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    Archived pages: 813 . Archive date: 2014-06.

  • Title: Latest ZDoom News
    Descriptive info: .. Navigation.. About.. News.. Downloads.. Forum.. Tutorials.. Documentation (aka The Wiki).. Changelog.. Links.. |.. ZDoom 2.. 7.. 1.. Posted by randi on 2 July 2013 at 20:52.. (5).. Comments.. 1 is now available from the.. download page.. This version includes the following changes from 2.. 0:.. Added new additive.. GameInfo.. keywords: AddCreditPage, AddPlayerClasses, and AddInfoPage.. Added a new DONTDRAIN flag to mark actors as ineligible for vampirism attacks.. Compatibility fixes for Ultimate Simplicity map07, Cheogsh map01, Super Sonic Doom map31.. Polyobject mirror numbers can no longer be changed with.. SetLineSpecial.. This was never a supported feature and caused problems for legitimate uses of SetLineSpecial on polyobject lines.. The powered-up Gold Wand was not puffing on actors.. Disabled Heretic's punishment cheats when in allcheats mode.. Objects that explode on death no longer deal the damage they were dealt instead of their own.. Vampirism attacks now respect damage reduction.. Demo recording now writes correct user info to demos.. ACS's PlaySound for looping sounds now works properly when using channel flags.. ZDoom on GitHub.. Posted by randi on 24 June 2013 at 19:13.. (34).. For those interested in ZDoom's development, the source code repository has migrated to GitHub:.. http://github.. com/rheit/zdoom.. ACC 1.. 54.. Posted by randi on 8 June 2013 at 21:11.. (0).. To use the new ACS features of ZDoom 2.. 7,.. is also available now.. 0.. Posted by randi on 8 June 2013 at 12:19.. (29).. It's been almost a year since the last release, so.. here's ZDoom 2.. In addition to various bug fixes, here are some highlights of the new features:.. Added support for Doom 3: BFG Edition's modified IWADs, including No Rest for the Living.. ACS.. :.. Made dynamic strings persistent.. ACS can now safely generate up to one million new strings.. Added new functions:.. Sqrt.. ,.. FixedSqrt.. VectorLength.. CheckFont.. GetCVarString.. GetUserCVar.. GetUserCVarString.. IsTIDUsed.. LineAttack.. SetCVar.. SetCVarString.. SetUserCVar.. SetUserCVarString.. SpawnDecal.. , and.. UniqueTID.. Added HUD layers, visibility flags, additive blending, and alpha parameter to.. HudMessage.. and.. HudMessageBold.. Also added HUD message wrapping and clipping with.. SetHudClipRect.. SetHudWrapWidth.. Added.. acsprofile.. console command.. Added PLAYERINFO_FOV and _DESIREDFOV to.. GetPlayerInfo.. Added support for desaturated.. translations.. Added the ability to retrieve the.. ReactionTime.. Height.. Radius.. properties through.. GetActorProperty.. Added CHANGELEVEL_PRERAISEWEAPON to.. ChangeLevel.. DECORATE.. FLOATBOB.. things are no longer moved physically when bobbing.. Player.. FallingScreemSpeed.. GruntSpeed.. MinSelectionAmmo1.. Weapon.. MinSelectionAmmo2.. Added random state duration and.. A_SetTics.. A_Explode.. 's ''affectsource'' parameter has been turned into a flag.. Plus, added NOTMISSILE flag to A_Explode as well as to.. A_RadiusThrust.. can use negative ''force'' values.. A_JumpIfTargetInsideMeleeRange.. A_JumpIfTargetOutsideMeleeRange.. A_SetDamageType.. A_CheckLOF.. INVENTORY.. NEVERRESPAWN.. NOSCREENFLASH.. POWERSPEED.. NOTRAIL.. PLAYERPAWN.. CROUCHABLEMORPH.. Added JLOSF_NOAUTOAIM flag to.. A_JumpIfTargetInLOS.. Added WRF_DISABLESWITCH to.. A_WeaponReady.. A_Light.. can use negative values to darken the scene.. Added NORANDOMPUFFZ flag to.. A_CustomPunch.. A_FireBullets.. A_CustomBulletAttack.. Added SXF_USEBLOODCOLOR, SXF_CLEARCALLERTID, SXF_MULTIPLYSPEED, SXF_TRANSFERSCALE, SXF_TRANSFERSPECIAL, and SXF_CLEARCALLERSPECIAL flags to.. A_SpawnItemEx.. Added the ability to adjust the vertical offset of a rail attack to.. A_RailAttack.. A_CustomRailgun.. Player-fired seeker missiles' range at which the missiles initially lock-on a tracer can be set via.. MaxTargetRange.. actor property.. added to.. DECORATE expressions.. NoDelay.. state flag.. Bounce.. actor states.. Fixed few cases of DECORATE definitions inaccuracies for.. Doom.. Heretic.. Hexen.. Strife.. actors.. Added the ability to define mod-specific console variables through the addition of the.. CVARINFO.. lump.. Floor_RaiseAndCrushDoom.. FONTDEFS.. : Backported SPACEWIDTH from.. ECWolf.. LANGUAGE.. : Brazilian Portuguese support.. MAPINFO.. : Added ForgetState, RememberState, and SpawnWithWeaponRaised flags for.. map definitions.. and NoRandomPlayerclass for.. GameInfo definitions.. FluidSynth.. now recognize libfluidsynth.. dll as a valid alias for fluidsynth.. dll.. Some FluidSynth defaults have also been tweaked.. OPL emulation now includes two new OPL3 emulators, and you can have the equivalent of up to eight  ...   