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  • Title: The Home of Yakima Regional Clean Air Agency
    Descriptive info: .. Current News Items.. View site map.. Contact us for info.. Sign up for Burn Ban E-Mail Updates.. Enter your E-Mail..

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  • Title: Burn Ban Information
    Descriptive info: Burn Ban Information.. Goals of Burn Bans.. The goals are to:.. 1.. Protect public health and inform the public that wood burning:.. ·.. Is causing prolonged pollution levels that could threaten to exceed air quality standards,.. Is affecting public health, and.. Must be temporarily prohibited at some level, depending on the level of burn ban called.. 2.. Help meet the 24-hour fine particulate (PM.. 5.. ) National Ambient Air Quality Standard (NAAQS).. Background.. RCW 70.. 94.. 473 specifies the criteria for declaring burn bans.. The intent of the law is to utilize a two-stage program as an important tool in an effort to public health and to meet the NAAQS.. However, when meteorological and air quality conditions are changing rapidly, agencies are allowed to issue a Stage 2 burn ban without first calling a Stage 1.. Pollution levels from wood smoke often increase at different rates based on:.. Meteorological conditions,.. Topography,.. Mix of pollution sources,.. Population density, and.. People s behaviors.. Declaring a Burn Ban.. YRCAA has responsibility for declaring, ending, and changing burn bans in its jurisdiction and has appropriate staff available for burn ban decisions seven days a week.. When deciding whether to declare a burn ban, we consider how long the ban is expected to be needed.. If a ban is not expected to last for at least 24 hours, we may decide not to declare one.. Stage 1 Burn Bans.. A Stage 1 burn ban:.. Is based on meteorological conditions; and.. Is intended to reduce emissions from fireplaces, uncertified wood stoves, and other home heating devices that use wood, coal or other solid fuels to avoid  ...   2 Burn Bans.. A Stage 2 burn ban:.. Is based on both meteorological conditions and monitored air quality; and.. Is intended to stop the use of all solid fuel burning devices (including certified wood stoves and pellet stoves) except where they are the only adequate source of heat.. During a Stage 2 burn ban:.. The use of all fireplaces, uncertified and certified wood stoves, and other home heating devices that use wood, coal or other solid fuels is prohibited; and.. Any solid fuel device may be used in a dwelling which has no *adequate source of heat without burning solid fuel.. *Adequate source of heat means a source other than a solid fuel burning device which has the ability to maintain 70 degrees F at a point three feet above the floor in all normally inhabited areas of the dwelling.. We will declare a Stage 2 burn ban when:.. PM.. levels met or exceeded 25 μg/m.. measured on a 24-hour basis;.. Meteorological conditions have caused PM.. levels to rise sharply; and.. Meteorological conditions are highly likely to prevent sufficient dispersion of fine particulate.. Ending or Changing a Burn Ban.. When air quality and meteorological conditions improve, burn bans will be called off or changed from a Stage 2 to a Stage 1.. Improved conditions are those that will increase dispersion and cause the predicted 24-hour PM.. running average to remain below 25 μg/m.. for at least the next 48 hours.. To end a burn ban, we must be confident that the ban will stay off for at least 48 hours.. Otherwise, we will continue the appropriate level of burn ban..

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  • Title: Burn Information Center
    Descriptive info: Sign Up for our E-Mail Burn Ban Updates Today.. Enter your E-Mail Here.. For a map of Washington State air monitor locations and links to the monitor sites,.. click here.. (note: it may take a minute to load page).. WASHINGTON WILDFIRE AND SMOKE INFORMATION.. Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames.. Help us to serve you better by.. Clicking Here.. and send us an E-Mail with your suggestions..

