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  • Title: Webdeveloper.BG - fast, cheap and SEO optimized custom websites
    Descriptive info: .. Webdeveloper.. BG.. Home.. Services.. Design Development.. About me.. Contact.. Fast, cheap and SEO optimized.. CUSTOM WEBSITES.. I'm an experienced web developer for more than 9 years, devoted in creating custom web sites.. I wish to offer you fast, beautiful and very well SEO and performance optimized web sites, meeting the standards for valid HTML5 and CSS.. My long experience in web development will help me meet your needs.. I use.. PHP.. ,.. jQuery.. Ajax.. MySQL.. and.. PostgreSQL.. I prefer coding on my own without using different CMS systems like Joomla or WordPress because I believe that simplicity and speed are more important in most of the cases.. And also, any CMS that gives you a lot of functionality, makes it very difficult to customize.. But this doesn't mean that I dont use them often.. So feel free to suggest or demand the use of any of them for your project.. Please review.. my CV.. Obiavite.. infO - all types of announcements - jobs, cars, real estate.. NOVA - real estates agency.. Mattresses Silvestar - springs and mattresses.. Tiva plus - shipping, logistics, transportation, franchise.. EGGED Ruse Ltd - city public transport company.. Pastry Bene.. Creating New Custom Websites.. Creating web sites.. - No matter how small and simple or how big and complex website you need, I will be able to offer you.. custom website.. with.. beautifull, modern and user-friendly design.. hight quality programing.. Upgrading or bugfixing existing websites.. - add new pages, create new functionality etc.. I will do everything from beginning to the end , going through all the steps like initial discussion  ...   helps the search engines to "understand" what the given page is about.. There is a general rule saying:.. Google likes valid HTML more.. , which is very important for SEO and will help the site climb-up in ratings.. The result should be better search rating and more traffic from search engines.. HTML valid code.. - If you need your website.. HTML code to be made valid.. in order to be more.. SEO friendly.. cross-browser.. , do not hesitate to.. contact me.. Valid HTML code will reduce browser rendering time a little bit, increase cross-browser compatibility and maybe the most important - will make your pages more SEO friendly.. My name is.. Plamen Georgiev.. but you can call me.. Paul.. I live in.. Rousse, Bulgaria.. and work as an.. webdeveloper.. Do not hesitate to.. and describe your need, I'll be happy to answer shortly.. E-mail:.. plamen_peorg@mail.. bg.. Skype: plamengeorgiev1978.. Or in other words: "The way I like to work".. Development includes server and client side programing (PHP and JavaScript), database design, processing input data etc.. Critical point here is hacker safety, protection against all kind of attacks, well written and optimized code, well structured database, which includes the use of indexes and right distribution of the data amongst different tables.. A good developer must test its scripts well and ensure they are free of bugs.. Apart from being beautiful, simple and intuitive web site must be "cross-browser", HTML code should be valid and optimized for best performance, reducing the rendering time to minimum.. The same is for CSS.. Site map.. Copyright Webdeveloper.. All rights reserved.. Find me on..

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  • Title: Services :: Webdeveloper.BG
    Descriptive info: Or in other words: What do I do.. I will do everything from beginning to the end , going through all the steps like initial discussion to understand the clients needs , creating design mockup , client approval ot the mockup etc.. Everybody wants his site to be as up in the search results as possible.. It is done with the help of a collection of techniques and practices to enhance the visibility of web site ranking in search engines..

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  • Title: Design and Development :: Webdeveloper.BG
    Descriptive info: Intuitive design is such, which suggests to the user what to do.. But this would not be a universal definition for intuitive design, because one and the same design for one would be intuitive and for other - no.. Besides, in time everyone gets used to even with the most unintuitive design.. In order to surf easily every user should have same basic experience, for example unless fallen from the Moon, everybody has seen a menu.. But to complete some specific action,  ...   fill the gap", to reduce this "white spot" between what we already know and what we should know in order to use the site.. Rule 1.. - simplify.. Although, it doesn't always mean that complicated is unintuitive.. Rule 2.. - ask the others.. Ask your friends to look at the site, try to use it and say what they think.. Leave them to try on their own and see how easily they will use it.. I work mainly with the following technologies:..

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  • Title: About me :: Webdeveloper.BG
    Descriptive info: Personal information.. First name(s) / Surname(s).. Plamen Vasilev Georgiev.. E-mail.. Skype:.. plamengeorgiev1978.. Nationality.. Bulgarian.. Date of birth.. 15 April 1978.. Gender.. Male.. Occupational field.. Web Developer.. Work experience.. Dates.. May 2007 onwards.. Occupation or position held.. Web developer.. Main activities and responsibilities.. Developed and improved web sites.. Name and address of employer.. MetaVisia Ltd.. , Raiko Daskalov st.. 36, Ruse 7000, Bulgaria.. Type of business or sector.. IT – web development.. May 2003 - April 2007.. ConsultSoft Ltd.. , Pirot st.. , Ruse 7000, Bulgaria.. Education and training.. 1997 -  ...   providing education and training.. Ruse University.. Technical skills and competences.. HTML, PHP, JavaScript, XML, jQuery, Smarty, CSS, MySQL, PostgreSQL, ZendFramework.. Projects.. http://bulgarianight.. com - no longer active.. http://nowa.. bg - no longer active.. http://egged-ruse.. com.. http://tivaplus.. http://obiavite.. Personal skills and competences.. Mother tongue(s).. Other language(s).. Self-assessment.. European level (*).. English.. Understanding.. Speaking.. Writing.. Listening.. Reading.. Spoken interaction.. Spoken production.. B1.. Independent user.. B2.. (*).. Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.. Driving licence.. Bulgaria, clean - not active driver, category B.. Additional information.. PERSONAL INTEREST.. Tourism, outings and mountain trackings..

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  • Title: Contact :: Webdeveloper.BG
    Descriptive info: This is my home page:.. www.. webdeveloper.. Do not hesitate to contact me and describe your need, I'll be happy to answer shortly.. Your Name: *.. Your E-mail: *.. Subject:.. Message: *.. Security code: *..

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  • Title: Site Map :: Webdeveloper.BG
    Descriptive info: Site Map..

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