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  • Title: Ian Davis
    Descriptive info: .. Ian Davis.. home.. profile.. blog.. projects.. elsewhere.. presentations.. :.. British.. technology entrepreneur.. My URI:.. http://iandavis.. com/id/me.. Email Me:.. nospam@iandavis.. com.. Updates:.. twitter.. ,.. google+.. This is my space on the web, a place of calm tranquility free from the hustle and noise of a modern online existence.. Take a moment to enjoy the white space and soothing text.. shhhh.. Still here? Maybe these will help:.. more about me.. some stuff I've made.. my writings..

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  • Title: Ian Davis' Profile
    Descriptive info: Ian Davis' Profile.. Connect with me on.. LinkedIn.. Here's my bio if you need it for a profile or conference:.. One-line Bio.. British technology entrepreneur.. Primary interests are open data, the semantic web and decentralization.. Full.. Ian Davis is an experienced Internet technology entrepreneur who has founded four technology startups and raised venture capital in the areas of large scale search, business intelligence and distributed data systems.. Until 2012 he was the Chief Technology Officer of.. Talis.. , leading the company’s platform strategy.. In 2000 he was co-author of the..  ...   created the popular.. FOAF icons.. In 2006 he authored the Talis Community License and led the work to fund and create the.. Open Data Commons.. In 2008 he founded the.. Data Incubator.. , a community of data enthusiasts.. Ian read Theoretical Physics at Royal Holloway College, University of London and currently lives in Rugby, England with his wife and two children.. He writes a personal blog,.. Internet Alchemy.. , where he has written on technology, software development and the semantic web since 1999.. He can be contacted by email at nospam@iandavis..

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  • Title: Ian Davis' Projects
    Descriptive info: Ian Davis' Projects.. I'm not embarrassed to say that I love data.. Making it, exploring it, using it.. Most of my projects are related to making data work on and across the web.. I am an advocate of.. open knowledge.. and place the majority of my project work in the public domain.. I'm also fascinated by genealogy and have a back-burner some-day project to open the world's genealogical data.. Just to up the geek quotient a little more: I'm an avid board game player.. Oh yes, and I do like SciFi (but none of that made-for-TV stuff:).. Sites.. I've built and operate a number of web sites:.. vocab.. org.. a free hosting site for RDF vocabularies and schemas.. OpenVocab.. an RDF schema editor that allows the community to collaborate on creating an open vocabulary of RDF terms.. Schemapedia.. a community built compendium of RDF schemas for use with Linked Data.. Link Sailor.. a linked data browser.. ProductDB.. an open database of product related linked data.. DataIncubator.. a community site for promoting the production of linked data.. placetime.. URIs for places and times.. sharedpast.. my some-day  ...   for describing transit systems and routes.. RELATIONSHIP.. a vocabulary for describing relationships between people.. Evidence.. a vocabulary for describing forms of evidence and the hypotheses that may be formed from it.. FRBR Core.. a vocabulary representing the concepts and relations described in the IFLA report on the Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records (FRBR).. FRBR Extended.. a vocabulary representing the extended FRBR concepts and relations.. VANN.. a vocabulary for annotating vocabulary descriptions.. Code and Other Things.. I don't write as much code as I used to, but here's some of what I have made public:.. Pytassium.. a Python library for working with Kasabi.. com APIs.. Potassium.. a convenient PHP library for working with Kasabi.. Moriarty.. a PHP library for working with the Talis Platform.. More on github.. I am a very poor graphic designer, but somehow I managed to create these:.. FOAF Icons.. public domain icons for indicating FOAF files.. Occassionally I write mini web apps:.. Boredom.. an idea generator for kids on rainy days.. I have contributed to the following:.. Linked Data patterns.. an open catalogue of patterns for creating, publishing and using Linked Data..

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  • Title: Ian Davis Elsewhere
    Descriptive info: Ian Davis Elsewhere.. I use a lot of different sites across the web.. Here are a few links to my pages on those sites.. claimID.. Disqus.. Dopplr.. ESW Wiki.. Facebook.. Flickr.. Github.. Google+.. Google Reader.. last.. fm.. LibraryThing.. Meetup.. Musicbrainz.. TripIt.. Tumblr.. Twitter.. YouTube.. Reddit.. Slashdot.. SlideShare.. The following are old or unused accounts but are still linked with me somehow.. Advogato.. Blip.. tv.. BrightKite.. Plazes.. Pownce.. Connotea.. Cork d.. Digg.. Ecademy.. Get Satisfaction.. Huffduff.. MySpace.. Technorati.. Tip d..

