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  • Title: iDownloadBlog • iPhone • iPad • iOS Blog
    Descriptive info: .. iDownloadBlog.. Home.. Jailbreak.. How to Jailbreak.. Jailbreak News.. Jailbreak Apps & Tweaks.. Cydia.. JailbreakMe.. RedSn0w.. PwnageTool.. iFaith.. Unlock.. How to Unlock.. Unlock News.. UltraSn0w.. iPhone.. iPhone News.. iPhone 5s.. iPhone 5c.. iPhone 5.. iPhone 4S.. iPhone 4.. iPhone 3GS.. iPhone Photography.. Best iPhone apps.. iPad.. iPad News.. iPad Air.. iPad mini.. 4th Gen iPad.. iPad 3.. iPad 2.. Mac.. iTV.. Download.. Videos.. Trending.. iOS 7.. Siri.. Rumors.. Downgrading.. Extras.. iDB Store.. App Finder.. Downloads.. iDB Top Picks.. Write for iDB.. Let s Talk iOS 041: In less than a month.. What to do if your iPhone is lost or stolen.. The best jailbreak tweaks for Safari on iOS 7.. Wallpapers of the week: cityscape.. skip to main content.. skip to main menu.. Newly updated Facebook for iOS cuts crash rate in half.. By.. Christian Zibreg.. on Aug 12, 2014.. Tweet.. 7 Comments.. Facebook.. late today issued a maintenance update to its primary iPhone and iPad client.. Listing only bug fixes ,.. Facebook 13.. 1.. would have probably slipped by unnoticed if it weren t for a post over at the official Facebook Engineering blog which has detailed significant under-the-hood changes to fix a longstanding bug that caused unexpected crashes.. Long story short, code changes the team s implemented have helped reduce the software s crash rates on the iPhone and iPad by more than fifty percent.. Read More.. Apple.. com pays tribute to Robin Williams.. 8 Comments.. Following the tragic death of Robin Williams, Apple has paid tribute to the actor and comedian with a new.. Remembering Robin Williams webpage.. on Apple.. com, in addition to a.. similar section on iTunes.. published earlier today.. Moreover, Apple CEO Tim Cook yesterday published a tweet expressing grief and sorrow caused by Robin s passing.. Heartbroken by the news of Robin Williams passing,.. Tim s tweet reads.. He was an incomparable talent and a great human being.. Rest in peace.. The company is also honoring the Oscar-winning actor with a special iTunes Store section featuring more than forty movies and stand up comedy routines.. Williams died yesterday at the age of 63.. The actor was found unresponsive at his residence in Marin County, California, and was pronounced dead at the scene.. The Marin County Sheriff s Office wrote in a statement that Williams died of asphyxiation caused by hanging himself.. Apple releases video of Yaoband s use of iPad in musical experimentation.. Timothy Reavis.. 4 Comments.. Following yesterday s release of.. two new Your Verse stories.. from Apple, the Cupertino giant has made an accompanying video to one of the stories available on its YouTube channel.. The clip showcases Yaoband, a China-based music band that was featured in one of the two recent iPad stories, as they demonstrate ways in which Apple s tablet is used in their music creation process.. Apple releases diversity report: 55% of US employees are white, 70% male.. Cody Lee.. 18 Comments.. As.. promised.. , Apple has released a report on the diversity of its workforce today.. The iPad maker is the latest tech firm to post such data in response to the.. growing debate.. on whether or not women and minorities are underrepresented in Silicon Valley.. Accompanying Apple s report is a letter from Tim Cook, who says he s not happy with the numbers, but says the company is making progress.. Of its employees here in the US, 55% are white, and around the world, 7 out of every 10 of its employees are male.. How to check for Activation Lock before buying a used iPhone.. Sébastien Page.. 12 Comments.. Activation Lock is a great feature coming with every iOS device that has Find My iPhone enabled.. This security feature prevents anyone from activating your phone without having access to your Apple ID or password in case they found or stole your device.. Even though they might not be able to activate the lost or stolen device, they might still try to put it up for sale, and if you don t know what to look for, you might very well be buying an iPhone that has been locked and cannot be activated.. In this post, we will show you what to check when buying a used iPhone or iPad from a third party.. SpotFile: navigate iOS filesystem in Spotlight search.. The same developer who made.. the script.. for switching between Mac partitions into a.. standalone application.. is back with a new.. jailbreak tweak.. called.. SpotFile.. This tweak brings basic.. iFile.. functionality directly to Spotlight search, allowing users to navigate iOS s filesystem from the Home screen.. While it was built for granting quick access to the file directory in iOS, SpotFile s functionality can do quite a bit more than simply browse files and directories, and the developer says there are more features on the way.. Apple honors Robin Williams with dedicated iTunes Store section.. 21 Comments.. Apple has created a.. dedicated section.. in its iTunes Store entitled Remembering Robin Williams.. The addition follows yesterday s tragic news of the actor s passing, and it features links to his popular movies, TV series and stand-up comedy  ...   a $3 per month minimum charge, it gives you minutes and text messages at $0.. And if you only occasionally use cellular data on the go, the company now gives you an option to subscribe to 500MB of 4G LTE data per day for a flat fee of $5.. Should you need more data, there s also a $10 week-long 1GB pass available so now Pay as You Go customers can finally access.. T-Mobile s speedy LTE network.. , too.. BBM updated with revamped UI for adding contacts.. 9 Comments.. Today,.. BlackBerry.. pushed an update to its.. BBM for iPhone.. application (also known as BlackBerry Messenger) featuring an all-new contact-adding experience.. In addition to the obligatory bug fixes and performance improvements,.. BBM version 2.. 3.. 12.. makes it easier to add new contacts by PIN, email, SMS and barcode.. Among other new features, the revamped software also permits you to search for BBM users, as well as review and accept invites from other people using the cross-platform messaging service.. New iPhone 6 rear shell photos show protruding camera lens and round True Tone LED flash.. 29 Comments.. Although everyone s favorite parts leaker, Australia-born.. Sonny Dickson.. , has remained mostly mum in terms of.. iPhone 6.. component leaks this year, Tuesday morning he took to Twitter to share high-resolution photos of an alleged iPhone 6 rear shell which seem to match up nicely with the leaks we recently saw.. In addition to the antenna breaks at the top and the bottom replacing the glass cutouts seen on the iPhone 5/5s, the images appear to depict an iPod touch-style protruding lens for the device.. Also clearly visible on the photos: a circular dual-LED flash module that Apple calls True Tone flash.. Apple discussing HealthKit adoption with US healthcare pros ahead of iOS 8 launch.. 2 Comments.. Apple is working on bringing its new iOS 8 tool for developers called HealthKit to medical professionals in the United States.. Eagle-eyed readers will remember that back at WWDC in June, Apple and the Mayo Clinic demoed the first HealthKit-driven app.. Reuters is now reporting that the Cupertino company has been discussing HealthKit integration with a number of US healthcare professionals, including renowned hospitals like Mount Sinai, Cleveland Clinic, John Hopkins and Allscripts.. Real Racing 3 Speedrush TV update now available.. After adding.. Le Mans prototype.. and.. open wheel vehicles.. , in addition to such perks as iOS 7 controller support,.. car customization.. , the Aston Martin lineup and more, Australian developer.. FireMonkeys.. and super publisher.. Electronic Arts.. today issued another update to their free-to-play.. Real Racing 3.. racer for iOS.. Now available in the App Store.. , the new Speedrush TV update challenges you to land a job driving dangerously for a TV commercial.. Also included in this update: the Audi R8 V10 Spyder and Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse, racing agent Natalia who provides guidance on your career and brand new vinyls allowing you to display your national pride.. Space Colors review: things get colorful when you are deep in space.. Lory Gil.. Leave a Comment.. Space-based shoot-em-up games are a dime-a-dozen and as fun as can be.. I love heading out in my virtual ship and pew, pew-ing everything that moves.. No mining, no building relationships with other worlds.. Just shootin’ and flyin’ for me.. Space Colors.. is a shoot-em-up style space game where players must follow mini missions in order to earn points and collect credits.. Fly through space in a colorful adventure across the galaxy.. Check out our.. game review of Space Colors.. below….. Jeff Benjamin.. on Aug 11, 2014.. 3 Comments.. Episode 41: With the iPhone 6 less than a month away, the crew talks about expectations, rumors, form-factors, and more related to Apple s flagship device.. We also talk about security, including find my iPhone, 2-step verification, and 1Password.. Subscribe on iTunes.. California smartphone kill switch bill passes state legislature.. 13 Comments.. Earlier this year, California Senator Mark Leno.. introduced a new bill.. that would require cellphone makers to install kill switches in all of their handsets, rendering them inoperable when stolen.. The move comes as smartphone thefts continue to rise in major US cities.. Unsurprisingly, Leno s bill won Senate approval by a vote of 27-8 today, meaning that it s just one step away from becoming law in the state of California.. All it needs now is Governor Jerry Brown s signature, and device manufacturers will have essentially a year to comply.. Page 1.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. Next ».. Connect with iDownloadBlog.. Become a fan.. RSS.. Get the latest news.. YouTube.. Watch Us.. Stay up to date.. Newsletter.. News delivered to you.. Google+.. Add us to your circle.. Search.. The most recent headlines.. This is a test for Mile.. The latest jailbreak news.. Configure individual app settings on iPhone with AppControl.. 2 jailbreak is out with AFC2, bug fixes, and more.. iDownloadblog.. com.. About.. Advertise.. Contact.. Keep in Touch.. RSS Feed.. Push Notifications.. Podcasts.. Let's Talk iOS.. Let's Talk Jailbreak.. Site Stuff.. Sitemap.. Archives.. Disclosure.. Privacy Policy.. Copyright iDownloadBlog 2014.. This website is not affiliated with Apple..

