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  • Title: Embassy of Zambia - Home
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. About Zambia.. Zambia at a Glance.. Government.. The Embassy.. About the Embassy.. Embassy Contacts.. Vacancies.. Honorary Consuls.. Visa and Consular.. Consular Information.. Visa Application.. Passport Application.. Procedures for Obtaining Birth, Death Marriage Certificates.. Press Accreditation for Foreign Journalists.. Importation of Livestock Pets.. Obtaining Police Clearance Certificates.. Transporting Human Remains to Zambia.. Trade Economy.. Trade.. Doing Business in Zambia.. Why Invest in Zambia.. Incentives for Investors.. Business Opportunities.. Tourism.. The Flag of Zambia.. Press Matters.. Contact Us.. Links.. Michael C.. Sata.. President of Zambia.. Palan Mulonda.. Ambassador.. “Commemorating God’s favour of 50 years of Independence for continued Peace, Unity, Democracy, Patriotism and Prosperity”.. Ambassador Palan Mulonda presenting credentials to President of the Republic of Costa Rica Luis Guillermo Solis Rivera in San Jose.. President Luis Guillermo Solis Rivera, Ambassador Mulonda and Costa Rican Foreign Affairs Minister Mr.. Manuel Gonzalez Sanz as the Zambia National Anthem is played.. Ambassador Mulonda and Costa Rican Foreign Affairs Minister Mr.. Manuel Gonzalez Sanz at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.. President Luis Guillermo Solis Rivera bids farewell to Ambassador Mulonda as Costa Rican Foreign Affairs Minister Mr.. Manuel Gonzalez Sanz looks on.. Charge d'affairs Mr James Chisenga with Six Zambian entrepreneurs who are in the United States participating in a Professional Fellows Programme, administered by the U.. S Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defence for African Affairs Amanda Dory meets with Ministry of Defence Permanent Secretary Rose Salukatula.. Ministry of Defence Permanent Secretary Rose Salukatula with Defence Attache Brigadier General Henry Mukuka and Air Defence Commander in the Zambia Air Force Brigadier General Jabes Zulu.. Ministry of Defence Permanent Secretary Rose Salukatula at the Embassy of Zambia where she paid  ...   of the Republic of Zambia in Washington DC, USA.. more.. Photo Gallery.. Video Gallery.. News.. Zambia a shinning Example in the Health Sector.. Zambia's Ambassador to the United States of America(USA) Palan Mulonda says Zambia is becoming a shining example in the area of securing desirable outcomes.. Ambassador Mulonda commends Zambians in the Diaspora for medical supplies donation to Zambia.. Zambia's Ambassador to the United States Palan Mulonda has applauded some Zambians in the Diaspora for recognizing needs in Zambia and committing to.. Minister of Community Development, Mother and Child Health, Hon.. Emerine Kabanshi calls for integrated approach in managing child and maternal health in the global community.. Emerine Kabanshi has called for an integrated approach in managing maternal, new born and.. Emerine Kabanshi says government is committed to reducing child and maternal mortality in Zambia.. Emerine Kabanshi says her government is committed to reducing incidences of Maternal and.. News Archives.. Registration of Nationals.. For Zambian Nationals living in the US, or countries of extra accreditation please.. register here.. It is important for the purpose of emergency and normal exchange of information on developments in Zambia.. August 2014.. Mon.. Tue.. Wed.. Thu.. Fri.. Sat.. Sun.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. 10.. 11.. 12.. 13.. 14.. 15.. 16.. 17.. 18.. 19.. 20.. 21.. 22.. 23.. 24.. 25.. 26.. 27.. 28.. 29.. 30.. 31.. Events.. ABOUT ZAMBIA.. Economy.. THE EMBASSY.. TRADE ECONOMY.. Incentives for Investors.. TOURISM.. Culture.. VISA/PASSPORT.. Change of Passport Application Procedures.. Procedures for Obtaining Birth Certificates.. PRESS MATTERS.. CONTACT US.. LINKS.. © 2011-2014 The Embassy of the Republic of Zambia.. 2419 Massachusetts Ave.. , NW, Washington, DC 20008, Tel.. : (202) 265-9717, Fax: (202) 332-0826.. Website development by.. GlobeScope, Inc..

