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    Archived pages: 638 . Archive date: 2014-06.

  • Title: Welcome - Investment Arbitration Reporter (IAReporter)
    Descriptive info: .. Investment Arbitration Reporter.. Home.. News and Analysis.. Arbitrator Profiles.. PDF Editions.. Subscription Information.. About Us.. Contact Us.. Browse News by Theme.. ICSID (World Bank).. UNCITRAL and Ad-Hoc.. SCC Rules (Stockholm).. ICC Rules.. NAFTA.. CAFTA.. Energy Charter Treaty.. EU External Investment Policy.. Intra-EU Treaties and Claims.. India.. Argentina.. Venezuela.. C.. I.. S.. (Russia, Ukraine, etc.. ).. Payment of Awards.. Annulment and Court Review.. Damages Determinations.. Arbitrator Challenges.. Treaty Negotiations.. Energy Disputes.. Mining Disputes.. Telecoms Disputes.. Amicus Curiae Interventions.. Environmental Disputes.. Human Rights.. RSS & Twitter.. Related Sites.. News Headlines.. An overview of the now-public Achmea v.. Slovak Republic II award.. Analysis: new decision could embolden parties to seek interpretive or advisory opinions from arbitrators.. Arbitrators use prima facie test to see if claims capable of breaching BIT, but also lapse into weighing some of the claimant's evidence.. Annulment is not an appeal: ICSID ad hoc committee dismisses Paraguay's application to annul SGS v.. Paraguay award.. Dutch insurance company, Achmea, releases arbitral awards from its two arbitrations with The Slovak Republic.. Kyrgyz Republic seeks authoritative interpretation of obscure C.. treaty that multiple foreign investors are invoking.. Arbitrators see no deliberate closing of eyes by investors with respect to conduct by its local business partner.. VIEW MORE HEADLINES.. Document Downloads.. SGS v.. Paraguay (ICSID).. Annulment Decision, May 19, 2014.. Achmea v.. Slovak Republic (UNCITRAL Case 2).. Award of May, 2014.. Slovak Republic (UNCITRAL Case 1).. Award of December, 2012.. Minnotte and Lewis v.. Poland.. Award of May 16, 2014.. Abengoa COFIDES v.. Mexico (ICSID).. Award of April 18, 2013 (Spanish).. SAUR International v.. Argentina (ICSID Case No.. ARB/04/4).. Award of May 22, 2014 (French version).. Award of May 22, 2014 (Spanish version).. Detroit International Bridge Co v Canada (NAFTA/UNCITRAL).. Procedural Order #8, May 12, 2014.. Standard Chartered Bank HK v.. TANESCO (ICSID).. Interim Injunction of Tanzania High Court, April 17, 2014.. Hesham T.. M.. Al-Warraq v.. Indonesia (UNCITRAL).. Jurisdictional Decision.. CC/Devas and others v.. India (UNCITRAL).. Arbitrator Challenge Ruling (Orrego/Lalonde).. Repsol v.. Argentina (ICSID).. Settlement Agreement of April 2014.. East Cement for Investment Company v.. Poland (ICC).. Final Award.. Decision on disqualification of Bruno Boesch in Caratube Hourani v.. Kazakhstan.. March 20, 2014.. Renee Rose Levy de Levi v.. Peru (ICSID Case No.. ARB/10/17).. Award, Feb 26, 2014.. Caratube v.. Annulment Decision, Feb 21, 2014.. Lao Holdings N.. V.. v.. Laos.. Decision on Jurisdiction, Feb 21, 2014.. Ascom, Anatole Stati and others v.. Award, Dec.. 19, 2013.. Antoine Lahoud and others v.. DR Congo.. Award, Feb.. 7, 2014.. Rurelec and Guaracachi v.. Bolivia.. Award, Jan.. 31, 2014.. Abaclat and others v.. Decision on Disqualification, Feb 4, 2014.. Saar Papier v.. Poland (UNCITRAL).. Final and Interim Awards.. Impregilo v.. Decision on Annulment, Jan 24, 2014.. Pac Rim Cayman LLC v.. El Salvador (ICSID).. Counter-Memorial of El Savador, Jan 10, 2014.. Teco Guatemala Holdings LLC v.. Republic of Guatemala.. Award (CAFTA/ICSID).. Ioan Micula and others v.. Romania.. Separate Opinion of Georges Abi-Saab.. Decision on challenges to Mr.. Orrego Vicuna and Mr.. von Wobeser.. Burlington Resources v.. Ecuador.. Decision on challenge to Mr.. Orrego Vicuna.. Nordzucker v.. Poland (Germany-Poland BIT/UNCITRAL).. Awards on jurisdiction, merits and damages.. Infinito Gold v.. Costa Rica.. Notice of Intent to Arbitrate.. Metal-Tech Ltd v.. Uzbekistan.. OPIC Karimum Corporation v.. Dissent of Guido Santiago Tawil.. Disqualification decision RE: Jose Maria Alonso in  ...   