option no longer silently promotes non-Hexen features to the ZDoom script format.. You now get an error when you try to use ZDoom-features in Hexen-compatible mode.. I would have put this up with ZDoom 2.. 6.. 0, but it slipped my mind.. Sorry about that.. Posted by randi on 27 July 2012 at 20:03.. (9).. 1 is.. This is primarily a bugfix release for 2.. 0, however it contains.. one breaking change.. : Voxels are now rotated 90 degrees to match their orientation in Slab6.. There are also a few minor new features:.. RESTRICTABSOLUTELY.. flag for being extremely restrictive of cross-class item pickup.. CANSUPERMORPH.. flag for morphed player classes that give you a Tome of Power powerup if you an attempt is made to morph you into the same class while you are already morphed into it.. (Used by Heretic's chicken).. RandomPlayerStarts.. will disable voodoo dolls and instead spawn players at random start spots.. UsePlayerStartZ.. will respect the start spots' Z coordinates and let you spawn players off the floor.. Hacx 2.. 0 is now a detectable IWAD.. 0, after much anticipation, is released.. Posted by randi on 1 July 2012 at 19:20.. (46).. 0 is now.. available.. , almost two years after version 2.. 5.. 0 was released.. This release is available in the usual Windows version as well as in a Mac OS X version.. There have been hundreds of bugs fixed since then as well as numerous enhancements:.. Hacx.. IWAD support.. Added text-format Strife conversation system with.. USDF.. ZSDF.. A textured.. automap.. is now available; automap graphics are now.. externalized.. Rewritten.. menu.. system, which can now be defined with the.. MENUDEF.. Externalized intermissions to.. Externalized.. IWAD.. detection and gave each IWAD its own independent config section.. GUS emulator.. softsynths; fixed issues with.. TiMidity++.. VOC.. support and enhanced.. MIDI.. playback with support for alternative formats such as.. XMI.. HMI.. Action specials.. : Added.. Ceiling_LowerAndCrushDist.. Thing_SetConversation.. to execute specials.. Increased maximum script number from 999 to 32767.. Named scripts.. allow to avoid script number conflicts altogether.. StrCopy.. CheckSight.. SetActivator.. SetPointer.. functions.. APROP_ScaleX/Y.. and APROP_Mass actor properties.. Added temporary dynamic strings variables with.. StrParam.. Scripts can now have up to four parameters.. A_CheckFlag.. A_FaceMaster.. A_FaceTracer.. A_RadiusGive.. A_SetMass.. A_SetScale.. A_Warp.. A_WolfAttack.. Enhanced.. A_AlertMonsters.. A_BFGSpray.. A_Blast.. A_GunFlash.. A_PainAttack.. Added an.. actor pointer.. manipulation system with several new codepointers.. DOHARMSPECIES.. DONTCORPSE.. SEEINVISIBLE.. UNTOSSABLE.. Increased.. damage type.. flexibility in several ways with.. DeathType.. PainType.. Added customizable.. fléchettes.. Made.. accuracy.. stamina.. accessible through.. ProjectileKickback.. Inventory.. RestrictedTo.. ForbiddenTo.. class-based properties.. Backported.. VisibleToTeam.. VisibleToPlayerClass.. and weapon.. DropItem.. feature from.. Skulltag.. , and enhanced them.. Added Fast keyword for states and deprecated the unreliable.. FASTER.. FASTMELEE.. flags.. Added a.. secret hint system.. support.. FraggleScript.. Voxel.. SBARINFO.. : Ammo 1/2 capacities added to DrawNumber, support for color names in colored text.. SNDINFO.. musicalias.. attenuation.. Compatibility: fixed issues with.. Eternal Doom.. Happy Time Circus.. Phobos.. , vanilla compat,.. Boom.. compat, light levels higher than 255,.. MUSINFO.. , misnamed UDMF field.. Fixed loading of.. BMF.. palettes.. restart.. PALVERS.. lump for specifying alternate graphics to use with a paletted render, in case the graphics you really want to use look bad without true color.. Custom.. IWADs.. no longer need to include a.. COLORMAP.. , as ZDoom will generate one automatically if it is missing.. Fixed vertical tiling of non-power-of-two textures.. (Big thanks to Gez for compiling this list of changes.. ).. 17.. Posted by randi on 28 August 2010 at 23:55.. (26).. has been released.. This version fixes a.. critical bug.. introduced in 1.. 16 that caused it to write garbage for normal nodes.. Upgrading is strongly recommended.. It also has some minor performance improvements..

