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  • Title: Zimbabwe Agricultural Welfare Trust
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Background.. Situation in Zimbabwe.. Our Current Projects.. About Us.. Zimbabwe Agricultural Welfare Trust.. Supporting the Zimbabwean Agricultural Community.. The Zimbabwe Agricultural Welfare Trust.. was established in July 2001 to provide support for the beleaguered agricultural community in Zimbabwe which has taken such a large amount of unnecessary physical and mental abuse from the self-styled ‘war veterans’ and the unconstitutional actions of their own Government.. The Charity Commission of England and Wales granted us full Charitable Status in March 2002.. Archbishop Desmond Tutu agreed to become our Patron and takes a keen interest in the progress of the Trust.. For full financial and regulatory information on the Trust (including full info on our special dispensation) please see the Charities Commisson Website by.. Clicking Here..  ...   Donate by Text.. JustTextGiving is the UK’s first ever free text donation service.. 100% of your text donation will go to ZAWT and there are no fees for this service.. Using our unique six-digit code ZAWT11, you can donate instantly to our appeal.. Click Here for more info.. Download our latest Newsletters.. Letter of appeal and message from our Chairman: November 2014.. ZAWT Newsletter: October 2014.. Message from our Chairman June 2014.. ZAWT Newsletter: April 2014.. Info on us and our Projects.. Blackfordby College.. Farm Orphans School.. Individual Cases.. Marondera Childrens Home.. Ngonyama Feeding Scheme.. Nyamandhlovu farm school.. Chairman: James Maberly.. Patron – Archbishop Tutu.. All content Copyright Zimbabwe Agricultural Welfare Trust |.. Supporting Zimbabwean Agriculture.. Registered in the UK as a Charity, No.. 1091003..

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  • Title: Situation in Zimbabwe : Zimbabwe Agricultural Welfare Trust
    Descriptive info: In the year 2000, Mugabe began his extraordinary efforts to destroy the ‘white’ farming community.. Only about 150 original farmers of 4000 survive on their farms and ALL of them have been listed for eviction.. It seems extraordinary that President Mugabe could be so bent on the destruction of the once highly effective agricultural community at the expense of his entire nation.. We are however very pleased to see that an Agricultural Task Force, which includes the CFU, has been set up under Professor Mandivamba Rukuni to establish a way forward for the future of Agriculture.. The Government of National Unity, seen as a very progressive step forward has almost ground to a halt.. President Mugabe has used it as a lifeline, rather than take the offer of partnership as a way forward.. It seems that the will of ZANUpf to participate within the process is lacking and as a consequence, despite initial excitement, all progress has dissipated.. We are all aware that the President is  ...   to establish a new way forward.. We see the next 3-5 years as a transitionary period during which the opportunity for Zimbabwe to become the model for post-colonial development in Africa will be at its greatest.. For more in depth information on the current situation in Zimbabwe, please go to.. http://www.. crisisgroup.. org/en/regions/africa/southern-africa/zimbabwe.. aspx.. Elections have been called for 2012 and political violence has once more erupted across the country.. Both President Mugabe and PM Tsvangirai have called for an end to violence in a joint statement to all senior members of their respective parties, but it remains to be seen whether this will have any effect.. See the website.. www.. sokwanele.. com.. for regular updates on Zimbabwe’s escalating challenges.. Whilst there has been much hardship amongst the farming community, particularly amongst the farm workers, an extraordinary internal support system has developed amongst the farmers with many supporting each other and others going out and doing wonderful work with the remnant groups of their previous employees..

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  • Title: Our Current Projects : Zimbabwe Agricultural Welfare Trust
    Descriptive info: Many of our projects remain the same as those in previous years as there is continuity and definite progress which comes from the regular support of these projects.. We focus on projects related to.. Workforce Support.. Education.. Healthcare.. We are often forced to embark on projects and commitments without adequate funding in place in the first instance, and to source the funds as we go along.. As a result of this we appeal several times a year to the General Public in the countries in which we operate, as well as to a select group  ...   and corporate bodies, both in Zimbabwe and in the UK.. But whilst this is the most critical area of need as far as we are concerned, we also have a great need of help in several other areas at the moment.. Please run your eye down the menu at the top and to the right, and if you are in a position to help, offer your time, resources or even advice on any of the areas, please.. contact us.. with what you are willing able to contribute to, and we will be in touch by return..