IAReporter newsletter, February 28, 2013.. 5 (PDF).. IAReporter newsletter, February 14, 2013.. 4 (PDF).. IAReporter newsletter, February 7, 2013.. 3 (PDF).. Tidewater Inc.. and others v.. Decision on Jurisdiction, Feb 8, 2013.. Ambiente Ufficio and others v.. Argentina (formerly Giordano Alpi v.. Argentina).. Decision on Jurisdiction and Admissibility, Feb 8, 2013.. IAReporter newsletter, January 22, 2013.. 2 (PDF).. IAReporter newsletter, January 9, 2013.. 1 (PDF).. IAReporter newsletter, December 27, 2012.. 5, No.. 24 (PDF).. IAReporter newsletter, December 10, 2012.. 23 (PDF).. Teinver S.. A.. Decision on Jurisdiction, Dec.. 21, 2012.. Separate Opinion (Kamal Hossain), Dec.. Pey Casado and Allende Foundation v.. Chile.. Annulment Decision, Dec.. 18, 2012.. Decision on Liability, Dec.. 14, 2012.. Dissenting Opinion (Orrego Vicuna), Dec.. IAReporter newsletter, November 22, 2012.. 22 (PDF).. Lone Pine Resources v.. Canada (NAFTA fracking case).. Notice of Intent of Nov.. 6, 2012.. Mobil Murphy v.. Canada (NAFTA).. Decision on Liability, May 2012 (newly released).. Partial Dissent, May 2012 (newly released).. IAReporter newsletter, November 12, 2012.. 21 (PDF).. IAReporter newsletter, October 22, 2012.. 20 (PDF).. IAReporter newsletter, October 9, 2012.. 19 (PDF).. Bosh International v.. Ukraine.. Award of October 25, 2012.. IAReporter newsletter, September 23, 2012.. 18 (PDF).. Quiborax and others v.. Bolivia (ICSID).. Decision on Jurisdiction of Sept 27, 2012.. Caratube International Oil Co.. Kazakhstan (ICSID).. Award of June 5, 2012.. IAReporter newsletter, September 9, 2012.. 17 (PDF).. China-Canada bilateral investment treaty.. Treaty text signed on Sept 9, 2012.. Commerce Group v.. El Salvador.. Decision on Security for Costs, Sept 20, 2012.. IAReporter newsletter, August 31, 2012.. 16 (PDF).. Conoco-PDVSA (ICC arbitration).. Award of September 17, 2012.. VIEW MORE DOCUMENTS.. What We Do.. Investment Arbitration Reporter.. is a news analysis service tracking.. international.. arbitrations between foreign investors and sovereign governments.. IAReporter.. helps a broad range of readers - including lawyers, academics and government officials - stay abreast of the latest legal developments and policy trends in investment treaty arbitration.. Our service is renowned for its investigative focus: offering a window into otherwise confidential proceedings.. We also offer timely and nuanced reports on the very latest legal pleadings, decisions and arbitral awards - typically before they've been discussed anywhere else.. If you're.. not.. a subscriber, feel free to browse our headlines and sign up for free email alerts.. For subscription info, click the link below.. Click here for more info.. Sign up for email alerts.. Name.. Email Address.. Testimonials.. "An invaluable tool",.. Christoph Schreuer, University of Vienna, Prof of International Law (Ret.. "Reliable and impressively timely",.. Antonio Parra, former ICSID Deputy Secretary General.. "Unrivaled",.. Miyake Yasujiro, Japanese Ministry of Economy.. "Luke Eric Peterson doesn't just cover arbitrations.. He uncovers them.. ",.. Michael Goldhaber,.. The American Lawyer.. magazine.. Click to read more.. IAReporter in the News.. Bloomberg News, July 10, 2013.. The Wall Street Journal, Sept 25, 2012.. Financial Times Sept 24, 2012.. Reuters, June 27, 2012.. The Globe and Mail, June 1, 2012.. Toronto Star, March 14, 2012.. The Globe and Mail, Oct.. 11, 2011.. Financial Times, August 11, 2011.. Prague Post, June 8, 2011.. Agence France Presse, Oct.. 16, 2010.. The Guardian (UK), Feb 5, 2010.. Financial Times, June 23, 2009.. The Economist, April 23, 2009.. Financial Times, April 7, 2009.. Contact.. Sitemap.. Login.. Join Now.. RSS.. Terms Conditions.. Privacy Policy.. Copyright 2014 Investment Arbitration Reporter.. - Powered by.. SubHub - Membership Site Software..