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  • Title: Jailbreak iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Apple TV
    Descriptive info: This week on iDB: securing your iPhone.. How to Jailbreak the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple TV.. This page is our ultimate guide to jailbreaking.. Along with information and frequently asked questions about everything jailbreak related, you will find some detailed tutorials on.. how to jailbreak your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Apple TV.. If you already know a lot about jailbreaking and you re just looking for guides and tutorials, then scroll down to find instructions on how to jailbreak.. If you are new to jailbreaking and want to learn more, we suggest you spend a few minutes reading more about this simple process.. At the bottom of this page, you will find information about various jailbreak methods.. Simply look for the iOS version you want to jailbreak and the type of iOS device you have, then click on the link to see a detailed tutorial about jailbreaking the iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, and Apple TV.. What is Jailbreaking?.. Jailbreaking is the process by which Apple s mobile operating system, iOS, is modified to run unsigned code in order to gain access to files that Apple wouldn’t normally let you access.. Jailbreaking adds unofficial application installers to your iOS device, such as Cydia, which let you download many 3rd-party applications,.. tweaks.. , and extensions that are unavailable through the App Store.. These packages open up endless possibilities to do things on your iOS device that a non-jailbroken iOS device would never be able to do.. You can install extensions that give you instant access to your system settings from anywhere on your iOS device, bypass certain restrictions set in place by Apple and the carriers, and find packages that give you more control over your iOS experience.. Jailbreaking is about freeing your iOS device from Apple s restrictions to let you install anything you want.. What are the Benefits of Jailbreaking?.. The main reason why you d want to jailbreak is to have the ability to install third party applications and tweaks that Apple doesn t or wouldn t approve in the App Store.. There are tons of applications that don t meet Apple standards and do things that Apple doesn t want you to do on your iOS device for various reasons.. For example, Apple doesn t allow you to customize your iPhone by changing app icons or the general user interface of your device.. Thanks to the jailbreak community, there are several ways to completely change the way your iPhone looks,.. WinterBoard.. being the most popular one.. Besides applications, jailbreaking also gives you access to tweaks, mods, and extensions.. These not exactly considered applications.. They bring subtle improvements to the way your iOS device operates.. For instance, Five Icon Switcher is a tweak that lets you have 5 icons in the iPhone app switcher at once, instead of the default 4.. A lot of people jailbreak their iOS device in order to unlock it to work on a different carrier.. When you want to unlock your iPhone, the first step is to jailbreak it to then run and run software that will let you have other carriers work on your iPhone.. For more information about unlocking, visit our.. dedicated unlock page.. Is Jailbreaking Legal?.. Jailbreaking is completely legal, at least here in the US.. For a long time, jailbreaking was considered illegal by the US government based on copyright litigation.. In July of 2010, the US government passed a rule that made.. jailbreaking legal.. There is nothing to worry about.. Even if you don t live in the US, there s a very slim chance that Apple would sue you because you jailbroke your iPhone.. It hasn t happened yet, and people all over the world have been jailbreaking since 2007.. Does Jailbreaking Void my Warranty?.. Yes and no.. Yes, because if you go to the Apple store and show your jailbroken iPhone to an Apple employee, you will be told that you can t receive customer support because you voided your warranty the minute you jailbroke.. Apple of course acknowledges the US government s DMCA exception ruling that makes jailbreak legal, but that doesn t mean that Apple has to allow jailbreak in its customer agreement.. From Apple s.. support article.. on jailbreaking:.. Apple strongly cautions against  ...   the different types of jailbreaks?.. The are 3 types of jailbreaks: tethered, semi tethered, and untethered.. Read this article.. to learn more about the differences between these kinds of jailbreak.. Can jailbreaking allow me to get App Store applications for free?.. Yes, but we do not recommend installing pirated apps on your jailbroken device.. Not only are you doing something illegal, but you re also stealing money from hard working developers.. We do not help troubleshoot or give support on app piracy.. Is jailbreaking easy?.. These days, jailbreaking is very easy.. Usually, you just need to.. download a piece of software.. , plug your iOS device into your computer, and run the software.. There is no specific knowledge or skills required.. You will find some very useful tutorials on how to jailbreak at the bottom of this page.. If you don t feel completely comfortable jailbreaking your iOS device, make sure to have a look at our tutorials, they will guide you through the process with step-by-step instructions and illustrations.. What is the best jailbreak tool?.. There isn t a best jailbreak tool, as tools are constantly being updated and replaced with new and improved methods.. Performing an actual jailbreak can be a very different experience depending on your iOS device and software version.. What tool you use is also determined by if you use a Mac or Windows computer.. Does it cost anything to jailbreak?.. No.. You should.. never pay for a jailbreak.. Hackers that develop jailbreaks do it for free, sometimes (rarely) asking for donations.. Some people may charge you to jailbreak your iOS device for you.. If it makes you feel better to pay someone, you can do that, but why pay when you can do it yourself for free?.. How to jailbreak your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Apple TV.. 1 7.. Pangu for.. Windows.. 6:.. all devices: use.. evasi0n7.. for.. or.. 5:.. 4:.. 3:.. 2:.. iOS 6.. 3 to 6.. iPhone 4:.. use RedSn0w.. +.. p0sixpwn.. iPhone 3GS:.. iPod touch 4G:.. no jailbreak available at this time for other devices.. iPhone 5:.. use evasi0n.. iPhone 4S:.. iPad mini:.. iPad 3:.. iPad 2:.. iPod Touch 5G:.. iPod Touch 4G:.. Apple TV 3:.. jailbreak in progress.. Apple TV 2:.. 1:.. jailbreak with evasi0n.. iPhone 5: use evasi0n for.. iPhone 4S: use evasi0n for.. iPhone 4: use evasi0n for.. iPhone 3GS: use evasi0n for.. iPad mini: use evasi0n for.. iPad 3: use evasi0n for.. iPad 2: use evasi0n for.. iPod Touch 5G: use evasi0n for.. iPod Touch 4G: use evasi0n for.. iOS 6:.. iOS 5.. Absinthe.. iPad 1:.. iPod Touch 3G:.. Apple TV 3: No jailbreak for this firmware version.. Seas0nPass.. Jailbreak iPhone 4S: No jailbreak for this firmware version.. Jailbreak iPad 3: No jailbreak for this firmware version.. iPad 2: No jailbreak for this firmware version.. Jailbreak Apple TV 2:.. (.. ),.. CLI.. (Windows Mac),.. Jailbreak iPhone 4:.. Jailbreak iPad 2:.. (Windows Mac).. iOS 5:.. Redsn0w.. Jailbreak iPhone 3GS:.. Jailbreak iPad 2: No jailbreak for this firmware version.. Jailbreak iPad:.. iOS 4.. 4.. iPad 2: No jailbreak for this firmware version yet.. Jailbreak iPod Touch 4G:.. Jailbreak iPod Touch 3G:.. Sn0wBreeze.. Apple TV:.. PwnageTool.. iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS:.. iPod Touch 4G, 3G:.. 8.. iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G:.. GreenPois0n.. iPod Touch 4G, iPod Touch 3G, iPod Touch 2G:.. Jailbreak iPhone iOS 4.. Jailbreak iPhone 4 iOS 4.. 1 with PwnageTool.. 1 with GreenPois0n.. (recommended).. 1 with LimeRa1n.. Jailbreak iPhone 3GS iOS 4.. Jailbreak iPhone 3G iOS 4.. 1 with RedSn0w.. 2 with LimeRa1n.. Jailbreak iPhone 3GS 4.. 2 with RedSn0w.. 1 with JailbreakMe.. 0 with JailbreakMe.. Jailbreak iPhone 3GS iOS 4 with PwnageTool.. Jailbreak iPhone 3G iOS 4 with PwnageTool.. Jailbreak iPad 3.. Jailbreak iPad with Spirit.. Jailbreak iPhone 3.. Jailbreak iPhone 3GS 3.. 3 with Spirit (recommended).. Jailbrak iPhone 3GS 3.. 3 with PwnageTool.. (upgrading from 3.. 2).. Jailbreak iPhone 3G 3.. 3 with RedSn0w.. Jailbreak iPhone 2G 3.. 2 with PwnageTool.. 2 with BlackRa1n.. 2 with BlackRa1n RC2.. 2 with BlackRa1n RC3.. 1 with BlackRa1n.. 1 with PwnageTool for Mac OS X.. 1 on Windows.. Firmware 3.. 0 Jailbreak.. 0 with RedSn0w.. 0 with PurpleRa1n.. 0 with PwnageTool for Mac.. 0 with RedSn0w for PC and Mac.. 0 with PwnageTool.. Jailbreak iPod Touch 2G with RedSn0w..

