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  • Title: Ya Ya | Youth Activists - Youth Allies
    Descriptive info: .. Skip to main content.. Search form.. Search.. Home.. About.. Mission.. Staff.. Ya-Ya in the news.. Military Recruiting.. Alternatives to the Military.. What Recruiters Don t Tell You.. Getting out of the Delayed Entry Program.. Recruiters in Schools Got You Pissed Off?.. Articles About Recruiters in Schools.. School Policies in Other Cities.. NYC Chancellor s Regulation on Recruiters in Schools.. Government Documents You Should See for Yourself.. Calendar.. ADD AN EVENT.. Opportunities.. Going to College.. Things To Do.. Where To Get Help.. Contact us.. ABOUT YA-YA.. LEARN ABOUT THE ISSUES.. TAKE ACTION.. 1.. 2.. 3.. Featured Opportunities.. Ya-Ya is seeking youth organizers activists!.. The Ya-Ya Network is currently looking for smart, passionate and motivated young people (15-19 years old) with a strong interest in activism/social justice/community organizing.. We want youth with an eye for injustice and an impatience to see positive change in their communities.. Learn more.. Deadline:January 10th, 2014.. Featured Event.. YA-YA Youth Joined With Organizations from the Dignity in Schools Campaign  ...   arrests and suspensions in our New York City Public schools, advocating for guidance interventions and support for students and school staff!.. DID YOU KNOW?.. Nationwide, over 3 million students are suspended out of school each year.. In New York City in 2010-2011, there were 73,441 suspensions in public schools.. Students with disabilities in NYC are four times more likely to be suspended than students without disabilities.. LBTQ students are four times more likelyt o be suspended than their peers.. More than 38,000 Black students are suspended every year in NYC, and the majority are male.. Event Calendar.. February.. S.. M.. T.. W.. F.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. 10.. 11.. 12.. 13.. 14.. 15.. 16.. 17.. 18.. 19.. 20.. 21.. 22.. 23.. 24.. 25.. 26.. 27.. 28.. Sign Up for Action Alert.. coming soon.. Request a Workshop.. Twitter Updates.. Ya-Ya Network.. Youth Activists Youth Allies (212) 239-0022 info@yayanetwork.. org.. User login.. Username.. *.. Password.. Request new password.. Contact Us..

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  • Title: Anti-War Talk: Invisible Wars Screening | Ya Ya
    Descriptive info: Anti-War Talk: Invisible Wars Screening.. Send by email.. The YA-YA Network will be hosting a movie screening of the documentary Invisible War.. We are hosting a movie screening with food, drinks and critical conversations around sexual violence in the military at 5PM on Thursday, June 27th.. We are meeting at our location at 224 W 29st between 7 8 avenue, 14FL New York, NY 10001.. The Invisible War is an Academy Award-nominated film that explores the sexual and gendered violence that  ...   raped or sexually assaulted and the consequences they face afterwards.. This film creates alarm on the gendered violence that women face; today, a female soldier in Iraq or Afghanistan is more likely to be raped by.. a fellow soldier than killed by enemy fire.. During the event there will be snacks and a short discussion about the issue that is at hand which is the violation of women rights in the United States military.. Check out the trailer:.. http://www.. youtube.. com/.. watch?v=ECOqpv45tIo..

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  • Title: About The Ya Ya Network | Ya Ya
    Descriptive info: About The Ya Ya Network.. The Ya-Ya Network is a citywide anti-racist, anti-sexist organization and allies with the LGBTQ community.. Ya-Ya is staffed by young activists ages 15-19.. We work with other youth, adult allies, youth programs activist organizations.. We are youth driven non profit organization that works in counter military recruitment, with the.. Dignity in Schools.. campaign, and many movements that are fighting against socio-political oppression like the Stop Stop-and-Frisk movement, anti-deportation and immigration reform work, as well as accountability campaigns such as the.. Community  ...   support the work that other groups are doing.. We want to build a stronger voice for young people in the movement for social economic justice.. Our mission is to provide training to prepare young people to become the next generation of activists in the movement for social and economic justice.. We provide resources for political education, activist training and alternatives to the military.. About the Ya-Ya Network.. Ya-Ya Staff.. About The Rose Sherle Wagner Foundation.. Network Connect.. Youtube.. Twitter.. Facebook.. Flickr.. In.. Tumblr.. Related Pages.. ,..