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  • Title: About ZDoom
    Descriptive info: About ZDoom.. ZDoom is an enhanced port of the official DOOM source code to Win32.. As such, it not only works with (and requires) Windows 95/NT 4.. 0, but it also adds new features not found in the version published by id Software.. ZDoom may be used and distributed free of charge.. No profit may be made from the sale of it.. ZDoom was created by.. Randy Heit.. using.. id Software's.. and various others' sources.. Why would I want to use ZDoom instead of regular Doom?.. Consider all these features that ZDoom has that are not found in the standard Doom originally released by id:.. It runs well under all modern versions of Windows, from Windows 95 to the new Windows Vista.. If you have Linux, it works with that too.. Can play all Doom engine games, including Ultimate Doom, Doom 2, Heretic, Hexen, and Strife.. Supports all the editing features of Hexen.. (ACS, hubs, new map format, etc.. Supports most of the.. BOOM.. editing features.. Many more all-new editing features such as:.. Colored sector lighting.. Custom monsters, weapons, and items.. High resolution textures.. Many, many extensions to ACS that were not present in Hexen.. More music formats: Ogg Vorbis, MOD, XM, IT, S3M, MIDI, and MP3 as well as old-fashioned MUS all  ...   UDP/IP, including team-based gameplay.. Support for the Bloodbath announcer from the classic Monolith game Blood.. Quake-style key bindings.. Jumping.. Crosshairs.. Walk over/under monsters and other things.. With thanks to.. id Software / John Carmack.. These are the people who developed Doom and later released the source code for the Linux port.. Without them, there would be no ZDoom.. I have also used some of the functions from their Quake2 game DLL source.. Bernd Kreimeier.. Packaged up id's Linux code for the initial source release.. Raven Software.. Portions of Heretic and Hexen were used in ZDoom.. Christoph Oelckers.. Most of the DECORATE support as well as numerous bug fixes.. Chi Hoang / Team TNT.. Responsible in one way or another for BOOM, which provided a significant codebase for ZDoom.. Information about BOOM can be found at the Team TNT website:.. http://www.. teamtnt.. com/boompubl/ixboom.. htm.. Lee Killough.. For all his brilliant work on both BOOM and later MBF.. Portions of MBF were used in ZDoom, primarily to fix BOOM bugs.. Martin Collberg.. Creator of the Cajun Bot.. Sebastien Bacquet.. Created qmus2mid which I used to determine the structure of DOOM's MUS lumps so that the game would have music.. Greg Lewis.. Released his DeHackEd source, without which adding DeHackEd support would have been much harder..

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  • Title: Downloads for ZDoom
    Descriptive info: 1 (Requires a DOOM, DOOM 2, HERETIC, HEXEN, or STRIFE IWAD).. 1 (for Windows).. -.. 2.. 33 MB.. Contains the executable for Windows platforms and data files.. If you need help getting started with it, see.. the online documentation in the wiki.. You need to provide your own game IWAD.. If you do not have a copy of Doom, Heretic, or Hexen, the easiest way to obtain them is to purchase them.. from.. Steam.. When you download them from Steam, ZDoom will automatically find them.. 1 (for Macintosh).. (6.. 20 MB).. This is a version of ZDoom for Macintosh systems, both PowerPC and Intel-based.. 1 Source Code.. 75 MB.. This is the source code for ZDoom 2.. It has been compressed with.. 7-Zip.. You can build it with.. Visual C++ 2005.. or.. GCC.. ZDL.. Want a simple launcher to make using ZDoom easier? Try this.. FluidSynth DLL.. ZDoom supports using.. for MIDI playback.. To use it, extract fluidsynth.. dll to the same directory as zdoom.. exe and then.. configure it.. from within ZDoom.. Editing.. 54 Windows Version.. This version of ACC runs under Windows and is only one third the size of the DOS version.. You can use it from the command line directly or with any Windows editor.. except WadAuthor.. If you are using WadAuthor or a DOS editor like ZETH, you need the DOS version of ACC below.. 54 WadAuthor/DOS Version.. ACS script compiler for use with ZDoom and/or Hexen.. This is not the version  ...   system uses CMake, so you can generate project files for any version of Visual C++ from 6 up or several other IDEs, or you can create Makefiles as well.. MAPINFO Converter.. This is a command-line utility written by Graf Zahl to convert.. old-format MAPINFO.. lumps to.. new-format ones.. See the.. original forum thread.. for more information.. This package contains both a Windows binary and source code.. WadAuthor Configuration Files.. Contains a wcf file for use with.. WadAuthor.. ZETH 4.. 17 Level Editor.. A DETH-based editor for ZDoom that runs in a DOS box.. Comes with minimal documentation.. If you don't already know how to use DETH, you should go find a good.. tutorial.. that explains it.. If you plan on doing any ACS scripting, you should be sure to also download ACC below.. 17 Source Code.. This is the source code for ZETH.. Hopefully somebody will find it useful.. Demonstration WAD.. Shows off some of the features that were new as of ZDoom 1.. 22.. Editing Utilities.. Includes the programs zwadconv, swantbls, and listacs.. Zwadconv converts old maps to the Hexen format used by ZDoom natively.. Swantbl creates SWITCHES and ANIMATED lumps used by BOOM.. Listacs is an ACS script disassembler (not decompiler).. Utility Source Code.. Contains the source code for the editing utilities.. Old (1999) Editing Reference.. Downloadable copy of the Editing Reference for offline viewing.. This has only been updated for ZDoom 1.. For ZDoom features added since then, you should consult the.. wiki documentation.. instead..

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  • Title: ZDoom Knowledge Base - Table of Contents
    Descriptive info: Editing Tutorials.. On this page you will find various tutorials on editing the ZDoom engine.. ZDoom is arguably the most advanced Doom source port to date.. It incorporates.. TeamTNT.. 's Boom extensions with Hexen's expanded sector, linedef and thing specifications.. The biggest advance, in my opinion, is the addition Hexen's ACS scripting language.. ACS has opened a whole new editing experience to the Doom level designer allowing unprecedented control of the Doom world.. These tutorials are targeted at the Doom level designer that has never edited Hexen.. This section is a work in progress and expect the tutorial list to grow as I gain more insight into the workings of the ZDoom engine.. Be sure to read the ZDoom Reference file that comes with the ZDoom package as well as the Hexen specs available with the WadAuthor package.. My thanks to.. for his support and help in  ...   Textures.. Flat Warping.. Making an Elevator.. Building Pillars.. Creating Donuts.. Building a Staircase.. Thing Specials.. Setting up Monster Patrol Routes.. Using the Monster Special.. Using the ThingCount Function.. Using the Particle System.. Using the Bridge Thing.. ActorMover.. Skybox.. Sector Action Things.. Poly Objects.. Sliding Doors Using Poly Objects.. Rotating Doors Using Poly Objects.. Recessed Switch.. Fixing Polyobject Texture Bleeding.. Script Library.. A Scripting Primer.. Michael NiggelMisc Scripts.. Dec0n's ZDooM Example Wad #1.. Constructs.. K -Bridge.. Spiral Stairs.. Two Story Building.. A Filling Basin.. Portal Door.. Combo Lock.. Force Field.. Sky Window.. A Split Door.. Cameras.. Security Camera.. Aiming Camera.. Moving Camera.. PathFollower.. Miscellanous.. Color Chart.. Sound.. Music Specials.. Message Specials.. Tools.. ZDoom WadAuthor.. WadAuthor Basics.. Making Multi_Map Wads for WadAuthor.. The WadAuthor WCF File.. Quickly Adjusting Sector Heights in WadAuthor.. Setting Up DMapEdit for ZDoom Editing.. Using WinTex To Insert a Lump.. DeepSea Graphic Import and Texture Creation..

