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  • Title: Year Up
    Descriptive info: .. Menu.. For Students.. What Year Up Offers.. Who Can Apply.. Admission Process.. Student Stories.. For Employers.. Become a Corporate Partner.. Federal Partners.. Hire A Graduate.. Current Partners.. Partner Stories.. Get Involved.. Ways to Help.. Become a Mentor.. Current Supporters.. Donate.. The Opportunity Divide.. Our Approach.. How It Works.. Our Results.. Plans For Growth.. Academic Partners.. Alumni.. About Us.. Our Locations.. Vision, Mission, Values.. Leadership.. Financial Accountability.. History.. Careers.. Contact Us.. Stories News.. Highlights.. News.. Events.. Awards.. Choose Location.. 1.. Atlanta.. Bay Area.. Boston.. Chicago.. National (US).. National Capital Region.. New York.. Providence.. PTC Baltimore.. PTC Miami.. PTC Philadelphia.. Puget Sound.. Work Culture.. Applying.. Teams Roles.. Commitment to Diversity.. Careers Connect.. Year Up helps you reach your potential through professional careers and higher education.. Apply Now.. Year Up connects you to a new pipeline of talent that is motivated, loyal, and professional.. Find Your Next New Hire.. You can help close the Opportunity Divide and open new doors for young people.. Support Our Work.. Year Up on 60 Minutes.. Watch the episode.. The success we’ve seen with the Year Up program has been off the charts.. Mike Jennings, Senior Director, Global Technology Solutions, LinkedIn.. Find Talent.. It s just one year of your life to the career of your dreams.. Manuali i Misa, Year Up Graduate.. Become a Student.. Every one of these young adults has a spark.. Learn more about Year Up’s partnership with Bank of the West.. Watch The Video.. Year Up empowers low-income.. young adults.. Our students are highly motivated and talented, but lack access to traditional pathways to education and professional employment.. to go from.. poverty.. 6 million young adults are out of school, out of work, and disconnected from the economic mainstream.. to.. professional careers.. 85% of Year Up graduates are employed or attending school full-time within four months of graduation.. in a.. single year.. Our one-year intensive training program combines marketable job skills, stipends, internships, and college credits.. What Is The Opportunity Divide?.. Millions of young adults in the US have talent and motivation, but lack opportunity.. At the same time, companies have opportunities available, but lack the talent they need to succeed.. 6 million young adults.. are disconnected from stable career pathways.. 14 million jobs.. requiring post-secondary education will go unfilled in the next decade.. 14 million unfilled jobs.. The Year Up Solution.. We connect young adults who need opportunity with companies who need their talent.. 1.. We identify urban young adults.. who are highly  ...   "Year Up changes lives by connecting us to opportunities, then providing the skills and support needed to achieve our full potential.. Meet Jonathan Garcia.. Year Up New York graduate.. "Without Year Up, I don’t know what I would be doing right now.. This program is seriously, seriously a life-saver.. Meet Meet Year Up Atlanta s Inaugural Class.. Year Up Atlanta graduate.. "I thought it was impossible for someone to be able to pay you to learn something that you like to do anyway.. Meet Consuelo Huerta.. Year Up Chicago graduate.. "Since the first day of Year Up orientation, success is something that has been engraved in our minds.. Year Up has been the provider and our motivator to succeed, providing us with hope and an alternative lifestyle.. Meet Jefferson Wong.. Year Up Puget Sound graduate.. "I think future employers should know that Year Up students are diverse, determined, and driven.. When we put our minds to it, we can amount to anything.. Meet Bobby Leak.. Year Up Baltimore graduate.. "After being hired as an analyst of the GLS reconciliation, I was asked to take on a new task of helping lead and develop the Retail Banking Operations team that was being created in Baltimore.. Meet Ruth-Ann Bowen.. "I see myself growing with Bank of America and expect to start school in the spring.. Meet Joe Teixeira.. "I thought I wanted to own a car shop.. I never realized I’d be great in IT.. Meet Danica Thao.. " I decided to apply to Year Up not only because of my love for computers, but because the support began the moment I set foot in the door.. ".. Meet Alec Galloway.. "If I hadn’t participated in the Year Up program I wouldn’t be where I am today.. Now, I’m in a position where I can have my own place, attend one of the greatest technical institutes in Illinois, and help others.. Meet Our Students.. What's New.. Recent News.. Year Up Bay Area uses Salesforce Gift to Meld Sites, Train Unemployable.. All News.. Upcoming Events.. Our Awards.. On Twitter.. @ATTAspire and @Udacity are widening the pipeline with access to higher education, the #NanoDegree: @NYTimes http://t.. co/FJYQfYuVOx.. tweeted 19 Jun.. "At the end of my internship, I was offered a job as a Field Services Technician at Re:Sources.. " Alec's story: http://t.. co/0gwkhmDmPP.. tweeted 17 Jun.. Follow Us on Twitter.. 855-YEARUP1.. Contact Information by City.. Connect.. Facebook.. LinkedIn.. Twitter.. YouTube.. Google+.. Privacy Policy.. A 501(c)3 nonprofit..

