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  • Title: Ian Pooley | News
    Descriptive info: .. HOME.. BOOKING.. MUSIC.. BIOGRAPHY.. LINKS.. PICTURES.. GUESTBOOK.. DJ MIX.. Home.. News.. Tour Dates.. Top 10.. What i do Remixalbum out now !.. Including mixes by Delano Smith , Stimming , Kyodai , Daniel Dexter and more !!!.. buy it here.. So excited to announce my new Album ! Available everywhere !.. 29.. 10.. 2012.. Check out my new foto blog :.. Weekend Views.. 05.. 12.. Hey there ,.. i have a new.. CMS.. for this site , so at the moment i can t upload mixes.. In the meantime you can go to :.. Ian Pooley s Soundcloud.. Have a nice Weekend !!!.. I m extremely happy to announce that the first track of my new album What i do will be released with exclusive Remixes on Innervisions in September !!!.. Seth Troxler Jamie Jones played it on.. BBC.. Radio 1 on friday , have a listen here (it s at the 1h 52min mark roughly).. I won t stop smiling today !!!.. RADIO.. 1.. LINK.. My new Mix :.. Autumn in August Mix.. Just finished a remix for K Alexi Shelby -The dancer,sounds dope!.. Also, my remix for Vincenzo -The Clearing is out on Beatport.. NEW.. MIX.. IS.. ONLINE.. !!.. ENJOY.. !.. SPENCER.. PARKER.. IAN.. POOLEY.. KINDERTELLER.. EP ON.. OVUM.. OUT.. NOW.. Response to this EP has been crazy, Nr.. 2 in Beatport Deep House charts,thank you all for your support,much appreciated!.. This has been my remix month:.. The Glass/Four four letter.. Uh Land /Son of a gun.. Dj Hell / The Angst.. Pezzner / What have I done.. Fred Everything /Here come the beats.. Vincenzo / The clearing.. new mix is online !.. My remix for Shades of Gray (Shur-I-Kan) Concord Jazz is out now on Dark Energy Recordings.. Out soon.. ;-).. New Mix is online !.. POOLED.. 25.. COMPILATION.. EXCLUSIVELY.. ON.. BEATPORT.. Out now ! Get it before it s gone , only 500 copies !.. http://www.. phonicarecords.. com/product/view/62399.. 14.. 03.. 2010 New Mix is online , more news very soon !.. 03.. 02.. 2010.. New Mix is online , i m off  ...   Cabin Fever,creating some serious buzz.. Released in limited 500 copy Vinyl only,you ll have to be quick if you want one.. Also,had a great time at Kleine Reise,Berlin this weekend.. Thanks to everyone there for making it such a fun night!.. 10.. 09.. Analog People In A Digital World feat.. DJ Sneak Ian Pooley.. Walking In Harlem EP ,out this month on Hysterical.. Had a fun 2 weeks in da studio, working on few style-wise completely different projects:.. Remix for Theo Strip Steffan Dancing /.. BOYS.. NOIZE.. (out in March 2010).. Remix for Telonius Hit me with your rhythm stick /.. GOMMA.. (out Jan.. 2010).. EP with Spencer Parker on Cabin Fever , Vinyl only Limited Edition (out Feb.. 01.. MY.. REMIX.. FOR.. AURA.. DIONE.. You can get it at:.. http://itunes.. apple.. com/de/album/i-will-love-you-monday-365-ep/id338155472.. 26.. 11.. 09 New Mix is online !.. THE.. DARK.. WHITE.. Pooledmusic returns with another solid release.. Proceedings kick off with the lo slung funk of The Dark White (Juno Mix) , sounding.. like the love child of Adonis and Moodyman this seemingly simple groove will slowly.. bury its way into your head.. Utilising analogue sounds in a completely modern way.. and combining them with a super trippy vocal, this is bang up to date house music.. that demands your attention.. Flip over to B1 and we have the ?MPC Mix? of The Dark white.. Mr Pooley gets to.. grips with a piece of kit that has created many a house music anthem and proves.. exactly why he is considered a pioneer in our scene.. The trippy vocal returns but this.. time accompanied by looped up piano, subtle strings and devastating effects.. ?Holes In My Shoes? is flavoured with many old school house references; an.. awesome bassline straight from the 80s Trax school of house, haunting vocal.. snippets and crazed voices, trusty 707 drums, and a certain warmth that makes.. tracks like these work time and time again.. Subtle 303 tweaks and melancholic.. chords round off a very strong track from Pooley.. Already supported by:Jimpster,Ben Watt,Andy Cato,Ramon Tapia,Tiger Stripes,Satoshi Tomiie,Karotte and many,many more.. POOLED MUSIC..

