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  • Title: Volunteer in Ecuador - volunteer teaching in Quito and Cuenca
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Volunteer Blog.. Volunteer.. About Volunteering.. Volunteer Options and Sites.. Volunteer FAQs.. Why pay to volunteer?.. Project Videos.. Learn Spanish!.. Global Awareness.. GAP-Global Awareness Program.. GAP - Prices and Costs.. Register for GAP-Ecuador.. Volunteer Sites.. Academic Programs.. Global Citizenship.. Study Abroad Programs.. Service Learning Programs.. Research and Internships.. Yanapuma NGO.. About Yanapuma Foundation.. Our Principles.. Our History.. Our Methodology.. Our Strategies.. Our 4 Axes.. Who We Are.. Our Development Projects.. Projects Overview.. Tsa'chila Culture.. Pacific Coast and Galapagos.. Amazon Region.. Andean Sierra.. Other Projects.. Accountability.. Annual Reports and Newsletters.. Collaborate With Yanapuma.. Support Us.. Donate.. Fundraise For Us.. Spread the Word!.. Corporate Sponsorship.. Contact Us.. Register to Volunteer.. 日本人.. VOLUNTEER IN ECUADOR!.. Community and grass-roots projects in the Amazon, the Andes, the Pacific coast and the Galapagos Islands.. VARIED PROGRAMS FOR VOLUNTEERS OF ALL AGES!.. Volunteer with children, teaching, environmental projects, animal rescue, and more.. MEDICAL AND HEALTH-RELATED VOLUNTEER OPTIONS.. Volunteer and internships in hospitals, clinics and health-care centers around Ecuador.. FIND THE RIGHT VOLUNTEER PROJECT FOR YOU!.. Projects from one week and upwards, in Quito, Cuenca and all around Ecuador.. Volunteer in Sustainable Development programs in Ecuador - in the Amazon rainforest, the Andean Sierra, at the Pacific coast and the Galapagos Islands - teaching, children, ecology, community development.. Volunteer in Ecuador.. Yanapuma collaborates with grass-roots organizations and local  ...   individual students as well as for groups, short term or long term, in Quito or Cuenca, or all around the country.. We can also arrange research sites and research projects to fulfill academic requirements, working in tandem with your university.. Read more.. Learn more.. Yanapuma Foundation.. Yanapuma Foundation is an Ecuadorian non-profit NGO, dedicated to promoting sustainable development in indigenous and marginalized communities.. We operate on a social enterprise model, part funding our work through income generated from our own activities.. Learning Spanish is vital to being able to communicate effectively with your hosts, and taking.. Spanish classes in Quito or Cuenca.. with Yanapuma while you volunteer offers the perfect combination of study and practice to develop your Spanish language skills!.. Featured Volunteer Projects:.. Here are some of our most popular volunteer destinations in Ecuador for our international volunteers.. View all our projects.. Camp Hope - school for children with learning difficulties - Quito.. Jambi Huasi health clinic in Otavalo.. Hacienda Tranquila - Galapagos Islands.. +AK.. Volunteer Pages.. Volunteer in Ecuador.. Volunteer Ecuador projects.. About volunteering in Ecuador.. Volunteer and Learn Spanish.. Prices and Costs.. Academic Programs Overview.. About Ecuador.. -.. Sitemap.. About Yanapuma Foundation.. Get Involved!.. Donate!.. Related pages.. Connections.. Our location.. Guayaquil N9-59 y Oriente, Quito, Ecuador.. Phone: +593 2228 7084.. Skype: yanapuma-spanish.. top.. Yanapuma.. 2012.. All rights reserved..

