fabric, weaving, and textile work, which will be really interesting to open to men.. We also tend to open up some shows about activism.. Otherwise, I think we've always seen men's cultural contributions, so there's not a reason to be inclusive right now.. How do you grapple with improving the status of that discourse? Does one attempt to integrate it with the establishment, or sustain it as separate and equal?.. I would think, for us, it's much more separate and equal.. Many women create craftlike objects or have been bringing aspects of that - pattern, decoration, weaving, or text - into more formally sanctioned  ...   nature, politics, the home, and even cats & dogs.. The variety of topics and then the variety of perspectives within each topic by all the artists in a particular show promotes dialogue.. This dialogue is one of the most vital things that Woman Made does for the community.. Recently, a lively dialogue has been sparked by controversy over having Christie Hefner jurying the "Political Woman" show.. It is invaluable, this debate, this sharing of viewpoints.. And it's exactly what the "Political Woman" exhibition in particular was intended to do.. for women artists?.. I've already talked about the myriad of ways that WMG supports women artists.. I might add one more thing and that is, over these 10 years, Woman Made has created an indelible presence and has become a well-known source of information both for and about contemporary women artists.. Individual artists contact the gallery for advice, feedback and just to share their stories.. Organizations, galleries and individuals approach the Gallery to find artists for their projects, publications, collections or exhibitions.. This "connecting" has increased so dramatically that it has turned into a full-time job.. It might be a seemingly small thing, like reassuring an artist distressed about yet another rejection from a show, or on a larger scale, helping to organize an exhibition of women artists in a major city exhibition space.. But it is all part of Woman Made's mission and to me, an incredible thing, to cultivate all these connections in addition to all the regular gallery programming.. Woman Made operates with a tiny staff and a small but growing group of dedicated volunteers.. Yet, artists around the world can attest to connections they've made via the Gallery's efforts.. What WMG has done for art in general is to round out the playing field and to totally smash pre-conceived notions of women's art.. There have been countless references and generalizations attributed to art created by women over the years, including "shrill," "over-emotional," "too personal," and on and on.. Woman Made has created a venue that tells a wider story, that has room for all voices, including shrill ones.. And to show that art that is personal and emotional can also be meticulously executed with amazing craftsmanship and thought and ingenuity.. Woman Made shows damn good art, period.. I don't know a lot about the running of Artemisia.. One major difference is that Woman Made is not a cooperative, that is, artist members are not required to work a set number of hours as part of their membership, which I believe is the case at Artemisia.. WMG membership is not required to enter any of our shows (except the annual Member's Show and the Holiday Bazaar).. Of course, we love when artists become members and also volunteer, but this is totally up to them.. Also, I've heard great things about Artemisia's Mentorship program, where younger artists are connected with more established artists for a set period of time.. There are great things about both places.. I don't see them as competitive at all.. Each fills a void and empowers women artists.. We talk about this alot.. One thing is to have more space, be able to show MORE art, both in the group shows and also to have more solo shows for women.. We started this just a couple years ago and can only offer solo shows about 5 times a year.. While the group shows offer a myriad of voices on different topics--like a collection of short stories--we'd also like to be able to offer more novels, more in-depth looks at one artist's voice and vision.. Both are so necessary and there are so many deserving artists that need to be shown! This is when we dream of a building of our own.. Another thing is to bring more of the community in to see the work and to learn about these artists.. While I was drawn in by the name Woman Made, many people are discouraged by it (men come through the door and whisper, "Is it all right for a man to visit?").. So, we are looking for more ways to welcome the public.. Also, we are exploring ways to connect artists with collectors, and to cultivate new collectors, those who are just starting out buying art.. Woman Made shows hosts of emerging artists as well as those more established, but we aren't a commercial gallery and while most work is for sale, we are not trained to sell.. And this would be something to pursue.. It's the next step.. We've helped to prepare these artists, given them exposure, exhibition opportunities, but to really help them economically, they need to sell their work.. We've also started pursuing more jurors who are curators and in positions of power in the art world, who can help "to promote the equal placement of women's art in the world.. ".. "The pioneering feminist artists of the 1970's have mellowed and are aging.. Most of these women have continued to do their art in spite of limited returns financially or minimal art world recognition.. A