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  • Title: Ian Pooley | BOOKING
    Descriptive info: Booking.. Adress.. Phone.. Link.. WILDE.. Patricia Weil.. Klingerstrasse 2.. 12435 Berlin.. +49 (0)30 25329855.. Wilde Agency.. Name*.. Email*.. Location*.. Message*.. Security..

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  • Title: Ian Pooley | Categories
    Descriptive info: Categories.. T'N'I.. IDES.. Space Cube.. Ian Pooley.. Other Projects.. Compilations.. Remixes.. Exclusive Tracks for Compilations..

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  • Title: Ian Pooley | BIOGRAPHY
    Descriptive info: Ian Pooley ? In Other Words.. Housemusic for Today.. Ian Pooley is a master of deceleration.. Once asked in an interview about his plans for the future he opted for being a fisherman on a Croatian island.. What shines through is his ability to keep his cool.. ?I?m not interested in braggin? about producing four tracks in two days? he explains.. ?Of course it?s technically possible but not satisfying for me.. ? As passionate producer and musician, he prefers to take his time for skilful arrangements.. Much time, in truth.. His album ?Souvenirs?, Pooley?s latest comment on electronic music and follow up to his album ?Since Then? which sold 100.. 000 units, was released in summer 2004.. And four years are an eternity within our fast living time.. ?I love to create complex sounds and songs? he elaborates.. ?And I?ve found out that a great track takes its time.. ? But as much requested international top dj, he also finds himself at the centre of a hectic club scene, pushed between the clubs of Milano, Kiev and Miami.. Still he knows how to adapt and profits from the changing scenes, as open-mindedness is key to his musical approach.. Extensive studio work and rapid dj trips are the opposing forces of his life.. In spring 2006, Pooley left his home town Mainz, his base camp for 15 years of highly successful music productions and DJ activities.. ?I used to enjoy my reclusive life in Mainz especially after returning from a series of international DJ gigs.. But when the local scene deflated, I began to miss the creative exchange with fellow musicians.. ? The solution to this inspirational trap was his decision to move  ...   forces of techno and house but clearly manifests his own voice among all the diverse tongues of electronic music.. A journey of songs cutting through a complex soundscape ? covering ground from the compelling summer hymn ?Piha? to NuDisco bomb ?Heaven?.. All in all, the 14 tracks range between the atmospheric, deep and exuberant.. His ?Intro? as well as his ?Blue Interlude? serve as an oasis within a sparkling masterpiece.. The true beginning marks ?5 a.. m.. ?, a hymn where Brazilian-style percussions are getting more and more unleashed, embedded by ever-changing soundscapes.. ?It?s You? draws its power from Pooley?s versatile beats together with smooth vocals and jazzy blue notes.. amazing in its elegance and airiness.. Guest appearances on ?In Other Words? are as programmtic as frugal.. The first calling summons up Chicago house veteran Robert Owens who (in best Fingers Inc tradition) turns ?Learn? into a lascivious electro chanson.. Then there is Tim Fuller who adds his spheric falsetto to ?What I got?.. And of course, there is Ulf Kleiner aka Perry Colo (a long-standing companion of Ian Pooley) who delivers some wicked organ sounds.. Towards the album?s end, the tracks once again take on a funky vibe with a hunch for powerful samba sounds.. The rhythmically loaded ?Closer? ties perfectly up to the preceding offerings and presents itself as the climax of the album.. ?In Other Words? proves how adept and adaptable a musician Ian Pooley is.. He manages to sound as deep as progressive, as atmospheric as compelling.. The album continues his legacy but also refreshes your mind.. A tight and convincing effort.. Artist: Ian Pooley.. Album: In Other Words.. Release Date: June 13th 2008.. Label: Ministry of Sound..

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  • Title: Ian Pooley | LINKS
    Descriptive info: Labels.. myspace.. pooledmusic.. Friends.. Kimco entertainment.. Freerange.. NRK.. Records.. Simple Records.. Contact.. General enquiries:.. iva@pooledmusic.. com.. Imprint.. Legal Disclaimer..

