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  • Title: Website Templates | Web Templates | WordPress Themes
    Descriptive info: .. Toggle navigation.. Products.. Contact.. About.. Login.. Responsive Professional Website Templates.. Get a incredible looking design with dedicated support.. Your website deserves it.. And we can help you do it.. Try our WordPress Themes.. Stylize and build your website faster than ever, and harness the power of a truely search engine friendly platform.. Get Affordable Web Hosting.. We believe that every website deserves an affordable home.. Treat yourself, and your website, to just that.. Professional Assistance Available.. We know that sometimes you need a little (or a lot) of help, our team is ready to assist with getting your project on track.. We believe you should love your website.. 100% satisfaction guarantee, or your money back.. From Our Blog.. Medical WordPress Themes.. Dec 15, 2013 by Brandon Devnich.. Accounting WordPress Themes.. Dec 13, 2013 by Brandon Devnich.. Bundle and Save 25% on Web Templates and WordPress Themes.. Oct 23, 2013 by Brandon Devnich.. Win Free Hosting For a Year.. From Our Customers.. My first website  ...   was no question where I would go for a new template.. I picked up a little knowledge over the years but the i3dthemes crew jumped miles.. Great instruction videos walk you through every step and make it quick and painless.. In the event you do find something not answered in their vast library of help, a support ticket is always answered quickly and takes you directly to the right fix for your issue.. Keep up the good work! Now I must go back to my work of boarding horses and running a riding school but when I need another site or another update I will be back!.. 16 October 2013.. Shellie Bean.. Rancho El Camino Equestrian.. www.. ranchoelcamino.. com.. 220.. Website Templates.. 50.. WP Themes.. 12.. Web Apps.. Years.. Affliates.. Dreamweaver Templates.. WordPress Themes.. Expression Web Templates.. FrontPage Templates.. Contact Us.. Terms Privacy.. Copyright Lucky Marble Solutions Corp, All Rights Reserved.. HTML 5 Validtator.. Let's Be Friends!.. Featured Friends.. Florists Victoria BC.. Flower Delivery Victoria BC..

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  • Title: Website Templates, WordPress Themes, Website Plugins | i3dTHEMES.com
    Descriptive info: Product Mix.. Get a beautiful web solution with incredible functionality.. Designed with full control and flexibility in mind, our Website Templates will.. make YOU look like a web design ROCK star.. Available in number of different formats, such as.. ,.. FrontPage 2003 Templates.. and.. SharePoint Designer 2007 Templates.. , we've designed our product delivery system so that you can choose which editor you want to use at time of download.. Mobile and Responsive.. All of our latest generation products (Bootstrap and Generation 10) are mobile ready and responsive.. What this means is that.. you do not need to do a thing.. to have a.. GREAT looking site for those visitors who use a phone or tablet.. This is.. already done for you.. when you get one of our packages.. WordPress.. is blogging platform that has grown into one of the most popular.. CMS.. solutions.. With our.. , you can change up the look of your site that is running WordPress in a matter of seconds.. Power in Simplicity.. Our Themes are designed to use the.. same functionality as our Website Templates.. , however with the.. added BONUS.. of.. not having to know any web programming.. code! The WordPress sytem allows us to provide an interface for you to add your own  ...   with a click of a button.. It couldn't be easier.. Website Plugins.. Designed to integrate into our.. , our.. are Apache/PHP/mysql based.. What does that mean? It means that they'll run on any Unix/Linux web server, and possibly some Windows servers (that run Apache instead of IIS).. Why is this important to you? Because it means that apart from making sure that you're using that operating system and web server technology, that's about as technical as you need to get.. Beauty in Integration.. Our plugins work so that they look like they're actually RIGHT IN the web page.. No need to push someone off to another page that is dedicated to the application! With our software, you can place components such as a "login box" or "blog display" or "calendar" directly in your page WHERE YOU WANT IT.. How? Well, without scaring you off with a bunch of techno-geek-babble, we tell the web server to grab your web page, and then perform a find and replace on special component codes, and then serve that updated page out to your visitor.. It all happens magically (to you) without you needing to do a thing (once the system is installed) except placing the component code in your pages.. Pretty cool, huh?.. 207.. 38..

