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    Archived pages: 664 . Archive date: 2014-11.

  • Title: WineHQ - Run Windows applications on Linux, BSD, Solaris and Mac OS X
    Descriptive info: .. Run Windows applications on Linux, BSD, Solaris and Mac OS X.. Search:.. WineHQ.. Wiki.. AppDB.. Bugzilla.. Forums.. About.. Learn about the Wine project.. Download.. Install the latest Wine.. Support.. Get help using Wine.. Development.. Become a Wine developer.. Donate.. Donate to the Wine project.. Latest Releases.. Stable:.. Wine 1.. 6.. 2.. (.. shortlog.. ).. Development:.. 7.. 31.. News.. 31 Released.. November 14, 2014.. The Wine development release 1.. 31 is now available.. What's new.. in this release:.. New version of the Gecko engine based on Firefox 34.. Support for the Visual Studio 2013 version of the C/C++ runtimes.. More font metrics support in DirectWrite.. Some more Direct2D work.. Various bug fixes.. The source is.. available now.. Binary packages are in the process of being built, and will appear soon at their respective.. download locations.. World Wine News Issue 379.. November 10,  ...   Issue 378.. 29 Released.. October 17, 2014.. 29 is now available.. Support for shaping and BiDi mirroring in DirectWrite.. Some page fault handling fixes.. World Wine News Issue 377.. October 10, 2014.. WWN Issue 377.. Idea for a Wine staging tree.. AppDB/Bugzilla Status Changes.. 28 Released.. October 3, 2014.. 28 is now available.. Support for conditional compilation in JavaScript.. Bidirectional text support in DirectWrite.. Stubs for DirectPlay Voice support.. World Wine News Issue 376.. September 30, 2014.. WWN Issue 376.. Status of MinGW-w64 targeting ARMv7.. Wine Gecko 2.. 34-beta1 release.. Wine and the Linux Kernel.. 27 Released.. September 19, 2014.. 27 is now available.. Some more work on Direct2D support.. Various improvements to RichEdit interfaces.. Initial support for ICMP version 6.. World Wine News Issue 375.. September 12, 2014.. WWN Issue 375.. Interesting Youtube channel.. more news.. English (.. Change Language.. Hosted By..

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  • Title: WineHQ - About Wine
    Descriptive info: Explaining the Wine project.. About Wine.. Wine (originally an acronym for "Wine Is Not an Emulator") is a compatibility layer capable of running Windows applications on several POSIX-compliant operating systems, such as Linux, Mac OSX, & BSD.. Instead of simulating internal Windows logic like a virtual machine or emulator, Wine translates Windows API calls into POSIX calls on-the-fly, eliminating the performance and memory penalties of other methods and allowing you to cleanly integrate Windows applications into your desktop.. Wine began in 1993 under the initial coordination of Bob Amstadt as a way to support running Windows 3.. 1 programs on Linux.. Very early on, leadership over Wine's development passed to Alexandre Julliard, who has managed the project ever since.. Over the years, as the Windows API and applications have evolved to take advantage of new hardware and software, Wine has adapted to support new features, all while being ported  ...   more work to be done,.. millions of people.. are estimated to use Wine to run their Windows software on the OS of their choice.. Open Source and User Driven.. Wine will always be.. free software.. Approximately half of Wine's source code is written by volunteers, with the remaining effort sponsored by commercial interests, especially.. CodeWeavers.. , which sells a supported version of Wine.. Wine is heavily reliant on its user community too.. Users volunteer their time to share tips and test results on how well their programs work in our.. Application Database.. , file bug reports to notify developers of problems in our.. Bug-Tracker.. , and answer questions in our.. forums.. Learn more:.. (Several of the following pages are currently being reworked and may not be up-to-date).. Why Wine is so Important.. Common Myths about Wine.. History of the Wine Project.. Organization and Leadership.. Some Contributor Bios.. Other Acknowledgements..

