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  • Title: || Zahra Foundation ||
    Descriptive info: .. Zahra Publishing, Church Road, Greystones, Co.. Wicklow - Tel: 255 7566.. Email:.. gmiltiadou com.. -.. jmullins com.. About the Zahra Foundation.. Zahra Foundation is an Irish charity that does work in Vietnam and South Africa.. It is our philosophy to partner with not-for-profit organisations in each country that can oversee and monitor the distribution and application of money to carefully chosen projects.. To date Zahra Foundation has:.. Built 7 wells for impoverished communities in Vietnam;.. Helped eradicate head lice amongst 1,200 Vietnamese  ...   children three times a week - often the only properly nutritionally balanced meals they'd receive that week.. Supported a 'beading programme' where a group of women from a South African township started a small business to help support themselves and their community.. Building an After Care Centre for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children in a township called Freedom Park, near Rustenburg in South Africa will be our challenge for 2007.. For further information please contact:.. John Mullins.. OR.. Gina Miltiadou.. Home.. Tapologo HIV/AIDS Programme..

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  • Title: || Zahra Foundation - Tapologo Programme ||
    Descriptive info: Supporting the Tapologo Programme.. Tapologo is an HIV/AIDS Programme that operates just outside Rustenburg in South Africa.. The programme started in 1993.. The Rustenburg area, located in the North West Province of South Africa, is rich in mineral resources with many mines in the area.. The mining activity attracts a large number of migrant workers to Rustenburg, mainly from Lesotho, Mozambique and other parts of Southern Africa.. This has resulted in the disruption of local communities and a breakdown in social, cultural and moral values in the absence of authorities and structures, as well as the establishment and spread of overwhelming numbers of informal housing communities (the biggest of which is a squatter camp called Freedom Park).. As a consequence, the Rustenburg area exhibits a disproportionately high HIV/AIDS infection rate in relation to the rest of the province.. In Freedom Park Clinic, 50% of pregnant mothers and over 55% of outpatients were HIV positive during 2005.. As a result of the breakdown in social structures, many people living with HIV/AIDS are living below subsistence level and dying in conditions of poverty and squalor.. Where family structures are available it is usually the breadwinner of the family who is infected, placing an intolerable economic burden on the family.. Overburdened health services are unable  ...   2007 will be for Zahra Foundation to help with Tapologo's Orphan Vulnerable Children's (OVC) Programme.. The OVC Programme.. Neither words nor statistics can adequately capture the human tragedy of children grieving for dying or dead parents, stigmatized by society through association with HIV/AIDS, plunged into economic crisis and insecurity by their parents' death, and struggling without services or support systems in impoverished communities.. In response to this deepening crisis, Tapologo have developed a model for caring for these children which includes:.. OVC Outreach Programme, which provides daily home visits to the children in their homes.. During visits children are helped with their homework, life skills training, primary health care and counseling.. Education Awareness workshops to equip communities to care for these children so that institutionalized care can be avoided at all costs.. Foster care, whereby children are placed with families in their own communities.. Youth Skills Development programme, where teens are recruited and taught skills that have a commercial value eg, fencing.. Education on income generating activites such as sewing, beadwork, baking etc.. are given to guardians which include foster parents, granny s and relatives of children.. An after care centre and crèche for children in Freedom Park.. The challenge is for Zahra Foundation to help Tapologo set up an After-Care Centre..

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