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  • Title: Ian-Albert.com
    Descriptive info: .. Games.. About me.. Contact me.. Old Stuff.. Hazmat Placards.. Unicode Chart..

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  • Title: Games - Ian-Albert.com
    Descriptive info: @IanAlbertShow.. Home.. Maps.. I have a love of video game maps, especially 2D ones.. Here are a few video games I ve mapped.. Doom.. Doom 2.. Final Fantasy II.. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.. Legend of Zelda.. Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.. Star Tropics.. Super Mario Bros.. Ultima 6.. Ultima 7.. Other Projects.. Here s one other video game project I did, converting the world of Ultima 6 into a playable Minecraft world.. Ultima 6 Minecraft conversion..

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  • Title: About Me - Ian-Albert.com
    Descriptive info: About Me.. I am a programmer, by profession and hobby, living in the Boston, Mass a chu setts area.. Late ly I ve been do ing iOS dev el op ment.. Oc cas ion ally I do arty de sign stuff poorly.. You can follow my.. de praved and mo  ...   rel e vant.. iOS Apps I ve Worked On.. R.. ue.. L.. a.. 2.. 5.. 0.. H.. appier.. 1.. 0.. 0 2.. 1.. J.. oss.. M.. ain.. 0 1.. 4.. O.. nline.. C.. are.. obile.. 2.. BostInno featured ".. 7 Cool Apps From Boston Companies.. ", two of which I wrote..

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  • Title: Downloadable Hazmat Placards - Ian-Albert.com
    Descriptive info: Downloadable Hazmat Placards.. I had difficulty finding vector art of hazmat (hazardous mat er ials) pla cards and labels, so I wound up creating my own.. These were designed according to the De part ment of Trans port a tion s.. 2009 CFR Title 49, Vol ume 2.. to the best of my abil ities.. If you find inac cur acies please.. contact me.. , but please cite an off icial ref er ence.. I offer no guar an tees as to their acc ur acy.. I haven t been trained or cert i fied in any way.. Each design is available in.. PDF.. and.. PNG.. format.. The.. in cludes a color ver sion fol lowed by color sep ar a tions on sub se quent pages for each of the un ique inks used in the  ...   5 Blasting Agents.. 6 Explosives.. 6.. N.. 2 Flammable Gas.. 2 Non-Flammable Gas.. 2 Oxygen.. 2 Inhalation Hazard.. 3 Flammable.. 3 Gasoline.. Alternate text for 3 Flammable.. 3 Combustible.. 3 Fuel Oil.. Alternate text for 3 Combustible.. 4 Dangerous When Wet.. 4 Flammable Solid.. 4 Spontaneously Combustible.. 5.. 1 Oxidizer.. 2 Organic Peroxide.. 6 Inhalation Hazard.. 6 Poison.. 6 Toxic.. 7 Radioactive.. 8 Corrosive.. 9 Other Dangerous Goods.. Dangerous.. Labels.. Labels are smaller, often adhesive signs at least 3.. 9 inches (100mm) on a side.. They are often affixed to individual boxes or crates.. 1 Explosive.. 3 Explosive.. 4 Explosive.. 5 Blasting Agent.. 6 Explosive.. 1 Explosive Subsidiary Label.. 2 Poison Gas.. 3 Flammable Liquid.. 6 Poison Inhalation Hazard.. 6 Infectious Substance.. 7 Radioactive I.. 7 Radioactive II.. 7 Radioactive III.. 7 Fissile.. Cargo Aircraft Only.. Empty..

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  • Title: Unicode Chart - Ian-Albert.com
    Descriptive info: My fascination with writing sys tems gave me the idea to cre ate a po ster con tain ing every Uni code char acter.. Uni code is a me thod for en cod ing char act ers, like.. ASCII.. , but it can rep re sent virt u al ly ev ery writ ing sys tem in the world, not just English.. I estimated I could print the whole thing on about a 36 36 po ster.. Well, my es tim ates were off.. It turned out to be about 6 feet by 12 feet.. Like wise, the pro cess of cre a ting the po ster turned out to be much more in volved than I imagined.. Process.. To make a long story short, I down loaded all the char act er chart.. s from the.. Uni code web site.. I then made screen cap tures of every sing le page, as semb ling them into code charts in Photo shop, and sav ing them as.. images.. All to geth er, there were 93.. s re sult ing in 468 gray scale.. s (102.. MB.. s).. I then wrote soft ware in Java to load in these.. images, dice them up, and as  ...   al lo ca ted rows to keep things rel a tive ly compact.. The image only took about 10 min utes to gen er ate, and its final size was 22,017 42,807 pixels.. I act u al ly had this po ster print ed and hung it on my wall for a while.. I had to have it print ed in 3-foot-wide strips since that was the max i mum size of Kinko s large-format print er.. Also, since I didn t have 12-foot ceil ings in my apart ment I de cided to do it in two side-by-side 6 6 parts.. It only cost a lit tle over $20 to get it print ed, which was sur pris ing.. Truth ful ly, I think they may have rung it up wrong, but I didn t complain.. Samples.. Successively closer zooms of the source image.. 12.. 5% Zoom.. 25% Zoom.. 50% Zoom.. 100% Zoom.. As you might expect, Chinese, Jap an ese and Ko re an char act ers take up most of the chart.. Chinese sample.. Korean sample.. One complete, full-res row of the chart (422.. KB.. ).. (May be too large to view in some browsers).. One row of Yi symbols.. Full Image..

