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  • Title: Start
    Descriptive info: .. Joom!Fish config error: Default language is inactive!.. Please check configuration, try to use first active language.. Start.. Company.. Products.. RF-LabelTech.. Floralabels.. Limo Label Systems AS.. Knowledge Base.. Partner.. Contact.. Disclaimer.. RFID-Labels.. Technologies.. Smart-Labels.. RFID-Cards.. Hard-Tags.. Electronic Goods Security.. EM-Labels.. RF-Labels.. Barcode Labels.. Contakt.. Unternehmen:.. RF LabelTech AS.. Industrivej 65.. DK-4683 Rønnede.. EMail:.. rfid@rf-labeltech.. dk.. Phone:.. +45 55 75 01 00.. Fax:.. +45 55 75 01 20.. Contact Person for Denmark:.. Jacob Sørensen.. (Sales intern).. js@rf-labeltech.. Contact Person for Germany:.. Siegfried Zackl.. Ringstr.. 35.. D-18445 Kramerhof/ Parow.. s.. zackl@rf-labeltech.. de.. +49(0)3831 27 03  ...   Welcome to RF LabelTech AS.. The team of the Danish company RF Label Tech AS would like to introduce you and present their products and benefit options.. We are specialists for production and distribution of RFID smart label solutions and security labels of any kind.. The goal of RF Label Tech AS is to provide our customers with individual and high quality solutions for product labeling, product identification and product safety.. Our demands - high quality products, innovative solutions, honesty and reliability, and customer satisfaction.. Powered by.. AppFox.. |.. Design and SEO by Webmedie..

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  • Title: Start
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  • Title: Company
    Descriptive info: History.. RF LabelTech AS is a new name but the company behind, PrinterLabels AS, is an old well established production company that for over 40 years has been devoted to development and production of specialities.. PrinterLabels AS has for many years had 2 focus areas, production and sales of price labels and price guns/handlabellers and manufactoring of barcode labels and anti-theft labels including EM and RFID.. In 2007 PrinterLabels AS was acquired by Limo Labels AS a major label company with branches several places in Europe.. The Limo Group currently has a turnover of approx _ 18 mill.. and 75 embloyees.. Near Future.. In 2009 the company began to divide the 2 business areas in PrinterLabels AS meaning that RFID and the other special production was separated from the price label business.. The separation of the 2 business areas will help  ...   education especially in the area of RFID as the technology is developing very rapidly.. In late 2007 PrinterLabels AS bought a Bielomatik machine for converting RFID dry and wet inlays and supsequently we qualified to enter into various partnerships with some of the most important suppliers within the RFID industry.. Development.. As a company we have been working activly with RFID since 2004 and we have until now converted several million RFID inlays both HF and UHF.. Our customers include everything from public enterprices to private industri both domestic and abroad.. Furthermore we participate in various development projects to implement RFID i.. e Livestock tagging (.. www.. pigtracker.. ), RFID tagging of reusable packaging, RFID tagging of building materials, RFID labels for high temperature, RFID Cards, Care labels with RFID, Library applications both RFID and EM and RFID for logistics and ticketing..

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  • Title: Products
    Descriptive info: At this point we want to inform you about our products.. Click on the appropriate topic to find out in detail!.. RFID-Labels.. Elektronische Warensicherung.. Barcode..

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  • Title: RF-Labels
    Descriptive info: The currently most widely used label in the electronic article surveillance is an RF-label.. These labels are used in almost all sectors, so far from supermarkets, department stores to professional markets.. The construction of an RF label is quite simple.. The electronic part of the label is aligned on the bottom and is usually applied directly with a permanent adhesive on the product.. A coil which also serves as an antenna is connected to a small capacitor.. Together they form a resonant circuit with an external high frequency field of about 8.. 2 MHz.. When a activated label approaches the vicinity of the detectors(Gates), which are usually placed at the exit of a store, the radio-electronic oscillator circuit triggers an alarm.. The deactivation of electronic article surveillance is usually be done after payment at the cashpoint either by mechanical control of the electronic part or by electrical manipulation.. The  ...   delivered with a so-called "blindcode".. Also conventional is the so-called "nature-version".. This is intended for discouraging among the electronic effect as well.. One of the biggest advantages of the RF-label is the low cost and the possibility to combine electronic retail security and pricing as well.. A disadvantage is that an RF tag is always tied to a minimum size and that the electronic oscillator circuit can be relatively easily manipulated by metallic and magnetic objects or electronic devices.. RF-tags are for single use only, so-called "Hard-Tags" in contrast are reusable.. In a lot of products (for example shoes) RF-components are implanted during the manufacturing process and will remain there till the end of the products life cycle.. RF LabelTech AS don`t offers RF-labels as a standard product.. But if you are interested in individual RF-labels we could produce them for you.. Please contact us!.. Go to the Product List..