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  • Title: Ya Ya Staff | Ya Ya
    Descriptive info: Ya Ya Staff.. Youth at the Ya-Ya Network political education program are from 15-19 years old.. The staff are predominantly organizers of color and generally 1/2 of the staff identify as LGBTQ, and the majority of the staff are women.. We are a youth driven organization that maximizes the potential for involvement and ownership of the work we do in our communities.. Amy Wagner - Executive Director.. amy@yayanetwork.. org.. Amy Wagner joined the social justice movement when she was marching in utero to ban the bomb.. Amy spent her formative activist years during the the anti-apartheid and Latin American solidarity movements.. With a masters degree in Social Work from New York University, she worked for many years as a social worker in alternative public high schools.. She founded YA-YA Network in 1998, and in its fourteenth cycle, the program is still cultivating the next generation of young activists.. Amy also has served as the director of the Rose Sherle Wagner Foundation since 1997.. Denise Romero - Youth Trainer Mentor.. denise@yayanetwork.. Denise Romero Franco.. is an undocumented [unapologetic unafraid] immigrant, born and raised in Mexico, now residing in Queens, New York.. She is a former participant of Global Kids and alumni of the Ya-Ya Network where she worked in counter military recruitment, organizing against the revoking of student metrocards and educational justice work.. She studies at the City University of New York majoring in Latin American Studies.. She was formerly a campus organizer with New York Students Rising and Students United for a Free CUNY, fighting against budget cuts and tuition increases.. She is now working in political education and activist training using a popular education model and focusing on youth empowerment.. She is currently working with the Migrant Power Alliance, Radical Arts Collective, and a NYC based Feminist/Womynist Collective.. She is a vegetarian and a self-proclaimed artist and writer.. Julian Guerrero - Youth Trainer Mentor.. julian@yayanetwork.. Born and raised in Queens, David Julian Guerrero is the first child of two that belong to Colombian immigrants who arrived to the United States in the last century.. Brought up in a small one bedroom apartment with a family of four, he spent a lot of time learning and playing alongside his younger sister as the family spent many months traveling between New York City and Colombia.. Once in High School, he became conscious of the world around him following the dramatic events in the early 2000's.. Since then he has become a dedicated political activist and community organizer.. He has been deeply involved with organizations that have fought against austerity and have that organized for Worker's, Immigrant's, and Student's rights and community empowerment.. He is a senior at CUNY Hunter College majoring in Sociology.. He plans to dedicate his life.. to community and labor rights organizing and empowerment.. Sharmin Hossain - Youth Trainer Mentor.. sharmin@yayanetwork.. Sharmin  ...   work and creating alternatives.. She is a founder and member of the Organization for a Free Society.. hopes to begin an herbal healing practice and combine that with.. grassroots organizing by providing healing resources for the.. movement.. lives in a commune in Brooklyn, NY and is from Jersey City, NJ.. Suzanne C.. Persard - Program Director.. suzanne@yayanetwork.. Persard.. is a queer Jamaican, Bronx-born bred writer activist (and a die-hard Yankees fan!).. Literature ink inspires her, as do movements inciting the decolonization of our world, centralizing LGBTQ rights, and fighting gender-based oppression.. Suzanne has prioritized the work of LGBTQ issues and reproductive justice in the Indo-Caribbean community in her role as a founding member of Jahajee Sisters.. Working with the phenomenal LGBTQ youth of color at the YA-YA Network is a dream come true for her.. A self-proclaimed alter ego of Charlie Brown (though her friends affirm she's more Snoopy), writing has been her first love for as long as she can remember.. Shalena Broadnax Krumm - Organizational Development Consultant.. shalena@yayanetwork.. Shalena Broadnax Krumm.. is committed to her native hometown of Brooklyn, NY.. She began her social justice path at the age of 17, as a YA-YA Network youth activist.. Shalena.. spent the next few years working on youth leadership with organizations like The Door, Global Kids, Scenarios USA, and Save the Children-M.. alawi, which focuses on strengthening communities and developing next generation talent.. For.. three years she worked with Echoing Green, an organization that supports over 500 social entrepreneurs and aspiring changemakers to develop careers with social impact.. There, she was able to thrive at the crossroads of social change and communications, and played a key role in the organization's rebranding and marketing initiatives.. In addition to her work with Ya-Ya Network, she.. consults with a human rights and activism organization working throughout China and Southeast Asia.. Shalena is a 2012 recipient of the Dalai Lama Fellowship, New York University Catherine B.. Reynolds Social Entrepreneurship Fellowship, Jeannette K.. Watson Fellowship and StartingBloc New York Fellowship.. She is a founding board member of Brooklyn Movement Center in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.. Ya-Ya Youth 2013:.. Naimah Iniss, Shayla Machado, Brian Dawson, Primi Akhtar, Arlene Cornejal, Cyrena Hayes, LeShone Sobers, Chantae Edwards, Samantha Ing, Andrew Opong, Georgia Owusu, Marvelous Nkrumah, Cynthia DeLeon, Emmanuel Luzon, Lily Johnson, Nancy Uddin.. Ya-Ya's 2010-11.. Zara Afridi, Khaleeq Alfred, Stormy Behlin, Kevin Davis, Jesse Graves, Lisa Flores, Melissa Kissoon, Anthony Ramirez.. Ya-Ya's 2009-10.. Ciarra Boyd, Zahyia Brown, Sajid Fernandez, Laasia Jones, Sharmin Hossain, Tracey Hobbs Jennifer Lee, Julissa Morban, Miguel Rodriguez, Denise Romero, Arleen Thelemaque.. Ya-Ya's 2008-09.. Dez Camara, Malika Evans, Tracey Hobbs, Quinn James, Michael Jones, Sabita Ramsaran, Enoel Reyes, Zaire Smalls.. Ya-Ya's 2007-08.. Juan Antigua, Adana Austin, David Emilien, Nakimuli Francis, Alexandra Manigat, David McNeil, Danielle Smith.. Ya-Ya's 2006-07.. Micheala Davis, Christine Feliciano, Sean Lewis, Adana Austin, Jessica Rivera, Farah Cruz..