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  • Title: Ian Davis' Presentations
    Descriptive info: Ian Davis' Presentations.. Here are a few presentations that I've created and delivered at various events.. More can be found at.. Linksailor: An Overview.. an overview of the Linksailor Linked Data browser.. Linksailor runs in your web browser and lets you explore Linked Data from the web.. It automatically  ...   the topic you are viewing.. This presentation gives an overview of what Linksailor is and how it was developed, a demo and some views of sample pages, an in-depth look at how it works plus an overview of possible futire directions.. Linksailor is available online to try at.. linksailor..

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  • Title: FOAF Images
    Descriptive info: FOAF Images.. I created these images in response to an informal competition run by the FOAF community back in 2002! They are all in the public domain.. Please feel free to use them to indicate your support for FOAF and the.. FOAF project.. Please email me at nospam@iandavis.. com if you  ...   -- Ian Davis, Apr 2008.. For reference the colours used in the FOAF logo are: #9999cb (blue), #fc6866 (red), #9ecd9a (green), #fcfe9b (yellow).. Update Sep 2009: I've created a new SVG version of the FOAF logo:.. foaf.. svg.. Update Jul 2011: I've added these images to a new github project:.. https://github.. com/iand/foaf-icons..

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  • Title: Browse English Heritage Sites
    Descriptive info: Browse English Heritage Sites.. Borough:.. (select borough).. This demo allows you to browse English Heritage sites by English borough.. Source code available from.. GitHub..

    Original link path: /2011/english-heritage/
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  • Title: lodgrid
    Descriptive info: LODGRID.. - Explore data in the Talis Platform.. Try one of these sample searches:.. search for "stephen fry" in BBC Programmes and Music data.. search for "london" in airports data.. search for "jupiter" in NASA data.. search for "prodigy" in Discogs.. search for "medicine" in Library of Congress Subject Headings.. search for "france" in DBPedia.. search for "discworld" in Semantic Library data.. search for "alan" in Guardian MP Expense data.. search  ...   for "london" in Ordnance Survey data.. search for "honda" in ProductDB.. search for "big bands" in BBC Programmes and Music data.. search for spacecraft launched by india in NASA data.. search for "trossachs" in Climbing data.. search for "chemical" in Academic Periodicals data.. search for "anthony" in London Gazette data.. search for "fixed penalty" in UK Government Crime data.. This demo was created by.. and is powered by the.. Talis Platform..

    Original link path: /2009/lodgrid/
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  • Title: Boredom Buster
    Descriptive info: Bored? You could.. Paint a picture about a cowboy and a unicorn who get married on tv.. Made by.. to counter wet British summers.. If you have fun with this,.. send me a picture or a story..

