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  • Title: Yellow Brick House
    Descriptive info: .. Yellow Brick House.. Rebuilding Lives.. Empowering Abused Women Children.. Board Members.. |.. Contact.. Erase Your Tracks.. About YBH.. What is Abuse?.. Our History.. Our Leadership.. Message from the ED.. Our Supporters.. Planning Our Future.. Contact Us.. Newsletter Subscribe.. Newsletter Unsubscribe.. Get Help Now.. Are You Being Abused?.. Safety Plan.. Internet Safety.. Helping Someone You Know.. Sexual Abuse.. Community Resources.. FAQ.. Programs Services.. 24-hour Crisis Line.. Emergency Shelter.. Outreach Services.. Reta s Place.. Our Staff.. Public Education.. How You Can Help.. 2014 Holiday Campaign.. Donate.. Wish List.. Help us Fundraise.. Corporate Giving.. Volunteer.. Newsworthy.. 3rd Party Events.. Success Stories.. Community Calendar.. Newsletters.. Annual Reports.. Survivor Stories.. In the Media.. YBH Press Releases.. Special Events.. Become a Sponsor.. 2014 Restaurant Partners.. Mending Hearts…Creating Dreams 2013.. Mending Hearts Creating Dreams 2012.. Mending Hearts Creating Dreams 2011.. Mending Hearts Creating Dreams 2010.. Mending Hearts Creating Dreams 2009.. is committed to rebuilding the lives of abused women and children in York Region.. With our team of dedicated counsellors, educators, administration staff and volunteers we work hard to ensure women and children have a safe place to turn to if they become victims of domestic abuse.. provides four core services for all: emergency shelter, transitional housing, outreach services and public education.. The two emergency shelters offer safe places for women  ...   Yellow Brick House.. These messages will encompass items such as newsletters, e-blasts, event invitations and other messages that may be appropriate to my interests.. I am aware that I can opt-out at anytime.. URGENTLY NEEDED!!!.. Yellow Brick House is in urgent need of school supplies! We are hosting two Days of Giving for our clients on August 22 and 23 and we do not have enough supplies for the demand we anticipate.. Please HELP!!.. Golfing for Good!.. Thank you to the Richmond Hill Professional Fire Fighters Association for supporting Yellow Brick House through their annual golf tournament! It was a gorgeous day! Thank you to Beverly Musten and the wonderful ladies of the Thornhill Golf and Country Club for hosting an amazing golf tournament on behalf of Yellow Brick House.. Your support [ ].. Yellow Brick House Youth Action Committee.. Have you heard yet about the Yellow Brick House Youth Action Committee (YAC)? The YAC is a dedicated group of high school students committed to working with their peers to provide public awareness to end violence and abuse in their communities and schools.. The YAC has been working on a campaign to raise further awareness [ ].. More News and Events.. Copyright 2014 Yellow Brick House.. All Rights Reserved.. Charitable Registration Number: 11910 5187 RR0001..

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  • Title: Yellow Brick House Board Members
    Descriptive info: Username.. Password.. Lost your password?.. Home.. Board Meetings.. Board Professional Development Day.. Annual General Meetings.. AGM 2014.. AGM 2013.. Board Meetings 2014-15.. September 16, 2014 Special Meeting.. September 11, 2014.. June 12, 2014.. Board Meetings 2013-14.. May 8, 2014.. April 10, 2014.. March 19, 2014.. February 13, 2014.. January 16, 2014.. December 12, 2013.. November 26, 2013 Special  ...   2013.. June 13, 2013.. May 16, 2013.. April 11, 2013.. March 21, 2013.. February 13, 2013.. January 17, 2013.. Board Meetings 2012.. December 13, 2012.. Committees.. Performance Committee.. Governance Committee.. Community Engagement Committee.. Archive Committees.. Board Member Handbook.. Policy Manual.. Board Resources.. Calendar.. You must be logged in to access the content on this site.. Please log in above..