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  • Title: Ya-Ya in the News | Ya Ya
    Descriptive info: Ya-Ya in the News.. New York Students Call on City Mayoral Candidates to End School-to-Prison Pipeline at School Safety Climate Hearing.. Counter Recruiting Victory: NYPD Rescinds Policy Barring 1st Amendment Activity in Front of Schools.. The Re-militarized Zone - New York Press.. The New York Times New York Region The Right to Distribute Leaflets in Front of Schools Is Upheld.. YA-YA's in Brooklyn: A Tug of War for Potential Recruits http://thebrooklynink.. com/2009/12/25/6451-a-tug-of-war-for-potential-recruits/.. High School Army Recruiters Challenged by NYCLU | Columbia Spectator.. NYPD Rescinds Anti-Free Speech Policy At City Schools.. Not Your Soldier : The NewStandard: Activists Pose  ...   Kamenetz.. Calling All Soldiers: Military Recruiters Face Resistance From Young Anti-War Activists.. Ya-Ya Network v.. City of New York (Defending right to peacefully demonstrate in front of NYC public schools).. Grit TV "Are the Kids All Right?".. Know Before You Go.. New York Amsterdam News Calling All Soldiers Military recruiters face resistance from young anti-war activists.. YM Stories Magazine 21 Coolest girls in America.. Now Chelsea Protesters Give the Raspberry to Trader Joe's Florida Tomatoes.. Metro News Military recruiters in schools under fire.. The New York Times The Right to Distribute Leaflets In Front of Schools Is Upheld..

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  • Title: Get A Life...Alternative Ways to Meet Your Goals Without Joining The Military | Ya Ya
    Descriptive info: Get A Life.. Alternative Ways to Meet Your Goals Without Joining The Military.. Eventually we will have tons of information and resources on how to achieve your goals without joining the military.. In the mean time, here's a taste:.. Paying for College.. Scholarship Search Tools.. Scholarships and Grants.. Getting Ready For College.. Job Training.. Trade Schools.. Finding a Job.. Getting out of the House.. Travel.. Change the World: Living/Working/Volunteering Abroad.. Challenge Yourself.. Serving Your Country.. Other Resources.. X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X.. There are many reasons people consider joining the military.. You may be thinking about money for college, job training or the physical challenge.. You may just need to get out of the house, out of the neighborhood, out on your own.. You may want to travel, serve your country, do something meaningful with your life.. Before you sign away 8 years of your life, it is important to know what other options you have.. Yeah, it’s a pain to do the research to find these options but there.. are.. good options out there that don’t require that you risk your life, your personal freedom or your peace of mind.. The government provides financial aid to help students pay for college.. In addition, there are MILLIONS of $$$ in scholarship grants, if you know where to look for them.. Start by checking out your state’s financial aid.. States have their own financial aid programs in addition to Federal financial aid.. NY State Financial Aid Info.. FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) Apply for student financial aid from the federal government, including Pell Grant, Perkins Loan, Stafford Loan work-study.. Its free.. You can download FAFSA forms in English or Spanish, get help filling out the forms and track the status of your application.. Deadline: June 30th.. www.. fafsa.. ed.. gov.. Federal Student Aid Information Center 1-800-4-FED-AID (1-800-433-3243).. There are several web tools that help you search for scholarships.. You type in info about yourself and they send you info on scholarships you could qualify for.. Important note: Many of the scholarship searches give your info to the military, so you may start getting mailings and calls from them.. Quintessential Careers.. Scholarships categorized by race and ethnicity.. Info on scholarships for students of color.. College Board Scholarship Search.. College Answer.. Free Scholarship Guide.. Info on financial aid for undocumented students.. You can also search for scholarships on your own.. Here are a few examples:.. Hispanic College Fund.. United Negro College Fund.. Scholastic Art Writing Award.. Art Design Scholarship Guide.. Good info plus list of Arts Scholarships.. Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarships.. Up to $7000 for 4 years.. Deadline: April 1st.. NASA Scholarship Programs.. Scholarships for science, aerospace etc.. Scholarships for Volunteering Community Service.. Free SAT/ACT Test Prep.. number2.. testprepreview.. CollegePrep-101.. A really helpful site to help students prepare for college.. There are other ways to get job training in the field you are interested in, without having to tie yourself to the military for 8 years.. None of the options are perfect or easy, but if you are considering joining the military, you must already be prepared to put up with a lot of restrictions and rules.. Job Corps: This program gets you out of the house, and provides academic, vocational, and social skills training you need to gain independence and get quality, long-term jobs or further your education.. jobcorps.. gov/home.. aspx.. YouthBuild: Teaches young people how to build new homes for people in need, and new lives for themselves.. Receive a combination of classroom academic and job skills development and on-site training in a construction trade.. Info: 617-623-9900,.. youthbuild.. Americorps: Jobs in all types of community programs.. Provides training, work experience, stipend and scholarships.. whttp://www.. americorps.. gov/.. Free training and job placement in NYC.. http://mtprawvwsbswtp.. nyc.. gov/Home/Index.. aspx.. YEAR UP NYC is a unique, year-long training and corporate internship program.. Earn a stipend of up to $260 per week and 10-16 free college credits.. Learn in-demand technical, financial and professional skills for 5 months.. Succeed in 6 month corporate internships with Fortune 500 companies.. Belong to a community with on-going career support and guidance.. YEAR UP is for students ages 18-24, with a high school diploma or a GED.. yearup.. org/.. Free training  ...   working with children, the elderly, or others with special needs as well as art and environmental related projects.. The fee is $235 for international camps and $100 for US camps.. The cost of the workcamp includes accommodation and meals during the project along with minimal accident insurance coverage.. You must arrange and pay for travel to and from the workcamp site.. sci-ivs.. Youth Action for Peace (YAP) is an international movement which aims for societies of justice, peace and human solidarity.. It struggles against the different forms of violence, exploitation, injustice and exclusion; against networks of ideological, religious, sexist, political, cultural and economic oppression and imbalance of natural surroundings.. It supports all those, women or men, who want to take their destiny into their own hands so as to organise collectively a responsible and liberating society.. ".. yap.. The Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations is an International Non-Governmental Youth Organization that promotes intercultural education, understanding and peace through voluntary service.. alliance-network.. eu.. Peace Brigades International:PBI is an international organization that helps countries like Guatemala, Columbia, and Indonesia promote non-violence and helps protect human rights by supporting local activists politically, without fear of repression.. PBI offers volunteer positions, paid job positions (which are limited) and internships.. peacebrigades.. Independent Volunteer: A database of volunteer work around the world organized by country and type of work.. independentvolunteer.. Global Crossroad: Global Crossroad organizes volunteer and internship programs.. globalcrossroad.. Global Volunteers: Global Volunteers organizes teams of volunteers to work in local communities and help with projects run by local leaders.. globalvolunteers.. AVSO-Association of Voluntary Service Organizations.. avso.. Council on International Education Exchange.. ciee.. org/hsabroad/gap/index.. html.. See The World: Cheap Travel.. Study, work travel abroad.. internationalcenter.. umich.. edu/swt/.. How to plan a trip abroad:.. martlink.. There are many great books in cheap travel.. You can get them at your local library or buy them used on amazon.. com for very little money.. Check out:.. Very useful book: Arthur Frommer's New World of Travel, 5th ed.. Amazon has used copies.. It has chapters like: “Volunteer Vacations for Free or Almost Free” “New Destinations for Better, Cheaper Trips” and “”Political Travel, to See for Yourself, to Widen your View.. ”.. More books:.. Transitions Abroad Alternative Travel Directory: The Complete Guide to Work, Study, Travel Overseas, by Clayton A.. Hubbs.. Finding Voluntary Work Abroad: All the Information You Need for Getting Valuable Work Experience Overseas (How-to Series) by Mark Hempshell.. How to Fly Around the World Almost for Free As an Air Courier, by William Halken.. Fly Free, Stay Cheap!: "How-To" Strategies and Tips for Free Flights Cheap Travel, by Vicki Mills.. You Can Travel Free, by Robert William Kirk.. How to Go Almost Anywhere for Almost Nothing, by Maureen Hennessy.. Encyclopedia of Cheap Travel (Updated Annually), by Terrance Zepke.. Work Worldwide: International Career Strategies for the Adventurous Job Seeker, by Nancy Mueller.. There are many ways to challenge yourself physically mentally, without joining the military.. There are other careers that command respect.. Here are some things to check out:.. Firefighter:.. http://stats.. bls.. gov/oco/ocos158.. htm.. Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics:.. gov/oco/ocos101.. Aviation School Directory: A complete directory of flight schools, aviation colleges, helicopter training, and aircraft mechanic schools.. aviationschoolsonline.. Police and Detectives:.. gov/oco/ocos160.. You don’t have to go to a foreign country kill people in order to serve your country.. Just look around.. There’s plenty that needs doing right here at home.. Check out:.. Americorps.. Public Allies.. Build On: Make a difference in your own community.. Travel to developing countries and help build schools and improve access to education.. buildon.. City Year brings together young adults, ages 17 to 24, from diverse ethnic, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds for a demanding year of full-time community service, leadership development, and civic engagement.. United in their desire to serve, their diversity, and the power of a young generation, these young leaders invest their talents and energy to critically engage their communities to solve real problems and make a positive difference in others' lives.. They provide you with Career and skill development, Weekly living stipends, assistance in finding roommates and affordable housing, A full uniform, Health insurance coverage, Child care coverage and an Education award of $4,725.. cityyear.. It's My Life.. This is a GREAT book that you can download for FREE.. Local guides to alternatives to the military:.. afsc.. org/resource/alternatives-military-service.. Great Jobs Careers (So.. California.. Attachment.. Size.. alt flyer-text only.. doc.. 72.. 5 KB..

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  • Title: What Recruiters Don't Tell You | Ya Ya
    Descriptive info: $4 Billion dollars a year is spent to convince you to enlist in the military.. (Source: Office of Management and Budget, January 2006.. ) We've all seen the ads about college money, job training, etc.. Well we did our research and found some facts that are pretty shocking.. We even tell you where we got our facts from, so you can go see for yourself.. So here’s some things recruiters don’t tell you:.. "Before You Enlist".. is a short film that gives a lot of info.. $$$ 4 College.. Racism and Sexual Harassment.. You Lose Your Basic Rights.. Discipline Living Conditions.. It’s 8 Years of Your Life.. Is it REALLY Worth Your Life?.. So What's the Alternative?.. $$$ 4 College.. Recruiters may promise you tens of thousands of free dollars for college.. But its NOT FREE- and its not automatic or guaranteed to anyone.. The Montgomery GI Bill- the law that governed college money for veterans- was SO bad that less than half of the people who joined for the college money ever saw a penny.. (Source: George Rachon, Department of Veterans Affairs quoted in: "Military Money for College: A Reality Check" by Sam Diener and Jamie Munro, 2005.. And Department of Veterans Affairs quoted in “GI Blues,” Elizabeth Farrell, Chronicle of Higher Education, May 13, 2005.. ).. This situation became so outrageous that Congress recently changed the GI Bill.. The new bill went into effect in August 2009.. In some ways the new GI bill is more generous than the old one.. But there are still problems with it.. For example:.. If you leave the military early or receive anything less than a full honorable discharge you get NO college money!!! About 1 out of every 4 get this kind of discharge.. The new GI Bill does not pay for trade school, job training programs or flight school (the old one did).. Veterans' Affairs which handles the paperwork for college money is so backed up that in 2009 less than 10% of the vets who applied got their money in time to pay for the Fall semester.. Many had to take out loans, run up their credit cards or drop out.. (Source: Washington Post, September 26, 2009).. Job Training.. Military training is designed for military jobs, not to help youget a job in the "real-world" later.. When Dick Cheney was Secretary of Defense he was blunt: "The reason to have a military is to be prepared to fight win wars.. The military is not a social-welfare agency.. It's not a jobs program.. ".. The unemployment rate for young veterans is twice as high as their peers who stayed home.. (Source: U.. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, Biennial Employment Situation of Veterans Survey, August 2005 survey, report released May 26, 2006.. ) So while some young people are in the military, their peers spend those years in college, going to trade school or getting work experience.. So they are more likely to be employed.. Racism and Sexual Harassment.. 75% of Blacks, 67% of Hispanics and other ethnic minorities reported experiencing racially offensive behavior.. Many said they believed they were given poor assignments or evaluations based on  ...   