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  • Title: News and Analysis - Investment Arbitration Reporter (IAReporter)
    Descriptive info: You are here:.. As news articles are published to our website, they appear below.. Most of these articles require a.. subscription.. To search for particular keywords, or to browse by suggested themes, use the tools in the left-hand column.. Recent articles.. Jun 13, 2014.. Arbitrators use "prima facie" test to see if claims capable of breaching BIT, but also lapse into weighing some of the claimant's evidence.. Jun 12, 2014.. Jun 6, 2014.. Arbitrators see no deliberate "closing of eyes" by investors with respect to conduct by its local business partner.. Another claim against Slovakia fails, as arbitrators dismiss remainder of EURAM AG's claims under Austria-Slovakia BIT.. Jun 5, 2014.. Final award from Minnotte and Lewis v.. Poland arbitration is now available.. Bulgaria may face BIT and human rights claims over renewable energy measures.. Jun 4, 2014.. Another week, another arbitration claim against Spain: InfraRed Environmental Infrastructure sues at ICSID.. Appeal of €5 million ruling against Ukraine for unlawful seizure of foreigner's assets will not be heard.. Mercer International lays out its NAFTA discrimination arguments against Canada in pulp mill dispute.. Jun 3, 2014.. Litigation funder whose involvement had led to procedural skirmishes in investor-state arbitration reveals itself after Bolivia settles debt.. Parties in Enel v.. El Salvador arbitration agree on a former senior counsel at ICSID to serve as chair in pending arbitration.. May 30, 2014.. In previously undocumented Energy Charter Treaty arbitral ruling, a divided tribunal awards $49 million in dispute over electricity supply debts.. ICSID picks three who will review CAFTA award from Teco v.. Guatemala arbitration.. May 29, 2014.. U.. investors in Canadian forestry business notify Canada of potential arbitration over exclusion from tax breaks.. Final award from Abengoa & COFIDES v.. Mexico arbitration now available for download.. May 28, 2014.. Arbitrators decline jurisdiction over claim by Société Industrielle des Boissons de Guinée; same local investment law sits at centre of BSGR iron ore dispute.. May 27, 2014.. As crucial decisions loom this year in several Yukos cases, US Government is urged to espouse claims of US shareholders against Russia.. Dutch affiliates of US energy company, NextEra, are latest to sue Spain at ICSID.. ANALYSIS: In SAUR case, Arbitrators value damages for various treaty breaches together, and use costs order to incentivize realistic claims valuations.. Arbitrators dismiss claims by Dutch insurer, but investor says it has achieved goal of averting Slovak nationalization and creation of single-payer health system.. May 23, 2014.. As Kazakhstan pursues set-aside of $500+ million Energy Charter Treaty award, government takes aim at Stockholm Chamber's handling of arbitration.. Argentina ordered to pay $40 million, plus substantial interest, to investor in thwarted water project.. English Court deems  ...   "clarify" that USA and Mexico can sit in on NAFTA hearings.. May 13, 2014.. As Vodafone sues India - and Nokia threatens the same - company could seek interim arbitral order blocking India from pursuing billions in taxes.. Round-up: Water concessionaire warns Estonia under Dutch treaty; Uruguay threatened over decree affecting ownership of pharmacies.. Australia denies access to its "plain packaging" arbitration defence under Freedom of Information law.. May 12, 2014.. ANALYSIS: Why it's important to read between the lines of UNCTAD's annual review of investor-State dispute settlement cases.. A listing of 56 investment treaty claims filed in 2013, and links to where you can learn more about them.. To consternation of NAFTA signatories, tribunal rules that USA lacks a right to attend arbitration hearing in Detroit International Bridge v.. Canada case.. May 9, 2014.. Updates on Oxus v.. Uzbekistan, Stans Energy v.. Kyrgyzstan, and Standard Chartered v.. TANESCO arbitrations.. Venezuela's bid to disqualify arbitrators in ConocoPhillips ICSID case is rejected; meanwhile, ICC tribunal rules in separate claim by PDVSA.. May 6, 2014.. Venezuela secures dismissal of $180 million ICSID arbitration brought by Canadian firm, Nova Scotia Power.. May 2, 2014.. After final hearings in first arbitration under Organization for Islamic Conference investment pact, the text of 2012 jurisdictional ruling comes to light.. Investors strike deal with Bolivia in order to secure "rapid" payment of some of the compensation awarded by arbitrators.. Apr 30, 2014.. Argentina-Repsol settlement pact stipulates that ICSID won't be used for any future arbitrations.. Investors in "Praktyka" dispute turn to ICSID arbitration, alleging that Ukraine failed to protect their investment in financial sector.. Apr 29, 2014.. Annulment round-up: Teco and Guatemala each seek review of CAFTA arbitral ruling; ad-hoc committee members named for Kazakh and Turkmen cases.. Updates on progress of Philip Morris arbitrations against Australia and Uruguay.. Apr 28, 2014.. ANALYSIS: As Al Jazeera Media Network notifies Egypt of possible arbitration claim, what legal arguments loom in such a case?.. As Indonesia reconsiders its investment treaties, arbitrators don't want to slow down mining case by separating liability and damages phases.. Resolution of Algerian telecoms battle quells UNCITRAL arbitration, but ICSID claim by former owner of "Djezzy" will continue.. Apr 22, 2014.. As Romania seeks annulment of $250 million award at ICSID, enforceability questions loom.. Once again, an appointing authority is needed to finalize tribunal to hear investor claims against India.. Apr 21, 2014.. Parties agree on a chairman for Energy Charter Treaty arbitration between MOL Hungarian Oil and Gas Company Plc and Croatia.. Investors in Hungary's radio industry fail to persuade arbitrators that they had rights capable of expropriation under Swiss & Dutch BITs.. Apr 17, 2014.. more articles..