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  • Title: Ian Pooley | Pictures
    Descriptive info: Pictures.. NZ Japan 2009.. Miami.. Seoul with Louie Austen.. Click on the Albums above !.. 1..

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  • Title: Ian Pooley | Guestbook
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  • Title: Ian Pooley | DJMIX
    Descriptive info: Ian s DJ Mixes.. 05.. 2011.. May 2011 Mix.. 02.. 04.. 06.. 07.. 08.. 09.. Ian Pooley Side of me?.. Robert Owens Bring down the walls (Leo Zero Edit).. Moodymanc Black Paint (Dub).. Chris Carrier Street Machine.. Gene Siewing Youre not a DJ (Luna city Express Rmx).. Technique Southwater (Alexkid Tool Mix).. Consistent Higher Feel.. Shlomi Aber- Slow Dancer (Wink Remix 1).. Sean Miller Cmon that s it.. Johanna Knutsson Heavy Baby (Ian Pooley Edit).. Delano Smith A Special kind.. Ian Pooley Groove me.. November 2010 Mix.. The Mole Oh my stomach /musique risuee 05:08.. ?me Rrose S?lavy /innervisions 06:45.. Akabu Another World (A.. Lodemann Rmx) /z records 07:41.. John Daly Big Piano /drumpoet comm.. 04:31.. Sweet n Candy For those who know /rompecebaza 04:35.. Marcel Knopf Lone gone home /clap your hands 05:18.. Phil Dan Regulato (Hector Couto Remix) /pooledmusic 05:39.. Cellule Eat Koala /minibar 03:57.. Ideal Sch?ne Frau mit Geld (Lo Soul Remix) /l.. a.. r.. j.. 05:11.. T.. E.. D Garden (Jesse Rose Rmx) /play it down 04:14.. S.. Parker Ian Pooley Jolesch /ovum rec.. Chris Simmonds No more talking /crosssection 03:15.. Summer 2010 Mix.. Kraftwerk Heimatkl?nge /3:33.. Seu Jorge Everybody loves the Sunshine / 4:46.. Flying Lotus Tea leaf dancers / 3:08.. Tamba Trio Joga da vida / 3:10.. Marco Valle Nova Bossa Nova / 3:52.. Ian Pooley vs.. Qinho Beijoca / 4:51.. Herbert Something isn t right / 3:29.. Anonym Trust me / 5:15.. Blackjoy feat.. S.. Nkake Monilola / 4:04.. Woolfy Odyssey / 3:15.. Tracey Thorn Swimming (Troxler Visionquest Rmx) / 7:08.. Solal I lost him (Ben Horn Rmx) / 4:45.. Here Today Good News / 5:05.. Kasper Bj?rke Heaven (Prins Thomas Rmx) / 7:30.. Kraftwerk  ...   Shimmy Sham 002 6:09.. new fumakilla will add title soon ;-) 4:19.. Spencer Parker Ian Pooley-Jolesch 5:48.. The Martinez Bros-Broke in the BX 4:38.. Jazzanova-Look what you re.. (C.. Prommer Rmx/Pooley Edit) 6:50.. March Mix.. Andres-Moments in Life ?4:17.. Session Victim-The Keyboarder 5:54.. Timewriter-Pasodoble ?5:09.. Losoul feat.. Fadila-Time Passes(Dyed Soundorom Rmx) ?5:30.. Alain Ho- Sur la Terre 6:26.. David Ekenback-Breathe (Dj Nibc Rmx) ? 4:38.. Christian Sol- Planck ?5:16.. Mark Livella Best Lady(Spencer Parker rmx) ?4:22.. Fries Bridges-Switch Stance ?5:22.. Matthew Dear Seth Troxler-Hurt (Martinez Dark Soul Rmx) ?2:59.. Jamie Anderson -Another day 4:38.. M.. Homm J.. Bliss-Vegas ?4:06.. Eddie C ?It s not Fantasy?? ?5:18.. February Mix.. Yotam Avni Jay Dilla s Dream 4:39.. V.. I.. P.. MVIP.. Theme (Motorcitysoul Remix) 3:51.. Luna City Express Celebration of Life 6:00.. Floating Points Vacuum Boogie 3:44.. Kasper Bj?rke Alcatraz (Jimpster Dub) 5:43.. Alex Santos C.. Woodward Village Vanguard (Dub) 5:21.. Franksen Tom Wax Bodyworker (Pooley s Dub) 5:14.. Willie Graff Tuccillo Rise Rhythm 5:44.. OGC.. Pump Dance (DJ SNeak Rmx) 3:15.. Nils Noa Trollveggen (Christian Sol Rmx) 5:35.. Kreon Neoosh (M.. Popoviciu Rmx) 4:49.. Spencer Parker Ian Pooley Cabin Fever Side A 5:27.. Dop Blanche Neige (Kinder Cut) 2:48.. November 09 Mix.. 11.. 6th Borough Project Miss World 5:35.. 6th Borough Project Miss World (.. OOFT.. ! Rmx) 5:39.. Basic Soul Unit Things Pass 5:28.. Spaceboys Moonshrine (Swag Dub) 3:47.. Oskar Offermann Only my Shorts 4:10.. Matthias Tanzmann State of House 3:44.. Ian Pooley The Dark White (Juno Mix) 5:10.. Steel Lord You (Keine Musik Rmx) 3:23.. Art of Tones Call the shots (.. MCDE.. Rmx) 5:43.. Makossa Megablast Marrakesh 3:46.. And If Beyond Senses (Pezzner Dub) 5:10.. Bent Swollen (Ben Watt Rmx) 5:59..