large percentage of these women's granddaughters have little real understanding of the price these early women artists had to pay for the progress that the young women artists now enjoy and take for granted in all areas of their lives.. There are more women art faculty in the colleges and universities, most however, are in adjunct and not tenure track positions.. Their salaries are lower than their male counterparts.. More women art students choose to attend a graduate art program, and there are more financial aid possibilities and scholarships and assistantships available to them.. Besides the studio arts, the feminist art movement of the 1970's also opened the doors for the women art historians and curators who now work in museums, galleries and for art publications.. Many of these women chose to support women artists and their art by including them in exhibitions and collections.. Women however are still under represented in museum collections.. Visit:.. www.. guerillagirls.. com.. There are a large number of talented women in the visual arts producing accomplished and intelligent bodies of work.. However, the economic conditions for women in the arts, mirrors the economic conditions of women in all realms in the USA.. There is still an economic gender disparity.. Will women artists ever make a living from their efforts? Male artists are still perceived as more bankable, just as they are in the corporate world.. An example is the May 2004 Sotheby's Contemporary Art auction in New York City.. On one day there were 360 pieces of art offered for sale.. Only sixty of the 360 pieces were by women artists, and many of those lots were multiple works by the same women artists: i.. Joan Mitchell, Louise Bourgeois, Cindy Sherman etc.. The largest number of works by women was towards the end of the auction and they were a generation or more removed from Mitchell and Bourgeois.. "Woman Made Gallery (WMG) was founded in 1992 to provide women artists with the opportunity to exhibit, perform, publish and sell their work and to offer a place for support and community.. According to an NEA 1992 statistic only 17% of works in U.. S.. galleries are by women although 48% of the artists in the U.. S are women (Bureau of Labor, 1993).. The prevalence of discrimination is not so amazing when we consider that just 35-40 years ago there was virtually no mention of women artists in university art history courses or in texts on art.. Because discrimination does exist, WMG is here to provide women with opportunities to exhibit, curate, perform, read, teach and develop leadership.. Since its inception in 1992 WMG has exhibited the art by more than 4000 women.. We have not read of any new research made on the 1992 statistics, but we know that the permanent collections in most museums are still made up of mostly male made art.. A place like WMG will always be necessary until there is more understanding and equal acceptance of women's expressions resulting from their experiences and viewpoints.. "Most certainly, we exhibit many "first time" artists: women whose work is being professionally exhibited for the first time.. This validation is important to help a woman artist believe in her work and her voice.. We offer exhibition opportunities for women artists that focus on subjects and themes seldom if ever found in mainstream art venues: women and aging, domestic violence and abuse.. These subjects are avoided in commercial venues because the artwork is usually not perceived as popular or saleable.. We are not an artists cooperative; many women can not afford the membership fees that are necessary to run a cooperative gallery.. Our low memberships and/or fees for exhibiting give women artists of all incomes an opportunity to exhibit.. "There are more women of diverse ethnic heritage.. These women were slow to respond to the feminist momentum of the 1970's which was mainly middle-class white women.. When more diversity was demanded in the educational realm the result was more women students, more women faculty, and more art historical focus on women in the arts and women's issues in general, there was more effort made in recruiting women of diverse ethnicities.. December 21, 2013.. Site Design & Maintenance by.. ">Galganov..

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  • Title: Woman Made Gallery: Copyright
    Descriptive info: Beatrice.. Fisher.. C O P Y R I G H T.. Copyright Agreement.. By viewing this web site you agree to the following:.. The entire contents of the womanmade.. org web site is protected by Canadian and American copyright laws and The Berne Convention on Intellectual Property.. The owner of the copyrights is Woman Made Gallery.. Reproductions of art images and elements of their descriptive content are owned by their respective artists and/or publishers and/or owners.. YOU MAY NOT MODIFY, COPY, REPRODUCE, REPUBLISH, UPLOAD, POST, TRANSMIT, OR DISTRIBUTE, IN ANY MANNER, THE MATERIAL  ...   PERMISSION TO DO SO.. All other copyrights, trademarks, service marks, and logos are the respective property of their holders.. Some information/images contained in this site refers to other sites or authors, but most is original intellectual work.. All representations of persons living or dead are unintentional.. If you detect any issues with the legality of this site in any way, shape, or form, problems are always unintentional and will be corrected with appropriate notification.. Theft of intellectual property from this site will be fought to the fullest extent of the law.. May 08, 2012..

