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  • Title: Welcome To The Z-Wave Alliance
    Descriptive info: .. GO.. Member Login.. Welcome to the Z-Wave Alliance.. The Z-Wave Alliance is a consortium of over 250 leading manufacturers and service providers worldwide.. that are dedicated to interoperable wireless control products based on the Z-Wave open standard.. Z-Wave is a key enabling technology driving the "Internet of Things.. ".. Quick Links.. Consumers.. Developers.. Integrators.. Press/Media.. Home.. About Us.. Alliance Overview.. Vision Mission.. Our History.. Our Services.. How To Join.. Affiliated Organizations.. About Z-Wave.. Technology.. Z-Wave For Consumers.. Z-Wave For Developers/OEMs.. Z-Wave For Integrators.. Product Certification.. Z-Wave Certifications.. Z-Wave Plus Certifications.. Products.. Members.. Member Companies.. Become A Member.. Press Room.. Z-Wave In The Media.. Alliance Press Releases.. Member Press Releases.. International Press Releases.. Newsletter Archives.. Events.. Upcoming Events.. Global Contacts.. Europe.. South America.. Japan.. China.. The Z-Wave Alliance is a charter sponsor of Parks Connected Health Summit in San Diego.. The Alliance, ADT and Lowes will all be presenting views on this vital new space.. Click for registration info.. Join the Z-Wave Alliance at CEDIA in Denver! We'll have our largest presence yet at this pivotal U.. S.. event.. Interested in participating with us?.. Members click here for info.. Join the Z-Wave Alliance Pavilion at CEATEC Japan 2014, Japan's cutting edge products, technologies and services show! Interested in participating with us?.. Join the Z-Wave Alliance Connected Home Pavilion at BBWF 2014, the world's largest broadband event! The Alliance will be exhibiting and presenting.. Members click here for more info and discounted registration.. Join the Z-Wave Alliance Pavilion at Security China 2014, the biggest global security show in China! Interested in participating with us?.. Learn More About Z-Wave!.. Find out why Z-Wave technology, and how we are a key enabling technology that's driving the Internet of Things!.. Learn more.. Get Our Newsletter!.. Click To Subscribe.. Press Releases.. Sigma Designs Launches Enhanced SDK For 5th Generation Z-Wave Chipset.. Major U.. Retailers Advancing Z-Wave Adoption.. Evolve Debuts Cloud Solution For Hoteliers And Their Guests.. ADT Becomes Principal Member Of Z-Wave Alliance, Joins Board Of Directors.. Sigma Designs Launches Latest High-Performance Z-Wave Transceivers Into Volume Production.. Z-Wave Anchors New IoT Facility in Shenzhen.. Z-Wave Welcomes Apple To Home Control Space.. Linear Introduces 3-Way Z-Wave Light Switch.. News archive.. Featured Company:.. Diehl.. Diehl is now offering its Smart Eco System to Alliance members on an OEM basis.. Click here for more information.. Leak Intelligence.. Costly water damage can be prevented with Z-Wave controllable smart valves like the.. Leak Gopher.. Smart water control is now an essential component of a home security system.. Featured Video:.. Vivint.. Vivint has launched its new Vivint Sky smart security and home control system.. See the.. overview video here.. Honeywell.. Honeywell's Total Connect system is deep into the "big picture" with 7" of video display.. intro video here.. Follow Us On Social Media!.. Keep up with our news and post your own!.. Z-Wave Alliance Addresses South American Market At Predialtec.. Predialtec in Sao Paolo, Brazil, is the largest home automation exhibition serving South America.. Z-Wave and the Alliance were in full force with exhibitions, demos and presentations for this key international event.. Click to see.. photos from Predialtec 2014.. , or follow/translate the show's Twitter feed at.. #Predialtec.. WeBee To  ...   showcased cutting-edge.. IoT.. technologies in multiple business and social sectors, unveiled at the White House.. The Alliance participated in a Cyber-Physical System (CPS) called "ClosedLoop Healthcare" that makes aging safer and medical care more effective.. Z-Wave Stirs Chinese Builder Market At GEBT.. Z-Wave had a major presence at the Guangzhou Electrical Building Technologies (GEBT) expo at the China Import and Export Fair Complex.. The event is regarded as the most influential and comprehensive lighting and LED event in Asia.. Browse our photo galleries from GEBT.. here.. and.. Sigma Designs' New Turnkey Z-Wave Modem Offers Fastest Time-to-Market Yet.. Sigma Designs has announced volume production for its latest turnkey solution.. The ZM5304 is the company s most easily integrated solution, delivering the fastest time-to-market yet for Z-Wave products.. The ZM5304 allows developers to focus on their high-level applications without being impacted by low-level programming and RF regulatory approvals.. Read the announcement here.. Apple's announcement of HomeKit at its recent World Wide Developers Conference is great news for Z-Wave and the home control industry.. Since HomeKit doesn't endorse a specific smart device protocol, every one of the 1000+ devices in the Z-Wave ecosystem can be part of the market interest that Apple will help create.. The Z-Wave Alliance is pleased to announce that ADT has become a Principal Member of the Alliance, and a Member of its Board of Directors.. The leading home security provider in the U,S.. , ADT serves over 6.. 