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  • Title: Info for volunteering in Ecuador and Galapagos
    Descriptive info: About Volunteering in Ecuador.. Volunteer in Ecuador with Yanapuma!.. T.. he experience of volunteering is often one of the highlights of any traveler's journey.. , and Ecuador, with its huge diversity of cultures and geographies, offers some great opportunities for connecting with communities and worthwhile projects.. At Yanapuma we recognize that volunteers come in all type.. s - you may seek to volunteer for months or just a few days, you may have a wealth of experience in a particular area to share or you may just be happy to help out in any way they can.. Volunteer's desire to experience and learn about their hosts and environment may vary widely and their ability to adapt to the needs and the conditions of the project to which they commit themselves may also vary greatly.. That is why we are dedicated to working with our volunteers.. to identify the right project for them and to follow through, setting it up for them and accompanying them to the site, and ensuring that they get settled in.. In addition we offer continued support to the very end of the project in case any problems do arise.. Yanapuma foundation - a non-profit NGO.. Yanapuma Foundation was started in September 2006 with the vision of improving social and enviromnental conditions in Ecuador in line with the Milennium Development Goals.. The organization also incorporates  ...   Aside from the one-time registration fee.. for volunteering, volunteers pay directly to their hosts for accommodation and food.. These costs vary from project to project, depending on how each organization and community funds itself.. VIEW VOLUNTEER PROJECTS.. I really apreciated the attention from the coordinators in setting everything up for me to volunteer at Camp Hope.. I would never have been able to do everything myself before I got here, so it was great to be able to jump right in when I got here.. "My experiences in Ecuador far exceeded my expectations! I wish I could have stayed to volunteer for longer.. The volunteer coordinaters were awesome.. Keep up the good work Yanapuma!".. Quick Links.. Volunteer Projects and Sites.. Volunteer Projects Map.. Volunteer/Intern Videos.. Volunteer Photo Gallery.. Learn Spanish and Volunteer.. The advantages of arranging everything throuh Yanapuma are:.. 1.. You can be assured the the project is reliable and well run.. 2.. We will provide you with a full orientation in Quito.. 3.. Yanapuma will have set the volunteer program up specifically for you.. 4.. We will accompany you there to get you settled in.. 5.. There will be no nasty surprises when you get there.. 6.. Yanapuma will offer ongoing volunteer support throughout.. 7.. Your volunteering will be in aid of a worthwhile cause.. 8.. You will be contributing to our ongoing sustainable development work..

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  • Title: Volunteer projects in Ecuador - global citizenship
    Descriptive info: Volunteer Projects.. Categories:.. All.. Quito.. Cuenca.. Amazon Rainforest.. Andean sierra.. Galapgos Islands.. Medical Projects.. Community Projects.. Pacific Coast.. Yanapuma takes pride in matching enthusiastic volunteers with worthwhile projects in need of support.. Volunteering with our partner projects is not only a great way to.. immerse yourself in the language.. and culture, it is an opportunity to work for worthy causes alongside passionate community leaders.. Each project has different requirements in terms of language ability, time commitment, and skills so make sure you understand each project's needs before applying! Take a look at the links below to find the project that is the perfect fit for you! Click on the Categories above to narrow your search by region!.. We look forward to meeting you here in Ecuador!.. Camp Hope - Quito.. School for handicapped children.. Fundación ADIN - Andes.. Animal rescue center.. Tena Public Schools.. Social and educational work.. Sonrisas con Amor.. Health services for low-income.. Jambi Huasi Clinic.. Traditional and modern medicine.. Niñez y Vida - Quito.. Daycare and Pre-School children..  ...   clinic - Amazon.. CENIT - Quito.. Center for street children.. Brethren y Unida - Andes.. Agroforestry and sustainability.. Runa Foundation - Amazon.. Social enterprise and community dev.. CEMOPLAF clinic -Quito.. Health and social work.. Planet Drum Foundation.. Reforestation and Education.. Polylepis Tours - Cuenca.. Tourism in Cuenca.. INEPE - Quito.. Pre-school and elementary children.. Jovenes para el Futuro.. At risk children and teenagers.. Pacific Whale Foundation.. Education and whale monitoring.. Chilcapamba community.. Community development - Andes.. Orfanato - Cuenca.. An orphanage for boys.. Proyecto Ecologico Selvavida.. Conservation and community development.. Casa Maria Amor.. Abused children's play center.. Tsa'chila communities.. Community development.. Amupakin.. Natural Birth Center - Amazon.. Fundación Avanzar - Cuenca.. Play center for hospitalized children.. Hogar Miguel León.. Children and seniors in Cuenca.. San Martín Health Center.. Busy health clinic in Quito.. Rio Muchacho Organic Farm.. Sustainable agriculture and tourism.. Estero de Plátano.. Community development - Pacific coast.. Cerro Seco Reserve.. Conservation and education.. Biblioteca San Joaquín.. Teach English, art, homework.. Animalistas Independientes de Corazón - Cuenca.. Animal activism and care..