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  • Title: Doom Maps - Ian-Albert.com
    Descriptive info: Doom Maps.. I wrote a custom Java program to parse the Doom.. WAD.. file format and render all the levels in a simple oblique projection.. All the hidden areas are shown, and the sprites from all the skill levels are shown.. I wrote all the 3D code myself, and I m not exactly stellar in higher math, so these may not be as great looking as they could be.. Likewise, I have not settled on the best presentation, so I may regenerate these maps as I find better ways to represent all the information in a clear way.. Technical details on these maps at the bottom of the page.. E1M1 Hangar.. (1.. 45.. E1M2 Nuclear Plant.. (3.. 09.. E1M3 Toxin Refinery.. 92.. E1M4 Command Control.. (2.. 04.. E1M5 Phobos Lab.. 50.. E1M6 Central Processing.. E1M7 Computer Station.. 38.. E1M8 Phobos Anomaly.. (11.. 7.. E1M9 Military Base.. 71.. E2M1 Deimos Anomaly.. 00.. E2M2 Containment Area.. (4.. 19.. E2M3 Refinery.. 79.. E2M4 Deimos Lab.. E2M5 Command Center.. 31.. E2M6 Halls of the Damned.. 16.. E2M7 Spawning Vats.. 35.. E2M8 Tower of Babel.. 75.. E2M9 Fortress of Mystery.. 37.. E3M1 Hell Keep.. E3M2 Slough of Despair.. 90.. E3M3 Pandemonium.. 87.. E3M4 House of Pain.. 29.. E3M5 Unholy Cathedral.. 06.. E3M6 Mt.. Erebus.. (12.. E3M7 Limbo.. 66.. E3M8 Dis.. 10.. E3M9 Warrens.. 63.. Technical Details.. The Doom.. format is very well documented.. Seeing as any new device with a screen and buttons gets a Doom port written for it, there s plenty of info about how the game works.. In a nutshell, Doom maps are actually 2D blueprints with different floor and ceiling heights.. The game is not truly 3D, as there are no floors on top of floors, such as in a two-story house.. This makes it very suitable for mapping, since you can see everything at once without overlap when viewed overhead.. Even if I could decode other 3D games and render them they would not look very good because there would be no good way to show everything without some areas being obscured by other areas.. My renderer was written from scratch.. I might have been able to use some existing libraries out there, but my needs were a bit unique.. For one, most 3D rendering is done in perspective.. Farther objects are smaller  ...   faster!).. If you don t know what a Z buffer is, allow me to explain (because I thought it was pretty neat when I first came to understand it).. When you re drawing a 3D scene you will often have two polygons that overlap.. The way the computer decides which to draw in front is by using a Z buffer.. The Z buffer is a set of depth values, one for each pixel, that tells how deep each pixel is.. When you draw the first polygon it will draw the pixels and record the depth of each pixel of the polygon in the Z buffer.. When you draw the second polygon it will check the Z buffer for each pixel and compare it to the depth of the pixels of the second polygon.. If the depth of the new polygon is on top of what s in the Z buffer then the polygon will be rendered.. If it s below what s already been drawn then the polygon will not be rendered because it s obscured in the scene.. Except instead of it working on a polygon-by-polygon basis it works on a pixel-by-pixel basis, so you can even render intersecting polygons properly.. (Just to be clear, by depth I mean how far the polygon is from the viewer in the 3D scene.. Polygons that are closer to the viewer should be drawn on top of polygons that are farther from the viewer.. ).. On these maps you ll notice the walls facing away from the viewer are translucent.. Translucent polygons pose a bit of a problem with Z buffering because you no longer have a single depth to test for.. If you had two polygons rendered, an opaque one with a translucent one on top, and then rendered a third polygon at a depth in between the first two then what happens? It will either not draw at all because it thinks the translucent polygon will cover it up, or it ignores the translucent polygon and draws right over the top of it.. Both choices would produce undesirable results.. My solution was to make my renderer queue up such translucent polygons and render them last.. I don t know if this is the right answer, but it seems to get the proper result..