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  • Title: ZDoom Wiki
    Descriptive info: Main Page.. From ZDoom Wiki.. Jump to:.. navigation.. search.. Current.. release version.. of.. ZDoom.. :.. Article Index.. Git Changelog.. Git builds from.. DRD Team.. Using ZDoom.. Installation and execution of ZDoom.. List of supported games.. The console.. menus.. Command line parameters.. Compatibility options.. Frontends and launchers.. How to autoload files.. Multiplayer.. demos.. ZDoom-based source ports.. Room 101.. Helping the wiki.. Downloading / Viewing the wiki off-line.. Frequently Asked Questions.. Recommended software.. ORG Forum Survival Guide.. ZDoom documentation project.. ZDoom IRC channel.. ZDoom For Dummies.. Modding for ZDoom.. ACS reference.. DECORATE reference.. Editing tools.. Level editing.. Special lumps.. Using ZIPs as WAD replacement.. Supported data formats.. ZDoom Mods.. WADs created for ZDoom.. ZDoom WADs In Progress.. Screenshots.. Programmer's Corner.. Compiling ZDoom.. on Linux.. Mac OS X.. Solaris.. Windows.. Git repository.. - latest version of source code.. Note:  ...   time perfecting ZDoom.. This.. wiki.. is for our benefit and it is our responsibility to prevent people from defacing it.. We have been given this responsibility, we should respect this, and help complete and protect this wiki.. Happy ZDooming.. Retrieved from ".. http://zdoom.. org/w/index.. php?title=Main_Page oldid=37749.. ".. Category.. Community.. Navigation menu.. Personal tools.. Create account.. Log in.. Namespaces.. Page.. Discussion.. Variants.. Views.. Read.. View source.. View history.. Actions.. Search.. Recent changes.. Random page.. Help.. ACS functions.. Action functions.. Actor classes.. Actor flags.. Actor properties.. Actor states.. ZDoom mods.. Finished mods.. Mods in progress.. What links here.. Related changes.. Special pages.. Printable version.. Permanent link.. Page information.. This page was last modified on 28 March 2014, at 17:52.. Content is available under.. GNU Free Documentation License 1.. 2.. unless otherwise noted.. Privacy policy.. About ZDoom Wiki.. Disclaimers..

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  • Title: ZDL - ZDoom Wiki
    Descriptive info: ZDL is a simple but user friendy and feature rich.. launcher.. originally written by.. BioHazard.. It has had several modifications and updates since its first launch.. Several versions of ZDL exist (from newest to oldest):.. Q's new version.. ZDL 3.. WildGoose's update.. 1a.. Bio's original.. 0d.. Contents.. 1.. Launching features.. Multiplayer Features.. 3.. Other Features.. 4.. Versions.. 5.. External Link.. Source port:.. If you need to run a WAD in an older version of.. or you want to use another.. source port.. such as GZDoom, no need to switch around all your config files, just select a port from the list you create and play.. Game IWAD:.. You can define and select up to 32 separate.. to run.. PWADs and Patches:.. You can load up to 64 external files such as WADs, DEH/BEX patches, and ZIP files.. Any file can be added to the list by clicking "add" or by dragging the files onto the PWAD list.. Warp and Skill:.. ZDL will scan the currently selected IWAD for maps or you can type in your own map name.. ZDL can start and join multiplayer ZDoom games by using the multiplayer drop-down panel.. It includes these options:.. Game type:.. Select either single-player, deathmatch or cooperative.. Hosting options:.. Choose to host a game for  ...   authors, you may want to package a.. ZDL file with your ZDoom mods to help the end user play your mod with the optimum settings automatically!.. Shell integration:.. You can associate.. ZDL,.. WAD,.. DEH and.. BEX files with ZDL to load configurations and insert wads and patches into the PWAD list easily, you may also drop several wads onto the ZDL executable.. Use this with.. Doom Builder.. to add extra customizing capabilities to your test sessions.. ZDL has had many versions and upgrades throughout the years.. A brief version history:.. ZDL 1.. 5 (first known release date), March 12th, 2005 (Biohazard).. ZDL 2.. 0, July 15th 2005 (Biohazard).. 0, Dec 2nd 2005 (Biohazard).. 0d, Dec 10th 2005 (Biohazard).. ZDLSharp 3.. 4.. 0, July 15th, 2007 (QBasicer, from scratch).. 1, Nov 20th 2007 (Risen, from Biohazards).. 3, January 20th, 2008 (QBasicer, last version).. 1a, March 16th, 2009 (Wildgoose, from Risen's).. qZDL 3.. 12, July 6th, 2012 (QBasicer, from scratch).. Official ZDL Website.. ZDL 3 source code repository.. on GitHub.. WildGoose's ZDL 3.. (archived, downloads unavailable).. Risen's ZDL 3.. 0d on Bio's Site Place (direct link).. Mediafire mirror of ZDL3.. IFOCServ.. net mirror of ZDL3.. mirror of Risen's ZDL3.. 1 source.. php?title=ZDL oldid=37867.. This page was last modified on 12 April 2014, at 02:54..