5 million customers and operates more than 200 regional offices.. Customers that have adopted the company's Pulse system with Z-Wave.. now make up 12 percent.. of the company s total customer base.. Z-Wave Alliance Announces First Z-Wave Plus.. Certified Product.. The Alliance has announced the release of the first Z-Wave Plus.. certified product.. The honor goes to Leak Intelligence for the Leak Gopher, an innovative smart water valve that allows remote control of water systems through Z-Wave control, and features the extended capabilities of the latest Z-Wave Plus.. technology.. Read the release here.. Sigma Designs Launches Latest High-Performance Z-Wave Transceivers into Volume Production.. Sigma Designs has launched its latest RF transceiver module, the ZM5101 into volume production.. The ZM5101 is a cornerstone of Sigma Designs 500 Series family of short range, narrow-band transceivers, which represent the latest evolution of the award-winning Z-Wave communications standard.. See the announcement here.. New Z-Wave Compliance Test Tool Available.. The Z-Wave Alliance is pleased to announce the release of the latest version of the Z-Wave Compliance Test Tool (CTT).. This new version of the CTT includes a completely new Z-Wave Plus tester designed to help test all the new features and requirements introduced in Z-Wave Plus Device Types and Role Types.. New Z-Wave Web Sites From Sigma Designs.. Sigma Designs has three new web sites to provide both B2B and B2C customers with Z-Wave information.. One is for.. new B2B customers interested in getting involved with Z-Wave technology.. ; the other B2B is for.. customers who want to take their Z-Wave further.. There's also a new B2C site at.. www.. z-wave.. com.. 2014 Z-Wave Alliance, All rights reserved.. We welcome your feedback! Please feel free to.. email us.. your thoughts and questions.. powered by MemberClicks..

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  • Title: Z-Wave For Consumers
    Descriptive info: Z-Wave is an interoperable wireless ecosystem that lets electronic devices and systems communicate and respond via remote control.. Z-Wave technology is mature, proven, and adopted worldwide by market leaders in virtually every sector where 'smart' devices and systems are desirable.. Now any home can be a 'smart' home; quickly, easily and affordably.. Z-Wave is a world-standard wireless technology that lets all your home electronics talk to each other, and to you, via remote control.. It uses simple, reliable, low-power radio waves that easily travel through walls, floors and cabinets, without interference from the other wireless devices you might have in your home.. Z-Wave control can be added to almost anything electronic, even devices that you wouldn't ordinarily think of as "intelligent," such as appliances, window shades, thermostats and lights.. Z-Wave unifies all your home electronics into an integrated wireless network, with no complicated programming and no new cables to run.. Any Z-Wave enabled device can be easily added to your existing home network, and many non-Z-Wave devices can be made compatible by simply plugging them into a Z-Wave accessory module.. In seconds, your device gets joined to the network and can communicate wirelessly with other Z-Wave modules and controllers.. And Z-Wave lets you control these devices in ways that give you complete command even when you're not at home yourself.. You can control  ...   and easy for the do-it-yourselfer.. Z-Wave Is Powerful.. Z-Wave's intelligent networking 'understands" the present status of any enabled device, and gives you confirmation that your devices have received the automatic or manual control commands you want.. Z-Wave Is Compatible.. Z-Wave is the only interoperable wireless communication standard of its type.. It's brand-agonistic; you're not stuck having to buy from just one manufacturer or supplier.. Z-Wave Is Intelligent.. Z-Wave can greatly enhance your convenience and peace of mind.. Have your door locks notify you when your kids arrive home from school.. Monitor and assist daily activity for loved ones aging in place.. Cut your energy bills without trying.. See who's at the door from your smartphone when you're away at work or on vacation.. Z-Wave can make all this happen and more.. Z-Wave delivers on.. all.. the promises of the wired home, and opens up exciting new possibilities for the home of the future.. And that future is here now, because over 1000 Z-Wave enabled products are already available, from some of the best-known brands that you already know and trust.. Take a few moments to browse through what Z-Wave can bring to your life by browsing.. the dedicated Z-Wave.. com site.. Get to know how Z-Wave makes your home -- and your life -- safer, more secure, more economical, more convenient and more enjoyable!..

