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  • Title: Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve |
    Descriptive info: .. Menu.. Home.. About Us.. Mission.. Newsletters and Publications.. Contact Us.. About the Watershed.. Watershed Fauna.. Birds.. Macroinvertebrates.. Watershed Flora.. Contribute Today!.. Become a Member.. Donation Station.. Take Action.. Yellow Dog Storefront.. Programs.. Battery Recycling.. Cooperative Lakes Monitoring Program.. Land Conservation.. Yellow Dog Riverkeeper.. Water Quality.. Education/Outreach.. Sulfide Mining Campaign.. Transcripts from the Contested Case hearing.. Watershed Management Plan.. A Backcountry Ski Adventure near the Yellow Dog River.. February 3, 2014.. by.. Mindy Otto.. in.. Events.. ,.. Fundraising.. In Big Bay, MI, Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve is getting ready to hold our annual backcountry ski adventure fundraiser in the area near the beautiful Yellow Dog River.. Please join us on a guided ski tour on Saturday February 22,.. Clearing and Realignment of County Roads on the Yellow Dog Plains.. February 17, 2014.. Citizen Action.. news.. sulfide mining.. On December 16, 2013, at the regular meeting of the Marquette County Road Commission (MCRC), board members unanimously approved construction plans with no changes for a 5.. 25-mile section of the Triple A Road.. The approved construction is the middle section.. Yellow Dog Logo Stickers have Arrived.. January 27, 2014.. Uncategorized.. Starting February 1st, the next 10 brand new members to join in 2014 will receive  ...   the McCormick Wilderness Area to survey and prioritize the impact of all non-native invasive species (NNIS).. The European Swamp Thistle, Cirsium palustre, had become.. 1.. 2.. 24.. Next.. Archives.. February 2014.. January 2014.. December 2013.. November 2013.. October 2013.. September 2013.. August 2013.. July 2013.. June 2013.. May 2013.. Tags.. activism.. annual meeting.. big bay.. clean water act.. contested case.. county road 595.. CR510.. cr 595.. CRAAA.. Eagle Mine.. eagle project.. eagle rock.. epa.. fundraiser.. grant.. humboldt mill.. kennecott.. mccormick wilderness.. MCRC.. mdeq.. mdnr.. MDNRE.. MiCorps.. national forest foundation.. permits.. petition.. Public Hearing.. rio tinto.. salmon-trout.. salmon-trout river.. Triple A.. UIC permit.. volunteering.. water chemistry.. water quality.. Watershed.. woodland road.. ydwp.. yellow dog plains.. yellow dog river.. yellow dog watershed preserve.. YDWP Calendar.. Sun.. Mon.. Tue.. Wed.. Thu.. Fri.. Sat.. Jan.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. 10.. 11.. 12.. 13.. 14.. 15.. 16.. 17.. 18.. 19.. 20.. 21.. 22.. 23.. 25.. 26.. 27.. 28.. Online Form - Yellow Dog Email List Signup Form.. Online Form Creator.. We are a certified 501(c)3 non-profit organization.. Copyright © 2014.. Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve.. P.. O.. Box 5, Big Bay, MI 49808 Main office: (906) 345-9223 Main email: ydwp@yellowdogwatershed.. org.. Powered by.. WordPress.. and.. Origin..