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  • Title: Contact Us « Yellow Brick House
    Descriptive info: Administration.. For donations, fundraising, resource development, public education, communications and general inquiries:.. 52 West Beaver Creek Rd.. , Unit 4.. Richmond Hill, ON L4B 1L9.. Tel: 905 709-0900.. Toll-free: 1-800-263-2231.. Fax: 905-709-1308.. Hours of Operation: Mondays 9:00 am to 7:30 pm and Tuesday to Friday 9:00 am to 4:30 pm.. info@yellowbrickhouse.. org.. 24 Hour Crisis Line.. Toll Free: 1-800-263-3247.. TTY: 905-751-1712..  ...   and services such as individual and group counseling, legal support services call our toll free number:.. 1-877-222-8438.. If you d like to send us any questions or comments, please fill out the form below:.. First Name.. (required).. Last Name.. Email.. (valid email required).. Phone Number.. I prefer to be contacted by.. Phone.. E-mail.. No preference.. Message.. cforms.. contact form by delicious:days..

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  • Title: Internet Safety « Yellow Brick House
    Descriptive info: Erasing Your Tracks.. To be safe, erase any record that you have visited the Yellow Brick House web site.. If anyone has access to your computer, they will be able to see which web sites you have visited unless you erase your tracks.. PC Windows Internet Explorer.. (Before closing the Browser).. Step 1.. :.. Select the Tools in the menu bar.. Open the Internet Options Dialog Box and select the General Tab.. Step 2.. In the Temporary Internet Files, click Delete Files.. Check the Delete all offline content and click OK.. Step 3.. In the History, click Clear History.. Step 4.. In Temporary Internet Files, click Delete Cookies and then OK.. Step 5.. Click OK to exit the Internet Options Dialog Box.. PC Windows Mozilla Firefox.. Select the Tools in the menu bar, then select the Options.. Click on the Privacy Option, with the picture of a padlock.. Select the History tab.. Click on Clear Browsing History Now.. Select the Cache tab.. Click on Clear Cache Now.. Click OK to exit the Options dialogue box.. PC Windows Netscape.. Select the Edit in the menu bar, then select the Preference.. Under the Category, select Navigator.. Then click Clear History as well as Clear Location Bar.. Under Privacy Security, select Cookies.. Then click View Stored Cookies.. Lastly, click Remove All Cookies.. Under the Category, select Cache under Advanced.. First click the Clear Memory Cache followed by the Clear Disk Cache.. PC Windows.. (right click the mouse on the Start at the bottom of the menu bar,.. select Explore).. Select Windows in the C drive.. Open the Temporary Internet Files Folders.. Select all the files inside this folder and delete.. Open the History folder (e.. g.. c:\windows\history\today in Win 98), select all the files inside this folder and delete.. Open the Cookies folder (e.. c:\windows\cookies in Win 98), select all the files inside this folder and delete.. Disable the AutoComplete in the windows and/or browser options..  ...   think your partner wouldn t object to.. This way, the cache and history list start to get filled up and your partner might be less likely to notice that old information is missing.. A spouse or partner can often tell when a woman makes up her mind to stop the abuse.. Do not underestimate your spouse.. Always erase your tracks.. TELEPHONE SAFETY:.. When you call Yellow Brick House, or any organization that assists women in danger, you must be careful to use a telephone that will not keep a record of the number you called.. If you call long distance, the phone number will appear on the bill.. Cell phones can also keep records of the numbers that have been called.. Internet-based telephones, which also go by names like VOIP , or Network Telephony , keep records of all calls.. Web-based telephone systems, such as Skype , also keep records.. You should not use these types of telephone systems to call for help if your partner has access as well.. A local call made on a regular telephone line will not produce a record of the call.. However, many telephones have a redial button, and you may want to call a friend or other safe number after you make any call you don t want your partner to know about they can check up on you just by pressing redial.. One way to be sure your home telephone uses a regular telephone line is to check your telephone bill.. It will come from a Telephone Company, such as Bell or Rogers.. It will not list any local numbers, only long distance.. If you still aren t sure, you should use extra caution.. The safest way to call or to receive calls from us is from a friend s phone, a public phone, a work phone, or any telephone that has nothing to do with your partner.. If you are in danger call 911..