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  • Title: Contact Us | i3dTHEMES.com
    Descriptive info: Get in touch if you have any questions.. 1-866-943-5733.. Phone.. Have a question before you purchase? Need to arrange a custom service?.. We're MORE than happy to get you all sorted out!.. Call Toll-Free in North America: 1-866-943-5733.. Direct: +1-250-744-4357.. We answer the phones 9am to 5pm business days.. Excludes Canadian statutory holidays and weekends.. If you have a technical question (support), you will need to submit it via our online ticket system so that we can research the appropriate answer..  ...   online ticket system.. Sales.. Have a question before you purchase? Need to set up a customization service? Contact our Sales and Service team!.. Support.. All of our support is conducted online via our support ticket system.. Accounts.. Contact our Accounts Team if you are having trouble logging in.. Billing.. Don't recognize a charge to your credit card or need to modify your subscription details? Contact the Billing Team.. Operations.. The Operations department handles all inquiries related to business operations not covered above..

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  • Title: About Us | i3dTHEMES.com
    Descriptive info: Helping to Make Creating Websites a Better Experience.. and you thought we just did this for the paycheck.. !.. The i3dTHEMES Story.. i3dTHEMES (or i3d as we refer to it) was started in 2001 by Colin in his storage room -- yes, very humble beginnings.. Like many new endeavours, i3d started as a "side project" for Colin, but it wasn't long before Brandon approached him about what he was doing and in the summer of 2002, the due teamed up.. Together with Colin's design skills, and Brandon's programming "kung foo", the two were ready to take on the world of web design.. The stories of those times.. well, they're scarey.. They involve far too much coffee, crampt quarters, and many long hours.. But, many designs, and web design platforms since then, i3d still offers the most cutting edge high impact designs in the market.. Check out the timeline below to learn more about our past and learn where we're going!.. 2013.. November.. i3dTHEMES goes through a site design refresh.. Nearly all of the site is now mobile friendly, as we've employed the responsive nature of Twitter Bootstrap 3.. 0.. September.. Our 4th generation of WordPress Themes (code named, Aquila) is launched, leveraging the Twitter Bootstrap framework.. August.. Our 11th generation of Website Templates, based on the Twitter Bootstrap framework, is launched.. January.. Our 3rd generation of WordPress Themes, (code name, Orion) is launched.. 2012.. October.. Tumblr and Twitter themes now offered.. Now offering a Subscription plan for regular customers.. Purchase products at a discounted rate by subscribing.. March.. Our 10th generation of Website Templates, are launched.. Now offering three price  ...   our biggest sellers, is launched.. 2007.. i3dTHEMES goes through a minor site redesign, adding a blog to the site.. Our Gen8 architecture is launched, with "Pinnacle" being the first.. Epic, one of our biggest sellers ever, is launched.. Dynamo 2.. 0 is released with a whole new set of features.. 2006.. Our first Gen 7 web templates are launched, with "Insipriation" is the first.. Now offering Expression Web Templates.. Started offering OS Commerce templates.. Synergy, an incredible web template with flash loading page is launched.. Our first Gen 6 web templates are launched.. 2005.. New Website Plugins added to the product mix.. Dyanmo is launched.. Hired out first programmer, and work began on our Dynamo (Dyanamic Modules) system.. 2004.. i3dTHEMES is incorporated as Lucky Marble Solutions Corp.. May.. We moved out of Colin's storage room, into a real office.. with air conditioning!.. ANTOHER site redesign.. We're getting good at this!.. 2003.. Whole new redesign of i3dTHEMES.. i3dTHEMES website templates now work in FrontPage 2003.. First major redesign of i3dTHEMES is launched.. Brandon joins full time.. Fusion Blue, with full flash into is launched, and takes Pixelmill (and i3dTHEMES) by storm.. 2002.. Brandon joins Colin as a part of a college work experience semester, and builds the first dyanmic catalog for i3dTHEMES.. June.. After about 6 or 7 static FrontPage Templates, Colin launches his first web template with a Flash Intro, called Global Vision.. Global Vision is so successful that it turns i3dTHEMES into a full time venture.. Colin makes Flash Intros a standard aspect of his future designs.. 2001.. Colin designs his first FrontPage Template for sale at Pixelmill.. net..

