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    Archived pages: 47 . Archive date: 2014-03.

  • Title: Zthes - The Zthes specifications for thesaurus representation, access and navigation
    Descriptive info: .. Zthes.. Open Search Box.. Specifications.. Abstract model.. XML schema.. CQL context set.. SRU/SRW.. Z39.. 50.. Annexes.. Implementations.. Applications.. Thesauri.. Historical.. Old profile.. Old XML DTD.. Navigation.. What's new?.. Site map.. The Zthes specifications for thesaurus representation, access and navigation.. 17th February 2006.. What is Zthes?.. The Zthes family of specifications facilitate interoperability for applications that deal with thesauri - semantic hierarchies of terms as described in ISO 2788 and ANSI/NISO Z39.. 19.. The core specification in the Zthes suite is an.. abstract model.. for thesaurus terms.. This model is made concrete by an.. XML format.. for representing thesauri according to this model.. Additional specifications show how queries into Zthes-compliant thesauri  ...   work was done largely in the UK, ``Zthes'' is pronounced ``Zed-thezz''.. However, ``Zee-thezz'' is an acceptable variant.. What else is on this site?.. Apart from the core specifications, this site has:.. Information abour various.. implementations.. of the profile.. Information on the numerous and diverse.. applications.. in which people have deployed Zthes.. A register of.. thesauri on the Internet.. that are available via the Zthes profile.. The Zthes mailing list.. There is a low-volume Zthes mailing list, free to join, for discussion of these specifications and their applications.. The list is unmoderated, but only members may post to it.. You can join at.. www.. indexdata.. dk/mailman/listinfo/zthes.. Feedback to.. mike@zthes.. z3950.. org.. is welcome!..

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  • Title: Zthes - The Zthes abstract model for thesaurus representation
    Descriptive info: The Zthes abstract model for thesaurus representation.. 1st May 2006.. The current version of the Zthes abstract model is.. version 1.. 0.. There are some.. changes.. since.. version 0.. 5.. , but they are all backwards compatible.. Historical note.. In older version of the Zthes specifications, the description of the abstract model was part of the Z39.. 50 profile.. The older versions of the model may be found in.. the historical profile documents..

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  • Title: Zthes - XML schema
    Descriptive info: 25th February 2006.. The Zthes.. can be represented in XML: a single Zthes document consists of a.. Zthes.. element, wrapping a sequence of.. term.. elements, each of which represents a single thesaurus term composed of the elements described in the abstract model.. The Zthes XML format, version 1.. 0, is here described.. Despite.. some additions.. , it remains upwards compatible with the old.. Zthes XML DTD.. , of which the last released version was.. The format is described using four different constraint languages: these four schemas are entirely equivalent and may  ...   0 DTD.. 0 Relax NG (compact syntax).. 0 Relax NG (XML syntax).. These schemas all validate each of the following three sample Zthes-in-XML documents:.. The sample document.. that was provided along with version 0.. 5 This demonstrates the backwards compatibility of the new schema.. A document describing ``zoology''.. , provided by Synapse (now.. Factiva Taxonomy.. , which originally conformed to their in-house Zthes extensions, but is here modified to express the same semantics using the official Zthes 1.. 0 schema.. A small section of the.. classification of dinosaurs.. , illustrating inter-term relationships..

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  • Title: Zthes - The Zthes context-set for CQL
    Descriptive info: The Zthes context-set for CQL.. 9th March 2006.. CQL.. is the Contextual Query Language, a new (November 2002) query language intended to be both human-readable/writable and expressive.. It's the query language of.. the SRU protocol.. (Search-Retrieve by URL).. See.. the CQL tutorial.. for more information.. This page defines the Zthes context-set for CQL, containing.. indexes.. used to specify how to search in Zthes databases.. The Zthes context-set is broadly equivalent to.. the Zthes-1 attribute set.. The Zthes context-set's conventional prefix is ``.. zthes.. '', so that queries using this context-set can typically be expressed as.. index.. =.. term.. Its unique identifier (used in certain contexts to unambiguously refer  ...   set is.. Otherwise, in chronological order, we have:.. Version 1.. [changes].. (The numbering is idiosyncratic: for some reason, when the Zthes context set was first introduced for use in the Zthes SRU profile, it was given version number 1.. 0 rather than the 0.. 5 that it should have been allocated, to match the profile.. As a result, the new version of the context set, which goes with the new version 1.. 0 of the profile, cannot be version 1.. 0; therefore a third facet is used to keep the context set's version number as close as possible to that of the SRU profile that uses it.. )..