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  • Title: EM-Labels
    Descriptive info: Small and flexible EM-labels with or without bar code labels are still used in many different areas worldwide.. Despite the existence of modern technologies of RFID and electronic article surveillance tags EM-labels will be used for example at libraries, video-stores, pharmacies, beauty shops and other areas of commerce in the next few years.. In face of the rapid progress of the RFID technology in Europe a library label with printed barcode is still used most widely for organizing and protecting the borrowing media.. The team of RF LabelTech AS has delivered a large number of labels to many libraries in Europe.. The  ...   wires on top of each which are generating a magnetic field to activate and remove it to disable the tags.. The following figure shows an active stripe, the blue fields are magnetic and the red wire is the supporting wire.. Through newly developed hardware components there is currently even a renaissance of this proven technology.. Two major advantages are dominating here - the small size ensure high flexibility in the attachment on the product and the compatibility to metal.. RF LabelTech AS produces EM-labels in various sizes and formats for using with books, periodicals and audio-visual media such as CD and DVD..

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  • Title: Limo Labels Systems AS
    Descriptive info: Limo Label Systems AS ist ein Unternehmen der dänischen Limo-Gruppe.. Dieses Unternehmen beliefert in erster Linie skandinavische Kunden mit hochwertigen Etikettendruckern und Etikettenspendesystemen namhafter Hersteller.. Neben einer guten Beratung gehört natürlich auch die Installation und der Service zum Portfolio von Limo Label Systems.. Zum Angebot dieses Unternehmens gehört auch ein breites Sortiment von Thermotransferfolie in vielfältigen Qualitäten, Farben und Größen..  ...   von Limo Label Systems gelieferten Produkte.. Für weitere Fragen und Informationen stehe ich Ihnen unter.. Kontakt.. gerne zur Verfügung.. Limo Label Systems AS - Nyholmsvej 4 - DK-8930 Randers NØ - Tel.. +45 87109660 - Fax +45 87109666.. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots.. You need JavaScript enabled to view it -.. limolabelsystems.. _displayNameOrEmail_.. - _time_ -.. Löschen.. _text_..

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  • Title: Knowledge Base
    Descriptive info: This area stays under construction and will be completed soon!..

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  • Title: Partner
    Descriptive info: Internal Partners:.. Limo labels AS.. is the parent company of the group headquartered in Randers.. The company offers a comprehensive range of standard labels of any kind and a wide range of specialty labels.. Printer Labels AS.. is based in Randers and offers its customers across labellers, price labels for a variety of applications and jewelry labels.. Floralabels AS.. is headquartered in Randers.. The company manufactures and distributes specialty labels and accessories for gardeners, horticulturists and home improvement stores.. Floralabels AS has representatives and distributors throughout Europe and the USA.. is headquartered in Randers, and offers thermal transfer film in various formats and qualities.. The portfolio of soda label system  ...   located in Sauerlach/ Germany, a large country community southern of Munich.. The company is developing and producing smart-lnlay-solutions for the application of RFID at highest quality-standards.. aibis® Informationssysteme GmbH.. is a renowned German systems integrator based in Hamburg and Potsdam (Germany).. The company is specialized in the integration of mobile processes in the tasks of a company.. The technological balance points are located at the areas of wireless networks, barcode scanning throuhgout and RFID technology.. Appfox.. is a young German IT company located in Stralsund (Germany).. The company generally covers main software development and IT services.. Among other things this company implemented this website and is responsible for its maintenance..

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  • Title: Contact
    Descriptive info: Contact Details.. Please use our.. Contact Form.. Company:.. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Tel:.. +45 55 75 01 2.. Contact Persons for Denmark:.. Herr Frederik Krause (Managing Director).. +45 22 30 24 74.. Herr Jacob Sørensen (Sales intern).. RF LabelTech Germany.. Herr Siegfried Zackl.. WWW:.. https://sites.. google.. com/site/siegfriedzackl/home..

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  • Title: Disclamer
    Descriptive info: Managing Director:.. Herr Frederik Krause.. Adress:.. RF LabelTech AS.. Elektrovej 2.. DK-4700 Næstved.. Web:.. rf-labeltech.. EMail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots.. Phone: +45 55 75 01 00.. Fax: +45 55 75 01 20.. Miscellaneous:.. USt-Nr.. : DK 32 65 57 26.. Jurisdiction: Næstved, Dänemark..

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