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  • Title: YASRT Home Page
    Descriptive info: .. NEW.. (13/11/2007) -.. YASRT runs on the iPhone/iPod Touch! iYasrt is.. here.. (29/03/2006) -.. YASRT runs on the Sony PSP! PSPYasrt is.. Documentation.. -.. Download.. Gallery.. History.. Links.. Benchmark.. SH Lighting.. What is it?.. YASRT is a stochastic raytracer.. It stands for.. Y.. et.. A.. nother.. S.. imple.. R.. ay.. T.. racer.. Where is it?.. YASRT v0.. 1 beta.. 14.. for windows (32-bit platform), windows mobile (.. SPV mobile phones.. , or other ARM-based mobile phones),  ...   and irix (mips) is available.. 12.. for decunix (alpha), solaris (sparc), freebsd (intel) and win32 (alpha) is available.. What can I do with it?.. YASRT is a raytracing program.. It uses the raytracing algorithm to generate realistic pictures from textual descriptions of three-dimensional scenes.. By using Monte Carlo raytracing techniques, YASRT supports features such as smooth shadows, depth of field, fuzzy reflections, etc.. Is it free?.. YASRT is free for personal use.. YASRT © 2000/2005.. Emmanuel Viale..

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  • Title: YASRT Home Page - Gallery
    Descriptive info: Main.. Pictures of s.. ome of the.. the scenes included in the package.. Pictures of some 3DS scenes rendered natively by YASRT..

    Original link path: /gallery.html
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  • Title: YASRT Home Page - Download
    Descriptive info: The following table gives access to different platforms and versions of YASRT available.. Platform.. Version.. Link.. iPhone/iPod Touch (ARM).. 0.. 1 Beta.. YASRTv01beta14.. iPhone-iPodTouch.. zip.. Sony PSP (mipsr4000).. psp-mipsr4000.. Win32 (intel).. win32-intel.. Win32 (alpha).. 1 Beta 12.. YASRTv01beta12.. win32-alpha.. Solaris (sparc).. solaris-sparc.. tgz.. Windows Mobile (SPV).. smartPhone-SPV.. PocketPC (sh3).. pocketPC-sh3.. PocketPC (mips).. pocketPC-mips.. PocketPC (arm).. pocketPC-arm.. MacOS X (ppc).. macosx-ppc.. Linux (intel).. linux-glibc2-intel.. Linux (mipsEEel - PlayStation 2).. linux-glibc2-mipsEEel.. Linux (arm).. linux-glibc2-arm.. Irix (mips).. irix-mips.. HP-UX (risc).. hpux-risc.. FreeBSD (intel).. DEC Unix (alpha).. decunix-alpha.. BeOS (intel).. beos-intel.. AIX (risc).. aix-risc..

