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  • Title: Calmer Sutra Tea
    Descriptive info: .. Calmer Sutra Tea Facebook.. Calmer Sutra Tea.. ABOUT.. SHOP.. TOP SHELF.. THE STAPLES.. ACCESSORIES GIFTS.. STORE LOCATOR.. BREWING TIPS.. GENERAL TIPS.. TOP SHELF – BREWING TIPS.. THE STAPLES – BREWING TIPS.. PARTNERSHIPS.. CONTACT US.. Navigation.. NEW HOME.. Copyright © 2014.. | Website Design by:.. SubCutanea..

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  • Title: ABOUT | Calmer Sutra Tea
    Descriptive info: ABOUT.. HUMBLE BEGINNINGS.. What started with a personal desire to find a quality chai away from the festival’s and markets has become, what seems to be a lifelong passionate journey to bring peace, calm and daily ritual to so many loyal sippers.. One lazy afternoon in St.. Kilda back in 2002, dabbling with the decided ingredients, the recipe for success was found after one attempt.. Call it luck, call it intuition, call it divine intervention.. Call it what you will, the fact is it’s what we have lovingly come to know as Calmer Sutra Tea’s ‘Calmer Chai’, the creation of the first ever wet blend, FRESH CHAI.. Calmer Sutra Tea was founded by Caitlin West in 2002.. Matthew Clarke joined the team in 2008 and together Caitlin and Matt have been directing and leading their business since.. The unique blend of freshly ground spices, black tea leaves, Australian honey and fresh ginger root, burst into the community and gave them a truly vibrant full-bodied chai, scenting the pathways of our café culture filled streets.. With that a niche was found and filled….. 2013 saw years of experimenting, sourcing and sipping  ...   piece of the Calmer pie to the states.. As we grow we will always remember our roots and we thank all those loyal fans who have stuck by us and helped spread the Calmer word.. OUR PLEDGE.. With the wheels very much in motion our day to day is spent refining what we do to ensure you get the best of the best from us.. Our recipe for success has not changed and on a daily basis we taste test our handmade batches before being shipped out all over Australia.. Over the last twelve years there have been many helping hands involved in keeping the wheels in motion.. Family and friends: a calmer community at work.. Calmer has high standards that follow through from our product to our workplace.. With lots of exciting prospects on the horizon we hope you join us on this journey of discovery.. New products, new technology and hopefully most importantly giving more of you the chance to sip on a cup of calmer in more places more of the time….. Search.. Shopping Cart.. Your shopping cart is empty.. Visit the shop.. Find Us on Facebook..

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  • Title: SHOP | Calmer Sutra Tea
    Descriptive info: SHOP.. Chai.. Sprinkle Shaker.. Old Price:.. $4.. 50.. Price:.. Updating cart.. Fresh Chai.. Pricing.. 200g – $10.. 90.. 500g – $23.. 1kg – $40.. 00.. 2kg – $75.. 3kg – $110.. from $10.. View Product.. Sprinkles.. 120g – $3.. 300g – $7.. from $3.. Barista Strainer.. $9.. Hiranya Chai Honey.. Hiranya Chai Honey 300g.. $10.. Pages:.. 1.. 2.. Next.. Last..