    Original link path: /apps/boredom/
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  • Title: Linksailor: An Overview
    Descriptive info: Linksailor.. An Overview.. by.. |.. @iand.. view in.. presenter mode.. Background.. What.. is.. Linksailor?.. A user friendly way to explore and view Linked Data.. Browser based.. Automatically generates interesting views.. Utilises the Linked Open Data cloud.. Available to try at.. First, some history.. Predecessor was.. Dipper.. , an application that ran wholly in the browser (written in Javascript) that could browse data held in the Talis Platform.. I wrote it to learn how to build in-browser, AJAX driven applications.. Demo follows.. Dipper information design.. Dipper employed a number of techniques to increase effectiveness of the information presented:.. Ranking and thematic grouping of resource properties.. Automatic labelling of properties and related resources.. Consistent linking between related resources.. Dipper advantages.. Dipper was designed as an in-browser application which brings several architectural advantages:.. Utilises browser networking capabilities (highly optimised net stacks).. Data displayed and layed out as it is received.. Offloads much processing to the client, reducing server loads.. Dipper limitations.. Dipper had several limitations that made it unsuitable for wide use:.. Limited to api.. talis.. com due to cross-domain scripting restrictions.. No attempt to discriminate the information displayed.. Linear layout, limited design options.. Linksailor was an entirely new creation that took the learnings from Dipper and attempted to overcome them to become a more general purpose utility.. I wrote the bulk of the code in my spare time during the autumn of 2010 and publicly released it at.. that Christmas.. Specific enhancements.. I wanted to resolve the disadvantages of Dipper while retaining the architectural model as far as possible.. Richer set of widgets.. More thoughtful use of available data.. Extensible architecture.. Gather not hunt.. The standard web browser model involves the user manually.. hunting.. for information by clicking links.. Linksailor inverts this by.. gathering.. information on behalf of the user using the relationships in the underlying data.. Design principles.. Linksailor adheres to a set of underlying design principles:.. Resource-oriented.. Data driven.. Emphasise signal.. Extensible.. Focus on viewing the.. real-world things.. of interest to a user.. Present descriptions of the.. primary.. resource plus.. related.. things in lesser detail to give the general context.. Use the structured nature of the underlying.. RDF.. data to make decisions.. Select appropriate views and behaviours based on the.. types.. and.. relationsips.. in the data retrieved.. Reach out and explore the.. graph.. to discover additional relevant data.. Discriminate.. the data shown to the user.. Remove or hide noisy, irrelevant and repetitive data.. Showing too much data.. decreases.. utility.. Allow new types of.. views.. behaviours.. data  ...   generate more requests for data.. Data added to the graph triggers layout engine to rescan plugins.. New data may select additional plugins which are then rendered and may generate yet more data.. Request scheduling.. Plugins generate a.. lot.. of requests for data.. 20-30 on average, sometimes 1000+.. Lightning fast due to browser net stack and cache.. Requires.. throttling.. , can overwhelm browser since they limit number of concurrent requests.. Plugin anatomy.. Plugins consist of:.. Size/space required in layout.. Priority (determines layout ordering).. Match function (determines if plugin is triggered).. Render function (makes use of widgets).. Layout algorithm.. Page is layed out automatically on a simple grid.. Primary, secondary and related plugins for themed presentations of information.. Widget Overview.. Overview text plus feature image.. Looks for largest description and picks a related image.. Grouped list.. Clustered by property, grouped by theme (e.. g.. identifiers).. Paginated list.. Large lists are paginated automatically, also limited to threshold.. Paginated list (2).. Local map plus location detail.. Map is automatically zoomed to local level.. Regional map.. Lower zoom, shown when primary resource has a geo location.. Points of interest.. Shown when more than two geographic points are found in data.. Barcode.. Generated from UPC/EAN/GTIN information.. Chart.. Experimental use of Google charts.. Form.. Generated based on knowledge of sparql endpoint to query.. Table.. Table generated from multiple properties.. Image list.. Images link to related resources.. Future.. Current work.. Revamping and streamlining widget system.. Updating main framework to use extensible components such as backbone.. js and mustache.. js.. Enabling community sharing of plugins.. Next steps.. A number of different possible directions for Linksailor.. Several different configurations plus some research areas.. Contact me.. directly if you are interested in developing Linksailor for your organisation nospam@iandavis.. com.. Linksailor in a box.. One-click deploy to.. any site.. Enable theming and branding of the pages.. Configure for a single primary dataset plus optional enrichment from the LOD cloud.. Linksailor dashboard.. Re-use plugin system to enable creation of.. dashboards.. Enable fixed and persistent layouts.. Would need to relax resource-oriented design principle.. Linksailor widgets.. Enable plugins to be.. embedded.. on any website.. Enhance blogs and other websites with dynamic information.. Research areas.. Triple store cache on server, with reasoning support.. More expressive pattern language for plugins.. Pattern evaluation against entire web (as per.. linkpath.. Interactive widgets, dynamically fed with data.. About this presentation.. Contact.. Permanent link.. com/pres/linksailor/.. Licensed under.. Creative Commons Attribution 3.. 0 Unported License.. The End.. Permanent link to this presentation:.. Made with.. DZSlides.. by Paul Rouget..

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  • Title: lodgrid
    Descriptive info: Search bbc-backstage store:.. Number of columns:.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. 10.. 11.. 12.. 13.. 14..

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