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  • Title: Cable Ski Logan
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  • Title: Cable Ski Logan - Home
    Descriptive info: Home.. About Us.. Accommodation.. What is Cable ?.. Prices.. Contact Us.. Web Links.. Where are We ?.. 80 Ferry Road.. Carbrook Qld.. Australia.. Ph: (07) 3287 7777.. Click Here to find us !.. News.. Calendar of Events.. Events.. Obstacles.. Grommie Club.. Chicks Clinic.. GO-Ride Linear Cable.. Parties Private hire.. Private coaching.. Cablefest Downunda Tour in the News.. Go - Ride and Bali huts.. Groupon Voucher.. Groupon Voucher bookings.. Click on this link below to secure your Groupon Voucher booking.. Please arrive 10 mins prior to your booking to ensure you enjoy the full 2 hrs of your voucher.. Then simply bring printed voucher or barcode on smart phone and enjoy.. http://www.. supersaas.. com/schedule/Cable_Ski_Logan/Groupon.. Living Social Bookings.. Please click here to process your booking, on the day of your session please bring either a printed copy of your voucher or the redemption barcode on your smart phone.. Thanks.. com/schedule/Cable_Ski_Logan/Living_Social_Bookings.. Welcome to Cable Ski Logan.. Cable Ski Logan, one of only four cable water ski parks in Australia, opened in 2003 hosting the IWSF World Cable Wakeboarding Titles and  ...   From beginners to advanced riders, Cable Ski Logan caters for all levels with hire wakeboards and pro wakeboards available.. Pro wakeboards can be used on the obstacles at the park for the rider looking for an added adrenalin rush and a new challenge to their riding.. With a fully licensed kiosk, verandah and beach all over looking the lake, it is a great way to spend a day with friends or with the locals at the park, riding and chilling out.. Features:.. -Beginners to advanced welcome.. -Free Spectator Admission.. -Instruction basic equipment provided.. -Fully Licensed venue Kiosk.. -BBQ Area Booking Required.. (BYO BBQ equipment and Gas).. -Gift Vouchers available.. -Groups Corporate Bookings available.. -Variety of obstacles to try out.. Opening Hours.. Night Riding Wednesdays and Fridays til 8pm.. Monday 12 pm - 5:30pm.. Tuesday CLOSED.. Wednesday 12pm - 8:00pm.. Thursday CLOSED.. Friday.. 12pm - 8:00pm.. Saturday 10am - 5:30pm.. Sunday.. 11am - 5:30pm.. Who's Online.. We have 10 guests and no members online.. Search.. Copyright.. © 2011.. Cable Ski Logan.. All Rights Reserved.. Website Design by.. TigaNet..

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  • Title: Cable Ski Logan - Home
    Descriptive info: We have 11 guests and no members online..

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  • Title: Cable Ski Logan - About Us
    Descriptive info: Cable Ski Logan is located halfway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast in Australia and provides.. an action packed and fun experience for first time visitors through to advanced riders.. Experience the addictive, adrenalin rush of wakeboarding, wakeskating, kneeboarding or skiing with encouragement and coaching from our trained staff to ensure a truly enjoyable day is had by all.. Cable Ski Logan opened in 2003 with the IWSF World  ...   best in Australia.. Owner Peter Wilkings, a former Australian Waterski team member and international IWWF wakeboard judge, and has been involved in the cable waterski and wakeboard industry since the origination of wakeboarding in Australia.. At Cable Ski Logan we are passionate about all things cable ski and aim to make each person’s experience at the park a truly memorable day out!!.. We have 12 guests and no members online..

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  • Title: Cable Ski Logan - Accommodation
    Descriptive info: Logan City Motor Inn.. 3725 Pacific Highway (Cnr Nujooloo Road Springlands Drive) Slacks Creek / Logan City 4127.. Hotel Gloria.. hotelgloria.. com.. au/.. Springwood Towers.. springwoodtower.. Springwood Motor Inn.. http://springwoodmotorinn.. Mcnevens hotel.. mcnevins.. Yatala Motor Inn.. beenleighyatalamotorinn..