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  • Title: About YBH « Yellow Brick House
    Descriptive info: Rebuilding Lives in York Region.. Mission Statement.. Yellow Brick House is mandated to provide services in York Region to women and children who have experienced violence and abuse.. Mandate.. Yellow Brick House will.. provide emergency, crisis and short term supportive counselling in individual and group format, information, referral services, advocacy, and practical assistance to women and children;.. provide secure emergency shelter and transitional housing to women and children;.. promote the establishment and maintenance of a respectful, welcoming, nonviolent environment at all its facilities it owns or leases;.. organize, participate in, and support community events and public education initiatives designed to increase individual and community awareness of issues relating to violence against women and children;.. promote and contribute to social change initiatives designed to achieve equality for all persons and contribute to the eradication of violence against women and children.. Philosophy.. For generations, women have experienced personal, social, and institutional abuse, discrimination, and oppression.. Women often receive less education, have less access to information, earn less money and have less input into government and governance structures.. Women are  ...   particular barriers and disadvantages she faces throughout her life.. Violence and abuse against women and children reflects and reinforces the power imbalance between men and women.. It is an expression of women s disadvantaged status, and a coercive tool used to maintain a circumstance of male dominance and control.. Violence and abuse serves to control women and protect male power, as evidenced by the fact that the overwhelming majority of victims are women while offenders and perpetrators are most often, though not exclusively, men.. Yellow Brick House is committed to challenging and eradicating the beliefs, values, systems and structures which support and perpetuate sexism and violence against women.. To this end, the organization, its Board of Directors, employees, and service volunteers shall:.. promote and respect diversity, equity, and inclusivity.. demonstrate respect for the abilities, opinions, and needs of women and children.. demonstrate an overarching commitment to confidentiality and safety in relation to the women and children we serve.. bring integrity and compassion to all that we do.. Please see our privacy policy here.. Page 1.. Page 2..

