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  • Title: Homepage | Camelon IT
    Descriptive info: .. Support Request.. Submit a support ticket and check the status of existing tickets.. Remote Assistance.. Allow a Camelon IT engineer to remote control your desktop.. Change Request Form.. Premier clients use the Change Request Form for out of scope requests.. Telstra App Support.. Lync Presence App, TIPT Command, RealTime Billing, RecordIP.. 1300 881 007.. Support.. Main menu.. Applications.. Camelon Presence.. Camelon CallBoard.. Camelon Corporate Directory.. Camelon BulkTools.. Camelon Hindsite.. Solutions.. Cloud.. Communications.. I.. T Solutions.. EyeOnIT.. Project Management.. Services.. TIPT.. IT Support Helpdesk.. Service Level Agreement.. Agent Services.. Business Continuity.. Consulting.. Hardware Software Procurement.. Company.. About Us.. Careers.. News.. Blog.. Contact.. Latest News.. Applications,.. T and C:.. bridging the gap.. How can you bridge the gap between.. telephony and I.. T?.. for SMB Enterprise.. We Listen to what you need in your business from and I.. T Perspective.. We understand what your business is seeking from their technology partners.. A.. Telstra Certified.. Partner that delivers.. Camelon offer unique solutions customised for Telstra s IP Telephony and Next IP network.. We also offer a broad range of ICT Services from consulting, design and delivery, through to implementation and support.. IT Support.. For When you Need It Most.. Camelon s Managed Service includes an unlimited access to helpdesk support to ensure your staff are always functional.. Bridging the gap between telephony and I.. T systems and applications has taken Camelon to the forefront of ICT.. We listen to what you need in your business and make I.. T happen.. We re committed to being the best technology partner you ll ever have.. Promise.. When you re looking for unique solutions customised for your business, our comprehensive range of services connected through Telstra s IP Telephony and Next IP network will impress.. Imagine, genuine I.. T support and a helpdesk right at your fingertips.. At Camelon, we re always within easy reach.. Homepage.. Experience meets innovation, that s Camelon  ...   a solution that best matches your business.. Whenever you need assistance, Camelon I.. T has the answer.. Staff Profile – Sandy Seymour.. 06.. Feb.. 1:55PM.. Camelon Staff Profile Sandy Seymour.. Sandy has been with Camelon since the very beginning, starting out as an IT technician and progressing to her current role as General Manager of Third Party.. Introducing BulkTools for Service Providers.. 23.. Jan.. 11:17AM.. Camelon Bulk Tools is a set of utilities designed to assist service providers with provisioning and management of BroadWorks/TIPT deployments.. The tool-set allows an administrator to perform common single user changes in bulk across a BroadWorks group or enterprise, potentially saving countless labor hours when managing a customer s platform.. 10 Reasons why Camelon are Telstra Enterprise Partner of the Year, 2 Years in a Row.. 09.. 11:21AM.. We have the skills, experience and understanding to leverage Telstra s product range to best suit the customer s enterprise.. We ve implemented over 20,000 TIPT endpoints to Telstra customers including our largest deployment of over 5700 ends.. We offer end-to-end solutions and ensure a smooth and well executed project in all facets from administration to technical expertise.. Camelon Presence - new features and enhancements!.. 05.. Dec.. 3:05PM.. Camelon Presence is a powerful connector between TIPT/BroadWorks and Microsoft Lync, resulting in a true Unified Communciations solution.. We're excited to announce that Camelon Presence now has the following enhancements:.. Vision and Vibe … Team Building 2013.. 14.. Nov.. 12:18PM.. Camelon’s team building retreat on the weekend 8th-10th November at Novotel Twin Waters Resort, successfully combined strategic business planning with a timely celebration of our new relationship with Vita Group.. Beyond Expectations – BroadSoft Connections 2013.. 31.. Oct.. 5:21PM.. Camelon I.. T attended BroadSoft Connections 2013 in San Diego, an event that attracted decision-makers from some of the world’s largest and most innovative service providers.. Camelon.. Presence.. Hindsite.. Corporate Directory.. CallBoard.. Call 1300 881 007.. Sales.. Helpdesk..

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  • Title: Telstra App Support | Camelon IT
    Descriptive info: Please use this form when requesting support for our telstra services:.. Lync Presence App.. ,.. TIPT Command.. RealTime Billing.. RecordIP.. Company.. *.. First Name.. Last Name.. Phone.. Email.. Support Request.. Please describe the issue you are experiencing and one of our support professionals will be in contact with you within the hour: (300 characters).. Contact Details.. :.. partner@camelon.. com.. au.. support@camelon.. jobs@camelon.. Head Office.. 13 Carnaby Street,.. Maroochydore QLD.. 4558 Australia.. Servicing.. Sunshine Coast.. Brisbane.. Melbourne.. Bundaberg.. Maryborough.. Hervey Bay.. Perth..