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  • Title: Cable Ski Logan - What is Cable ?
    Descriptive info: What is cable wakeboarding?.. Cable wakeboarding is simply wakeboarding while being pulled not by a boat, but by an overhead cableski system.. It’s definitely the coolest addition to the distinguished list of extreme sports throughout the world, because it combines the best of the extreme nature of wakeboarding without the need for (or expense of) a boat.. Cable is an enormously valuable and important element of the entire sport of wakeboarding.. How many cableways are there?.. There are over 140 cable parks all over the world, and more are on the drawing board, especially since the advent of wakeboarding.. Of these, over 100 are in Europe and Africa (60 of which are in Germany alone), as well as many others in Asia and Australia.. However, the fever in North and South America is rising fast.. So how does it work? How do you ride without a boat?.. Suspended in the air by a series of towers (or masts) surrounding a small lake, an overhead cable rotates in a (usually) counterclockwise motion around the lake.. Along the cable are a number of carriers from which ski ropes will attach to and pull a rider or skier around the lake.. Why is it so popular? What makes cable so cool?.. Basically, cable is ideal for riders who have limited or no access to a boat.. It's drastically less expensive compared to all the costs involved with boat wakeboarding, with a lot less hassle.. Cableways are clean, efficient, quiet, and overall, very environmentally friendly.. You can ride many more sets in a day than you ever could behind the boat.. Riding on the cable actually helps your riding behind the boat.. And it's more forgiving on your body than boat wakeboarding.. But the best part is, you can do every trick on the cable that can be done behind the boat, and more.. And, thanks to all the above, it's the perfect gateway for anyone who wants to get into the world of wakeboarding.. Let's look at that again.. No expensive boat, no gasoline, no maintenance, no air or water pollution, no traffic-clogged lake, no set up or cleanup necessary, less risk on your body, and you can still become one of the top wakeboarders in the world, all while having a great time with your friends.. Nice concept, wouldn't you think?.. How can you call it cable wakeboarding when there is no wake?.. You ride using a wakeboard.. It’s that simple.. It’s still wakeboarding because every single trick that has been, is now, or ever could be thrown behind a boat can and is being thrown on the cable.. The tricks are identical.. Boat or cable, the sport is still the same.. It’s just a slightly different method to the same awesome madness.. How did it get started? What is its history?.. The first cable system showed up in 1962.. Click here to learn more about the history of cableways and what’s happened since the explosion of wakeboarding around the world.. How does it compare to riding behind the boat?.. It’s a slightly different kind of pull.. Since the angle of the rope is higher on the cable than behind the boat, you get more lift and, potentially, more hang time.. This is one reason you see such awesome tricks like double S-bends on the cable, a rare occurrence if ever behind the boat.. Also, with the move and flex of the cable itself, you find it much less stiff and more forgiving.. Therefore, learning new tricks comes much easier and faster.. Difficult as it may be to believe, the simple fact is that virtually every trick that can be performed behind the boat can also be done on the cable.. Period.. Regular or switch, inside or out, you see plenty of spins, 313s, roll to blinds, KGB's and every mobe or Raley trick you can think of.. You name it, it's been done on the cable, either in the flats or off the obstacles.. Take your pick.. How much does it cost to ride?.. Around the world, you can expect rates of very roughly around US$18-25 for one hour, to about US$40-50 or so for an all day pass.. However, most cable parks offer weekly, monthly, and yearly passes with unlimited riding that are a much better deal.. Depending on the particular cable park, these passes can run from around US$250-350 or so for a month, to around US$1,000-1,500 for a year.. Again, rates will vary from country to country or region to region.. • What does it cost compared to owning a boat?Well let’s see here, the price of a typical wakeboard boat these days will average around US$40,000-$50,000 (often higher).. PLUS you have gasoline/petrol, PLUS boat insurance, PLUS  ...   obstacles available and the fact that you can fall a zillion times and get right back and keep riding all day long working on your shuvits, varials, spins, etc.. , it's no wonder that we're seeing wakeskaters now comprising almost 25-30% or more of all riders on the cable.. Are there a lot of riders crossing over between boat and cable?.. Yes, there's definitely a crossover.. And there's a real advantage to it, too.. Tricks are the same on either, and cable is a terrific teaching tool.. Cable definitely helps your boat riding and vice versa.. It's great cross-training.. Mike Ferraro, one of the world's top wakeboard and waterski coaches, regularly advises his students and elite athletes to cross-train on the cable whenever possible.. I might like to compete.. How do I find out about contests, tournaments, or other events?.. Many cable parks host contests and tournaments of all kinds, ranging from local grassroots competitions to major international events.. Competition formats can be based either on age (boys/girls, junior men/ladies, open men/ladies, masters, etc.. ) or ability (beginner, intermediate, advanced, etc.. ).. Check the website of your local cable park, your country’s wakeboard or waterski federation, or check in here at cablewakeboard.. com for all the latest available information!.. Is there international competition? How popular is the sport among sponsors?.. Cable wakeboarding is truly an international sport.. Sponsorship and media coverage is excellent, where tournaments and related events routinely draw large crowds and excellent public interest in local and international media.. The 2001 World Cable Wakeboard Championships, held in Duisburg, Germany, drew competitors from 25 countries all over the world, along with a crowd of 5,000 spectators.. Crowds continued to grow at subsequent world championships in Brisbane, Australia in 2003, and in Budapest, Hungary in 2005.. Then in 2006, all records were broken when a grand total of 25,000 people attended the 4th Cable Wakeboard World Championships in Linz, Austria.. In addition, National Championships are held in more than 20 countries across the globe.. In 2005, cable wakeboarding finally achieved true international Olympic-level status when for the first time in history, not only was it included as a featured sport in the 2005 World Games in Duisburg, Germany, but also ranked #2 in television ratings (American Football was #1) out of over 30 different sports covered at the prestiguous event, with a worldwide audience of over 150 million viewers.. Also, the years 2005 and 2006 saw more cable wakeboard events all over the world than at any other time in the history of the sport.. Isn’t cable a threat to the boat companies?.. No way.. Not at all.. In fact, more cableway development is going to open the door for hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of riders to get into wakeboarding who have no access to a boat.. It is an absolute guarantee that anyone who starts his riding on the cable will sooner or later want to ride behind the boat as well.. That's not news.. Consequently, that translates into even more boat sales over and above current levels, as more and more riders get into and get stoked on the sport via cable.. If the boat companies are looking for new customers and/or new markets, which no doubt they always are, they need look no further than their local cable park, with all those kids throwing sevens off the kicker and perfecting their S-bend to blinds.. The formula is simple: cableway development = boat sales.. There’s no cable park where I live.. Where can I find one?.. More cable parks are being planned around the world every year.. Hopefully one will be in your area very soon! In the meantime, click here for our Worldwide Directory of Cable Parks to find one nearest you.. I would like to build a cable park in my area.. What is involved and how do I do it?.. It can be a huge and daunting task, one that takes lots of time and effort, but well worth it!.. What’s the potential for future growth of the sport?.. Because more and more people are finally discovering its many efficiencies and environmental advantages, there is absolutely no question that cable wakeboarding has a terrific future! The market potential for construction of more cable parks around the world, particularly in China, the United States, Europe, South America, and other developing regions is absolutely HUGE!.. As more cable parks are built around the world and more competitions are held on local, national, and international levels, more and more riders of all ages and skill levels will discover what a truly fantastic sport and how incredibly fun cable wakeboarding really is!.. Thankyou to.. www.. cablewakeboard.. for the above information.. We have 13 guests and no members online..