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  • Title: About Us : Zimbabwe Agricultural Welfare Trust
    Descriptive info: ZAWT (The Zimbabwe Agricultural Welfare Trust) was founded in 2001, and has since inception been run, administered and gained all its funding solely through the efforts of its board of Trustees and many volunteers both in Zimbabwe and abroad who have given generously of their time.. All funds raised go directly to our project in Zimbabwe.. ZAWT has no administration or other overhead, we pay no salaries, we have no costs which are not born directly by volunteeers and Trustees.. Some of our Trustees have opted to remain anonymous given the real threat of danger to family and friends in Zimbabwe, and to do so have special dispensation from the Charities Commission in the UK.. Others feel no threat due to lighter links, and no family in Zimbabwe and thus are happy to be publicly named.. We are  ...   and every Trustee and Voluteer has firm roots in Zimbabwe, and indeed most still have family and certainly many friends still there, hence the need for anonimity in many cases.. There are regular visits to Zimbabwe to meet with the Trustees and Volunteers there, in order that we are kept fully and completely in the picture as to the situation at all times.. There are 5 Trustees in the UK ( Scotland), most of whom have opted to exercise their right to anonimity because of a threat to their families and/or their personal interests.. If you would like to write to us or send a donation to help us in our work you may use the following Postal Address.. The ZAWT Trustees.. c/o 20 Green Street.. Sunbury on Thames.. Middlesex.. TW16 6RN.. Send a message to the UK Trustees..

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  • Title: Donate by Text Message : Zimbabwe Agricultural Welfare Trust
    Descriptive info: Donate by Text Message.. Posted on.. | July 19, 2011 |.. No Comments.. There s no cost to you for sending the text message and your free allowance/bundle won’t be deducted.. Suppose you want to donate £10.. To make your donation you d send the text.. ZAWT11 £10 to the number 70070.. If you find it difficult to insert a £ sign into your text message, just leave it out and send the numeral only e.. g.. ZAWT11 10.. The minimum  ...   in the amount of £1, £2, £3, £4, £5, and £10.. You can give a maximum of £30 per month (e.. three text donations of £10 each).. If you d like to claim Gift Aid on your donation just follow the instructions in the confirmation text you will receive from Just Giving.. Claiming Gift Aid is very important – for every £1 you donate, ZAWT will receive an extra 25p.. Category:.. Uncategorized.. Comments.. Leave a Reply.. Name (required).. Email Address(required).. Website..

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  • Title: Blackfordby College : Zimbabwe Agricultural Welfare Trust
    Descriptive info: Blackfordby Agricultural College.. is the last remaining private agricultural college in Zimbabwe and many of the best and most skilled agricultural trainers and teachers moved there from other colleges when they closed down.. It has kept going by the skin of its teeth and is training many students whom we believe will  ...   In order to assist them, we have provided bursaries for 2 promising students to complete their training.. ZAWT has been able to assist them with the purchase of a tractor, a plough, a harrow, a trailer, a water bowser and a rotary mower.. We continue to seek funding for this very important institution..