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  • Title: WineHQ - Wine Binary Downloads
    Descriptive info: Download Wine for your favorite OS here.. Wine Downloads.. Supported Wine.. Product.. Description.. CrossOver.. is a polished version of Wine provided by.. CrossOver makes it easier to use Wine and CodeWeavers provides excellent technical support to its users.. All purchases of CrossOver are used to directly fund the developers working on Wine.. So CrossOver is both a great way to get support in using Wine and to support the Wine Project.. CodeWeavers provides fully functional.. trial versions of CrossOver.. This endorsement is the primary recognition that CodeWeavers has requested in exchange for hosting the Wine web site.. Wine Binary Downloads.. Binary packages are built and maintained by the distros, and may contain patches that are not supported here.. The links below are provided solely as a convenience to users and do not represent an endorsement.. Latest stable release:.. See the.. installation and configuration how-to.. for post-installation instructions.. Latest development release:.. System.. Notes.. Maintainer.. Download Ubuntu packages.. - binary and source.. debs for Ubuntu Trusty (14.. 04 LTS).. Scott Ritchie.. Download Debian  ...   Bierfert.. Download SUSE packages.. - release binary and source.. rpms and daily snapshot RPMs for all openSUSE versions (12.. 3 up to 13.. 2) and SUSE Linux Enterprise 11.. Marcus Meissner.. Download Slackware packages.. - binary txz (Slackware 14.. 1), and tgz (for older versions).. Simone Giustetti.. Download FreeBSD packages.. - source for FreeBSD 5.. 3 or later.. Gerald Pfeifer.. 3rd Party Tools.. Sometimes a customization of Wine can cause an application to work, but this change cannot be incorporated into Wine for some reason.. To help overcome current deficiencies in Wine, various third party applications for end users have been made over the years.. These applications are entirely unsupported by the Wine developers, however you may find them useful.. For more information, see.. our wiki page.. on third party applications.. Wine Source Downloads.. Location.. sourceforge.. net.. Our official source release site.. source.. winehq.. org/git.. For the latest development version.. ibiblio.. org.. Alternative download site for the official source and documentation tarballs.. Note:.. recommended packages.. for help on configuring and building Wine..

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  • Title: WineHQ - Getting Help
    Descriptive info: All your Wine questions answered.. Getting Help.. There are a variety of ways to get help in using Wine.. Option.. About this Help Option.. Paid.. offers paid support for Wine.. FAQ.. Most questions can be quickly answered by browsing our.. This is the first place you should check to see if your question has been answered.. Docs.. We recommend that you read our online.. Documentation.. to find the answer to your question.. Also of interest is our.. HowTo.. which contains some useful information for the first time user.. You can also see our.. to  ...   Wine users, which is a place that Wine users can visit to ask questions and connect with each other.. You may also wish to explore the.. mailing lists.. that make up that community as well.. IRC.. You can connect with the Wine community via live chat on our.. IRC channel.. If you want help with a single application our.. is a good place to look.. Our.. Bugzilla Bug Tracker.. contains all the issues we have worked on and are currently working on.. Problems with our website or notice a typo? Contact our.. Web Team..

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  • Title: WineHQ - Development Links
    Descriptive info: For all of your Wine development needs.. Development Links.. Welcome to Wine development.. On this page you will find links to our various resources available for our developers.. About this Option.. Wine Wiki Developer Documentation.. The.. Wine Wiki Developer.. pages will have more current information than this page.. It should be the first place for new developers to look.. Internships.. CodeWeavers fills 1-2 Wine Development Internship slots every quarter for students and recent graduates.. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis, and candidates from both the United States and overseas are welcome.. Contributing to Wine.. Information for 1st time contributors.. Developers Guide.. Online resource for development with Wine..  ...   on how to use it can be found on this page.. Sending Patches.. Guidelines on how to format and send your patches.. To Do Lists.. What needs to be done.. A good first place to look for projects to be completed.. Fun Projects.. Another area of to dos.. There are lower priority and should be done as side projects.. Janitorial.. Code clean-up and organisation projects.. Winelib.. Documentation on development with Winelib, our application porting tools.. Status.. Status of the Wine project.. Wine License.. Wine uses the GNU Lesser General Public License 2.. 1.. WineConf.. We hold a conference annually.. Information on where and when can be found here..

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  • Title: WineHQ - Wine Development Fund.
    Descriptive info: Wine Development Fund.. You can show your appreciation for Wine and everyone that makes it possible by donating to the Wine Development Fund.. Your donation will go towards paying for things like developer conferences (such as.. ), supplies, and documentation.. All of our donations are managed by the.. Software Freedom Conservancy.. , which is a 501(c)(3) organization so donations can qualify as deductible under the American tax code.. If you have any questions or need further  ...   registered account on Paypal.. FreeWear.. Purchase Wine-branded clothes at.. For each article you buy, FreeWear forwards some of the proceeds to the Wine Development Fund.. Donations by Mail.. Donate to the Wine Development Fund by cash, cheque, or international money order in US dollars.. All mailed donations should be sent to the Wine project in care of the Software Freedom Conservancy at:.. Wine Project.. Software Freedom Conservancy, Inc.. 137 Montague St, Suite 380.. Brooklyn, NY 11201-3548.. USA..

