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    Archived pages: 409 . Archive date: 2014-09.

  • Title: yaVDR: PVR for HDTV with XBMC - based on VDR, VDPAU and Ubuntu Linux
    Descriptive info: .. HDTV and XBMC in your living room - based on Nvidia VDPAU, VDR and Ubuntu Linux.. Home.. Blog.. Features.. FAQ.. Tutorials.. Installation.. Configuration.. Applying Updates.. Mounting NFS shares via vdr-addon-avahi-mounter.. Applying persistant changes to configuration files.. Download.. Community.. Developer Zone.. Roadmap.. Bugtracker.. Sourcecode repositories.. Launchpad repositories (PPAs).. Template overview.. Events & Actions overview.. Team members.. Contact.. yaVDR: Combining the power of VDR and XBMC.. Watch and record HDTV and SDTV channels.. Easy-to-use VDR HD OSD.. VDR - a clever open source PVR solution.. Discover XBMC as a TV frontend.. Enjoy TV embedded in XBMC's Eye Candy.. Use a comfortable TV guide in XBMC.. About.. yet another VDR (yaVDR) is a Linux distribution focussed on Klaus Schmidingers.. Video Disk Recorder.. and based on Ubuntu Linux.. Although yaVDR works quite well already, there are many things that are either buggy or don't work automatically yet.. So we don't recommend it for productive usage in case you have no experiences in configuring VDR manually.. yaVDR tries to let you:.. Record your favourite TV programmes and watch your media in a smart way..  ...   own a Nvidia ION based nettop or a HTPC with a Nvidia GPU that supports.. VDPAU.. , your CPU will remain cool and your energy bill won't hurt you.. yaVDR relies on VDPAU which is currently the only simple way to get GPU based HD video decoding on Linux.. Start immediately after turning on the HTPC.. yaVDR wants to compete with other living room devices as much as possible using.. upstart.. to speed up the boot.. Besides that, the shutdown method S3 (Suspend to RAM) is enabled by default to bypass cold boot.. It is possible to let the system automatically wake up on timers and go to sleep after a configurable timeout.. Profit from our work, even if you don't install yaVDR.. If a complete distribution is not the right thing for you and you still want to use the latest VDR packages with your ordinary Ubuntu installation: No problem! Just use the Launchpad repositories yaVDR is based on.. Install the selection of VDR packages that you need.. Copyright © 2010 yaVDR.. This page was last updated on 2011-09-11..

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  • Title: yaVDR: Blog
    Descriptive info: >.. First.. Previous.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. Next.. Last.. yaVDR.. July 25, 2014.. 01:53 PM CEST.. Updates for yaVDR 0.. 5: VDR 2.. 0.. 6, XBMC Gotham, Lirc etc.. Dear yaVDR 0.. 5 users,.. We are providing you with some updates in our Launchpad PPAs that you can install as package updates from the command line via apt-get update and apt-get dist-upgrade.. After applying the updates you will be enjoying.. XBMC Gotham.. VDR 2.. 6 (including.. mini73's patch hide-first-recording-level.. ).. Up-to-date versions of cxxtools, tntnet und tntnetdb.. A number of updated VDR Plugins from our testing PPAs.. A version of Lirc that contains the latest patch for yaUsbIr.. Please read the full blog posting to learn about possible caveats during the update process.. [more].. hepi.. Permalink.. Comments 0.. Views: 585.. January 16, 2014.. 01:13 AM CET.. 4th anniversary: Looking back.. at the meaning of Launchpad.. net.. The basic idea behind a VDR distribution is to simplify the installation and configuration of a fairly complicated bunch of open source software components.. To have more fun with it and more time to spend on extending its functionality with new features.. Sadly, we were not the first to have that idea.. In fact, we were far from being first.. Views: 1964.. January 15, 2014.. 12:36 AM CET.. 4th anniversary, 77.. 777 downloads so far: Time to take a look back.. Today is a special day: Exactly four years ago we have released the first version of our Ubuntu based VDR distribution: yaVDR 0.. 1.. Within those four years we were able to publish.. five.. versions in total (not counting a couple of bug-fix releases).. yaVDR installer images have been downloaded more than 75.. 000 times during this period of time.. In fact, we just counted download number 77.. 