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  • Title: YASRT Home Page - History
    Descriptive info: 10/25/2002 - Version 0.. 1 beta 14:.. Support for 3DS files added (beta).. Spot light added.. 20/04/2001 - Version 0.. 1 beta 13:.. PocketPC version in synch (no 3ds file support).. Ported to: Irix, Solaris, BeOS, AIX, HPUX and MacOS.. Fisheye (spherical) projection added.. Smooth shadows added.. Light attenuation models added (no attenuation, and attenuation in 1/d).. Fuzzy reflection added.. 12/03/2001 - Version 0.. 1 beta 12:.. Bugs in ring and disc primitives fixed.. Bugs in cone and cylibder primitives fixed.. Parser enhanced (more checks on data range).. 28/02/2001 - Version 0.. 1 beta 11:.. New threading mechanism with 2, 4 and 8 threads.. Patch (smooth triangle) primitive added.. Internal matrix support for later transformation (scale, rotate and translate).. 27/02/2001 - Version 0.. 1 beta 10:.. Internal priority queue changed to render big scenes( 100000 objects).. Multi-theading enhanced on WIN32 platform.. 26/02/2001 - Version 0.. 1 beta 9:.. Ported to DEC Unix (alpha).. Parser enhanced to avoid strict syntax.. Plane primitive fixed to accept positive normal with negative distance.. JPEG compression level added in parser (jpeg_quality) for platforms where JPEG is supported.. 19/02/2001 - Version 0.. 1 beta 8:.. Parser  ...   to include bounding slabs.. 19/01/2001 - Version 0.. 1 beta 5:.. Refraction added (thanks to Stephane Marty).. 17/01/2001 - Version 0.. 1 beta 4:.. Lots of bugs fixed.. Multi-threading support added (WIN32 threads and pthreads) with two threads.. Support for both threaded and non-threaded version.. 05/01/2001 - Version 0.. 1 beta 3:.. Ported to Linux glibc2 (RedHat 6.. 2).. BMP and TGA support enhanced.. Ouput file format added: PPM.. 01/01/2001 - Version 0.. 1 beta 2:.. Dynamic display added (slow and WIN32 only).. Ouput file format added: TIFF.. Rendering time calculation added.. Depth of field effect added.. Parser enhanced: bug fixes.. Order of appearance for surfaces changed to assign the same texture to several objects.. 25/04/2000 - Version 0.. 1 beta 1:.. Primitives supported: sphere, triangle, plane, polygon, ring.. Output file format: BMP (buggy), TGA (buggy), PNG.. Input file format: proprietary (primitive) stream-oriented scripting language.. Lights supported: point.. Effects: haze.. Surface parameters: ambient, diffuse, brilliance, specular, roughness, reflection.. Antialiasing: none, supersampling, adaptive.. Each with or without jittering.. WIN32 only (compiled on Windows NT 4 SP6 Intel and Alpha and Windows 2000 SP1).. Camera: location, direction, up, right, at, viewAngleX, viewAngleY, viewAspect..

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  • Title: YASRT Home Page - Links
    Descriptive info: My favorite sites:.. My first book!.. BluesNews.. 3DVF.. Opengl.. org.. SlashDot.. GameDev.. FlipCode.. Paul Debevec's Site.. PocketMatrix.. Automobiles Sport & Prestige.. Renderers (1/3).. Lucille.. FuzzyPhoton.. IRay Raytracer.. Raycer.. RenderBitch.. Aqsis Renderer.. WinOSi.. zRcube.. Accurender.. Advanced Rendering Toolkit.. AGI32.. AIR.. Arnold.. VirtuaLight.. Blue Moon Rendering Tools.. Renderers (2/3).. jrMan.. ART Renderdrive.. ArtLantis.. Brazil.. Entropy.. etShade.. Final Render.. Helios.. Inspirer.. Kilauea.. Renderpark.. Lightflow.. Luminance Radiosity Studio.. Lightscape.. Lightwave.. Renderers (3/3).. Lightworks.. Lumen Micro 2000.. Mental Ray.. Moonlight 3D.. Now 3D.. Persistence Of Vision.. Radiance.. Radiator.. RadiosGL.. Raymax.. Realsoft 3D.. Strata3DPro.. KRAY.. VRay..