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  • Title: Doom II Maps - Ian-Albert.com
    Descriptive info: Doom II Maps.. The same program used to render the.. maps was used to render these 32 Doom II maps.. format is virtually identical.. The maps are rotated 45 degrees, so north is in the upper right corner.. Check out the.. other Doom page.. for technical details on how  ...   (476.. MAP05.. 03.. MAP06.. 36.. MAP07.. 46.. MAP08.. 49.. MAP09.. MAP10.. MAP11.. MAP12.. MAP13.. 25.. MAP14.. MAP15.. (5.. MAP16.. 57.. MAP17.. 82.. MAP18.. 11.. MAP19.. (7.. 53.. MAP20.. (6.. MAP21.. 41.. MAP22.. (695.. MAP23.. 58.. MAP24.. MAP25.. 12.. MAP26.. MAP27.. 97.. MAP28.. MAP29.. 72.. MAP30.. 21.. MAP31.. MAP32.. 83..

    Original link path: /games/doom_2_maps/
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  • Title: Final Fantasy II Game Maps - Ian-Albert.com
    Descriptive info: Final Fantasy II Game Maps.. These images are maps of the.. SNES.. classic, Final Fantasy.. II.. (also known as Final Fantasy.. IV.. in Japan).. All maps were made from screenshots of the game using the.. 9.. X.. emulator, except for the overworld, underworld, and moon maps which were captured from a.. ROM.. editor.. You can download all the maps in one big.. ZIP.. file.. It contains all the maps listed below in.. Main Maps.. Overworld (735.. Underworld (210.. Moon (74.. Cutscene.. Redwings Airship.. Castle Baron.. Exterior.. 1F.. 2F.. Barracks.. Black magic class.. White magic class.. Jail entrance.. Jail.. King s antechamber.. King s chamber.. Left pass-through.. Right pass-through.. Left tower, 1F.. Left tower, 2F.. Left tower, 3F.. Right tower, 1F.. Right tower, 2F.. Right tower, 3F.. Right tower, B1F.. Right tower, B2F.. Airship port stairs.. Airship port.. Baron.. Inn.. Item shop.. Weapon/armor shop.. Training room - 1F.. Training room - 2F.. Cid s house.. Rosa s mother s house.. Serpent Road.. Old Waterway entrance.. Chocobo Forest.. #1.. Cave of Mist.. Village Mist.. Weapon shop.. Armor shop.. House.. After Rydia s earthquake outside Mist.. Kaipo.. Inn, 1F.. Inn, 2F.. Sick Rosa house.. Watery Pass.. South.. South - Behind waterfall.. B2F.. B3F.. North.. (Paralax background).. Waterfalls.. Lake.. Damcyan.. 3F.. Treasure room.. B1F..  ...   5F savepoint.. 6F.. 7F.. Castle of Dwarves.. 2F (left).. 2F (right).. Cafe HOWDY!.. Sick room.. Dwarf base.. Tower of Bab-il.. 2F room 1.. 2F room 2.. 4F savepoint.. 4F room 1.. 4F room 2.. 4F room 3.. Super cannon.. 7F savepoint.. 8F.. B3F savepoint.. B5F.. Cid falling down hole to underworld.. Grotto Adamant.. Cave Eblana.. Weapon armor shop.. Hospital.. Pass to Bab-il, 1.. Pass to Bab-il, 2.. Savepoint.. Tomra.. Weapon and armor shops.. Kokkol, the Smith s.. Land of Monsters.. Town of Monsters.. Library, 1F.. Library, B1F.. Library, B2F.. B6F.. Sylvan Cave.. Fairy house, 1F.. Fairy house, 2F.. Sealed Cave.. B1F room.. Pass.. Pass room 1.. Pass room 2.. B2F room 1.. B2F room 2.. B2F room 3.. B2F room 4.. B2F room 5.. B2F room 6.. Pass 1.. Pass 2.. Pass 2 room.. B3F room 1.. B3F room 2.. Big Whale.. Cave Bahamut.. Humingway s Cave.. Humingway's cave.. Lunar Path.. Part 1.. Part 2.. Lunar s Lair.. Tank 1.. Tank 2.. Giant of Bab-il.. Head.. Neck.. Chest.. Stomach.. Passage.. Lungs.. CPU.. Lunar Subterrane.. B4F room.. B4F pass.. B5F pass 1.. B5F pass 2.. B5F room.. B5F savepoint.. B6F pass.. B7F.. B7F savepoint.. B7F room 1.. B7F room 2.. B8F.. B9F.. B10F.. B11F.. B12F.. Palom and Porom's pond (from finale)..