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  • Title: Ian Pooley | Tour Dates
    Descriptive info: 14 Magazine Club , Lille.. 14 Baut.. ADE.. , Amsterdam.. 14 The Berkeley Suite , Glasgow.. 14 Watergate , Berlin.. 14 Yaki Da , Gothenburg/Sweden.. 31.. 14 Masseria Traetta , Ostuni/Italy.. 23.. 14 Chalet , Berlin.. 14 Korkyralis Session , Korcula/Croatia.. 14 Garito Cafe , Palma de Mallorca.. 14 Pacha , Palma de Mallorca.. 07.. 14 Hotel Shanghai , Essen.. 14 Kosmonaut , Berlin.. 14 Rooftop , Lissabon.. 14 Club at.. MMA.. , Munich.. 14 Ritter Butzke , Berlin.. 14 Ringispil Summer Club , Skopje.. 14 Wilde Showcase at Almogavers 86, Barcelona.. 14 Ostrov Festival , Kiev.. 14 Toika Lounge , Toronto.. 14 Flash , Washington DC.. 14 Incognito , LA.. 14 Monarch , San Francisco.. 14 Premises , Minneapolis.. 14 Cameo , Brooklyn.. NYC.. 25.. 04.. 14 Rooftop , Dubai.. 14 Crystal , Waterford.. 14 Stattbad , Berlin.. , München.. 14 Nitsa , Barcelona.. 14 Fez , Sheffield.. 14 Nu Spirit Club , Bratislava.. 21.. 14 Mendeleev , Moscow.. 14 Basing House , London.. 14 Tresor , Berlin.. 14 Artheater , Köln.. 14 House Rawyal , Malta.. 14 Apolo , Pancevo/Serbia.. 01.. 14 Showcase , Paris.. 13.. TBA.. , Houston.. 13 Thelus Theatre , Montreal.. 13 Hifi , Calgary.. 13 Distillery , Leipzig.. 13 Wolke , Wolkramshausen.. 13 D-Edge , Sao Paulo.. 13 Sub , Manaus/Amazonas.. 13 Galleria , Naples.. 13 Panoramabar , Berlin.. 13 Galerie Kurzweil , Darmstadt.. 13 Batofar , Paris.. 13 Oval Space , London.. 13 Culture Beat , Sofia.. 13 Bon Bon Bar , Berlin.. 13 Salzhaus , Winterthur.. 13 Watergate , Berlin.. 13 Griessmühle , Berlin.. 13 King Kong Parkfest , Kortrijk/Belgium.. 13 Le Bateau , Geneva.. ARM.. , Kassel.. 13 Berghain , Berlin.. 13 Juicy Beats Festival  ...   Trajkoski,Skopje.. Tunnel , Milano.. Suicide Circus,Berlin.. Mystik,Seoul.. Warehouse 702,Tokyo.. Cameo Gallery , New York.. Trouw , Amsterdam.. RvS Launch Party@Dukes House, London.. Silbergold , Frankfurt.. Roots , Groningen.. MoS@Basen,Warsaw.. Kosmonaut , Berlin.. Play house , Sint Truiden/Belgium.. Cirq , Venice/Italy.. Pooledmusic.. Party , Amsterdam.. Fiese Remise , Berlin.. Elipamanoke , Leipzig.. The Block , Tel Aviv.. pooledmusic@kater holzig , Berlin.. Telefunken/Glasgow.. Fabric/London.. Plaza Banj , Sibenik/Croatia.. C-mine Festival/Genk.. Lovefest