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    Archived pages: 843 . Archive date: 2014-08.

  • Title: Overview — Yade 2014-08-13.git-b94eb65 documentation
    Descriptive info: .. Navigation.. index.. modules.. |.. Yade.. |.. Documentation.. Welcome to Yade - Open Source Discrete Element Method.. Yade is an extensible open-source framework for discrete numerical models, focused on Discrete Element Method.. The computation parts are written in c++ using flexible object model, allowing independent implementation of new alogrithms and interfaces.. Python is used for rapid and concise scene construction, simulation control, postprocessing and debugging.. Yade is located at.. www.. yade-dem.. org.. , which contains.. this documentation.. and.. wiki.. Development is kindly hosted on.. launchpad.. GitHub.. ; they are used for.. source code.. ,.. bug tracking.. source.. downloads.. and more.. Since March 2012 Yade is using GIT as VCS and placing the source code on.. github.. The Launchpad is importing source code several times per day.. Please make sure you read the.. "Acknowledging Yade".. section if you plan to cite Yade  ...   (Wiki).. Simulation examples (wiki); feel free to add yours.. Acknowledging Yade.. How to cite Yade in publications.. Publications.. on Yade itself or done with Yade.. Questions and answers.. Users questions and discussions, hosted at launchpad.. Wiki pages.. A less formal place to report results and more, worth a look.. Introduction.. getting familiar with Yade.. Tutorial.. first steps with practical.. examples.. User's Manual.. functionality guide and description.. Programmer's Manual.. understanding and modifying the internals of Yade.. DEM Formulation.. the Discrete Element Method (DEM).. Class reference.. simulation building blocks, c++ python.. Yade modules.. python modules extending Yade.. References.. articles cited in the documentation.. Installation.. from binaries and sources.. Index.. all functions, classes, attributes.. Search.. search the documentation.. Full contents.. with all the details.. Quick search.. Enter search terms or a module, class or function name.. Copyright 2009, Václav Šmilauer.. Created using.. Sphinx.. 1.. 2..

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  • Title: Index — Yade 2014-08-13.git-b94eb65 documentation
    Descriptive info: _.. A.. B.. C.. D.. E.. F.. G.. H.. I.. J.. K.. L.. M.. N.. O.. P.. Q.. R.. S.. T.. U.. V.. W.. X.. Y.. Z.. __init__() (yade.. _packPredicates.. inAlignedBox method).. (yade.. PredicateBoolean method).. PredicateDifference method).. PredicateIntersection method).. PredicateSymmetricDifference method).. PredicateUnion method).. inCylinder method).. inEllipsoid method).. inGtsSurface method).. inHyperboloid method).. inParallelepiped method).. inSphere method).. notInNotch method).. _packSpheres.. SpherePack method).. SpherePackIterator method).. post2d.. AxisFlatten method).. CylinderFlatten method).. HelixFlatten method).. qt.. _GLViewer.. GLViewer method).. utils.. TableParamReader method).. wrapper.. BodyContainer method).. ForceContainer method).. InteractionContainer method).. MaterialContainer method).. ParallelEngine method).. RungeKuttaCashKarp54Integrator method).. A (yade.. PredicateBoolean attribute).. PredicateDifference attribute).. PredicateIntersection attribute).. PredicateSymmetricDifference attribute).. PredicateUnion attribute).. HarmonicMotionEngine attribute).. HarmonicRotationEngine attribute).. a_dxdt (yade.. RungeKuttaCashKarp54Integrator attribute).. a_x (yade.. Aabb (class in yade.. wrapper).. aabb() (yade.. Predicate method).. pack.. inGtsSurface_py method).. inSpace method).. aabbDim() (in module yade.. utils).. aabbEnlargeFactor (yade.. Bo1_ChainedCylinder_Aabb attribute).. Bo1_Cylinder_Aabb attribute).. Bo1_GridConnection_Aabb attribute).. Bo1_Sphere_Aabb attribute).. aabbExtrema() (in module yade.. _utils).. aabbExtrema2d() (in module yade.. aabbMax (yade.. FlatGridCollider attribute).. aabbMin (yade.. aabbWalls() (in module yade.. abs_err (yade.. absSpeed (yade.. UniaxialStrainer attribute).. absStressTol (yade.. PeriTriaxController attribute).. accel (yade.. CentralGravityEngine attribute).. HdapsGravityEngine attribute).. acceleration (yade.. AxialGravityEngine attribute).. activated (yade.. BoundDispatcher attribute).. active (yade.. GlobalStiffnessTimeStepper attribute).. Integrator attribute).. TimeStepper attribute).. add() (yade.. addAutoData() (in module yade.. plot).. addConnection() (yade.. GridNode method).. addData() (in module yade.. addF() (yade.. addIterNum (yade.. CapillaryStressRecorder attribute).. ForceRecorder attribute).. Recorder attribute).. TorqueRecorder attribute).. TriaxialStateRecorder attribute).. addMove() (yade.. addRot() (yade.. addScene() (yade.. Omega method).. addT() (yade.. addToChain() (yade.. ChainedState method).. addToClump() (yade.. adhesionForce (yade.. MindlinCapillaryPhys attribute).. MindlinPhys attribute).. algo (yade.. MatchMaker attribute).. allowBiggerThanPeriod (yade.. GeneralIntegratorInsertionSortCollider attribute).. InsertionSortCollider attribute).. alpha (yade.. KinemCNDEngine attribute).. KinemCNLEngine attribute).. KinemCNSEngine attribute).. KinemCTDEngine attribute).. KinemSimpleShearBox attribute).. alphaKr (yade.. CohFrictMat attribute).. InelastCohFrictMat attribute).. alphaKtw (yade.. always_use_moment_law (yade.. CohesiveFrictionalContactLaw attribute).. Law2_ChCylGeom6D_CohFrictPhys_CohesionMoment attribute).. Law2_CylScGeom6D_CohFrictPhys_CohesionMoment attribute).. Law2_ScGeom6D_CohFrictPhys_CohesionMoment attribute).. angleTurned (yade.. HelixEngine attribute).. InterpolatingHelixEngine attribute).. angMom (yade.. ChainedState attribute).. CpmState attribute).. JCFpmState attribute).. State attribute).. WireState attribute).. angularMomentum() (in module yade.. angularVelocities (yade.. angularVelocity (yade.. BicyclePedalEngine attribute).. ResetRandomPosition attribute).. RotationEngine attribute).. angularVelocityRange (yade.. angVel (yade.. append() (yade.. appendClumped() (yade.. appliedPsdScaling (yade.. SpherePack attribute).. applyForcesAndTorques (yade.. HydrodynamicsLawLBM attribute).. approxMask (yade.. Ig2_Facet_Sphere_L3Geom attribute).. Ig2_Sphere_Sphere_L3Geom attribute).. Ig2_Sphere_Sphere_L6Geom attribute).. Ig2_Wall_Sphere_L3Geom attribute).. approxSectionArea() (in module yade.. area (yade.. Facet attribute).. as (yade.. WireMat attribute).. ascii (yade.. VTKRecorder attribute).. aspherical (yade.. Body attribute).. asymmetry (yade.. autoCompressionActivation (yade.. CapillaryTriaxialTest attribute).. CohesiveTriaxialTest attribute).. TriaxialCompressionEngine attribute).. TriaxialTest attribute).. autoStopSimulation (yade.. autoUnload (yade.. autozoom (in module yade.. AVel (yade.. LBMbody attribute).. averagePressure() (yade.. FlowEngine method).. FlowEngineT method).. FlowEngine_PeriodicInfo method).. PeriodicFlowEngine method).. averageSlicePressure() (yade.. averageVelocity() (yade.. avFlVelOnSph() (yade.. avgNumInteractions() (in module yade.. avgRelResidual (yade.. CpmStateUpdater attribute).. avgStress (yade.. avoidGranularRatcheting (yade.. Ig2_GridNode_GridNode_GridNodeGeom6D attribute).. Ig2_Sphere_Sphere_ScGeom attribute).. Ig2_Sphere_Sphere_ScGeom6D attribute).. avoidSelfInteractionMask (yade.. Collider attribute).. PersistentTriangulationCollider attribute).. SpatialQuickSortCollider attribute).. ZECollider attribute).. axes (yade.. GLViewer attribute).. axesLabels (yade.. Gl1_L3Geom attribute).. Gl1_L6Geom attribute).. axesScale (yade.. axesWd (yade.. AxialGravityEngine (class in yade.. axis (yade.. ServoPIDController attribute).. Wall attribute).. axisDir (yade.. RadialForceEngine attribute).. axisDirection (yade.. AxisFlatten (class in yade.. post2d).. axisPoint (yade.. axisPt (yade.. B (yade.. bases (yade.. Bo1_Box_Aabb attribute).. Bo1_Facet_Aabb attribute).. Bo1_Polyhedra_Aabb attribute).. Bo1_Tetra_Aabb attribute).. Bo1_Wall_Aabb attribute).. BoundFunctor attribute).. Functor attribute).. Gl1_Aabb attribute).. Gl1_Box attribute).. Gl1_ChainedCylinder attribute).. Gl1_CpmPhys attribute).. Gl1_Cylinder attribute).. Gl1_Facet attribute).. Gl1_GridConnection attribute).. Gl1_NormPhys attribute).. Gl1_Polyhedra attribute).. Gl1_PolyhedraGeom attribute).. Gl1_PolyhedraPhys attribute).. Gl1_Sphere attribute).. Gl1_Tetra attribute).. Gl1_Wall attribute).. GlBoundFunctor attribute).. GlIGeomFunctor attribute).. GlIPhysFunctor attribute).. GlShapeFunctor attribute).. GlStateFunctor attribute).. IGeomFunctor attribute).. IPhysFunctor attribute).. Ig2_Box_Sphere_ScGeom attribute).. Ig2_Box_Sphere_ScGeom6D attribute).. Ig2_ChainedCylinder_ChainedCylinder_ScGeom6D attribute).. Ig2_Facet_Polyhedra_PolyhedraGeom attribute).. Ig2_Facet_Sphere_ScGeom attribute).. Ig2_Facet_Sphere_ScGeom6D attribute).. Ig2_GridConnection_GridConnection_GridCoGridCoGeom attribute).. Ig2_Polyhedra_Polyhedra_PolyhedraGeom attribute).. Ig2_Sphere_ChainedCylinder_CylScGeom attribute).. Ig2_Sphere_ChainedCylinder_CylScGeom6D attribute).. Ig2_Sphere_GridConnection_ScGridCoGeom attribute).. Ig2_Tetra_Tetra_TTetraGeom attribute).. Ig2_Tetra_Tetra_TTetraSimpleGeom attribute).. Ig2_Wall_Polyhedra_PolyhedraGeom attribute).. Ig2_Wall_Sphere_ScGeom attribute).. Ip2_2xInelastCohFrictMat_InelastCohFrictPhys attribute).. Ip2_2xNormalInelasticMat_NormalInelasticityPhys attribute).. Ip2_BubbleMat_BubbleMat_BubblePhys attribute).. Ip2_CohFrictMat_CohFrictMat_CohFrictPhys attribute).. Ip2_CpmMat_CpmMat_CpmPhys