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  • Title: Jailbreak
    Descriptive info: Alihassan Mahdi.. Volume and brightness are system-wide settings that apply to all apps on your iOS device, thereby requiring users to frequently configure them depending on the app that is open.. For instance, I ve seen people mute their device while playing a game or raise the brightness when reading a book on their device.. AppControl is a.. new jailbreak tweak.. that allows you to solve this problem.. With AppControl, users will have the ability to configure the settings of each app individually such as brightness and volume as well as various other extra settings.. For example, if your device s brightness is at 25% but you ve set the brightness of an app to be 75%, launching it will raise the brightness from 25% to 75%.. on Aug 10, 2014.. 36 Comments.. Last week, we presented you a list of.. best jailbreak tweaks to enhance the stock Messages app.. on your jailbroken iOS 7 device.. Today, we ve decided to list the best jailbreak tweaks that will improve your web browsing experience on Safari.. Safari has been greatly improved on since it was first released along iPhoneOS 1.. With iOS 7, it saw the addition of various new features such as iCloud Keychain, unified address and search bar, Private browsing mode and more.. However, it still has some restrictions and lacks various features that prevent it from being an all-in-one web browser for iOS.. To enjoy more features and get rid of some of its limitations, read our complete list of.. best jailbreak tweaks for Safari on iOS 7.. on Aug 9, 2014.. 102 Comments.. The Pangu team has released an update to their.. jailbreak.. tool today.. 2 is out now for both Windows and Mac, and it includes a handful of bug fixes and improvements that make the.. jailbreaking.. process a little easier.. Among the fixes are a resolution for an ongoing boot loop bug that some iPhone 4/4s users are experiencing, and patches for sandbox log and task_for_pid issues.. The new Pangu also brings support for afc2.. vHome brings a virtual Home button to your jailbroken iOS device.. on Aug 7, 2014.. 33 Comments.. There are several.. available in Cydia that allow you to imitate a press of the Home button without actually touching it.. Such tweaks are quite useful when you have a broken Home or Power button.. vHome is yet another jailbreak tweak that adds a virtual Home button on your screen.. Developed by Noeliel, vHome brings a small virtual Home button to your jailbroken iOS device that looks quite similar to the physical Home button on your device.. It floats on your screen and tapping on it will either take you to your Home screen or lock your device.. vHome might sound similar to other virtual Home button tweaks but it works in two ways.. Let’s Talk Jailbreak 68: More repos hacked.. on Aug 6, 2014.. Episode 68: More repos are hacked, including the ModMyi repo.. We discuss the best jailbreak tweaks for the Messages app.. Other tweaks talked about include BlowToUnlock, Chroma, ConvoProtect, BrightPlayer, and more.. Sponsors:.. One Month Rails.. : develop your first web app in 30 days.. Brightness Activator 2: adjust screen brightness with Activator gestures.. If you ever felt that you wanted a quicker way of adjusting your device s brightness rather than opening Control Center, you should try out a.. known as Brightness Activator 2 that takes advantage of Activator gestures.. Just by looking at its name, you must have guessed by now what the tweak does.. Brightness Activator 2 allows users to adjust their device s display brightness by making use of Activator.. This means that you can assign Activator gestures to increase or decrease the brightness by a specific amount without having to launch Control Center or Settings app.. BlowToUnlock: blow at your iPhone device to unlock it.. on Aug 5, 2014.. 25 Comments.. BlowToUnlock is a brand new.. that landed in Cydia recently and is quite a unique one.. Although Slide to unlock and.. Touch ID.. are the two main methods of unlocking an iOS device, BlowToUnlock takes your device a step further by allowing you to blow at your device in order to unlock it.. With BlowToUnlock, you can simply blow at or around the device s microphone to wake it up or unlock it.. Other than the device s microphone, you can also blow  ...   and paste values from a device s About section, which makes sharing the ID with developers even more painless.. Check out our video inside to see how it works.. BrightPlayer: add brightness slider and rotation lock to iOS video player.. The idea for.. BrightPlayer.. originally came from a.. Reddit post in /r/jailbreak.. , where a jailbreaker pitched his tweak concept to any interested developers out there.. The result is a handy little.. for adjusting display brightness and toggling rotation lock from the iOS video player.. BrightPlayer is a great example of a simple tweak that adds a small amount of convenience to a certain area of iOS.. I ve quite frequently found myself having to invoke Control Center to up my display brightness when launching a video, and all too often I m toggling rotation lock to keep the video in landscape.. BrightPlayer fixes these issues by adding options for both screen brightness levels and rotation lock directly into iOS s video player.. Let’s Talk Jailbreak 67: That s so beta.. on Jul 30, 2014.. 5 Comments.. Episode 67: Activator gets a massive update and brings a ton of new features to the table.. To celebrate, the crew talks about some of the ways that they use this jailbreak staple.. Other tweaks covered include Mikoto, Scrub Radio, and Smart Search.. Hired.. : get 5-15 job offers in the tech industry.. Musiex provides system-wide access to music controls.. on Jul 29, 2014.. Recently, we compiled a list of.. best jailbreak tweaks for the Music app on iOS 7.. and you might want to check it out to discover new.. that you may find useful.. This said, Musiex was among the list and we decided to take it for a spin.. Read on to find out more about it.. Musiex allows users to access the media controls from anywhere within iOS and control the currently playing song without having to open the Music app.. It can be launched by making use of an.. Activator.. gesture and swiping up the interface or pressing the Home button will close it.. Once Musiex is activated, a neat interface appears at the top of the device s screen, just like the notification banner, and displays information about the currently playing song such as the track name, artist and more.. Additionally, the song s artwork appears to the left of the interface and a progress bar is also available enabling users to scrub through songs and move to any specific point of a track.. Activator receives major update with new icons, developer APIs and more.. 32 Comments.. Popular.. tweak Activator has been updated today, bringing the package to version 1.. 9.. Developer.. Ryan Petrich.. says that this is the largest release for the tweak in over a year, as it brings about many new features and enhancements.. We ve posted the lengthy change log down below, but just to give you an idea of what to expect, Activator 1.. 9 includes several new icons, new developer APIs and custom actions.. It also offers a number of bug fixes and various other improvements.. Scrub Radio allows users to get rid of restrictions in iTunes Radio, Spotify, Pandora, and more.. on Jul 28, 2014.. 35 Comments.. iTunes Radio is a free music streaming service that brings together a number of radio stations for users to listen and discover new musics.. However, there are certain restrictions set by Apple in.. iTunes Radio.. such as ads, inability to scrub through songs and more.. Scrub Radio is a new.. that gets rid of these limitations and gives you complete control over iTunes Radio.. With Scrub Radio, users have the freedom to scrub through songs both backward and forward and easily move to a specific point of the song.. Mikoto is like Springtomize for apps.. 19 Comments.. Mikoto.. is a.. jailbreak tweak.. that allows you to customize various aspects of App Store apps and default iOS apps on the iPhone.. It s similar to.. Springtomize.. in that you can alter loads of various features for a variety of different areas within supported apps.. You won t find Mikoto on the BigBoss repo or the ModMyi repo; it s only available by means of a third-party non-default repository.. Have a look inside as we take Mikoto for a spin on video, and we ll show you how to score this free jailbreak tweak for yourself..