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  • Title: Cable Ski Logan - Prices
    Descriptive info: Current Spring / Summer Pricing.. Please Note.. Min weight Requirement: 32-35kgs (unless an experienced rider) -.. Guideline Only.. Max weight Requirement: 95kgs (unless an experienced rider) -.. Current Prices.. Inlcudes Basic Equipment (Life Vests, Knee Boards) and Instruction.. 1 Hour - $30.. 2 Hours - $40.. 3 Hours - $50.. 4 Hours - $55.. Day Ticket - $65.. (Upgrades are $15 per level).. Hire Base Wakeboards.. Please Note that Standard Hire Boards are.. not.. permitted to be used on any of the obstacles in the park.. 1 Hour Board Hire - $15 + 1 Hour Ski Ticket - $30 = $45.. 2 Hours Board Hire - $20 + 2 Hour Ski Ticket - $40 = $60.. 3 Hours Board Hire - $30 + 3 Hour Ski Ticket - $50 = $80.. 4 Hour Board Hire - $35 + 4 Hour Ski Ticket - $55 = $90.. All Day Board Hire - $40 + All Day Ski Ticket - $65 = $105.. (Upgrades are $20 per level).. Hire Wakeboards - Kicker and Slider Package.. Includes Wakeboard, Jacket and Helmet and use of the Kicker and Slider Obstacles.. 1 Hour Package Hire - $30 + 1 Hour Ski Ticket - $30 = $60.. 2 Hour Package Hire - $40 + 2 Hour Ski Ticket - $40 = $80.. 3 Hour Package Hire - $50 + 3 Hour Ski Ticket  ...   $299.. (entitles member to unlimited Ski time during normal hours for 1 month.. 3 Months - $599.. (entitles member to unlimited Ski time during normal hours for 3 months.. 6 Months Bronze - $99.. (members gets 2 hours ski time per visit for $30, 4 hours $40, day ticket $50.. 6 Months Silver - $799.. (member gets unlimited ski time during weekdays, excluding public holidays.. 6 Months Gold - $999.. (entitles member to unlimited Ski time during normal hours for 6 months.. Summer 10 - 11 Group Rates.. Weekdays.. Groups 10+.. 1 Hour - $21.. 00.. 2 Hours - $28.. 3 Hours - $35.. 4 Hours - $39.. All Day - $46.. Groups 15+.. 1 Hour - $15.. 2 Hours - $20.. 3 Hours - $25.. 4 Hours - $28.. All Day - $33.. Weekends Public Holidays.. 1 Hour - $25.. 2 Hours - $34.. 3 Hours - $42.. 4 Hours - $47.. All Day - $51.. All Day - $45.. Private Hire.. (Lake is available at selected times only).. 1 Hour day time - $295.. 1 Hour night time - $350.. Please note:.. The number of people attending must be confirmed at least 7 days prior to the booking along with a $50 non-refundable deposit.. You will be charged for the number of confirmed skiers regardless of no shows.. (However more may be added on the day)..

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  • Title: Cable Ski Logan - Contact Us
    Descriptive info: Contact.. Contact Form.. Send an email.. All fields with an * are required.. Name.. *.. Email.. Subject.. Message.. Send copy to yourself.. Send Email..

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  • Title: Cable Ski Logan - Web Links
    Descriptive info: jetpilot.. au.. wakemagazine.. rubberjungle.. monsterenergy.. wake.. wakeskate.. unit.. surfskateski..

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  • Title: Cable Ski Logan - News
    Descriptive info: Go - Ride and Bali huts.. Cablefest Downunda Tour in the News.. Logan News June 3, 2011..

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