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  • Title: Mad Hedge Fund Trader -
    Descriptive info: .. Trade Alerts Performance.. 2014 Results.. 2013 Results.. 2012 Results.. 2011 Results.. Reviews.. Testimonials.. Get Free Alerts.. About.. John Thomas.. The Mad Hedge Fund Trader.. V.. I.. P Friends.. Interviews.. Contact.. Home.. Mad Hedge Fund Trader.. Global Trading Dispatch.. My Account.. GTD Trade Alerts.. Current Positions.. Long Term Portfolio.. Webinars.. Learn to Trade.. Radio Show.. FAQ.. Subscribe to GTD.. Mad Day Trader.. The Opening Bell.. MDT Trade Alerts.. Medium Term Outlook.. Bi-Weekly Webinars.. Glossary of Terms.. Subscribe to MTD.. Newsletter.. My Account Profile.. Mad Hedge Fund Trader Newsletter.. Free Newsletter.. Strategy Lunch.. USA.. Australia.. England.. Italy.. New Zealand.. Spain.. Switzerland.. Turkey.. Memberships.. Login.. Watch How Subscriber Elias Benefits from The Trade Alerts.. Dear John, You gave me a profit this year well into six digits, which has me so addicted to your service that I'm considering taking out life insurance on you from Lloyd's of London.. I admit I get.. [Read More.. ].. Medium Term Alerts.. Follow Up to Trade Alert (TLT) October 9, 2014.. Trade Alert (TLT) October 9, 2014.. Trade Alert (FXE) October 9, 2014.. Trade Alert (FXE) October 7, 2014.. Trade Alert (FXE) October 3, 2014.. “The Clinton and Bush administrations had it right with regards to our relations with China.. We need to draw red lines when necessary, and build bridges when possible,” said my friend, columnist Tom.. Short Term Alerts.. October 10, 2014 MDT Midday Missive.. October 10, 2014 MDT Pro Tips A.. M.. October 9, 2014 MDT DXJ Closing Alert.. October 9, 2014 MDT Pro Tips A.. October 8, 2014 MDT DXJ Alert.. Global Market Comments.. October 10, 2014.. Fiat Lux.. Featured Trade:.. (10 REASONS WHY I’M WRONG ON BOND),.. (TLT), (TBT), (LQD), (MUB), (ELD), (LINE),.. (A SPECIAL NOTE ON EXERCISED OCTOBER OPTIONS).. iShares 20+ Year Treasury Bond (TLT).. ProShares UltraShort 20+ Year Treasury (TBT).. iShares iBoxx $ Invst Grade Crp Bond (LQD).. iShares National AMT-Free Muni Bond (MUB).. WisdomTree Emerging Markets Lcl Dbt ETF (ELD).. Linn Energy, LLC (LINE).. Research.. 10 Reasons Why I’m Wrong on Bonds.. I have never been one to run with the pack.. I m the guy who eternally marches to a different drummer, not in the next town, but the other hemisphere.. I would never want to join a club that would lower its standards so far that it would invite me as a member.. On those rare [ ].. How to Execute a Vertical Bull Call Spread.. For those readers looking to improve their trading results and create the unfair advantage they deserve, I have just posted a new training video on How to Execute a Vertical Bull Call Spread.. This is a pair of positions in the options market that will be profitable when the underlying security goes up, sideways, or [ ].. How Low is Low for Oil?.. With the recent collapse in oil prices, down a whopping $20 in just four months, I am starting to get a lot of emails from followers looking for Trade Alerts to buy the energy companies.. After all, energy is one of my three core industries in which to invest over the next two decades.. Why [ ].. More Research Master Pieces.. Live Webinars.. Don’t Miss the October 8 Global Strategy Webinar.. My