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  • Title: Year Up » For Students
    Descriptive info: Desired location.. *.. Please select.. Baltimore.. Miami.. National Capital Region (Washington DC).. New York City.. Philadelphia.. San Francisco Bay Area.. Desired start date:.. Fall 2014.. Spring 2015.. Desired Campus:.. North Campus.. Wolfson Campus.. Is this your first time contacting Year Up?.. Yes.. No.. Personal Information.. First name.. Middle name.. Last name.. Maiden/former name.. Street address (including apt #).. City.. State.. Zip.. How can we contact you? Please complete at least one:.. Home phone.. Cell phone.. Work phone.. Email address.. Date of birth (MM/DD/YYYY).. Age.. Gender.. Male.. Female.. If you wish to be identified as a member of any of the following groups, please select:.. Asian.. Black or African American.. Hispanic or Latino.. Native American.. Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander.. White.. Two or More Races (specify).. Other (specify).. Please specify:.. Education.. Have you received:.. High School Diploma.. GED Certificate.. Name of high school or GED Program.. Date of graduation/GED (MM/DD/YYYY).. Have you taken any college classes?.. Do you have an associate's degree or a college degree?.. Associate's degree.. Bachelor's degree or higher.. Employment.. Please answer the following questions about the longest paid job you have had.. This includes part-time (at least 20 hours/week) and full-time (no more than 99 hours/week).. For how many consecutive months did you (or have you) worked at  ...   year.. Other.. Do you have a legal right to work in the U.. S.. ? (See below for a list of required documents).. To answer "Yes" above you must have:.. - One of these documents: U.. Passport, Permanent Resident Card, Certificate of U.. citizenship, or Certificate of Naturalization.. OR.. - Two of these documents: official picture ID plus U.. social security OR U.. birth certificate OR U.. citizen card.. How did you hear about Year Up?.. Year Up website.. 60 Minutes.. Radio.. Church.. Presentation.. Newspaper/Magazine.. Word of mouth.. Non-Year Up website.. Television.. Job/College Fair.. College.. Public Transportation Ad.. If other, specify:.. If you heard about Year Up through word of mouth, please enter the name of the person who referred you:.. First name.. Last name.. This person is.. Year Up Student/Alumni.. Year Up Staff.. Guidance Counselor.. Teacher/Principal.. Social Worker.. Program staff.. Co-Worker.. Friend or Family.. Are you interested in any of the following fields?.. IT (computer technical support).. Financial Operations.. Quality Assurance (software testing).. Customer Service.. Sales and Marketing.. Captcha.. Please enter the characters you see in this picture:.. Characters.. This helps prevent automated form submissions.. If you are not sure what the characters are, make your best guess.. You will have another try in the next screen.. Need assistance with this form?..