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  • Title: Jailbreak Apps & Tweaks
    Descriptive info: Smart Search spices up Spotlight search on iOS 7.. on Jul 27, 2014.. 23 Comments.. Spotlight can be used to search for content (music, app, mail etc.. ) on your iPhone, iPad or iPod and it can be accessed by swiping down the Home screen.. Personally, I ve never found Spotlight search useful and I rarely use it except when I m tempted to.. However, iOS 8 takes the feature to a whole new level by allowing users to search for an iTunes song, App Store app, website, Wikipedia entry and much more directly from Spotlight.. Inspired by.. iOS 8 Spotlight search.. , Smart Search is a.. that improves the functionality of Spotlight search on jailbroken iOS  ...   as advertised.. The best jailbreak tweaks for the Music app on iOS 7.. on Jul 26, 2014.. 74 Comments.. If you re a big fan of music, you might be interested in taking a look at a list of top jailbreak tweaks that will spice up your stock Music app and allow you to customize it.. Although the Music app in iOS 7 has a sleek design and offers most of the features a user might want, there are many tweaks available in Cydia that give you more control over this stock app and enhance your music listening experience.. This is why we have compiled a list of the.. best jailbreak tweaks that will boost your Music app..

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  • Title: Cydia
    Descriptive info: Saurik on competition and community.. on Jul 13, 2014.. 131 Comments.. Every once in a while, a group of individuals surfaces to offer a new Cydia alternative.. Full of good intentions, these individuals usually realize quickly enough that building a replacement or even a complement to Cydia isn t an easy task.. The latest Cydia alternative to generate interest within the community is.. iMods.. , an elegant installer that doesn t necessarily aim to take on Cydia, but rather target a different user base, as one of its developer explains.. The concept, both in terms of design and engineering sounds promising, but is it viable?.. Does it even make sense to try to bring a new installer to market? What does it take to do so, and what hurdles should the developers of such a tool be ready to face? These are some questions that Saurik tries to answer in a 5,600 word essay.. 1 compatible jailbreak tweaks.. Joe Rossignol.. on Jun 25, 2014.. 293 Comments.. It has been a few days since the Chinese team Pangu surprised us with an.. 1 untethered jailbreak.. , and the dust is finally starting to settle.. After learning that.. the jailbreak is safe to use.. , we ve gone ahead and shared video guides on.. how to jailbreak iOS 7.. 1 on OS X.. We also answered some of the.. other pressing questions.. surrounding the jailbreak, including.. the two exploits used.. for this method.. We ve been receiving a lot of questions on our social platforms and comments about which jailbreak tweaks are compatible with iOS 7.. 1, so we ve gone ahead and compiled a list based off.. this shared document.. by JailbreakQA moderator iAdam1n.. While our jailbreak guru Jeff Benjamin has tested some of these tweaks, we cannot guarantee that all of the packages listed will work with your specific iOS device, version or other tweaks installed….. How to remove PPSync from iOS 7.. 1 jailbreak.. on Jun 23, 2014.. 100 Comments.. While we recommend exercising caution with the.. until the dust settles, there will inevitably be some users that go ahead and upgrade anyways.. If you have done so, and you are experiencing bugs or other unforeseen problems on your device, it may relate to issues with PPSync, a package that may be bundled if you use this new jailbreak tool by the Chinese team PanGu….. 1 untethered jailbreak released.. 268 Comments.. We ve got exciting news for the jailbreaking community: a somewhat sketchy.. has been released by the Chinese team PanGu.. Our jailbreak guru Jeff Benjamin confirms that the tool works as expected, while iOS developer iH8sn0w and others have managed to install Cydia on devices running iOS 7.. x….. MoreInfo provides media search for Activator.. on Jun 16, 2014.. iOS 8 might be stealing a little bit of the thunder from the jailbreaking scene as of late, but the community is still going strong.. MoreInfo.. is a new extension designed for use with.. , the useful.. for assigning gestures to trigger common iOS actions.. It allows for a quick in-browser search of the currently playing song or movie, with support for multiple search engines and several customization options.. A full rundown of the extension follows….. Cydia updated with iOS 7 icon and redesigned interface.. on Jun 12, 2014.. 127 Comments.. has received a major update this morning with several improvements.. First and foremost, the app has received a long-awaited iOS 7 icon thanks to graphic designer.. Surenix.. The package manager for jailbroken devices also gains a redesigned and better organized user interface, making it easier to manage repositories, see which packages you have installed and more.. Read ahead for a full look at the update….. Genie unlocks your iPhone with simple gestures.. on Jun 10, 2014.. 22 Comments.. On a recent article that I wrote, a reader was surprised after reading that I am generally disinterested by a lot of.. jailbreak tweaks.. It might not make sense, given that I write for a blog that is consistently on top of covering the jailbreak scene.. Allow me to explain: it s not that jailbreak tweaks do not pique my interest, but rather that some are simply too complex or cumbersome to provide a meaningful purpose.. That s not to discount the fantastic work that developers put into creating jailbreak tweaks.. There are just as many good tweaks as there are less impressive ones.. Genie.. is a new..  ...   iPod touch.. The answer is that we decided to discontinue this column in April, primarily because themes started being released on a less frequent basis.. Nevertheless, the theming community is still going strong.. Despite the slowdown, there are still a number of quality themes released every now and then that are worth mentioning.. As such, we ve turned to the.. community on Reddit and hand picked three iOS theme setups that we think look gorgeous.. Where possible, we ve included the.. used to achieve each setup.. Take a look ahead….. How to set Spotify as the default music player on iPhone.. 17 Comments.. Spotify is one of the most popular cross-platform streaming music services, with over 40 million active users worldwide.. While I am out of luck using the service as a Canadian, our neighbors to the south and elsewhere can benefit from a.. DefaultSpot.. The simple iOS extension sets Spotify as the default music player on iPhone, and also integrates with the Control Center playback controls….. LockScreen Informer is a Cydget that brings useful info to the Lock screen.. The latest trend of.. that attempt to enhance the.. Lock screen.. experience, such as.. IntelliScreenX.. Helius.. , continues with the release of a new Cydget called.. The tweak displays important info directly on the Lock screen, saving you the trouble of opening Notification Center or fully unlocking your device on many occasions.. You re probably thinking this is exactly like the.. tweak we covered last week, but there are some notable differences….. LockInfo7 brings essential info to the Lock screen.. on May 21, 2014.. There are a countless number of.. that aim to improve the.. , but not many come close to.. in terms of usefulness.. The newly released tweak by iOS developer.. David Ashman.. expands the functionality of the Lock screen in several different ways.. Read ahead to see what I mean….. How to screenshot Snapchat without sending notification.. on May 3, 2014.. Snapchat.. is designed so that all photos, videos and chats disappear after a predetermined amount of time set by the sender, such as 5 or 10 seconds.. The whole point of the social networking app is that anything sent between users is not considered permanent, unless of course the recipient decides to take a screenshot of that Snapchat.. But when someone takes a screenshot of a snap, the sender is provided with a notification alongside the number of screenshots taken.. As you might expect, there are more than a few ways to take a screenshot of Snapchat in secret.. A myriad of apps are available on the App Store for saving Snapchat photos and videos, plus two options for jailbroken users.. Just keep in mind that none of these methods are guaranteed to be fail proof, and I imagine most people would be uncomfortable having their snaps saved without knowing.. But if you must, here is.. how to screenshot Snapchat without the other person knowing.. ….. Theme Thursday: Gleam, Axle and Simplump.. on Apr 10, 2014.. 91 Comments.. is back for the eleventh consecutive week, continuing to promote some of the best.. Winterboard theme releases.. This week, we are proud to present you with Gleam, Axle and Simplump.. Each theme is quite different from the next, which should provide everyone with something to choose from.. If there is nothing you see here that you like, consider checking out.. previous editions.. of this roundup.. We ve covered almost 50 themes to date.. Here are three more….. Theme Thursday: Looka, Elza, Comic7 and Caramelo.. on Apr 3, 2014.. It has now been over three calendar months since.. began as a weekly column that promotes some of the.. best Winterboard theme releases.. While this week was somewhat slower in terms of quality themes, we are still excited to share three well-designed releases alongside a preview of a fourth one that remains a work in progress.. Join us ahead for a look at Looka, Elza, Comic7 and Caramelo….. Theme Thursday: Aromy, RipMe HD, Patience and more.. on Mar 27, 2014.. 56 Comments.. The ninth edition of.. , a weekly column that promotes some of the.. best Winterboard themes.. , features four releases with noticeably different designs.. Aromy has a playful color scheme with drop shadows, RipMe HD has a nature-based design, px.. theme is a pixel theme and Patience is just beautiful.. Take a look at each ahead and keep your recommendations coming in the comments for next week…..