next global strategy webinar will be held live from San Francisco on Wednesday, October 8 at 12:00 PM EDT.. Mad Day Trader, Jim Parker, will be my willing coconspirator to provide his expert short term trading ideas and comment in general on the markets as a whole.. I’ll be giving you my updated outlook on [ ].. Global Strategy Luncheons.. Thursday, October 9, 2014 Incline Village, Nevada Global Strategy Luncheon.. Come join me for lunch at the Mad Hedge Fund Trader’s Global Strategy Update, which I will be conducting in Incline Village, Nevada on Thursday, October 9, 2014.. An excellent meal will be followed by a wide-ranging discussion and an extended question and answer period.. I’ll be giving you my up to date view on [ ].. Free Research.. Mad Hedge Fund Trader Tops 30% Gain in 2014.. It looks we are going to have to start watching the appalling Zombie shows on TV and in the movies.. That is so we can gain tips on how to survive the coming Apocalypse that will unfold when the Ebola virus  ...   a mixture of nostalgia and awe that I attended the reunion luncheon celebrating the 72nd anniversary of America’s invasion of Guadalcanal.. The event was hosted by my former division commander in Desert Storm, Major General Mike Myatt, at the Marines Memorial Association in San Francisco.. I was there to represent the family.. [ ].. The Passing of a Great Man.. It was with a heavy heart that I boarded a plane for Los Angeles to attend a funeral for Bob, the former scoutmaster of Boy Scout Troop 108.. The event brought a convocation of ex-scouts from up and down the West coast, and said much about our age.. Bob, 85, called me two weeks ago [ ].. October 12, 2010 The Mad Hedge Fund Trader Interviews Marc Chandler of Brown Brothers Harriman.. Featured Trades: (MARC CHANDLER ON FOREIGN EXCHANGE) South Korea iShares ETF Singapore iShares ETF Market Vectors Indonesia Index ETF Thai Capital Fund, Inc.. 1) Marc Chandler of Brown Brothers Harriman on the Foreign Exchange Market.. My guest on Hedge Fund Radio this week is Marc Chandler, the global head of currency strategy at the esteemed [ ].. April 5, 2010 The Mad Hedge Fund Trader Interviews Tim Iocono of The Mess Greenspan Made on Hedge Fund Radio.. The Mad Hedge Fund Trader Interviews Tim Iocono of The Mess Greenspan Made.. March 29, 2010 The Mad Hedge Fund Trader Interviews John Petersen of Fefer, Petersen Cie on Hedge Fund Radio.. The Mad Hedge Fund Trader Interviews John Petersen on the Future of the Electric Car.. Ready for Stellar Results this Year? Get Free Trade Alerts.. Click on the Table Above.. Newest Trade Alerts.. A New Trade Alert is Ready, Don t Miss It, Click Here.. Members Login.. Username:.. Password:.. signup now.. |.. forgot password?.. Remember Me.. Newsletter Reseach by Ticker Symbol.. ($COPPER).. ($GOLD).. ($INDU).. ($NATGAS).. ($SPX).. ($SSEC).. ($TNX).. ($VIX).. ($WTIC).. (AAPL).. (ABX).. (BAC).. (CAT).. (CORN).. (CYB).. (DBA).. (DXJ).. (EEM).. (EUO).. (FCX).. (FXA).. (FXE).. (FXI).. (FXY).. (GDX).. (GLD).. (GM).. (HYG).. (IWM).. (JNK).. (LNG).. (PHO).. (PIN).. (QQQ).. (SLV).. (SPY).. (TBT).. (TLT).. (TSLA).. (USO).. (UUP).. (VXX).. (XLF).. (XLV).. (YCS).. Upcoming Events.. Share the Mad Hedge Fund Trader with your Friends.. Research Newsletters by Time.. Select Month.. October 2014 (63).. September 2014 (170).. August 2014 (141).. July 2014 (166).. June 2014 (170).. May 2014 (166).. April 2014 (176).. March 2014 (201).. February 2014 (175).. January 2014 (156).. December 2013 (141).. November 2013 (182).. October 2013 (180).. September 2013 (165).. August 2013 (138).. July 2013 (158).. June 2013 (119).. May 2013 (126).. April 2013 (152).. March 2013 (128).. February 2013 (93).. January 2013 (104).. December 2012 (23).. November 2012 (18).. October 2012 (24).. September 2012 (81).. August 2012 (93).. July 2012 (95).. June 2012 (76).. May 2012 (99).. April 2012 (88).. March 2012 (89).. February 2012 (84).. January 2012 (72).. December 2011 (61).. November 2011 (75).. October 2011 (44).. September 2011 (41).. August 2011 (56).. July 2011 (57).. June 2011 (22).. May 2011 (59).. April 2011 (30).. March 2011 (62).. February 2011 (65).. January 2011 (50).. December 2010 (59).. November 2010 (59).. October 2010 (63).. September 2010 (68).. August 2010 (85).. July 2010 (81).. June 2010 (95).. May 2010 (65).. April 2010 (58).. March 2010 (35).. February 2010 (17).. January 2010 (23).. December 2009 (20).. November 2009 (18).. October 2009 (22).. September 2009 (20).. August 2009 (15).. July 2009 (19).. June 2009 (20).. May 2009 (20).. April 2009 (19).. March 2009 (22).. February 2009 (19).. January 2009 (19).. December 2008 (19).. November 2008 (18).. October 2008 (23).. September 2008 (20).. August 2008 (17).. July 2008 (19).. June 2008 (18).. May 2008 (21).. April 2008 (21).. March 2008 (14).. February 2008 (20).. Search our Newsletter Database.. MHFT Policies.. Privacy Policy.. Frequently Asked Questions.. Disclaimer.. Resources.. Books.. CNBC.. Bloomberg News.. Yahoo! Finance.. It should not be assumed that the methods, techniques, or indicators presented in these pages will be profitable or that they will not result in losses.. Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results.. Examples presented on these pages are for educational purposes only.. These set-ups are not solicitations of any order to buy or sell.. The authors, the publisher, and all affiliates assume no responsibility for your trading results.. There is a high degree of risk in trading.. Copyright 2014 · The Mad Hedge Fund Trader..

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  • Title: Global Trading Dispatch Results
    Descriptive info: Global Trading Dispatch Results.. Performance since Inception.. 147.. 92%.. 2014 year to Date.. 32.. 54%.. Avg Yearly Performance.. 36.. 23%.. Winning Years.. 5.. Losing Years.. 0.. Winning Trades.. 210.. Losing Trades.. 76.. Win %.. 73.. 40%.. Loss %.. 26.. 60%.. Avg % Profit.. 1.. Avg % Loss.. 2.. 30%.. Average Trade Duration (Days).. 24.. 07.. Risk Reward Ratio.. 85.. Avg Monthly Performance.. 3.. 36%.. Avg # Trades per Month.. 6.. 5.. Months in Profit.. 35.. Months in Loss.. 9.. Months in Profit %.. 79.. 55%.. Months in Loss %.. 20.. 45%.. The percent performance is based on returns on capital using strict risk and money management rules given on each trade alert you receive.. Results are NON-Compounded.. The quality of the Trades selected by John Thomas are responsible for the success of the service.. As an example, if you have 100.. 000 usd$ portfolio allocated for Global Trading Dispatch Alerts and you use the money management.. (how much of your 100.. 