attribute).. Ip2_ElastMat_ElastMat_NormPhys attribute).. Ip2_ElastMat_ElastMat_NormShearPhys attribute).. Ip2_FrictMat_CpmMat_FrictPhys attribute).. Ip2_FrictMat_FrictMat_CapillaryPhys attribute).. Ip2_FrictMat_FrictMat_FrictPhys attribute).. Ip2_FrictMat_FrictMat_MindlinCapillaryPhys attribute).. Ip2_FrictMat_FrictMat_MindlinPhys attribute).. Ip2_FrictMat_FrictMat_ViscoFrictPhys attribute).. Ip2_FrictMat_FrictViscoMat_FrictViscoPhys attribute).. Ip2_FrictViscoMat_FrictViscoMat_FrictViscoPhys attribute).. Ip2_JCFpmMat_JCFpmMat_JCFpmPhys attribute).. Ip2_LudingMat_LudingMat_LudingPhys attribute).. Ip2_PolyhedraMat_PolyhedraMat_PolyhedraPhys attribute).. Ip2_ViscElCapMat_ViscElCapMat_ViscElCapPhys attribute).. Ip2_ViscElMat_ViscElMat_ViscElPhys attribute).. Ip2_WireMat_WireMat_WirePhys attribute).. Law2_CylScGeom_FrictPhys_CundallStrack attribute).. Law2_GridCoGridCoGeom_FrictPhys_CundallStrack attribute).. Law2_L3Geom_FrictPhys_ElPerfPl attribute).. Law2_L6Geom_FrictPhys_Linear attribute).. Law2_ScGeom6D_InelastCohFrictPhys_CohesionMoment attribute).. Law2_ScGeom6D_NormalInelasticityPhys_NormalInelasticity attribute).. Law2_ScGeom_BubblePhys_Bubble attribute).. Law2_ScGeom_CpmPhys_Cpm attribute).. Law2_ScGeom_FrictPhys_CundallStrack attribute).. Law2_ScGeom_FrictViscoPhys_CundallStrackVisco attribute).. Law2_ScGeom_JCFpmPhys_JointedCohesiveFrictionalPM attribute).. Law2_ScGeom_LudingPhys_Basic attribute).. Law2_ScGeom_MindlinPhys_HertzWithLinearShear attribute).. Law2_ScGeom_MindlinPhys_Mindlin attribute).. Law2_ScGeom_MindlinPhys_MindlinDeresiewitz attribute).. Law2_ScGeom_ViscElCapPhys_Basic attribute).. Law2_ScGeom_ViscElPhys_Basic attribute).. Law2_ScGeom_ViscoFrictPhys_CundallStrack attribute).. Law2_ScGeom_WirePhys_WirePM attribute).. Law2_ScGridCoGeom_CohFrictPhys_CundallStrack attribute).. Law2_ScGridCoGeom_FrictPhys_CundallStrack attribute).. Law2_TTetraSimpleGeom_NormPhys_Simple attribute).. LawFunctor attribute).. PolyhedraVolumetricLaw attribute).. bc (yade.. bending (yade.. ChCylGeom6D attribute).. CylScGeom6D attribute).. GridNodeGeom6D attribute).. ScGeom6D attribute).. ScGridCoGeom attribute).. bendingElastEnergy() (yade.. Law2_ScGeom6D_CohFrictPhys_CohesionMoment method).. betan (yade.. FrictViscoMat attribute).. betaR (yade.. betas (yade.. bgColor (yade.. OpenGLRenderer attribute).. biaxial2dTest (yade.. BicyclePedalEngine (class in yade.. bId (yade.. bin() (in module yade.. qt).. binaryFusion (yade.. Law2_ScGeom_CapillaryPhys_Capillarity attribute).. blockDisplacements (yade.. blockedDOFs (yade.. BoxFactory attribute).. CircularFactory attribute).. SpheresFactory attribute).. blockRotations (yade.. bndCondIsPressure (yade.. FlowEngine attribute).. FlowEngineT attribute).. FlowEngine_PeriodicInfo attribute).. PeriodicFlowEngine attribute).. bndCondValue (yade.. Bo1_Box_Aabb (class in yade.. Bo1_ChainedCylinder_Aabb (class in yade.. Bo1_Cylinder_Aabb (class in yade.. Bo1_Facet_Aabb (class in yade.. Bo1_GridConnection_Aabb (class in yade.. Bo1_Polyhedra_Aabb (class in yade.. Bo1_Sphere_Aabb (class in yade.. Bo1_Tetra_Aabb (class in yade.. Bo1_Wall_Aabb (class in yade.. bodies (yade.. Omega attribute).. Body (class in yade.. BodyContainer (class in yade.. bodyNormalLubStress() (yade.. bodyNumInteractionsHistogram() (in module yade.. bodyShearLubStress() (yade.. bodyStressTensors() (in module yade.. Bound (class in yade.. bound (yade.. BoundaryController (class in yade.. boundaryPressure (yade.. boundaryUseMaxMin (yade.. boundaryVelocity (yade.. boundaryXPos (yade.. BoundDispatcher (class in yade.. boundDispatcher (yade.. bounded (yade.. BoundFunctor (class in yade.. Box (class in yade.. box() (in module yade.. boxesFile (yade.. GlExtra_OctreeCubes attribute).. BoxFactory (class in yade.. boxFrictionDeg (yade.. boxKsDivKn (yade.. boxPoissonRatio (yade.. SimpleShear attribute).. boxVolume (yade.. ThreeDTriaxialEngine attribute).. TriaxialStressController attribute).. boxWalls (yade.. boxYoungModulus (yade.. BubbleMat (class in yade.. BubblePhys (class in yade.. build() (yade.. UnstructuredGrid method).. calcEnergy (yade.. calibrate (yade.. calibrated (yade.. callbacks (yade.. InteractionLoop attribute).. calm() (in module yade.. Capillar (yade.. ViscElCapMat attribute).. ViscElCapPhys attribute).. CapillarType (yade.. CapillaryPhys (class in yade.. capillaryPressure (yade.. CapillaryPhys attribute).. CapillaryStressRecorder (class in yade.. capillaryStressRecordFile (yade.. CapillaryTriaxialTest (class in yade.. Cd (yade.. DragEngine attribute).. Cell (class in yade.. [1].. cell (yade.. cellColor (yade.. cellDist (yade.. GridConnection attribute).. Interaction attribute).. cellFill() (yade.. cellRepeat() (yade.. cellSize (yade.. center (yade.. center() (in module yade.. _GLViewer).. centralBody (yade.. CentralGravityEngine (class in yade.. chain (yade.. ChainedCylinder (class in yade.. chainedCylinder() (in module yade.. chainedOrientation (yade.. ChainedCylinder attribute).. ChainedState (class in yade.. chainNumber (yade.. charLen (yade.. PeriIsoCompressor attribute).. ChCylGeom6D (class in yade.. childClassesNonrecursive() (yade.. CircularFactory (class in yade.. clampKValues (yade.. clear() (yade.. EnergyTracker method).. clearImposedFlux() (yade.. clearImposedPressure() (yade.. clipPlaneActive (yade.. clipPlaneSe3 (yade.. close() (yade.. cloudBestFitOBB() (in module yade.. _packObb).. Clump (class in yade.. clump() (yade.. clumpId (yade.. clumpTemplate (class in yade.. cn (yade.. FrictViscoPhys attribute).. ViscElMat attribute).. ViscElPhys attribute).. cn_crit (yade.. coeff_dech (yade.. NormalInelasticMat attribute).. cohesion (yade.. JCFpmMat attribute).. cohesionBroken (yade.. CohFrictPhys attribute).. InelastCohFrictPhys attribute).. cohesionDisablesFriction (yade.. CohesiveFrictionalContactLaw (class in yade.. cohesiveThresholdIter (yade.. cohesiveTresholdIteration (yade.. CohesiveTriaxialTest (class in yade.. CohFrictMat (class in yade.. CohFrictPhys (class in yade.. Collider (class in yade.. color (yade.. Aabb attribute).. Bound attribute).. Box attribute).. Clump attribute).. Cylinder attribute).. GridNode attribute).. Polyhedra attribute).. Shape attribute).. Sphere attribute).. Tetra attribute).. colorStrainRatio (yade.. comb (yade.. CombinedKinematicEngine attribute).. CombinedKinematicEngine (class in yade.. command (yade.. PyRunner attribute).. commonEdgesFound (yade.. FacetTopologyAnalyzer attribute).. commonVerticesFound (yade.. compactionFrictionDeg (yade.. compDeformation (yade.. MicroMacroAnalyser attribute).. compIncrt (yade.. compress (yade.. compressionModulus (yade.. compressionNegative (yade.. Scene attribute).. compSpeed (yade.. compTessVolumes() (yade.. computeDeformations() (yade.. TesselationWrapper method).. computeFallback() (yade.. MatchMaker method).. computeForce() (yade.. BubblePhys method).. computeStressStrainInterval (yade.. computeVolumes() (yade.. connectionBody (yade.. ConnList (yade.. contactLine (yade.. contactPoint (yade.. CylScGeom attribute).. GenericSpheresContact attribute).. GridCoGridCoGeom attribute).. L3Geom attribute).. L6Geom attribute).. PolyhedraGeom attribute).. ScGeom attribute).. TTetraGeom attribute).. TTetraSimpleGeom attribute).. contactsAdhesive() (yade.. Law2_ScGeom_MindlinPhys_Mindlin method).. contactStressRecordFile (yade.. ConvergenceThreshold (yade.. convexHull() (in module yade.. _polyhedra_utils).. coordsAndDisplacements() (in module yade.. counter (yade.. SnapshotEngine attribute).. countReal() (yade.. CpmMat (class in yade.. CpmPhys (class in yade.. CpmState (class in yade.. CpmStateUpdater (class in yade.. cracksFileExist (yade.. createDistantMeniscii (yade.. createInteraction() (in module yade.. creep (yade.. creep_viscosity (yade.. creepBending (yade.. creepedShear (yade.. ViscoFrictPhys attribute).. creepStiffness (yade.. creepTension (yade.. creepTwist (yade.. crossSection (yade.. CpmPhys attribute).. JCFpmPhys attribute).. crossSectionArea (yade.. cs (yade.. CstBodyForce (yade.. ct (yade.. LBMlink attribute).. cummBetaCount (yade.. cummBetaIter (yade.. current (yade.. currentChain (yade.. currentState (yade.. currentStrainRate (yade.. currentStrainRate1 (yade.. currentStrainRate2 (yade.. currentStrainRate3 (yade.. currUnbalanced (yade.. curVel (yade.. Cylinder (class in yade.. CylinderFlatten (class in yade.. CylScGeom (class in yade.. CylScGeom6D (class in yade.. damageTensor (yade.. damLaw (yade.. CpmMat attribute).. damping (yade.. NewtonIntegrator attribute).. dampingForce (yade.. dampingMomentum (yade.. data (in module yade.. TimingDeltas attribute).. data() (in module yade.. dead (yade.. BoundaryController attribute).. Disp2DPropLoadEngine attribute).. Dispatcher attribute).. DomainLimiter attribute).. ElasticContactLaw attribute).. Engine attribute).. FieldApplier attribute).. ForceEngine attribute).. ForceResetter attribute).. GlBoundDispatcher attribute).. GlExtraDrawer attribute).. GlExtra_LawTester attribute).. GlIGeomDispatcher attribute).. GlIPhysDispatcher attribute).. GlShapeDispatcher attribute).. GlStateDispatcher attribute).. GlobalEngine attribute).. GravityEngine attribute).. IGeomDispatcher attribute).. IPhysDispatcher attribute).. InterpolatingDirectedForceEngine attribute).. KinematicEngine attribute).. LawDispatcher attribute).. LawTester attribute).. LinearDragEngine attribute).. ParallelEngine attribute).. PartialEngine attribute).. Peri3dController attribute).. PeriodicEngine attribute).. PolyhedraSplitter attribute).. StepDisplacer attribute).. TesselationWrapper attribute).. TetraVolumetricLaw