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  • Title: Jailbreakme
    Descriptive info: Does Apple really hate jailbreakers?.. on Mar 21, 2013.. 133 Comments.. The cat and mouse between Apple and the jailbreak community has been going on for about 6 years now.. Every time a new jailbreak tool is released, taking advantage of some holes in Apple s tight mobile operating system, you can bet your shirt that Apple will be quick at patching those holes with a software update.. Sometimes those software updates are released faster than others.. For example, it took Apple 43 days to patch a series of vulnerabilities that allowed iOS 6 users to jailbreak their devices using evasi0n.. In comparison, it took Apple only nine days to fix the bugs that were exploited by.. JailbreakMe 3.. The time difference can be easily explained by the fact that exploits like those used by JailbreakMe represent a much a higher security threat to iOS users than those used in evasi0n.. Remember, JailbreakMe could be run directly from the device s browser, thus exposing virtually every single iOS 4.. 3 user at the time to security risks.. In comparison, evasi0n requires you to plug the device to a computer via USB.. Clearly, the security threats is much lower with.. evasi0n.. This being said, every time Apple releases a software update that patches vulnerabilities used in a jailbreak, some enthusiastic jailbreakers are always quick at calling Apple names and accusing the company to actively fight the jailbreak community.. Apple hates jailbreakers.. They just released a software update to kill the jailbreak.. , you can often read every time an iOS update that patches a jailbreak is released.. But is that really the truth? Does Apple really hate the jailbreak community or is it trying to protect the safety of its most popular operating system?.. Comex no longer working at Apple [Updated].. on Oct 18, 2012.. 31 Comments.. Nicholas Allegra, a.. k.. a.. Comex.. — the iOS hacker responsible for the popular jailbreak tool.. — has parted ways with Apple after interning there for a little over a year.. Last August, Comex broke the news that sent shockwaves through the jailbreak community, announcing that.. he would be joining the very company.. whose security he d successfully undermined more than once.. Is it possible that Comex might pick up where he left off in the jailbreak community?.. US Government would’ve paid Comex $250,000 for exclusive use of JailbreakMe.. on Mar 23, 2012.. community owes.. a lot.. to adept hackers who find and exploit weaknesses in the design of iOS mobile operating system, thus allowing Apple s mobile gadgets to run unsanctioned software.. It s more often than not a neverending cat-and-mouse game between Apple and hackers that at the end benefits jailbreakers the most.. Say you re an expert hacker who just figured an exploit in one of Apple s products.. You could report your findings directly to Apple and help them plug those holes with a software update.. But did you know you could also hand over this valuable information to an exploit broker who will sell it to a government agency and net you a decent profit, minus the broker s commission? A U.. S.. government agency, to be precise.. Blutrol Jailbreak Tweak Makes iCade Infinitely More Useful.. on Jan 9, 2012.. 10 Comments.. Blutrol.. is a recently released.. jailbreak app.. that allows you to map your.. iCade control cabinent.. to pretty much any game that features on screen controls.. That means that the iCade is no longer limited to a handful of so-so games, which makes the device a.. lot.. more useful and appealing to gamers.. Basically, Blutrol transforms your iCade from a mere conversation piece, into.. a legitimate gaming machine.. All you need is a.. jailbroken.. iPad, and you re good to go.. JailbreakMe is Safe Again.. on Oct 8, 2011.. Yesterday the news broke that.. com had been sold.. to an unknown person, creating a bit of panic in the.. community after a few prominent iOS hackers had suggested not to use the site anymore for security reasons.. As it turns out, JailbreakMe.. com is now a safe place again, thanks to saurik, who apparently purchased the domain name from the previous owner.. com is Dead.. Alex Heath.. on Oct 7, 2011.. JailbreakMe, the wildly popular web-based jailbreak tool created by comex, is no more.. Comex recently announced that he had.. been hired by Apple.. , and the JailbreakMe..  ...   into an infinite boot loop.. This was quickly confirmed with multiple sources, predominantly the biteSMS.. support forum.. ,.. JailbreakQA.. , and of course our readers here at.. iDB.. JailbreakMe Used to Jailbreak iPhone 4 20,000 Feet Above Ground.. on Jul 14, 2011.. If you haven t heard of.. by now, you may be living under a rock.. One thing you re definitely not doing is flying in a plane, because a video has surfaced that shows an iPhone 4 being jailbroken with JailbreakMe.. com from 20,000 up in the air.. The cool thing about JailbreakMe is that it allows you to jailbreak an iDevice in Safari on the device itself.. All you need is an internet connection and a few seconds to let Cydia install.. And thanks to the availability of internet access on most commercial airlines, we bring you JailbreakMe on a plane.. Got Issues With Your Verizon iPhone After JailbreakMe? Here s The Fix!.. on Jul 13, 2011.. 15 Comments.. Many Verizon iPhone users are experiencing issues with the latest.. exploit that causes their device to get stuck at the Apple boot logo.. If you’re one of them, here’s how to fix it!.. Comex, the brains behind JailbreakMe 3.. 0, has.. published instructions.. on how to fix the issue that should get your device running smoothy again, and here they are.. You have two options if you’re experiencing this issue: you can either restore your device and forget about the.. , or you can try a “quasi-experimental fix using redsn0w” to try and maintain your jailbreak:.. Cydia Upgrade Fixes JailbreakMe Bugs and Camera Connection Kit Issue.. on Jul 11, 2011.. 44 Comments.. Those of you who have been experiencing bugs after using JailbreakMe will be glad to find out that Comex made some fixes to the kernel patches for the userland jailbreak, and these fixes have been pushed as an Essential Upgrade in Cydia.. To get.. this update.. , simply launch Cydia and you should be prompted to upgrade.. Make sure you do not run JailbreakMe again over your current jailbreak.. Instead, let Cydia do the job for you.. JailbreakMe Used 2,000,000 Times, Responsible for Jailbreaking 1% of All iDevices.. on Jul 10, 2011.. JailbreakMe was released just a few days ago and has already had fulgurant success.. Twelve hours after its launch, 500,000 iDevices had already been jailbroken.. Fastforward a few days later, and JailbreakMe has now been used over.. 2,000,000 times.. The news that came this morning via Chpwn s.. account reveals with a quick calculation that.. is responsible for jailbreaking 1% of all iPhones, iPads and iPods in the world.. Apple Store iPad Display Gets Jailbroken [Video].. on Jul 9, 2011.. 30 Comments.. Comex s new exploit.. is easily the best jailbreaking tool ever developed.. Not only is it much faster than previous methods, it s as easy to use as downloading an app.. Another reason.. comes out on top is that you don t need a computer to run the software.. Everything is done from the device.. This creates an interesting dynamic for.. , because now you can do it almost anywhere.. Even in an Apple Store.. Comex to Fix Issue with Camera Connection Kit on iPads Jailbroken with JailbreakMe.. on Jul 7, 2011.. Yesterday we told you about.. an issue.. that could be reproduced on iPads.. jailbroken with JailbreakMe.. when trying to use Apple s Camera Connection Kit.. If you own an iPad jailbroken with.. , you can t use the Camera Kit for the time being.. Comex has been aware of the issue, and today he.. announced.. on Twitter that he has a fix coming up this Friday.. According.. to Comex, the fix will be available in Cydia as a new package to install.. Apple Plans to Fix JailbreakMe PDF Exploit in Next iOS Update.. Oliver Haslam.. After a long wait, Comex released JailbreakMe 3.. And now a.. huge number.. of iOS devices have already utilised the hack.. The jailbreaking method, which simply requires a user visit a website and press a button, is aimed at jaibreaking iOS devices running version 4.. 3, as well as being the first jailbreak available for Apple s iPad 2.. With experts warning that the same method Comex uses could also be used in a malicious context, it was only a matter of time until Apple looked to plug the PDF exploit that the jailbreak relies on..