KG/Serbia.. Garito Cafe/Palma de Mallorca.. OP Summer Session/Chicago.. Electric Pickle/Miami.. Bunker 194/London.. Sektor 909/Skopje.. Watergate/Berlin.. Incognito/Los Angeles.. Monarch/San Francisco.. Sax/Chicago.. DEMF.. /Detroit.. Rioma/Mexico City.. La Paill.. Bambou/La Grande Motte.. Lucky Bar Podgorica/Montenegro.. Hotel Shanghai/Essen.. Rhythm Factory/London.. Sunrise Ardojee/Belgium.. Pravda/Moscow.. Mint/Bali.. Sash World Bar/Sydney.. Chinese Laundry/Sydney.. One Six one/Melbourne.. Sandwiches/Wellington.. Ink Bar/Auckland.. The Loft/Waterford.. JC Spin Desselt/Belgium.. Kameleon Club/Split.. Rosi s/Berlin.. Kong/Munich.. Cafe Gallery in Tbilisi/Georgia.. Lounges/Goeteborg.. Kinsky/Vienna.. 360/Dubai.. Tresor/Berlin.. Chapeau Rouge/Prague.. Warehouse/Amsterdam.. Schon Schoen/Mainz.. Weekend/Berlin.. Ohara/Split.. Picknik/Monteral.. Revival/Toronto.. Summer Safari/Berlin.. Cosmopolar/Erfurt.. Club 4/Hvar.. Benny s/Brac.. Demo Festival/Banja Luka.. The Egg/London.. Sky Lounge/Leipzig.. Mach 1/N?rnberg.. Sisyphos/Berlin.. Cocoon/Frankfurt.. Panorama Hall/Kharkov.. Gamma/Torino.. Ellie/Munich.. Mantra/Kiev.. The Cabaret Voltaire/Edinburgh.. Goa/Madrid.. The Zoo,Hasselt.. Escape Club,Malta.. La Perla/Las Palmas.. The Egg,London.. Panorama Bar,Berlin.. Bob Beamon,Munich.. Vozduh,Moscow.. Barbarella,Berlin.. The Vibe Bar,London.. Petrol,Antwerp.. Zukunft,Z?rich.. Essence,Essen.. Soho House,Berlin.. Tanzhaus West,Frankfurt.. River Deck Club,Timsoara.. Jungla,Split.. Aquarius,Komiza.. Jelsa,Hvar.. Klaipeda,Lithuania.. Budva,Montenegro.. Kleine Reise,Berlin.. The Tabacco Warehouse,Liverpool.. Wilde Renate,Berlin.. Cosmopolar,Efrurt.. Trischli,Zurich.. Katakomben,Krefeld.. Pop Star,Lithuania.. Basement Bar,Waterford.. Arnheim,NL.. K?ln.. Palma Club,Tuzla.. Arlekino,Osnabr?ck.. ilovemusic.. 10,Luxembourg.. The Tube,Belgrade.. Decadence,St Peterburg.. Gothenburg.. Suicide Club,Berlin.. Superclub,Coruna.. Soundrise Festival,Bali.. Dice,Berlin.. Brac,Croatia.. Gradac, Croatia.. Bogaloo, Zagreb.. Volksgarten Vienna.. Stereo Sushi, Antverp.. Cocoon Frankfurt.. Gravity, Vilnius.. I love Deep@Prive, Budapest.. Solyanka, Moscow.. The Best, Zagreb.. Arenaclub, Berlin.. Be Cool, Barcelona.. Moxa Club, Italy.. Unit,Tokyo.. Karma Club Osaka, Japan.. Christchurch, NZ.. Our House Summer Festival, Auckland.. Tube Club, Belgrad..