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  • Title: Zthes - SRU/SRW profile
    Descriptive info: SRU/SRW profile.. SRU.. (Search-Retrieve by URL) is a web-based information retrieval protocol designed by a loose consortium under the auspices of the Library of Congress as a successor to the older and more pedestrian protocol,.. It provides a means for expressing search requests, encoding them in URLs, sending them to servers and getting back results in a well-defined XML format.. SRU is simple.. There is also a binding of the same protocol semantics over SOAP.. This binding was previously known as SRW (Search-Retrieve Webservice),  ...   The Zthes Profile for SRU provides a set of specifications prescribing the use of SRU to navigate remote thesauri.. An SRU server conforming to this profile can expose its thesaurus to any conforming client, enabling its use in many applications.. The Zthes SRU Profile depends on.. the Zthes Context Set.. The current version of the the Zthes SRU profile is.. Version 0.. (This was the first released version of the SRW profile, and is numbered 0.. 5 because it corresponded semantically to.. of.. the Z39..

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  • Title: Zthes - Z39.50 profile
    Descriptive info: is an ANSI/NISO standard protocol for information retrieval.. It has been widely deployed in libraries, and has also found applications in areas as diverse as geospatial searching, cultural heritage, and searching databases of complex chemical compounds.. The Zthes Profile for Z39.. 50 provides a set of specifications prescribing the use of Z39.. 50 to navigate remote thesauri.. A Z39.. 50 server conforming to this profile can expose its thesaurus to  ...   the Zthes Z39.. 50 profile is.. Prior to version 1.. 0, the Zthes Z39.. 50 profile was the core specification on this site, and included the.. as its Section 2.. Versions prior to 0.. 5 also included the XML specifications as Appendix B.. Because the older versions of the profile with much broader in scope, and consequently much longer and differently structured, they are maintained separately in the.. Historical Profile.. section..

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  • Title: Zthes - Profile implementations
    Descriptive info: Profile implementations.. 11th March 2006.. The following information is very out of date: it is taken more or less verbatim from.. Appendix C of version 0.. 3b.. of the profile, which dates back to July 1999.. At the time of writing, only one complete impletation each of Zthes Z39.. 50 client and server are known to exist (but please inform the author of any others!):.. The server is built on Index Data's free database management system.. Zebra.. , which in turn is built on..  ...   client is built on Index Data's free web-to-Z39.. 50 gateway,.. Zap.. , what also relies on the YAZ toolkit.. There is also an incomplete implementation of a server built on System Simulation's Index+ database management system and the YAZ toolkit, capable of serving terms from the AAT, TGN and MeSH, subject to licensing conditions.. There are undoubtedly many other implementations of both Z39.. 50 server and client, and of the SRU profile.. Please email.. with details if you would like to be listed here..

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  • Title: Zthes - Applications
    Descriptive info: 23rd October 2001.. The following information is very out of date.. A new register should be built.. At the time of writing, the Zthes profile is known to be in use in the following projects:.. ELVIL - the European Legislative Virtual Library.. UNIverse.. Decomate II.. Elise II.. (The ELVIL, UNIverse, Decomate II and  ...   perhaps reflecting a European interest in the multilingual applications of thesauri.. DEF - Danmarks elektroniske Forskningsbibliotek.. (Electronic Research Library of Denmark).. The Natural History Museum.. Tilburg University.. We welcome information on further applications of the Zthes profile: a short summary, preferably with a URL to a more detailed description, should be emailed to..