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  • Title: Woman Made Gallery - Exhibitions
    Descriptive info: This section of the Woman Made Exhibitions requires a frames and tables capable browser.. If you see this text, your browser is out of date.. Please visit.. Netscape.. or.. Microsoft.. to download a frames enabled browser.. Thanks for visiting..

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  • Title: Woman Made Gallery - Exhibitions
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  • Title: Woman Made Gallery: Newsletters - Archives
    Descriptive info: ARCHIVES.. Catherine.. Wiesener.. N E W S L E T T E R S.. Introduction.. As a service to our members we have consistently produced printed newsletters from 1992 through fall 2005.. With the start of our website in 1998, we have also posted our newsletters on the website besides continuing with our printed version.. Current communication with members, supporters, and others interested in our mission is mostly by email, emailed newsletters, and through social media.. Please connect on Facebook and Twitter by clicking the icons.. Thanks!.. Enter your email to.. receive.. WMG.. updates:.. Email:.. View WMG's Program Announcements since 2005.. ARCHIVE.. Click  ...   comments and letters from readers, information on women artists and professional tips for artists.. (right) 'Abstract & Geometric' group exhibition, September 7 - October 4, 2007.. Archives.. 2007.. Fall 2007.. 2005.. Fall 2005.. Spring 2005.. Winter 2005.. 2004.. Fall 2004.. Summer 2004.. Spring 2004.. Winter 2004.. 2003.. Fall 2003.. Summer 2003.. Spring 2003.. Winter 2003.. 2002.. Fall 2002.. Summer 2002.. Spring 2002.. Winter 2002.. 2001.. Fall 2001.. Summer 2001.. Spring 2001.. Winter 2001.. 2000.. Fall 2000.. Summer 2000.. Spring 2000.. Winter 2000.. 1999.. Fall 1999.. Summer 1999.. Spring 1999.. Winter 1999.. 1998.. Fall 1998.. Summer 1998.. Spring 1998.. July 30, 2013.. WebSite Design by..

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  • Title: Woman Made Gallery: Links Members
    Descriptive info: MEMBERS.. MENTORS.. RESEARCH.. ARTS ORG.. MISC.. Keebler.. M E M B E R S.. As a service to our members we include a link to their websites on our website.. We know many of the artists personally or through their art.. Many have exhibited work at a WMG exhibition and/or participated in the WMG slide registry.. Some members are part of the WMG Online Registry which helps to provide increased website traffic and visibility of the artist's work.. And some are supportive members even though they are not visual artists.. Links to our members website are categorized alphabetically.. Select any of the letters below to go to the pop-up windows and click on any of the artists' names to visit their personal sites.. WMG is not responsible for the quality or the content of any of the websites listed.. In our efforts to help women artists to be more professional, we have included a few suggestions under 'Good Website Design' below.. Please visit our.. Membership Page.. if you would like to join Woman Made Gallery.. If you are a member already and want to be included on this links page, send us an email to gallery@womanmade.. org.. We have posted various images by select members on our links pages and throughout the Woman Made website which will be exchanged periodically with images by other members of WMG.. Please explore the websites by members of WMG and if interested in their work or services, you may contact them directly from their websites.. LINKS TO WMG MEMBERS' WEB PAGES.. [.. A.. B.. C.. D.. E.. F.. G.. H.. I.. J.. K.. L.. M.. N.. O..  ...   or any advertising.. Don't use music midi files.. If you MUST have a music file on your page, make it optional for visitors.. Treat your webpage like a gallery space and display your artwork on neutral backgrounds without distractions.. Learn about the art of writing your artist statement and bio.. Learn the basics of HTML and good page layout design even if you are using a commercial building program.. Make sure that everything on your website is viewable and working in all browsers.. Don't use a counter on your website.. If you must, make it invisible to visitors.. Learn about Meta files and how to list your site with search engines.. Simple and easy-to-navigate websites are the best.. Visitors will be more apt to return.. to look again at your work!.. Webpage of the Month.. Currently we have selected the webspage by artist Julie Karabenick as an example of a beautiful and clean artist webpage.. her website.. to see for yourself.. Some artists whose websites we recommended previously as good examples include WMG members.. Joanne Mattera.. ,.. Ginny Sykes.. Karen Hanmer.. Fran Bull.. Laura Nugent.. Heather Robinson.. Leah Oates.. Colleen O'Rourke.. and.. Sharon Harper.. We are offering our "Exhibiting Professionalism" manual to help you with a variety of things, including how to present your art, write your artist statement, price your art, and much more.. You may order it for $10 from our.. Secure Site.. or receive it as a gift if you are a current WMG member.. (images top to bottom) 'Channel I' (detail), from an installation by Amy Stacey Curtis.. Painting by Julie Karabenick.. BECOME AN ARTIST MEMBER.. MAKE A DONATION..