of Defense, FY08 Report on Sexual Assault in the Military).. Do you really want to trust your life to a military that protects racists and rapists?.. You Lose Your Basic Rights.. Your right to say what you think and do what you feel is right will be restricted.. Think that if you get promises in writing you are covered? The contract says "Laws and regulations that govern military personnel may change without notice to me.. Such changes may affect my status, pay, allowances, benefits and responsibilities.. REGARDLESS of the provisions of this enlistment agreement.. " (Source: Enlistment/Reenlistment Document, Armed Forces of the United States, DD Form4/1, Section 9b).. In other words, they don’t guarantee you jack!.. Discipline Living Conditions.. Do you like being bossed around? How about constantly having someone telling you what to do and how to do it? If your answer is "No" you may have a hard time adapting to military life.. They tell you how to stand, walk, dress, eat, fold your clothes, make your bed, take your shower.. They even tell you how to wipe your own a$$.. Members of the military are subject to military law 24 hours a day and disobedience (including being late and talking back) can land you in prison.. You can be punished without having the right to see a lawyer or have a trial.. Any disobedience can result in punishment.. It’s 8 Years of Your Life.. Think 4 years of high school takes a long time?.. Recruiters talk about a 2 year hitch, but the enlistment contract is for 8 years.. Once your active duty is done, you are still in the Reserves, and they can call you back up any time.. This is what has happened to thousands of the soldiers who are now in Iraq.. They thought their time was up, but they keep getting sent back.. Is it REALLY Worth Your Life?.. Recruiters may say that if you join the National Guard, or sign up for certain jobs, you won’t be in combat.. It’s a LIE! There is no such thing.. Army.. mil, the official web site of the U.. Army says "Today, every Soldier, regardless of specialty, becomes a warrior first.. " Today's casualty lists are riddled with cooks, mechanics, mail clerks - all theoretically noncombat jobs.. Think you’ll come home ok? 1 out of every 5 veterans leaving the military since 2002 has a service-related disability.. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, Biennial Employment Situation of Veterans Survey, May 26, 2006.. Army studies have shown that up to 30 percent of troops deployed to Iraq suffer from depression, anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) (Source: Washington Post, "Repeat Iraq Tours Raise Risk of PTSD, Army Finds" By Ann Scott Tyson, Wednesday, December 20, 2006; Page A19).. 1 out of every 3 homeless adults are veterans.. (Source: "Survey Confirms 'War on Terror' Veterans Are Seeking Homeless Assistance," 1/12/2005, National Center for Homeless Veterans.. In the past 10 years the percent of women veterans who are homeless has more than tripled.. (Source: "More Homeless Veterans Are Women," Philadelphia Inquirer, 4/29/06).. So What's the Alternative?.. Take a look at our Alternatives to the Military..

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  • Title: Delayed Entry Program / Future Soldiers Program | Ya Ya
    Descriptive info: Delayed Entry Program / Future Soldiers Program.. Most people join the military on the Delayed Entry Program (DEP) which was recently renames the Future Soldier Program (FSP).. Basically it means you sign up now and go later.. To be clear: There is NO penalty for withdrawing from the DEP/FSP.. People who change their minds about joining the military are under NO obligation to report to active duty.. However, one of the most common forms of serious recruiter misconduct is threatening young people who have joined the DEP/FSP and then change their minds about enlisting.. Recruiters are under a huge amount of pressure to sign up enough recruits.. If they don't make their quota they are punished, harassed and possibly re-assigned.. Recruiters don't get credit for people who enlist in the DEP/FSP until they actually show up for boot camp.. Since they have invested time and energy in each DEP/FSP recruit, if they think they are losing you, they will do or say anything to get you not to back out.. Over the years, we have had reports from students who were told that if they change their minds, they would be considered deserters in war time and could be hunted down and shot.. A student we know deliberately failed to graduate in June rather than choose between (nonexistent) penalties or being forced into the military.. When the school quietly readmitted him this Fall, the recruiter restarted his harassment and threats.. A young woman in the Bronx had 2 MP’s stationed outside her parents’ home, causing her mother to suffer a nervous collapse.. One young woman was told that if she didn't go through with her enlistment that her family would be deported.. When we contacted a recruiter about our concerns, he threatened to have us arrested by the FBI.. ALL THESE THINGS ARE LIES!! They are also serious examples of recruiter misconduct.. If you want to withdraw from the DEP/FSP, write a brief letter to the recruiting command (not your individual recruiter) of the branch of the military you signed up for (addresses below).. This letter should state that you have changed your mind about enlisting, that you