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  • Title: Zthes - Thesauri on the Internet
    Descriptive info: Thesauri on the Internet.. 25th July 2002.. The following information is out of date, as well as being restricted to Z39.. 50-profile thesauri to the exclusion of SRU-profile thesauri.. A new dynamic register should be built.. The following thesauri are generally available on the Internet by means of a Zthes-compliant Z39.. 50 server:.. z3950s://dbiref.. kub.. nl:1800/thatt.. Attent thesaurus (ISO-8859-1).. nl:1800/jel.. Journal of Economic Literature classification (ISO-8859-1).. z3950s://muffin..  ...   LBC (cp866).. ru:210/msc2k.. Mathematics Subject Classification 2000 (ISO-8859-1).. ru:210/grefth.. GeoRef thesaurus (ISO-8859-1).. ru:210/inisth.. INIS thesaurus (ISO-8859-1).. ru:210/owatth.. OWAT thesaurus (ISO-8859-1).. ru:210/agrvc.. AGROVOC thesaurus (ISO-8859-1).. ru:210/unescoth.. UNESCO thesaurus (ISO-8859-1).. ru:210/gemet.. General Multilingual Environmental Thesaurus (cp866).. The initial version of list was provided by Rustam T.. Usmanov.. rustam@unilib.. neva.. ru.. We welcome information on additional publicly available Zthes thesauri, which may be added to this list.. Please e-mail details to..

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  • Title: Zthes - Historical Z39.50 profile documents
    Descriptive info: Historical Z39.. 50 profile documents.. The material on this page is of historical interest only.. New Zthes applications should not use these specifications, but those on the.. and.. pages.. In versions of the Zthes specifications prior to v1.. 0, the Abstract Model specifications were included as one section in the Z39.. 50 Profile.. In each of the following historical versions, the model  ...   was the first public version of the profile, released on 28th February 1999.. No known copy survives.. 3b was the only member of the 0.. 3.. x.. series to be publicly released.. 4.. 4a.. 4a1.. 4a1 is essentially identical to 0.. 4a - it's merely been changed to use an automatic table-of-contents generator instead of the laborious by-hand section numbering and indexing..

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  • Title: Zthes - Historical XML DTDs and examples
    Descriptive info: Historical XML DTDs and examples.. 24th February 2006.. New Zthes XML applications should not use these specifications, but those on the.. page.. The Zthes DTD for XML.. 0, the XML format was described by DTDs (Document Type Definitions) rather than XML Schemas.. The following versions were published:.. Zthes DTD, version 0.. 3a.. This DTD was supplied by Thomas Place, and was lifted from.. Appendex B.. 1 of version 0.. 3b of the profile.. It was put forward not as a ``good'' XML representation of thesaurus information (whatever that might be construed to mean) but as a pragmatically valuable alternative encoding of the Zthes abstract record.. This version incorporated modifications by the National Library of Australia (26th July 2000): the new.. element allowed multiple thesaurus terms per XML document.. The URLs of these DTDs can be considered  ...   This document was originally supplied by Thomas Place, and consided of a sequence of Zthes version 0.. 3a records.. I've made the trivial changes to bring it up to version 0.. 5 of the DTD, in which it is a single document.. the changes file for v0.. 5 of the DTD.. for details.. The small sample document from v0.. 3b of the profile, but.. reworked for v0.. of the DTD.. (This was a totally trivial thing to do, and only involved wrapping the single record in a.. /term.. pair.. The same small sample document, but.. using a.. PUBLIC.. name string.. for the DTD rather than a simple.. SYSTEM.. location.. We use the name string:.. -//z3950.. org//DTD Zthes 0.. 5//EN.. (obviously with the appropriate version number in place of the.. 0.. part when using a different version..

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  • Archived pages: 47