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  • Title: Applications | Camelon IT
    Descriptive info: Camelon UC Applications.. Seamless integration between Microsoft Lync and BroadWorks.. Realtime Data Visualisation for Call Centres.. Centralised contact management for IP handsets.. BulkTools.. Make group level changes to BroadWorks Services.. Backup and restoration tool for BroadWorks.. Sales Enquiry.. Our applications are designed to extract the highest level of return on your telephony investment.. Taking our applications one important step further, we are also able to tailor-make integrated solutions for clients, bridging that impasse between your software and your telephony systems.. Over the past two decades, our customers have enjoyed the cutting-edge technology and the engineering expertise we bring to  ...   your business.. It s also about thinking and acting strategically to transform your communication and I.. T functions into one of your most valuable business assets.. Camelon will undertake a strategic analysis that focuses on your ICT architecture and provide best-practice solutions for your future viability and business sustainability.. Camelon have developed a range of UC Applications including:.. - providing seamless integration between Microsoft Lync and BroadWorks.. - realtime data visualisation for call centres.. - allows you to make changes on a group level to specific BroadWorks services.. - Active Directory/Central Contact Integration for IP Handsets on the BroadWorks Platform..

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  • Title: Presence | Camelon IT
    Descriptive info: Camelon Presence Bridging Broadworks and Microsoft Lync.. Camelon Presence provides seamless integration between Microsoft Lync and BroadWorks.. Using Camelon Presence to connect your telephone handset to Microsoft Lync will allow your colleagues to see if you are on the phone, and enables you to place calls from Microsoft Lync without touching your telephone handset.. Benefits for business include:..  ...   client side deployment with no additional server configuration required (such as Remote Call Control (RCC)).. Seamless integration with Outlook and other compatible Microsoft products.. Greater ability for supervisors to monitor staff call activity.. Available in both Stand Alone and Enterprise versions.. Please watch our Youtube clip below:.. 30 Day Trial - Australia.. 30 Day Trial – All Other Countries..

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  • Title: CallBoard | Camelon IT
    Descriptive info: Providing Realtime Data Visualisation for Call Centres.. Camelon CallBoard provides a visual display for call centres, including a detailed reporting module and metrics alerting module.. Key features include highly visible display of call centre metrics, customizable modules, drag and drop tile layout, 100% Hosted and web browser based, customizable colors and scheduled report generation capabilities.. Key features.. Highly Visible Display of Call Centre Metrics.. Customizable Modules.. Drag and Drop Tile Layout.. 100% Hosted and web browser based.. Colors customizable.. Scheduled Report Generation Capabilities.. Request Trial..

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  • Title: Corporate Directory | Camelon IT
    Descriptive info: Camelon Corporate Directory simplifies contact directory delivery to IP handsets by synchronizing with Microsoft Active Directory.. Offered as a hosted or on-premise solution, IP handsets can have access to centralized contact directories activated seamlessly and promptly.. BroadWorks users can also maintain personal address lists that remain attached to the user throughout any IP endpoint changes..  ...   Customer controlled syncronization rules.. Indexed searching for fast results.. Customizable search filters.. Contact Name, Title, Department and Office Location shown in Header.. Active Directory photo shown (if available).. Click2Dial of all listed numbers.. Supports multiple numbers per contact (up to 3).. Clickable Add to Favourites.. For more information on Camelon Corporate Directory, please contact.. App-Sales@camelon..

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  • Title: BulkTools | Camelon IT
    Descriptive info: Camelon BulkTools allows you to make changes in bulk to specific BroadWorks services.. Need to enable.. Call Waiting.. for 400 users? Accidentally enabled.. DND.. for a new group of 1000 users? Rolling out a new IP handset to an enterprise? Camelon BulkTools is specially designed to make these  ...   only changeable at a user level but with Camelon BulkTools, mass changes to a BroadWorks group can be made from one single intuitive user interface.. Re-Assigning IP handsets is also simpler with the Handset Assignment Tool, an added extra available with Camelon BulkTools.. Please.. enquire.. for more information..

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  • Title: Hindsite | Camelon IT
    Descriptive info: A loss of BroadWorks enterprise or group can trigger major disruptions to a customer s telephony environment and also means valuable time is lost while a provider undertakes restoration work.. Camelon Hindsite prevents these interruptions by providing backup and restoration tools for BroadWorks at an enterprise or group level..