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  • Title: Arbitrator Profiles - Investment Arbitration Reporter (IAReporter)
    Descriptive info: These profiles list the known case-work of the most active arbitrators in the field of investor-state arbitration.. IAReporter's.. ongoing investigative reporting uncovers many non-public cases, making these profiles the best-known accounting of a particular practitioner's caseload.. Every profile is complemented by a custom news-feed for each arbitrator, highlighting all.. articles where that particular arbitrator is mentioned.. We update the profiles as new cases come to light.. We also create new profiles for arbitrators who meet our criterion of having three or more investor-state appointments.. To suggest an arbitrator or a case not reflected below, you can email us.. here.. For a full series of explanations and disclaimers,.. click here.. A.. B.. D.. E.. F.. G.. H.. I.. J.. K.. L.. N.. O.. P.. Q.. R.. S.. T.. V.. W.. X.. Y.. Z.. Abi-Saab, Georges.. Alexandrov, Stanimir.. Alvarez, Henri.. Banifatemi, Yas.. Beechey, John.. Berman, Franklin.. Bernardini, Piero.. Bethlehem, Daniel.. Bishop, Doak.. Boeckstiegel, Karl-Heinz.. Born, Gary.. Brower, Charles N.. Bucher, Andreas.. Buergenthal, Thomas.. Caron, David.. Cheng, Teresa.. Crawford, James.. Cremades, Bernardo.. Crook, John R.. Danelius, Hans.. Derains, Yves.. Donovan, Donald Francis.. Douglas, Zachary.. Dupuy, Pierre-Marie.. El-Kosheri, Ahmed Sadek.. Edward, David A.. O.. Feliciano, Florentino.. Fernandez-Armesto, Juan.. Fortier, Yves.. Gaillard, Emmanuel.. Gharavi, Hamid.. Gomez-Pinzon, Enrique.. Greenwood, Christopher.. Griffith, Gavan.. Grigera Naon, Horacio.. Guillaume, Gilbert.. Hanotiau, Bernard.. Hesikanen, Veijo.. Hober, Kaj.. Hossain, Kamal.. Hunter, J.. Martin.. Hwang, Michael.. Jana, Andres.. Kaplan, Neil.. Kaufmann-Kohler, Gabrielle.. Kettani, Azzedine.. Kessler, Judd L.. Knieper, Rolf.. Lalonde, Marc.. Landau, Toby.. Legum, Barton.. Levy, Laurent.. Lew, Julian.. Lowe, Vaughan.. Mantilla-Serrano, Fernando.. McLachlan, Campbell.. McRae, Donald.. Mourre, Alexis.. Nariman, Fali.. Nikken, Pedro.. Oreamuno, Rodrigo.. Orrego Vicuna, Francisco.. Park, Wiliam W.. Paulsson, Jan.. Price, Daniel M.. Pryles, Michael.. Ramirez-Hernandez, Ricardo.. Reisman, Michael.. Rigo Sureda, Andres.. Rovine, Arthur.. Rowley, J.. William.. Sacerdoti, Giorgio.. Sachs, Klaus M.. Sands, Philippe.. Schreuer, Christoph.. Schwebel, Stephen.. Sepulveda-Amor, Bernardo.. Silva Romero, Eduardo.. Simma, Bruno.. Stern, Brigitte.. Tawil, Guido Santiago.. Tercier, Pierre.. Thomas, J.. Christopher.. Tomka, Peter.. Torres Bernárdez, Santiago.. Townsend, John.. van den Berg, Albert Jan.. van Houtte, Hans.. van Houtte, Vera.. Veeder, V.. Vinuesa, Raul.. Volterra, Robert.. von Wobeser, Claus.. Williams, David A.. R.. Yusuf, Adbdulqawi.. Zuleta, Eduardo.. Disclaimers:.. ase names have been shortened to conserve space; we have included ICSID Case numbers only where we saw a potential risk of confusing similarly or identically-named cases (for e.. g.. there are  ...   Commerce to intervene as amicus curiae in Spain-Guatemala BIT case.. Apr 1, 2014.. Amidst concerns about prompt payment of arbitral awards, stays of enforcement are lifted in two ICSID cases.. Ad-hoc treaty claim by Chinese investors vs.. Mongolia is back on track following long delays arising out of arbitrator withdrawal.. Mar 27, 2014.. Newly-obtained ICC award sheds further light on shifting of costs onto investor for abandoned investment treaty claim.. ANALYSIS: Investor's memorial in Renco v.. Peru UNCITRAL arbitration offers updated arguments on merits and remedies sought.. Mar 26, 2014.. Egyptian LNG dispute lands at ICSID; cancelled licenses in Gambia open door to arbitrations, including by investor previously at odds with Sierra Leone.. Mar 25, 2014.. Appearance of possible prejudgment of key issues leads to unprecedented disqualification of ICSID arbitrator at the hands of colleagues.. Mar 20, 2014.. Russian investor files a notice of dispute, but threatened ICC arbitration has yet to materialize in fight over nationalized bank.. Arbitrators named for claim by Greek shareholders in Cypriot bank and for claim by French investor against Hungary.. Mar 19, 2014.. ANALYSIS: The scope for ICISD arbitrators to agree to hand on to ICSID the task