attribute).. TorqueEngine attribute).. TranslationEngine attribute).. deadTimeout (yade.. debug (yade.. defaultDt (yade.. defaultLbmInitMode (yade.. defaultMaterial() (in module yade.. deformation() (yade.. defTolerance (yade.. defToVtk() (yade.. defToVtkFromPositions() (yade.. defToVtkFromStates() (yade.. Delta1 (yade.. Delta2 (yade.. DeltMax (yade.. LudingPhys attribute).. DeltMin (yade.. DeltNull (yade.. DeltPMax (yade.. DeltPNull (yade.. DeltPrev (yade.. DemIterLbmIterRatio (yade.. density (yade.. BubbleMat attribute).. ElastMat attribute).. FrictMat attribute).. LudingMat attribute).. Material attribute).. PolyhedraMat attribute).. densityScaling (yade.. depth (yade.. depth0 (yade.. diameter (yade.. dict() (yade.. Aabb method).. AxialGravityEngine method).. BicyclePedalEngine method).. Bo1_Box_Aabb method).. Bo1_ChainedCylinder_Aabb method).. Bo1_Cylinder_Aabb method).. Bo1_Facet_Aabb method).. Bo1_GridConnection_Aabb method).. Bo1_Polyhedra_Aabb method).. Bo1_Sphere_Aabb method).. Bo1_Tetra_Aabb method).. Bo1_Wall_Aabb method).. Body method).. Bound method).. BoundDispatcher method).. BoundFunctor method).. BoundaryController method).. Box method).. BoxFactory method).. BubbleMat method).. CapillaryPhys method).. CapillaryStressRecorder method).. CapillaryTriaxialTest method).. Cell method).. CentralGravityEngine method).. ChCylGeom6D method).. ChainedCylinder method).. CircularFactory method).. Clump method).. CohFrictMat method).. CohFrictPhys method).. CohesiveFrictionalContactLaw method).. CohesiveTriaxialTest method).. Collider method).. CombinedKinematicEngine method).. CpmMat method).. CpmPhys method).. CpmState method).. CpmStateUpdater method).. CylScGeom method).. CylScGeom6D method).. Cylinder method).. Disp2DPropLoadEngine method).. Dispatcher method).. DomainLimiter method).. DragEngine method).. ElastMat method).. ElasticContactLaw method).. Engine method).. Facet method).. FacetTopologyAnalyzer method).. FieldApplier method).. FileGenerator method).. FlatGridCollider method).. ForceEngine method).. ForceRecorder method).. ForceResetter method).. FrictMat method).. FrictPhys method).. FrictViscoMat method).. FrictViscoPhys method).. Functor method).. GeneralIntegratorInsertionSortCollider method).. GenericSpheresContact method).. Gl1_Aabb method).. Gl1_Box method).. Gl1_ChainedCylinder method).. Gl1_CpmPhys method).. Gl1_Cylinder method).. Gl1_Facet method).. Gl1_GridConnection method).. Gl1_L3Geom method).. Gl1_L6Geom method).. Gl1_NormPhys method).. Gl1_Polyhedra method).. Gl1_PolyhedraGeom method).. Gl1_PolyhedraPhys method).. Gl1_Sphere method).. Gl1_Tetra method).. Gl1_Wall method).. GlBoundDispatcher method).. GlBoundFunctor method).. GlExtraDrawer method).. GlExtra_LawTester method).. GlExtra_OctreeCubes method).. GlIGeomDispatcher method).. GlIGeomFunctor method).. GlIPhysDispatcher method).. GlIPhysFunctor method).. GlShapeDispatcher method).. GlShapeFunctor method).. GlStateDispatcher method).. GlStateFunctor method).. GlobalEngine method).. GlobalStiffnessTimeStepper method).. GravityEngine method).. GridCoGridCoGeom method).. GridConnection method).. GridNodeGeom6D method).. HarmonicMotionEngine method).. HarmonicRotationEngine method).. HdapsGravityEngine method).. HelixEngine method).. HydrodynamicsLawLBM method).. IGeom method).. IGeomDispatcher method).. IGeomFunctor method).. IPhys method).. IPhysDispatcher method).. IPhysFunctor method).. Ig2_Box_Sphere_ScGeom method).. Ig2_Box_Sphere_ScGeom6D method).. Ig2_ChainedCylinder_ChainedCylinder_ScGeom6D method).. Ig2_Facet_Polyhedra_PolyhedraGeom method).. Ig2_Facet_Sphere_L3Geom method).. Ig2_Facet_Sphere_ScGeom method).. Ig2_Facet_Sphere_ScGeom6D method).. Ig2_GridConnection_GridConnection_GridCoGridCoGeom method).. Ig2_GridNode_GridNode_GridNodeGeom6D method).. Ig2_Polyhedra_Polyhedra_PolyhedraGeom method).. Ig2_Sphere_ChainedCylinder_CylScGeom method).. Ig2_Sphere_ChainedCylinder_CylScGeom6D method).. Ig2_Sphere_GridConnection_ScGridCoGeom method).. Ig2_Sphere_Sphere_L3Geom method).. Ig2_Sphere_Sphere_L6Geom method).. Ig2_Sphere_Sphere_ScGeom method).. Ig2_Sphere_Sphere_ScGeom6D method).. Ig2_Tetra_Tetra_TTetraGeom method).. Ig2_Tetra_Tetra_TTetraSimpleGeom method).. Ig2_Wall_Polyhedra_PolyhedraGeom method).. Ig2_Wall_Sphere_L3Geom method).. Ig2_Wall_Sphere_ScGeom method).. InelastCohFrictMat method).. InelastCohFrictPhys method).. InsertionSortCollider method).. Integrator method).. Interaction method).. InteractionLoop method).. InterpolatingDirectedForceEngine method).. InterpolatingHelixEngine method).. IntrCallback method).. Ip2_2xInelastCohFrictMat_InelastCohFrictPhys method).. Ip2_2xNormalInelasticMat_NormalInelasticityPhys method).. Ip2_BubbleMat_BubbleMat_BubblePhys method).. Ip2_CohFrictMat_CohFrictMat_CohFrictPhys method).. Ip2_CpmMat_CpmMat_CpmPhys method).. Ip2_ElastMat_ElastMat_NormPhys method).. Ip2_ElastMat_ElastMat_NormShearPhys method).. Ip2_FrictMat_CpmMat_FrictPhys method).. Ip2_FrictMat_FrictMat_CapillaryPhys method).. Ip2_FrictMat_FrictMat_FrictPhys method).. Ip2_FrictMat_FrictMat_MindlinCapillaryPhys method).. Ip2_FrictMat_FrictMat_MindlinPhys method).. Ip2_FrictMat_FrictMat_ViscoFrictPhys method).. Ip2_FrictMat_FrictViscoMat_FrictViscoPhys method).. Ip2_FrictViscoMat_FrictViscoMat_FrictViscoPhys method).. Ip2_JCFpmMat_JCFpmMat_JCFpmPhys method).. Ip2_LudingMat_LudingMat_LudingPhys method).. Ip2_PolyhedraMat_PolyhedraMat_PolyhedraPhys method).. Ip2_ViscElCapMat_ViscElCapMat_ViscElCapPhys method).. Ip2_ViscElMat_ViscElMat_ViscElPhys method).. Ip2_WireMat_WireMat_WirePhys method).. JCFpmMat method).. JCFpmPhys method).. JCFpmState method).. KinemCNDEngine method).. KinemCNLEngine method).. KinemCNSEngine method).. KinemCTDEngine method).. KinemSimpleShearBox method).. KinematicEngine method).. L3Geom method).. L6Geom method).. LBMbody method).. LBMlink method).. LBMnode method).. Law2_ChCylGeom6D_CohFrictPhys_CohesionMoment method).. Law2_CylScGeom6D_CohFrictPhys_CohesionMoment method).. Law2_CylScGeom_FrictPhys_CundallStrack method).. Law2_GridCoGridCoGeom_FrictPhys_CundallStrack method).. Law2_L3Geom_FrictPhys_ElPerfPl method).. Law2_L6Geom_FrictPhys_Linear method).. Law2_ScGeom6D_InelastCohFrictPhys_CohesionMoment method).. Law2_ScGeom6D_NormalInelasticityPhys_NormalInelasticity method).. Law2_ScGeom_BubblePhys_Bubble method).. Law2_ScGeom_CapillaryPhys_Capillarity method).. Law2_ScGeom_CpmPhys_Cpm method).. Law2_ScGeom_FrictPhys_CundallStrack method).. Law2_ScGeom_FrictViscoPhys_CundallStrackVisco method).. Law2_ScGeom_JCFpmPhys_JointedCohesiveFrictionalPM method).. Law2_ScGeom_LudingPhys_Basic method).. Law2_ScGeom_MindlinPhys_HertzWithLinearShear method).. Law2_ScGeom_MindlinPhys_MindlinDeresiewitz method).. Law2_ScGeom_ViscElCapPhys_Basic method).. Law2_ScGeom_ViscElPhys_Basic method).. Law2_ScGeom_ViscoFrictPhys_CundallStrack method).. Law2_ScGeom_WirePhys_WirePM method).. Law2_ScGridCoGeom_CohFrictPhys_CundallStrack method).. Law2_ScGridCoGeom_FrictPhys_CundallStrack method).. Law2_TTetraSimpleGeom_NormPhys_Simple method).. LawDispatcher method).. LawFunctor method).. LawTester method).. LinearDragEngine method).. LudingMat method).. LudingPhys method).. Material method).. MicroMacroAnalyser method).. MindlinCapillaryPhys method).. MindlinPhys method).. NewtonIntegrator method).. NormPhys method).. NormShearPhys method).. NormalInelasticMat method).. NormalInelasticityPhys method).. OpenGLRenderer method).. PartialEngine method).. Peri3dController method).. PeriIsoCompressor method).. PeriTriaxController method).. PeriodicEngine method).. PersistentTriangulationCollider method).. Polyhedra method).. PolyhedraGeom method).. PolyhedraMat method).. PolyhedraPhys method).. PolyhedraSplitter method).. PolyhedraVolumetricLaw method).. PyRunner method).. RadialForceEngine method).. Recorder method).. ResetRandomPosition method).. RotationEngine method).. ScGeom method).. ScGeom6D method).. ScGridCoGeom method).. Scene method).. Serializable method).. ServoPIDController method).. Shape method).. SimpleShear method).. SnapshotEngine method).. SpatialQuickSortCollider method).. Sphere method).. SpheresFactory method).. State method).. StepDisplacer method).. SumIntrForcesCb method).. TTetraGeom method).. TTetraSimpleGeom method).. Tetra method).. TetraVolumetricLaw method).. ThreeDTriaxialEngine method).. TimeStepper method).. TorqueEngine method).. TorqueRecorder method).. TranslationEngine method).. TriaxialCompressionEngine method).. TriaxialStateRecorder method).. TriaxialStressController method).. TriaxialTest method).. UniaxialStrainer method).. VTKRecorder method).. ViscElCapMat method).. ViscElCapPhys method).. ViscElMat method).. ViscElPhys method).. ViscoFrictPhys method).. Wall method).. WireMat method).. WirePhys method).. WireState method).. ZECollider method).. dilation (yade.. dim() (yade.. direction (yade.. disableGdb() (yade.. Disp2DPropLoadEngine (class in yade.. Dispatcher (class in yade.. disPath (yade.. dispFunctor() (yade.. dispHierarchy() (yade.. dispIndex (yade.. BubblePhys attribute).. FrictPhys attribute).. IGeom attribute).. IPhys attribute).. NormPhys attribute).. NormShearPhys attribute).. NormalInelasticityPhys attribute).. PolyhedraPhys attribute).. WirePhys attribute).. displ() (yade.. displForceValues (yade.. displIsRel (yade.. dispMatrix() (yade.. dispScale (yade.. distFactor (yade.. DistMid (yade.. div (yade.. dL (yade.. Dmax (yade.. dmgLabel (yade.. dmgOverstress (yade.. dmgPlane (yade.. dmgRateExp (yade.. dmgStrain (yade.. dmgTau (yade.. do_Polyhedras_Intersect() (in module yade.. dof (yade.. doInterpolate (yade.. DomainLimiter (class in yade.. doneHook (yade.. doSort (yade.. dP (yade..  ...   (yade.. maxExten (yade.. maxFn (yade.. maxKdivKmean (yade.. maxMass (yade.. maxMultiplier (yade.. maxOmega (yade.. maxOverlapRatio() (in module yade.. maxParticles (yade.. maxPenetrationDepthA (yade.. maxPenetrationDepthB (yade.. maxRadius (yade.. maxRollPl (yade.. maxSpan (yade.. maxStrain (yade.. maxStrainRate (yade.. maxStress (yade.. maxTwist (yade.. maxTwistPl (yade.. maxUnbalanced (yade.. maxVelocity (yade.. maxVelocitySq (yade.. maxWallVelocity (yade.. maxWeakFn (yade.. mDeleted (yade.. meanKStat (yade.. meanStress (yade.. members (yade.. meniscus (yade.. meshUpdateInterval (yade.. Mh (yade.. MicroMacroAnalyser (class in yade.. min (yade.. MinCoord() (in module yade.. MindlinCapillaryPhys (class in yade.. MindlinPhys (class in yade.. minKdivKmean (yade.. minSweepDistFactor (yade.. miscParams (yade.. mm (yade.. mod (yade.. model (yade.. moment (yade.. moment_bending (yade.. moment_twist (yade.. momentAlwaysElastic (yade.. momentBend (yade.. momentRotationLaw (yade.. momentTwist (yade.. momentum (yade.. momentum() (in module yade.. more (yade.. mov (yade.. move() (yade.. mp (yade.. mR (yade.. mRtype (yade.. msecSleep (yade.. msecUpdate (yade.. multiblock (yade.. multithread (yade.. n_spheres (yade.. nbre_iter (yade.. nCells() (yade.. nDeleted (yade.. nDo (yade.. nDone (yade.. negIds (yade.. negPosExtremeIds() (in module yade.. neverDamage (yade.. neverErase (yade.. newAssocState() (yade.. NewtonIntegrator (class in yade.. newtonIter (yade.. newtonTol (yade.. next() (yade.. nextVelGrad (yade.. nid1 (yade.. nid2 (yade.. NLiqBridg (yade.. noBreak (yade.. node1 (yade.. node2 (yade.. noFiles (yade.. noFillZero (yade.. noIniLinks (yade.. nonLin (yade.. nonSphereAsFictious (yade.. noRatch (yade.. normal (yade.. normal() (yade.. Flatten method).. normalAdhesion (yade.. normalCohesion (yade.. normalForce (yade.. NormalInelasticityPhys (class in yade.. NormalInelasticMat (class in yade.. normalLubForce() (yade.. normalLubrication (yade.. NormalRestitution2DampingRate() (in module yade.. normals (yade.. normalShearStressTensors() (in module yade.. normalVect() (yade.. normalVel (yade.. normalVelocity() (yade.. normalViscous (yade.. normDampDissip (yade.. normDmg (yade.. normElastEnergy() (yade.. NormPhys (class in yade.. NormShearPhys (class in yade.. noSlip (yade.. notInNotch (class in yade.. notYetReversed (yade.. nSteps (yade.. nth() (yade.. Nu (yade.. nu (yade.. nuBending (yade.. numberOfGrains (yade.. numBrokenCohesive (yade.. numBrokenLinks (yade.. numContacts (yade.. numIntrsOfEachBody() (in module yade.. numParticles (yade.. numReinit (yade.. numThreads (yade.. nuTwist (yade.. Nx (yade.. ObservedNode (yade.. ObservedPtc (yade.. oct() (in module yade.. Omega (class in yade.. omega (yade.. omegaThreshold (yade.. ompThreads (yade.. onJoint (yade.. onlySpheresInteractions() (yade.. onNode (yade.. onPlastB (yade.. onPlastC (yade.. onPlastT (yade.. onPlastTw (yade.. OpenGLRenderer (class in yade.. ori (yade.. originalLength (yade.. ortho (yade.. orthonormal_axis (yade.. OSI() (yade.. outputFile (yade.. ParallelEngine (class in yade.. paramDict() (yade.. PartialEngine (class in yade.. particleSD() (yade.. particleSD2() (yade.. particleSD_2d() (yade.. particlesVolume (yade.. pathsCounter (yade.. pathSizes (yade.. pathSteps (yade.. pause() (yade.. pctMaxForce (yade.. pe (yade.. penetrationDepth (yade.. penetrationVolume (yade.. Peri3dController (class in yade.. PeriIsoCompressor (class in yade.. periodic (yade.. PeriodicEngine (class in yade.. PeriodicFlowEngine (class in yade.. periodicity (yade.. PeriTriaxController (class in yade.. permeabilityFactor (yade.. permeabilityMap (yade.. permF() (yade.. permT() (yade.. perpendicularArea() (in module yade.. PersistentTriangulationCollider (class in yade.. phi (yade.. phi0 (yade.. PhiF (yade.. phiScale (yade.. phys (yade.. physDispatcher (yade.. planar() (yade.. plastD (yade.. plasticDissipation() (yade.. plot (yade.. plot() (in module yade.. (in module yade.. plotDirections() (in module yade.. plotNumInteractionsHistogram() (in module yade.. plots (in module yade.. plRateExp (yade.. plTau (yade.. plugins() (yade.. point (yade.. PointingOutside (yade.. pointInsidePolygon() (in module yade.. poisson (yade.. poissonEstimation (yade.. Polyhedra (class in yade.. polyhedra() (in module yade.. PolyhedraGeom (class in yade.. polyhedralBall() (in module yade.. PolyhedraMat (class in yade.. PolyhedraPhys (class in yade.. polyhedraSnubCube() (in module yade.. PolyhedraSplitter (class in yade.. polyhedraTruncIcosaHed() (in module yade.. PolyhedraVolumetricLaw (class in yade.. polyhedron() (in module yade.. porosity (yade.. porosity() (in module yade.. pos (yade.. posIds (yade.. Predicate (class in yade.. PredicateBoolean (class in yade.. PredicateDifference (class in yade.. PredicateIntersection (class in yade.. PredicateSymmetricDifference (class in yade.. PredicateUnion (class in yade.. pressureForce (yade.. pressureProfile() (yade.. preventGranularRatcheting (yade.. prevGrow (yade.. prevHSize (yade.. previousDt (yade.. previousFn (yade.. previousMultiplier (yade.. previousSigmaIso (yade.. previousState (yade.. previousStress (yade.. previousun (yade.. prevU (yade.. prevVelGrad (yade.. PrintPolyhedra() (in module yade.. PrintPolyhedraActualPos() (in module yade.. progress (yade.. projectionAxis (yade.. ps (yade.. psd() (in module yade.. PSDcalculateMass (yade.. PSDcum (yade.. PSDsizes (yade.. ptInAABB() (in module yade.. pumpTorque (yade.. pureCreep (yade.. PWaveTimeStep() (in module yade.. PyRunner (class in yade.. pZero (yade.. quality (yade.. RadFactor (yade.. RadialForceEngine (class in yade.. radius (yade.. radiusControlInterval (yade.. radiusDeviation (yade.. radiusMean (yade.. radiusStdDev (yade.. randomColor() (in module yade.. randomDensePack() (in module yade.. randomizeColors() (in module yade.. randomPeriPack() (in module yade.. rank (yade.. ratioSlidingContacts() (yade.. rAvg (yade.. RayleighWaveTimeStep() (in module yade.. Rdispersion (yade.. readParamsFromTable() (in module yade.. realLast (yade.. realPeriod (yade.. realtime (yade.. reciprocal (yade.. recordCracks (yade.. Recorder (class in yade.. recorders (yade.. recordIntervalIter (yade.. refHSize (yade.. refLength (yade.. refOri (yade.. refPD (yade.. refPos (yade.. refR1 (yade.. refR2 (yade.. refRadius (yade.. refSize (yade.. regularHexa() (in module yade.. regularOrtho() (in module yade.. rel_err (yade.. relAngVel() (yade.. relax (yade.. relDensity() (yade.. relDuctility (yade.. releaseFromClump() (yade.. relKnSoft (yade.. reload() (yade.. relPos (yade.. relPos1 (yade.. relPos2 (yade.. relResidualStrength (yade.. relStressTol (yade.. relTolerance (yade.. removingCriterion (yade.. render() (yade.. Renderer() (in module yade.. renderLength (yade.. replace() (yade.. replaceByClumps() (yade.. replaceCollider() (in module yade.. reset() (in module yade.. timing).. TimingDeltas method).. resetAllScenes() (yade.. resetCurrentScene() (yade.. resetData() (in module yade.. resetForces() (yade.. ResetRandomPosition (class in yade.. resetThisScene() (yade.. resetTime() (yade.. reverseData() (in module yade.. revIntegrateLinear() (in module yade.. revolutionSurfaceMeridians() (in module yade.. Rho (yade.. rMax (yade.. rMin (yade.. rot (yade.. rot() (yade.. rotate() (yade.. rotateAroundZero (yade.. rotationAxis (yade.. RotationEngine (class in yade.. rotPath (yade.. rotScale (yade.. rotWeight (yade.. run() (yade.. runEngine() (yade.. RungeKuttaCashKarp54Integrator (class in yade.. running (yade.. runningInBatch() (in module yade.. sanitizeInterpolation() (in module yade.. save() (yade.. saveDataTxt() (in module yade.. saveGnuplot() (in module yade.. SaveGridRatio (yade.. SaveMode (yade.. savePlotSequence() (in module yade.. saveProperties (yade.. saveState() (yade.. saveTmp() (yade.. saveVars() (in module yade.. saveVtk() (yade.. scalarOnColorScale() (in module yade.. scale (yade.. scale() (yade.. Scene (class in yade.. sceneRadius (yade.. sceneToString() (yade.. ScGeom (class in yade.. ScGeom6D (class in yade.. ScGridCoGeom (class in yade.. screenSize (yade.. sCrit (yade.. se3 (yade.. seed (yade.. segment (yade.. selectedBody (yade.. selection (yade.. selId (yade.. sense (yade.. Serializable (class in yade.. serializeSorted (yade.. InteractionContainer attribute).. ServoPIDController (class in yade.. setBox() (yade.. setCohesionNow (yade.. setCohesionOnNewContacts (yade.. setContactFriction() (in module yade.. setContactProperties() (yade.. setDamage() (yade.. setImposedPressure() (yade.. setNewVerticesOfFacet() (in module yade.. setPositionsOfNodes() (yade.. setRefSe3() (in module yade.. setRelResidualStrength() (yade.. setSpeeds (yade.. setState() (yade.. setup() (yade.. setVelocities (yade.. Shape (class in yade.. shape (yade.. shear_creep (yade.. shearAdhesion (yade.. shearBreak (yade.. shearBreakRel (yade.. shearCohesion (yade.. shearCreep (yade.. shearDampDissip (yade.. shearElastEnergy() (yade.. shearElastic (yade.. shearEnergy (yade.. shearForce (yade.. shearInc (yade.. shearLubForce() (yade.. shearLubrication (yade.. shearLubTorque() (yade.. shearModulus (yade.. shearPt() (yade.. shearSpeed (yade.. shearTrsf (yade.. shearVelocity() (yade.. shearViscous (yade.. shiftBodies() (in module yade.. showBody() (yade.. showEntireScene() (yade.. shrinkFactor (yade.. sid (yade.. SieveCurve() (in module yade.. SieveSize() (in module yade.. sigma (yade.. sigma_iso (yade.. sigma_save (yade.. sigmaCompression (yade.. sigmaIsoCompaction (yade.. sigmaLateralConfinement (yade.. sigmaN (yade.. sigmaT (yade.. sigmaTension (yade.. signFilter (yade.. silent (yade.. SimpleShear (class in yade.. sineAverage (yade.. sineMagnitude (yade.. size (yade.. SizeOfPolyhedra() (in module yade.. SizeRatio() (in module yade.. skipFacetIntr (yade.. skipNondynamic (yade.. slaves (yade.. slices (yade.. slipBoundary (yade.. slope (yade.. smoothJoint (yade.. snapshot() (yade.. VTKWriter method).. SnapshotEngine (class in yade.. snapshots (yade.. sortAxis (yade.. sortThenCollide (yade.. SpatialQuickSortCollider (class in yade.. speed (yade.. Sphere (class in yade.. sphere() (in module yade.. sphereDuplicate() (in module yade.. sphereFrictionDeg (yade.. sphereKsDivKn (yade.. SpherePack (class in yade.. _packSpheres).. SpherePack_toSimulation() (in module yade.. SpherePackIterator (class in yade.. spherePoissonRatio (yade.. SpherePWaveTimeStep() (in module yade.. SpheresFactory (class in yade.. spheresModify() (in module yade.. spheresPackDimensions() (in module yade.. spheresVolume (yade.. sphereYoungModulus (yade.. sphericalBodies (yade.. spiralProject() (in module yade.. Split() (in module yade.. splitData() (in module yade.. StabilityCriterion (yade.. stacks (yade.. start (yade.. State (class in yade.. state (yade.. stateFileName (yade.. stateNumber (yade.. static method.. colorStrainRatio.. contactLine.. dmgLabel.. dmgPlane.. epsNLabel.. epsT.. epsTAxes.. normal.. glutNormalize.. glutSlices.. glutStacks.. wire.. normals.. axesLabels.. axesScale.. axesWd.. uPhiWd.. uScale.. phiScale.. maxFn.. maxRadius.. maxWeakFn.. refRadius.. signFilter.. slices.. stacks.. weakFilter.. weakScale.. localSpecView.. quality.. stripes.. div.. stats() (in module yade.. step (yade.. step() (yade.. StepDisplacer (class in yade.. stepsize (yade.. stiff (yade.. stiffness (yade.. stiffnessUpdateInterval (yade.. stiffnessValues (yade.. stl() (in module yade.. stopAtIter (yade.. stopAtTime (yade.. stopIfFailed (yade.. stopStrain (yade.. strain (yade.. strainDamping (yade.. strainGoal (yade.. strainRate (yade.. strainRate1 (yade.. strainRate2 (yade.. strainRate3 (yade.. strainStressValues (yade.. strainStressValuesDT (yade.. strength (yade.. stress (yade.. stress() (yade.. stressControl_1 (yade.. stressControl_2 (yade.. stressControl_3 (yade.. stressDamping (yade.. stresses (yade.. stressGoal (yade.. stressIdeal (yade.. stressMask (yade.. stressRate (yade.. stressTensor (yade.. stressUpdateInterval (yade.. strideActive (yade.. stringToScene() (yade.. stripes (yade.. subscribedBodies (yade.. subStep (yade.. subStepping (yade.. sumFacetNormalForces() (in module yade.. sumForces() (in module yade.. SumIntrForcesCb (class in yade.. sumTorques() (in module yade.. surf (yade.. inGtsSurface attribute).. surfaceDistanceParticle() (yade.. surfaceTension (yade.. sweepDist (yade.. sweepLength (yade.. sweptPolylines2gtsSurface() (in module yade.. switchScene() (yade.. switchToScene() (yade.. syncCount (yade.. ForceContainer attribute).. t() (yade.. TableParamReader (class in yade.. tags (yade.. tanDilationAngle (yade.. tanFrictionAngle (yade.. tangensOfFrictionAngle (yade.. target (yade.. targetDt (yade.. targetInterv (yade.. targetSigma (yade.. tau (yade.. tc (yade.. temoin_save (yade.. tensBreak (yade.. tensBreakRel (yade.. tensileStrength (yade.. tensionModulus (yade.. TesselationWrapper (class in yade.. testEquilibriumInterval (yade.. tester (yade.. Tetra (class in yade.. tetra() (in module yade.. TetrahedronCentralInertiaTensor() (in module yade.. TetrahedronInertiaTensor() (in module yade.. TetrahedronSignedVolume() (in module yade.. TetrahedronVolume() (in module yade.. TetrahedronWithLocalAxesPrincipal() (in module yade.. tetraPoly() (in module yade.. TetraVolumetricLaw (class in yade.. text() (in module yade.. text2vtk() (in module yade.. text2vtkSection() (in module yade.. textClumps() (in module yade.. textExt() (in module yade.. theta (yade.. thickness (yade.. ThreeDTriaxialEngine (class in yade.. time (yade.. timeBorn (yade.. timeDisp (yade.. times (yade.. TimeSave (yade.. timeStepOutputInterval (yade.. TimeStepper (class in yade.. timestepSafetyCoefficient (yade.. timeStepUpdateInterval (yade.. TimingDeltas (class in yade.. timingDeltas (yade.. timingEnabled (yade.. tmpFilename() (yade.. tmpToFile() (yade.. tmpToString() (yade.. tolerance (yade.. toList() (yade.. TorqueEngine (class in yade.. TorqueRecorder (class in yade.. toSimulation() (yade.. total() (yade.. totalForce (yade.. totalForceInVolume() (in module yade.. totalMass (yade.. totalTorque (yade.. totalVolume (yade.. traceEnergy (yade.. trackEnergy (yade.. trackPerfomance() (in module yade.. translate() (yade.. translationAxis (yade.. TranslationEngine (class in yade.. triangulate() (yade.. TriaxialCompressionEngine (class in yade.. TriaxialStateRecorder (class in yade.. TriaxialStressController (class in yade.. TriaxialTest (class in yade.. trsf (yade.. trsfRenorm (yade.. trueInt (yade.. truncate (yade.. TTetraGeom (class in yade.. TTetraSimpleGeom (class in yade.. twist (yade.. twist_axis (yade.. twist_creep (yade.. twistCreep (yade.. twistElastEnergy() (yade.. twistTorque (yade.. twp (yade.. type (yade.. typedEngine() (in module yade.. u (yade.. u0 (yade.. uGeom (yade.. UnbalancedForce (yade.. unbalancedForce() (in module yade.. undamagedCohesion (yade.. uniaxialEpsilonCurr (yade.. UniaxialStrainer (class in yade.. uniaxialTestFeatures() (in module yade.. unloadBending (yade.. unloadTension (yade.. unloadTwist (yade.. unMax (yade.. unp (yade.. unpMax (yade.. unshearPt() (yade.. unshearTrsf (yade.. UnstructuredGrid (class in yade.. unv() (in module yade.. updateAttrs() (yade.. updateBCs() (yade.. updateClumpProperties() (yade.. updateElements() (yade.. updateFrictionAngle (yade.. updatePorosity (yade.. updateRotations (yade.. updateThreshold (yade.. updateTriangulation (yade.. updatingDispFactor (yade.. uPhiWd (yade.. upperCorner (yade.. upVector (yade.. uScale (yade.. useIncrementalForm (yade.. usElastic (yade.. useless (yade.. useSolver (yade.. useWallXm (yade.. useWallXp (yade.. useWallYm (yade.. useWallYp (yade.. useWallZm (yade.. useWallZp (yade.. usTotal (yade.. uTest (yade.. uuPrev (yade.. v (yade.. val (yade.. vAngle (yade.. Vb (yade.. VbCutOff (yade.. VbMid (yade.. vDeleted (yade.. vel (yade.. velGrad (yade.. velGradChanged (yade.. velocity (yade.. velocityRange (yade.. VelocityThreshold (yade.. verletDist (yade.. vertices (yade.. View() (in module yade.. viewDir (yade.. views() (in module yade.. virtLast (yade.. virtPeriod (yade.. viscEl (yade.. ViscElCapMat (class in yade.. ViscElCapPhys (class in yade.. ViscElMat (class in yade.. ViscElPhys (class in yade.. ViscoFrictPhys (class in yade.. viscosity (yade.. viscousNormalBodyStress (yade.. viscousShear (yade.. viscousShearBodyStress (yade.. VLiqBridg (yade.. vMax (yade.. vmData() (in module yade.. vMeniscus (yade.. vMin (yade.. volume (yade.. volume() (yade.. volumeSection (yade.. volumetricStrain (yade.. voxelPorosity() (in module yade.. voxelPorosityTriaxial() (in module yade.. VTKExporter (class in yade.. VTKRecorder (class in yade.. VTKWriter (class in yade.. wait() (yade.. waitIfBatch() (in module yade.. Wall (class in yade.. wall() (in module yade.. wall_back_activated (yade.. wall_back_id (yade.. wall_bottom_activated (yade.. wall_bottom_id (yade.. wall_front_activated (yade.. wall_front_id (yade.. wall_left_activated (yade.. wall_left_id (yade.. wall_right_activated (yade.. wall_right_id (yade.. wall_top_activated (yade.. wall_top_id (yade.. wallDamping (yade.. wallIds (yade.. wallOversizeFactor (yade.. wallStiffnessUpdateInterval (yade.. WallStressRecordFile (yade.. wallThickness (yade.. wallWalls (yade.. WallXm_id (yade.. WallXp_id (yade.. WallYm_id (yade.. WallYp_id (yade.. WallZm_id (yade.. WallZp_id (yade.. warn (yade.. warnNoForceReset (yade.. warnOnce (yade.. water (yade.. waveAction (yade.. weakFilter (yade.. weakScale (yade.. width (yade.. width0 (yade.. wire (yade.. wireAll() (in module yade.. WireMat (class in yade.. wireNone() (in module yade.. wireNoSpheres() (in module yade.. WirePhys (class in yade.. WireState (class in yade.. withBody() (yade.. withBodyAll() (yade.. wrap (yade.. wrap() (yade.. wrapPt() (yade.. xFractionalFromIntegral() (in module yade.. xFromIntegral() (in module yade.. xmax (yade.. XmBcRho (yade.. XmBCType (yade.. XmBcVel (yade.. xmin (yade.. xMirror() (in module yade.. XmYmZmBCType (yade.. XmYmZpBCType (yade.. XmYpZmBCType (yade.. XmYpZpBCType (yade.. XpBcRho (yade.. XpBCType (yade.. XpBcVel (yade.. XpYmZmBCType (yade.. XpYmZpBCType (yade.. XpYpZmBCType (yade.. XpYpZpBCType (yade.. xxPath (yade.. xyPath (yade.. y0 (yade.. yade.. _packObb (module).. _packPredicates (module).. _packSpheres (module).. _polyhedra_utils (module).. _utils (module).. bodiesHandling (module).. export (module).. geom (module).. linterpolation (module).. pack (module).. plot (module).. polyhedra_utils (module).. post2d (module).. qt (module).. _GLViewer (module).. timing (module).. utils (module).. ymport (module).. yieldEllipseShift (yade.. yieldLogSpeed (yade.. yieldSigmaTMagnitude() (yade.. yieldSurfType (yade.. ymax (yade.. YmBcRho (yade.. YmBCType (yade.. YmBcVel (yade.. ymin (yade.. young (yade.. youngEstimation (yade.. YpBcRho (yade.. YpBCType (yade.. YpBcVel (yade.. yyPath (yade.. yzPath (yade.. ZECollider (class in yade.. zeroGravity (yade.. zeroPoint (yade.. zmax (yade.. ZmBcRho (yade.. ZmBCType (yade.. ZmBcVel (yade.. zmin (yade.. zpBcRho (yade.. ZpBCType (yade.. ZpBcVel (yade.. zxPath (yade.. zzPath (yade..