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  • Title: RedSn0w Jailbreak Guide
    Descriptive info: How to Jailbreak with RedSn0w.. What is RedSn0w?.. RedSn0w is a jailbreak tool developed by the.. Dev-Team.. Originally called QuickPWN, this.. tool was quickly renamed, and has now become a household name for most jailbreakers.. Unlike.. , RedSn0w works for both Mac and Windows, and is considered to be one of the most reliable jailbreaks by the whole community.. Latest Versions.. The latest version of RedSn0w is.. 0.. 15b3.. The latest untethered jailbreak using RedSn0w is.. The latest tethered jailbreak using RedSn0w is.. The latest beta jailbreak using RedSn0w is.. 1 beta 4.. Essentials.. What Device and iOS Version Can RedSn0w Be Used With?.. When Not to Use RedSn0w.. Download RedSn0w.. Tethered vs Untethered.. Basic RedSn0w Tutorials.. How to Put Your Device into DFU Mode.. How to Jailbreak A4 devices and below running iOS 5.. How to Jailbreak almost any device (including A5) running iOS 5.. Tethered Booting With RedSn0w.. Advanced RedSn0w Tutorials.. Preserving Baseband With RedSn0w.. Using Pwned DFU Mode.. How to Use the Recovery Fix.. How to enter DFU mode with a broken Home button.. How to jailbreak iOS 6.. 1 beta.. Managing SHSH Blobs With RedSn0w.. Fetch SHSH Blobs With RedSn0w.. Verify SHSH Blobs With RedSn0w.. Submit SHSH Blobs With RedSn0w.. Query SHSH Blobs With RedSn0w.. Stitch SHSH Blobs With RedSn0w.. Advanced RedSn0w User Preferences.. ECIDs.. Boot args.. Boot logo.. Backup.. Restoring SAM unlock Activation Tickets.. To date, RedSn0w can be used to jailbreak the following iOS devices:.. none.. iPhone 4S:.. 1, iOS 5.. iPhone 4:.. 1, , iOS 6, iOS 5.. 1, iOS 5, 4.. 5, 4.. 4, 4.. 3, 4.. 2, 4.. 1, 4.. 6, 4.. 0, 3.. iPhone 3GS:.. 1, iOS 6, iOS 5.. iPhone 3G:.. iPad 1:.. iOS 6, iOS 5.. 1, 3.. iPod Touch 4G:.. iPod Touch 3G:.. iPod Touch 2G:.. This list will be updated as new versions of RedSn0w are released.. Because RedSn0w used to require you to update your device to a newer version of iOS in order to jailbreak it, we used to strongly suggest that those of you who.. unlock the iPhone.. stay away from RedSn0w, as it might cause you to lose your ability to unlock.. That s no longer the case.. If you rely on an unlock for your iPhone and still want to run and jailbreak the latest iOS version available, you can use RedSn0w,.. PwnageTool or.. All three tools will allow you to update to a newer firmware and jailbreak it while preserving your baseband, which is the key to your unlock.. RedSn0w is a very light utility that can be downloaded in just a few seconds.. As mentioned above, RedSn0w will work with both Mac and Windows.. You can download RedSn0w from our.. downloads section.. You will see that there are several versions available there, but we suggest you always use the latest version available.. RedSn0w usually is compatible with older iPhone firmwares, so even if you want to jailbreak iOS 4.. 2 for example, you might still want to download the newer version of RedSn0w.. RedSn0w has the ability to perform both tethered and untethered jailbreaks depending on the device and the firmware version the device is running.. An untethered jailbreak is the most desirable because it allows you to reboot your device at will without needing to perform a tethered boot with the aid of a computer.. A tethered jailbreak, on the other hand, means that if you re out and about and your device reboots, it will be unusable until you can perform a tethered boot with the aid of a computer.. The chances of this happening are slim, but it is a definite annoyance if it happens to occur while you re away from your computer.. Some strides have been made to.. lessen the impact of tethered jailbreaks.. by using a so-called semitethered boot.. The semitether, is a package that allows you to reboot the device and maintain limited functionality for phone calls and such until you can get back to your computer to perform the tethered boot.. For more information on the different types of jailbreaks, see the following video explanation:.. Learning how to reliably place your iDevice into DFU mode is a step that you must learn if you want to be an effective jailbreaker.. DFU mode stands for Device Firmware Upgrade mode and differs from the restore mode with the iTunes logo that you may be used to.. DFU mode differs from recovery mode because it does not load the boot loader, hence you will see a solid black screen instead of the more friendly connect to iTunes logo.. Getting into DFU mode is super easy, but it does require some practice.. We generally recommend putting your  ...   how to use the Recovery Fix option when downgrading iOS 5 back to iOS 4.. Starting with RedSn0w 0.. 14b2, you can now restore your device and force it into DFU mode using the DFU IPSW option in the Extras Even more options.. By pointing to a stock firmware file, you can create a firmware that will place your device into DFU mode after a restore with iTunes.. Please.. view our full written tutorial.. , and the video walkthrough below for more info.. The official public version of RedSn0w supporting iOS 6 was released, and with it comes Cydia support as well.. You no longer need to install Cydia manually, as we explain in.. our full tutorial.. You can now jailbreak ioS 6.. 1 using RedSn0w using our jailbreak tutorial.. found here.. Also, check our video walkthrough below for a step-by-step visual tutorial.. If you re a developer using the iOS 6.. 1 beta, it is possible to jailbreak iOS 6.. 1 beta using the latest version of RedSn0w.. In order to do so, you must select the iOS 6.. 0 public IPSW as we explain in our.. tutorial here.. Be sure to watch our video below as well.. Fetch:.. Submits your SHSH blobs to Cydia.. Requires DFU mode.. Verify:.. A method to verify what SHSH blobs are available.. Submit:.. Submits blobs residing on your Mac or PC directly to Cydia for caching.. No DFU mode required.. Query:.. Queries the Cydia server about all blobs for a device.. Uses the ECID to accomplish this, no DFU mode required.. Stitch:.. Stitching is a feature that allows you to create an all encompassing IPSW firmware file that can always be used regardless of whether or not Apple is still signing that particular firmware.. Stitching combines both the firmware file with the SHSH blob for that device to allow you to downgrade at anytime.. This is a highly recommended procedure to do every time a new Firmware version is released.. It will ensure that you can always easily go back to a previous firmware with minimum steps.. Please see the following video tutorial to learn more about stitching.. Note:.. Stitching is not yet compatible with iPhones.. ECIDs:.. This will list all of the ECIDs for all devices used by RedSn0w.. Boot args:.. Boot arguments give you the ability to execute advanced commands while running RedSn0w.. These are generally reserved for the accompanying boot-ipt4g command line tool, but can be executed in GUI mode as well.. Please refer to boot-ipt4g.. command for valid boot args.. Boot logo:.. Allows you to designate a specific boot logo to replace the standard Pwnapple boot logo.. Should be PNG format.. Backup:.. 10b8, you can now back up arbitrary files.. The purpose of this was initially intended to backup activation tickets for the.. SAM unlock procedure.. The SAM unlock no longer works, but if you were able to generate an activation ticket with SAM before Apple fixed the issue with their activation server, it s a good idea to use RedSn0w s new backup feature to.. save off your activation ticket.. By doing this, you will be able to.. restore your activation ticket.. , and unlock your iPhone to work with that SIM, even if you ve restored your iPhone.. You can also use the Backup option to backup any other files you have stored on your device.. All you need to do is input the specific path that you want to backup.. Your device will need afc2 installed to use this, but that generally comes prepackaged with most jailbreaks, including RedSn0w.. Restore:.. 12b1, you can now easily restore SAM unlock activation tickets.. RedSn0w gives you the option to restore an indivudual plist file that you backed up manually, or restore a full Lockdown.. zip file that you created using the backup feature above.. See our full.. SAM unlock activation ticket restore tutorial.. for more details.. Downgrade:.. Starting with.. RedSn0w 0.. 11b1.. , you can downgrade to iOS 5.. 1 from higher firmware on an A5 device (iPad 2 or iPhone 4S only).. This downgrade option only works when you have SHSH blobs saved for iOS 5.. 1 either locally or on Cydia.. The ability to downgrade is something that can be fixed with a future firmware upgrade by Apple, but for some reason they decided not to fix it with iOS 5.. For that reason you are able to downgrade iOS 5.. 1 and iOS 5.. 1 to iOS 5.. 1 if you have your SHSH blobs saved for 5.. Please see our video walkthrough, and.. tutorial on downgrading with RedSn0w.. for a step-by-step guide on the entire downgrade process.. We also have a dedicated.. Windows tutorial for downgrading with RedSn0w..