are requesting “separation” and will not be reporting for induction.. You can give the reason you have changed your minds or the plans you have made instead, for example attending college, employment, family obligations etc.. However, it is not required to provide a reason for withdrawing.. The letter should indicate that you are sending a copy to your congress member.. Detailed instructions and a sample letter are available from the.. National Lawyers Guild.. This letter should be sent by certified mail, return receipt requested.. Once the letter has been sent, refuse all further contact with the recruiter.. Do NOT go to the recruiting station to “fill out paperwork.. ” You are not obligated to meet with the recruiter at home, in school or on the street.. Under no circumstances should you get into a vehicle with the recruiter.. While recruiters are permitted to try to “resell” you on the idea of enlisting, they are strictly prohibited from “threatening, coercing or intimidating” you.. Unfortunately, this behavior is quite common and can be a frightening experience.. So get back-up.. Find a sympathetic teacher or guidance counselor who can stand up for you.. Talk to your family  ...   member of this command threaten, coerce, manipulate, or intimidate DEP members, nor may they obstruct separation requests.. When such an inquiry is received, local recruiting personnel will attempt to resell the DEP member on an Army enlistment.. If this attempt is not successful (not later than 14 days from the original request), advise the DEP member of the provisions governing separation from the DEP and tell them a written request for separation may be forwarded to the Rctg Bn commander.. Emphasize that the DEP member may submit a request for separation even though his or her reason for it does not fall within an expressed category, such as hardship, dependency, apathy, and/or personal reasons.. Source: Waiver, Delayed Entry Program Separation, and Void Enlistment Processing Procedures, (USAREC Regulation 601-56,Chapter 3 DEP Separation Procedures, Section c.. (1) Recruiters will not knowingly mislead or misinform a prospect or applicant regarding any aspect of processing, entitlements, benefits, or other aspects of the Army so the prospect or applicant would decide to enlist into either the RA or USAR, or transfer to a TPU.. This includes “conditional” enlistments in which an applicant enlists based on a recruiter’s assurance that the applicant’s prospects for selection for another program will improve.. Other examples include false promises of cash bonus, Army College Fund, Student Loan Repayment Program, regaining custody of dependent children prior to completion of first term of enlistment, overseas assignments, or a specific station of choice.. (2) Recruiters will not threaten, coerce, or intimidate any person for the purpose of inducting a member of the DEP to report to AD [Active Duty].. This includes misrepresenting the likelihood of being apprehended and ordered to AD.. It also includes obstructing an individual from being separated from the DEP.. Although recruiters may properly attempt to “resell” an applicant, they will not unreasonably delay the process of an applicant’s request for separation.. Source: Recruiting Improprieties Policies and Procedures (USAREC Regulation 601-45, Chapter 2-3.. Specific prohibitions, Section h.. Misrepresentation and Coercion.. ): Misrepresentation and coercion.. Navy:.. The Navy Regulations state, threatening DEP member with possible disciplinary actions for failing to enlist or coercing DEP members to fulfill their contractual obligations is inconsistent with the concept of the all-volunteer force.. Source: COMNAVCRUITCOMIST 1130.. 8F, 6A-6, Note 1.. Marines:.. The Marines don't have this clear language prohibiting harassment, but do make it clear that the individual can leave the DEP.. Their Recruiting Regulations, under "Desire for Release or Intent Not to Report" states: If the individual insists on being released from the enlistment, the individual will be discharged.. Source: MCO P1100.. 72C, 4301, 3d(2).. Recruitment Command Contact Information:.. Use the contacts below to notify the appropriate branch of the military of withdrawal from the DEP/FSP and to report recruiter misconduct.. Commanding Officer (as of 1/07): Lt.. Colonel Joseph R.. Feliciano.. New York City Recruiting Battalion.. 111 Battery Avenue.. Ft Hamilton, NY 11252-7000.. Phone: 718 630-4645.. Commanding Officer (as of 1/07): Commander Gregory Gjurich.. Navy Recruiting District New York.. 1975 Hempstead turnpike.. East Meadow, NY 11554.. Phone: 516-683-2500.. Commanding Officer (as of 1/07): Colonel R.. L.. Grabowski.. Marine Corps Recruiting Command.. 605 Stewart Avenue.. Garden City, NY 11530-4706.. Phone: 516 228-5660.. Air Force:.. Commanding Officer, Air Force Recruiting Squadron.. Bromley Commons, 3 Terri Lane, Suite 3.. Burlington, NJ 08016-4903.. Phone (609) 239-4900.. DEP (CCCO).. pdf.. DEP_Spanish8-04.. Recruiters_Lie_DEP..