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  • Title: WineHQ - Wine Announcement - The Wine maintenance release 1.6.2 is now available.
    Descriptive info: Alexandre Julliard says.. Wine Announcement.. The Wine maintenance release 1.. 2 is now available.. What's new in this release (see below for details): - Color management support updated to liblcms version 2.. - Various bug fixes.. The source is available from the following locations:.. http://prdownloads.. sourceforge.. net/wine/wine-1.. tar.. bz2.. http://mirrors.. ibiblio.. org/wine/source/1.. 6/wine-1.. Binary packages for various distributions will be available from:.. http://www.. org/download.. You will find documentation on.. org/documentation.. You can also get the current source directly from the git repository.. Check.. for details.. Wine is available thanks to the work of many people.. See the file.. AUTHORS.. in the distribution for the complete list.. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Bugs fixed in 1.. 2 (total 36):.. 8320.. DirectInput joystick timestamps are wrong.. 15738.. Max Payne 2: Ingame windows rendered incorrect with nvts pipe.. 18465.. url.. dll FileProtocolHandler does not open URLs in browser.. 21884.. Resident Evil 2: no sound and annoying dialog window.. 23529.. Add support for lcms2.. 24611.. Install Shield fails on 64bit multilib wine if WINEPREFIX was created by 64bit wine.. 30745.. GOG.. com version of Soulbringer crashes on startup (GetModuleHandleExW needs to support GET_MODULE_HANDLE_EX_FLAG_PIN).. 32658.. Certain games on Steam crash on start in xinput1_3 (in-game overlay enabled).. 33799.. Wargame: Airland Battle needs msvcr110.. dll.. _libm_sse2_atan_precise.. 33963.. WINE Wordpad crashes when selecting text from line end to line start.. 34034.. Locale settings broke shader program generator.. 34051.. Low FPS with winemac driver in Unreal Tournament GOTY.. 34055.. Textures missing in Age of Empires II: Steam.. 34387.. TreeSize Free: help window won't open.. 34472.. window titlebar names.. 34707.. Miranda crashes on start up.. 34719.. cabinet_open{,_stream} returns 0 on failure but doesn't compliant to _open interface.. 34738.. PageFault when generating a MD5 Hash.. 34793.. Battle City Remake crashes.. 34804.. Installation of Windows Installer Cleanup utility fails due to wshom:WshShell3_ExpandEnvironmentStrings being a stub.. 34811.. Crash when copy by ctrl+c or in-app copy, cmd+c works fine (using MacDriver) on OS X Mavericks.. 34813.. winedbg crash reports are missing important information on Mac OS X 10.. 8+.. 34853.. Multiple.. NET 3.. x/4.. x apps need Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration WMI class.. 34912.. GEOVIA Surpac 6.. x (geology and mine planning software) needs scrrun IFileSystem3::BuildPath.. 34949.. Chessmaster 10th Edition: no graphics in the menu, you can't run the game (Mac OS X only bug).. 34983.. Fellowship One Check-In Application v2.. 5 needs IBackgroundCopyJob::SetDescription method.. 34988.. 5 needs IBackgroundCopyManager::GetJob method.. 35010.. [Freetype]Impossible to compile Wine.. 35021.. League of Legends installer page faults in custom action during stackwalk (SymFromAddr with NULL displacement ptr).. 35024.. FEAR Combat (SEC2) v1.. 1 community full installer doesn't display cd key/serial field (no PIDTemplate property provided).. 35030.. Steam Client update from Dec.. 3, 2013 breaks Wine (Steam Client/Service crash after update, login fails).. 35035.. HF pAppLoc (AppLocale) installer crashes due to unimplemented function apphelp.. ShimFlushCache.. 35144.. NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit v5.. 5 installer fails (SetupDiGetINFClassW whitelists only 'Chicago', ignoring WINEPREFIX WinVer setting).. 35149.. RSA SecurID token v411 installer hangs during processing of EULA (large RTF passed twice: window text and richedit streamin callback).. 35166.. 5 installer fails (NtQueryKey with KeyNameInformation info class unsupported on server side).. 35178.. FL Studio 11.. x 'DirectWave' plugin doesn't work (unsupported FSCTL_IS_VOLUME_MOUNTED ioctl) ---------------------------------------------------------------- Changes since.. 