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  • Title: Our History « Yellow Brick House
    Descriptive info: History.. Yellow Brick House Historical Overview.. 1978.. Project Hostel o/a Yellow Brick House Incorporated began in 1978 with a $69,000 federal grant enabling the volunteer Board of Directors to hire staff and look for a shelter location in York Region.. Prior to this grant, an Emergency Housing Task Force had been operating a house registry whereby persons in crisis were accommodated in community homes.. Difficulties with this system arose and the search for a house began.. Also, during this time our target group was identified as women and their children in crisis situations such as physical and verbal/emotional abuse or a housing crisis.. 1979.. In January a local businessman purchased a house on Church Street in Newmarket to be leased to Project Hostel.. The doors were officially opened to the Yellow Brick House in May 1979, however, the Corporation had a difficult time ensuring that communications with the Town of Newmarket were adequately maintained.. A zoning conflict was resolved by the Corporation deciding to leave the property on Church Street, and with considerable assistance from the Town of Newmarket, a new site was secured at 487 Eagle Street, Newmarket.. 1980.. The United Way of York Region provided interim funding to Yellow Brick House.. The Region of York agreed to supplement the cost of stay for women who qualify for welfare assistance.. The Board of Directors began investigating the purchase of a larger house in York Region to accommodate the growing number of women and children seeking refuge.. 1981.. Yellow Brick House became a United Way member agency.. The Corporation engaged in a community residential agreement with the Ontario Ministry of Corrections, permitting us to house women on probation and parole from Vanier.. The Board of Directors struck a housing committee and by June 1981 a house had been located in Aurora and a conditional offer accepted.. 1982.. A major zoning change was required and as Aurora Town Council received written objection to this, an O.. M.. B.. hearing took place on January 26, 1982 regarding property in Aurora.. The hearing decision was favorable.. Purchase of the house took place July 16, 1982.. 1983.. In January, Yellow Brick House moved to its new location, increasing living capacity from 15 to 21 spaces.. Our former location Newmarket was retained as Phase II, a supportive housing residence for single women and mother-led families.. Our Follow-up Programs began.. 1984.. The Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services agreed to fund the following Enrichment programs at Yellow Brick House: Children s Program, Housing, Phase II, and Follow-up.. 1985.. The Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services provided funding for In-watts and Out-watts telephone lines and emergency transportation, making our service more accessible to women in crisis.. 1986.. Phase II, our second-stage residence, was moved from Newmarket to Aurora.. A three-year lease was signed and zoning variance was granted for the same period.. The Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services provided funds for another full-time children s worker at Yellow Brick House, bringing the complement to two full-time childcare workers.. 1987.. Development of training manual for police and agencies on the service of Yellow Brick House and the issue of wife assault began.. Development of a video for police training  ...   the shelter setting.. 1992.. In March of this year, the Outreach office opened under the name of Women s Counselling and Legal Support Services.. The program was offered in Italian, Dutch, and South-Asian dialects.. In December, the building for Phase II was no longer available for rent and was closed.. 1993.. An application was submitted to CMHC to construct or purchase another facility for Phase II.. Approval was received to purchase land and build an 8-unit apartment building.. Land was purchased in Aurora, and construction began in November.. This was to be the last Federal initiative grant for Second Stage Housing given in Ontario.. A Chinese speaking worker was hired to expand the multicultural component of the program.. 1994.. Yellow Brick House, proud of its grassroots beginnings as a crisis shelter in York Region, has now evolved into a multicultural organization offering strong proactive commitment and ongoing support to women and children in crisis.. 1995.. This year occupancy rate of Yellow Brick House reached 87% the highest in sixteen years of operation.. Women s Counseling and Legal Support Services continued to grow.. In addition to our Italian and English support groups, we started a group for Chinese speaking women, the first of its kind in York Region.. 1996.. Although faced with many challenges this fiscal year, Project Hostel has been successful in sustaining the programs that provide services to women and their children.. Once again, the shelter has maintained an 87% occupancy rate, reaffirming the need for services to women and their children escaping violence in their lives.. 1997.. Reta s Place opened its doors.. Reta s Place is an eight unit apartment building.. This program enables ex-residents of Yellow Brick House to achieve their goals in a supportive environment.. 1998.. A new security surveillance system was installed in the shelter and the administration area.. The system has three components: surveillance, security and door monitoring.. 1999.. Yellow Brick House celebrated its 20th Anniversary.. Funding is received from the Ontario Trillium Corporation to hire a Volunteer Co-coordinator for a three year period.. 2000.. The planning of Peace, a fundraising initiative for the shelter, was officially opened by the Honourable Hilary M Weston, the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario.. Yellow Brick House received funding for two and half transitional support program workers.. Together with current funding for the follow up worker we now have three transitional support workers.. Funding was also secured for the Let s Talk Child Witness Program.. Yellow Brick House is now able to offer more services to abused women and their children in the community and in many different languages.. 2001.. Yellow Brick House received funding to provide group programs to women in the community.. Two workers are hired and the When Love Hurts Support Group Program begins.. 2003.. The emergency shelter receives funding from the Ministry of Family and Children s Services to put bullet resistant film on all windows.. The planning of Peace becomes incorporated and is now its own entity.. Yellow Brick House received a grant from the Attorney General for the planning of peace.. This grant is to develop a pilot project to train partnering agency to develop their own planning of peace.. 2004.. Yellow Brick House celebrates its 25th Anniversary..