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  • Title: Embassy of Zambia - Zambia at a Glance
    Descriptive info: Location.. Southern Africa, east of Angola between latitudes 8°S and between 20°E and 35°E, landlocked with 8 neighbors (Angola, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, and Democratic Republic of Congo.. Area.. 752,614 square Kilometers.. Population.. 1 million (2005, est.. ).. Population Growth Rate.. 11% (2006, est).. Climate.. Three seasons: warm wet season (Nov-April), cool dry season, (May-August), and hot dry season (Sept-October).. Capital City.. Lusaka.. Official Language.. English.. Currency.. Zambian Kwacha.. Exchange Rates.. Visit.. www.. boz.. zm.. Inflation Rate.. 0% ( September 2009).. Major Export Destinations (2008).. Switzerland, Netherlands, China, South Africa, Egypt, Democratic Republic of Congo, UK and COMESA SADC regions (Eastern and Southern African countries).. Major Imports.. Crude oil, chemicals, mining equipment, machinery, electric machinery, iron steel, manufactured, goods, vehicles, transport equipment, fertilizers, and cement.. Major Import Sources (2008).. South Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kuwait, China, European Union, India, United Arab Emirates, India and Japan.. Major Economic Activities/ Investment Opportunities.. Agriculture, energy, mining, construction, tourism, and manufacturing.. THE PEOPLE.. Zambia has one of the lowest populations to land ratio's in Africa.. Only about 10 million people in a country half the size of Europe.. The employment opportunities in mining and associated industries have caused Zambia to be one of the most urbanized countries in Africa.. About one-fifth of the population lives on the Copperbelt and an estimated 2 million plus people live in Lusaka - the capital.. This has resulted in massive tracts of uninhabited land across the country.. CULTURE.. Zambia's contemporary culture is a blend of values, norms, material and spiritual traditions of more than 70 ethnically diverse people.. During the colonial period, the process of industrialization and urbanization saw ethnically different people brought together by economic interests, This, as well as the very definite influence of western standards, generated a new culture without conscious effort of politically determined guidelines.. Many of the rural inhabitants however, have retained their indigenous and traditional customs and values.. After Independence in 1964, the government recognized the role culture was to play in the overall development of a new nation and began to explore the question of a National Identity.. As a result, Private and Public museums and cultural villages were established to promote the expression of artistic talents.. MUSIC AND DANCE.. Dance is an important part of musical expression among Zambians and along with the ideas they express, have served as reflectors of life and thought over the centuries.. Many traditional instruments are still played throughout the country, although the desire for western instruments continues to increase.. The most common traditional instrument of course is the drum and drumming plays an important part of rituals, ceremonies, celebrations and community communication.. ARTS AND CRAFTS.. Zambia's diverse cultures bring with them a wide variety of traditional skills.. Crafts can be found in great variety if not in abundance and among them is some of the finest basketry in Africa.. The economy of most of the crafts people is based on fishing, cattle or the cultivation of crops.. Craft work is often done seasonally to supplement the income of many families.. It was originally intended for barter and made according to the needs of other villagers.. To many, especially the subsistence farmers, craft work is their only means of earning cash.. Organizations such as Zintu Handicrafts in Lusaka, the Nayuma Museum in Mongu, the Tonga Museum in Choma and the Moto Moto  ...   CUSTOMS.. Tribal customs are only practiced in the rural areas as the urbanized youth aspire to Western behaviour.. A greeting is always exchanged before any conversation.. If a person approaches you, you should always offer the first greeting.. A man should withhold his hand in greeting until the woman offers hers.. Gifts are often offered to a visitor as a sign of honour, friendship or gratitude.. One should never refuse a gift and accept it with both hands at the same time expressing thanks.. "Lobola" the bride price is still widely practiced and is a token of appreciation to the parents of the girl.. In most tribes, the bride is taken to the man's village the evening before the wedding.. Large quantities of food are prepared and home-made beer is brewed to celebrate the marriage.. The whole village attends and much singing, dancing and drumming takes place.. MAJOR TRIBES.. There are over 70 different ethnic groups with wide cultural diversity.. Interestingly enough however, it is one of the few countries in Africa with very little tribal animosity, and the existence of so many tribes has proved less of a political problem than in many other African states.. There are seven main tribes blending together the 70 dialects.. There are the Lozi, the Bemba, the Ngoni, the Tonga, the Luda, the Luvale and the Kaonde.. TRADITIONAL CEREMONIES.. There are more than 20 annual traditional ceremonies in Zambia, manifesting customs, social life, rituals, oral history, material and spiritual culture.. They provide a valuable insight to a traditional culture that has been passed down from generation to generation.. Most ceremonies have a deep meaning, in many cases designed to invoke memories of the transformation from childhood to adulthood.. Most tribes in rural areas still practice harmless initiation ceremonies for girls that are generally conducted after puberty.. Only a few tribes still practice male circumcision initiation ceremonies and those that occur happen in total secrecy.. The open ceremonies that visitors can watch are those that signify ancient times, when new kingdoms were being founded by ancient chiefs and are usually splendid, colourful affairs with much symbolism in their dancing and drumming.. Ceremonies and Holidays in Zambia.. Other important days and festivals:.. During.. N'CWALA.. festival, held in February, the Paramount Chief of the Ngoni people of Eastern province commemorates the Ngoni's entrance into Zambia in 1835.. Marked by feasts, music and some of the best dancing in the country, the ceremonies are held in Mutenguleni, 15 km (10 miles) south-west of Chipata.. During the.. KUOMBOKA.. Festival of the Lozi in the Western province, the Paramount Chief and his family paddle along canals from Lealui to their residence in Limulunga, where they wait out the rainy season.. In early March, anglers set their poles for the Zambia National Fishing Competition held on Lake Tanganyika.. The.. Livingstone Cultural Festival.. takes place in May and at the end of July,.. UMUTOMOBOKO.. is celebrated by the Lunda people of Luapala Province.. Zambia celebrates the anniversary of the founding of the Organisation of African Unity on Africa Freedom Day (25 May).. In July, the.. LIKUMBI LYA MIZE.. is celebrated in North Western Province.. In September/October on the weekend of the full moon.. SHIMUNENGA.. , a ceremony of the Ba-Ita people is celebrated at Maala on the Kafue Flats in Southern Province.. LWINDI.. Festival takes place in November in Southern Province..