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  • Title: Farm Orphans School : Zimbabwe Agricultural Welfare Trust
    Descriptive info: Please note that we have removed or changed the names of some of the schools or organisations we assist as we do not wish them to be subjected to unnecessary scrutiny by the authorities for receiving overseas donations.. We support an.. extraordinary school.. located just outside Harare.. It has a large community of farm orphans attending.. A number of these children live in a dreadful squatter camp nearby, and until we became involved had to carry water with them the 4 kms to school for use during the entire day.. We have installed a borehole at the school which has enabled them to not only provide drinking water, but also run a  ...   with this, we are paying the school fees for 25 of the children who are not in a position to do so.. We are also provide fuel for an extraordinary priest called Rev Matomba who spends his life searching out and providing for these children.. He is the overall coordinator of the assistance for many orphans at this school and elsewhere, organising foster mothers and carers for the children.. We are currently providing exercise books and text books and hardware to repair the roof in certain places.. Desks are being repaired by parents and a number of new desks are currently being purchased.. We also hold a small ‘emergency’ fund for the School..

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  • Title: Individual Cases : Zimbabwe Agricultural Welfare Trust
    Descriptive info: Supporting individuals.. We have also been assisting individuals who are facing really difficult times, particularly with medical costs.. Many of these people have been thrown off their farms recently.. This has been a very gratifying experience and has proved a very welcome assistance by those who are in distress.. This work extends to both farmers and farm workers alike.. We provide funds for members of the team.. mapping.. out the entire land ownership/usage position in Zimbabwe as it stands today,  ...   very different picture of the land ownership and usage so regularly used by the Zimbabwe Govt.. This map will be invaluable when it comes to the real decisions being taken about the future of agriculture in Zimbabwe.. We provide.. funding for a farmworker who was shot in the leg.. by so-called ‘warvets’ whilst taking over a farm in Chegutu.. He receives a monthly allowance to enable him and his family to survive and continue to visit the hospital for treatment..

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  • Title: Marondera Childrens Home : Zimbabwe Agricultural Welfare Trust
    Descriptive info: Providing funding for a.. Children’s home.. in Marondera to feed, clothe and care for the 45 farm orphan children in their home.. We have now been able to provide a playground and also living quarters for the live-in ‘mothers’ who look after the children 24 hours a day.. We now allocate them a monthly allowance which provides for  ...   £500.. 00 which is available instantly where excellent ‘instant’ offers are made to them which need to be decided on then and there, i.. e.. the offer of 40 pairs of shoes at a cut-down-rate.. This project is currently being expanded and we are looking at the extension of buildings in order to house more children at the home..

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  • Title: Ngonyama Feeding Scheme : Zimbabwe Agricultural Welfare Trust
    Descriptive info: The.. near Bulawayo, is feeding upwards of 200 children one good meal a week.. They attend a school nearby (when it is operating) but most come from homes where they are unable to eat regularly as a consequence of the situation.. This meal provides them with the basic sustenance they need to keep going week by week in really challenging circumstances.. We also support the.. Ngonyama School,.. helping them to develop a school garden in which all students are taught the basics of farming using simple and effective methods.. We have also repaired their entire electrical system  ...   by assisting in maintenance work at the school.. For example, the repair of desks and chairs, the making of school uniforms, the repainting of the school, the building of a new playground.. We have also provided funding for the school fees of the 92 orphans at the school.. ZAWT has provided funds for the building of 2 new classrooms.. The process is underway now which will relieve the already crowded school, and we hope that the project will be completed in the New Year.. This work is very well received and is proving to be very effective..

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  • Title: Nyamandhlovu farm school : Zimbabwe Agricultural Welfare Trust
    Descriptive info: Nyamandhlovu farm school.. is a new project.. The school, which caters for over 300 former farm labourer’s children, is in considerable disrepair.. Two classrooms have no roof at all (owing to a storm) and one classroom holds 80 children, roughly half facing in opposite directions with separate teachers teaching them in the same room at the same time.. There are very few desks and very few exercise books.. ZAWT is currently organising for exercise and text books, the making of new desks  ...   the repair of the roof for the two classrooms.. A self-help arrangement has been made with the parents who are working on such projects as repainting the school which is working very effectively.. We have recently assisted the children by part funding a school trip to Victoria Falls and to the Victoria Falls Game Reserve.. This was the first time these children have been on such a trip and the excitement was palpable.. We envisage much progress with this project in the future..

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