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  • Title: Woodstove Rebate Information 2013
    Descriptive info: Woodstove Rebate Information.. In Order to Qualify for the 2013-15 Wood Stove Rebate Program:.. You must own your own home or rental property.. You must have an old, uncertified Wood Stove or Wood Stove Fireplace Insert.. Coal-fueled heating devices also qualify.. You must use at least 2 cords of wood (or equivalent) per year for residential heating.. You must live in an Urban Growth Area of Yakima County.. 5.. Prior to the purchase of a new heating device, you must submit to YRCAA a completed and signed Wood Stove Rebate Voucher, a completed and signed IRS Form W-9 and a photograph (digital preferred) of your old stove, before it is disconnected.. [Digital pictures can also be sent via email to.. michelle@yrcaa.. org.. List Your Name and Rebate Picture in the subject line.. ].. 6.. That's it! Apply now, while funds are still available.. When grant funds are exhausted, or on June 30.. th.. , 2015 whichever comes first, the program will be over.. View The Woodstove Change Out Spot From KIMA.. CLICK HERE.. Instructions for FY2013 (2013-2015).. Woodstove Rebate Applicants.. Complete a Wood Stove Rebate Voucher, available at the Yakima Regional Clean Air Office, 329 North 1st Street, Yakima, WA, 98901.. Note: This must be done prior to purchase of a new heating device.. Complete and sign an IRS Form W-9, Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification , which is also available at the YRCAA office.. Bring a picture of your old (uncertified) Wood Stove or Wood Stove Fireplace Insert before it is removed.. The picture must show it in its normal operating position.. Submit the signed and completed Wood Stove Rebate Voucher, accompanied by the completed and signed IRS Form W-9 and the photograph to the Yakima Regional Clean Air (YRCAA) office in person.. YRCAA must receive the original forms with signatures.. Once all the above information is received by YRCAA, it will be reviewed to verify that you qualify for our Wood Stove Rebate program (see qualification  ...   the necessary permit is required.. Your vendor of choice will help you with those arrangements.. Your old Wood Stove or Insert.. must be recycled.. at one of our two recycling partners.. Your vendor or installer can assist you with these arrangements.. Fill out your portion of the Certificate of Destruction, which your vendor will provide you, including all signatures and required attachments.. We do not accept incomplete applications.. In preparation for recycling, completely clean out the old wood burning device (including fire brick and ash) before installer comes.. The installer shall remove the door before turning it in for recycling.. If this is not done, the recycler will not sign the certificate.. Certificates that are not signed by the recycler are invalid.. Your installer will deliver the old wood burning device to one of our approved recycling facilities: Pacific Steel Recycling or Poor Boy s Auto Wrecking; if self-installing, deliver the old stove to the recycler and have the recycler sign off on the Certificate of Destruction.. Voucher holder (you) will also receive a four-minute DVD about burning practices, and must sign off on having watched it.. Then, bring the vendor sales invoice and installer invoices, or permits, if self-installed, along with the voucher coupon to Yakima Regional Clean Air Agency Office at.. 329 N.. st.. St.. Yakima.. ,.. WA.. 98902.. The Rebate check will be sent to voucher holders in the mail.. about four to six weeks after completed paperwork is submitted.. All arrangements and responsibility for purchase and installation are between you (the home owner) and the vendor and installer.. YRCAA will only send your rebate check after the installation is complete and all required paperwork has been received by YRCAA.. Complete instructions will accompany your Voucher.. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact either Michelle or Dave at the YRCAA office, phone number: (509) 834-2050.. Wood Stove Change-Out Program.. IRS Form W-9 English.. (click here).. IRS Forma.. W-9 Espanol.. (haga clic aquí)..

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  • Title: Site Map
    Descriptive info: Site Map.. This Site Map has been recently updated.. Main.. Home.. About Us.. Our Staff.. Our Services.. Information.. Event Calendar.. News Events.. Resources / Links.. Employment Opportunities.. Help Support.. F.. A.. Q.. Contact Us..