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  • Title: Woman Made Gallery: Links Registry
    Descriptive info: Aida.. Emart.. O N - L I N E - R E G I S T R Y.. For Collectors, Gallery Visitors and Art Lovers.. If you are a collector, gallery visitor and/or any art lover, please view the diverse artwork in the webpages by artists from our On-Line Registry.. These women artists, from beginning to established, are hard-working dedicated professionals who actively produce and exhibit their artwork.. You will be delighted by the variety of techniques and content matter.. If you are interested in any of the artworks that are displayed here, please contact the individual artists from their webpages.. For Artists.. Woman Made Gallery is offering a  ...   women artists to promote their work while participating in WMG's ever-growing on-line presence! Artists can market their WomanMade.. net Internet presence as if it were a "stand-alone" web site (with a virtual domain, www.. yourname.. WomanMade.. net) while taking advantage of Woman Made Gallery's growing profile and the excellent on-line reputation the WMG web site has developed.. We are very proud of the simple, elegant and easy to navigate websites, designed by our web masters,.. Galganov & Associates.. If you are interested in having your website with Woman Made Gallery, please visit the 'For Artists' section of the.. womanmade.. net.. website for more information or send us an.. email..

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  • Title: Woman Made Gallery: Links Mentors
    Descriptive info: Allison.. Hill.. In our efforts to empower women artists and provide them with female role models, we would like to build this page with links to noted women artists' websites.. We are thankful that Judy Chicago serves as our Executive Advisor and has approved our link to her site and Faith Ringgold agreed that we could include her website under our Mentors section.. We are continuously trying to find personal websites by and about other contemporary women artists among them Elizabeth Catlett, Barbara Kruger, Maya Lin, Alison Saar, Miriam Schapiro, Cindy Sherman, Lorna Simpson, Jaune Quick-to-See Smith and Nancy Spero.. If you are interested in volunteering some of your  ...   Judy Chicago.. Barbara Crane.. Agnes Denes.. Claudia DeMonte.. Marisol Escobar.. Terry Evans.. Audrey Flack.. Helen Frankenthaler.. Katharina Fritsch.. Beth Galston.. Eva Hesse.. Indira Freitas Johnson.. Yayoi Kusama.. Maya Lin.. Ana Mendieta.. Shirin Neshat.. Judy Pfaff.. Elizabeth Peyton.. Jaune Quick-To-See Smith.. Helen Redman.. Faith Ringgold.. Martha Rosler.. Alison Saar.. Betye Saar.. Carolee Schneemann.. Cindy Sherman.. Dorothy Simpson Krause.. Nancy Spero.. Maggie Taylor.. June Wayne.. (above left) 'Balance of Power', ceramic, mixed media sculpture by Indira Freitas Johnson.. (right) "Tree Mountain - A Living Time Capsule - 11,000 Trees - 11,000 People - 400 Years", original drawing, 1983 by Agnes Denes.. (right) 'Southern Gothic', artwork by Maggie Taylor.. October 04, 2013..