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  • Title: MAPINFO (old format) - ZDoom Wiki
    Descriptive info: MAPINFO (old format).. Warning:.. This page describes the older and outdated MAPINFO format.. This is documented for archival only and should not be used for new maps.. Please see the.. page for instructions on using the new format.. ZDoom supports a special MAPINFO lump that can be used to define special characteristics for the different maps in a wad.. This lump contains three types of entries: episode definitions, map definitions and cluster definitions, which are indicated by the keywords "episode", "map" and "clusterdef" respectively.. Everything following one of these keywords up until the next "episode", "map" or "clusterdef" is considered to be part of the definition for a specific episode, map or cluster.. Episode Definitions.. Map definitions.. Cluster definitions.. Skill Level Definitions.. Examples of MAPINFO Definitions.. An episode definition begins with the word "episode".. You can also clear previous episodes by using the "clearepisodes" word.. If there is only one episode, then the player will not be prompted.. episode maplump.. Substitute the map name of the map that you want the episode to start on for maplump.. maplump can be any lump in the WAD, as long as it is a valid map file.. name nice name.. This is the episode's name as text.. If you do not provide a.. picname.. , then ZDoom will convert this name to a graphic for you.. This value must be enclosed in quotation marks.. If the given name starts with $, ZDoom will first try to interpret it as a keyword for the.. lookup keyword.. Alternatively, instead of name, lookup can be used to go seek the name in a.. picname piclump.. Replace piclump with the graphic lump that you wish to use on episode selection menu screen.. If you specify an invalid lump, the invalid graphic image will be used.. If you specify "", no graphic will be used.. If you omit this word, then the name that you provided in.. name.. will be converted into a graphic and used instead.. key key.. This sets a shortcut key for the menu selection.. Any key on the keyboard is valid.. remove.. This removes the episode that has just been defined.. noskillmenu.. Disables the skill menu for this episode.. Instead it always starts on skill 2.. This is for WADs that implement skill selection by an introduction map.. clearepisodes.. This clears all previous episodes.. This could be used if you wish to have fewer episodes than are originally present in the IWAD that you are using.. optional.. Indicates that this episode should only appear in the list if the map lump specified after the episode keyword is present in the loaded IWAD/PWAD(s).. This is mainly used for Doom episode 4 and Heretic episodes 4 and 5.. A map definition begins with the word "map".. You can also specify standard characteristics for later map definitions by using the word "defaultmap" or "adddefaultmap" instead (and leaving maplump and nice name blank):.. map maplump nice name.. lookup.. defaultmap.. adddefaultmap.. gamedefaults.. Substitute the name of the map in the wad for maplump , and the map's nice name (shown in the automap) for nice name.. If nice name contains spaces, it must be enclosed in quotation marks (").. Maplump can be *any* lump in the wad, but since most editing utilities will only recognize maps of the form MAP?? or E?M?, you should probably stick to those if you want to be able to edit the levels easily.. Defaultmap sets the defaults that will be automatically used for all subsequent map definitions.. It resets the default information so anything specified in previous defaultmap sections is lost.. Adddefaultmap is similar but keeps the existing defaultmap information and just adds to it.. Gamedefaults is used to define default settings that apply to an entire game, even when PWADs are loaded for it.. This is mainly used by Hexen and Strife so that PWADs which define their own defaultmap don't override basic game settings.. It has limited use with PWADs.. After the map, [add]defaultmap or gamedefaults line, the following properties can be specified:.. levelnum levelnum.. This is the map's identification number that is used to identify it to the Teleport_NewMap special.. If the map's name is of the form MAPxx, then it will automatically have a levelnum of xx unless you specify differently.. (i.. e.. MAP23's levelnum will be 23 unless you set it to something else.. ).. next maplump.. maplump is the name of the map to move to when the normal exit (Exit_Normal special) is used.. This is also the map to travel to when the timelimit or fraglimit is hit in a deathmatch game.. This should be the name of the map in the wad and not the map's nice name.. Alternatively, you can also use one of the following directives in place of the lump name to indicate that ZDoom should end the game instead of continuing to another level.. Valid names are:.. EndPic lump = Displays the specified lump as an image.. This method should be used instead of the next four.. EndGame1 = Displays the credit picture used after Doom episode 1 and Heretic episodes 1 and 5.. EndGame2 = Displays the picture used after Doom episode 2, or the credits screen for Doom 2.. EndGameW = Displays the picture used after Heretic episode 2.. EndGame4 = Displays the picture used after Doom and Heretic episode 4.. EndGameC = Rolls the cast finale for Doom II.. EndGame3 = The horizontal scroller (right to left) after Doom episode 3.. EndDemon = The vertical scroller (bottom to top) after Heretic episode 3.. EndGameS = The conditional end game script for Strife.. A third option is to specify an endgame structure.. This will end the game using completely customized ending screens and music.. The format is as follows:.. [secret]next endgame { [pic lump ] // displays a single image.. [hscroll lump1 lump2 ] // scrolls horizontally from lump1 (left) to lump2 (right).. [vscroll lump1 lump2 ] // scrolls vertically from lump1 (bottom) to lump2 (top).. [cast] // Rolls the Doom 2 cast sequence (Same as EndGameC).. [music lump [loop]] // Music to play.. If none specified, the level's music continues to play.. // [loop] can be 0 or 1, and specifies whether the music should loop continuously.. It defaults to 1.. }.. Note exactly one of pic, hscroll, vscroll, or cast should be used.. Music may be used in addition to whichever option is selected.. Note also that using any of these options will not display any text.. To do that, use an "exittext" for this level's cluster.. (See clusterdef below.. secretnext maplump.. maplump is the name of the map to move to when the secret exit is used.. You can also specify one of the end game directives above in place of the lump name.. cluster number.. number is the cluster that this map belongs to.. See cluster definitions below for more details.. doublesky.. Specifies that both sky textures are drawn, with sky1 in front of sky2.. Sky2 will show through wherever sky1 is color 0 (*not* cyan).. sky1 texture scrollspeed.. texture is the name of the texture to use for the sky.. scrollspeed is the rate at which the sky moves left or right (useful for clouds on windy maps).. To keep the sky from moving, use a value of 0.. 