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  • Title: About Us | Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve
    Descriptive info: Browse:.. The Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve was created in 1995 by a group of local citizens concerned about unchecked logging and property division activities.. These folks worked hard and within a year obtained their 501(c)3 status and officially became an organization.. Our mission is to preserve and protect the Yellow Dog River and surrounding watersheds for the benefit of present and future generations through grassroots organizing.. We have been doing our work in Big Bay and have offices in the Huron Mountain Realty Building at 303 Bensinger Drive.. We welcome the public to stop in and take a look at our resources.. Currently, we have four part time staff members who dedicate many hours and resources to succeed in our mission.. Nine citizens are voted in by our nearly 300 members to the Board of Directors who meet monthly to make decisions and to hear about the work being done.. The Board meets every third Wednesday and the meetings are open to the public.. Our work focuses on many watershed issues ranging from water monitoring to education to litigation.. Please check out our programs pages to learn more about all of the good things we do.. If you like what you see, please consider donating or becoming a member!.. Staff.. Executive Director: Melinda (Mindy) Otto began working with the YDWP as a volunteer in May 2012 and quickly signed on as an Assitant Manager during the summer and took on many responsibilities which included: coordinating and assisting the MiCorps Volunteer Stream Monitoring Program, collecting water quality data, and collecting data for the MiCorps Cooperative Lakes Monitoring Program on Lake Independence.. Now she happily takes on many more things include: facilitating the Yellow Dog River Watershed Planning Project, strategic planning, grant applications, media and outreach, staff and volunteer coordination and basic GIS mapping.. Contact Mindy at mindy@yellowdogwatershed.. org or at the office 906-345-9223.. Special Projects Manager: Emily works on additional long-term special projects for the preserve.. She also works for Freshwater Future, another non-profit organization with focus on the great lakes.. She was ED from 2008 to 2013 has done so much for the YDWP over the years.. She has worked to protect the  ...   resigned in 2003 to become the Executive Director.. In November of 2008, Cynthia resigned and moved to become the Sulfide Mining Campaign Director.. Cynthia, and her husband Bob, have lived off the grid in the Huron Mountains for the past 15 years and cherish the region.. Although most of her time now is working full time for the preserve in support of the opposition to sulfide mining on the Yellow Dog Plains and in Michigan, she takes time for cross-country skiing, birding, hiking, sailing and the Big Bay game of tennis! Call Cynthia at the office 906-345-9223.. Past Executive Director and Board Member.. Preserve Coordinator: Wendy Johnson has been a huge part of the Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve s activities since 1998 and now keeps track of all the books.. Since the birth of her two children, she chose to work at YDWP from home.. She really enjoys working for the Preserve, They [the staff] are a great bunch of honest, down-to-earth folks.. We have a lot on our plate with the sulfide mining issue and any help from folks like you is greatly appreciated and needed! Please check out the rest of our website for volunteering or donating opportunities.. You can reach Wendy through YDWP s e-mail at.. ydwp@yellowdogwatershed.. org.. or if you need immediate assistance, please call (906) 361-5179.. Preserve Coordinator.. Education Coordinator: Christy Budnick has helped make many activities possible at the YDWP including: the 2011 McCormick Tract invasive species removal, the 2012 road-stream crossing inventory, the MiCorps Volunteer Stream Monitoring Program, grant writing, and educational workshops for kids.. When she is not out in the field or working in the office she also gardens, cooks, gives massages, and makes amazing jewelry.. You can reach Christy by email at christy@yellowdogwatershed.. Education Coordinator.. One Response.. Featured Story | newwarriorsforearth.. April 21, 2011.. at.. 3:17 pm.. [.. ] up a map of her then-home state of Michigan and looked for green open spaces with no roads.. TheYellow Dog Plains of the Upper Peninsula caught her eye, and then her imagination.. But it wasn’t until the age of [.. ].. Leave a Reply.. Click here to cancel reply.. Name.. *.. Email.. Website.. CAPTCHA Code..

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  • Title: Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve | Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve
    Descriptive info: Mission Statement:.. Preserving the Yellow Dog Watershed in its most natural state for the use of the public, now, and for the benefit of future generations.. The Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve is an environmental organization comprised of grassroots individuals who take environmental ethics to heart.. We focus on informing the public about the watershed, conducting sound science, and protecting the resources from threats like sulfide mining.. We have many strong programs to help us, such as MiCorps, Yellow Dog Riverkeeper ® program, and more.. There are many pressures on the rivers and forests and we strive to balance the need  ...   States.. Our watershed is located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in Baraga and Marquette County.. It runs free and clean through wild country until it eventually reaches Lake Superior.. This is how we want it to stay.. Please take a look through our site and consider becoming a member or donating to help our mission.. Yellow Dog Watershed’s Annual Meeting with Drew Nelson and Friends Was a Blast | Stand for the Land.. August 28, 2010.. 9:41 pm.. ] Click here to read more about the Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve or to donate to help them continue t [..

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  • Title: Newsletter and Publications of the Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve | Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve
    Descriptive info: Click on each link to view our newsletters.. Winter 2014.. SpringSummer2013.. Fall-Winter 2012.. Spring-Summer 2012.. Summer-Fall 2011.. winter2010web.. winter09-spring10.. summer09.. winter08-spring09..