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  • Title: Website Templates
    Descriptive info: Web Hosting.. Web Plugins.. All of our web templates are built.. in-house.. by our talented designers and are created specifically for functionality.. Each design is custom crafted for a unique and creative look and feel.. Besides the validated HTML and CSS code that comes in a pre-built website package for you, we provide an incredible set of tutorials to save you time building your website.. Tweet.. 0.. items in cart.. Checkout.. View Cart.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. #2186.. Tempus.. HD.. G11.. Website Template.. Web Template.. Basic Web Package.. $39.. Standard Web Package.. $59.. Pro Web Package.. $79.. $99.. Multi-Site License.. $199.. Developer License.. $299.. Accounting.. Antiques.. Business.. Cafe.. Child Care.. Construction.. Dental.. Dogs.. Education.. Equestrian.. Fishing.. Golf.. Hockey.. Insurance.. Janitorial.. Law.. Medical.. Motocross.. Motorcycle.. Multi-purpose.. Patriotic.. Photography.. Real Estate.. Religion.. Scuba Diving.. Spa.. Travel.. Trucking.. These server side enhancements require a Unix/Linux server running Apache/PHP/MySQL (without frontpage extensions).. Save over 60% (a $599+ value) when you get them all!.. Get them ALL for just $399.. #2185.. product_type' title='Website Template $59' />.. product_type' title='WordPress Theme $59' />.. Avante.. FD.. Landscaping.. Help Desk.. Add $99.. Included In Price.. Listing Service.. Shopping Cart.. Access Control.. Calendar.. Form Wizard.. Content Wizard.. Blog.. Newsletter.. Guestbook.. Add $49.. Web Ballot.. Whois Online.. #2184.. Myriad.. #2183.. Expo.. Custom Services.. While our products are designed and intended to be for the do-it-yourselfer, if you need a head start, we can get help!.. Insert Graphic Logo.. FREE.. We'll go and take your existing graphic logo and make it fit for your chosen design, for no charge.. Why no charge? Just because.. Image Replacement.. We'll take your own images, size them appropriately, and place them into your template for you, for no charge.. Pretty cool hey?.. Colorization.. FREE**.. Reg $99.. If you don't find the color that you're looking for already made up in our catalog, we'll color match a logo or set of hex colors to make a whole new look.. Site Setup.. From $99.. We'll set up your site with your company name, navigation menus and corresponding blank pages.. Up to 10 pages for just $99.. For larger setups, just add $5/page.. Content Transfer.. We'll copy the content from your old site into your new template's matching pages.. Have a Question?.. Want a quote before you purchase? Call us toll free,.. on our dime.. , if you have questions about our products or services.. #2182.. Champion.. SL.. Cats.. #2181.. #2180.. #2179.. Vesper.. Art Supplies.. Volunteer.. Save over 60% (over $599 in savings) on Website Plugins.. Don't miss out on our "Super Numo Mega Savings" Promotion! Include all of our plugins with your  ...   Videos.. Sandbox Testing Webspace.. Pages Included.. Home Page.. 1 Column Layout.. 2 Column Layout.. 3 Column Layout.. 4 Column Layout.. About Page.. Services Page.. Products Page.. FAQs Page.. Contact Page.. Contact Form.. Photo Gallery.. Generation 11 Features.. Sliders.. 