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  • Title: CAN Automotion - Home Page
    Descriptive info: .. Mobile.. CAN.. Interface Tools.. Diagnostics.. Data Logging.. Gateways Bridges.. Repeaters.. Analysis Tools.. Protocols.. CAN Open.. SAEJ1939.. Automotion Control Measurement.. Automation Control.. Operator Panels.. Measurement.. FlexRay.. Industrial.. Device Net.. Industrial Ethernet.. Ethernet Powerlink.. Ethernet IP.. ProfiNet.. Schneider Products.. Sliprings for Industrial Applications.. Industrial Communication Converters.. Contact Us.. Links.. Terms Conditions.. HOME.. CAN Automotion provide services and products  ...   Our specialisation in CAN-bus provides you with a product range that supplies Windows-based starter kits and a comprehensive text to freely programmable controllers for vehicles and machines.. We are providers of system solutions for many different fields of application.. Can Automotion Australia Pty Ltd 2/21-29 Railway Ave, Huntingdale Australia 3166.. Phone: +613 9568 4432 Fax: +613 9568 4667..

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  • Title: CAN Automotion - Interface Tools
    Descriptive info: Automotion Control.. Scheider Products.. Product Catalog.. Further Products.. canAnalyser.. Powerful analyzing tool to record, interprete and transmit CAN messages.. PC-I 04/PCI.. PC-I 04/104.. iPC-I 320/PCI II.. iPC-I 320/104.. iPC-I XC16/PCI.. iPC-I XC16/PCIe.. iPC-I XC16/PMC.. iPC-I 165.. CAN@net II/VCI.. tinCAN 161.. USB-to-CAN II.. USB-to-CAN compact.. CANblue/VCI.. The IXXAT PC/CAN interfaces enable PC applications to access CAN networks with a singular variety of different PC interface standards.. The customer can select an optimum PC/CAN interface according to the application, performance requirement or required unit costs.. More than 10 different PC interface standards are supported, and for many of which, we offer several different CAN boards.. The complete IXXAT PC/CAN interface product range was developed, and will continue to be developed exclusively by IXXAT, so that we can maintain complete control over production, product maintenance and product life cycle.. This criterion is an important one, especially in the industrial sector that values the longevity  ...   Interface).. Therefore, it is very easy to switch between CAN boards.. Even future technologies are already being integrated today.. Card name.. Technic.. PC- access.. Micro- controller system.. CAN.. controller.. Bus.. interf.. Certifi- cation.. Passive CAN Interfaces.. PCI.. Memory mapped.. passiv.. up to 2 x SJA 1000.. High-Speed.. CE, CSA/UL.. PC/104.. Active CAN Interfaces.. DPRAM memory mapped.. 8 Bit.. CE, CSA/UL, FCC.. 1 x SJA 1000.. PCI (3,3 V and 5 V).. 16 Bit.. 1 x TwinCAN (2 x CAN).. High-Speed and optional Low-Speed (switchable via software).. PCI express.. CE, FCC.. PMC.. Switchable High/Low speed interface.. ISA.. Ethernet.. 10/100 MBit/s Ethernet.. 32 Bit.. 1 x SJA 1000.. CE, FCC, CSA/UL.. Mobile CAN Interfaces.. PCMCIA.. 2 x SJA 1000.. and.. Low-Speed.. CE.. USB V2.. 0 (full speed).. USB.. CE, CSA/UL, FCC.. USB-to-CAN.. compact.. Bluetooth.. For custom applications requiring fully integrated PC/CAN interfaces, we also offer hardware and software licensing of our interface technologies..

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  • Title: CAN Automotion - Diagnostics
    Descriptive info: The CAN-Bus-Tester (CBT) allows the Controller Area Network system to be tested on a physical level.. It can be used, among other things, to determine signal-to-noise ratios and the flank quality of the CAN messages.. CANcheck allows users to analyze CAN networks during commisioning, maintenance and helps searching faults.. This battery-operated, hand-held device connects to the CAN network to be tested and operates using a clearly-structured menu.. CAN Bus Tester (CBT).. CAN Check..

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  • Title: CAN Automotion - Data logging
    Descriptive info: The data logger CANcorder MMC enables autarkic logging of CAN messages.. The data can be called up easily via modem/GSM module using teleControl.. CAN corder MMC..