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  • Title: TOP SHELF | Calmer Sutra Tea
    Descriptive info: TOP SHELF.. Extend your menu offering with premium, innovative beverages designed especially for the busy barista in Australia’s thriving hospitality industry.. CALMER CHAI.. Price.. : From $10.. 200g to 3kg.. Ingredients.. :.. Black tea, spices, fresh ginger root, Australian honey.. Buy Now.. CLICK HERE for infusion guide.. Infusion Guide.. CLICK HERE to learn more about Calmer Chai.. WHAT IS CHAI?.. Chai simply translates as “tea” in India, and Masala Chai as ‘Spiced Tea’.. Many Westerners have simply adopted the word ‘Chai’ as meaning a spiced milky tea.. Drinking spiced Chai is a tradition that dates back hundreds of years.. In a world of whirlwind solutions and light speed living, Calmer Sutra Tea endeavours to allow you to slow down and immerse yourself in the ancient ritual of sipping chai.. Those who long to be transported back to the vibrancy that the Indian culture exudes will be whisked away with the aroma.. Ancient Indian Ayurvedic principles say that the spices in chai are considered calming, vitalising and mentally clarifying.. OUR CREATION PROCESS.. It is the combination of our ingredients and the intention in the preparation of our chai that makes it taste so good.. The black loose leaf tea that you find in the cup of calmer is rich in anti-oxidants.. Our tea is grown and harvested in Nantou County, a lush mountainous region on the island of Taiwan.. We use fresh ginger root, as we believe that this is the heart and soul (essence?) of an authentic chai.. It provides a zing on your palate while helping to develop a strong immune system.. We grind each whole spice daily to order (?) to our preferred consistency, to maintain maximum flavour and potency.. The delicate layers created by the 8 spices, the black tea leaves and  ...   of Calmer spices, ginger (Fresh?) and Organic Rice bran syrup (low fructose, low GI) to bind it all together and preserve.. For those who love a sweet touch, you can sweeten our dandy-chai with your poison; agave, honey, coconut sugar or nectar, raw sugar, stevia or extra rice bran syrup! They all work wonderfully to round out the rich roasted flavour of the Dandelion and Chicory.. CHAI SPRINKLES.. : 120g $3.. 50 | 300g $7.. Brown sugar, spices.. CLICK HERE to learn more about Chai Sprinkles.. The perfect finish to your Chai latte.. Dust your chai with our chai sprinkles, a combination of brown sugar and sweet spices.. A sweet and spicy hit with a crunchy texture.. HIRANYA CHAI HONEY.. : $10.. Victorian Yellow box Honey, Spices.. CLICK HERE to learn more about Hiranya Chai Honey.. Hiranya meaning ‘golden’ in Sanskrit is the perfect adjective to describe our decadent infusion of Chai spices with local Victorian Yellow box Honey.. Our very own liquid gold has endless applications.. Add it to your chai for an extra hit of spicy sweetness, spread on your toast, drizzle over porridge, muesli, yoghurt or fresh fruit or add as a sweetener to muffin or cake mixes to replicate the chai flavour.. GINGER, PEAR LIME TONIC.. Available exclusively for wholesale.. CLICK HERE to learn more about Ginger, Pear Lime Tonic.. Load up on anti-oxidants and vitamin C.. This tisane combines fresh ingredients of ginger, pear, lime and lemon for maximum potency and is lightly sweetened with agave syrup.. This innovative blend brings the quality strong flavour profile of fresh, organic ingredients to your beverage menu.. A great antidote to the cold and flu season.. SUPER SPICED CACAO.. Click here for infusion guide.. Click here to learn more about Super Spiced Cacao..

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  • Title: THE STAPLES | Calmer Sutra Tea
    Descriptive info: THE STAPLES.. COMING SOON!..

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  • Title: Store Locator | Calmer Sutra Tea
    Descriptive info: Store Locator.. [raw].. Find Locations Near:.. Street:.. City:.. State:.. Zip:.. Select a distance:.. 1 km.. 5 km.. 10 km.. 25 km.. 50 km.. 100 km.. 500 km.. 1000 km.. Categories.. cafes.. foodstore.. [/raw]..