5+.. Home Page Layouts.. 3+.. Video Slider.. Extra Page Layouts.. MP3 Player.. If Available.. Close.. Need hosting for your website?.. We can help with that!.. View Hosting Options.. Browse Categories.. Find.. Web Templates.. with images that suit your project!.. Accounting Web Templates.. Agriculture/Farming Web Templates.. All Web Templates.. Animal Web Templates.. Antiques Web Templates.. Astronomy Web Templates.. Automobile Web Templates.. Aviation Web Templates.. Bakery Web Templates.. Barber/Hairdressing Web Templates.. Baseball Web Templates.. Basketball Web Templates.. Bed & Breakfast Web Templates.. Best Web Templates.. Birds Web Templates.. Blog Enabled Web Templates.. Boating Web Templates.. Brewery Web Templates.. Business Web Templates.. Cafe Web Templates.. Car Sales Listing DB Web Templates.. Cats Web Templates.. Child Care Web Templates.. Christmas Web Templates.. Church/Religious Web Templates.. Clean and Simple Web Templates.. Computer Web Templates.. Construction Web Templates.. Cricket Web Templates.. Dance Web Templates.. Database Enabled Web Templates.. Dentist/Dental Web Templates.. Dog Web Templates.. eCommerce Web Templates.. Education Web Templates.. Electrician Web Templates.. EMS/Paramedic Web Templates.. Equestrian Web Templates.. Family Web Templates.. Finance Web Templates.. Fish Web Templates.. Fishing Web Templates.. Florist Web Templates.. Food Beverage Web Templates.. Football Web Templates.. Genealogy Web Templates.. Golf Web Templates.. Gymnastics Web Templates.. Heavy Machines Web Templates.. Hockey Web Templates.. Hotel/Resort Web Templates.. HTML5 Web Templates.. Insurance Web Templates.. Interior Design Web Templates.. Janitorial Web Templates.. Kayak/Canoe Web Templates.. Landscaping/Gardening Web Templates.. Law Web Templates.. Library Web Templates.. Listing Service Web Templates.. Lodging Web Templates.. Martial Arts Web Templates.. Medical Web Templates.. Members Area DB Web Templates.. Motocross Web Templates.. Motorcycles Web Templates.. Music Web Templates.. Newsletter/Listserv DB Web Templates.. Patriotic Web Templates.. Pet Store Web Templates.. Pharmacy Web Templates.. Photography Web Templates.. Plumbing Web Templates.. Professional Web Templates.. Pub Web Templates.. Real Estate Web Templates.. Real Estate Listing DB Web Templates.. Restaurant Web Templates.. Sailing Web Templates.. Science Web Templates.. Scuba Diving Web Templates.. Snowmobile Web Templates.. Soccer Web Templates.. Spa/Beauty Web Templates.. Sporting/Recreation Web Templates.. Swimming Web Templates.. Technology Web Templates.. Tourism Web Templates.. Trades Web Templates.. Transportation Web Templates.. Travel Web Templates.. Trucking Web Templates.. Unique Web Templates.. Veterinarian Web Templates.. Video/Film Web Templates.. Volleyball Web Templates.. Web Hosting Web Templates.. Wedding Web Templates.. Winery Web Templates.. Online Privacy Policy.. Report Software Piracy.. Product License Agreements.. Send Us Feedback.. External Links.. Responsive Website Templates.. i3dTHEMES.. com is a division of "Lucky Marble Solutions Corp".. Copyright 2001-2014 Lucky Marble Solutions Corp - All Rights Reserved..