000 usd$ should be allocated to the trade alert).. parameters given in the trade alert then:.. If you executed a trade alert that produced a.. 75% profit.. (as per the table below) then.. your absolute dollar gain.. based on your portfolio of 100.. 000 usd$ would be:.. 100.. 000 x (2.. 75/100) = 2.. 750 usd$.. Create a Free Account with The Mad Hedge Fund Trader.. to receive Free Trade Alerts and Full Training to get you ready to create a steady income from your trading.. How to know how many contracts or shares you need to buy or sell based on your portfolio.. Training on Risk and Money Management to avoid catastrophic losses.. How  ...   7/$540 $570 call spread.. 22%.. 41.. (FXY) 7/$98-$101 put spread.. 6/6/2014.. 14%.. (IBM) 7/$180-$185 call spread.. 6/11/2014.. -1.. 27%.. 29.. (GOOGL) 7/$480-$520 call spread.. 6/17/2014.. 16%.. 21.. (JPM) 7/$52.. 50-$55.. 00 call spread.. 6/23/2014.. 81%.. 66.. 50%.. May 2014.. (TLT) 5/$113-$116 put spread.. 5/2/2014.. 30.. 37.. (SPY) 6/$193-$196 put spread.. 5/6/2014.. 12.. (VXX) long volatility ETN.. 5/12/2014.. volatility.. 40.. (TLT) 7/$116-$119 put spread.. 5/27/2014.. 48%.. April 2014.. (SPY) 5/$193-$196 put spread.. 4/7/2014.. (IWM) 8/$113 puts.. 4/8/2014.. 38%.. 8.. (FXY) 5/$96-$99 put spread.. foreign currency.. 4/11/2014.. 06%.. 20%.. 76%.. (SPY) 5/$191-$194 put spread.. 02%.. (SPY) 5/$188-$191 put spread.. 4/21/2014.. -6.. 63%.. (TLT) 5/$114-$117 put spread.. 4/28/2014.. 10%.. (SPY) 5/$189-$192 put spread.. 4/29/2014.. (SPY) 5/$192-$195 put spread.. 4/30/2014.. 05%.. 90%.. March 2014.. (BAC) 3/$15-$16 call spread.. 3/6/2014.. 39%.. (SPY) 3/$189-$192 put spread.. 67%.. 19.. (TLT) 3/$111-$114 put spread.. 3/7/2014.. bonds.. 07%.. (GM) 4/$34-$36 call spread.. 3/11/2014.. 96%.. (DAL) 4/$30-$32 Call spread.. 3/17/2014.. 16.. (EBAY) 4/$52.. 50- $55 call spread.. 3/18/2014.. 24%.. (TLT) 4/$111-$114 put spread.. 68%.. (BAC) 4/$16 calls.. 3/20/2014.. 01%.. 49.. (GE) 4/$24-$25 call spread.. 3/24/2014.. 73%.. 45.. February 2014.. (AAPL) 2/$460-$490 call spread.. 2/5/2014.. (TLT) 2/$108-$111 put spread.. 2/6/2014.. 47%.. 50.. (TLT) 6/$106 puts.. (UNG) 7/$23 puts.. 66%.. 55.. (UNG) 7/$26 puts.. 2/26/2014.. energy.. 86%.. January 2014.. (XLF) 1/$19-$21 call spread.. 1/10/2014.. (SPY) 1/$173-$176 call spread.. 1/13/2014.. (XLK) 1/$33-$35 call spread.. 1/14/2014.. (GILD) 1/$67.. 50-$70 call spread.. (XLE) 1/$83-$86 call spread.. 43%.. (FXY) 1/$95-$98 put spread.. 1/15/2014.. 52%.. (TLT) 1/$104-$107 put spread.. 15%.. (AAPL) 1/$490-$520 call spread.. 1/16/2014.. (T) 2/$35-$37 put spread.. 1/23/2014.. 08%.. Softbank shares (SFTBY).. 1/19/2014.. More Results Below:.. 2013 Global Trading Dispatch Results.. 2012 Global Trading Dispatch Results.. 2011 Global Trading Dispatch Results..

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  • Title: Global Trading Dispatch Results 2013
    Descriptive info: Global Trading Dispatch Results 2013.. The performance percentage is based on returns on capital using strict risk and money management rules given on each trade alert you receive.. As an example, if you have US $100,000 portfolio allocated for Global Trading Dispatch Alerts and you use the money management (how much of your US $100,000 should be allocated to the trade alert) parameters given in the trade alert then:.. based on your portfolio of US $100,000 would be:.. 100,000 x (2.. 