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  • Title: Embassy of Zambia - Government
    Descriptive info: Zambia is a unitary republican state with the Executive, Legislature and the Judiciary operating as autonomous organs of Government.. The Executive is the President who is deputized by a Vice President.. The current Republican President is Mr.. Michael Chilufya Sata.. Directory of Zambian Government Ministries.. Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives.. P.. O Box RW 50291, Lusaka, Zambia.. Tel: +260 211 252552.. Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry.. O Box 31968, Lusaka, Zambia.. Tel: +260 211 223617.. Ministry of Education.. O Box 50093, Lusaka, Zambia.. Tel: +260 211 253594.. Ministry of Energy and Water Development.. O Box 51254, Lusaka, Zambia.. Tel: +260 211 254936.. Ministry of Finance and National Planning.. O Box 50062, Lusaka, Zambia.. Tel: +260 211 251843.. Ministry of Foreign Affairs.. O Box 50069, Lusaka, Zambia.. Tel: +260 211 252666/00 260  ...   Lands.. O Box 30069, Lusaka, Zambia.. Tel: +260 211 251927.. Ministry of Local Government and Housing.. O Box 3204, Lusaka, Zambia.. Tel: +260 211 250528.. Ministry of Mines and Minerals Development.. O Box 31969, Lusaka, Zambia.. Tel: +260 211 235327.. Ministry of Science and Technology.. O Box 50464, Lusaka, Zambia.. Tel: +260 211 252411.. Ministry of Tourism, Environment and Natural Resources.. O Box 30055, Lusaka, Zambia.. Tel: +260 211 223930.. Ministry of Transport and Communication.. O Box 50065, Lusaka, Zambia.. Tel: +260 211 254158.. Ministry of Works and Supply.. O Box 50236, Lusaka, Zambia.. Tel: +260 211 253447.. Ministry of Justice.. O Box 50106.. Lusaka, Zambia.. Tel.. +260 211252034.. Ministry of Gender.. +260211253513.. Ministry of Youth and Sport.. +260 211229348.. Ministry of Home Affairs.. +260211254336.. Ministry of Community and Child Development.. +260211225327..

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  • Title: Embassy of Zambia - About the Embassy
    Descriptive info: The Website provides information about Zambia; Business and the Economy, Investment Opportunities, Travel and Tourism, Consular Services, Visa and Passport information.. There are useful links to the National Constitution Conference (NCC) , visa and passport information and the local Zambian daily newspapers.. You will also find in the links section institutions that deal with issues such as statistics, immigration, mining, registration of companies, the Zambian constitution and parliamentary affairs, customs, investment and exports, energy regulation, stock exchange, trade fair,  ...   International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank in Washington DC.. The Embassy is also accredited on non-residential basis to the Republic of Belize, Republic of Costa Rica, Republic of El Salvador, Republic of Haiti, Republic of Honduras, Republic of Guatemala, United Mexican States.. We hope you will find the Website useful.. For more information you may e-mail.. info@zambiaembassy.. org.. or see our ‘contacts section.. The Embassy of Zambia.. 2419 Massachusetts Avenue Northwest.. Washington, DC 20008-2851.. : (202) 265-9717..