777 a couple of days ago.. We want to use this anniversary as an opportunity to look back at the past four years and give you a little overview about what exactly happened during this time span.. Comments 2.. Views: 1394.. July 15, 2013.. 11:11 PM CEST.. Installation from a USB stick: Now smoother with hybrid ISO image.. In the past some of our users had problems installing yaVDR from USB sticks.. If you belong to this group of frustrated users: Read on, we have good news for you!.. Views: 29842.. May 10, 2013.. 08:35 PM CEST.. Updated yaVDR 0.. 5 ISO image is on the way to solve problem.. Our users have.. informed us today.. that they are facing issues when installing yaVDR 0.. 5 from the ISO image.. The installer stops at about 85% of the installation with an error message.. We can reproduce these problems and now offer a new ISO image that corrects the issue.. Comments 5.. Views: 9392.. October 13, 2012.. 08:16 PM CEST.. Announcing yaVDR-0.. 5.. Finally here it comes, expected for a long time, tested by a lot of volunteers, crafted by unresting developers and contributors:.. yaVDR 0.. 0.. If you've followed this.. blog.. or the multiple discussions at the.. VDR portal.. you may be familiar with the various changes that have been integrated into this new release.. We did our very best as time permits to make it as stable as it can.. Despite all testing there're some known issues which coudn't be solved.. But they aren't bad enough to keep us from releasing the current status..  ...   But these were just the boring basics.. Let's have a look at all the interesting details.. Comments 15.. Views: 31038.. October 11, 2011.. 11:59 PM CEST.. Announcing yaVDR 0.. 4 pre2 ISO Image.. All the work that has been done on upcoming yaVDR 0.. 4 since our first test ISO pre1 back in July is now available bundled into a second test ISO called pre2.. Testers are welcome to re-install and submit bugs to our bugtracker.. Comments 1.. Views: 8190.. VDR Community.. /.. September 08, 2011.. 09:16 PM CEST.. VDR Portal downtime: Alternative support forum for yaVDR users.. Dear users of VDR and yaVDR!.. Due to a downtime of VDR Portal, we invite you to join our own improvised support forum.. Update: VDR Portal is online again.. Views: 31865.. Search:.. search.. September 2014.. S.. M.. T.. W.. F.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. 10.. 11.. 12.. 13.. 14.. 15.. 16.. 17.. 18.. 19.. 20.. 21.. 22.. 23.. 24.. 25.. 26.. 27.. 28.. 29.. 30.. Latest Posts.. at the meaning of.. 777 downloads so far: Time to take a.. Installation from a USB stick: Now smoother with hybrid ISO.. Categories.. DVB Hardware.. (2).. Plugins.. (4).. PVR@XBMC.. Remote controls.. (0).. Sound/ALSA.. VDR Addon.. (1).. (3).. VDR Core.. (10).. (38).. Latest Comments.. fake oakleys online.. June 06, 2014 12:57 AM CEST.. Happy anniversary!.. January 15, 2014 05:37 PM CET.. huray.. January 15, 2014 01:30 PM CET.. No, vdr-portal.. de is not down.. November 04, 2013 08:12 PM CET.. Archive.. [-].. 2014.. July.. January.. 2013.. May.. 2012.. October.. June.. 2011.. (13).. September.. Managing your VDR channel list - Easier than ever with yaVDR 0.. VDR developer version 1.. 7.. 21 is being packaged for yaVDR.. August.. New VDR developer version 1.. 20 is being packaged for yaVDR.. For serious testers: Announcing yaVDR 0.. 4 pre1 ISO image.. 19 is available.. It's time to talk about upcoming yaVDR 0.. April.. 18 was released today.. March.. 000 downloads of yaVDR? We're nearly there!.. 17 was released today.. Relaunch of VDR Portal with new skin and board engine.. 2010.. (28).. December.. Announcing yaVDR-addon-pip (Picture in Picture).. November.. New Addon for VDR available in yaVDR 0.. 3: Zeroconf-based mounting of NFS shares.. Watching Live TV on Android devices.. (11).. New features in upcoming yaVDR 0.. 3: Sundtek driver support.. 3: Lifeguard.. Ubuntu 10.. 10 Maverick Meerkat - is it yaVDR's cup of tea?.. 3: Upstart.. 3: Gyration and Inputlircd.. 3: alsa for sound over HDMI with G210/GT220.. 3: USB wakeup.. 3: Userspace Software Suspend.. 3: Commands in yaVDR - switched to menuorg.. 3.. Updated ISO image of version 0.. 0 with bugfixes.. 16 is out.. 2.. 15 was released today.. XBMC amd64 incomplete on Launchpad!? How come?.. yaVDR developers celebrate SVN commit 1000.. From VDR 1.. 6 to VDR 1.. 8: An ongoing journey.. Meet the yaVDR developers in real life.. Bloggers discover yaVDR - we discover blogging!.. Internationalization of VDR skin PearlHD: Your help is needed.. February.. yaVDR covered in article of German PC Magazin.. 10th anniversary: Happy birthday VDR!.. Release of yaVDR 0.. 1 ISO image.. 1 - our first release.. Copy and paste this link into your RSS news reader.. Posts.. Comments.. This is hot.. 450033 times viewed.. May 10, 2011.. 130545 times viewed.. October 15, 2010.. 40037 times viewed.. October 18, 2010.. 37479 times viewed.. October 19, 2010.. This page was last updated on 2014-07-25..