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  • Title: Z-Wave For Developers/OEMs
    Descriptive info: Z-Wave For Developers And OEMs: How To Get Started.. About the Z-Wave Technology Standard.. Z-Wave is a wireless communications technology that is ideal for short range, two-way mesh topology automation networks.. The technology is licensed by Sigma Designs, Milpitas CA, and is comprised of a mesh communications protocol stack, a set of device profiles, a wide selection of transceiver chips and modules and a finished product certification program.. Z-Wave s physical and media access layers (PHY/MAC) have been ratified by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) as the international standard (G.. 9959).. The Z-Wave Standard is administered by the Z-Wave Alliance which serves as the Standards Development Organization (SDO) for Z-Wave.. Together, Sigma Designs, the Z-Wave Alliance and the over 250 international companies that use Z-Wave technology in their products and services present the largest ecosystem of interoperable wireless control products in the world.. The Z-Wave mesh communication protocol stack is embedded in the available chips and modules, and is accessed through a complete set of APIs.. Z-Wave chips and modules provide Flash or OTP memory options for the manufacturer or OEM s application software.. For many products, the Z-Wave chip or module, with its on-board micro-controller, is all that is needed for a complete Z-Wave solution.. For companies that choose chip-based over module-based solutions, a range of blueprints of the PCB circuitry surrounding the Z-Wave Single Chip is offered, including antenna circuitry and filters.. Sigma Designs also licenses reference designs, stack software and APIs to chip manufacturers that are interested in entering the wireless control space, providing Z-Wave porting services that assure quality and accelerate product development.. Z-Wave's industry-leading device specifications are available royalty free, based on a RAND model.. The Z-Wave certification program ensures interoperability between all products.. How To Start Developing Z-Wave Solutions.. To begin developing Z-Wave products, the first step is the purchase of a developer s kit.. This purchase includes signing a license agreement with Sigma Designs for the use of the Z-Wave technology.. A complete description of the developer s kits and licensing process can be found here:.. z-wave.. sigmadesigns.. com/dev_kits.. For general background information on Z-Wave, please visit.. Once you receive your developer s kit license and download the  ...   cost is $1,000 to $3,000, depending on product complexity.. Submit the product information online to the Z-Wave Alliance for Market Certification; there is no charge for Alliance members.. Once you have received both Technical and Market Certifications, you can legally go to market with your product.. Once you complete your product development, you must certify it for interoperability before you can market it, and before you can use the Z-Wave logo and certification badges.. All commercial products using Z-Wave technology must be certified for interoperability.. This is a primary requirement of the Z-Wave Technology License Agreement; failure to do so is tantamount to IP theft.. Z-Wave Product Certification is a two-part self-certification.. The first part is the Technology Certification that ensures your product makes proper use of the Z-Wave SDK and will support device-to-device interoperability.. This certification is issued by Sigma Designs and is essentially a self-certification that is validated by an independent test lab.. To initiate this certification, download the latest certification requirements and certification forms from the Z-Wave Technical Support (ZTS) website.. Complete the forms and submit them to Sigma Designs certification management for review.. If your forms are complete, Sigma Designs will ask you to submit the forms and sample products to an independent test lab for verification.. If everything checks out, Sigma Designs will issue a Technical Certification.. The second part is the Market Certification that ensures that your product carries the proper logo and certification marks, and is adequately represented in the Z-Wave Ecosystem Product Catalog.. To initiate this certification, an online form is completed where the Alliance requests a photograph of the product, a description of the product, proof of the proper use of technology and certification marks per the brand guidelines, and basic information on the inclusion and setup of the product in a Z-Wave network.. This certification is issued by the Z-Wave Alliance, and requires that the submitter is a Full or Principal member of the Z-Wave Alliance in good standing.. An overview of the certification process is available at.. com/z-wave_plus.. Together, the Technology and Market certifications equal Z-Wave Product Certification.. Again, this Product Certification is required by the Z-Wave Technology Licensing Agreement to use the Z-Wave technology..