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  • Title: Website Plugins: Full Featured & Deployed in Minutes
    Descriptive info: Browse By Editor.. Recommended Categories.. All Website Templates.. eCommerce Enabled Templates.. Access Control Enabled Websites.. Blog Enabled Templates.. Newsletter Enabled Templates.. Popular Categories.. Construction Templates.. Church/Religious Templates.. Dog Templates.. Equestrian Templates.. Medical Templates.. About Our Web Hosting.. Designed for the web template user in mind, our web hosting plans were put together so that you won't have to spend a lot to get your website online.. Powered by our WebTemplateHosting.. com sister-site, all of our web hosting plans run on Linux, and can be administrated through our specially designed control panel.. Hosting Details.. Prices from $4.. 95/month.. Get two months.. when you sign up on a yearly plan.. FREE yearly domain name (.. com,.. info,.. biz,.. net, or.. org) registration included on yearly hosting plans for the life of your plan.. Powered by Linux.. compare plans.. About Our Web Apps.. These Web Plugins are built specifically for a Linux/Unix based we server running PHP, mySQL, and the ability to use.. htaccess files.. With twelve server-side apps to choose from, these power plugins can add great functionality to your website at a low cost.. Popular Website Plugins.. more.. Bundle with a Web Template.. You can now.. PRE-bundle.. our Numo Web Plugins with any of our Generation 9 Web Templates -- the plugins will be installed directly into the template package, and styled just like the web template, all for NO EXTRA CHARGE!.. All you have to do is 'add functionality' (either on the catalog page, details page, or demo page) -- the price will automatically be adjusted and you can choose any combination of Generation 9 Web Template and any or all  ...   the web template user specifically in mind, our website plugins are designed to add power and functionality to your website with little or no programming experience required.. i3dthemes.. web plugins.. Numo Server Side Applications.. Installed directly on your server, these next-generation power applications will power up your website.. *.. Shopping Cart Application (sell via PayPal).. Access Control Application (Web Page Password Protection).. Blog Application (Multi-User Weblog).. Newsletter Application.. Web Ballot Application (Online Voting).. Whois Online Application (Visitor Monitoring).. Powerful and full featured, our.. are ready for you to deploy to your Apache with PHP/mysql powered website.. Full Featured.. Each plugin comes with a web interface that allows you to manage your web app online via your web browser.. For those webmasters looking to add multiple website plugins to your site, you can get 25% off your order when you purchase three or more products at the same time.. Deploy In Minutes.. For those website plugins purchased bundled with one of our website templates, we have a web based installer which will do all of the 'thinking' for you.. Installation has never been simpler.. Requirements.. Plugins require PHP and mySQL on a Linux server, with.. htaccess capability enabled, our products are meant to install easily with no programming experience required.. If you don't have web hosting yet, you can sign up with one of our hosting packages for a low monthly fee of $9.. * Please note, these applications will only run on a.. traditional website.. that is not running on a CMS engine such as WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal.. They also must not be installed on a server running FrontPage Extensions..

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  • Title: Web Hosting for Website Templates
    Descriptive info: Web Hosting.. Designed for the Web Template and WordPress Theme user specifically in mind, our web hosting is all you'll need to get your website up and running.. We put together a plan that is perfect for the new user that just wants a no hassle web space.. $4.. 95.. /month.. or.. $49.. 50.. /year.. Premium.. For those users wanting email and want a more robust plan, the Premium plan is perfect for Small Biz operators.. $9.. Ultra.. Perfect for the  ...   that we offer.. $14.. $149.. Price Monthly.. Price Yearly.. Setup Fee.. Web Space.. 500MB.. 5GB.. 30GB.. Monthly Traffic.. 1GB.. 20GB.. OS.. Linux.. 24/7 SFTP/FTP Access.. Domain Aliases.. 10.. Email Accounts.. 100.. Email Fowarding.. Email Auto Responders.. Webmail.. WordPress Compatible.. MySQL.. PHP.. htaccess Support.. Server Side Includes.. Custom Error Pages.. Shared SSL Certificate.. Detailed Site Traffic Stats.. 24/7 Server Monitoring.. Daily Backups.. UPS and Generator Power Backup.. Redundant Fibre Optic Connections.. Toll Free Phone Support.. 24/7 Email Support.. 99.. 99% Network Uptime..

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  • Title: Professional Services | i3dTHEMES.com
    Descriptive info: Services.. Professional Assistance is Only a Phone Call Away.. We know that sometimes you need a little (or a lot) of help.. Our team is ready to assist with getting your project on track with these services.. Graphic Logo Insertion.. If you have a graphic logo, we will place it into your web template for you, no charge.. Image Replacement.. We'll take your own images, size them appropriately, and place  ...   Website Colorization.. Regular $99.. If you don't find the color that you're looking for already made up in our catalog, we'll color match a logo or set of hexidecimal colors to make a whole new look.. ** FREE colorization applies to new purchases only that are arranged prior to purchase and may not be redeemed after the fact.. Limit one free colorization per purchase.. Regular price for this service is $99..