1.. 1.. : Alexander Dorofeyev (1): wined3d: Fix resultarg state handling in nvrc/nvts code.. Alexandre Julliard (6): user32: Fix tick counter wrap-around handling.. user32: Fix the scope of a local variable.. include: Add inline wrappers for some underscore-prefixed math functions.. winemac: Only register the IME class when needed.. wmc: Don't put timestamps in generated files.. configure: Update FreeType configure checks for the changed headers location.. Andrew Eikum (9): advapi32: Attempt to open WOW64 key before the lowest level key, too.. advapi32: Don't cache HKCR if WOW64 redirection flags are set.. oleaut32: Also register typelibs in the opposite registry mode.. oleaut32: For 64-bit, fallback on the win32 key if win64 key is empty for typelibs.. msacm32: Don't clear DONE flag in Un,PrepareHeader.. mmdevapi: Fill buffer with silence in IAudioRenderClient::GetBuffer.. winmm: Also try MSACM conversions with WAVE_FORMAT_QUERY.. winecoreaudio.. drv: Don't return 0 absolute position if AudioQueue call fails.. dsound: Don't change play position if IAudioClient methods fail.. Andrey Zhezherun (4): msvcp: Fixed char_traits.. ::to_int_type.. msvcp: Added missing casts to unsigned char in streambuf functions.. msvcp: Fixed complex division..  ...   window to the font size list validator.. mshtml: Remove a double-Release.. riched20: Ensure the cursors are correctly ordered in the case of a zero (logical) length selection bridging two runs.. Jacek Caban (3): jscript: Added support for octal literals.. jscript: Improved error handling in numeric literal parser.. widl: Include resource id in typelib path if not default.. Ken Thomases (24): winemac: Don't coalesce events which might be in multiple queues.. winemac: Clean up fully-delivered events in queues which aren't being drained.. winemac: Treat mouse moves in a window title bar as outside the window.. winemac: Restore app cursor settings when cursor moves back into an app window.. winemac: Fix some bytes-vs-WCHARs length computation bugs in the UTF-16 clipboard support.. winemac: Rename some confusingly-named variables.. winemac: Fix a leak in macdrv_CountClipboardFormats().. (Clang).. winecoreaudio: Fix a potential leak.. libwine: Fix a potential write through a null pointer.. winemac: Disable software GL rendering unless it's enabled via a new registry setting, AllowSoftwareRendering.. winemac: Send WM_CANCELMODE when keyboard layout changes from Cocoa side.. winemac: Don't use the main dispatch queue to implement OnMainThread() for a thread with no event queue.. winemac: Hide cursor when first requested even if we don't know it's over a window.. winemac: Tell Cocoa that we don't draw a focus ring for our views.. winemac: Send WM_{ENTER, EXIT}SIZEMOVE around window frame changes initiated by Cocoa.. winemac: Convert the QUERY_RESIZE_END query to an event, WINDOW_RESIZE_ENDED.. winemac: Trace flags of WINDOW_FRAME_CHANGED events.. winemac: Fix search for clipboard format matching a pasteboard type so it can fail when it should.. winemac: Reduce duplicated code by consolidating exit paths from format_for_type().. winemac: Defer attaching OpenGL context to a view which is zero-sized or outside its window's bounds.. winemac: Take WS_EX_TOOLWINDOW into account when computing how much of a window is replaced by the Mac decorations.. winemac: Include the OpenGL headers to fix building on OS X 10.. 9.. ntdll: On Mac, store the dyld image info address in the PEB.. dbghelp: For Mach-O, get the address of the process's image info from its PEB.. Kevin Eaves (1): winemac: Restore the window title when the window style is changed.. Kohei Takahashi (1): msi: Return -1 on open failure in FDI callbacks.. Lasse Rasinen (1): d3d9: Update locked_rect only if wined3d_surface_map succeeds.. Lauri Kenttä (1): readme: Update Finnish translation.. Nikolay Sivov (12): ntdll: Support pinning module refcount with LdrAddRefDll().. kernel32: Added support for GET_MODULE_HANDLE_EX_FLAG_PIN.. wshom.. ocx: Silence failure to query IDispatchEx from IWshShell3.. ocx: Implement