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  • Title: CAN Automotion - Gateways & Bridges
    Descriptive info: CANBridge.. CANLink II.. CANmodem / CANopen.. CAN@net II / Generic.. CANblue / Generic.. LIN2CAN.. CAN bridges and CAN gateways are infrastructure components with which complex network structures can be implemented.. CAN bridges can connect CAN networks of different bit rates or protocols with each other.. They are based on the store-(modify)-forward principle where CAN messages are received by a sub-network and then transmitted to the other sub-network.. Translation and filter rules can also be used, allowing a protocol adaptation to be carried out between the sub-networks.. A bridge can also provide simple gateway functions.. Unlike the CAN repeater, the CANbridge enables the enlargement of the maximum network size so that the sub-systems are fully self-sufficient with regard to bus arbitration.. Independent of each other in terms of their real-time behavior, CAN sub-networks  ...   transmission systems.. For example, the CAN-Ethernet-CAN bridge is connected via two Ethernet-TCP/IP gateways which enable connection to remote CAN networks.. As an extension to the CAN bridges, CAN gateways allow for access to CAN networks via other communication systems.. In each case, the protocols of the connected bus systems are mapped to the other communication model.. This allows devices with only one serial port to be connected to CAN/CANopen networks via CAN/CANopen-RS232 gateways.. Gateways can also provide remote accesses to CAN networks.. The CAN-TCP/IP gateway, for example, enables worldwide access to the CAN network for both diagnosistic and service purposes.. Connection of CAN networks with the CANbridge.. IXXAT - CANBridge.. IXXAT - CANLink II.. IXXAT - CANmodem / CANopen.. IXXAT - CAN@net II / Generic.. IXXAT - CANblue / Generic.. IXXAT - LIN2CAN..

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  • Title: CAN Automotion - Repeaters
    Descriptive info: CAN Repeater.. CAN-CR200.. CAN-CR210/FO.. CAN-CR220.. FO Repeater.. Repeaters are used to establish a physical coupling of two or more segments of a CAN bus system.. They can be used to implement tree or star topologies as well as for long drop lines.. In addition, network segments can be electrically decoupled using a galvanically isolated repeater.. The lines coupled by the repeater are independent electric segments that can be optimally terminated in terms of signals.. In this way topologies can be implemented that are not possible with a pure line of the bus due to electrical reflections.. According to the transceiver output capacities, the division of a CAN system into several subsystems, connected via CAN repeaters, increases the maximum number of bus nodes.. As signaling is not directed in CAN, the repeater logic has to translate the signals of the segment received into the other and has  ...   it corresponds to a network that consists only of lines.. Another application of repeaters is the coupling of different physical CAN layers by means of high/low-speed repeaters, optical repeaters, or optical star couplers.. The repeaters offered by IXXAT have an additional monitoring function.. Connected network segments that are disturbed by permanent dominant levels are detected and automatically disconnected, thus allowing the remaining network to continue functioning normally.. After the fault has been eliminated, the operation of a disconnected segment is detected and the segment is automatically reconnected to the network.. IXXAT also offers the repeater technology for licensed integration into customer hardware.. Conventional bus structure.. The distance between the two nodes.. furthest apart (1/9) is 220 meters.. Extended structure with drop line.. furthest apart (1/6 or 6/9) is 150 meters.. IXXAT - CAN Repeater.. IXXAT - CAN-CR200.. IXXAT - CAN-CR210/FO.. IXXAT - CAN-CR220.. IXXAT - FO Repeater..

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  • Title: CAN Automotion - Analysis Tools
    Descriptive info: CAN Analyser.. CAN Analyser lite.. CANopen Module.. DeviceNet Module.. www.. cananalyser.. com.. With the canAnalyser Version 2.. 5, IXXAT offers a very powerful, versatile tool for the development, testing and servicing of CAN-based networks.. The canAnalyser is already very widely used especially in the area of industrial  ...   industry.. Using current Windows technologies, the complete new developed canAnalyser Version 2.. 5, with further improved flexibility and reliability, is a modern all-round analysis tool for all CAN application areas.. IXXAT - CAN Analyser.. IXXAT - CAN Analyser lite.. IXXAT - CANopen Module.. IXXAT - DeviceNet Module..