0; to move it left, use a positive value; and to move it right, use a negative value.. This is the number of steps that the sky moves each tic.. sky2 texture scrollspeed.. Used the same as sky1, except it selects the properties for the background sky layer (if doublesky is used) or an alternate sky image that can be shown in selected sectors.. fade color.. color is the color that things fade to the further away or "darker" they are.. Normally, this is black, so that things seem darker as they get further away.. To simulate fog (ala Hexen), set this to a gray instead.. Other colors are also supported, but may not necessarily look very good.. color can be either the name of a color (such as red or cyan) or a color descriptor of the form "RR GG BB".. For example, to set the fade to red, both of the following will work:.. fade red fade "ff 00 00".. To find a good fade within the game, you can use the testfade console command.. outsidefog color.. This is like fade except that the color fade is only applied to sectors with a sky ceiling and not all sectors on the map.. titlepatch patch.. This is the name of a graphic to display on the intermission screen for this level (such as CWILV00).. It should contain the name of the level.. If this is omitted, the intermission screen will create a graphic for.. par partime.. Partime is the number of seconds shown as the level's par in the intermission screen.. music musiclump.. musiclump is the name of the song to play while the player is playing the level.. cdtrack track number.. If you want the level to play music off a CD, this is the track number to play.. cdid CD identification number.. If you know the ID for the CD you want to play, you can use this in conjunction with cdtrack to play the track only when a specific CD is in the drive.. However, there is no easy way to find a CD's ID unless you write a program to do it yourself, which makes this somewhat useless.. If you are planning on using a CD to provide  ...   by the host by changing the CVAR value after the map has started.. gravity amount.. Gravity is now accessible through the mapinfo lump.. Set this for the amount of gravity.. Standard gravity is 800, just like Quake.. aircontrol amount.. This specifies the amount of control the player has when airborne.. A value of 1 means the player can move as freely in the air as he can on land, and 0 means the player has no control at all and must wait until landing before he can control his movements again.. The standard aircontrol value is 0.. 00390625, which is just enough to allow you to easily jump up onto ledges.. airsupply amount.. Specifies the time in seconds the player can remain under water without taking damage.. Setting this to 0 allows the player to stay under water indefinitely.. The default is a ridiculously short 10 seconds so if you use extensive water areas you will most certainly need to change this.. filterstarts.. This filters out player starts based on skill and gametype settings.. allowrespawn.. If this flag is present, after the player dies in a single-player game, they may respawn without resetting the map or loading the most recent autosave, just as if they had respawned in a cooperative multiplayer game.. teamplayon.. Forces teamplay to true when this map is started.. (Can be overridden by the host).. teamplayoff.. Forces teamplay to false when this map is started.. noinventorybar.. This prevents the inventory bar from ever being drawn in a Doom map.. keepfullinventory.. Normally the amount of inventory items is reduced to 1 when the player is changing levels in a non-hub based game.. This option switches that automatic behavior off.. infiniteflightpowerup.. Makes the flight powerup last for the duration of the level rather than a fixed amount of time.. This is the default behavior for Hexen.. nojump.. Disallows jumping in a map.. allowjump.. Allows jumping in a map.. This is only needed when the default is set to nojump.. nocrouch.. Disallows crouching in a map.. allowcrouch.. Allows crouching in a map.. This is only needed when the default is set to nocrouch.. noinfighting.. Monsters in this map will never turn on each other, even if they are hit by another monster's attacks which damage them.. normalinfighting.. Monsters will turn on each other as normal when they get caught in crossfire.. Monsters of the same type who are hit by each other's projectile attacks will not be damaged and will not infight.. This is the default behavior.. totalinfighting.. All monsters will potentially infight with each other, even monsters of the same species.. f1 image.. Enable Skulltag's.. custom F1 help screens.. If the user presses the F1 key, the specified image will be displayed over the UI.. checkswitchrange.. Enables checks whether switch textures are reachable.. If a switch is completely above or below the player and this option is on the switch won't activate.. nocheckswitchrange.. Disables checks whether switch textures are reachable.. translator lumpname.. Sets a definition lump how Doom format maps' linedef and sector types are translated into the internal Hexen format representation.. For details please have a look at the internal definition files located in the xlat/ folder of zdoom.. pk3.. unfreezesingleplayerconversations.. Allows the game to continue while a Strife-style conversation window is open.. Normally, the game freezes in single-player mode while a conversation is ongoing.. Use this to disable that behavior.. You can alter some.. compatibility options.. in MAPINFO as well.. Either specify.. compatibility_option.. 