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  • Title: Money Back Guarantee | i3dTHEMES.com
    Descriptive info: Money Back Guarantee.. If for some reason our product does not live up to.. our own expectations.. as we list below,.. and if we can't fix it or make it better, we'll refund you your purchase.. Plain and simple, just like that.. Validated Code.. We make sure that the product you get is validated for W3C XHTML/HTML5.. This means that the product you're getting can be understood by search engines.. Looks Like the Demo.. Is there anything worse than buying something  ...   see in the online demo is what you're getting.. Updates Like the Tutorials.. We want you to be self sufficient, because your time is important This is why we provide comprehensive tutorials to update everything you see in the online demos.. And our tutorials should guide you to get the job done.. Friendly Service.. We think you should be treated as we would want to be treated.. We're human, and we expect you are too.. Humans should be friendly to one another..

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  • Title: Affiliate Signup - i3dTHEMES
    Descriptive info: Affiliate Partner Program Signup.. Facebook.. Twitter.. It's as easy as filling in a form, and placing a banner or text link, to us, on your site!.. PayPal account, for commission payouts, required.. Partner Program Terms of Usage.. This is the Partner Program Terms of Usage (PPToU) for offered by Lucky Marble Solutions Corp (hereafter referred to as LMSC).. This includes, but is not limited to:.. Affilate Referrals.. Developer Referrals.. Developer Interface and Developer List.. General Terms.. The use of an affilate link or developer interface indicates your acceptance of this PPToU.. LMSC reserves the right to terminate your participation in the partner program at any time and without warning.. LMSC reserves all rights not expressly granted herein and the right to update this agreement at any time.. Affiliate Terms.. With regard to "referred" sales LMSC agrees to:.. Pay a commission to you on all "qualified" referred sales from the date you entered into this program.. So long as a followable, traditional, non-javascript affiliate link is active and prominent on your site.. Qualifed items which a commission will be granted on include:.. Web Modules.. Subscribed Web Hosting.. Subscribed Web Services.. Items which do not qualify for a commission include:.. Custom Design Services provided by LMSC.. Administration Fees issued by LMSC.. Webmastering Services provided by LMSC.. Commissions will be accrued in the currency that the transaction occurred in.. Payments will be made via PayPal money transfer -- you must have a PayPal account in order to receive your payments.. PayPal will deduct a transaction fee of about 3.. 5%, of the total being sent to you, for providing the funds to you immediately.. This is a non-negotiable fee.. Commissions are calculated on the order total after rebates.. Commissions are paid monthly, provided there is a balance owing of $100 in total.. Should you have a balance less than $100, the amount in your account will acrue until there is a balance within the account that exceeds $100 owing.. Should your participation in this program be terminated (either by cancellation, or termination on our part), you will be issued a payment for the final balance owing within 5 business days.. How you may make referral commissions:.. By referring a customer via an affiliate text or image link on your web page *.. * affiliate commissions are not available when using your own account as, as a returning customer, you already receive a loyalty rebate.. Developer Terms.. Developer Representation.. By displaying the developer gallery/interface on your website, you are not to represent these designs as created by yourself.. LMSC retains the ownership all intellectual property and copyright for the products displayed, as is stated in the End User License Agreement.. In addition, you may not advertise yourself as an 'expert' within the developer list.. The business description field is only for describing what you do.. Developer Guidelines.. As a developer using the developer gallery/interface, you are permitted to provide our templates to your clients based on the understanding that you are providing them a service, and not reselling the stock template in its original form.. Your service may include such items as website setup, or monthly webmastering.. Should there be a complaint received about service provided, we reserve the right to terminate your inclusion in the 'Developer List'.. As you are being 'referred' by us through our website, if we determine that you are not providing quality service or fair business practices, we will simply remove you from the list.. This is non-negotiable.. Developer Listing.. By opting IN to be displayed with in the DEVELOPER LISTING, we are providing you with a resource to gain clients.. We do not charge for this listing.. Any troubleshooting/support request from the date of your signup, submitted by yourself, or by your under-contract client, will be deemed a billable service (at our regular service rate of $100/hr, minimum 1/4 hour, or redeemable using support credits) to you.. In order to maintain 'developer-in-good-standing' and remain in the list, you will be required to pay for such troubleshooting service upon receipt of the answer.. Failure to do so within 14 days will result in a suspension of your account.. If your under-contract client should contact us directly for support, because you are not providing the service that they expected, and we end up having to provide support to them, we will bill you directly.. It is your responsibility as a professional to make sure your client is satisfied.. If your relationship with your client is unstable, it is your responsibility to resolve the issues.. When dealing with clients, it is important to use checklists for setting expectations.. ProposalKit.. is an excellent resource.. By ensuring that you are willing to take responsibility for your clients, and for your own level of knowledge, ensures that we are listings only professionals within our list -- this provides our clientele with a qualified set of resources.. Governing Law.. This agreement shall be governed by International Copyright Laws, International  ...   