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  • Title: Year Up » What Year Up Offers
    Descriptive info: Home.. Our program combines hands-on skill development, college credits, and corporate internships to prepare students for success in professional careers and higher education.. It s free of charge (in fact, you receive a stipend), but it requires strong motivation and a lot of hard work.. Develop skills you need for the job you want.. Technology skills will be the fastest growing need at companies over the next ten years.. Learn valuable IT and professional skills, and gain work experience during internships at top companies.. Earn while you learn.. Earn up to 23 college credits and a stipend while you  ...   Your staff advisors, plus our strong alumni network, help you reach your maximum potential both as a student and as a working professional.. Meet your mentor.. You ll be paired with an experienced professional.. They re there to give you one-on-one attention and guidance as you make decisions about your future.. Ask questions, share ideas, and get expert advice about your career path.. Featured Story.. ".. -Alec Galloway, Graduate.. See All Stories.. Ready to get started?.. 100% of qualified students are placed into internships.. You could be next.. Questions? Ask Us.. Contact Year Up in your city (please select above):..

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  • Title: Year Up » Who Can Apply
    Descriptive info: You're viewing national content.. You can apply to be a Year Up student if you are:.. 18-24 years old.. High school graduate or GED recipient.. Of low to moderate income.. A U.. Citizen, permanent resident, or have an employment authorization card.. Available 5 days a week (Monday-Friday) for the full year of the program.. Highly motivated to learn new technical and professional skills.. Questions about eligibility? Select a location above and contact your local admissions office to learn more..

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  • Title: Year Up » Admission Process
    Descriptive info: How you can become a Year Up student.. Classes begin in March and September.. Applications are considered on a rolling basis until the class is filled.. Submit an Interest Form.. Take 5 minutes to let us know you re interested in applying.. Fill out an interest form.. online.. or at our office.. (Please note that the interest form is not an application, but rather a first step in the admissions process that lets us know you re interested.. ).. Learn more about applying to Year Up in your city..

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  • Title: Year Up » Student Stories
    Descriptive info: Filter by:.. Students.. See All Stories and News.. VIEW MORE POSTS..

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  • Title: Year Up » For Employers
    Descriptive info: “Year Up apprentices enrich our workforce, bringing immediate value to our business.. ”.. Jennifer Petersen, Bank of America, SVP Human Resources Executive, Northeast Operations.. Find talent.. A new pipeline of talent.. Motivated.. Loyal.. Professional.. These are the qualities you can expect from Year Up interns and graduates.. Over 250 companies, including many of the Fortune 500, are benefitting from a new pipeline of talent while investing in their communities.. Learn how companies benefit from Year Up.. Become a partner.. Over 90% of Year Up corporate partners would recommend the program to a colleague or friend.. Our partners invest in local talent by providing internships to Year Up students.. Employers get a chance to meet, train, and work with  ...   both the hard and soft skills necessary to do just that for your company.. Find your next new hire.. Current partners.. 250+ companies are already benefitting from Year Up talent.. From the tech industry to federal agencies, from education to finance, from the Fortune 500 to hot new start-ups, hundreds of companies are finding that Year Up interns and graduates help their businesses grow.. Meet our current partners.. Find talent for your company.. First Name.. Last Name.. Company.. Email.. Phone.. I want to learn more about:.. Hosting Interns.. Hiring Graduates.. Are you a human?.. +.. =.. Please check your answer.. Thank you for your interest in connecting with Year Up!.. We'll be in touch shortly with more information..

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  • Title: Year Up » Become a Corporate Partner
    Descriptive info: Preparing a pipeline of entry-level talent.. Through Year Up s program, corporate partners work with desktop support/help desk interns and, in some cities, financial operations, quality assurance or project management interns, who continue to receive intensive skills training.. Why become a Year Up Partner?.. Working with Year up interns offers a chance to train and get to know potential employees before making hiring decisions: a try before you buy approach to bring in talent.. Upon graduation, Year Up interns are a source of entry-level, diverse human capital.. Interns undergo  ...   Up interns meet your company s expectations.. Year Up provides extensive hands-on support throughout the internship via continuing education, monitoring and coaching intern performance.. Internship partners may hire Year Up graduates at the conclusion of the program without a placement fee, saving your company recruiting time and resources.. For information about becoming a Corporate Partner.. Contact the National Corporate Engagement Team:.. internships@yearup.. org.. Fill out our short form to get started.. Looking for talent?.. 90% of corporate partners would recommend the Year Up program to a colleague or friend..