IWshShell3::ExpandEnvironmentStrings().. rsaenh: Fail on unsupported flag values only in CryptHashData().. oleaut32: Always set LIBFLAG_FHASDISKIMAGE when loading from file.. scrrun: Implement BuildPath method.. ntdll: Allow NULL return length argument in NtAdjustPrivilegesToken().. qmgr: Implement IBackgroundCopyJob::SetDescription().. qmgr: Implement IBackgroundCopyJob::GetDescription().. qmgr: Implement IBackgroundCopyManager::GetJob().. server: Return key name info for KeyNameInformation class.. Piotr Caban (9): comctl32: Ignore tooltip position passed in TTM_TRACKPOSITION if TTF_TRACK flag is not set.. comctl32: Set updown control value to min or max in out of range case.. comctl32: Fix UDM_SETPOS behavior on out of range values.. comctl32: Fix UDM_GETPOS behaviour on out of range values.. comctl32: Fix a typo in UPDOWN_OffsetVal that breaks UDS_WRAP flag support.. msvcrt: Don't call invalid parameter handler on invalid mode flag.. msvcr110: Forward _libm_sse2_*_precise functions to __libm_sse2_*.. msvcrt: Don't validate parameters in _itoa function.. url: Add support for http protocol handling in FileProtocolHandlerA.. Qian Hong (2): wscript: Get extension name by strrchrW instead of strchrW.. msi: Get extension name by strrchrW instead of strchrW.. Rico Schüller (7): opengl32: Use variables for file names.. opengl32: Fix some style issues.. opengl32: Allow multiple extensions to support the same function.. opengl32: Use opengl xml registry files.. wined3d: Use GL_ARB_texture_mirror_clamp_to_edge when available.. wined3d: Use GL_EXT_texture_mirror_clamp when available.. shell32: Use lParam for BFFM_SETOKTEXT.. Sebastian Lackner (1): shlwapi: Fix UrlCombineW for URLs containing a quotation mark.. Stefan Dösinger (2): wined3d: Check for support before calling glDrawElementsInstancedBaseVertex.. wined3d: GL_ARB_instanced_arrays provides glDrawElementsInstanced.. Stefan Leichter (2): dbghelp: Add a null check for optional output parameter for function SymFromAddr.. setupapi: Support signature $Windows NT$ in SetupDiGetINFClassA/W too.. Vijay Kiran Kamuju (1): wininet: Implement setting INTERNET_PER_CONN_PROXY_BYPASS.. Vincent Povirk (2): xinput1_3: Make XInputGetState patchable.. explorer: Use StrRetToStrW to convert STRRET result.. Vitaly Lipatov (1): ipconfig: Distinguish between IPv4 and IPv6 addresses in normal mode.. -- Alexandre Julliard julliard@winehq.. org..

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  • Title: WineHQ - Wine Announcement - The Wine development release 1.7.31 is now available.
    Descriptive info: What's new in this release (see below for details): - New version of the Gecko engine based on Firefox 34.. - Support for the Visual Studio 2013 version of the C/C++ runtimes.. - More font metrics support in DirectWrite.. - Some more Direct2D work.. 7/wine-1.. 31 (total 51):.. 3766.. GRE Powerprep Software crashes.. 9190.. Warhammer: Dark Omen doesn't launch.. 10085.. Adobe Bridge CS2 complains that it can't start due to licensing restrictions (affects photoshop).. 10212.. Microsoft Crimson Skies crashes after startup.. 13632.. ShipSimulator 2008 freezes after start playing (needs d3dx9_36.. D3DXCreatePolygon).. 16584.. chaostheory music lack of drums.. 16699.. OpenGL anti-aliasing capabilities of graphics driver not exposed to Google Sketchup 7/8 (needs WGL_SWAP_COPY_ARB support).. 16832.. Hinterland fails to run, wine reports Unhandled page fault to NULL.. 18289.. wine gets some wrong charcodes on some keyboard mappings.. 18689.. Wine serial-handling consumes 100% CPU when using USB->Serial-converter.. 24787.. WoW 4.. x D3D: Player shadow broken with orm=backbuffer.. 25247.. Alien Swarm: Can't join or create game, game hangs.. 25342.. Bionic Commando: Rearmed.. Dark foreground graphics.. 25392.. Unable to start qm.. exe from state-machine.. com website on Ubuntu 10.. 04 LTS.. 25399.. EasyCash & Tax crashes when executing "Select New Datadirectory" menu entry.. 27736.. Virtual Sailor 7 settings screen: boats and scenery options are unavailable.. 28675.. FUEL: Abandoned Vehicles Do Not Appear where they should.. 