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  • Title: Python Module Index — Yade 2014-08-13.git-b94eb65 documentation
    Descriptive info: Python Module Index.. b.. e.. g.. l.. p.. q.. t.. u.. y.. _packObb.. _polyhedra_utils.. _utils.. bodiesHandling.. geom.. linterpolation.. plot.. polyhedra_utils.. timing.. ymport..

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  • Title: Welcome to Yade’s documentation! — Yade 2014-08-13.git-b94eb65 documentation
    Descriptive info: next.. Welcome to Yade s documentation!.. ¶.. Note.. Please consult changes to Yade documention with documentation manager (whoever that is), even if you have commit permissions.. See older.. tentative contents.. Getting started.. Architecture overview.. Hands-on.. Data mining.. Towards geomechanics.. Advanced more.. Examples.. User s manual.. Scene construction.. Controlling simulation.. Postprocessing.. Python specialties and tricks.. Extending Yade.. Troubleshooting.. Programmer s manual.. Build system.. Development tools.. Conventions.. Support framework.. Simulation framework.. Runtime structure.. Python framework.. Maintaining compatibility.. Debian packaging instructions.. Packages.. Source code.. DEM Background.. Collision detection.. Creating interaction between particles.. Strain  ...   Global engines.. Partial engines.. Bounding volume creation.. Interaction Geometry creation.. Interaction Physics creation.. Constitutive laws.. Callbacks.. Preprocessors.. Rendering.. Simulation data.. Other classes.. bodiesHandling module.. export module.. geom module.. linterpolation module.. pack module.. plot module.. polyhedra_utils module.. post2d module.. qt module.. timing module.. utils module.. ymport module.. Citing the Yade Project as a whole (the lazy citation method).. Citing chapters of Yade Documentation.. Publications on Yade.. Citing Yade.. Journal articles.. Conference materials.. Master and PhD theses.. Indices and tables.. Module Index.. Search Page.. Table Of Contents.. Next topic.. This Page.. Show Source..

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  • Title: Acknowledging Yade — Yade 2014-08-13.git-b94eb65 documentation
    Descriptive info: previous.. In order to let users cite Yade consistently in publications, we provide a list of bibliographic references for the different parts of the documentation, as in the citation model pushed by.. CGAL.. This way of acknowledging Yade is also a way to make developments and documentation of Yade more attractive for researchers, who are evaluated on the basis of citations of their work by others.. We therefore kindly ask users to cite Yade as accurately as possible in their papers.. A more detailed discussion of the citation model and its application to Yade can be found.. here.. If new developments are presented and explained in self-contained papers (at the end of a PhD, typically), we will be glad to include them in the documentation and to reference them in the list below.. Any other substantial improvement is welcome and can be discussed in the.. yade-dev.. mailing list.. If it is not possible to choose the right chapter (but please try), you may  ...   collection with the three volumes (or chapters ) listed below, also provided as.. bibtex entries.. Please cite the chapter that is the most relevant in your case.. For instance, a paper using one of the documented contact laws will cite the reference documentation.. [yade:reference].. ; if programing concepts are discussed, Yade s manual.. [yade:manual].. will be cited; the theoretical background.. [yade:background].. can be used as the refence for contact detection, time-step determination, or periodic boundary conditions.. The reference documentation includes details on equations and algorithms found at the highest levels of Yade (contact laws, boundary conditions controllers, pre- and post-processing modules,.. ).. (pdf version).. :.. Thoeni, “Yade Reference Documentation,” in Yade Documentation (V.. Software design, user s and programmer s manuals are in.. Šmilauer, A.. Modenese, and J.. Stránský, “Yade Using and Programming,” in Yade Documentation (V.. Fundamentals of the DEM as implemented in Yade are explained in.. Šmilauer and B.. Chareyre, “Yade Dem Formulation”, in Yade Documentation (V.. org/doc/formulation.. html.. Previous topic..

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  • Title: Authors and contributors - Yade
    Descriptive info: About.. Help.. FAQ.. Special pages.. Log in.. Category.. :.. Overview.. Printable version.. Disclaimers.. Privacy policy.. From Yade.. Yade Project Leader.. Bruno Chareyre.. , Assistant professor.. From:.. Lab 3SR - Grenoble INP.. Yade Project and Package Manager.. Anton Gladky.. , PhD.. TU Bergakademie Freiberg.. Active contributors (one-year commits).. Daily-updated list can be found at.. ohloh.. (**).. Focus:.. DEM modeling of mining rocks.. Also:.. Mineral processing.. DEM modelling in geomechanics, solid-fluid couplings, micromechanics.. Quasi-static behaviour, shear tests, cohesive contacts, wires and membranes.. Jan Stránský.. , PhD student.. CTU Prague.. DEM modeling of concrete.. DEM-FEM coupling.. [.. François Kneib.. ], PhD student.. Grenoble Univ.. , 3SR Lab.. Donia Marzougui.. shear flow, rheology of dense suspensions.. DEM-fluid coupling, periodic boundary conditions, lubrication forces.. Christian Jakob.. TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany.. micromechanics of wet sand, solid-fluid coupling with DEM.. soil liquefaction without seismic input, triggermechanisms for collapse of grain structure.. Luc Scholtès.. , Assistant Professor.. National School of Geology, GeoRessources Lab, France.. Geomechanics, Rocks, Soils, Hydro-Mechanical Coupling.. Fractures.. Chiara Modenese.. University of Oxford.. DEM modelling of lunar soil.. Cohesive powders, contact mechanics, triaxial tests.. Klaus Thoeni.. ], PhD.. The University of Newcastle, Australia.. Rock mechanics, Rockfalls, Wire meshes, Geomechanics.. Fragmentation, Coupling.. Hall of Fame (TOP 10 number of lines in source code).. Number of lines measured 2013/05.. Václav Šmilauer.. Universität Innsbruck.. (now freelance).. Python interface, parallelization, Concrete Particle Model.. Develops the.. WooDEM.. fork.. Janek Kozicki.. Gdansk University of Technology.. , Civil Engineering Department,.. Lab 3SR.. core yade development and design.. Also:.. Lattice Geometrical Model, documentation, website, mailing lists.. Sergei Dorofeenko.. IPCP RAS, Chernogolovka.. DEM modelling of a granular flows.. DEM-CFD coupling, simulation of a multiphase  ...   support.. Founders.. Frédéric Victor Donzé.. , Professor.. University Joseph Fourier, Grenoble.. author of SDEC (Yade is SDEC's reincarnation), gave us formulation of DEM, lots of great ideas and constructive criticism,.. Olivier Galizzi.. 2.. retired PhD student.. EVASION.. /.. GRAVIR.. -.. IMAG.. , Institute of Informatics and Applied Mathematics in Grenoble.. Started yade project, QT, openGL, plugin handling, documentation, then abadoned yade.. GUT Civil Engineering.. L3S.. Started yade project with Olivier, C++ design, multimethods, maintaining the project.. Benefactors.. Félix Darve.. Lab 3SR - INP Grenoble.. provided funding for our project from various european research programs.. François Faure.. University Joseph Fourier.. INRIA.. , Grenoble.. Promoter of Olivier Galizzi's PhD, comments about C++ design.. 12/2010 updated list of contributors for "copyright" file.. Václav Šmilauer eu_at_doxos.. eu.. Olivier Galizzi olivier.. galizzi_at_imag.. fr.. Janek Kozicki cosurgi_at_gmail.. com.. Bruno Chareyre bruno.. chareyre_at_hmg.. inpg.. Anton Gladky gladky.. anton_at_gmail.. Sergei Dorofeenko dorofeenko_at_icp.. ac.. ru.. Jerome Duriez duriez_at_geo.. hmg.. Vincent Richefeu richefeu_at_gmail.. Chiara Modenese c.. modenese_at_gmail.. Boon Chiaweng booncw_at_hotmail.. Emanuele Catalano catalano_at_hmg.. Luc Scholtes lscholtes63_at_gmail.. Jan Stránský jan.. stransky_at_fsv.. cvut.. cz.. Luc Sibille luc.. sibille_at_univ-nantes.. Feng Chen fchen3_at_utk.. edu.. A couple tricks for stats.. Retrieved from ".. https://yade-dem.. org/w/index.. php?title=Authors_and_contributors oldid=1743.. ".. View source.. Discuss this page.. Yade history.. What links here.. Related changes.. About Yade.. Find:.. This page has been accessed 7,984 times.. This page was last modified on 12 May 2014, at 16:13.. Content is available under.. GNU Free Documentation License 1.. unless otherwise noted.. Find.. Browse.. YADE Home.. Editing wiki.. News.. Recent changes.. Random page.. Edit.. Editing help.. This page.. New section.. Context.. My pages.. Log in / create account.. New pages.. File list.. Statistics.. More..

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  • Title: Contact - Yade
    Descriptive info: Categories.. OldSite.. See.. authors and contributors.. page for some information about us.. Mailing Lists.. For each mailing list, if you want to start a new discussion, please write a new mail by indicating the good mail adress, instead of replying to an older, unlinked, mail of the list (in order to not break the thread).. yade-users@lists.. launchpad.. net.. Users discuss about yade in general, ask questions or answer them.. Here are also annoucements about development of yade.. Please don't send questions directly by emails to yade-users.. Instead, use the.. "Answer" tool provided by launchpad.. , which helps sorting questions and answers.. Once, a question is asked there, you will still receive answers in your mailbox, and you can "reply" to them with your email client.. Please subscribe before sending any questions, otherwise your  ...   berlios.. de) :.. gmane.. science.. physics.. yade.. user.. gmane: view using frames and threads.. gmane: view using a blog-like, flat interface.. Download archives in mbox format.. yade-dev@lists.. Developers of yade talk together about design, compilation, packaging, and design (again).. Subscribe to yade-dev.. [2].. , with which you can "Search").. Archives of old mailing-list (yade-dev@lists.. berlios mailman.. devel.. NOTE.. : Maximum attachment size that goes through without moderator approval is 40kb.. Bigger attachments must wait (from few hours to few days) until they get approved.. Bug tracker.. Bug tracker is available here.. https://bugs.. net/yade.. You are welcome to use it.. Launchpad.. YADE exists and on Launchpad too.. https://launchpad.. There is bug-tracker, blueprints, code etc.. php?title=Contact oldid=1788.. This page has been accessed 5,234 times.. This page was last modified on 9 July 2014, at 18:09..