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  • Title: PwnageTool Jailbreak Guide
    Descriptive info: Just like.. , PwnageTool is an application developed by the iPhone Dev Team that allows you to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.. Unlike RedSn0w, PwnageTool creates custom iOS firmware images to user-defined specifications.. Why would you want to use PwnageTool? Because PwnageTool allows you to create custom firmwares while preserving the baseband a key component of an.. iPhone unlock.. it is usually used by iPhone users who want to unlock their iPhones.. To be honest, besides the ability to preserve your baseband, there isn t much compelling reasons to use PwnageTool.. One great benefit to using PwnageTool though is that it allows you to pre-install jailbreak applications so that you don t have to manually add these applications one by one later.. The only downsides to PwnageTool are that it is a Mac only application, and that  ...   ever need to unlock your iPhone, it would be wise to use PwnageTool as a safety measure.. What Device and iOS Version Can PwnageTool Jailbreak?.. To this day, PwnageTool can be used to jailbreak the following iOS devices:.. This list will be updated as new versions of PwnageTool are released.. Download PwnageTool.. As mentioned above, PwnageTool is a Mac only application.. You can download PwnageTool from our.. We are archiving older versions of PwnageTool but we suggest you always download the very latest version available.. It is a fairly light application so downloading PwnageTool shouldn t take more than just a few seconds.. PwnageTool Jailbreak Guide and Tutorial.. This tutorial will show you how to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch using PwnageTool.. This guide will be updated as often as required.. Click here for the latest.. PwnageTool tutorial..

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  • Title: How to Save SHSH Blobs and Downgrade With iFaith
    Descriptive info: How to Save SHSH Blobs and Downgrade With iFaith.. Backing up your SHSH blobs is an integral part of the jailbreaking philosophy.. Without them, it s a sure bet that you won t be able to downgrade your firmware in the future when Apple releases updated firmware and stops signing the old.. Fortunately, there is a way to downgrade regardless of whether or not Apple is signing the firmware.. To do that, though, you ll need your SHSH blobs from that firmware.. The latest version of iFaith is.. iFaith, like the more famous TinyUmbrella utility, is a tool that allows you to save your SHSH blobs for later use.. But that s pretty much where the similarities end.. While TinyUmbrella fetches the SHSH blobs from Apple s server, iFaith will extract them directly from your device.. Unlike TinyUmbrella, iFaith features the ability to create custom firmware (IPSW files) that are stitched together with your SHSH blobs.. In theory, this allows you to downgrade firmware in the future using a standalone firmware file.. iFaith also differs from TinyUmbrella because it ties into its own caching server, while TinyUmbrella relies on Cydia s server for retrieving SHSH blobs.. Lastly, iFaith features the ability to boot into PwnedDFU mode, which is a special type of recovery mode that s necessary for iTunes to recognize and restore to custom created firmware.. For simplicity s sake, just think of iFaith as  ...   if Apple is no longer signing that firmware.. The actual SHSH blob backup portion does not make any modifications to your device.. All it does is save your SHSH blobs to a file on your desktop and/or create custom firmware.. iFaith in itself cannot make any modifications to your device.. You must use iTunes or some other tool to make the modifications.. e.. g.. restoring to custom firmware.. Will iFaith s Signed IPSW s Preserve my Baseband?.. Yes,.. this has been confirmed.. by the developer of iFaith, iH8sn0w.. Download iFaith.. You can.. download the latest version of iFaith.. in our downloads section.. The original version of iFaith debuted on June 2nd, 2011.. iFaith was most recently updated.. on December 4th, bringing with it support for iOS 5 and APTicket backup.. This latest update is significant because, if done as a preventive measure now, it will allow iOS 5 users to create signed firmwares that they will be able to use to.. downgrade in the future.. This was not possible with any previous tool.. Save Your SHSH Blobs and Create Custom Firmware with iFaith.. Use iFaith s Caching Server to Retrieve Saved SHSH Blobs.. And that, folks, is iFaith.. It s a great tool for Windows users, and a life saver for those of you who may want to downgrade your iPhone firmware in the future.. Let us know what you think about iFaith.. in our forums..

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  • Title: Unlock iPhone
    Descriptive info: How to unlock the iPhone.. Unlocking is the removal of SIM restrictions on the modem, allowing the use of the iPhone on any carrier.. The main reason to.. is if you want to use it with a different service provider (ie T-Mobile).. Here are 2 articles you may want to look at:.. What is unlocking an iPhone?.. The difference between jailbreaking and unlocking.. There are two ways to unlock an iPhone.. You can either do a software unlock, which usually requires some kind of hacking, or you can do a.. factory unlock.. Official Factory Unlock for iPhone.. The difference between a locked iPhone and an officially unlocked one relies on the addition of the device s IMEI number to a database of officially unlocked iPhones.. The IMEI is like a fingerprint, completely unique to your device.. When officially unlocked, your IMEI is added to an Apple database which authorizes the device for unlocking.. There are now.. a few providers.. that have access to Apple s database and offer permanent unlocks for a small fee.. The main benefits of a permanent IMEI unlock are:.. it s simple, and official (registered as officially unlocked in Apple s database).. it works with any iPhone (unlock iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, and iPhone 5).. it s 100% guaranteed to unlock your iPhone.. the iPhone can t be locked again, even if you update your device in iTunes.. it does not void your iPhone warranty.. no jailbreak or hacking required.. For those of you looking for a  ...   If you re looking for a reliable, permanent unlock, we can only recommend you do a.. of your device (see details above).. Unlock iPhone 6.. Unlock with UltraSn0w 1.. Unlock iPhone 5.. Unlock iPhone with UltraSn0w.. Unlock iPhone iOS 5.. Unlock iPhone iOS 4.. Unlock iPhone 4 4.. 1 with UltraSn0w.. Unlock iPhone 3GS 4.. Unlock iPhone 4.. Go from iOS 4/4.. 1 to iOS 4.. 1 while preserving the baseband to unlock iPhone 4, 3GS, and 3G.. no unlock for iPhone 4 4.. 2 yet.. no unlock for iPhone 3GS 4.. unlock iPhone 3G 4.. 2 with UltraSn0w.. iPhone 4 unlock with UltraSn0w.. iPhone 3GS unlock with UltraSn0w.. iPhone 3G unlock with UltraSn0w.. Unlock iPhone 3GS iOS 4 with RedSn0w.. Unlock iPhone 3G iOS 4 with RedSn0w.. Unlock iPhone 3.. Unlock iPhone 3GS 3.. 3 with UltraSn0w.. 3 baseband 05.. 11.. 07 with BlackSn0w.. Unlock iPhone 3G 3.. Unlock iPhone 2G 3.. How to unlock iPhone 3GS 3.. 2 with BlackSn0w tutorial.. How to unlock iPhone 3G 3.. iPhone 3GS 3.. 1 unlock with UltraSn0w.. iPhone 3G 3.. iPhone 2G 3.. 1 unlock with PwnageTool for Mac OS X.. Unlocking iPhone 3.. RedSn0w iPhone 2G 3.. 1 unlocking tutorial for Windows and Mac.. 0 using UltraSn0w.. PurpleSn0w unlock for iPhone 3GS 3.. Unlock your iPhone 3GS 3.. 0 using PurpleRa1n and UltraSn0w.. Unlocking the iPhone 3G 3.. 0 with UltraSn0w.. PwnageTool unlock tutorial for iPhone 2G 3.. 0 on Mac.. RedSn0w unlocking tutorial for iPhone 2G 3.. 0 on Windows and Mac..