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  • Title: Woman Made Gallery: Links Arts Organizations
    Descriptive info: Bonnie.. Bisbee.. Links to Arts Organizations.. This links page is for all artists who are looking for arts organizations that provide information about exhibition opportunities, slide registries, workshops and other services important to artistic growth and development.. If you are part of an organization that provides valuable services to women artists, please send us an.. with information about the organization.. We appreciate your help.. Arts Organizations.. I.. R.. Gallery.. - Their mission is to advance the status of women artists through exhibitions and by providing leadership and a sense of community.. ARC Gallery.. - ARC Gallery/Educational Foundation is a not-for-profit, artist run gallery located in Chicago's River West Neighborhood.. Art for Healing.. - Art for Healing, Inc.. , NYC supports emerging, professional, visual and performing artists with exhibitions, teaching opportunities and appearances at various private and public spaces.. Artist Help Network.. - On-Line Service that helps fine artists mine resources on career development.. Artists Register.. - Listings of exhibition opportunities for artists.. The Arts & Healing Network.. - This web site is an international resource for anyone interested in the healing potential of art.. ArtTable.. - A national membership organization for professional women in leadership positions in the visual arts.. Artwomen.. - A virtual organization seeking dynamic exchanges of views on visual art and feminist cultural production across & between disciplines.. They will feature art by women working & exhibiting outside major art centers.. Asian American Women Artists Association.. - San Francisco Bay Area organization which supports and promotes Asian American women artists in the visual, literary and performing arts.. Ceres Gallery.. - Founded in 1983, as a program of the New York Feminist Art Institute, Ceres is a not-for-profit artist run organization dedicated to the promotion of contemporary women in the arts.. Chicago Artists' Coalition.. - A visual arts organization whose mission is to fulfill four basic needs: the education of the general public regarding the value of the visual arts to society; the advocacy of visual arts issues for members and the art community; the provision of professional and educational services for artists and the arts community; the improvement of the environment in which artists live and work.. The Chicago Mosaic School.. - The Chicago Mosaic School was founded to fill the void in education in Mosaic Arts and inspire and encourage an appreciation for this ancient art form.. Chicago Women's Caucus for Art.. - Education about the contributions of women artists - Opportunities for the exhibition of women's work - Publication of women's writing about art - Inclusion of women in the history of art - Professional equity for all - Respect for all individuals  ...   using the creative arts to inspire personal growth, interpersonal understanding, and social change.. Professional Art Quilt Alliance.. - PAQA was formed in 1993 to develop a new group with specific aims for the innovative art quilt and art garment field.. Rainbow Artists - A Women's Art Collective.. - A New Mexico based, multiracial, multicultural arts collective.. Seattle Women's Caucus for Art.. - (SWCA) is the northwest chapter of the Women's Caucus for Art.. Southern Oregon Artists Resource.. - (SOAR) A comprehensive directory of Southern Oregon's arts community and guide to events for its members, local arts enthusiasts, and those planning to visit or move to our region.. Studio XX.. - Founded in 1995, Studio XX is Montreal's foremost women's digital resource centre.. Through a variety of creative activities and initiatives, the Studio works with women to demystify digital technologies, to critically examine their social aspects, to facilitate women's access to technology, and to create and exhibit women's new digital art.. Union Street Gallery.. - Chicago arts organization that encourages and nurtures emerging and established artists and serves as a resource for art appreciation and education.. WARM.. - Women's Art Resources of Minnesota is a women's art organization that serves midwest women artists through a variety of programming and publications.. WomenArts.. - A worldwide community of artists and allies providing free funding information, skill-building, and networking services.. We also coordinate SWAN (Support Women Artists Now), an annual international celebration of women artists.. Women's Art Resource Centre.. - An organization dedicated specifically to the advancement of artistic practice by contemporary Canadian women artists.. Womanspace.. - To provide creative learning opportunities for personal, professional and spiritual growth, as well as networking and leadership experiences, for women who wish to enrich, redirect, or rebuild their lives.. Women & Their Work.. - Texas organization promotes greater recognition/appreciation of women's contribution to cultural life; provides financial and technical support for artists in this region.. Women's Caucus for Art.. - Major national organization expanding opportunities and recognition for women actively engaged in visual arts professions.. Women In Photography International.. - Organization that promotes the visibility of women working in the photographic arts.. Women's Studio Workshop.. - Provides professional opportunities and employment for women artists at various stages in their careers, and promotes programs designed to stimulate public involvement, awareness and support for the visual arts.. Visual Arts Coalition of Dallas.. - The Visual Arts Coalition of Dallas is a multi-cultural arts organization, established in 2000 to serve as an advocate for the Dallas area visual arts and artists.. (top right image) Artwork by Naomi Kasumi.. (bottom right image) Artwork by Nirmal Raja.. June 15, 2013..