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  • Title: FAQs about volunteering in Ecuador - Quito, Cuenca, Galapagos
    Descriptive info: Volunteer in Ecuador - F.. A.. Q.. What sort of projects do you work with?.. Are there any costs I should be aware of?.. How do I apply to volunteer?.. How long in advance do I need to register with Yanapuma?.. Is there a start date for volunteer projects or can I start whenever I want?.. What is the minimum time I have to commit to a project?.. Do I need to Speak Spanish?.. Can I conduct research or an internship for academic credit while volunteering?.. How dangerous is Ecuador?.. What is the volunteer accommodation like?.. What is transport like?.. Do you offer Airport pickup?.. Do I need a Visa to enter and stay in Ecuador?.. What is the appropriate dress for volunteering?.. What else do I need to bring?.. Am I at risk for Malaria or other diseases while volunteering in Ecuador?.. Will there be other volunteers working with me at the project I want to volunteer for?.. Who do I ask if I have additional questions about volunteering?.. We offer projects in the following areas: agriculture, environmental education, English teaching, early child care, special needs care, social work, care for rescued animals, general and traditional medicine, women’s health, and cultural tourism.. There is a one-time registration fee which covers our administrative costs.. This allows for our volunteer coordinators to arrange everything with your chosen project, provide you with orientation and office support, give you accurate directions to arrive there, and continuously evaluate each project to ensure that it is running well.. This fee does not include accommodation, food, or transport.. Each project offers its own accommodation options, and the volunteer pays this directly to the project itself.. We will advise you of the accommodation for your chosen project.. Transport outside Quito costs around $1 per hour and most projects are withing 4 or 5 hours from Quito.. Those going to Galapagos have to pay a national park entry fee of $110.. Click here.. for more information about volunteer costs.. Please contact us through the Contact Form and indicate your preferences, any relevant experience you hold, your Spanish proficiency, and which projects interest you.. The volunteer coordinator will suggest the best project options for you, and will send you a link to our online registration form.. How long in advance do I need to register with Yanapuma?.. Typical time to register is one to two months beforehand, but we are quite flexible.. Keep in mind that some projects are popular and spaces fill up quickly.. Most projects do not have particular start dates, though school projects are open only during the academic year (which varies depending on the region of Ecuador).. All projects operate Monday through Friday, and they prefer (though not required) if volunteers arrive on a Monday or Tuesday to get the week started on the right foot.. It is recommended to spend at least one month with a project to really be involved and effective.. This is the typical minimum time for most projects.. There are projects that will accept volunteers for one or two weeks minimum, while others require a two month minimum.. The level of Spanish needed varies by project.. While some projects can accept volunteers with a minimum level of Spanish, others require  ...   in Ecuador is efficient and cost effective.. City bus fare is $0.. 25 and interprovincial bus fare averages to about $1.. 00 per hour of travel time.. Taxis are cost effective; We encourage you to take legally registered taxis.. When the coordinator escorts you to the project on the first day, you will take public transport.. Yes, this costs an additional $40 or $45, depending on time of day/night.. Alternatively, you are welcome to take transportation on your own.. The taxi customer service counter inside the airport can arrange a taxi to the tourist district of Quito for $25-$35, or a regular shuttle bus costs $8 to the city.. Most foreign nationals are allowed to visit Ecuador without a visa for a period of 90 days or less.. A 90 day tourist permit is automatically granted upon your arrival in Ecuador, and will be stamped on your passport.. Your passport must be valid for at least six months from the date of your arrival and you may be asked to show proof of a return flight ticket.. Please check the rules applicable to your country before departure.. You are no longer permitted to cross the border into Columbia or Peru to come back and receive an additional 90 days; you are permitted one 90 day tourist permit per calendar year.. If you want to volunteer for longer than 90 days please contact us about applying for a volunteer visa.. If working on an outdoor project, wear clothes that are comfortable, can get dirty, and will protect you from bugs and the powerful Ecuadorian sun.. Shorts and flip flops are normally considered only for beach wear.. If working in a school or medical setting, please wear business casual comfortable clothing.. Only if you are a licensed medical professional, you are welcome to wear your medical uniform (i.. e.. scrubs), as this uniform gives you