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  • Title: Solutions | Camelon IT
    Descriptive info: The sky is the limit with cloud computing revolutionising the way business and society uses and manages technology.. EyeOnIT is the cornerstone of Camelon s support system, encompassing a cutting-edge system monitoring and new generation support methodology..

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  • Title: Cloud | Camelon IT
    Descriptive info: The cloud is creating new and seemingly endless possibilities and through Camelon and Telstra, a range of highly-secure and innovative opportunities are being offered.. The world is changing and the most profound evolution of I.. T, cloud computing, is the new model of consuming and delivering business and technology services.. It s providing economies of scale and business agility.. Cloud computing has the power to make quantum changes to how you do business and the appeal of getting what you need as you need it is an I.. T game-changer.. Thinking of transitioning to a Cloud system? Contact Camelon s Cloud Specialist Matthew Muller.. Matthew.. Muller@camelon.. IAAS.. IAAS is a universally used acronym for Infrastructure as a Service and Camelon recommends Telstra s dedicated hosting solutions.. The possibilities, flexibility and scalability options are endless.. Dedicated Hosting provides a range of highly-secure, physical server platforms that are dedicated to your usage.. You can choose a Self-Managed Server, Managed Virtual Server or Managed Physical Server.. Dedicated blade servers can also be virtualised if required.. Hypervisor service can be added, which enables you to manage your own virtualised server configuration.. Turn your services off and on as you need.. This reduces your total cost of ownership and carbon footprint.. You also benefit from around-the-clock monitoring and support, as well as a range of storage, backup /  ...   for resources you need on-demand for a lower total cost of ownership than a build, own and operate on-premise solution.. Consolidation.. - Combine your data centre functions into a single, secure, purpose built centre, with the ability to utilise Interstate data centres as required or integrate other suppliers of choice for Disaster Recovery.. Customer Satisfaction.. - On-going customer satisfaction program enabling Camelon to provide you with superior service.. Utility.. Telstra s Utility Hosting service provides customers with virtual servers and associated computing resources that can be adapted as business needs change.. It enables customers to rapidly and easily scale their resources to meet demand fluctuations with minimal cost and minimal delay.. The virtual servers employ the latest virtualisation technologies on Telstra s world-class network to deliver computing resources.. This is a highly secure multi-tenanted platform that enables customers to rapidly scale their computing resources to meet business needs as they arise.. This product is ideally suited if you require:.. A small to medium size hosting environment.. A rapid deployment of infrastructure.. An ability to rapidly make changes to your infrastructure.. A temporary platform in response to a temporary need.. A reduction in upfront infrastructure investment costs (for both short term or longer term uses).. In addition to these scenarios, Telstra s virtual server solution can be used for many different and varying business needs..

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  • Title: Communications | Camelon IT
    Descriptive info: Clever, customised communications anywhere, anytime.. It s what you want and with Camelon + Telstra, it s what you ll have.. Camelon offers a comprehensive range of communication services that can be tailor-made to suit your business.. We re not a one fit suits all company and will ensure our advice and solutions exclusively match your needs.. We take pride in our attention to detail and our determination to provide the best and latest communication offerings which is why we recommend Telstra s IP Telephony and next IP network.. it makes business sense to us and will to you too.. At Camelon we not only develop business relationships with our customers and clients but we also have one of the largest partnership structures in Australia with service and product providers.. Camelon and Telstra s Next IP.. Camelon s Next IP services include:.. Integration.. Deployment.. Telstra s Next IP network provides a platform for customers to securely operate their business in a high performance and reliable environment.. This Next IP network is a pathway for a range of communication services and technology solutions.. T is Next IP certified and can implement and manage Telstra s basic and complex data products including IPWAN, IPMAN,  ...   not a traditional phone system, it s a data solution and you need a data specialist, Camelon.. TIPT is not a traditional phone system, it s is a data solution requiring a data specialist.. We are a certified Telstra ICT partner and can collaborate and work with your current I.. T service provider or internal IT resources to deliver TIPT.. The TIPT solution is a hosted telephony platform integrated with Telstra Next IP Network and can provide the same level of functionality as high-end phone systems.. It is scalable from 1 user to over 10,000 users so you can avoid having to invest in expensive onsite PABX solutions every several years.. Camelon will manage the while project for you from design, to delivery and ongoing support.. Our helpdesk service will also ensure any changes are made promptly.. Camelon offers a range of TIPT services:.. Unique Software Solutions.. Camelon Call Recovery Software.. Camelon RecordIP.. Camelon is a Telstra Business Enterprise Partner specializing in delivering unique solutions customised for Telstra s IP Telephony and Next IP network.. We also offer a broad range of end to end ICT Services.. Technology is one of those business-critical challenges that requires a depth of expertise, experience and skills..

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