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  • Title: yaVDR: Features
    Descriptive info: Features of yaVDR 0.. x standard features:.. Watch and record TV programmes (SDTV or HDTV) via DVB hardware or IPTV.. Record several TV programmes on different channels simultaneously (number of available recording channels depends on the number of DVB devices).. OSD with preinstalled different HD skins:.. AnthraHD (text2skin, yaVDR 0.. 5 default skin).. PearHD.. NarrowHD (yaVDR 0.. 4 default skin).. True Color capable Skins:.. Skin nOpacity (optional package).. Skin flatplus (optional package).. Skin flat (optional package).. LCARS.. Control VDR and XBMC via remote control (using eventlircd to combine inputs from HID devices, LIRC and IRServer, PS3 BD Remote).. Visit.. http://www.. linuxtv.. org/vdrwiki/index.. php/Introduction.. and.. tvdr.. de/features.. htm.. for a more extensive list.. Note: A full featured DVB card is not mandatory for yaVDR and not recommended because we concentrate on GPU-based output via HDMI (as of yaVDR 0.. 5 some Full Featured cards will be supported but the X-Server will remain unstarted in this case and XBMC/Firefox/etc.. will not be available when using Full Featured cards).. VDR frontend choice: Use your favourite VDR frontend, select one of the following frontends from the yaVDR web frontend.. softhddevice (default).. xine via vdr-plugin-xine.. vdr-sxfe via vdr-plugin-xineliboutput.. XBMC:.. Includes XBMC with PVR support.. XBMC can be used as an alternative TV frontend for VDR.. Automated Xorg-configuration for Nvidia GPUs with VDPAU.. Contains Firefox to access web interface or browse the internet.. Contains web interface for most important configuration options.. Boot process is optimized to bring up Live TV as soon as possible using upstart.. S3 as default shutdown method for quick wakeup.. Wakes up for scheduled recordings (if configured).. All updates for yaVDR  ...   6419).. VDR-Plugin Streamdev-Server.. (HTTP, on port 3000): Stream TV channels to a second VDR or to VLC or other media players.. VDR-Plugin xvdr (Port 34890) to stream to XBMC PVR Addon VDR-xvdr.. SSH.. NFS server.. and Samba server as a standard way of sharing media between different machines.. Comparison: yaVDR and Ubuntu.. Installation.. Graphical installer.. Original Ubuntu alternate installer (text based).. Desktop environment.. Unity.. openbox.. Pre-installed applications.. Office, Multimedia, Internet, etc.. only VDR, XBMC, Firefox and dependencies.. System configuration.. via Unity settings.. via yaVDR Web-Frontend (and shell).. Updates through package repositories.. Standard Ubuntu repositories.. Standard Ubuntu repositories + yaVDR repositories (see download page for further details, yaVDR 0.. 5 uses Ubuntu 12.. 04 packages).. Multi user environment.. multiple user profiles possible.. system is designed around one main user with restricted rights who will be logged in automatically during boot.. VDR version.. Development version 1.. 22.. Stable version 2.. x.. NVIDIA graphics driver (closed-source version).. Ubuntu 12.. 04: 304.. 88 and newer versions.. x: same packages as Ubuntu 12.. 04.. Linux kernel.. 04: 3.. x, and LTS enablement Stack Kernels.. always using the original Ubuntu kernel packages.. V4L/DVB drivers.. As shipped with kernel.. To support for additional DVB cards, we offer prepackaged drivers from an experimental V4L/DVB branch by Oliver Endriss in a DKMS package “linux-media-experimental-dkms”.. Sound architecture.. Pulseaudio + ALSA.. ALSA (Pulseaudio is not used, since we are not convinced at the moment that we need it.. ).. VDPAU support in media players.. as of Ubuntu 12.. 04: mplayer.. contains updated xinelib and XBMC with VDPAU support (mplayer can be added manually).. This page was last updated on 2014-07-06..

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  • Title: yaVDR: FAQ