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  • Title: Recruiters in Schools | Ya Ya
    Descriptive info: Recruiters in Schools.. In June 2009 New York City Department of Education (DOE) issued Chancellor's Regulation A-825 on military recruiters in schools.. This policy came out of several years of work by the Ya-Ya Network and the other members of the Students or Soldiers Coalition.. It isn't perfect, but it is one of the most progressive policies in the country.. Unfortunately the DoE isn't doing much about making sure this policy is actually implemented.. Many principals don't even know it exists.. Some school principals have implemented their own policies, but in many cases they are unaware of their rights and responsibilities in regard to recruiter access.. As a result, in many schools military recruiters come and go as often as they want, roam the halls, hang out in the cafeteria, remove students from class, and meet alone with students behind closed doors.. To get more information about the Chancellor's Regulation and what you can do to limit military recruiters in your school, go to http://nycdoe.. info.. The No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) [1] requires that military recruiters be given the same access to schools as college and employmentrecruiters.. Equal access does not mean free access.. There are many reasons for students, parents, teachers and the DOE to be concerned about the unsupervised presence of military recruitersroaming the halls, hanging out in the cafeteria or occupying class time.. The General Accounting Office (GAO) has recently issued an report, created at the request of Congress, on the growing incidence and severity of misconduct by military recruiters, including misrepresentation, criminal violations, coercion and harassment.. [2].. Also, the Associated Press found more than 100 cases of rape and sexual assault committed by recruiters.. Most of these cases involved 16 to 18 year old girls who met the recruiters who assaulted them in their high schools.. [3].. [img_assist|nid=80|title=Students or Soldiers?|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=640|height=457].. Schools have the right and the obligation to set standards for the time and place that outsiders may recruit in the school.. For example, if each college comes once or twice a year, each branch of the military can come an equal number of times.. Each school needs a policy that reaffirms the school’s control over recruitment on campus.. Here is some information that may help you to design an appropriate policy for your school:.. Military recruiters present  ...   I.. Bill so that they will appeal to the school community, while their actual purpose is to increase enlistment.. For example: A flyer designed to “market” the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test states: “The ASVAB program is designed to help students learn more about themselves and the world of work, identify and explore potentially satisfying occupations,.. and develop an effective strategy to realize their goals” [6].. However, The School Recruiting Program Handbook states that the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery is: “specifically designed to provide recruiters with a source of prequalified leads.. The ASVAB recruiter printout provides information you can’t get from any other list.. It.. provides the recruiter with concrete and personal information about the student.. What Can be Done in Schools.. Limit visits by military recruiters to no more often than college and employment recruiters.. Assure that recruiters are not to be alone with students.. Recruiters must not disrupt the school day or roam the school unsupervised.. If the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery is given, schools must select “Option 8.. No release to recruiters” which allows the school to get test results but prevents the military from accessing this information.. Guidance counselors and college advisors need to be prepared to help students explore the full range of college, training vocational options available to them.. Keep guidance / college / career office stocked with accurate “alternatives to the military” and "truth about recruiting" materials.. Invite a “counter recruiter” to present the other side of this controversial issue each time a military recruiter has been allowed to present their views.. Students, parents school staff need to report recruiter misconduct to the local recruitment command the Dept.. of Education.. Sources:.. [1] No Child Left Behind Act SEC.. 9528.. [2] US Government Accountability Office, Report to Congressional Requesters, August 2006 “MILITARY RECRUITING: DOD and Services Need Better Data to Enhance Visibility over Recruiter Irregularities” 2006.. [3] “ Sexual Abuse By Military Recruiters” Associated Press, Aug.. 20, 2006.. [4] School Recruiting Program Handbook, USAREC Pamphlet 350-13.. [5] George Rachon, Department of Veterans Affairs quoted in: "Military Money for College: A Reality Check" by Sam Diener Jamie Munro, 2005.. And Dept.. of Veterans Affairs quoted in “GI Blues,” Elizabeth Farrell, Chronicle of Higher Education, May 13, 2005.. [6] ”Helping Teens Explore Their Career Options” www.. asvabprogram..

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  • Title: Articles About Recruiters in Schools | Ya Ya
    Descriptive info: “Army Recruiters Accused of Misleading Students to Get Them to Enlist” ABC News.. What Every Educator Should Know About Military Recruiters in Our Schools.. Recruiters' Tricks Revealed in Their Own Handbook.. Letter from Senator Barbara Boxer.. National School Boards Association Articles:.. “Some School Leaders Say Military Recruiters Have Too Much Access”.. “School Boards Are Refining Policies on Military Recruiters on Campus”.. “NCLB Requires Schools to Provide U.. Military Recruiters with Students’ Names and Contact Information”.. No Child Left Behind Act, Section 9528.. US DOE/DOD Directive on Release of Student Information to Recruiters.. Sample Opt Out FAQ’s..

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  • Title: School Policies in Other Cities | Ya Ya
    Descriptive info: Seattle Recruiter Access Policy.. Austin Recruiter Access Policy.. Los Angeles Recruiter Access Policy.. Rochester Recruiter Access Policy.. Tucson Recruiter Access Policy.. Puerto Rico Recruiter Access Policy.. Seattle Equal access for Counter Recruitment Policy.. Montgomery County ASVAB Regulation..

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