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  • Title: Contact Us | Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve
    Descriptive info: Call us at 906-345-9223.. or send us a note at.. Box 5.. Big Bay, MI 49808.. 3 Responses.. U.. S.. Ski Snowboard Hall of Fame.. August 1, 2013.. 11:17 am.. We have a couple battery recycling bins that need to be picked up.. empower network.. October 15, 2013.. 1:34 pm.. Hello, I just want to provide you with  ...   t running the proper way within this web page.. I am not sure the actual reason why but I imagine it can be a linking complication.. I actually have additionally tried it in 2 separate web browsers and both still.. provide a similar result.. October 18, 2013.. 6:11 am.. Hi, thanks which photos are not loading properly for you?..

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  • Title: About the Watershed | Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve
    Descriptive info: The Yellow Dog River Watershed lies in eastern Baraga and western Marquette Counties in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.. The area is known as the Huron Peninsula and is one of the last wild areas in the state.. The river begins in the McCormick Wilderness Area as an outflow of Bulldog Lake.. It then runs 52 miles and drops 1096 feet at an average rate of 1:150ft through granite gorges, open plains, and hemlock forests to end in Lake Independence.. From there, another outflow, the Iron River, runs from Independence to Lake Superior.. The Iron River was historically part of the Yellow Dog River but had its name changed once industry came to the area.. The watershed encompasses 98 square miles and drains over six smaller subwatersheds.. The Lost, Bob, Bushey, Big Pup, and Little Pup creeks all flow into the Yellow Dog River.. Waterfalls abound along the Yellow Dog and its tributaries.. The terrain is very hilly (some flatlanders might even say mountainous) with high ridges and low valleys giving  ...   one of the cleanest and least contaminated rivers in Michigan.. Only the first four miles of the river have a protective designation, however.. As the Yellow Dog River flows through the Ottawa National Forest, it is considered a federal Wild and Scenic River.. After that, the river flows mostly through corporately owned logging areas and is susceptible to logging practices.. The water quality is above and beyond drinking water standards and it is considered a cold water fishery and a blue ribbon trout stream by the State of Michigan.. The MDEQ does however, consider the river to have elevated mercury levels.. Other river health concerns rise from two past landslides that caused large amounts of sediment to pass into the river.. The landslides took place in 2000 and 2003 and were majoritavely caused by the close proximity of logging roads to the high sand banks of the river.. Music in the Northwoods |.. August 2, 2010.. 7:02 pm.. ] are two songs E.. sang on the banks of the Yellow Dog River..

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  • Title: Watershed Fauna | Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve
    Descriptive info: There are many mammal, reptile, and fish species that dwell in the northwoods.. Our watersheds are home to the typical gamut of white tailed deer, coyote, fox, rabbit, and other common fauna.. More notable animal species include the Grey Wolf and the Moose.. The Grey Wolf was nearly exterminated from the Upper Peninsula by the 1950 s.. After the federal listing of the animal on the Endangered Species List in the 1970 s, a slow trickle of individuals eventually made their way back to the U.. P.. 1991 was the first year that a pair had mated and produced pups in Michigan since the wolf s decline.. During the 2004 census, 361 individual wolves inhabited the Upper Peninsula.. Confirmed wolf packs in Marquette County, include: Echo Lake, Ford Road, and Huron Mountain Club.. Each pack generally stays within a 100 square mile territory and does not overlap.. YDWP staff have documented wolf evidence including scat, tracks, and calls.. The Grey Wolf has more recently been taken off of the federal and state Endangered Species List and is managed by the MDNR.. The Grey wolf is now considered a game species in 2013 and designated hunting areas have been developed to manage wolf populations in these specific areas.. There are less than 700  ...   moose by the year 2000.. That is not to say a moose sighting is uncommon.. YDWP staff have encountered several moose throughout both the Yellow Dog and Salmon-Trout watersheds.. Tracks are frequently found at the NAWCA property and the Jean Farwell Wilderness.. Coaster Brook Trout: Although no coasters have been found in the Yellow Dog River, the adjacent watershed for the Salmon-Trout River has yielded results that prove the fish to not only reside but to spawn in this river system.. The spawning areas are so limited for the coasters that this river is known as the only area on the south shore of Lake Superior where they naturally reproduce.. Other rivers provide spawning opportunities with assistance from the MDNR.. Some issues have come unto fire such as if the coaster is actually a separate species or not.. Phenotypically, it is unsure and universities and U.. Fish and Wildlife are doing research to make this determination.. The coaster does have different behaviors and appearance than river brook trout.. Currently, work is still being done to determine if it is a separate species.. Read legal update on the Coaster Brook Trout ruling.. If it is found to be so, steps will be made to include the coaster as a federally listed endangered species..