and the templates, it could take someone who isn t experienced, considerably longer.. We recommend that you find a template that you like the layout and the color of.. If you re set on a template that isn t in the color choice you re interested in, give us a call and we can look into other options.. ' class='mt_tooltip'>Can I change the colors in the website.. You do.. not.. need additional software (such as flash) -- it is as simple as dragging new photos into the template.. You may need to resize the images you intend to use, to match the size of those used in the template.. If you do not have photo editing software, you can use picnik.. com (a free photo editing website).. ' class='mt_tooltip'>Can I change the pictures in the website.. For various reasons, often we will have someone will ask what sort of fees are associated with purchasing a web template from us.. The web hosting promotion is available on any web template purchase.. a) our free Sandbox testing web hosting plan * b) a credit of $5/month or $50/year on the Personal or Small Biz hosting plans.. This means that you won't have to pay a penny to place your website up to a testing space.. No, you do not need Adobe Flash to make standard edits to the website template.. Source files are provided for web designers.. If you have a professional level of experience with the latest versions of Adobe Fireworks and Adobe Flash, you can modify the.. fla and.. png source files yourself.. There is no support or instruction, however, provide for the modification of such items.. Considering they're used to the software, and the templates, it could take someone who isn't experienced, considerably longer.. If you're set on a template that isn't in the color choice you're interested in, give us a call and we can look into other options.. Yes, everywhere you see a "photo" of some sort or another, such as in the "flash", you can change yourself.. Microsoft FrontPage is no longer available for sale.. Microsoft discontinued sale and support for their FrontPage line of web authoring software at the end of 2006 when the launched their Expression and Sharepoint line of web authoring applications.. We recommend either Expression Web or Sharepoint Designer as a replacement for FrontPage.. Unfortunately, we do not have the geek-power available, at this time, to provide you with a "webmastering" option.. Typically the only software you will need to edit one of our current generation products is a web editor such as:.. FrontPage 2003.. Expression Web 1/2/3/4.. Sharepoint Designer 2007.. Dreamweaver CS3/CS4/CS5/CS6.. Apart from a web editor, you may need photo manipulation software to resize your images.. In Generation 8 (and earlier) templates, if you wish to edit the "text logo" yourself, you may need Adobe Fireworks and Adobe Flash (and sometimes SwishMax) -- we offer to update the text logo in these templates for no charge.. In the latest generation of web template (Gen 9/Gen10), you do not need any additional software to update the text logo.. Web Templates pre-packaged with a Server-Side Application.. With our Numo server-side applications, you will need to have a Linux/Unix web server enabled with PHP and mysql.. Your web server will also need to support.. If you plan to purchase web hosting from us, you will need the "Standard Hosting" plan, or better.. A web editor is an application, either installed on your computer, or run through your web browser, that is capable of editing modern web editing components such as global Library/Include files, and Dynamic Web Templates (DWTs).. A web template is a package of files, normally pre-built as a ready-to-go website, that typically are edited in a web editor application such as Dreamweaver, Expression Web, Sharepoint Designer, or FrontPage.. A web template from us is designed to be easily updated without much need for additional software above and beyond the web editor.. Most web templates include a few different layouts, some with upwards of ten or more pre-designed pages such as the About Us and Contact Us pages.. Purchasing FYI.. Take advantage of these great deals!.. Developer Package INSTANT Rebate.. Qualify for an instant 25% off single-site** licenses when you purchase 3 (or more) web templates at the same time*.. * This offer cannot be combined with purchases made in separate transactions, and is only valid if the order is made through the checkout routine.. This offer cannot be combined with any other discount.. ** Discount does not apply to multi-site or developer licenses, as these licenses are already discounted; however, if a developer or multi-site license is purchased in the same order, it qualifies as one of the three products purchased in order to get the 25% discount.. Education/Government Institution Purchase Orders.. We are now accepting purchase orders from education/government institutions in the USA and Canada.. To make arrangements, please contact operations at 1-866-943-5733 x 204..