    Descriptive info: yaVDR FAQ.. An English language FAQ on yaVDR is not in place yet.. We would like to ask our users to use a translation service like Google translate to access the German language FAQ at www.. vdr-wiki.. de:.. English language translation of yaVDR-FAQ (translated on-the-fly using Google translate).. Original version (German language).. Please use this as a workaround until we have found time to create a proper translation.. Thanks!.. New: A documentation for yaVDR 0.. 5 (still WIP) in german and english can be found at:.. yavdr.. org/documentation/..

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  • Title: yaVDR: Tutorials
    Descriptive info: This page was last updated on 2010-06-08..

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  • Title: yaVDR: Installation
    Descriptive info: The bootable ISO image contains a standard Ubuntu text based installer (the same that is used on the Ubuntu alternate installer ISO).. It is not a live CD.. The installation should take no longer than 20-30 minutes.. Using VirtualBox:.. If you don't want to take any risks, you can install yaVDR on a virtual machine using.. VirtualBox.. to try it.. But you won't be able to test your DVB hardware or watch HDTV channels.. XBMC needs OpenGL support to start.. Install yaVDR from an USB stick.. You can create a bootable image on an USB stick - but.. you can't use the tool UNetbootin to do so.. It won't work!.. On Ubuntu (or booting from the standard Ubuntu Live CD) you can create a bootable image of yaVDR via.. usb-creator-gtk.. or.. usb-creator-kde.. (.. more infos.. Currently, we are evaluating reliable instructions on how to create the USB stick from Windows.. s2-liplianin support:.. If you are unsure if you need these special V4L-DVB drivers, leave them out during installation.. You can install them at any time later on.. (Please read section about DVB drivers below for further details.. ).. Partitioning:.. Regarding partitioning the hard drive, we generally recommend to have a swap partition and a root partition (ext4) as a minimum.. Username choice:.. This is very important: When you are asked to create a user account, please make sure that you.. don't choose the name vdr.. as your username.. You will run into big trouble if you choose the name vdr.. It is reserved.. remember.. the username and password because you will need it for the web frontend and for all command line operations.. Errors during installation?.. If the installation should abort, press Ctrl+Alt+F4 to see detailed error messages.. Please check the list of known issues.. About firmware and device drivers for DVB cards.. Many DVB cards (or USB boxes) need an appropriate firmware file in folder /lib/firmware.. Ubuntu provides a collection of firmware files in the packages.. linux-firmware.. linux-firmware-nonfree.. that are preinstalled on yaVDR.. If your DVB card needs a firmware to run on Linux and the firmware is not included in these packages, you have to find the appropriate firmware file and copy it to /lib/firmware.. Some manufacturers offer firmware files for download from their support web pages.. If you use a satellite dish for digital TV and own a DVB-S2 card/box, please check out the.. LinuxTV Wiki.. if the needed v4l drivers are part of the standard Ubuntu kernel.. If not, you might need to use the.. v4l drivers kindly provided by Igor Lilplianin.. to get the card/box working.. yaVDR provides a packaged version of these v4l drivers.. At the beginning of the installation you can enable the installation of these drivers with yaVDR.. But if you are unsure, you can also install them later manually via sudo apt-get dvb-s2api-liplianin-dkms.. A list of cards which are reported to work with this driver package can be found in this.. forum thread.. (German).. For users of the package  ...   3) You will see the no signal screen right after the VDR frontend has started.. After a few seconds, it should be replaced by the picture of the active TV channel.. 