an assumed status with clients.. Outside of work, we encourage you to wear urban conservative clothing (jeans, long pants, etc.. ).. Please also consider the climate where you will be volunteering.. In the sierra it can be warm during the day and cold at night, and in the Amazon and Pacific coast regions it can be humid and hot during the day.. for a list of things to consider bringing.. All these items can be bought in Quito, so there is no need to panic if you do not have everything.. Am I at risk for Malaria or other diseases while volunteering in Ecuador? The risk for malaria in Ecuador is very low.. Consult your medical provider or travel clinic for more specific advice.. Vaccinations such as typhoid and yellow fever are also recommended before traveling into the deep Amazon.. Yellow fever vaccine is required for entry into some Latin American countries.. The risk for malaria in Ecuador is very low.. It is likely that yes, there will be other volunteers at these projects, but it is very difficult for us to predict numbers in advance, as the projects we work with receive long term and short term volunteers from other organizations, as well.. You can contact our volunteer coordinators, by submitting your questions through our Contact Form.. We will get back to you as soon as possible..

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  • Title: Volunteer costs in Ecuador
    Descriptive info: about volunteer costs.. Yanapuma Foundation is a non-profit organization, registered in Ecuador under the Ministry of Social Welfare.. Our aim is to promote sustainable practices in indigenous, rural and urban communities throughout Ecuador.. We fund our activities from our Spanish School, which donates 100% of its profits to the foundation, and the money we receive from volunteers.. In addition we seek funding for materials and costs associated with specific projects.. The communities that we work with are very poor.. , and although they are grateful for any assistance, they cannot afford to feed and house volunteers for free, as they themselves struggle to survive.. Likewise, the projects that we work with struggle to continue their work, and are dependent upon the income that volunteers provide for food and accommodation to both feed and house volunteers and have a little left over to contribure to the project.. There are many volunteer organizations,.. many of which charge large sums of money to volunteer, and there are a few others that charge very little.. We aim to be as reasonably priced as possible, yet also strive to offer a guaranteed service to the volunteer.. To run the volunteer department costs us around $21,000 per year.. , to pay two coordinators to manage each community and project, reply to volunteer's inquiries, to pay rent, internet, travel expenses, etc.. Talking to volunteers over the last couple of years who have volunteered with a wide array of organizations worldwide has given us the insights to understand how to provide these services to our volunteers.. We have talked, for instance, to a couple who paid a lot of money to a seemingly reputable organization, who ended up working on their own digging a swimming pool in the back yard of the local director who had co-opted the volunteer program of a small community for  ...   very goal-oriented and driven culture from which most volunteers come and the more loosely structured and less time-bound approach typical in most indigenous and marginal communities and projects.. Which means that even with the greatest of planning and forethought, the experience can be frustrating for volunteers anxious to achieve concrete results.. At Yanapuma, we are well aware of the responsibility that we have to both sides.. : to the community or project, in making sure that we achieve the goals we set with them and provide them with the outside help that they need to the volunteer, in ensuring that they arrive to find a well-organized project and a welcome place in which to contribute meaningfully.. To achieve both these goals, Yanapuma staff keep regular contact with the communities and projects that we work with, and monitor progress of each project continually.. We will travel to the community on behalf of the volunteer to set up long-term and group projects and to ensure that all relevant materials are on site and that the community or project is prepared for their arrival.. We regularly monitor the volunteer programs as part of the overall goal of contributing to the development of each community, and solicit feedback from visitors about their experiences in order to ensure that the programs are running well.. Thus, at Yanapuma Foundation we strive to guarantee our volunteers and visitors a rich and rewarding experience, conscious of our responsibilities to both the volunteer and to the community, and at the same time, working to cover the costs associated with our activities as a non-profit organization.. We hope you will support us in our efforts to improve the lives and futures of the communities that we work with.. For more help in making your decision try this page from the International Volunteer Programs Association: http://www.. volunteerinternational.. org/index-mih2.. htm..