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  • Title: GENERAL TIPS | Calmer Sutra Tea
    Descriptive info: GENERAL TIPS.. SOME THINGS FOR CONSIDERATION….. Choosing your teapot:.. Tea needs space to breathe and expand for best results.. If using a mesh strainer insert in your pot, It is very important to ensure the mesh basket is deep and large enough for the leaves to expand allowing for adequate extraction.. Know the size of your teapot! How many mls does it hold? Use.. our guide.. to determine the amount of tea you should be using.. Water quality:.. Water is the main component of tea, so the quality of the water plays a big part in the overall taste quality of the drink.. Filtered water is best where possible.. If you want to take your tea brewing to the next level, use filtered water and boil using a kettle rather than using water from a coffee machine.. Why organic Tea?.. The main benefits of organic tea are better quality tea, avoiding toxic chemicals, and protecting the environment in the areas where the tea is grown.. Better Quality Tea:.. Organic foods have higher levels of many disease-fighting antioxidants and essential vitamins.. Also many people believe (us included) that Organic Tea simply tastes better!.. Toxic Chemicals:.. Australian CHOICE Magazine tested teas for pesticides, and all the varieties that claimed to be organic got the all-clear.. However,  ...   Conventional agriculture can damage the environment through its over-use of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers.. These chemicals can damage and disrupt the natural balance of ecosystems, affect the health of workers and contaminates the underground water resources.. Organic farming uses no harmful chemicals, and sustainable farming practices.. The importance of brewing temperatures and times.. All tea leaves (white, green, oolong, black) come from the same tea bush: Chamellia sinensis, but it is the degree of oxidation which determines the type of tea is will become.. Time and temperature affect the taste of the tea enormously.. Put in simple terms, here’s why:.. GREEN TEA VS BLACK TEA.. Green Tea is less oxidised than black.. Therefore it has higher levels of tannins and is more delicate.. Therefore it requires cooler brewing temperatures and shorter steeping times, otherwise too many tannins will be released and the taste will be bitter and astringent.. Black Tea undergoes full oxidation and is therefore more stable.. Black tea actually needs the higher temperature to release the tannins to attain depth of flavour in the cup.. In saying this, over steeping the leaves will release too much bitterness.. Herbal Tisanes are much less sensitive and can handle high temperatures and long steeping times, so do not require as much care as tea leaves!..

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  • Title: TOP SHELF – BREWING TIPS | Calmer Sutra Tea
    Descriptive info: TOP SHELF – BREWING TIPS.. Buy it now.. Calmer Chai – Latte style (8oz/240ml).. 2x Tbs or 1x 30ml scoop of Fresh Chai into your steaming jug.. Add 1 part boiling water to cover.. Stand 30sec to 1 minute.. Add 1/2 teaspoon of Hiranya Chai Honey.. Top up the jug with 2parts soy milk or alternative.. Heat and texture the milk to 75-85 degrees.. Pour immediately through a barista strainer and into the glass/cup.. Dust with Chai Sprinkles.. CALMER CHAI – TEAPOT (yields 1-1.. 5 cups).. 2x Tbs or 1x 30ml plastic scoop of Calmer Chai into teapot.. Adjust quantities for larger pots.. Add 1 part boiling water to cover the chai.. Add half a tsp of Hiranya Chai Honey, or serve on the side.. Heat soy milk in steaming jug or on stovetop to 75 – 85 degrees and add to teapot.. Stir well and cover with the lid to retain heat..  ...   into a glass pre-prepared with lots of ice and a scoop of creamy ice-cream.. Finish with chai sprinkles.. Sit back and chill the chai out.. Ginger Pear Lime Tonic.. (Wholesale only).. Preparation Method:.. GINGER PEAR LIME TONIC.. Stir mixture well.. 1x 30ml scoop into a small teapot (serves 1-1.. 5 cups) Adjust qty for larger pots.. Fill teapot with boiling water.. Allow 3-4 minutes infusion time.. Serve with cup and strainer.. Note: This tisane will only get better the longer it is left to steep and cannot be over-brewed like tea leaves can!.. Super Spiced Cacao.. SUPER SPICED CACAO – 8oz/240ml.. Add 1 level tablespoon of dry mix and 1 level tablespoon of wet mix to your steaming jug.. Cover with 1 part boiling water and stand for 30 sec to 1 minute.. Add 2 parts soy milk or alternative.. Heat and texture to 75-80 degrees.. Strain into your cup using your barista strainer..