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  • Title: Year Up » Federal Partners
    Descriptive info: Year Up is a 501(c)(3) college educational and workforce development organization that serves urban young adults, ages 18-24 years old by providing a pathway to enter livable-wage careers in information technology and college education.. Year Up s one-year, intensive training program provides urban young adults with a combination of technical and professional skills, up to twenty-one college credits, an educational stipend and a six month information technology internship.. Year Up students complete a rigorous application process and are dually enrolled at local community colleges.. Students earn college credits with an emphasis in CISCO IT Essentials curriculum and are able to test for A+ certification.. Year Up Students Trained For Intern Roles In:.. Helpdesk.. Customer Support/Service Desk.. Desktop Support.. QA Testing (New curriculum for spring 2012).. Business Operation roles requiring Microsoft Office skills.. Year Up Students Are:.. College enrolled and earning credits towards Associates Degree.. Reside locally.. Composed of a diverse talent pool.. A partnership with Year Up ensures:.. Recruitment of high-quality, diverse, college.. students interested in information technology.. Screening of potential college students through.. the twenty-one week Learning and Development.. (L D) phase of the Year Up program.. Training of the student in foundations of information technology and professional business soft skills through a college credit partnership.. Supervision support and evaluation of the students while on internship.. Year Up Timeline..  ...   the Year Up site and the internship site, and the direct and indirect costs of the placement, supervision, and training of students in federal agencies.. The program rate does not cover any additional background checks (e.. g.. , public trust or secret clearances) required by federal agencies.. Year Up is on the GSA Schedule 738X (Human Resources).. Year Up Outcomes:.. A recent evaluation of the Year Up program conducted by the Economic Mobility Corporation found that attending Year Up boosted a young adult s annual earnings by an average of 30 percent compared to a control group.. The study was a randomized controlled trial.. Mobility president Mark Elliott called this the most exciting evaluation results we ve seen in youth employment in 20 or 30 years – and the first to show a really substantial earnings gain.. Put simply, our model works: 100 percent of qualified students are placed into internships; 95 percent of interns meet or exceed partner expectations; and within four months of completing the program, 84 percent of graduates are employed or in school full-time.. Those employed earn an average wage of $15 / hour or higher in the DC metro area (equivalent to $30,000 plus/ year).. For information about becoming a partner.. Contact Joel Thomas, Director, Federal Business Development and Partner Relations:.. (703) 312-9327 ext.. 1207.. jthomas@yearup..

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  • Title: Year Up » Hire A Graduate
    Descriptive info: You won t find a talent pool with more professionalism and grit than Year Up alumni.. Edwin is the “go-to” person on the team.. From the beginning he has assumed a leadership role and is willing to learn and implement new techniques in order to grow professionally.. Feedback is well received and quickly implemented.. Ebony Frelix, Director of IT Operations, Salesforce.. com.. Why hire a Year Up Graduate?.. Motivated to achieve excellence –.. our graduates are hungry for opportunities to contribute.. Motivation is the number  ...   a rigorous 21 week training program in IT helpdesk/desktop support or (in some cities) financial operations, software quality assurance or project management, followed by a 26 week corporate internship.. Trained in soft skills –.. in addition to job-specific skills, all graduates learn and practice professional skills such as business communication and customer service.. Screened –.. interns undergo reference checks, interviews and testing.. Coached –.. graduates receive intensive feedback and guidance throughout the program from staff advisors, mentors and internship managers.. For more information on hiring graduates..