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  • Title: Volunteer with Yanapuma » Promoting sustainable community development in Ecuador
    Descriptive info: Volunteer with Yanapuma.. Promoting sustainable community development in Ecuador.. Volunteer Blogs.. Jovenes para el Futuro, Ambato.. Group Leaders.. Coordinators.. The Vision and Mission of Yanapuma Foundation.. When we started Yanapuma in 2006 our aim was to help the marginalized and indigenous communities of Ecuador to develop sustainably.. One of the great problems in the process of globalization is that most often those at the very fringes end up losing control of their local resources as people from outside move in with.. View full post.. Connecting with Yanapuma.. I stumbled upon Yanapuma on Idealist.. org after doing a search for volunteer opportunities with disadvantaged youth in South America.. I contacted Kelly, the volunteer and intern coordinator, about positions  ...   the.. blogs.. of some of our current volunteers.. They provide a unique insight on what it s like living in Ecuador and volunteering with.. You can also read what our.. and.. have to say.. Leave a Reply.. Cancel reply.. Your email address will not be published.. Name:.. Email:.. Website:.. Message:.. *.. You may use these.. HTML.. tags and attributes:.. a href= title= abbr title= acronym title= b blockquote cite= cite code del datetime= em i q cite= strike strong.. Search.. Recent Posts.. Archives.. July 2012.. March 2012.. Copyright.. Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a.. Creative Commons License.. Creative Commons License BY-NC-ND.. Return to top.. Powered by.. WordPress.. and the.. Graphene Theme..

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  • Title: Spanish and Volunteering in Ecuador, Yanapuma Foundation
    Descriptive info: Spanish and volunteering in Ecuador.. Learn Spanish and Volunteer in Ecuador with Yanapuma!.. Yanapuma offers the chance to learn Spanish while you volunteer in Quito or Cuenca,.. at our Spanish schools in either of these two cities.. While Quito offers a unique combination with its historic colonial center and its modern business center, Cuenca offers a tranquil, historic setting for learning Spanish while you volunteer.. With our "Volunteer Quito" or "Volunteer Cuenca" programs.. you can study Spanish while you volunteer.. Each program involves volunteering in the morning and taking 3 hours of Spanish classes in the afternoon, to fill your time with a genuine immersion experience.. Different projects require different levels of Spanish, and there are options for  ...   may prefer to take a Spanish course for a week or more.. before beginning your volunteer placement in one of our other projects around Ecuador.. We offer both individual and group classes for volunteers of all ages.. Yanapuma Foundation is an Ecuadorian non-profit NGO, dedicated to promoting sustainable development in indigenous and marginalized communities around Ecuador.. We charge a one-time registration fee to our volunteers to cover the office and staff costs, as well as for regularly monitoring the projects we work with and offering back-up to each volunteer.. We try to keep the fees as low as possible, and anything that is left over goes towards the project work of the foundation.. Aside from the one-time.. registration fee..