of resolving challenges to colleagues.. Mar 18, 2014.. Ethical screen erected in NAFTA case to ensure that arbitrator remains cut off from his law firm's prosecution of a separate claim.. In Tulip v.. Turkey case, arbitrators are skeptical that treaty's umbrella clause reaches to domestic investment protection law, but see no breach anyway.. Arbitrators differ on questions of attribution, but agree that Turkey did not breach BIT obligations owed to Dutch investor.. Mar 12, 2014.. Arbitrators in Conoco v.. Venezuela case split as to their power to "reconsider" earlier decision on liability.. Mar 11, 2014.. Arbitrator challenge is rejected in Koch v.. Venezuela case, but two more challenges spring up in another Venezuela dispute.. Central Asia round-up: updates on four UNCITRAL investment treaty arbitrations in the "Stans".. Tribunal makes jurisdiction and merits findings in Tanzanian power plant payment dispute.. Mar 6, 2014.. Jurisdiction upheld in Peru bank failure case even though claimant made no investments, and acquired her shares (for free) years after bank closure.. Mar 5, 2014.. In split decision, majority finds no fault with Peru's treatment of struggling bank; comparisons of claimant to larger rivals are not appropriate..

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  • Title: PDF Editions - Investment Arbitration Reporter (IAReporter)
    Descriptive info: began its life in 2008 as an email-only newsletter.. For fans of that bundled, printer-friendly format, we continue to aggregate news and analysis articles into a PDF-format newsletter several times a month.. These PDF newsletters are a useful tool for subscribers who are looking to "catch up" after having fallen behind with the day-to-day headlines.. In This Category.. PDF Editions 2014.. PDF Editions 2013.. PDF Editions 2012.. PDF Editions 2011.. PDF Editions 2010.. PDF Editions 2009.. PDF Editions 2008..

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  • Title: Subscription Information - Investment Arbitration Reporter (IAReporter)
    Descriptive info: About our rates.. Subscription rates are available by request.. Our rates are typically institution-wide, and are priced according to the size and nature of an organization.. If you are a student, academic, or employee in a large organization (law firm, government agency, etc.. please ask your librarian or resource manager to contact us for more information.. Individual (single-user) subscription rates are offered only to self-employed persons or genuinely solo practitioners.. We offer discounts to non-commercial users, and do our best to accommodate those who are unable to pay a subscription fee.. All inquiries should be directed to: subscribe@iareporter.. com.. Our payment options include bank transfer, check, PayPal, or credit card.. If you choose to pay by credit card, 2checkout.. com is an authorized retailer of.. Subscriber benefits include:.. Full access to our searchable database of news.. and analysis articles, featuring articles dating to 2008, and with approximately 250 new articles added each year.. Downloadable.. PDF newsletters.. aggregating 10-12 news and analysis items into a readable format ideal for  ...   firms proactively disclose.. Our dedicated investigative reporting routinely uncovers cases and arbitral awards that are not otherwise public.. Editorial Independence:.. Our reporting is independent.. We don't invite practitioners to report on their own cases, and we don't let them vet or ghost-write our reports.. Insight and Analysis:.. We're.. long-time experts.. in this field, not novices.. We read every arbitral ruling that crosses our desk, and provide swift, nuanced reporting that draws upon our long experience and knowledge.. Information Triage:.. Our narrow focus on legal and policy developments means that we only alert you when something substantive is happening.. We don't cover law firm openings, career moves, and other practitioner news that can be found readily online.. A Trusted Journal of Record:.. Our subscribers include large numbers of academic institutions, government agencies and intergovernmental organizations, as well as more than.. 90% of the "top law firms" engaged in international arbitration.. A further measure of our relevance is the frequency with which mainstream media outlets.. pick up on our work..