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  • Title: Z-Wave For Integrators
    Descriptive info: Z-Wave offers integrators and system designers a world of business opportunities, along with the products and training to make those opportunities pay dividends for both you and your clients.. Now integrators can easily deliver all the hot applications that customers are asking for, including remote home and business management, energy conservation, connected solutions for independent aging, real estate and property control and more.. All with no new wiring and the confidence that comes with an interoperable standard that works seamlessly between brands.. There are now over 1000 interoperable Z-Wave products available for every application, from brands your customers know and trust.. The boom in smart home  ...   kits.. And we're right behind you with the training and support you need, both online and at shows and events.. 1000 Interoperable Products.. And All The Info You Need To Make Them Work For You.. Our comprehensive.. product catalog.. covers every application for smart homes and businesses.. Along with being searchable by brand and product type, each product description includes a downloadable Protocol Implementation Conformance Specification (PICS) description.. This data lets you see exactly what the product does and doesn't do, with a detailed listing of how that particular product speaks Z-Wave.. When it comes to smart home and business technologies, Z-Wave is the integrator's best friend!..

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  • Title: About The Z-Wave Alliance
    Descriptive info: The Z-Wave Alliance membership is comprised of industry leaders from across the entire spectrum of the home controls market.. They share a common consensus and a common goal -- to provide advanced yet practical systems that deliver increased comfort, convenience, safety and security using Z-Wave technology.. Message.. You do not have access to view the content you requested.. Please login.. Z-Wave Alliance Overview.. Established in 2005, the Z-Wave Alliance is comprised of industry leaders throughout the globe that are dedicated to the development and extension of Z-Wave as the key enabling technology for 'smart' home and business applications.. United Behind Z-Wave, The Interoperable Standard.. Representing a broad range of industries, channels and consumer touch points, the Z-Wave Alliance members all share a common goal -- to bring advanced, yet practical wireless products and services to market that work together seamlessly, regardless of brand or vendor..  ...   and controls.. The Z-Wave identity mark assures consumers, integrators, dealers and manufacturers that their products will reliably perform with any other Z-Wave device.. Z-Wave: Changing The Connected World.. Z-Wave products and applications fall into every conceivable area of control and monitoring for residential and light commercial environments.. They are powering revolutions in home safety and security, healthcare and independent aging, hospitality and real estate management and energy conservation.. Z-Wave is at the forefront of green energy management technologies, allowing automated meter readings and enhanced demand management.. The Z-Wave Alliance welcomes new members that are interested in how Z-Wave can fit into their business goals.. We offer several levels of membership; full details on how to join us can be.. seen here.. For members of the media, we invite you to find out more about Z-Wave is changing the connected world by.. subscribing to our newsletter..

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  • Title: About The Z-Wave Alliance
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  • Title: Vision And Mission
    Descriptive info: Vision And Mission.. The Z-Wave Alliance is united in its support of Z-Wave as the enabling technology for the age of anywhere/everywhere wireless control and monitoring.. Our vision, Z-Wave Alliance members lead the home controls market, providing systems that deliver increased comfort, convenience, safety and security.. Z-Wave ecosystem, the whole is greater than the sum of the partners.. The mission of the Z-Wave Alliance is to:.. Promote consumer.. awareness and recognition.. of Z-Wave technology as the trusted standard for wireless control.. Ensure.. interoperability.. between systems and devices from all members.. Provide opportunities and processes for.. collaboration.. on future products and services.. Accelerate the.. adoption.. of Z-Wave control products.. Offer trainings for developers, engineers and integrators that extend the.. knowledge.. base and broaden Z-Wave penetration worldwide.. The Alliance encourages other leading home control  ...   Z-Wave Alliance membership is comprised of market leaders from a broad landscape of residential and commercial products that provide millions of consumers and businesses with control and automation solutions that are easy to install and use.. Z-Wave finally makes wireless device and system control practical and affordable.. For manufacturers, Z-Wave offers a powerful and broadly deployed ecosystem for innovative control and monitoring applications.. Z-Wave's light overhead in cost and power consumption make the technology practical for almost any sphere of product development.. For service providers, Z-Wave offers an environment where deployments can be easily extended or enhanced, with full confidence in the backward and forward compatibility with existing products and services.. To find out more about how you can participate with the Z-Wave Alliance and the Z-Wave revolution, please read our information on..