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  • Title: Gap Year in Ecuador and Galapagos
    Descriptive info: global awareness program.. Global Awareness Programs in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands.. Y.. anapuma's Global Awareness Program (GAP Ecuador) offers options for study and volunteering.. in cosmopolitan Quito, historic Cuenca, and all around Ecuador, including on the Galapagos Islands.. GAP Ecuador is designed to offer formative experiences to students.. interested in learning about the relationship between the developed and developing world - socially, politically, culturally and environmentally.. Programs vary in length from one month and upwards, and different options can be strung together to create an individual and insightful GAP experience.. You can learn Spanish in bustling Quito or in tranquil Cuenca.. while you volunteer with children in daycare centers, schools, and rehabilitation centers, or with elderly-in-need or clinics and health centers.. You can volunteer in the Amazon rainforest, at the Pacific coast, in the Andean sierra or on the Galapagos Islands.. in projects that range from working with children and youth, environmental education, reforestation and organic agriculture, conservation, community projects, tourism, and more.. create your own program!.. Month.. Program Activities.. Volunteer and take Spanish classes in Quito or Cuenca, with weekend excursions  ...   that they maintain their high standards of community service and volunteer hosting.. We have worked with international organizations for the past 7 years,.. offering our services as in-country partners and hosts, and maintaining safety and emergency standards and procedures, to offer a reliable and trustworthy service to individual and groups of volunteers.. Our GAP Ecuador service includes:.. Airport transfer to accommodation.. Orientation and safety briefing.. Full backup and emergency care.. Excursions and extra activities.. Accompaniment to volunteer placement.. Skilled group leaders to manage groups.. Wide range of volunteer options.. Spanish classes and courses.. Yanapuma aims to offer unique and challenging international experiences to exceptional individuals and teams who are looking to develop a global perspective, sharing our values of integrity, flexibility and dedication.. GAP - Global Awareness Program.. Global Citizenship - Overview.. Study Abroad.. Service Learning.. Child Protection Policy.. Click on the button below to learn more about our GAP-Ecuador program.. GAP-Ecuador details.. GAP-Ecuador Start Dates 2014.. 06 January, 03 February, 03 March, 31 March, 28 April, 26 May, 23 June, 21 July, 18 August, 15 September, 13 October, 10 November, 8 December..

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  • Title: Prices for volunteering in Ecuador
    Descriptive info: GAP-Ecuador prices.. Below is a list of our current prices for our Global Awareness Program.. Yanapuma is a non-profit organization and we aim to be as reasonably priced as possible, while striving to offer a guaranteed level of service to our students.. Income from these programs goes towards our own development projects with indigenous and marginalized communities in Ecuador.. Programs offer the option of group Spanish classes or individual Spanish classes.. Code.. Program Details.. Price.. Q4.. 4 weeks.. Volunteer and Spanish - Quito or Cuenca.. 4 weeks of Standard Immersion Spanish classes in Quito or Cuenca.. 28 days homestay with a local host family, including breakfast and evening meal.. Volunteering in local project.. 3 weekend excursions and extra week-day activities (salsa class, movie nights, etc).. Accompaniment to volunteer project at start.. Airport transfer and cultural and safety orientation on arrival.. $1806.. 25 (group Spanish).. $2031.. 25 (individual Spanish).. $1206,25 (No Spanish).. QV8.. 8 weeks.. Volunteer and Spanish + Volunteer  ...   a project on the Galapagos Islands.. 28 days accommodation (self-catering).. Transfers to and from airport in Quito and pickup in Galapagos.. $3581.. 25 (group Sp).. $3806.. 25 (ind Sp).. $2981,25 (No Spanish).. QVV.. 12 weeks.. Volunteer and Spanish + Volunteer in Ecuador.. 8 weeks volunteering in 1 or 2 projects outside Quito or Cuenca.. 56 days accommodation and meals.. Accompaniment to projects at start.. $3818.. 75 (group Sp).. $4043.. 75 (ind Sp).. $3218,75 (No Spanish).. QVG.. Vounteer and Spanish + Volunteer in Ecuador and Galapagos.. 4 weeks volunteering on the Galapagos Islands.. Transfer to and from airport for in Quito and pickup in Galapagos.. $4587.. $4812.. $3987,50 (No Spanish).. V4.. Extra 4 weeks of volunteering in Ecuador or on Galapagos.. $1006.. 25.. Click for Payment Options.. "I had a truly amazing time volunteering with the kids at Camp Hope project.. Everything was well organized, and I felt very supported by the Yanapuma coordinators throughout my time in Ecuador.. "..