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  • Title: Year Up » Current Partners
    Descriptive info: Corporate Partners.. 2000 Ponce Business Center.. Aarons Rents.. Accenture.. Achieving the Dream.. Acumen Solutions VA.. Advent International.. AGL Resources.. AIG.. Allegis Group.. AllianceBernstein L.. P.. Allstate Insurance Company.. Altegra Health.. Amdocs.. American Cancer Society.. American Express.. American Express Executive Solutions Technologies.. American Museum of Natural History.. American Red Cross.. American Tower Corporation.. Amica.. AOL.. AON.. Assurant.. Asurion.. Athenahealth.. Atrius Health.. Autodesk.. AutoNation.. AvalonBay Communities.. Avectra.. Bacardi.. BAE Systems.. Bain Company.. Bank of America.. Bank of America Consumer Business.. Bank of America Global Wealth Investment Management.. Bank of America US Trust.. Bank of the West.. Baptist Health South Florida.. Basys.. Baupost Group, L.. L.. C.. Beacon Mutual.. Becker Poliakoff.. Bellevue College.. BET Networks.. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.. Biogen Idec.. Blackstone.. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island.. Blue Shield of California.. BNY Mellon.. Boston Children s Hospital.. Boston Engineering.. Boston Financial Data Services.. Boston Medical Center.. Boys and Girls Clubs of America.. Bright Horizons Family Solutions.. Brillant Digital NYC.. Brooks Sports.. Brown Advisory.. CA Technologies.. Capital One.. Care New England.. CareerBuilder.. Carefirst BC/BS.. Carlyle Group.. Carter s.. Catholic Relief Services.. Center for Strategic International Studies.. CGI.. Charles Schwab.. Cisco Systems.. Citadel Investment Group.. Citi.. Citizens Bank.. Citizens Bank Foundation.. CME Group.. Colonial Pipeline.. Comcast.. Commonground Marketing.. Community IT.. CompuCom.. Computers For Youth.. Constellation Energy.. Cook County.. Covidien.. Covidien Latin America.. Cox Communications.. Credit Suisse.. Custom Ink.. CVS/Caremark.. Dell Systems.. Deloitte LLP.. Deltek, Inc.. DHL Express Americas.. Digitas/Publicis.. Dreambox.. Eastern Bank.. Eaton Vance Management.. eBay.. Elavon.. Electronic Arts.. Ernst and Young.. EverFi.. Exelon.. Expedia.. F5 Networks Inc.. Fannie May.. FBR Capital Markets.. FedBid.. Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.. Federal Home Loan Bank Seattle.. Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.. Federal  ...   Macy s.. Manheim Auctions.. Marin General Hospital.. Marker LLC.. Marketo.. Marsh McLennan Companies.. MFS Investment Management.. Microsoft.. Microsoft Retail Store.. MIT Sloan School of Management.. Morgan Stanley.. Morningstar Inc.. Mount Sinai Medical Center.. Nalari Health.. National Aquarium.. National Society of Black Engineers.. Navigant Credit Union.. NEPC.. Network Health.. Neustar.. New Signature.. New York City Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD).. New York Life Retirement Plan Services.. New York Presbyterian.. New York University.. Nintendo of America.. Nortek.. North Highland.. Northern Virginia Community College.. Northridge Group Inc.. Northwestern Memorial Health Care.. Outerwall.. Pacific Medical Centers.. Partners HealthCare.. Patton Boggs.. Perkins Coie, LLP.. Pfizer.. PGI Alliance.. Power Construction Company, LLC.. Premera.. Printpack Inc.. Providence Equity Partners.. Publicis.. Quality Technology Services.. RaceTrac Petroleum, Inc.. Randstad.. Responsys.. RetailNext.. Revolution Foods.. Robert Half International.. RockTenn.. Rollins.. Rush Univ Medical Center.. Russell.. SAIC.. Salesforce.. Sasaki Associates.. Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.. Seattle Children s Hospital.. Service Benefit Plan Administrative Services Corporation.. Shire Human Genetic Therapies.. Sidley Austin LLP.. Simulia.. Slalom Consulting LLC.. Sotheby s.. South Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.. Southern Company.. Splunk.. Starwood Capital Group.. State Street Global Infrastructure Services.. State Street Global Services.. State Street Institutional Investor Services.. State Street Security Projects Services.. State Street US Investor Services.. SunRun.. Sutherland, Asbill Brennan.. Swedish Medical Center.. T.. Rowe Price.. TD Bank.. Tech Mahindra.. Textron.. The Hippodrome Foundation.. The Huffington Post.. The Weather Company.. True Blue.. Tufts Medical Center.. UBS Global Asset Management.. UBS Investments.. Unisource.. University of Pennsylvania.. US Re:Sources.. Vertafore.. Verve.. Viacom.. Vocalocity.. W.. Grainger.. Washington Federal.. Wellington Management Company.. WGL Holdings, Inc.. Wheelock College.. Wheels, Inc.. Williams Connolly.. WilmerHale.. Workday.. World Fuel Services.. Yelp.. Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.. Zillow.. Zynga..

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    Archived pages: 473