29861.. MiPony crashes after startup with null pointer access in fire_event.. 30492.. VMware vSphere Client v5.. 0 Update 1 fails, needs ntoskrnl.. exe.. IoRegisterPlugPlayNotification.. 30572.. Multiple applications need vectored continue handler support (.. x/Silverlight, Lync from Office 2013).. 30737.. Dde_OnRequest should return groups_data instead of NULL.. 31410.. Hamster Free eBook Converter 1.. 0.. x installer crashes on startup.. 32111.. Element Client for Perfect World crashes on startup.. 32448.. WoW, The memory could not be "read".. Sound/video performance issues.. 32825.. ThunderMini: hangs randomly after change the status of the file.. 32977.. Solidworks 2012 needs unimplemented function dwmapi.. DwmInvalidateIconicBitmaps (Win7 mode).. 32978.. Solidworks 2012 : OpenGL Display refresh problems with keyboard events (mouse is OK).. 33323.. Garena Messenger crashes on startup.. 33993.. Microsoft Jet fails to install.. 34184.. Skype 6.. 6 and above cannot start, Runtime error 217 at 00XXXXXX, Loading of typelib L"uc.. tlb" failed with error 1006.. 34539.. Final Fantasy XIV Benchmark: moving the window inside a virtual desktop causes mouse focus issues.. 34573.. Cinema 4D R15 crashes on unimplemented function IPHLPAPI.. DLL.. NotifyIpInterfaceChange.. 34857.. Hoyle Casino 2011 game won't launch.. 34915.. user32:msg fails on Windows XP.. 34941.. Ruby 1.. x interpreter hangs with OS-level thread concurrency error (critical section not initialized in msvcrt internal semi-documented 'ioinfo' struct).. 35133.. The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing (Steam) crashes with built-in d3dx9_36.. 35722.. MS Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable KB-hotfix installer, part of Nero 10 installer crashes on unimplemented function msi.. MsiRemovePatchesW.. 36713.. Watch_Dogs requires ws2_32.. inet_pton.. 36752.. mp3DirectCut 2.. 20 crashes when stopping mp3 playback.. 37074.. Ironclads series: missing text in the menus without native d3dx9_36.. 37120.. PVS-Studio Error: Equivalent branches of if operator.. 37354.. Battle.. net launcher does not start in Windows 7 mode: "Cannot load Qt platform plugin Windows" (FindFirstFileExW needs info level 'FindExInfoBasic' support).. 37374.. Behringer X-32 Edit crashes on startup.. 37381.. Matlab 2010 crashes on unimplemented function msvcr80.. _ungetc_nolock.. 37461.. Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth (Steam) crashes on unimplemented function msvcp110.. ?length@?$codecvt@GDH@std@@QBEHAAHPBD1I@Z.. 37490.. dwrite/analyzer.. c:1226:5: warning: comparison of unsigned expression.. 37493.. Silverlight 5.. 1 msi installer fails with Wine 1.. 30 - Transform doesn't update ProductVersion property.. 37511.. Multiple games and applications need 'msvcp120.. dll' (PPSSPP 0.. x).. 37519.. ooVoo 3.. x (video chat client) doesn't launch.. 37539.. Altap Salamander 3.. 04 crashes on startup on missing shell32.. RegenerateUserEnvironment.. 37548.. NET applications using native.. NET Frameworks fail to load, reporting 'CLR error: 80004005.. The program will now terminate.. ' ('RtlAddVectoredContinueHandler' is a stub) ---------------------------------------------------------------- Changes since.. 30.. : Alex Henrie (4): kernel32/tests: Add UTF-7 non-encoded surrounding characters tests.. kernel32/tests: Add UTF-7 encoded surrounding characters tests.. kernel32/tests: Add UTF-7 stray + sign removal tests.. kernel32/tests: Add UTF-7 implicit termination tests.. Alexandre Julliard (2): msvcp60: Add some missing exports.. configure: Don't require libXext for Xrender.. Amine Khaldi (1): gdi32/tests: Add basic tests for the handling of dwCount parameter in ExtCreateRegion.. André Hentschel (6): urlmon/tests: Clarify ok() condition (PVS-Studio).. user32/tests: Clarify ok() condition (PVS-Studio).. ntdll/tests: Clarify ok() conditions (PVS-Studio).. xmllite/tests: Clarify ok() condition (PVS-Studio).. avifil32: Simplify comparing two unsigned ints (PVS-Studio).. ntdll/tests: Get rid  ...   