4) This dialog may also come up on VDR start: It offers you to map the keys of your remote control to VDR functions.. You can ignore this dialog in the beginning, especially as LIRC is not configured yet (which you can do later using the web frontend).. The dialog will disappear automatically after a few seconds and come back every time VDR is started until a key mapping has been done.. Troubleshooting: If no TV picture is visible.. FAQ.. Answer.. I have waited for a long time during boot, but I don't see a yavdr logo on my screen at all.. It seems that the X server is failing to start.. What can I do?.. Do you use a non-NVIDIA GPU? Please configure the X server manually and install missing display driver packages if necessary.. Try if you already can start the Web Frontend from a second computer for diagnosis.. After boot, there is nothing going on besides the yavdr logo in the center of the screen.. If there are updated yavdr-* packages avaliable, please apply the updates and retest.. After boot, there is nothing going on besides the NO SIGNAL sign.. If you haven't changed the channel list: Check if you have a working internet connection.. The pre-configured IPTV channels are streamed over the internet.. I use a NVIDIA GPU, but after boot, the NVIDIA driver doesn't seem to be loaded, VDPAU is not used or XBMC refuses to start.. This may happen if you have more than one active GPU in your setup.. Disable the onboard GPU to make a NVIDIA graphics card the only active GPU.. If you use an onboard NVIDIA GPU, make sure that a sufficient portion of your RAM is assigned to your GPU.. (BIOS setting).. First steps: Discovering the VDR frontend.. After boot, there is a TV picture on my screen.. Which channel is this?.. yaVDR comes with three pre-configured demo IPTV channels (3sat, ntv, nasa).. When you update the channel list, you can easily get rid of these channels.. How can I get to the OSD? My remote control doesn't work yet.. Press m on the keyboard to get to the main menu of the OSD.. Use the keyboard (arrows, numbers, ENTER) to navigate.. Can I change the language of the OSD?.. Yes, you can change it via the OSD menu itself (System- Setup- OSD- Language).. Alternativaly, you can achieve it by modifying /var/lib/vdr/setup.. conf (parameter OSDLanguage).. How can I start XBMC?.. In the main menu of the OSD, press 5 for applications, in the applications menu you find XBMC.. Next steps: Do you now want to configure LIRC to make your remote control work? Or would you like to add your personal channels list to VDR, please.. continue reading here.. This page was last updated on 2012-06-19..

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  • Title: yaVDR: Configuration
    Descriptive info: Web Frontend.. Not all settings can be determined automatically during the installation of yaVDR.. Therefore, yaVDR is equipped with a web frontend that should allow you to configure the most important settings in a comfortable way.. How can you access the web frontend? If your yaVDR machine has the IP address 192.. 168.. 15, you can get to the web frontend.. http://192.. 15.. The username and password needed to login is the standard user you have set up yourself during installation.. To give you an impression of what the web frontend has to offer at this time, please have a look at the following screenshots.. You can access the frontend remotely, for example from a notebook.. Besides that, it is also available locally on the yaVDR machine: Firefox is pre-installed there too.. As of now, the web frontend is only available in a small number of languages.. Please contact us, if you are interested in translating the language labels to other languages! The current developer versions of the language labels can be found.. here.. VDR Configuration  ...   is possible to modify the system using the shell within a terminal.. There are several ways to access a shell on yaVDR:.. Within VDR-OSD main menu, choose Applications and in this menu Terminal.. This will open an xterm for you.. (You might want to use su - [yourUserName] there to switch to your own user.. Press Ctrl+Alt+F2 to get to tty2.. After you have finished your work, press Ctrl+Alt+F9 to get back to the TV picture (X-Server).. (We don't recommend to use tty1 because we have tweaked the cursor there to be invisible for a nicer boot experience.. Connect to your yaVDR HTPC via SSH.. If you want to connect from Windows, use the nice little tool called PuTTY.. XBMC configuration.. To use yaVDR's XBMC version with VDPAU and PVR integration, XBMC currently has to be manually configured (we are working on automating this).. Within XBMC settings, you have to enable the VDR-streamdev PVR-client manually.. Under Video settings you have to choose VDPAU instead of Auto as the renderer.. This page was last updated on 2010-03-04..