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  • Title: Contact Us
    Descriptive info: Our Business Hours are from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday.. Our Office is closed Weekends and Holidays.. NAME.. CLASS.. POSITION.. RESPONSIBILITY.. EXT.. Pruitt, Gary.. Executive Director Air Pollution Control Officer.. Responsible for all programs activities conducted by YRCAA.. Reports directly to the Board of Directors.. 103.. Walker, Patty.. ASII.. Office Manager.. Oversees front office operations, Public Records, HR activities acts as the Clerk for the Board of Directors.. 102.. Caprile, Dave.. Public.. Program Manager.. Develops implements public education outreach programs projects acts as interagency liaison.. Oversees Northwest Opacity Certification program.. 110.. Blanchard, Michelle.. AAI.. Assistant.. Serves as Agency Receptionist and provides administrative assistance to the Public.. Program.. 100.. Tahat, Hasan.. DSI.. Division Supervisor.. Oversees engineering, permitting planning programs activities.. Acts as primary  ...   Network Systems.. Administers.. W.. ebsite, and Phone equipment acts as Compliance backup.. 115.. Hurley, Keith.. Oversees compliance air monitoring programs activities.. 112.. Harrington, Dustin.. Complaints Program Manager.. Oversees agency response to air pollution.. complaints.. , conducts air monitoring industrial inspections.. 108.. Gray, Ron.. AQSII.. Inspection Manager.. Oversees the conduct of Northwest Opacity Certification Program, Stationary Source Inspections conducts complaint response.. 109.. Edler, Mark.. Compliance Inspector.. 113.. Owen, Christa.. Fiscal Programs Manager.. Manages all Fiscal Programs, Payroll, Accounts Payable and Receivable, Budget verification and acts as Enterprise Operations Administrative Specialist.. 104.. Complaints Line.. 509-834-2050.. Call this number to leave a complaint, or.. Click Here.. to send one via E-Mail.. YRCAA Voice.. Main Voice Line.. YRCAA Fax.. 509-834-2060.. Fax Number.. Toll Free Number.. 1-800-540-6950.. YRCAA Toll Free Number..

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  • Title: No Idle Zone
    Descriptive info: No-Idle Zones.. =.. Cleaner Air.. For Schools.. Stop unnecessary vehicle idling to improve air quality and respiratory health around your school.. This free, turn-key program shows you how.. A great deal of idling takes place at schools, no one wants their children breathing exhaust, and yet a great deal of idling takes place at schools, and the children end up breathing the exhaust where buses and cars line up to drop off and pick up children.. Children are especially susceptible to the harmful effects of vehicle exhaust.. Stopping unnecessary vehicle idling is one relatively easy way to contribute to improved air quality and respiratory health in our communities.. Consider the following:.. Children breathe 50 percent more air per pound than adults.. Asthma is the third  ...   increases the risk of death from heart and lung disease and lung cancer.. Because a single vehicle dropping off and picking up kids at one school puts three pounds of pollution into the air per month, stopping unnecessary vehicle idling is one relatively easy way to contribute to improved air quality and respiratory health in our communities.. If you are interested in implementing a.. No Idle Zone.. program at your school or adapting it for another organization, our agency can help with advice and consultation, signs and other collateral.. Program coordinators could be a teacher, parent, PTA group, student group or other interested party.. To download your Anti-Idling tool kit with templates to start you own program, click on the following link:.. http://www.. airwatchnw.. org/anti-idling-programs/..

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  • Title: News
    Descriptive info: YRCAA Quarterly Community Information Forum.. is inviting public suggestions and public participation.. Click here for details.. Click here to go to our Community Air Quality Forum pages.. Next meeting - January 13, 2014 (1:00 - 3:00 p.. m.. )..