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  • Title: Our Leadership « Yellow Brick House
    Descriptive info: Lorris Herenda.. - Executive Director.. Lorris Herenda, M.. Sc.. is the Executive Director of Yellow Brick House.. She joined the organization in 2004 and has led the agency through an expansion of services almost doubling the number of women and children served on yearly basis.. She is responsible for overseeing forty plus employees, ensuring smooth operation of the two shelters, second stage housing project (Reta’s Place) and the community based counseling services, serving over 6300 women and children in 2013-2014.. In addition to the operational aspect, Lorris is the co-chair of the York Region Violence Against Women Coordinating Committee and is a tremendous advocate for the rights of women and children.. In 2012 and 2008, she won the Province of Ontario award “Leading Women, Building Communities” for her exceptional community leadership to improve the lives of women and girls in Ontario.. In 2009 she won the award from the Town of Aurora for her outstanding contribution as an individual in the community.. In 2011 Yellow Brick House won the Richmond Hill Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Achievement Award for non profit organization.. Board of Directors.. The Yellow Brick House Board of Directors significantly impacts the work of the organization.. The Board is deeply committed to the effectiveness of the organization and to making a contribution towards its goals.. Norine Graham-Robinson Chair.. Norine is a licensed pharmacist with over twenty year’s professional experience including community, residential and long term care pharmacy as well as corporate management.. Julie Cober Vice Chair.. Julie holds the CHRP designation and has 23 years of HR experience with broad expertise in both established businesses and start-up companies.. She has a proven ability to link organizational culture and employee engagement with the overall health of the business, and is viewed as a change agent by driving continuous improvement.. She has held the roles of Vice President, Human Resources for both DHL Express  ...   an active volunteer and serves on several other not-for-profit Boards in York Region.. Dylan Marando.. Dylan Marando is a public policy advisor.. He has worked in both the public and private sectors, most recently as a Senior Advisor to the Premier of Ontario.. Dylan has served on the Boards of Schools for the Children of the World and Yellow Brick House.. He has also been an active volunteer with the Mackenzie Health Foundation.. Amanda Lee.. Amanda is a corporate community investment professional.. As a Community Affairs Specialist at The Home Depot Canada, she supports the fundraising, grant making and charitable partnership activities of The Home Depot Canada Foundation, the charitable arm of The Home Depot Canada.. Dr.. Laurel Douglas-Shugarman.. Laurel has a background in both social work and medicine, and has worked for many years in both family practice and emergency medicine.. She was the Clinical Director of the Outpatient Substance Abuse Program at North York General Hospital and was Chief of Staff at St.. George’s Hospital in Alert Bay, B.. C.. She is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Family and Community Medicine at the University of Toronto and the University of British Columbia.. She has had a longstanding interest and involvement in women’s health issues.. Karl Koehn.. Karl is currently a Business Unit Executive at IBM Canada and has more than 30 years of management experience in marketing and sales leadership.. He has implemented new organizational capabilities for growth areas in the information technology industry.. In addition, he has participated on various school boards and volunteered as an Account Executive for the United Way.. Karl holds a Bachelor of Science degree with a minor in Business from the University of Toronto.. Become a Board Member.. For information on our Board of Directors or to inquire about how to be nominated as a member, call 905-709-0900 or 1-800-263-2231, ext.. 2233 or e-mail us at..

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  • Title: Message from the ED « Yellow Brick House
    Descriptive info: Message from the Executive Director.. 6,500 women and children received shelter, counselling and support through Yellow Brick House last year alone.. 36 years of work by Yellow Brick House has brought the issue of domestic violence to the forefront – responding, supporting, educating and preventing.. 10 years of my work has shown that our communities are dedicated to eliminating violence against women and  ...   courage and hope to the women and children who seek our help as they flee from their violent homes.. Together we have made tremendous strides.. Together, we have stood together to support those who need us most.. The issue of domestic violence isn’t about “them,” it is about “us.. ” Our work together is not over.. Please choose to support us again.. Lorris..

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  • Title: Our Supporters « Yellow Brick House
    Descriptive info: Thank you to our supporters!..

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  • Title: Planning Our Future « Yellow Brick House
    Descriptive info: Planning our Future.. Yellow Brick House has announced the implementation of a new five-year strategic plan, entitled Yellow Brick House A Community of Empowerment.. To read about the many successes of our last strategic plan and learn more about the strategic priorities we have adopted for the next five years, please download the 2013-2018 strategic plan by clicking the link below.. Yellow Brick House A Community of Empowerment..

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  • Title: Newsletter Subscribe « Yellow Brick House
    Descriptive info: Thank you for providing your express consent to Yellow Brick House.. We look forward to continuing our relationship and appreciate your commitment to our organization by agreeing to receive our electronic newsletters, e-blasts and event invitations..

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    Archived pages: 564