entry to the test_volume_blocks test.. winex11.. drv: Actually report WGL_SWAP_EXCHANGE_ARB as the swap method.. drv: Add support for GLX_OML_swap_method.. d3dx9: Handle GUID_WICPixelFormat8bppGray format.. d3dx9: Use an alpha-capable format when creating textures with a color key.. d3dx9: Improve the scoring for fallback formats.. Michael Stefaniuc (17): urlmon/tests: Visually separate two if statements (PVS-Studio).. crypt32/tests: Avoid an always true ok() condition (PVS-Studio).. d3d8/tests: Remove an always false condition (PVS-Studio).. gdi32: Remove a basically unused variable (PVS-Studio).. advapi32/tests: Simplify empty string check (PVS-Studio).. shlwapi/tests: Simplify empty string check (PVS-Studio).. msi: Simplify check for an empty string (PVS-Studio).. shell32: Simplify check for empty string (PVS-Studio).. wininet: Simplify the check for an empty string (PVS-Studio).. riched20/tests: Simplify the check for an empty string (PVS-Studio).. gameux: Simplify the check for an empty string (PVS-Studio).. mciwave: Simplify the check for an empty string (PVS-Studio).. crypt32/tests: Remove an unused assignment (PVS-Studio).. oleaut32/tests: Simplify the check for an empty string (PVS-Studio).. avifil32: Simplify the check for an empty string (PVS-Studio).. appwiz.. cpl: Simplify the check for an empty string (PVS-Studio).. fusion/tests: Simplify the check for an empty string (PVS-Studio).. Nikolay Sivov (21): msvcr120: Added VS2013 CRT dll.. dwrite: Map Mac language id to locale name.. dwrite: Remove null checks for family and collection pointers, those are always set now.. dwrite/tests: Some tests for custom font collections.. dwrite: Fix setting oblique simulation on font creation.. dwrite: Fix compiler warning regarding unsigned type of enum member.. dwrite: Implement GetFaceNames().. dwrite: Implement remaining methods of IDWriteLocalizedStrings.. dpnet/tests: Fix a test failure caused by uninitialized argument.. user32/tests: Use win_skip() where appropriate.. dwrite: Don't cache fontface instance in font data.. dwrite: File and factory are always set now for all collections.. dwrite: Added a separate helper to fill font metrics structure.. dwrite: Use public APIs to get file streams from fontface.. dwrite: Implement GetMetrics() for fontface.. dwrite: Implement GetMetrics() for DWRITE_FONT_METRICS1.. dwrite: Added a basic test for TryGetFontTable().. dwrite: Respond to IID_IDWriteTextLayout1 too.. dwrite: Implement ConvertFontToLOGFONT().. include: Add a couple more defines for D3DPRESENT_* flags.. dwrite: Remove OpenType language id from cache.. Piotr Caban (6): msvcp110: Add codecvt::length export.. user32: Move IME window procedure to user32.. msvcrt: Initialize file descriptor critical section.. msvcrt: Rename msvcrt_get_ioinfo function.. msvcrt: Use fd critical section in _commit.. msvcrt: Use fd critical section in _close.. Qian Hong (2): user32: Add more exception handlings for timer callbacks.. user32/tests: Test exception handling for timer callbacks.. Sebastian Lackner (20): iphlpapi: Add stub for CancelMibChangeNotify2.. iphlpapi: Add stub for NotifyIpInterfaceChange.. user32: Fix invalid argument passed to ExtCreateRegion.. kernel32: Set proper error codes if FindFirstFileExW doesn't support specific search_ops / levels.. winealsa.. drv: Avoid endless loop if registry keys are not accessible.. kernel32: Implement FindFirstFileExW level FindExInfoBasic.. kernel32/tests: Add tests for FindFirstFileExW level FindExInfoBasic.. usp10: Silence repeated GSUB_apply_ChainContext[Subst|Pos] FIXMEs.. user32/tests: Add tests for MsgWaitForMultipleObjectsEx.. exe: Fix incorrect interpretation of SIB byte when parsing x86 opcode.. krnl386.. exe16: Fix incorrect interpretation of SIB byte when parsing x86 opcode.. d3dx9_36: Implement D3DXCreatePolygon.. d3dx9_36/tests: Add tests for D3DXCreatePolygon.. d3dx9_36/tests: Remove code to skip test which should never fail.. ntdll/tests: Add basic tests for Rtl[Add|Remove]VectoredContinueHandler.. ntdll: Implement Rtl[Add|Remove]VectoredContinueHandler semi-stubs.. d3dx9_36: Allow NULL pointer for optional arguments of D3DXIntersectTri.. psapi/tests: Add tests for GetPerformanceInfo function.. kernel32: Fix implementation