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  • Title: Our History
    Descriptive info: The Z-Wave Alliance was established in early 2005 by a group of leading home control product manufacturers, each dissatisfied with the technological fragmentation that was strangling the promise of the then-nascent home controls industry.. Their goal was to move that industry from an uncertain, unspecified future to a practical and widespread reality.. Back then, as these market leading core members saw it, the three biggest obstacles to widespread adoption of home control were:.. Competing, incompatible, proprietary technologies.. Unfocused, non-converging standardization attempts.. Undue cost for makers, sellers and consumers.. After years of waiting for technologists to create a true standard to which they could build their products, founding members Intermatic, Leviton, Wayne Dalton, Danfoss, and Universal Electronics met with Z-Wave technology creator Zensys to discuss  ...   had envisioned.. The home control manufacturers approached Zensys and all parties jointly decided to form the Z-Wave Alliance.. Since that 2005 inception, the Z-Wave Alliance has been the authoritative presence in the wireless home controls marketplace, and interoperable Z-Wave technology has become b far the market leader.. Products from our members have won innumerable awards spanning virtually every sphere, and Z-Wave itself has been honored everywhere from the Wall Street Journal to Reader's Digest.. Thanks to the efforts of the founding Z-Wave Alliance companies, and the more than 150 additional companies that have joined them since, the promise of practical and widespread home controls is now a present market reality.. And thanks to Z-Wave technology, the future is no longer uncertain.. It is interoperable..

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  • Title: Our Services
    Descriptive info: The Z-Wave Alliance offers a wide array of services for manufacturers, developers, service providers and integrators who are interested in being part of the Z-Wave control revolution.. Three different levels of membership participation provide access to the broad knowledge bank of Z-Wave technology, as well as mindshare with the companies that are driving the home controls market.. Per membership level, our services include:.. Technology Services.. Licensing for the Z-Wave Compliance Test Tool; participation in developer forums and UnPlugFest events; participation in working/task groups; advance access and ratifications for Z-Wave Alliance specifications.. Interoperability Lab Testing.. The Alliance offers its members a 4,000 square foot test facility  ...   without an.. Interoperability Lab.. technician.. Marketing Services.. Web listings, press releases and marketing materials; feature articles, participation in Z-Wave Alliance marketing events; editorial sponsorships and more.. Collaboration In The Alliance.. Attend Z-Wave Alliance member meetings and events; access to Z-Wave Device Class Specifications; participation in Z-Wave Alliance newsletters and email reflectors.. Z-Wave Alliance Governance.. Potential invitations to chair working groups and task groups; potential appointment of Z-Wave Alliance Board Members.. To see the various benefits of being a Full, Associate or Principal member of the Z-Wave Alliance,.. download our membership overview.. To find out more about becoming a member of the Z-Wave Alliance,.. click here..

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  • Title: How To Join
    Descriptive info: By joining the Z-Wave Alliance, you join the companies that are leading the wireless home control market, and enjoy the benefits of being at the center of the smart home revolution.. The Z-Wave Alliance offers three levels of membership:.. Principal Members.. The Principal Members form the Board of the Z-Wave Alliance.. To join as a Principal Member, a company must first be introduced by a Principal Member and then confirmed by vote of the Z-Wave Alliance board.. The board sets the direction of the Alliance, defines goals for all activities, agrees to the budget, and directs spending.. If you are interested in joining the Z-Wave Alliance as a Principal member, please contact Z-Wave Alliance Chairman Mark Walters (.. mark@z-wavealliance.. ) for further information.. Full Members.. The requirements to become a Full Member of the Z-Wave Alliance are as follows:.. A valid technology license for Z-Wave technology.. Development, manufacturing, and/or marketing products and/or solutions that are based on, or incorporate Z-Wave technology.. Public  ...   Pay the annual membership dues.. For 2014, the annual dues for an Affiliate Member are US$ 350.. Becoming a Z-Wave Alliance Member is easy!.. To start the process of becoming a Full or Affiliate member of the Z-Wave Alliance, first select your level of membership.. You can.. download our overview.. of Member benefits to see which level best suits your company.. Full Membership Form.. To become a Full member, please download and review both the Full Membership form.. and.. the Confidentiality Agreement PDF below.. When you've reviewed them and are.. ready to join as a Full Member, click here.. Affiliate Membership Form.. To become an Affiliate member, please download and review both the Affiliate Membership form.. ready to join as an Affiliate Member, click here.. Confidentiality Agreement.. For either level of membership, you must agree that you have reviewed the Confidentiality Agreement, as well as the appropriate membership form.. Questions regarding membership in the Z-Wave Alliance? Please contact Janet Collins at.. janet@z-wavealliance..