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  • Title: About Us - Investment Arbitration Reporter (IAReporter)
    Descriptive info: is a news and analysis service focusing on international arbitrations between foreign investors and their host governments.. Our editorial mission is.. to broaden what is known about international investment claims, legal rulings, and policy developments.. Thanks to our focus on original, high-quality content, our service has long been the go-to source for news about previously-unreported claims and rulings.. In addition to reaching a large and diverse subscriber base, our original reporting often inspires.. follow-up coverage by mainstream media publications.. Contributors.. Luke Eric Peterson.. is the New York City-based Editor and Publisher of.. He has focused on international investment disputes for more than a decade, writing for media outlets such as the.. Financial Times and.. The Economist,.. and in the role of researcher for various international organizations (UN, Amnesty International, IISD, Chatham House).. He holds advanced degrees from University College London and Oxford University, where he studied on Commonwealth and Rhodes Scholarships respectively.. Jarrod Hepburn.. has been a regular contributor since 2009.. He is a Lecturer in the law faculty at the University of Exeter.. His writings appear in a range of international law texts published by Cambridge University Press, Kluwer Law  ...   she has pushed for stronger transparency requirements in investor-state arbitration.. Lise practiced litigation for four years prior to moving into research and analysis in this field.. Fabricio Fortese.. is a visiting lecturer in international arbitration law at Stockholm University.. He is a qualified lawyer from Argentina, where he has practised in international dispute resolution and holds Masters of Law from Queen Mary, University of London and Stockholm University.. Katherine Simpson.. is pursuing a Dr.. iur.. in international and comparative law at the University of Cologne in Germany.. She is a qualified attorney in the United States (admitted in Maryland and New Jersey), where she practiced law before moving to Germany.. She holds a Master of Laws degree from the University of Cologne and has served as a Tribunal Secretary in investment and commercial arbitration cases.. Our Editorial Policy.. We are an editorially-independent news publisher.. Our Editor and contributors do not have personal stakes in the lawsuits that we write about, and we don't serve as advisors to parties involved in litigation or arbitration.. Contact Information.. 145 Prospect Park West, Suite 1E.. Brooklyn, NY, USA, 11215.. Editorial inquiries: editor@iareporter.. For subscription information..

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  • Title: Investment Arbitration Reporter (IAReporter)
    Descriptive info: We welcome your questions, comments and feedback.. Please use the form below to contact us.. Additional contact details are provided at the bottom of this page.. Details.. Subject.. General Inquiries.. (Required).. Email.. Message.. Company.. Address.. Fax.. Phone.. To help us prevent spam, please re-enter the words you see below:.. Alternatively, you can contact us using the details below:.. 145 Prospect Park West, Suite1E.. Brooklyn, NY.. USA.. 11215.. Subscription inquiries: subscribe@iareporter..

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  • Title: ICSID (World Bank) - Investment Arbitration Reporter (IAReporter)
    Descriptive info: Anglo-American invokes treaty protections in new arbitration with Venezuela.. Apr 14, 2014.. As transparency rules take effect, and UN launches case registry, how much of ISDS universe will be laid open through this new portal?.. Montenegro rebuffs investor allegations, after two claims are lodged in relation to aluminium venture.. Majority in Peru banking crisis case says that savvy investor should  ...   on International Investment Law and Arbitration - Oct 2013 to Feb 2014.. Feb 28, 2014.. Recourse to negotiating papers leads arbitrators to conclude that Indonesia intended to offer advance consent to arbitrate in its BIT with the UK.. Feb 27, 2014.. Tribunal rules that Australia BIT does not express advance consent to arbitration; a dozen other Australian treaties are worded similarly..

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  • Title: UNCITRAL/Ad-Hoc - Investment Arbitration Reporter (IAReporter)
    Descriptive info: UNCITRAL/Ad-Hoc.. Sup Court overturns set-aside of $185 mil award vs.. Argentina; arbitrators may continue to debate pre-arbitration conditions, but U.. Courts may not second-guess.. UNCITRAL tribunal makes "abuse of process" finding in face of belated move to take on foreign ownership in order to press claims against state.. Feb 25, 2014.. In now-available UNCITRAL award, tribunal chaired by Brigitte Stern says that MFN clause cannot be used to broaden jurisdiction of Germany-Bulgaria treaty.. Jan Paulsson is tapped to chair Energy Charter Treaty arbitration claim proceeding under UNCITRAL rules.. Laos can't prove that tax dispute arose before investor became eligible for BIT protection; failure to raise "abuse of process" objection is missed opportunity.. Feb 23, 2014.. Bulgaria obtains enforcement of costs award; court dismisses investor's belated allegation of arbitrator bias due to issue-conflict.. Feb 14, 2014.. As Vietnam explores collection of costs award against unsuccessful investor, another claimant sticks its head above the parapet.. Bolivia's invocation of "denial of benefits" clause serves to derail a claimant's case under U.. investment treaty.. Feb 9, 2014.. Claims under two BITs can be heard by one tribunal in Bolivia case, but arbitrators disagree as to impact of investor failure to give prior notice of some claims.. In Bolivia case: expropriation was unlawful because Bolivia's negative valuation of  ...   award, arbitrators considered a state's duty to mitigate damages; Poland declined to pay until Central Bank funds were frozen.. Vietnam wins treaty arbitration with US investor; a second treaty claim heads to hearings this year.. Jan 21, 2014.. Croatia Round-up: Arbitrators in place for Croatian real estate dispute; Gov't files UNCITRAL claim against Hungarian energy company.. Ecuador lays out new merits arguments in Chevron BIT arbitration, claimants tender new evidence, and tribunal postpones this week's hearings.. Jan 19, 2014.. Arbitrators picked for Venezuela, Costa Rica and Kazakhstan cases, and replacement is named after disqualification in Burlington v.. Jan 13, 2014.. In shadow of mass solar claims, another UNCITRAL BIT arbitration quietly moves forward against Czech Republic.. Jan 10, 2014.. UNCITRAL tribunal will hear Turkmenistan's argument that a bloc of claimants can't band together to bring a multi-party BIT claim.. Jan 8, 2014.. UNCITRAL tribunal rejects jurisdictional objection relating to earlier ICSID claim in Ecuador windfall levy dispute.. Jan 2, 2014.. Following PCA decision, Czech Republic thwarts move by solar investors to sue in single arbitral proceeding; meanwhile Spain sees new solar claim at ICSID.. Jan 1, 2014.. Despite Khodorkovsky release, majority owners of Yukos have no plans to drop $113 billion arbitration claim against Russian Federation as a final ruling looms.. Dec 24, 2013..