of K32GetPerformanceInfo.. Stefan Dösinger (15): d3d9/tests: Check if the current display settings match the registry settings.. d3d8/tests: Check if the current display settings match the registry settings.. d3d9/tests: The device restores the mode settings from the registry.. d3d8/tests: The device restores the mode settings from the registry.. ddraw/tests: Check if the current display settings match the registry settings.. ddraw/tests: Fix some COM macro versions in test_coop_level_mode_set.. d3d9/tests: Fix some wndproc comparison error messages.. d3d8/tests: Fix some wndproc comparison error messages.. d3d9/tests: Allow passing a resolution to reset_device.. ddraw/tests: Rename modes and rectangles in test_coop_level_mode_set.. ddraw/tests: Ddraw restores the mode settings from the registry.. d3d/tests: Test fog interpolation.. d3d9/tests: Allow passing a resolution to reset_device in d3d9ex.. d3d8/tests: Allow passing a resolution to reset_device.. wined3d: Add new D3DCREATE flags.. Vincent Povirk (9): windowscodecs: Fix race condition loading libpng.. windowscodecs: Treat missing GUID list keys as empty.. windowscodecs: Implement MetadataReaderInfo_GetContainerFormats.. windowscodecs: Implement MetadataReaderInfo_GetPatterns.. windowscodecs: Implement MetadataReaderInfo_MatchesPattern.. windowscodecs: Don't check undefined memory in tests on Wine.. windowscodecs: Implement ComponentFactory_CreateMetadataReaderFromContainer.. windowscodecs: Add fallback to unknown metadata reader.. ole32: Add support for pasting CF_BITMAP.. Yifu Wang (1): msvcp120: Added VS2013 CPP runtime dll.. YongHao Hu (1): msvcp90: Add std_Ctraits::Isnan implementation..

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  • Title: WineHQ - News
    Descriptive info: All the latest news from the Wine community.. 26 Released.. September 5, 2014.. 26 is now available.. Still more DirectWrite functions.. Improvements to the common File Dialog.. A number of C runtime improvements.. World Wine News Issue 374.. August 29, 2014.. WWN Issue 374.. 25 Released.. August 22, 2014.. 25 is now available.. Implementation of the packet capture library.. A few more DirectWrite functions.. Improvements in HTML table support.. More VBScript math functions.. World Wine News Issue 373.. August 15, 2014.. WWN Issue 373.. Why a WPcap wrapper?.. Further statistics.. 24 Released.. August 8, 2014.. 24 is now available.. Beginning of some DirectWrite classes implementation.. Initial wrapper dll for the packet capture library.. Some crypto improvements.. 23 Released.. July 25, 2014.. 23 is now available.. Better support for files drag drop.. Improvements to the HTTP cookie management.. Initial support for 64-bit Android builds.. Fixes to crypto certificates management.. World Wine News Issue 372.. July 23, 2014.. WWN Issue 372.. New WineHQ  ...   data updated to Unicode 7.. Support for interlaced PNG encoding.. Initial stub for the Packager library.. World Wine News Issue 371.. June 20, 2014.. WWN Issue 371.. 20 Released.. June 13, 2014.. 20 is now available.. X11 drag drop fixes.. A few more C/C++ runtime functions.. Fixes for various memory issues found by Valgrind.. Some OLE storage fixes.. World Wine News Issue 370.. May 23, 2014.. WWN Issue 370.. 20 will be delayed.. 19 Released.. May 16, 2014.. 19 is now available.. New JSProxy DLL for automatic proxy configuration.. More OLE Accessible Object support.. Improvements to the XML writer.. Initial headers for Direct2D support.. World Wine News Issue 369.. May 9, 2014.. WWN Issue 369.. Discussing WWNs.. MinGW-w64 targeting ARMv7.. 18 Released.. May 2, 2014.. 18 is now available.. Improved OLE Accessible Object support.. Window sizing improvements in the Mac driver.. A few more MSHTML functions.. Some DirectDraw cleanups.. Next Page.. [Last Page].. World Wine News Archive.. WineHQ News RSS Feed..

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  • Title: WineHQ - News - Wine 1.7.31 Released
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  • Title: WineHQ - News - World Wine News Issue 379
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