1 to force an option to be enabled or.. 0 to force it to be disabled.. This setting will override the global CVAR to ensure that a map that requests a certain option to be on or off can be played correctly no matter what the user's settings are.. A cluster definition begins with the word "clusterdef".. For purposes of ZDoom, clusters are used to displays messages when moving between maps and to optionally group different levels into a hub.. clusterdef cluster.. Cluster is the cluster that this clusterdef defines.. A cluster of 0 is used internally to mean "no cluster" and should be avoided.. After clusterdef, the following properties are valid:.. entertext message.. message is a message to be displayed when the player has just finished a level in another cluster and is entering a level in this cluster.. exittext message.. message is a message to be displayed when the player has just finished a level in a different cluster from the next one.. If the next level's cluster has an entertext defined, then it will be shown instead of this cluster's exittext.. This is the music to play while either the entertext or exittext of this cluster is displayed.. For Doom I, this is normally D_VICTOR, and for Doom II, this is normally D_READ_M.. flat flatlump.. This is the name of the flat to use as a background while this cluster's entertext or exittext is displayed.. pic piclump.. This is the pic to use as a background while this cluster's entertext or exittext is displayed.. hub.. Indicates that this cluster is a hub.. When leaving a hub, the game will remember the contents of the level when the player left it and restore the level to that state when the player returns to it.. Moving to a different cluster will cause the game to forget the state of the levels in this hub in order to save memory.. Each level a player visits in a hub uses memory (about 20k for a typical level), so it's probably a good idea not to have too many levels in a single hub.. Just how many is "too many" is arbitrary.. Unless you use very large levels, you could probably use 50 levels in a hub, and only about 1 meg would be required to keep track of the state of each level.. Skill Level Definitions.. Skill definitions begin with the word skill followed by the name of the skill.. clearskills.. Before defining any skills you may use this to clear off any and all skill levels that the game uses.. ammofactor decimal number.. This affects how much ammo you pick up in the skill level, by multiplying by the number.. If the number is set to 2.. 0 for example, it will make you pick up double ammo, or if it were set to 0.. 5, you would pick up half of the normal ammo.. dropammofactor decimal number.. This affects how much ammo you pick up from fallen foes in the skill level, by multiplying by the number.. This value overrides.. ammofactor.. for ammo and weapons dropped by monsters.. This affects both when an amount is specified in DropItem and when it's the default.. For example, with DropAmmoFactor 4, a.. former human.. will drop clips containing 40 bullets while a.. golem.. will drop wand crystals containing 12 charges.. doubleammofactor decimal number.. This affects how much ammo you pick up when the Double Ammo.. DMFlag.. is set.. damagefactor decimal number.. This value affects how much damage you take from enemies.. If the number was set to 0.. 5 for example, you would only take half damage in that skill level.. However, if you set it to 2.. 0, you would take double damage from every enemy in the game.. respawntime decimal time.. Sets the amount of time in seconds it takes for monsters to respawn.. respawnlimit value.. Specifies how many times monsters respawn before staying permanently dead.. aggressiveness decimal number.. Factor for monster aggressiveness.. 0 is normal, 1 is maximum.. easybossbrain.. This makes the BossEye shoot BossCubes at a decreased rate.. spawnfilter filter name.. This sets the skill's filter, meaning actors only appear on whatever filter is set here.. For example if set to "Easy", all the easy actors would appear in the level.. Setting it to "Normal" will make all the medium actors appear.. If set to "Hard", all the hard actors would appear.. acsreturn value.. The value returned by the ACS.. GameSkill.. command.. Sets the hotkey for the skill level.. fastmonsters.. Makes all monsters with the +FASTER flag become faster in movement and attacking.. disablecheats.. Disables using cheats ingame.. mustconfirm text.. The player must confirm they wish to play the skill level, just like when you choose Nightmare.. If text is supplied, then it is used in place of the standard "Are you sure? This skill level isn't even remotely fair" when prompting the user.. autousehealth.. Enables automatic use of Raven's health items.. name name.. The name of the skill level in the menu.. playerclassname class name.. The name of the skill for the specified class.. picname name.. Graphic used in menu - this and Name are mutually exclusive.. textcolor color.. Color that the skill level's name is displayed in.. The mapinfos for the default episodes are found in ZDoom.. pk3/mapinfo.. episode e1m1 name "Knee Deep in the Dead" picname m_epi1 key k.. Map Definitions.. map E1M1 lookup HUSTR_E1M1 levelnum 1 titlepatch WILV00 next E1M2 secretnext E1M9 sky1 SKY1 0 cluster 1 par 30 music D_E1M1.. map E1M8 lookup HUSTR_E1M8 levelnum 8 titlepatch WILV07 next EndGame1 secretnext E1M9 sky1 SKY1 0 cluster 1 par 30 nointermission nosoundclipping baronspecial specialaction_lowerfloor music D_E1M8.. Cluster Definitions.. clusterdef 1 flat FLOOR4_8 music D_VICTOR exittext lookup E1TEXT.. Skill Definitions.. skill nightmare Aggressiveness 1.. 0 SpawnFilter "Hard" ACSReturn 5 MenuName "Extreme Aggression".. skill realnightmare AmmoFactor 2 FastMonsters DisableCheats RespawnTime 12 SpawnFilter "Hard" MenuLump "M_NMARE" MustConfirm.. skill baby AmmoFactor 2 DamageFactor 0.. 5 EasyBossBrain SpawnFilter "Easy" PicName "M_JKILL" Key i.. php?title=MAPINFO_(old_format) oldid=21326.. Categories.. ZDoom special lumps.. Deprecated features.. This page was last modified on 22 March 2009, at 13:24..