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  • Title: About Us
    Descriptive info: Our Vision.. :.. An unceasing commitment to build and maintain partnerships in the continuous improvement of air quality for all current and future generations in Yakima County.. Left to right: Hasan Tahat, Teresa Coons, Keith Hurley, Gary Pruitt, Patty Walker, Dustin Harrington, Mark Edler, Quatandra Jarvis, Ron Gray, Michelle Blanchard, Dave Caprile, Christa Owen, Carl Brookshire.. August 2011.. Be sure to read our Director's State of the Air Report for 2014.. ì.. HOW WE'RE ORGANIZED - WHO'S IN CHARGE.. The Yakima Air Quality Governing Board of Directors is comprised of five elected members.. The Board establishes policy and approves new rules.. The Board meets the 2nd Thursday of each month.. The Executive Director represents and directs the agency on a daily basis and reports directly to the Board of Directors.. The Executive Director also supervises the Executive Office Division.. YRCAA Division Supervisors oversee the daily workings of the Engineering and Planning and Compliance and Monitoring Divisions.. OUR GOVERNING BOARD OF DIRECTORS: ITS MAKE UP.. The YRCAA governing.. Board of Directors.. consists of two representatives of County Commissioners; one large city representative (usually the mayor of the City of Yakima); one small city representative (elected by the City Selection committee); and one member-at-large (selected by the other four Board Members).. Each Board Member selects an alternate who serves in their place, should they be unable to attend a Board Meeting.. Board Meetings are traditionally held the second Wednesday of each month.. Special Board Meetings are scheduled as needed.. OUR WEB SITE.. This Web site is designed to be an informational resource for businesses and the general communities of Yakima County.. Here we provide information spanning everything from burn ban notices to today's air conditions to permits which can be downloaded right from our site.. Our intent to provide customer service is reflected on this website.. We encourage and welcome your questions and concerns in order to better serve you, our fellow stake-holders.. A LONG TRADITION.. In July, 1967, Yakima Regional Clean Air Authority (YRCAA), formerly known as Yakima County Clean Air Authority, a municipal corporation, became an activated local air authority per RCW 70.. 081 by the Board of Yakima county commissioners.. In February, 1968, an official fund for the Yakima County Clean Air Authority was established with the County Treasurer and Auditor.. The Authority contracted with Yakima County for its Personnel and Payroll services until December 31, 2003.. On January 1, 2004, YRCAA became an independent agency, no longer contracting for support services with Yakima County.. Bill Kramer was the first Executive Director/Air Pollution control Officer (APCO) for the Authority from 1967 to 1972.. Bob Crossland served from 1972 to 1989 and Tom Silva served from 1989 to 1995.. Les Ornelas served from 1995 to March, 2006.. Lawrence Odell served from April to  ...   in the air.. For health reasons, we are most concerned with inhalant particulate matter less than 2.. 5 microns in diameter (PM.. ), which can permanently lodge in the deepest, most sensitive areas of the lung and cause respiratory and other health problems.. WHAT WE DO.. Our mission is to protect the people and the environment of Yakima County from the effects of air pollution.. The Yakima Regional Clean Air Authority is committed to achieving and maintaining healthful air quality throughout our jurisdiction.. This is accomplished through a comprehensive program of planning, regulation, enforcement, technical innovation, and promotion of the understanding of air quality issues.. As part of our clean air strategy, we do the following:.. Adopt rules that limit pollution, issue permits to ensure compliance, and inspect pollution sources.. Administer an Agricultural Burning Plan to preserve air quality in Yakima County, protect public health and safety, and to ensure agricultural burning, as may be necessary, continues in a safe, regulated fashion.. Inventory and assess the health risks of toxic air emissions.. Monitor the county's air quality with a variety of air quality monitoring stations.. Prepare Clean Air Plans to identify how much pollution is in our air, where it comes from, and how to control it most effectively.. Analyze the air quality impact of new businesses and land development projects.. Respond to public complaints and inquiries.. Work with other government agencies to ensure their decisions coordinate with good air quality programs.. Help individuals and businesses understand and comply with federal, State, and local air pollution control laws.. Inform the public about air quality conditions and health implications.. Issue permits to build, alter and operate equipment to companies under our jurisdiction that either cause, contribute to, or control air pollution.. FUNDING SOURCES AND USES.. Much of the YRCAA revenue comes through the permitting process, from fees paid by businesses and industries that have the potential to produce air pollution.. Other funding sources include state and/or federal grants.. Northwest Opacity Certification, an enterprise of YRCAA, also produces revenue, all proceeds of which contribute to fund both our air program and public education.. HOW TO REACH US.. We are here to serve our stakeholders by protecting and enhancing Yakima County air.. Our constituency is made up of private individuals, business and industry and public offices.. We invite all interested parties to participate in our desire to improve our program by contributing input and ideas in a collaborative effort to create partnership in a common goal.. The new Yakima Regional Clean Air Agency Office is located at 329 N.. 1st St.. , right across the street from Mel's Diner, next to the Brad Mellotte Law Office.. Stop in and meet our staff.. Director Pruitt's 2013 State of the Air Report to the Communities.. 2014 Director's Message..