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  • Title: Stockholm Chamber of Commerce - Investment Arbitration Reporter (IAReporter)
    Descriptive info: Stockholm Chamber of Commerce.. In newly-obtained Energy Charter Treaty award (Ascom and Stati v.. Kazakhstan) arbitrators offer narrow reading of denial of benefits clause.. Feb 18, 2014.. Government complains that Stockholm Arbitration Institute moves too quickly to make default arbitrator appointment.. In rare holding, investors' claims of "coordinated" top-down harassment by Kazakhstan are vindicated.. In now-available award, Boeckstiegel tribunal valued Kazakh assets at a half billion Dollars, but rejected key claim for lost profits and opportunities.. Moldovans secure $500+ million arbitral award in claim against Kazakhstan under Energy Charter Treaty.. Foreign investment arbitral claims continue to pile up on Spain, as government turns screws on energy sector.. Dec 5, 2013.. Poland update: government grappling with at least five treaty disputes; arbitrators rule on participation of counsel in ICSID case.. Aug 9, 2013.. Spain round-up: twin Energy Charter claims moving at different speeds; arbitrator in third case agrees to hear jurisdictional objections first.. Jun 18, 2013.. Tribunals in place for UNCITRAL and ICSID claims against Algeria by shareholders alleging billions in losses in Djezzy telecoms venture.. Apr 25, 2013.. Former Iraqi Minister initiates treaty claims against Pakistan, but government is slow to respond; at least three other arbitrations afoot.. Dec 21, 2012.. Lithuania Claims Round-Up: Lesser-known arbitrations move forward alongside high-profile gas unbundling battles.. Sep 2, 2012.. ANALYSIS: Tribunal confirms Russia’s deliberate destruction of Spanish investors’ Yukos holdings; findings distinguished from human rights court.. Aug 1, 2012.. ANALYSIS: Arbitrators continue to debate whether states deserve a “margin of appreciation” when it comes to how to comply with BIT obligations.. Russia held liable for expropriation of Yukos shareholdings in case brought by minority Spanish shareholders (but funded by majority owner).. Jul 26, 2012.. Arbitral victory in Yukos case slowly unraveling as U.. hedge fund declines to spend more money defending arbitral award from Russian attack.. Apr 10, 2012.. Poland wins investment treaty arbitration with EU investor; government sits on growing cache of unpublished rulings.. Feb 7, 2012.. Swedish enforcement agency allows attachment of Russian funds deposited at Stockholm Arbitration Institute.. Nov 14, 2011.. Contrary to initial reports, Russian Federation deposits at Stockholm Arbitration Institute have not been frozen, but decision expected soon..  ...   rejects Russia’s arguments that RosInvestCo’s signing away of economic interest in shares is grounds for finding that UK firm was not an investor with an investment in Russia.. DAMAGES: Russia enjoys success at damages phase in RosInvestCo case; arbitral ruling may have wider implications for claims speculation and political risk insurance.. Exclusive: Arbitrators hold Russian Federation liable for expropriation of Yukos shareholdings; modest damages owed to affiliate of prominent U.. Hedge Fund.. Dec 19, 2010.. Quarrel between Moldova’s richest man and former President spills across borders, as energy company sues Kazakhstan for a Billion Dollars in nationalization fight.. Sep 15, 2010.. How many states are not paying awards under investment treaties?.. May 7, 2010.. Tajikistan breaches Energy Charter treaty; claimant asks tribunal to order state to issue energy exploration license.. Feb 9, 2010.. Russian Federation opens up further front in defence of BIT claim.. Nov 30, 2009.. Energy Charter claim against Ukraine moves forward quietly; tribunal picked in separate Bosh case at ICSID.. May 27, 2009.. Analysis: Ruling in Russian case could spawn further use of Russian and Chinese treaties.. Apr 17, 2009.. Arbitrators diverge on MFN application to dispute settlement in Spain-Russia treaty.. Tribunal in Spanish shareholders' Yukos claim holds that narrow arbitration clause permits expropriation claim.. Tribunal affirms jurisdiction over claim by Spanish minority shareholders in Yukos oil company.. Apr 2, 2009.. Tribunal chosen in Stockholm arbitration; Mercuria accuses Poland of breaching Energy Charter Treaty.. Jan 22, 2009.. Russian Federation seeks to overturn jurisdictional award in Yukos shareholder claim; merits phase continues.. Kazakhstan seeks to annul $125 Million ICSID award in telecoms dispute; we review earlier Kazakh arbitrations.. Nov 12, 2008.. Bolivia settles bilateral investment treaty arbitration with Ashmore Energy over nationalization of key pipeline.. AMTO v.. Ukraine tribunal finds no breaches; denial of justice and umbrella clause claims dismissed among others.. Oct 9, 2008.. Arbitrators rule that Latvian claimant in ECT arbitration was owned by Russian interests.. Cypriot energy trader files claim against Poland under Energy Charter Treaty; Poland has faced at least eight other treaty arbitrations.. Aug 26, 2008.. Bolivia prevails in court fights over funds with Telecom Italia subsidiary; arbitrator nominated by claimant in ICSID case..