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  • Title: MAPINFO - ZDoom Wiki
    Descriptive info: For more information on this article, visit the.. page on the.. Doom Wiki.. ZDoom supports a special.. lump that can be used to define special characteristics for the different maps in a.. WAD.. /.. PK3.. , in addition to defining custom skill levels,.. intermissions.. , and game settings.. MAPINFO and ZMAPINFO.. Format.. Cluster definition.. Episode definition.. Map definition.. 6.. Skill definition.. 7.. GameInfo definition.. 8.. Intermission definition.. 9.. Automap definition.. 10.. Options for ZDoom's child ports.. If you create a mod compatible with other source ports, but wish to use some ZDoom-specific MAPINFO options when played in ZDoom, it is advised to create a ZMAPINFO lump for ZDoom, and a different MAPINFO lump for other ports.. The ZMAPINFO lump has to use the new format; while the MAPINFO can use the.. old syntax.. or the Hexen one, if the mod is for Hexen.. Note that if a ZMAPINFO is present, MAPINFO will not be parsed at all.. contains six types of entries: game information, episode definitions, map definitions, cluster definitions, skill definitions, and intermission definitions, which are indicated by the keywords “.. gameinfo.. ”, “.. episode.. map.. cluster.. skill.. ”, and “.. intermission.. ” respectively.. After the above keyword, the name or number of the defined element is specified (e.. g.. map E2M4.. ) followed by a block of properties enclosed in curly-braces which affect the newly-created element.. Properties may take zero or more parameters and are specified in the following format:.. property = value1, value2, value3.. Within this article, parameters that  ...   of ZDoom, clusters are used to displays messages when moving between maps and to optionally group different levels into a.. See.. cluster definition.. for full list of properties and examples.. An.. episode definition.. A map definition begins with the keyword “.. You can also specify standard characteristics for later map definitions by using the keyword “.. ” or “.. ” instead:.. map definition.. Skill definitions begin with the keyword “.. ” followed by the name of the skill and the properties block.. skill definition.. GameInfo definitions begin with the keyword ".. " followed by a list of properties.. This sets some miscellaneous data about the game such as what lump to use for the title picture.. Intermissions.. can now be defined.. A map can jump to one by declaring it in the.. Custom intermission definitions begin with the keyword ".. " followed by a name, and then a list of properties.. This define an intermission sequence, such as Doom II's cast call or Hexen's chess game.. (.. development version.. 8f45e90.. only.. ).. settings and colors can now be defined.. These colors and settings will apply to the player's automap if the.. am_customcolors.. console variable.. is enabled.. Custom automap definitions begin with the keyword ".. The MAPINFO syntax allows properties to be specified for ZDoom-derivitave engines that support them.. All others will skip over these lines.. MAPINFO options for GZDoom's GL renderer.. OpenGL.. only:.. not supported by ZDoom.. Need more info.. php?title=MAPINFO oldid=36921.. This page was last modified on 3 August 2013, at 16:23..

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  • Title: Slopes
    Descriptive info: By.. Richard Clark.. Figure 1: Sloping Floor and Ceiling.. An exciting feature of ZDoom is the ability to create sloping floors and ceilings.. Slopes can enhance the layout of a level and are easy to use.. The sample wad,.. slope.. wad.. , is included in this tutorial.. The slope special (181) takes two parameters:.. floor.. : 1 to slope on front of line, 2 to slope on back of line.. ceiling.. Both floor and ceiling can be set independently or together.. To create a sloping sector, join two sectors as illustrated in Figure 2.. Figure 2: Map Layout.. The sector on the right has a ceiling value of 96 and a floor  ...   to slope the floor on the right, and the floor and ceiling values of the right sector are less than the left sector, the floor will slope up and the ceiling will slope down.. If we wanted to have the slopes go in the opposite direction, then we would adjust the right sector floor and ceiling values to be greater than the left sector.. As is illustrated in Figure 1, both the floor and ceiling are set to slope.. Add slopes when you want to add variety to your level or to create natural landscapes.. Slopes are very easy to create and will enhance any Doom level.. Sources.. ZDoom reference by.. Back..

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  • Title: Mirror
    Descriptive info: Figure 1: An Actual Mirror.. When I first played Duke Nukem, one of the things that really caught my eye was the mirrors that were in the first level.. The mirrors added a nice touch of realism, especially in the bathroom of the movie theater.. Now, it is possible to have mirrors in Doom.. The  ...   take any parameters.. Making mirrors is simplicity itself.. Make sure that behind the mirror is a void area equal to the area of the sector that has the mirror, or the mirror will not display correctly.. That is all there is to it.. Making mirrors couldn't be easier and adds a nice touch to any level..

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  • Title: Security Camera
    Descriptive info: Figure 1: Camera in Action.. The security camera is a camera that pans from side to side, much like the security camera in Duke Nukem 3D.. It is a great addition to either a single player or multiplayer map.. The security camera (9025) takes three parameters:.. pitch.. : pitch of camera in degrees, 0 is straight ahead, 1-89 is down, and 166-255 is up (angle subtracted from 256).. degrees pan.. : number of degrees camera will rotate in either direction from its original orientation.. time to cycle.. : number of octics to complete one cycle of turning.. Place the  ...   three parameters of the camera and give the camera a new thing id.. The example wad,.. seccam.. , illustrates using the camera.. The camera is activated by using the ChangeCamera (237) special.. The ChangeCamera special has three parameters:.. tag.. : The camera tid.. who.. : 0 if the view only changes for the player activating the special, 1 if all player views change.. revert.. : 1 for the view reverts back to player when player moves.. If you have played Duke Nukem you know how much fun the security cameras can be in both single player and multi-player maps..

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