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  • Title: yaVDR: Applying Updates
    Descriptive info: Staying up-to-date.. To get the latest updates for yaVDR via the internet, you should regulary update the packages on your yaVDR installation.. This can be done from the command line like this:.. To refresh the list of available updates:.. sudo apt-get update.. To install available updates of installed package and also install necessary new packages use:.. sudo apt-get dist-upgrade.. This is the standard update workflow which is the same for all  ...   Whenever you use sudo, you need to type in the password that you have set for your personal user account during installation.. To understand the concept behind the sudo command is essential when using Ubuntu Linux (and yaVDR is built on top of Ubuntu Linux).. Please read the.. sudo documentation.. to learn why you don't need to care for a root password on Ubuntu.. This page was last updated on 2010-09-13..

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  • Title: yaVDR: Mounting NFS shares via vdr-addon-avahi-mounter
    Descriptive info: Automount of NFS-Shares.. In most domestic installation nowadays there are several computers in use.. Each one with a special place for a distinct kind of media.. A desktop pc has the pictures from last holiday.. The videos are already converted and placed on a NAS.. Recorded videos from several VDRs are distributed around the house.. How fine would it be to have access to all of these everytime.. It could be done by sharing them across the network.. But now the problems begin.. NFS-static mounts are only established during startup of a workstation.. But what if the server is not ready at the time.. Autofs-based mounts circumvince that.. Mounts are only established as they are needed by the client.. But what if the server shuts down or the server becomes available after the first attempt to access.. All these solution have a general problem: they do not really take into account what the server actually offers.. The definitions are made on the client.. Insertion of a new computer into my landscape forces me to reconfigure my complete home-based installation.. To use it I have to change each client definition.. This is not what I want to.. Here comes a new idea originally raised from Apple and called Zeroconf.. The specification is free and a Linux implementation is available.. It's called Avahi.. This vdr addon now implements support for avahi for vdr.. The following howto should provide information how to use it with vdr, install it and make local adaptations.. The implementation was done on yaVDR.. But it is usable on any debian-based vdr installation.. How it works.. Each host holding some interesting data that could be shared has to broadcast its services.. This can simply be achieved by a text-based service definition and a daemon that performs the broadcasting.. Service-definition files are placed in /etc/avahi/service.. The format is explained later.. The broadcast is done from avahi-daemon  ...   not do any mounts the script has to be configured for that (see Configuration).. After a restart of the workstation the mounts should be there.. A good tool for analyzing is avahi-discover (part of avahi-tools, should already be installed).. It gives you a list of all exposed services on the network like this:.. Services.. Every path on your computer that should be shareable by others is called a service and is described in a distinct file.. The addon package already comes with a set of predefined services.. The description is done in a xml-based file like this:.. ?xml version= 1.. 0 standalone='no'?.. !DOCTYPE service-group SYSTEM avahi-service.. dtd.. service-group.. name replace-wildcards= yes Recordings on %h /name.. service.. type _nfs.. _tcp /type.. port 2049 /port.. txt-record path=/srv/vdr/video.. 00 /txt-record.. txt-record subtype=vdr /txt-record.. /service.. /service-group.. This is the service description of the standard (yaVDR-) video directory.. It is placed in /etc/avahi/services and the filename must end with.. service.. For one services adjust the parameter accordingly.. Parameter.. Description.. name.. Unique name for the service.. The name is not used from yaVDR, but usefull for problem detection, e.. g.. with avahi-discover.. The wildcard %h is replaced with the hostname.. type, port.. Standard type and port parameter.. Do not change.. path.. Path to the directory that should be exposed to the network.. subtype.. Subtype of the service.. Significant subtypes for yaVDR are:.. audio.. picture.. video.. vdr.. All mounts are established beneath /media.. Subtype vdr get also a link to /srv/vdr/video.. 00.. The are only a few configuration options supported at the moment.. The default configuration is placed in /etc/default/avahi-mounter.. Just copy the file to.. /var/lib/vdr/.. avahi-mounter.. an make your changes there.. Options are:.. enabled.. The script is started by upstart.. The daemon can be disabled here.. Usefull for pure server installations.. media.. Base path for the mounts.. Base path for links to mounts of subtype vdr.. This page was last updated on 2011-03-08..