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  • Title: YASRT Home Page - Benchmark
    Descriptive info: Compilers Benchmark.. This benchmark is a comparison of YASRT compiled with different compilers.. To see a benchmark of CPUs tested with the same version of YASRT, see.. under the.. section.. This benchmark is a comparison of YASRT (v 0.. 1 beta 13) compiled with different compilers: MS Visual C++ 7 Beta 2 Service Pack 2, MS Visual C++ 6 Service Pack 5, GCC 2.. 95 for Windows, Intel C/C++ Compiler 5.. 01, LCC Win32, Digital Mars and CodeWarrior 6.. 1 for Windows.. The benchmark was conducted on a set a 3D scenes bundled with YASRT on a PIII 866 MHz with 128 MB RAM.. The compilers and build options are summarized in the following table:.. MSVC7.. MS Visual C++.. Net Beta 2 Service Pack 2 - Optimizations for speed.. MSVC6.. MS Visual C++ 6 Service Pack 5 - Optimizations for speed.. MinGW.. Minimalist GNU For Windows (i..  ...   yst.. 47.. 89.. 55.. 88.. 81.. 57.. 75.. 59.. 67.. 72.. 05.. 79.. 61.. berceau.. 22.. 63.. 26.. 5.. 59.. 27.. 72.. 28.. 22.. 33.. 38.. 27.. cone.. 2.. 3.. 28.. 53.. 38.. 4.. 66.. cornell.. 10.. 06.. 92.. 11.. 13.. 13.. cylinder.. 91.. 31.. 56.. 41.. 94.. 69.. disc.. 83.. 52.. 36.. 58.. dof.. 63.. 71.. 84.. 55.. 75.. 94.. 107.. 2.. dof2.. 177.. 14.. 203.. 204.. 11.. 216.. 8.. 212.. 254.. 95.. 311.. 39.. fougere.. 124.. 09.. 142.. 3.. 64.. 144.. 149.. 23.. 186.. 25.. patch.. 5.. ring.. 77.. 08.. 48.. sphere.. spheres1.. 21.. 24.. 44.. 25.. 31.. 7.. 34.. sponge.. 78.. 02.. 90.. 96.. 19.. 108.. 119.. 135.. 42.. sponge2.. 179.. 209.. 210.. 222.. 228.. 12.. 283.. 312.. 98.. testdecay.. 7.. 45.. 8.. 9.. 34.. testdecay2.. 16.. 03.. triangle.. venus.. 17.. 73.. 18.. 20.. Total.. 775.. 893.. 51.. 896.. 944.. 960.. 47.. 1158.. 1322..