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  • Title: Meet Our Staff
    Descriptive info: Meet Our Staff.. Gary Pruitt:.. Executive Director / APCO.. Gary has been the Executive Director for the Yakima Regional Clean Air Agency since October, 2006.. Immediately prior.. to accepting this position, he had only briefly returned to YRCAA as Compliance Supervisor, having taken a two year hiatus from the Agency, during which time he owned and operated an environmental consulting business.. Previously, his experience with YRCAA included compliance staff supervision, air monitoring, business assistance, public education, permitting, planning and administrative duties in his capacity as Operations Manager.. Gary spent five years, prior to that, in the asbestos abatement industry, conducting and overseeing asbestos removal projects.. Gary is accredited as an AHERA Asbestos Building Inspector and is approved as a classroom instructor for all AHERA Asbestos Disciplines by both EPA and WISHA, and holds an EPA Method 9 Emissions Evaluation Certificate.. Gary served his country in the United States Air Force and has lived in the Yakima area most of his life.. E-Mail:.. gary@yrcaa.. Michelle Blanchard:.. Agency Receptionist, Administrative Assistant and Woodstove Change Out Coordinator.. Michelle came to YRCAA in 08.. Michelle provides clerical and administrative support to the Public Information Officer and the Office Administrator.. After attending.. Western.. Washington.. University.. , majoring in Political Science; she moved to.. Alaska.. , and there served seven summer seasons with the Trail of 98 Museum as an Information Specialist and Education Director.. She spent 15 years as a Home Educator during the school season, before transplanting to.. from.. Skagway.. in 2006.. At YRCCA, Michelle will most likely be the one answering your phone call, sharing information, or retrieving that elusive file.. Carl Brookshire:.. Air Quality Specialist, Information Technology Manager,.. Webmaster.. Carl has been an Air Quality Specialist with the Yakima Regional Clean Air Agency since 2004.. He is a member of the compliance team and performs air quality inspections.. He has received additional training through the California Air Resources Board Air Quality Program, and maintains a current EPA Method 9 Emissions Certificate.. In addition, Carl is also the agency s Network Administrator and Webmaster.. He has also assisted the Northwest Opacity Certification team operation as operator, maintenance specialist and field assistant.. After having served in the US Army and, Army National Guard for twenty-three years, Carl earned an A.. Degree in Machine Shop Technology from Walla Walla Community College.. carl@yrcaa.. David Caprile:.. Executive Division Supervisor; Public Information Officer.. Dave is currently the Executive Division Supervisor and the Public Information Officer for the Yakima Regional Clean Air Agency.. Dave oversees the Executive Division personnel and programs.. As spokesperson for the agency, Dave responds to all public and media inquiries and oversees public outreach activities.. He supervises the annual Woodstove Rebate program and grants.. He also provides backup IT support.. Dave was hired in 2005 to assist in the Northwest Opacity Certification program.. Dave continues to be part of the teaching team for the Initial Certification course.. His previous background has been in the private sector, having owned and operated his own business.. Dave holds a B.. from California State University at Hayward and served in the United States Army from 1966-70.. david@yrcaa.. Mylene Gueneron:.. Air Quality Engineer / Planner.. Mylene Graduated from Washington State University with a MS in Environmental Engineering (Major in Air Quality) and from EPF (Sceaux, France) with a MS in General Engineering.. After being a  ...   