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  • Title: yaVDR: Applying persistant changes to configuration files
    Descriptive info: Many configuration files are automatically overwritten by yaVDR regularly with new content.. If you're going to introduce persistant changes to configuration files manually, a decent understanding of the templating concept and the creation of custom templates will be mandatory.. This article covers both topics.. Standard templates and custom templates.. In yaVDR the main configuration files are compiled automatically from so called templates.. The default templates, provided by the yaVDR team, are called 'standard templates'.. We offer an.. overview page.. that lists all these standard templates.. As soon as you're introducing a change to the configuration files, you will be faced with a few hurdles:.. A direct change of a configuration file will be overwritten by the 'standard template' as soon as you update yaVDR system packages (e.. yavdr-utils, yavdr-startup,.. The installation/update of these packages trigger the regeneration of all configuration files.. Also, you're not supposed to change the 'standard templates' themselves, since these 'standard templates' will be reset during a package update.. Thus, there is the possibility to create custom templates that complement these 'standard templates' or over-rule parts of them.. Your custom templates have to be created manually in the directory.. /etc/yavdr/templates_custom/.. This directory (and its content) won't be changed, updated or deleted through package updates.. Note:.. To keep your frustration low, previous versions of the configuration files will be back-upped (to.. /var/cache/yavdr/process-template-backup.. ) before overwriting them.. Example #1: /etc/X11.. xorg.. conf.. As a practical example, let's have a look at the configuration file.. /etc/X11/xorg.. If there are no custom templates, the file xorg.. yavdr is entirely based on the default templates, which are maintained, delivered and updated by the yaVDR team.. Before we're gonna create custom  ...   yavdr is generated:.. 000header.. 001my_tempate.. 0100serverlayout-header.. Finally, you can initiate the generation of the configuration file manually:.. $ sudo process-template /etc/X11/xorg.. If you like to replace (instead of inserting) a part of our 'standard templates', your file name needs to be identical to file name of the standard template.. Of course, this works not only for the xorg.. yavdr, but for all configuration files!.. Example #2: /etc/vdr/vdr-nvram-wakeup.. For certain files, you might not like to have them updated (completely, or parts of it) at all.. Thus, we create a custom template to prevent future updates:.. We start again with the creation of the directory:.. $ mpdir -p /etc/yaVDR/templates_custom/etc/vdr/vdr-nvram-wakeup/.. We will now copy all original templates into this directory:.. $ cp /usr/share/yavdr/templates/etc/vdr/vdr-nvram-wakeup.. conf/10_enable-nvram /etc/yavdr/templates_custom/etc/vdr/vdr-nvram-wakeup.. conf/.. conf/20_commandline /etc/yavdr/templates_custom/etc/vdr/vdr-nvram-wakeup.. conf/30_specialshutdown /etc/yavdr/templates_custom/etc/vdr/vdr-nvram-wakeup.. conf/40_force-reboot /etc/yavdr/templates_custom/etc/vdr/vdr-nvram-wakeup.. In the next step, you can customize these files to your needs.. Use your editor of choice, e.. :.. $ nano /etc/yavdr/templates_custom/etc/vdr/vdr-nvram-wakeup.. conf/10_enable-nvram.. conf/20_commandline.. conf/30_specialshutdown.. conf/40_force-reboot.. Finally, generate the template via:.. $ sudo process-template /etc/vdr/vdr-nvram-wakeup.. You can check the final configuration file via:.. $ cat /etc/vdr/vdr-nvram-wakeup.. Summary.. The 'standard templates', provided with the distribution, are located in:.. /usr/share/yavdr/templates/.. Your own customized templates will go below the directory:.. The script.. process-template.. will generate the configuration file accordingly.. Before overwriting any configuration files with new versions, process-template will put a copy of old configuration files below:.. Some files need special rights or security settings.. These can be set by:.. $ sudo process-template -owner=vdr -group=vdr /var/lib/vdr/setup.. $ sudo process-template -mode 755 /usr/bin/start-xine.. Acknowledgements.. We would like to thank Marcus Zurhorst for translating this tutorial to English language and creating the nice diagram for the summary.. This page was last updated on 2011-04-15..