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  • Title: CAN Automotion - CAN Open
    Descriptive info: IXXAT CANopen software and tools are used by different companies worldwide in applications such as machine control, elevator technology, marine automation, commercial vehicles, military and medical technology.. In order to meet the requirements of these application areas and the corresponding development phases, IXXAT offers the following software solutions and services:.. Protocol Software.. Can Analyser with CAN Open Module.. Products for Mobile applications for CAN Open..

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  • Title: CAN Automotion - SAEJ1939
    Descriptive info: SAEJ1939.. SAE J1939.. is the CANbus standard used for communication and diagnostics in many vehicle engines in the USA.. STW has developed several functions to easily handle SAE J1939 messages and to send commands back to the engine by using these same protocols.. SAE J1939 uses the 29-bit extended identifiers available in CANbus transmissions, as opposed to the 11-bit standard identifiers normally used.. SAE J1939 defines  ...   message's 29-bit identifier.. A PGN identifies a message's function and associated data into a wide range of predefined groups.. Parameters such as engine RPM or temperature can easliy be accessed by capturing messages with the associated PGN.. A range of PGNs (00FF00h - 00FFFFh) is also reserved for proprietary use, allowing a user to add his or her own messages into the already predefined communication structure..

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  • Title: CAN Automotion - Automation & Control
    Descriptive info: STW ESX Products.. Joystick Controllers.. STW announces a new product line, controllers for mobile applications for less money.. The first member of this controller family will be the ESX-IOX, available beginning 3rd quarter 2007.. The ESX-IOX is a low cost I/O module for mobile applications, which provides a lot of I/O for less money.. The total current output is 10A.. The following I/O is possible with ESX-IOX:.. up to 28 digital inputs.. up to 2 RPM inputs.. up to 6 voltage inputs (0 to 10V).. up to 12 voltage inputs (0 to 40V).. up to 4 PWM outputs.. up to 8 digital outputs.. up to 4 digital outputs low active.. up to 1 10V output for the supply of sensors.. The ESX-IOX extends the I/O capability of a master controller, using CAN (CANopen protocol or layer 2 communication).. The controller can also be programmed for your individual application.. The module is mounted in a plastic housing (5.. 4” x 4.. 6 x 1.. 4”).. Connection is provided by  ...   world wide market leaders of agriculture, construction, municipal and military vehicles as well as many other kinds of mobile equipment.. In 2007, STW will sell about 60,000 freely programmable controllers (more than any other manufacturer) in more than 200 different variations into these markets.. Due to highly demanding safety requirements for many applications in mobile equipment (i.. e.. cranes, fire equipment, etc.. ), many of STW’s controllers are certified based on IEC 61508 (SIL2) and EN 954-1 (Cat.. 3) standards.. STW is also ISO 9001 certified, and further certification includes ISO/TS 16949:2002, the quality standard of the automotive industry.. In addition to the controller product range, STW offers displays, joysticks, sensors, and other electronic components to provide a complete electronic system for vehicles.. STW is also a supplier of robust pressure and force measurement sensors with thin-film, ceramic or silicon technology.. STW specializes in applications in extreme conditions, which includes pressures up to 3,000 bar (44,000 psi) and media temperatures up to 300 °C (540 °F).. Joystick Controllers..

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  • Title: CAN Automotion - Wachendorff Panels
    Descriptive info: OPUS A1.. OPUS A2.. OPUS Thor.. OPUS 21c.. Wachendorff Panels.. OPUS A1 (10.. 4 ) The flagship.. OPUS A1 is a rugged operator terminal, equivalent to a powerful industrial PC, with which a whole range of different automotive applications can be controlled in parallel.. If you are searching for state-of-the-art technology, on which to implement programs tailored to your applications, then look no further - the OPUS A1 is the right platform for you!.. OPUS A2 (5.. 7 ) The classic panel.. The new OPUS 2 operator panel combines the latest technology with rugged workmanship.. With the help of an SD flash memory card you can transfer project data specific to your application from a PC to the OPUS  ...   with the full range of powerful features yet is easily programmed thanks to the reduced number of programming keys.. OPUS Thor is thus ideally suited to applications where the operator is not able to give his full attention to the unit.. When designing your applications you yourself make the decisions regarding the user interface.. OPUS 21c (5.. 6 ).. OPUS The keyboard.. Thanks to its 20 freely programmable function keys, 14 of which can be explained by using graphics on the display, the OPUS 21 allows the control of various functions all on one level.. As you are the person who knows your applications best, then with this unit the design of the user interface is in your hands..

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