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  • Title: Embassy of Zambia - Embassy Contacts
    Descriptive info: Deputy Chief of Mission.. Ben Kangwa.. bkangwa@zambiaembassy.. Political Consular.. Brian Mulenga.. bmulenga@zambiaembassy.. Economics.. James Chisenga.. jchisenga@zambiaembassy.. Defense Attaché.. defence@zambiaembassy.. Marsha A.. Holdway.. maholdway@zambiaembassy.. tourism@zambiaembassy.. Political Administration.. Vacant.. Passport Visa.. Beatrice Mwendela.. bmwendela@zambiaembassy.. immigration@zambiaembassy.. Inonge Mwenya.. imwenya@zambiaembassy.. Accounts.. Mutale Mbalamweshi.. mmbalamweshi@zambiaembassy.. Press Public Relations.. Patricia Littiya.. plittiya@zambiaembassy.. Ambassador's Assistent.. Florence Cheembo.. fcheembo@zambiaembassy.. Honorary Consul for Colorado.. Cherri Briggs.. cbriggs@zambiaembassy.. honoraryconsul_colorado@zambiaembassy.. General Information.. geninfo@zambiaembassy.. Consular.. consular@zambiaembassy.. Webmail..

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  • Title: Embassy of Zambia - Vacancies
    Descriptive info: JOB ADVERTISEMENT.. EXPERIENCED UTILITY DRIVER WANTED.. The Embassy of the Republic of Zambia is looking for a full-time, experienced utility driver.. The successful candidate will be required to complete all tasks and duties required for driving members of the diplomatic staff around the DMV area as well as some long distance jobs.. To successfully secure this opportunity, the candidate  ...   record.. have a current driver's license.. have clean status documents.. be reliable, punctual and self-motivated.. have great attitude and strong work ethic.. If you have the essential requirements and would like to seize this great opportunity, please send your resume and cover letter to the following address:.. Embassy of the Republic of Zambia.. 2419 Massachusetts Avenue, NW.. Washington, DC 20008..

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  • Title: Embassy of Zambia - Honorary Consul for Colorado
    Descriptive info: Ms.. Cherri Briggs is Zambia's Honorary Consul for Colorado.. She will perform delegated functions on behalf of the Embassy.. About Cherri Briggs.. Cherri Briggs, owner and president of Explore Inc.. , spent much of her youth on a remote cattle ranch in Nevada.. Perhaps this “wild and free” childhood catalyzed her zest for adventure.. After almost twenty years of combing the African continent, from crossing the Bayuda Desert of Sudan to luxuriating in the elegant hotels of Cape Town, she remains committed to offering incomparable African travel experiences to her clients, and continues to personally seek the ultimate in adventure travel.. Beyond the love of exploration is a strong commitment to utilizing her travels and her business as a tool for supporting projects which preserve conservation and help local people across the continent.. “For at least half the year we are based in Africa.. Part of that time is spent looking for exciting new places for our clients to visit and making sure the old ones are still great.. This distinguishes our product from the competition as we are always up to date, and my staff visits Africa every year.. I founded Explore as a result of my involvement in conservation of wilderness and preservation of indigenous cultures and have found that giving people an experience that changes their lives can also change the lives of others whose lives may not be as fortunate.. ”.. Cherri  ...   include: sports programs for boys, girls and young adults, new playgrounds for schools, organic fish farms, irrigation for small cooperative farms and medical clinic and school improvement programs.. Cherri is co-founder and a board member for the Safari Professionals of the Americas (SPA), a group of North America’s leading safari operators who are authorities on sustainable travel to Africa.. Cherri was appointed to the Botswana Tourism Organization Board in January 2014 and is the first non-citizen to receive this appointment.. She has also been appointed as Honorary Consul for the Embassy for the Republic of Zambia to the USA in August of 2013.. Cherri is also a member of the Explorer’s Club, a meeting point for explorers and scientists worldwide.. Her passion for exploration was best exemplified in the expedition she organized and led in 2003, which was the first descent of Mozambique’s 450-mile Lugenda River.. She has guided National Geographic through Sudan, Condé Nast Traveler through Botswana, Outside Magazine through Mozambique, Town and Country through Namibia and CNN down the Zambezi River.. Cherri has been the recipient of Condé Nast Traveler’s prestigious award “Top Travel Specialist for Southern Africa” annually since 2001, Condé Nast Traveler’s “Top Villa Specialist for Africa” each year since 2008, and was honored with Condé Nast Traveler’s first award for social responsibility in travel.. Learn more about Cherri Explore, Inc.. View Cherri’s interview in the October 2013 issue of.. Departures Magazine..