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  • Title: Unlock
    Descriptive info: President Obama signs bill making it legal to unlock your phone again.. 79 Comments.. The White House announced this morning that President Obama will be signing the Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act today.. The bill restores the copyright exemption that allows customers to unlock their phones, regardless of carrier restrictions.. The bill was first unanimously.. passed by the Senate.. a couple of weeks ago, and then agreed upon by the.. House of Representatives.. earlier this week.. And with the President signing it into law today, it has become once again legal for users (and vendors) to.. unlock.. their phones.. Congress passes bill making phone unlocking legal.. on Jul 25, 2014.. 20 Comments.. Earlier this year, a.. DMCA exemption.. expired, which made.. unlocking your iPhone.. not only illegal, but also punishable by a $500,000 fine, five years in jail,.. or both.. Today, Congress passed a bill that makes unlocking your phone without permission from your carrier.. legal.. a couple of weeks ago, and the policy was unanimously passed by the House of Representatives this afternoon.. The last step is for President Obama to sign the bill, which will officially turn it into a law.. Senate passes cellphone unlocking bill.. on Jul 16, 2014.. The Senate has passed a bill legalizing cellphone.. unlocking.. this week.. The unanimous decision to pass the legislation, which was penned by Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy, came last night, and it will now move to the House and onto President Obama.. The bill reinstates a 2010 ruling by the Librarian of Congress so that consumers can unlock their cell phones without worrying about copyright laws.. It also directs Congress to consider whether other wireless devices, such as tablets, should be eligible for unlocking.. All Sprint devices released after February 11, 2015 to be unlockable.. on Apr 23, 2014.. As much as carriers would want to keep devices locked to their network to make switching service impossible, this is fortunately just a pipe dream.. Last December, the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) was able to.. successfully pressure.. major U.. wireless companies to agree to.. their devices for use on other domestic networks.. The US House in February.. passed a device unlocking bill.. and now the nation s third-largest wireless operator Sprint has responded by announcing it will make all of its devices released after February 11, 2015 unlockable for use on competitors’ wireless networks without repercussions.. US House passes bill that makes unlocking your phone legal.. on Feb 26, 2014.. 41 Comments.. Reuters is reporting that the US House has passed a bill that would allow mobile phone users to.. their devices and use them on competitors wireless networks without repercussions, making the once gray-area practice completely legal.. Before you get too excited, however, there are a few big asterisks.. First, for the bill to be written into law it must also be approved by the Senate, which could take years or never happen.. And two, the bill contains an exclusion for bulk.. PassTime lets you customize the passcode requirement duration (and it s really awesome).. on Jan 31, 2014.. If you ve been listening to either.. Let s Talk iOS.. , you ve probably heard Cody and I rant about the fact that you can t use Touch ID for iTunes purchases without either using Touch ID or a passcode to unlock your device.. Since I first got my iPhone 5s, this has been a big annoyance.. I do like the simplicity and security that Touch ID brings to my purchases on iTunes or in the App Store, but I do not want to use Touch ID or even a passcode to unlock my device.. As it turns out, Apple won t let you do one without the other.. Enters.. PassTime.. , a new jailbreak tweak by Julian Weiss that lets you set custom passcode or Touch ID unlock requirement durations, effectively solving my biggest Touch ID pet peeve.. FCC and carriers finally agree on cell phone unlocking.. on Dec 12, 2013.. Threatening regulatory action, the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) was able to drive U.. wireless carriers into a corner concerning their stance on cell.. phone unlocking.. As much as carriers would want to lock phones to their network to make switching service that much harder, the FCC and major U.. wireless companies have reached an agreement which will make it easier for people to unlock their devices and switch from one carrier to another.. The wireless association called CTIA, which represents U.. carriers like AT T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon and U.. Cellular, released a statement on Thursday confirming that all named carriers have agreed to the new cell phone unlocking principles put forth by the government.. Leaked document shows White House in favor of banning unlocking, jailbreaking.. on Nov 19, 2013.. 107 Comments.. The last we heard, things were looking good in the fight to reform  ...   which, among other things, would make the process of.. your cellphone unequivocally legal.. Regional carriers voice support for cell phone unlocking.. on Mar 13, 2013.. I find it peculiar that regional wireless carriers in the United States have traditionally been way more vocal in their support of Apple and sound business practices than the corporate behemoths like AT T, Verizon, Sprint or T-Mobile, the nation s top carriers.. A new report out this morning praises some regional carriers for having the guts to back a broader initiative to make cell phone.. legal again.. Contrast the move to.. AT T s straightforward policy.. of locking your device to its network until you ve met the terms of your service agreement.. Specifically, rural carriers such as U.. Cellular and Bluegrass Cellular are now backing these looming bills, likely in a bid to appease to its iPhone customers.. Remember, these same guys happily undercut major carriers iPhone deals by at least $50.. AT T issues statement on unlocking policy.. on Mar 8, 2013.. There s been a lot of commotion lately regarding the.. recent expiration of a DMCA exemption.. that makes the.. of smartphones illegal.. The people.. are talking about it,.. the government.. is talking about it, and the word is, it could lead to new legislation.. Today, AT T issued a statement on the topic, reassuring customers that the DMCA rule has no effect on its unlocking stance.. The whole thing comes off as a bit garish, as no one was really worried about that in the first place.. But it does offer clarity on their policy.. Legislation to legalize cell phone unlocking looms.. on Mar 7, 2013.. After the.. White House last week weighed in.. on the still illegal cell phone unlocking in the United States, drawing responses from carriers, The Library of Congress and FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski, Democratic Senator Ron Wyden announced on Twitter yesterday his proposal of a new bill dubbed the Wireless Device Independence Act to ensure that owners of mobile phones are allowed to bypass copy protection and.. their devices without being scrutinized as criminals.. Arguing.. it s a freedom issue.. , the Senator confirms the bill seeks to amend a section of the United States Code covering the circumvention of copyright protection systems.. A few other lawmakers voiced their support for unlocking as well, having announced plans to introduce legislation to make the practice legal again.. US prepaid carrier Solavei now selling iPhone 5-friendly nano SIMs.. on Mar 6, 2013.. Hot on the heals of this morning s news that the iPhone 5 would be.. landing on Strata Networks.. soon, comes word that the popular handset can also now be used with Solavei, a US-based prepaid provider.. The carrier sent out a press release this afternoon announcing that it has begun offering nano Sim cards, meaning you can now hook up Apple s latest handset to its $49/month unlimited everything plan.. The White House responds: cell phone unlocking should be legalized.. on Mar 4, 2013.. With the United States Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski.. promising last Thursday.. to look into cell phone unlocking, the federal government is now expressing concern about the recent criminalization of the controversial topic, with the White House finally making known its official stance on cell phone unlocking.. R.. David Edelman, a Senior Advisor for Internet, Innovation, and Privacy for the White House, Monday published the official response stating the government stands in support of those wishing to.. their cellphones once they have fulfilled the terms of the contract.. Unlocking your iPhone, as you know, basically frees your handset from the clutches of your carrier so you can take it to any wireless company s network.. FCC questions ban on unlocking cell phones.. Ed Sutherland.. on Mar 1, 2013.. The federal government is expressing concern about the recent criminalization of.. cell phones.. FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski said Thursday his office will look at the subject to see if and what the agency can do.. Earlier this year, an exemption in a digital copyright law expired, prompting outrage from some mobile phone owners.. The head of the FCC said he is.. concerned.. that a return to the ban on unlocked cell phones could stifle competition or limit innovation.. As Cody reported.. last month, a White House petition calling for again.. allowing unlocking.. drew more than 100,000 signatures.. Petition to legalize cell phone unlocking will get response from White House.. on Feb 21, 2013.. On.. January 26th.. of this year, the DMCA exemption that made.. your cell phone legal, expired, subsequently making the popular practice illegal.. Now, folks who go about unlocking their handsets risk.. serious legal repercussions.. Obviously, people weren t too happy with the way this played out, so an.. online petition was started.. to re-legalize unlocking.. And as of today, that petition has surpassed 100,000 signatures, meaning the White House must issue a response..

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