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    Descriptive info: International Chamber of Commerce.. Croatia disputes: Hungarian energy company sues at ICSID, while property developer resumes ICC arbitration with state agency.. Dec 29, 2013.. Kazakhstan: no damages awarded to AES in arbitration under US investment treaty and Energy Charter Treaty.. Nov 4, 2013.. As El Salvador removes ICSID offer from domestic investment law, a final claim emerges; meanwhile, Commerce Group case ends due to lack of funds.. Sep 10, 2013.. Lithuania update: Italian investor was denied FET in tender process, but tribunal not persuaded that $250 million in losses can be hung on state.. May 28, 2013.. Albania fends off one claim - by Sky Petroleum - but now faces an investment treaty arbitration by Czech company CEZ.. May 17, 2013.. Payment of awards update: new reporting on arbitral debts of the Dominican Republic and Mexico.. Feb 22, 2013.. ICC picks chairman to preside over investment treaty claim by Russian energy investor, Gazprom.. Jan 18, 2013.. Arbitrators in mining dispute don’t see necessity to order Pakistan to refrain from conduct that it says it won’t pursue anyway.. ConocoPhillips wins one and loses one in ICC fight with Venezuelan state oil company.. Sep 23, 2012.. Poland and Armenia neglect to release arbitral awards under domestic freedom of information laws.. Sep 16, 2012.. Romania faces new arbitrations at ICSID over steel plant, and at ICC in unrelated environmental dispute.. Sep 9, 2012.. Toll highway concessionaire puts pressure on Dominican Republic to pay $42.. 5 million ICC arbitration award.. Aug 20, 2012.. British miner fights Indonesia at ICSID, while arbitrating with erstwhile local partners in separate ICC arbitration.. Jun 26, 2012.. On the wires: Kuwait takes $2 Billion hit; Turkish power co puts Pakistan on notice; Lone Star’s fight with Korea headed to BIT arbitration?.. May 29,  ...   Tribunal rules that Poland should be reimbursed for legal costs in abandoned investment treaty claim.. Oct 26, 2011.. Lithuania denies access to arbitral award rendered in arbitration brought by Russian entity.. Jun 30, 2011.. Tribunal selected to hear ICC arbitration arising out of alleged telecoms expropriation in Turkmenistan.. Tribunal rejects claim that an ICC arbitral award is a protected investment under (Germany-Ukraine) investment treaty.. Apr 11, 2011.. Fraport files new claim at ICSID over expropriation of airport terminal project; Annulment committee ruling paved way for new hearing by finding breach of investor's right to be heard.. Mar 31, 2011.. UK Supreme Court affirms non-enforceability of ICC award against Pakistan.. Nov 4, 2010.. Investor seeks to collect on BIT award following Thailand’s failure to pay.. Apr 22, 2010.. Congolese mining contract termination leads to arbitration by World Bank arm, South African state agency, and mining company.. Dominican Republic settles trio of electricity arbitrations.. Sep 19, 2009.. Bangladesh courts overstepping supervisory role in ICC arbitration amounts to unlawful expropriation at ICSID.. Aug 6, 2009.. Arbitrators rule that Thailand denied fair and equitable treatment to German construction firm.. Thailand challenged its own nominee to Walter Bau tribunal; not the first time this has happened in BIT arbitration.. Lithuania prevails in investor-state BIT claim over enforcement of ICC award in case brought by Russian regional Gov't.. Mar 17, 2009.. Law firm press release discloses successful challenge to arbitrator in ICC contract case.. Feb 28, 2009.. More details emerge of Dominican Republic arbitrations over electricity concession; arbitrators revealed in several cases.. BIT claim against Iran by Turkcell unfolds under UNCITRAL rules; tribunal constituted, and challenge to Brower fails.. German firm sues Ukraine under BIT; claimant complains of failure to enforce ICC arbitral award, and other breaches.. Nov 25, 2008..

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