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  • Title: Embassy of Zambia - Consular Information
    Descriptive info: Latest News on Passport and Visa Applications.. Attention: Passport and Emergency Travel Document Applicants.. With immediate effect all Zambians applying for passports through the Embassy of Zambia in Washington, DC are required to report for an interview before their application is processed.. Failure to do so will result in a rejection of the application.. All applicants for a Travel  ...   an interview before their application is processed.. Please note that you must make an appointment with our Consular Office by emailing to consular@zambiaembassy.. org or calling us at 202-265-9717.. Attention: Visa Applicants.. Since 1st October 2011, all travelers to and from Zambia are required to be in possession of either a Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate or a valid waiver certificate..

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  • Title: Embassy of Zambia - Visa Application
    Descriptive info: Important Visa Application Information.. Applicants who wish to have their passports mailed to them after processing should include a prepaid, self-addressed return envelope.. For tracking purposes, the Embassy highly recommends the usage of a courier that has a tracking number such as FedEx, United States Postal Services (USPS) or certified mail.. All travelers to and from Zambia are required to be in possession of either a Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate or a valid waiver certificate.. Visa Application Form.. For a printable Visa Application Form  ...   applications must be submitted in the following order:.. Business Visa.. Passport.. Payment.. Photocopy of your passport.. Two (2) visa application forms with two (2) photos stapled to upper right corner.. Invitation Letter from Zambia.. Official cover letter.. Flight itinerary or a copy of ticket.. Diplomatic/Official Visa.. Tourist Visa.. Visitor Visa.. Invitation letter from your host in Zambia including a photocopy of their NRC (if they are Zambian) or a photo copy of their work permit (if they are not a Zambian citizen).. Transit Visa..

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  • Title: Embassy of Zambia - Passport Application
    Descriptive info: It is notified for public information and action that the Government of the Republic of Zambia has introduced digitized Machine Readable Passports.. Applicants below the age of ten (10) years will be eligible to apply for separate passports, which will be valid for 5 years.. Passport Application Procedures.. :.. Submit your request for passport application forms by e-mail-.. or mail - Embassy of the Republic of Zambia, 2419 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington DC 20008.. Include the following details:.. Applicant’s name in full.. Date of Birth.. National Registration card number.. Mailing Address.. Upon receipt of your request for passport application/renewal forms, the Embassy will mail you the Passport Application package.. Included in the package will be an Application Instruction page.. Passport Application fees listed  ...   Travel Document of Identity – $15.. Replacement of a lost 48 page Executive Passport -$125.. Replacement of a lost 32 page Regular Passport – $100.. For more information, please e-mail your requests to.. In the subject box, enter “Zambian Passport” and address your e-mail to the “Attention: Consular Section.. Pending Applications.. Send an e-mail requesting a status update to.. In the subject box, write Passport status update.. In the body of the e-mail, include the following:.. Applicants name in full.. Date of submission and receipt number.. Applicants telephone number.. For applicants who should send additional payment, mail the money order or cashier’s check of the difference to:.. Attention:.. Consular Section.. 2419 Massachusetts Ave NW.. Follow –up should be by e-mail only.. E-mail to..

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  • Title: Embassy of Zambia - Procedures for Obtaining Birth, Death & Marriage Certificates
    Descriptive info: Registration of birth is compulsory.. Birth Certificates are available to any applicant born on or after January 1, 1973 and can be obtained by the applicant applying to:.. Registrar General of Births, Deaths Marriages.. P O Box 32311.. Tel: +260 211 236427 or +260 211 221128.. If a Birth Certificate was not issued at birth, but a Hospital Record of Birth or Baptismal Certificate was obtained, an Affidavit must be prepared by a member of the applicant’s family having knowledge of  ...   Hospital or Baptismal Certificate must be attached to the Affidavit, and submitted to the Registrar General requesting issuance of a late Birth Certificate.. Fee.. US $150 plus postage.. PROCEDURES FOR OBTAINING DEATH CERTIFICATES.. Available.. See Birth Certificate.. PROCEDURES FOR OBTAINING MARRIAGE CERTIFICATES.. PROCEDURES FOR OBTAINING DIVORCE CERTIFICATE.. S.. Obtainable from one of the following addresses, depending on the section of Zambia in which the divorce took place:.. Registrar of High Court.. O.. Box 50067.. Box 70004.. Ndola, Zambia.. Box 60110.. Livingstone, Zambia..

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