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  • Title: Woman Made Gallery: Links Miscellaneous
    Descriptive info: Fujiko.. Isomura.. M I S C E L L A N E O U S.. There a many worthy organizations with missions that we support, but we can list only a certain number here, and they are included for a variety of reasons.. Some provide social services, others educate you about politics, and many are about women's issues.. Please visit one of these websites each time you come across this page.. You might find inspiration or entertainment, learn something new, make a new connection, and decide to volunteer your time for a good cause.. You may help us to keep the links to these website alive, by sending us an.. about any links that are not working.. Other Organization.. AWBW.. - A non-profit program dedicated to bringing the healing power of the creative arts to Battered Women from coast to coast.. Action Without Borders.. - a nonprofit organization that promotes the sharing of ideas, information and resources to help build a world where all people can live free and dignified lives in a healthy environment.. Idealist.. org, a project of AWB, is one of the richest communities of nonprofit and volunteering resources on the Web, with information provided by 23,000 organizations in 153 countries.. Artella.. - Artella is a magazine that focuses on the collaborative nature of creative writing and art.. Artella offers a network of support for writers, artists, and creative individuals.. Birthing the Crone.. - Helen Redman's website is about embracing menopause as a metaphor for transformation and the telling of it is through art.. Chicago Public Art Group.. - Chicago Public Art Group unites communities and artists in creating high quality public art.. Chicago Women in Architecture.. - Promoting the interests and issues of women in architecture since 1973.. Chicago Women in Publishing.. - (CWIP) is a nonprofit volunteer organization formed in 1972 for professionals in the publishing industry and allied fields.. Chicago Women in Trades.. - An organization working to increase the number of women in the skilled trades and other blue collar occupations and to eliminate the barriers that prohibit women from entering and remaining in non-traditional careers.. Creating Hope International.. - To raise the educational, health, social and economic levels of people, especially women and children throughout the world.. Crone Chronicles.. - (now an evolving e-zine, formerly a printed quarterly) is by and for those who wish to move through the aging process in a conscious manner.. Croning.. - Resources for wise women of all ages.. The Chicago Women's Liberation Union.. - was organized in 1969 to challenge the suffocating male supremacy of the time.. The Equal Rights Amendment.. - This site is a project of the ERA Summit, a volunteer coalition of organizations and individuals working to complete the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment, and the National Council of Women's Organizations ERA Task Force.. Fair.. - Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting: The National Media Watch Group.. Feminist.. - A grassroots, interactive community by, for and about women.. Feminist Women's Health Care.. - Established in 1980, FWHC is a non-profit organization that promotes and protects a woman's right to choose and receive reproductive health care.. Feminist Majority Foundation Online.. - Organization committed to empowering women and winning equality through research, the sharing of information of value to feminists everywhere, and effective action.. Global Fund for Women.. - An international network of women and men committed to a world of equality and social justice.. We advocate for and defend women's human rights by making grants to support women's groups around the world.. Heartland International.. - Established in 1989, the organization designs, implements, and manages political, economic and social development projects, as well as international education exchange.. Journal of Ordinary Thought (JOT).. - The Neighborhood Writing Alliance believes in the power of the written word.. They sponsor writing workshops across the city of Chicago, free and open to all adult residents and publish pieces by each writer.. The Junior League of Chicago, Inc.. - A metropolitan organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women, and improving the community through affective action and leadership of trained volunteers.. Lawyers for the Creative Arts.. - Lawyers  ...   