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  • Title: Affiliated Organizations
    Descriptive info: The Z-Wave Alliance is an active collaborator with the organizations and associations that are setting the standards for smart homes and businesses, energy managment and the connected world of the 21st century.. Here is a partial list of organizations which share our vision and whom we participate with:.. Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers.. AHAM is a not-for-profit trade association representing manufacturers of major, portable and floor care home appliances, and suppliers to the industry and is headquartered in Washington, DC.. AHAM is a standards development organization, accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and has authored numerous appliance performance testing standards to rate and compare appliances.. You can visit the AHAM web site at.. aham.. Continental Automated Buildings Association.. CABA is an international not-for-profit industry association dedicated to the advancement of.. intelligent home.. intelligent building.. technologies.. The organization is supported by an international membership of nearly 400 companies involved in the design, manufacture, installation and retailing of products relating to home automation and building automation.. CABA also encourages the development of industry standards and protocols, and leads cross-industry initiatives.. Visit CABA at.. caba.. Consumer Electronics Association.. CEA is the preeminent trade association promoting growth in the $195 billion U.. consumer electronics industry.. More than 2,000 companies enjoy the benefits of CEA membership, including legislative advocacy, market research, technical training and education, industry promotion, standards development and the fostering of business and strategic relationships.. CEA also owns and produces the International CES The Global Stage for Innovation.. Find CEA online at.. CE.. Continua Health Alliance.. Continua Health Alliance is a non-profit, open industry organization of healthcare and technology companies joining together in collaboration to improve the quality of personal healthcare.. With more than 220 member companies, Continua is dedicated to establishing a system of interoperable personal connected health solutions into the home fosters independence, empowers individuals and provides the opportunity for truly personalized health and wellness management.. Visit Contnua  ...   the leading United Nations agency for information and communication technology issues, and the global focal point for governments and the private sector in developing networks and services.. For over 145 years, ITU has coordinated the shared global use of the radio spectrum, promoted international cooperation and stablished the worldwide standards that foster seamless interconnection of a vast range of communications systems.. Visit ITU at.. itu.. int.. National Institute Of Standards And Technology.. Founded in 1901 and now part of the U.. Department of Commerce, NIST is one of the nation's oldest physical science laboratories.. Congress established the agency to remove a major handicap to U.. industrial competitiveness at the time.. Today, NIST measurements support the smallest of technologies nanoscale devices so tiny that tens of thousands can fit on the end of a single human hair to the largest and most complex of human-made creations.. Visit NIST at.. nist.. gov.. Open Automated Demand Response Alliance.. The OpenADR Alliance is fostering the development, adoption, and compliance of the Open Automated Demand Response (OpenADR) standard through collaboration, education, training, testing, and certification.. The OpenADR Alliance intends to work with related organizations such as the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel, Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS), North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB), Utilities Communications Architecture International User s Group (UCAIug), Wi-Fi Alliance, Z-Wave Alliance and others as appropriate.. Visit OpenADR at.. openadr.. Universal Smart Network Access Point Alliance.. The USNAP Alliance is an open industry association publishing industry specifications for connecting energy aware consumer products with energy interfaces such as smart meters and energy system interfaces.. The Alliance publishes specifications, tests and certifies products and provides information to consumers, utilities and vendors on the benefits of the standard.. Alliance membership is comprised of utilities, manufacturers, consultants and other parties interested in developing or deploying the standard.. For.. more information, or to find out how to join the Alliance, please visit.. usnap..

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