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  • Title: THE STAPLES – BREWING TIPS | Calmer Sutra Tea
    Descriptive info: THE STAPLES – BREWING TIPS.. SUMMARY OF STEEPING TIMES TEMPERATURES:.. TEA/TISANE.. per 8oz/240ml water.. per 13oz/400ml water.. Water Temp.. Steeping Time.. BLACK TEA.. (Evermore Lady Melbas).. 5 grams or 1 level 20ml scoop.. 8 grams/1 level 30ml scoop.. 95ºC.. 3.. 5 mins.. GREEN TEA.. (Leafy Green).. 5 grams or 2/3 of a 20ml scoop.. 8 grams/1 level 20ml scoop.. 75-80ºC.. 2 mins.. TISANE.. (Floral Fields, Peppermyntle,Ginger Grass).. 2 grams/1 level 20ml scoop.. 3 grams/1 level 30ml scoop.. 95-100ºC.. 4-5 mins.. EVERMORE LADY MELBA – 400ml Teapot.. COMING SOON TO OUR ONLINE STORE!.. Pour boiling water.. (a rolling boil: 95ºC).. into your teapot.. clean jug rather than straight over your tea leaves as it will scold the leaves and effect the taste.. Then pour water from jug over the leaves to fill the pot.. Add your tea  ...   see how time affects the flavours and to find what works for your palate.. Remove mesh strainer if using one to prevent over extraction.. Serve with a cup and saucer, with cold milk and sugar on the side.. GREEN TEAS.. LEAFY GREEN – 400ml Teapot.. Using a thermometer, allow water to cool to.. 75-80.. ºC.. Alternatively add a dash of cold water to bring the temperature down.. (.. 8gms/1x 20ml scoop).. Infuse for 2 minutes.. Serve straight with a cup and saucer.. HERBAL TISANES.. FLORAL FIELDS, GINGER GRASS PEPPERMYNTLE.. Add 3 gms /1x 30ml scoop of the tisane to your pot.. Cover the tisane with boiling water.. Serve with a cup and saucer.. Allow to steep for.. 4-5 minutes.. before serving.. Herbal tisanes are less delicate than tea leaves and won t become bitter with over extraction..

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  • Title: PARTNERSHIPS | Calmer Sutra Tea
    Descriptive info: PARTNERSHIPS.. With over 500 cafes spanning from Melbourne to Sydney and around the countryside, supplying Calmer Sutra Tea, the decision was made to expand our base of loyal tea sippers.. Keeping the business in the family, Caitlin s sister-in-law Debra Means-West is bringing the Calmer Sutra brand to the USA.. Maintaining our commitment and focus on one thing making handmade teas and tisanes that people will LOVE to drink we believe that we can captivate taste buds once again.. Whether in Australia or now in the US, Calmer Sutra Tea is providing a truly delicious cup of Calmer in more places more of the time! Happy Sipping!.. The Calmer Collective is the ‘sister’ company of  ...   Combining our love for everything culinary and with an ever-growing loyal database, we realised an exciting opportunity: a small distribution service with a chance to represent a careful selection of innovative, honest Australian produce.. And so ‘The Calmer Collective’ was born.. AASTA is made up of a passionate and experienced group of individuals pushing boundaries in the tea industry.. AASTA is devoted to growing the Australasian specialty tea market by supporting industry members with information, education, inspiration and opportunities to network and collaborate.. Owner of Calmer Sutra Tea, Caitlin West joined the AASTA committee in 2013.. She is thoroughly enjoying immersing herself deeper into the wonderful world of tea within her new role of Marketing Sponsorship..

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  • Title: CONTACT US | Calmer Sutra Tea
    Descriptive info: CONTACT US.. CALMER SUTRA TEA HQ.. 622 Hawthorn Road.. Brighton East.. VIC 3187.. (03) 9596 8460.. Inquiries:.. caitlin@calmersutratea.. com.. au.. Wholesale orders:.. orders@calmersutratea.. Accounts:.. accounts@calmersutratea.. INQUIRY FORM.. Your Name (required).. Your Email (required).. Subject.. Your Message..

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