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  • Title: Academic Programs in Ecuador, Global Citizen, Medical Internship in Ecuador
    Descriptive info: Academic programs in ecuador.. Global Citizenship, Service Learning, Study Abroad, Gap Year Experience.. anapuma began offering programs for international students in 2007.. Since then we have worked with a wide variety of organizations, universities, colleges, and high schools, creating individualized programs to achieve the specific aims of each organization.. We offer programs that fall within the categories of global citizenship, service learning, study abroad and gap year, each with its own specific requirements.. Click on the links on the right to learn about the possibilities in each area.. With a wide range of contacts in Ecuador.. we are perfectly placed to connect individual students and groups to communities and grass-roots projects that are struggling to create sustainable change at the local level.. We maintain a commitment to these groups, and  ...   selection, development of data-gathering methods, logistical support and office facilities for students.. Global Citizenship - concepts and practice.. The concept of Global Citizenship encompasses sociocultural, political, economic and environmental factors as students experience at first hand the reality of being from the other side of the development process.. As such it implies critical and transformative elements as students develop their understanding on both social/political and personal experiential levels.. The experience of immersion in a new context in combination with relevant academic support provides an intense learning environment that will transform both social/political awareness and personal awareness, informing future academic and professional development.. Our approach is part of the ongoing dialogue between various actors in the sustainable development environment.. to read about the core problems facing indigenous and marginalized communities in Ecuador..

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  • Title: Study Abroad Programs in Quito, Cuenca and Ecuador
    Descriptive info: study abroad in ecuador.. Study Abroad Programs in Quito and Cuenca.. anapuma has been a third-party provider for Study Abroad programs for US and international universities and colleges in Quito and Cuenca for the past 7 years.. Optional Spanish classes at all levels can be combined with volunteering at one of several community and grass-roots projects in either Quito or Cuenca.. Students can volunteer or intern at health centers and clinics, with pre-school, elementary and secondary school children, children with learning difficulties, street children and homeless aged persons, and more specifically skilled placements.. We also recommend homestays with local host families as the best way to immerse oneself in the language and culture of Ecuador.. We also offer combination programs of intensive Spanish study in Quito or Cuenca followed by independent Field Study.. in one of over 30 grass-roots organizations and community projects that we collaborate with all around Ecuador, including on the Galapagos Islands.. Students can volunteer or intern in projects related to sustainable agriculture and conservation, sustainable community development, tourism, education and child care, health and well-being, and animal rescue.. Study Abroad programs can be created  ...   instruction with meaningful service to a local population in another country with the aim of promoting a sense of civic engagement in a globalized context.. Active participation in local projects through the work of a local agency such as Fundación Yanapuma, together with structured time for reflection on the service experience offers the opportunity for personal growth and transformation.. For the student, stepping out of their habitual and comfortable surrounding to share a new environment with local actors provokes new learning and reflection on values and attitudes.. Projects can be organized for students to volunteer individually or in small groups.. , according to the specific needs of each organization.. Yanapuma can place individual students from a group in different projects in Quito or Cuenca, or we can arrange individual and group volunteer placements around Ecuador.. We can structure programs to include a mix of academic, volunteering, and more touristic pursuits with excursions to places of cultural, historical and environmental importance around Quito, Cuenca and Ecuador, including the Galapagos Islands.. Yanapuma will also coordinate with the sending institution.. to manage matters of academic credit and compliance with course requirements..

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