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  • Title: Birds | Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve
    Descriptive info: Birds come in all sizes, shapes, and sounds.. The Yellow Dog watershed is home to many birds during the summer months, is used as a respite during migration, and in winter sees only the brave left.. Notable species are the Bald Eagle, Osprey, Kirtland s Warbler, and Peregrine Falcon.. In 2006, YDWP was part of a large effort to survey the birds on the Yellow Dog Plains, and small surveys continue annually with the help of our dedicated volunteers.. Kirtland s Warbler: In 2006, birders spotted a lone male warbler on the Yellow Dog Plains and identified it as this federally listed  ...   The bird is 5-6 inches in length and has a gray back with black streaks on a yellow breast.. They habitate mostly in young jack pine forest during the summer, then migrate to the Bahamas for the winter.. The lone male was confirmed and attempts at bird surveys have been made to confirm a nesting pair.. Kirtland s Warbler on the Yellow Dog Plains by Chauncey Moran.. YDWP continues to be part of efforts to further study the avain communities in the watershed.. Check to see if any bird surveying is happening on by visiting the home page or the facebook page..

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  • Title: Macroinvertebrates | Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve
    Descriptive info: stonefly nymph.. The water in the Yellow Dog River is rated high quality using the State of Michigan s water quality scale.. This is indicated by the large array of macro-invertebrates and also the number collected of each species.. The three main species found in the river are stoneflies, mayflies, and caddisflies.. Each species has several subspecies that are all found in abundances.. Macro-invertebrates  ...   water monitoring program combines community involvement with scientific research and recreation.. Check out our program for more information and volunteer opportunities.. Here is a brief listing of macro-invertebrates found in the Yellow Dog River:.. Caddisfly larvae.. Hellgrammites.. Mayfly Nymphs.. Stonefly Nymphs.. Water snipe fly.. Coleoptera beetles.. Black Fly larvae.. Clams.. Crane Fly larvae.. Dragonfly nymphs.. Net-spinning caddisfly.. Aquatic worms.. Midge larvae.. Pouch snails.. True flies..

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  • Title: Watershed Flora | Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve
    Descriptive info: The Yellow Dog River and Salmon-Trout River watersheds are home to a large number of northern boreal forest plant species.. Numerous studies have been done to survey the watershed for sensitive species and also to gather scientific information about plant communities.. A Northern Michigan University professor conducted one such study in 2005 and compiled the information into a Vegetative Survey.. There are several species that are considered rare that make their home in our watershed.. Another indicator of the health of the plant communities comes from the presence of non-native invasive plant species (NNIS).. On the Yellow Dog Plains, Spotted Knapweed and White Sweet Clover have established communities but remain under control.. Along the river banks of the Yellow Dog River, populations of Spotted Knapweed and Marsh Thistle have arisen at  ...   and in high quality wetlands in the Research Natural Area of the McCormick Wilderness Area.. Work commenced during summer 2011 and included multiple community groups that pitched in the remove the invasive species from sensitive habitats and therefore increasing the amount of protected wetland habitat.. YDWP received funding again in 2013 from the National Forest Foundation to continue the long-term management project.. YDWP will be continuing to record the decline of this species from the McCormick Wilderness Area.. If you are interested in helping with this project, email us at.. Overall, the flora health of the watersheds remains excellent.. Though disturbances from logging and development both reduce native species populations and introduce NNIS, the resiliance of the ecosystem has been able to stave off any major threats.. Columbines on granite outcrop..

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  • Title: Contribute Today! | Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve
    Descriptive info: Want to contribute? There are several ways that you can financially or actively contribute to our organization and the work that we do.. Become a member.. Donate to any of our funds.. Purchase merchandise from our storefront.. Volunteer- Call us at 906-345-9223 or email us at ydwp@yellowdogwatershed..

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