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  • Title: WhoIsDoingWhat - Yade
    Descriptive info: Community.. WhoIsDoingWhat.. Contents.. Who is doing what.. 1.. About me.. Field of interest.. 3.. Working on.. 4.. Annoying bugs/missing features.. Vincent Richefeu.. 5.. Emanuele Catalano.. 6.. Roger Arnold.. 7.. 8.. 9.. Feng Chen.. 10.. Dang Hoang Kien.. 11.. Luc Sibille.. 12.. Jérôme Duriez.. 13.. 14.. Jingsong Chen.. 15.. TRAN Van Tieng.. 16.. 17.. Viet Tran.. 18.. Favourite features.. 19.. Who is doing what.. Václav Šmilauer.. About me.. Former PhD student at CVUT Prague UJF Grenoble.. Currently freelancer.. Field of interest.. Discrete concrete models for elastic, non-elastic (incl.. damage) behavior applications.. Software engineering.. Working on.. CPM (Concrete Particle Model), in pkg/dem/ConcretePM.. ?pp; python scripting; performance; parallelization.. Moved over to the.. fork of Yade, as freelancer.. Annoying bugs/missing features.. Badly scalable collider -- for 50k particles, collider takes over 80% of simulation time! (there are O(n) algorithms (Munjiza's NBS, for instance) but not implemented in Yade.. Do you have a master student to work on that? Quite nice topic for master's thesis.. Lack of documentation for many classes, lack of documentation for yade in general.. Duplicated code, unfinished/dirty code, undocumented code, deprecated code.. Shouldn't we do some review of all code for docs, functionality and hacks?.. Vincent Richefeu.. Assistant Professor at the University Joseph Fourier.. (until now) wet granular materials.. micro-mechanics and physics.. DEM (MD-like and CD approaches).. Force laws (called constitutive laws in yade).. Avanlanches.. generation of sphere packings.. I don't feel good with interaction parameters that are stored (embeded) in bodies.. Lack of design documentation (although there are very usefull documents written by kindly people).. Bruno Chareyre.. Assistant Professor in Grenoble University (INPG).. DEM and DEM-fluid couplings (capillary effects and internal flows).. micro-mechanics and homogenization in granular materials.. modelling of snow creep.. multiscale approaches.. Triaxial testing.. Contact laws (CohesiveFrictional, VolumicLaw,.. Solving flow equations efficiently in coupled problems.. Usage of triangulation in Yade (contact detection, local strain, volumic law, fluid flow).. Anton Gladky.. Work on PHD in TU Bergakademie Freiberg.. Mining Engineer (grad.. 2004, National Mining University, Ukraine).. DEM modeling of mining rocks, implementing it in YADE.. Mining rocks behaviour in high pressure grinding machines.. RockPM (Rock particle module).. Packing scripts.. Emanuele Catalano.. PhD Student in Grenoble INP.. Geotechnical Engineer (grad.. 2009, Politecnico di Torino, Italy).. Discrete Element Modelling.. Coupled fluid - solid problems.. A flow solver engine to be implemented in YADE.. LACK of documentation? Initiation of a 'Level 2' guide will come soon.. I'll do my best.. Graduate student in Environmental Engineering at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA.. River Mechanics.. Water Quality.. Incipient motion and transport of sediment in turbulent flow.. Lack of documentation (has made it difficult for me to learn YADE with no prior DEM experience ).. It would be nice to have more DEM-fluid coupling in YADE.. Janek Kozicki.. Assistant Professor at the Gdańsk University of Technology.. software engineering and C++ design.. discrete modeling.. Development_schedule.. , albeit so slowly you almost don't ever notice.. Lattice model.. Polyhedron collisions.. there isn't a single person who gets paid for yade software development, we all have to do our "own research" having no time to improve the tool that everyone uses.. coding style and naming inconsitencies.. not using boost serialization.. not using boost units.. our yade website is a mess, and there are.. many.. of them! This one, some other on wikidot (?) some leftovers on berlios, and something on launchpad.. And maybe even  ...   DEM-fluid coupling (internal flows).. physical models with analogic materials (e.. g.. Schneebeli cylinders).. failure in granular matter.. internal erosion in soils.. Implementation of LBM in Yade to solve fluid dynamic flows.. Degradation/modification of the granular assembly at the grain or contact scale.. We need a dedicated research engineer to boost Yade development.. Definition of the simulation in one big xml file (even if there is Python), what about three files: a file to define the loading programme, a second file to define the geometry and a third file to define the interaction parameters.. Temporary Assistant professor in 3S-R, Grenoble.. Rock (in)stabilities.. various loading Engines, in rock joints experiments framework.. contact law, including momentum transfert.. I would see, as Luc Sibille, interest in splitting.. xml files.. Post-doctoral fellow at CSIRO - Earth Science and Resource Engineering.. Hydro-Mechanical Couplings (unsaturated and saturated flows).. Rock Mechanics.. Micro-Mechanics and Homogenization in granular materials (multi-scale approach).. Triaxial Testing.. Contact Laws (CapillaryCohesiveLaw, RockJointedLaw.. Texture effects on macroscopical behaviour.. Geometry Import (Discrete Fracture Network).. PhD student in Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN, USA.. Hot Asphalt Mixture packing;.. Asphalt Concrete cracking and strength;.. Creep of Asphalt Mixture;.. Pavement material experiment simulation (like APA, IDT).. Hot Asphalt Mixture packing simulation by using YADE, and planning to do some research on Asphalt Concrete cracking and strength;.. Compatibility of different version;.. Insufficient example and document;.. TRAN Van Tieng.. PhD Student at the University of Grenoble (France).. Invited Student at CSIRO - Earth Science and Resource Engineering (Brisbane,Australia).. DEM-fluid coupling (unsaturated and saturated materials).. Mechanical behaviour of Concrete.. Contact laws (Elastic-Hardening-Damage constitutive law with a non linear relationship between forces and displacements).. Modelling of the unsaturated and saturated concrete's behaviours under high confining pressure (up to GPa).. Chiara Modenese.. PhD Student in Engineering Science, University of Oxford, UK.. Structural Engineer (2009, University of Padua, Italy).. Contact Mechanics.. Constitutive modelling of granular materials.. Numerical modelling of lunar soil.. Triaxial test numerical simulations.. Contact laws (HertzMindlin, contact law in the presence of adhesion).. PhD Student in Geotechnical Engineering, McGill University, Canada.. Coupled Finite Element/Discrete Element Method.. Numerical modelling of geotechnical problems.. Interface between DEM and FEM.. Coupled FEM/DEM in tunneling.. PostDoc at The University of Newcastle, Australia.. Numerical methods (DEM, BEM, FEM).. Coupling of different methods.. Rock fall analysis and rock mechanics.. Tunnelling and underground constructions.. Structural analysis.. Implementation of a particle model for double-twisted rock fall nets (WirePM).. Interaction model between rock fall net and rock boulders.. Undocumented code and deprecated code.. To many yade related websites.. Informations often do not coincide or are duplicated!.. Mess of scripts in the trunk version! Many scripts do not run mainly because the code is updated at some stage but nobody updates the scripts.. Missing list with favourite features! Let me start.. Favourite features.. Open source.. Linux based.. Integration of python.. Great flexibility in adding your own contact law etc.. Easy pre- and post-processing.. Christian Jakob.. PhD at TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany.. Numerical investigation of soils with Discrete Element Method on microscale.. Hydromechanical coupling methods (continuum-discrete, DEM-SPH, DEM-LBM).. Micromechanical investigation of sandy soil under increasing water level.. Capillary effects in an unsaturated granular material.. Triggermechanisms for liquefaction without external stimulation.. Clumps within periodic space.. Simulation Inspection.. php?title=WhoIsDoingWhat oldid=1745.. This page has been accessed 5,646 times.. This page was last modified on 12 May 2014, at 16:27..

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  • Title: Screenshots and videos - Yade
    Descriptive info: Screenshots and videos.. If you are working with yade, please upload some of your screenshots to show others your work!.. Videos.. Screenshots.. Uniaxial tension/compression test.. Jointed/Fractured Media.. Other.. If you click on one of the following links, you will be redirected to a page that contains the videos:.. Outflows.. Ball mill.. Representing surfaces beams wires.. Fluid-solid coupling.. Processing machines.. Miscellaneous videos.. This example can be found in examples/concrete/uniax.. py.. YADE can be used to model media containing pre-existing fractures/discontinuities.. The module was initially developed for the study of fractured rock masses as described in refs [1], [2] and [3].. Discrete fracture network (DFN) can be imported as meshed surfaces and embeded into a predefined intact medium consisting of bonded particles.. Interactions located across a discontinuity  ...   refs [1], [2] and [3]).. An example showing how to use this module is provided in example/jointedCohesiveFrictionalPM/.. [1].. http://dx.. doi.. org/10.. 1016/j.. jmps.. 2011.. 01.. 009.. [2].. ijrmms.. 2012.. 02.. [3].. 1111/j.. 1365-246X.. 05642.. x.. Yade is now (2007) good enough to produce some results.. Those results are at first compared with results from other numerical computations software, then with real-world experiments.. Several articles are planned to be written about it.. For now you can have a short glance at what kind of results we can produce so far.. Bear in mind that this is just a quick look at screenshots and nothing more.. more.. php?title=Screenshots_and_videos oldid=1820.. This page has been accessed 21,388 times.. This page was last modified on 25 July 2014, at 15:40..