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  • Title: Ian Pooley | Top 10
    Descriptive info: July 2013 Charts.. Paolo Rocco People Say /saved music.. Magit Cacoon More than time (Ian Pooley Main Mix) /upon you records.. The XX Reunion (Âme Remix) /innervisions.. Soulphiction Soul Brother No.. 2 /philpot.. Tom Trago Two Together /rush hour.. Ian Pooley Kids play (Stimming Remix) /pooledmusic.. Henrik Bergqvist Go for what hurts /Aniara recordings.. Ruede Hagelstein Emerson Todd A.. R.. G.. O.. (Ian Pooley Remix) /watergate records.. Alland Byallo Got it wrong (Alix Alvarez Remix) /real tone records.. N.. Baytala M.. Egner Zero $ (Catz n Dogz Remix) /pets recordings.. July 2011 Charts.. Ian Pooley Groove me (Matt.. Dekay L.. Burridge Rmx) /pooledmusic.. Lovebirds Give me a Dubf*ck /winding road.. Mic Newman Recorded in the garage /murmur.. Spencer Parker I think i love you /rekids.. Jimpster Change in you /freerange.. Agaric Who made up (Josh Wink Rmx) /ovum.. Osunlade Envision (Dixon Remix) /innervisions.. Parker_Pooley You don t feel the same /tsuba.. Pezzner Mesh /8bit.. Kathy Diamond Love saves.. (Deniz Kurtel Rmx) /bargrooves.. February 2011 Charts.. 01.. Chimera-Ceril/Komplex de deep.. Tom Trago-Lost in the streets of.. /Use me again.. Soundstream-Tease me/Soundstream.. Storm Queen-Look right through(Jimpster edit)/Environ.. Vincenzo-The Clearing(Ian Pooley remix)/Dessous.. Bassfort-Last night/Freerange.. Green Velvet-Flash(Jamie Jones remix)/Relief.. Lovebirds-The rain(Steve Bug remix)/Teardrop.. Nina Kravitz-Pain in the ass(Alexkid remix)/Rekids.. Soundstream-All night/Soundstream.. July 2010 Charts.. Le Fleur-Flowerhead /Power plant music.. Okain-Scream (Nina Kravitz Rmx)/Tsuba.. Rodrigez Jr.. vs.. M.. Romboy -Lac De  ...   Dub) /hfn.. James Teej Space Oddity (My favourite robot remix) /my favourite robot.. Ian Pooley Spencer Parker You hear where i m coming from.. /cabin fever.. Session Victim The Keyboarder /delusions of grandeur.. Theme / pooledmusic.. Jose james Made for Love /brownswood recordings.. Nils Noa Trollveggen (Christian Sol rmx) /troll records.. Franksen Tom Wax Bodyworker (Pooley s Stripped down Mix) /salted music.. Vegas L.. Ashcroft In from the cold (Stimming rmx) /knee deep rec.. Pooley s November 09 Charts.. Robert Babicz Astor (Shur-I-Kan rmx) /systematic.. 6th Borough Project Miss world /delusions of grandeur.. Art of Tones Call the Shots (.. Rmx) /2020 vision.. Ian Pooley The Dark white /pooledmusic.. The Gossip Love Long Distance (Riva Starr Instr.. ) /sony Music.. Aura Dione 365 (Pooley Mixes) /universal.. Deetron Orange /music man.. Dj W!ld and MrK Not now i m dancing (j.. chaptel+Kabale Liebe Rmx) /white.. APIADW.. Ian Pooley Vega (Pooley s Mix).. Bent Swollen (Ben Watt Dub).. Pooley s Year 2009 Charts.. Pezzner Brookly New York /freerange.. The young lovers You make me dizzy /loungin records.. Spencer Parker The Girls in Pink /rekids.. Ian Pooley What i got (Derrick Carter Mixes) /pooledmusic.. Tiger Stripes Me I /get physical.. Santos Hold Home /moon harbour.. Luciano Arcenciel /cadenza.. Butch Amelie (Hugo Rmx) /great stuff.. Rasmus Faber Never figure out (Stimming Dub) /farplane rec.. And If Beyond Senses (Pezzner Dub) /rebirth..

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  • Title: Ian Pooley | T'N'I
    Descriptive info: 1995.. 1994.. 1992.. 1991.. Nothing Can Stop Us | Force Inc.. 100.. Mad Situation | Force Inc.. Disco Beam E.. | Intense.. Depart E.. P | Intense.. I Want To Be Free | Intense/BMG/Ariola.. Your Dreams | by T n I / Intense.. Low Mass E.. | Force Inc.. Do You Still Care? | Polydor.. Paris | Sony..

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