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  • Title: yaVDR: Download
    Descriptive info: Download yavdr64 0.. 0a.. hybrid.. Download yavdr64-0.. iso via HTTP.. |.. iso via FTP.. Filename: yavdr64-0.. iso.. What does hybrid mean?.. Please read the explanation.. MD5: c885f0644bcdd63a3cb4ef41c75c4206.. SHA1: 2d0617d6cf7e6a2793a56441e56a969eb737e581.. Released: 2013-07-15.. Please use the hash values to check if the ISO was downloaded correctly!.. iso.. (based on Ubuntu 12.. 2, fixes.. issues.. that occur with the previous yavdr64-0.. iso as of 2013-05-10).. MD5: ad96f82a810041e4798f7c04a89ebedd.. SHA1: 87429c83e96009d72999eed71cf92dcace62d271.. Released: 2013-05-10 (original release of yavdr64-0.. iso was on 2012-10-13).. Please use the MD5 value to check if the ISO was downloaded correctly to your PC.. Size: 579596288 Bytes.. MD5: 0eb7d2af87fd2f47213c1ac4f0700ae1.. SHA1: 08614b042ba393a700a6ceb69a4a4e90ad86b9c7.. Released: 2011-10-23.. Please use the MD5 value or the SHA1 value to check if the ISO was downloaded correctly to your PC.. Many thanks to gwdg.. de for hosting the yaVDR ISO images.. Download yaVDR32 0.. Download yaVDR 0.. 2 via HTTP.. 2 via FTP.. Filename: yavdr32-0.. Size: 527798272 Bytes.. MD5: b1d09c7573de15b4c9b7befbebbb8908.. SHA1: 06960043c36257d036c12901e8920563331c4f91.. Released: 2012-03-08.. Get our Ubuntu packages from Launchpad.. If you want to stick to your Ubuntu installation and just like to add our VDR packages to your  ...   only way to get the yaVDR web frontend is to install the complete yaVDR distribution from the ISO image.. For Ubuntu 9.. 10 (Karmic Koala):.. You can install packages of VDR 1.. x + VDR plugins + Nvidia driver + dvb-s2api-liplianin-dkms and many more.. from this PPA.. Packages of XBMC-PVR-Testing are available from two different PPAs:.. For the current XBMC-pvr-testing2 packages used in yaVDR, use.. this PPA.. For the latest experimental builds of XBMC-pvr-testing2, use.. For Ubuntu 10.. 04 (Lucid Lynx):.. Please use the PPAs marked as stable at.. net/~yavdr.. Get VDR packages for Debian.. yaVDR hughly builds upon the good work of.. Tobias Grimm.. Thomas Günther.. who work hard to offer the best possible Debian packages containing the latest VDR software components.. Both guys are not members of the yaVDR project, instead they are working on their own Debian-based VDR distribution called.. c't VDR.. that has been around for a couple of years.. If you want to use VDR on Debian, we recommend you to use c't VDR or their.. package repositories.. This page was last updated on 2013-07-15..

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