healthy environment for all living things.. Nuclear Age Peace Foundation.. - To advance initiatives to eliminate the nuclear weapons threat to all life, to foster the global rule of law, to build an enduring legaxy of peace through education and advocacy.. The Open Book Peace Project.. - (OBPP) is a grassroots effort to create an ongoing international dialogue about peace among diverse individuals and communities.. n.. paradoxa.. - The only international feminist art journal exploring feminist theory and contemporary women's art practices.. Includes a list of women's visual arts organizations worldwide.. The Ragdale Foundation.. - An artists' retreat where writers and artists of all disciplines can find uninterrupted time to work in a peaceful setting.. RHINO Magazine.. - The little magazine with the big horn is a literary annual that invites traditional or experimental work reflecting passion, originality, artistic conviction, and a love affair with language.. Sister i.. - A special place for women to embrace their creativity.. Southwest Women Working Together.. - Southwest Women Working Together (SWWT) is a community-based, non-profit organization that serves women and children primarily from the south side of Chicago.. TakingItGlobal.. - TIG brings together young people in more than 190 countries within international networks to collaborate on concrete projects addressing global problems and creating positive change.. The Wise Woman Web.. - The Wise Woman Web is devoted to empowering women worldwide.. Topics include natural healing, breast health, childbearing, menopause, and more.. Wise Woman e-zine and women's health forum all for you!.. The Women's Center at DePaul University.. - Provides education, programming, advocacy, services, and referrals to women and other members of the DePaul University Community.. The Women's Council of Realtors.. - A community of real estate professionals creating business opportunities, developing skills for the future and achieving individual potential for success.. The Women's Library.. - A cultural centre, housing the most extensive collection of women's history in the UK.. The Women's Media Center.. - The Women's Media Center strives to make women visible and powerful in the media.. Its mission is to ensure that women and women's experiences are reflected in the media just as women are present everywhere in the real world; that women are represented as local, national, and global sources for and subjects of the media; and that women media professionals have equal opportunities for employment and advancement.. The Shanti Foundation for Peace.. - Shanti is a not for profit organization established in Chicago in 1993 to foster greater respect and understanding between individuals through the arts, education, and grass roots community development.. Women Business Directory.. - Directory of women business information and resources.. Women's E News.. - What news look like when women matter.. Women & Performance: Journal of Feminist Theory.. - A bi-annual publication featuring essays, scripts, interviews and articles on performance from interdisciplinary feminist perspectives.. Women for Women International.. - provides women with tools and resources needed to move out of crisis and poverty and into stability and self-sufficiency.. Women in Film.. - Non-profit organization for women in the entertainment industry.. Women in the Director's Chair.. - WIDC is a Chicago-based, international media arts/activist center which exhibits, promotes, and educates about media made by women, girls and transgendered people that expresses a diversity of cultures, experiences, and issues.. Women Make Movies.. - A multicultural, multiracial, non-profit media arts organization which facilitates the production, promotion, distribution and exhibition of independent films and videotapes by and about women.. Women's Resource Center.. - A place that provides an umbrella to cover the life-long needs of women in the Chicagoland area.. Women's Treatment Center.. - The Women's Treatment Center is designed to provide a variety of treatment services to women, eliminating the common barriers they typically face.. It is one of the few substance abuse programs in the nation that can accommodate children in residential treatment, making TWTC particularly responsive to the needs of chemically dependent mothers.. Women's Theatre Alliance.. - The Women's Theatre Alliance of Chicago is a membership organization devoted to supporting, promoting and showcasing Chicago's female theatre artists.. Women Waging Peace.. - Women Waging Peace advocates for the full participation of women in formal and informal peace processes around the world..