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  • Title: Spherical Harmonic Lighting with OpenGL
    Descriptive info: Spherical Harmonic Lighting using OpenGL.. Spherical Harmonics Lighting techniques and the code of this program are fully explained in this.. Game Institute course.. Spherical Harmonics Lighting techniques are fully explained in my.. first book!!!.. Spherical Harmonic lighting is a real-time rendering technique that uses a pre-process step - the projection of the lights, of the model and of the transfer function onto the spherical harmonic basis - to render realistically scenes using any type of light source.. It is primarily used to reproduce diffuse lighting.. The basic idea is to try to evaluate an approximation of the rendering equation at each vertex of the geometry of the scene by projecting its different components onto the spherical harmonic basis during a pre-process step.. The geometric term and the visibility function in the rendering equation can be simplified or approximated in three different ways.. It the first approximation, the geometric term is reduced to its simplest form: the cosine term or dot product between the surface's normal at the given vertex and the light's direction.. This is exactly the same as standard diffuse lighting using Lambert's law.. Only in this case, there is no need to manipulate the surface's normal as it is encoded in the spherical harmonic coefficients.. This first technique is often referred to as SH Diffuse unshadowed lighting and can generate images such as.. this one.. In the second form, the visibility term is added to determine shadowing at a given vertex.. This can be easily achieved by using a raytracer.. This allows to easily generate realistic shadows for the same scene, at the cost of extra calculation time.. This second technique is often referred to as SH Diffuse shadowed lighting and can generate images such as.. In the last approximation, lighting coming indirectly from the other objects in the scene is taken into account.. The pre-process step in this case take into account direct and indirect lighting, thus providing a way of calculating the global illumination of the scene.. This third technique is often referred to as SH Diffuse inter-reflected lighting.. Once all SH coefficients have been generated for the three modes, at runtime, the rendering equation can be reconstructed from these different SH coefficients by simply adding and multiplying them together.. The outgoing radiance at each vertex can then be calculated.. Using Gouraud shading (i.. : interpolation of the color of a triangle based on the colors at each of it vertex), it is then easy and fast to render the full scene in real-time.. The following image is a comparison between different lighting models applied to the same scene: standard OpenGL lighting (Phong shading), 3DS Max scanline rendering, SH diffuse unshadowed mode using an HDRI light probe from.. , and SH diffuse shadowed mode using the same HDRI light probe:.. By using the different HDRI light probe images from.. Paul Debevec's site.. , you can obtain interesting results such as the following ones:.. Remember, all of this is rendered in real-time!!.. You can download videos of the program running with differents scenes and light probes from.. ,.. and.. (.. XVID Codecs.. required).. HDRSHLighting.. for Windows (32-bit platform) is available.. , and  ...   usage of this program are summarized in the following tables:.. Key.. Description.. f.. Switch to full screen display.. F.. n.. Switch to windowed display.. N.. D.. Switch to the next rendering mode (order: GL, SH un-shadowed, SH shadowed).. d.. Switch to the previous rendering mode (order: GL, SH shadowed , SH un-shadowed).. S.. Scale up the lighting intensity.. s.. Scale down the lighting intensity.. Toggle between the different cameras (forward).. Toggle between the different cameras (backward).. b/B.. Capture the content of the window to a BMP file named.. HDRISHLightingXXXX.. bmp.. a/A.. Toggle animation on/off.. y/Y.. Switch between the different display modes: point, triangle and fill.. q/Q.. Exit the program.. Mouse Action.. Left click and Drag.. Rotates the camera around the function, thus giving the impression of rotating the function.. Right click.. Toggles animation on/off.. The program accepts different command-line parameters, all summarized in the following table:.. Switch.. Parameter(s).. -s.. integer.. The size of the grid of stratified samples.. --samples.. -b.. The number of bands used to approximate the spherical function.. --bands.. -h.. Height of the display window.. --height.. -w.. Width of the display window.. --width.. -hdr.. filename.. Name of the HDR light probe to load.. --hdr.. -3ds.. Name of the 3ds scene to load.. --3ds.. Name of the 3ds scene probe to load.. -hs.. float.. Scale the intensity of the input HDR image.. --hdrscale.. -dm.. none.. Force direct mode rendering to allow contrast adjustment of the lighting intensity.. --directmode.. -nd.. Only calculate SH coefficients (no display) and exit.. --nodisplay.. -nc.. Do not try to read cached SH coefficients from file, and force SH coefficients calculation.. --nocache.. -v.. Verbose mode.. --verbose.. -?.. None.. Display a help message.. --help.. For example, to calculate the SH coefficients of a scene, cache them (i.. : the next time you run the program, it will read the SH coefficients from a file, instead of re-calculating them) and render the scene, open a command-prompt (Windows) or a shell (Linux), and type the following (from the directory where you installed the program):.. HDRISHLightingBSP -3ds plane.. 3ds -hdr grace_probe.. To be able to adjust the light intensity while rendering the scene, type the following:.. HDRISHLightingBSP -3ds test7.. 3ds -hdr rnl_probe.. hdr -dm.. To calculate the SH coefficients and cache them,.. without.. rendering the scene, type the following:.. HDRISHLightingBSP -3ds bague.. hdr -nd.. To set the light scaling factor (for instance, to have a brighter or darker rendering of the scene) to a default value, type the following:.. hdr -hs 1.. 6.. Note that it is possible to mix the different command-line switches (for instance:.. -dm.. -hs.. ).. Finally, under Windows, let's say you have a bunch of 3ds files in your current directory, you can calculate the SH coefficients for all of them using the following batch command (very usefull when going on a weekend and if your machine is not used!):.. for %i in (*.. 3ds) do HDRISHLightingBSP -3ds %i -hdr rnl_probe.. Why did you do it?.. This program is part of many other programs that I have written for the book called:.. Advanced Lighting and Materials with Shaders.. I wrote this book with Kelly Dempski, the man behind.. this book.. © 2000/2005..

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