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  • Title: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Game Maps - Ian-Albert.com
    Descriptive info: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Game Maps.. These are my maps of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.. The base imagery comes from approximately five-thousand aerial screencaps from Steve M's.. Map Viewer.. software that were then meticulously stitched together using both scripts and a lot of manual work.. Data layers were mostly plotted from the game data itself, so the information is generally pretty accurate.. All images are at 1-meter resolution.. The entire map is 6,000 meters on a side (over 3.. 7 miles).. If you have trouble viewing these large images in  ...   maintained.. You're free to use them however you like.. 54MB) A map of geographic areas, businesses, and points of interest.. (592KB) Horseshoes in Las Venturas.. 32MB) Oysters in the waters around San Andreas.. (532KB) Graffiti tags in Los Santos.. (579KB) Snapshots in San Fiero.. 35MB) Spawn points for weapons, bribes, and body armor.. 33MB) All 70 unique jumps.. 24MB) A blank map showing just the aerial imagery of San Andreas.. 60MB) The works.. All data layers turned on.. 43MB) The line art map from the game, ripped directly from the texture files..

    Original link path: /games/grand_theft_auto_san_andreas_maps/
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  • Title: Legend of Zelda Maps - Ian-Albert.com
    Descriptive info: Video Games.. Legend of Zelda Maps.. Complete maps of the first Zelda game for the.. NES.. , including layer seperations for those who want to tweak with the images.. The second quest is not mapped at this time.. I never got around to it, sorry.. I know there are others who have, so you should be able to find them with a bit of searching.. Overworld..  ...   map.. Separated layers.. map.. |.. hidden entrances.. labels.. monsters.. grottos.. Dungeons.. 3.. 4.. 6.. 7.. 8.. Dungeons (unified).. All dungeons.. (459.. dark rooms.. basement.. basement monsters.. Etc.. To answer the most common question I get: you get past the "grumble grumble" guy in level 7 by giving him meat.. I'm not a strategy guide though, just a mapper, so get answers to such questions at.. GameFAQs.. com..

    Original link path: /games/legend_of_zelda_maps/
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  • Title: Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Maps - Ian-Albert.com
    Descriptive info: Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Maps.. This page has maps from the 1991 Super Nintendo Game.. You're free to do whatever you like with these images.. Light world.. Light world (rainy intro).. 02MB).. Light world (first half).. 40MB).. Light world (second half, after dark world).. Under bridge.. (BR on map).. Zora's domain.. (ZD on map).. Master sword.. (MS on map).. Dark world.. 19MB).. Castle/sewer/sanctuary (CA on map).. East dungeon (L1 on map).. Desert dungeon (L2 on map).. Tower dungeon (L3 on map).. Agahnim tower 1 (A1 on map).. Crystal dungeon 1 (darkness) (D1 on map).. Crystal dungeon 2 (water) (D2 on map).. Crystal dungeon 3 (wood) (D3 on map).. Crystal dungeon 4 (town) (D4 on map).. Crystal dungeon 5 (ice) (D5 on map).. Crystal dungeon 6 (swamp) (D6 on map).. Crystal dungeon 7 (mountain) (D7 on map).. Agahnim tower 2 (A2 on map).. Caves, houses, and grottos (numeric codes on map).. 01.. 02.. 03.. 04.. 05.. 06.. 07.. 08.. 09.. B1.. 10.. 11.. 12.. 13.. 14.. 15.. 16.. 17.. 18.. 19.. 20.. 21.. 22..  ...   Magic, supplemented by screen captures from SNES9X while playing through the game.. Room layouts and sprite placement came from the editor, while clarification and sprite images were captured from the emulator.. Contents of chests, items found under vases/skulls, and items awarded by monsters or NPCs are shown above the container/person.. Entrances on the overworld are labeled with codes that refer to the various dungeon and cave maps.. A white number with blue outline indicates a regular cave or house.. Dungeons are indicated with white on red letters.. L1, L2, and L3 refer to the lightworld dungeons.. D1 through D7 refer to the darkworld dungeons.. A1 and A2 are the two Agahnim levels.. CA is the initial castle dungeon.. The green letters are miscellaneous map areas.. MS is the Master Sword area.. ZD is Zora's domain.. BR is the area under the bridge.. Secret entrances may need to be blown open with bombs or have rocks lifted from them.. Some areas can only be reached by warping from the corresponding locations in the dark world to the light world..

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