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  • Title: Woman Made Gallery: What's New
    Descriptive info: W H A T 's N E W.. What's New at Woman Made Gallery.. On this page we include news about exhibitions: who got into a show, what does the juror have to say, etc.. We try to update the information as soon as we receive it and it's good to check here frequently to see if your work has been included into an exhibition.. While membership is not required for submitting work for shows and to exhibit art at Woman Made Gallery, membership is encouraged for those women artists who wish to benefit from our extensive services.. Please direct any questions about about Membership and Website Links requests to Ruby Thorkelson:.. admin@womanmade.. Artist Membership Levels.. Basic Membership $40:.. Receives 10% off on purchases, 20% discount at.. Workshops.. , up to two images, a brief statement or biography, links to artist's e-mail and website address on.. WMG's Members Artists' Galleries.. , and participation in "Her Group," a monthly art group session.. Member will receive notices about exhibitions, calls for art, poetry readings, and other events at WMG.. OTHER ARTISTS' MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS.. 17th International Open.. We are grateful to Myra Greene for jurying the entries for the "17th International Open" group exhibition.. From 664 works and after many viewing rounds, she selected 46 pieces by 42 artists for the exhibition scheduled from March 7 to April 17, 2014.. Congratulations to Lynn Arnold, Lani Asuncion, Cindy Avroch, Barbara Riegel Bend, Marie Bergstedt, Colby Beutel, Karen Bondarchuk, Elizabeth Bruno, Phaedra Call, Robin Carlson, Mary F.. Coats, Renee Couture, Katie Davis, Angela Dieffenbach, Lindsey Dunnagan, Aidan Fitzpatrick, Shawna Gibbs, Shelley Gilchrist, Karen Gubitz, Ellie Hunter, Hall Jameson, Raeleen Kao, Maria Kompare, Maggie Kunze, Chrissy LaMaster, Stephanie Luke, Colleen McCulla-Thomas, Jessica Meuninck-Ganger, Elaine Miller, Jennifer Murray, Patricia O'Neil, Patricia Park, Ruth Poor, Lique Schoot, Dian Sourelis, Eun-Kyung Suh, Asli Uludag, Barbara Walton, Jessica Wascak, Patricia Wasserboehr, Nava Waxman, and Jean Davey Winter.. Of the Land.. Thanks to Heidi Norton for jurying the entries for "Of the Land" group exhibition.. She viewed more than 300 works and chose 30 pieces by 21 artists for the exhibition from November 15 to December 22, 2013.. Exhibiting artists include Gwyneth Anderson, Kayla Anderson, Meghan Moe Beitiks, Jaime Bennati, Margaret Bobo-Dancy, Molly M.. Brandt, Elaine Byrne, Azadeh Gholizadeh, Lydia Hunn, Hannah Ireland, Jessica Jacobs, Noelle Mason, Alisha McCurdy, Corinne D.. Peterson, Sarah Pfohl, Amy  ...   collectors.. Here is a letter by artist, Kathleen Waterloo's which we published in our.. Fall 2001 Newsletter.. that relates her experiences since she joined the On-line Registry:.. Dear WMG-.. I would like to encourage fellow members to join your online artist registry.. Upon doing so a year ago, I have received many 'hits' on my link.. Several sources have requested slide packets/resumes for inclusion of my original artwork in the print market.. A Washington, D.. C.. art consultant/gallery working with commercial interior designers, architects, and corporate clients also requested a complete slide packet with the potential for commission work.. An author in the Atlanta area would like to include me in a book she is writing on creativity amongst artists that she terms 'late bloomers'.. Most recently I have been included in an international exhibition of women artists that will take place in Italy this September.. Woman Made has established itself on the national and international level as a resource for artists, advocates, and aficionados.. None of the above would have occurred without my exposure on the WMG online artist registry.. Whereas artists may have their own website (I do) and feel no need for this service, people unfamiliar with their work will never opt to look at that site as they do not know a name to begin with.. Being viewed on the Woman Made registry vs.. one's own website holds much greater odds.. Kudos to WMG for being a frontrunner in this area with a most enjoyable, resourceful, professional, and user friendly website.. Their 21st century vision has put Woman Made Gallery ahead of the pack.. Similar galleries sprouting in other major cities have recently been sending me membership information!.. Debates still persist about the legitimacy of showing one's work on the Internet.. While the many debates continue, those using it are professional enough to know that they are viewing an image that undoubtedly is better seen in person.. And in using it, they are able to conduct their art business and affairs in a more economic and efficient manner.. The computer is the visual tool of the art community today.. It is not going away.. Use it and be seen! -.. - Kathleen Waterloo - 8-22-01.. (top right) 'Eat Your Feelings (tastykake)', mixed media, by Amanda Damico and Phuong Pham.. (bottom right) 'Tornado', oil on wood by Pamela Callahan.. February 09, 2004..

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