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  • Title: Introduction — Yade 2014-08-13.git-b94eb65 documentation
    Descriptive info: Before you start moving around in Yade, you should have some prior knowledge.. Basics of command line in your Linux system are necessary for running yade.. Look on the web for tutorials.. Python language; we recommend the official.. Python tutorial.. Reading further documents on the topis, such as.. Dive into Python.. will certainly not hurt either.. You are advised to try all commands described yourself.. Don t be afraid to experiment.. Starting yade.. Yade is being run primarily from terminal; the name of command is.. (In case you did not install from package, you might need to give specific path to the command.. ):.. $ yade Welcome to Yade TCP python prompt on localhost:9001, auth cookie `sdksuy TCP info provider on localhost:21000 [[ ^L clears screen, ^U kills line.. F12 controller, F11 3d view, F10 both, F9 generator, F8 plot.. ]] Yade [1]:.. These initial lines give you some information about.. some information for.. Remote control.. , which you are unlikely to need now;.. basic help for the command-line that just appeared (.. [1]:.. ).. Type.. quit().. exit().. or simply press.. ^D.. to quit Yade.. The command-line is.. ipython.. , python shell with enhanced interactive capabilities; it features persistent history (remembers commands from your last sessions), searching and so on.. See ipython s documentation for more details.. Typically, you will not type Yade commands by hand, but use.. scripts.. , python programs describing and running your simulations.. Let us take the most simple script that will just print Hello world! :.. print.. Hello world!.. Saving such script as.. hello.. py.. , it can be given as argument to yade:.. $ yade hello.. py Welcome to Yade TCP python prompt on localhost:9001, auth cookie `askcsu TCP info provider on localhost:21000 Running script hello.. py ## the script is being run Hello world! ## output from the script [[ ^L clears screen, ^U kills line.. Yade will run the script and then drop to the command-line again.. [3].. If you want Yade to quit immediately after running the script, use the.. -x.. switch:.. $ yade -x script.. There is more command-line options than just.. , run.. -h.. to see all of them.. Options:.. --version.. show program s version number and exit.. --help.. show this help message and exit.. -j.. THREADS.. --threads=.. Number of OpenMP threads to run; defaults to 1.. Equivalent to setting OMP_NUM_THREADS environment variable.. --cores=.. CORES.. Set number of OpenMP threads (as threads) and in addition set affinity of threads to the cores given.. --update.. Update deprecated class names in given script(s) using text search replace.. Changed files will be backed up with ~ suffix.. Exit when done without running any simulation.. --nice=.. NICE.. Increase nice level (i.. e.. decrease priority) by given number.. Exit when the script finishes.. -n.. Run without graphical interface (equivalent to unsetting the DISPLAY environment variable).. --test.. Run regression test suite and exit; the exists status is 0 if all tests pass, 1 if a test fails and 2 for an unspecified exception.. --check.. Run a series of user-defined check tests as described in /build/buildd/yade- daily-1+3021+27~lucid1/scripts/test/checks/README.. --performance.. Starts a test to measure the productivity.. --no-gdb.. Do not show backtrace when yade crashes (only effective with debug).. Footnotes.. The executable name can carry a suffix, such as version number (.. yade-0.. 20.. ), depending on compilation options.. Packaged versions on Debian systems always provide the plain.. alias, by default pointing to latest stable version (or latest snapshot, if no stable version is installed).. You can use.. update-alternatives.. to change this.. In general, Unix.. shell.. (command line) has environment variable.. PATH.. defined, which determines directories searched for executable files if you give name of the file without path.. Typically, $PATH contains.. /usr/bin/.. /usr/local/bin.. /bin.. and others; you can inspect your.. by typing.. echo.. $PATH.. in the shell (directories are separated by.. If Yade executable is not in directory contained in.. , you have to specify it by hand, i.. by typing the path in front of the filename, such as in.. /home/user/bin/yade.. and similar.. You can also navigate to the directory itself (.. cd.. ~/bin/yade.. , where.. ~.. is replaced by your home directory automatically) and type.. /yade.. then (the.. is the current directory, so.. /.. specifies that the file is to be found in the current directory).. To save typing, you can add the directory where Yade is installed to your.. , typically by editing.. ~/.. profile.. (in normal cases automatically executed when shell starts up) file adding line like.. export.. PATH=/home/user/bin:$PATH.. You can also define an.. alias.. by saying.. yade= /home/users/bin/yade.. in that file.. Details depend on what shell you use (bash, zsh, tcsh, …) and you will find more information in introductory material on Linux/Unix.. Plain Python interpreter exits once it finishes running the script.. The reason why Yade does the contrary is that most of the time script only sets up simulation and lets it run; since computation typically runs in background thread, the script is technically finished, but the computation is running.. Creating simulation.. To create simulation, one can either use a specialized class of type.. FileGenerator.. to create full scene, possibly receiving some parameters.. Generators are written in c++ and their role is limited to well-defined scenarios.. For instance, to create triaxial test scene:.. Yade [1]:.. TriaxialTest.. (.. numberOfGrains.. =.. 200.. load.. ().. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------.. NameError Traceback (most recent call last).. /home/buildbot/yade/yade-full/install/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/yade-buildbot/py/yade/__init__.. pyc in module ().. NameError: name yade is not defined.. Yade [2]:.. len.. bodies.. Out.. ]:.. 0.. Generators are regular yade objects that support attribute access.. It is also possible to construct the scene by a python script; this gives much more flexibility and speed of development and is the recommended way to create simulation.. Yade provides modules for streamlined body construction, import of geometries from files and reuse of common code.. Since this topic is more involved, it is explained in the.. Running simulation.. As explained above, the loop consists in running defined sequence of engines.. Step number can be queried by.. iter.. and advancing by one step is done by.. step().. Every step advances.. virtual time.. by current timestep,.. dt.. Yade [3]:.. iter.. 3.. Yade [4]:.. time.. 4.. 0.. Yade [5]:.. dt.. 1e-4.. Yade [6]:.. step.. Yade [7]:.. 7.. Yade [8]:.. 8.. 0001.. Normal simulations, however, are run continuously.. Starting/stopping the loop is done by.. run().. pause().. ; note that.. returns control to Python and the simulation runs in background; if you want to wait for it finish, use.. wait().. Fixed number of steps can be run with.. run(1000).. run(1000,True).. will run and wait.. To stop at absolute step number,.. stopAtIter.. can be set and.. called normally.. Yade [9]:.. run.. Yade [10]:.. pause.. Yade [11]:.. 11.. 1083.. Yade [12]:.. 100000.. ,.. True.. Yade [13]:.. 13.. 101083.. Yade [14]:.. stopAtIter.. 500000.. Yade [15]:.. wait.. Yade [16]:.. 16.. Saving and loading.. Simulation can be  ...   recent call last).. ---- 1 O.. bodies[100].. IndexError: Body id out of range.. Adding the same body twice is, for reasons of the id uniqueness, not allowed:.. Yade [35]:.. bodies.. append(s).. IndexError: Body already has id 0 set; appending such body (for the second time) is not allowed.. Bodies can be iterated over using standard python iteration syntax:.. Yade [36]:.. for.. in.. :.. id.. 0 1.. 1 0.. are always between pair of bodies; usually, they are created by the collider based on spatial proximity; they can, however, be created explicitly and exist independently of distance.. Each interaction has 2 components:.. IGeom.. holding geometrical configuration of the two particles in collision; it is updated automatically as the particles in question move and can be queried for various geometrical characteristics, such as penetration distance or shear strain.. Based on combination of types of.. Shapes.. of the particles, there might be different storage requirements; for that reason, a number of derived classes exists, e.. for representing geometry of contact between.. Sphere+Sphere.. Cylinder+Sphere.. etc.. Note, however, that it is possible to represent many type of contacts with the basic sphere-sphere geometry (for instance in.. Ig2_Wall_Sphere_ScGeom.. IPhys.. representing non-geometrical features of the interaction; some are computed from.. Materials.. of the particles in contact using some averaging algorithm (such as contact stiffness from Young s moduli of particles), others might be internal variables like damage.. Suppose now interactions have been already created.. We can access them by the id pair:.. Yade [37]:.. interactions.. 37.. Interaction.. instance.. 0x3363fc0.. Yade [38]:.. # order of ids is not important.. 38.. Yade [39]:.. i.. Yade [40]:.. id1.. id2.. 40.. Yade [41]:.. geom.. 41.. ScGeom.. 0x3043a40.. Yade [42]:.. phys.. 42.. FrictPhys.. 0x3366cf0.. Yade [43]:.. 10111.. interactions[100,10111].. IndexError: No such interaction.. Generalized forces.. Generalized forces include force, torque and forced displacement and rotation; they are stored only temporarliy, during one computation step, and reset to zero afterwards.. For reasons of parallel computation, they work as accumulators, i.. only can be added to, read and reset.. Yade [44]:.. f.. 44.. Yade [45]:.. addF.. forces.. addF(0,Vector3(1,2,3)).. NameError: name Vector3 is not defined.. Yade [46]:.. 46.. You will only rarely modify forces from Python; it is usually done in c++ code and relevant documentation can be found in the Programmer s manual.. Function components.. In a typical DEM simulation, the following sequence is run repeatedly:.. reset forces on bodies from previous step.. approximate collision detection (pass 1).. detect exact collisions of bodies, update interactions as necessary.. solve interactions, applying forces on bodies.. apply other external conditions (gravity, for instance).. change position of bodies based on forces, by integrating motion equations.. Typical simulation loop; each step begins at body-centered bit at 11 o clock, continues with interaction bit, force application bit, miscillanea and ends with time update.. Each of these actions is represented by an.. Engine.. , functional element of simulation.. The sequence of engines is called.. simulation loop.. Engines.. Simulation loop, shown at img.. img-yade-iter-loop.. , can be described as follows in Python (details will be explained later); each of the.. engine.. items is instance of a type deriving from.. # reset forces.. ForceResetter.. (),.. # approximate collision detection, create interactions.. InsertionSortCollider.. Bo1_Sphere_Aabb.. Bo1_Facet_Aabb.. ()]),.. # handle interactions.. InteractionLoop.. Ig2_Sphere_Sphere_ScGeom.. Ig2_Facet_Sphere_ScGeom.. ()],.. Ip2_FrictMat_FrictMat_FrictPhys.. Law2_ScGeom_FrictPhys_CundallStrack.. ),.. # apply other conditions.. GravityEngine.. gravity.. -.. 9.. 81.. )),.. # update positions using Newton s equations.. NewtonIntegrator.. There are 3 fundamental types of Engines:.. GlobalEngines.. operating on the whole simulation (e.. looping over all bodies and applying force based on their mass).. PartialEngine.. operating only on some pre-selected bodies (e.. ForceEngine.. applying constant force to some bodies).. Dispatchers.. do not perform any computation themselves; they merely call other functions, represented by function objects,.. Functors.. Each functor is specialized, able to handle certain object types, and will be dispatched if such obejct is treated by the dispatcher.. Dispatchers and functors.. For approximate collision detection (pass 1), we want to compute.. bounds.. for all.. in the simulation; suppose we want bound of type.. axis-aligned bounding box.. Since the exact algorithm is different depending on particular.. , we need to provide functors for handling all specific cases.. The line:.. ()]).. creates.. (it internally uses.. BoundDispatcher.. , but that is a detail).. It traverses all bodies and will, based on.. type of each.. body.. , dispatch one of the functors to create/update.. for that particular body.. In the case shown, it has 2 functors, one handling.. spheres.. , another.. facets.. The name is composed from several parts:.. Bo.. (functor creating.. ), which accepts.. type.. and creates an.. (axis-aligned bounding box; it is derived from.. objects are used by.. All.. Bo1.. functors derive from.. BoundFunctor.. The next part, reading.. hides 3 internal dispatchers within the.. engine; they all operate on interactions and are, for performance reasons, put together:.. IGeomDispatcher.. uses the first set of functors (.. Ig2.. ), which are dispatched based on combination of.. objects.. Dispatched functor resolves exact collision configuration and creates.. (whence.. Ig.. in the name) associated with the interaction, if there is collision.. The functor might as well fail on approximate interactions, indicating there is no real contact between the bodies, even if they did overlap in the approximate collision detection.. The first functor,.. , is called on interaction of 2.. Spheres.. and creates.. instance, if appropriate.. The second functor,.. , is called for interaction of.. with.. and might create (again) a.. IGeomFunctor.. (they are documented at the same place).. IPhysDispatcher.. dispatches to the second set of functors based on combination of.. ; these functors return return.. instance (the.. Ip.. prefix).. In our case, there is only 1 functor used,.. , which create.. from 2.. FrictMat s.. Ip2.. functors are derived from.. IPhysFunctor.. LawDispatcher.. dispatches to the third set of functors, based on combinations of.. (wherefore.. in their name again) of each particular interaction, created by preceding functors.. Law2.. functors represent constitutive law ; they resolve the interaction by computing forces on the interacting bodies (repulsion, attraction, shear forces, …) or otherwise update interaction state variables.. functors all inherit from.. LawFunctor.. There is chain of types produced by earlier functors and accepted by later ones; the user is responsible to satisfy type requirement (see img.. img-dispatch-loop.. An exception (with explanation) is raised in the contrary case.. Chain of functors producing and accepting certain types.. In the case shown, the.. functors produce.. ScfGeom.. instances from all handled.. combinations; the.. functor produces.. The constitutive law functor.. accepts the combination of types produced.. Note that the types are stated in the functor s class names.. When Yade starts, O.. engines is filled with a reasonable default list, so that it is not strictly necessary to redefine it when trying simple things.. The default scene will handle spheres, boxes, and facets with.. frictional.. properties correctly, and adjusts the timestep dynamically.. You can find an example in simple-scene-default-engines..

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  • Title: Tutorial — Yade 2014-08-13.git-b94eb65 documentation
    Descriptive info: This tutorial originated as handout for a course held at.. Technische Universität Dresden.. Fakultät Bauingenieurwesen.. Institut für Geotechnik.. in Jaunary 2011.. The focus was to give quick and rather practical introduction to people without prior modeling experience, but with knowledge of mechanics.. Some computer literacy was assumed, though basics are reviewed in the.. Hands-on section.. The course did not in reality follow this document, but was based on interactive writing and commenting  ...   ideas and suggestions.. A few minor bugs were discovered during the course.. They were all fixed in rev.. 2640 of Yade which is therefore the minimum recommended version to run the examples (notably, 0.. 60 will not work).. Shell basics.. Python basics.. Yade basics.. Read.. Save.. Plot.. Parametric studies.. Boundary.. Particle size distribution.. Clumps.. Testing laws.. New law.. Visualization.. Bouncing sphere.. Gravity deposition.. Oedometric test.. Periodic simple shear.. 3d postprocessing.. Periodic triaxial test..

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