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  • Title: Expression Web Templates for Microsoft Expression Web 1/2/3/4
    Descriptive info: Website Templates for Microsoft Expression Web.. Built for Microsoft.. Expression Web.. our creative and unique.. web templates.. are packed full of functionality and include tutorials to walk you through getting your website completed.. I've built websites on the side for many years now.. I've used a myriad of different templates from different companies.. Hands down, the buck stops here.. --.. these templates are the best I've ever worked with.. I put my son's baseball teams website together in about 4 hours on a Saturday afternoon.. I continually add info and pictures, and each time I'm just impressed with the template layout and design quality.. ~Robert Hickman.. Generation 11 and Generation 10 Frameworks.. Exclusive to i3dTHEMES, this Expression Web Template architecture provides you a highly refined structure of validated, search engine optimized code.. Latest Coding Standards.. The future of the web is here with HTML5 and CSS3.. Our latest generation dreamweaver templates are coded with the HTML5 symantec markup.. Desgined for Expression Web.. Save time by taking advantage of the great features in Expression Web (Includes, Dynamic Web Templates).. Our templates are editable in Expression Web 1/2/3 and 4.. The web is has gone mobile, and so have our templates.. Tested in iPad/iPad Mini, as well as ready for all shapes and sizes of mobile devices, our templates will have you ready for the mobile revolution.. Immediate Download.. Get to work fast.. Download your purchase immediately after purchase, day or night, 24/7.. PayPal, Visa and Mastercard accepted.. Have a Question? Call Us!.. We are real people, who are passionate and knoweledgable about our products.. Call us toll free,.. Todays Expression Web Templates.. Champion FD.. Champion SL.. Vesper SL.. Avante FD.. Myriad HD.. More About Expression Web Templates.. What is Microsoft Expression Web?.. Expression  ...   fully validated for XHML and CSS.. What is included with my Web Template when I purchase from i3dTHEMES?.. When you purchase a website template from i3dTHEMES, you get an immediate downloadable package of files which constitute a ready-to-go website.. All you need to do is change the content, maybe some of the pictures, perhaps rename some of the pages, and then all you have to do is publish it up to the web.. Included with each template is a set of written and video tutorials to walk you through the process of updating the website.. We also have a support system which allows you to initiate a support ticket in the the event that you cannot find the help material you need within our system.. What is a Dynamic Web Template (DWT) for Microsoft Expression Web?.. DWT stands for Dynamic Web Template -- essentially it is a way of having a master template layout which pages in your site are attached to.. If you change the master layout, all of the pages are updated with that change.. It also limits the ability to alter regions of your page which are marked as 'un-editable' so that you can work on your pages without the worry of 'nudging' something off track in the master layout.. The capabilities provided with the DWT are highly recommended for anyone who has 10+ pages in their site.. Can I open up a website built with FrontPage in Expression Web?.. In a word, yes.. In most cases, any website built with FrontPage can be opened with Expression Web.. There are some components from older versions of FrontPage that will not be editable in Expression Web, however the pages themselves can be edited as you would normally edit them in FrontPage..

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