he joined the Agency, and is part of the teaching team for the Initial Certification course.. His previous experience includes computer and electronics repair and installation.. Ron holds an A.. from Yakima Valley Community College and has received additional training through the California Air Resources Board Air Quality training program.. ron@yrcaa.. Dustin Harrington:.. Dustin joined the Yakima Regional Clean Air Agency in March of 2007 as an Air Quality Specialist.. He performs inspections and manages complaints as part of the Compliance Staff.. Dustin is also part of the Northwest Opacity Certification Team.. dustin@yrcaa.. Keith M.. Hurley:.. Supervisor, Compliance Air Monitoring Division.. Keith joined the YRCAA team in March of 2007 as an Air Quality Specialist.. In February of 2008 he was promoted to the Supervisor Position for the Compliance and Air Monitoring Division.. Prior to his hiring, Keith spent two years as a Physical Science Officer in the Department of the Navy s Nuclear Propulsion Program.. From 1981 through 2004 he served the United States Army on Active Duty and as a member of the Active Reserves as an Aviator and Safety Officer.. He is a veteran of Operation Desert Shield/ Desert Storm, Operation Uphold Democracy, and Operation Enduring Freedom.. His Military Awards include the Air Medal with V Device, Senior Aviator Badge, Parachutist Badge, and Air Assault Badge.. Keith also possesses a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health and Fitness Development from Central Washington University.. keith@yrcaa.. Christa Owen:.. Fiscal Programs Manager, NOC Program Support, Special Projects Support.. Christa started working for Yakima Regional Clean Air Agency in July 2009 to take over registration and bookkeeping for the Northwest Opacity Certification Program.. In 2010 She became the Fiscal Programs Manager for the Agency.. She is also an Administrative Assistant.. for the Compliance Division.. Christa graduated from Central Washington University in 1998 with a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting, and has been a CPA since 1999.. Prior to joining YRCAA she spent six years in Public Accounting.. christa@yrcaa.. Hasan Tahat, Ph.. D:.. Engineering and Planning Division Supervisor.. Title V Permitting, Major and Minor New Source Reviews (NSR) permits, Registration, Synthetic Minor sources, Technical Assistance, and backup for the Air Pollution Control Officer ( APCO).. Hasan joined the Yakima Regional Clean Air Agengy as an Engineer in 1997.. He is currently the Engineering and Planning Division Supervisor.. He is ultimately responsible for all major and minor source permits issued through the Agency.. Permitting includes engineering calculations and the critical assessment of all major and minor New Source Reviews (NSR) and Title V permits, in accordance with the Clean Air Act.. Hasan also oversees the Planning section within YRCAA.. A native of Jordan, Hasan is fluent in several languages.. Hasan holds a Doctorate in Environmental Engineering from Nagasaki University, Japan.. hasan@yrcaa.. Patty Walker:.. Administrative Specialist, Human Resources Manager, Board and Executive Director Secretary, Office Manager, Front Office Supervisor.. Patty became part of the Yakima County Clean Air Agency front office staff in 1996, seeing the Agency through its name change and working for three Air Pollution Control Officers.. Patty is currently the Office Staff Supervisor and Administrative Assistant to the Director.. She also provides public records management support.. Patty earned an AA Degree from Yakima Valley Community College in Management and Supervision, and is fluent in Gregg shorthand, much to the chagrin of her grandchildren at Christmas.. patty@yrcaa..

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  • Title: Website Template
    Descriptive info: Services.. Here you will see a list of our Services, whenever we get that going?.. Notes Area.. You can edit this area with your own text or add links or small images here as well.. Contact us..

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