75/100) = $2,750.. Know how many contracts or shares you need to buy or sell based on your portfolio.. Trade Alert sent via Email.. December 2013.. (TLT) 12/$107-$110 put spread.. 12/4/2013.. (FXY) 1/$99-$102 put spread.. 12/16/2013.. 93%.. (FXY) 1/$98-$101 put spread.. 12/26/2013.. 33%.. (TLT) 1/$106-$109 put spread.. 12/27/2013.. (FXY) 1/$100 puts.. November 2013.. (TLT) 11/$110-$113 put spread.. 11/4/2013.. 85%.. (TBT) 11/$67-$170 call spread.. 11/5/2013.. 11%.. (TLT) 11/$109-$112 put spread.. (AAPL) 11/$480-$510 call spread.. 11/6/2013.. (TLT) 12/$109-$112 pu spread.. 11/8/2013.. 18.. (FXY) 12/$102-$105 put spread.. 11/15/2013.. (SPY) 11/$183 puts.. (SPY) 11/$170-$173 call spread.. 26%.. (IWM) 11/$112-$114 put spread.. (FXA) 12/$89-$91 call spread.. 11/19/2013.. 84%.. 42.. (FXY) 12/$101-$104 put spread.. 11/21/2013.. 95%.. 25.. CITI 12/$45-$47 call spread call spread.. (XLI) 12/$45-$48 call spread.. 11/25/2013.. (AAPL) 12/460-$490 call spread.. 11/27/2013.. 58%.. (IWM) 12/$113-$116 put spread.. 42%.. 13.. (SPY) 12/$183-$186 put spread.. 57%.. 80%..  ...   13%.. May 2013.. (GLD) 5/ $125-$130 call spread.. 5/3/2013.. (SPY) 5/ $143-$148 calls spread.. (AAPL) 6/$380-$410 calls spread.. (IWM) 5/$95-$98 put spread.. (IWM) 5/$96-$99 put spread.. 5/20/2013.. April 2013.. (IWM) 3/ $82-$86 call spread.. 4/2/2013.. (UAL) 4/$27-$30 Call spread.. 4/4/2013.. (FXY) 4/$-107-$112 put spread.. 22.. (UAL) 4/$34-$36 put spread.. 70%.. (FXY) 4/$106-$111 put spread.. (FXY) 4/$106-$110 put spread.. 4/5/2013.. (SPY) 4/$160- $163 put spread.. 00%.. (BAC) 4/$13-$14 put spread.. 4/10/2013.. (SPY) 4/ $158-$161 put spread.. -3.. (SPY) 4/ $145-$150 call spread.. 4/16/2013.. (FXY) 5/$101-$104 put spread.. (FXY) 5/$102-$105 put spread.. 4/17/2013.. (AAPL) 4/$370-$420 call spread.. (BAC) 4/$11-$12 call spread.. (FXY) 5/$103-$106 put spread.. 4/25/2013.. 09%.. (AAPL) 5/ $320-$350 call spread.. 4/26/2013.. March 2013.. (SPY) 3/ $142 calls.. 3/5/2013.. (SPY) 3/ $155-$158 put spread.. 3/8/2013.. 97.. (FXY) 3/$110-$115 put spread.. 120.. 3/14/2013.. 3/15/2013.. (F) 3/$11-$12 call spread.. (SPY) 3/ $140-$145 call spread.. 31%.. February 2013.. (FXY) 2/$112-$117 put spread.. 2/1/2013.. 65%.. (AIG) 2/$32-$35 call spread.. 72%.. (FCX) 2/ $30-$33 call spread.. 2/7/2013.. 196.. (IWM) 3/ $84 calls.. January 2013.. (GLD) 1/$157-$162 call spread.. 1/10/2013.. 74.. (AAPL) 1/$525-$575 call spread.. -8.. 48.. (AAPL) 1/$575-$650 call spread.. 1/15/2013.. short.. (AAPL) 1/$450 call.. 1/17/2013.. (TLT) 2/$123-$126 put spread.. 1/24/2013.. (SPY) 2/ $135-$140 call spread.. (IWM) 2/$79-$84 call spread.. 1/25/2013.. (FXY) 2/$118-$113 put spread.. 1/28/2013.. 47.. (SPY) 2/ $137-$142 call spread.. 56%.. 2014 Global Trading Dispatch Results..

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  • Title: Global Trading Dispatch Results 2012
    Descriptive info: Global Trading Dispatch Results 2012.. As an example, if you have US $100,000 portfolio allocated for Global Trading Dispatch Alerts and you use the money management.. (how much of your US $100,000 should be allocated to the trade alert).. December 2012.. (AAPL) 1/$450-$500 call spread.. 12/4/2012.. (SPY) 12/$137 put hedge.. 12/5/2012.. -5.. 79%.. (USO) 1/$29-$32 puts spread.. 12/7/2012.. 49%.. (IWM) 12/$78 put hedge.. 12/12/2012.. -4.. (TLT) 12/$127-$132 puts spread.. (TLT) 12/$117-$122 calls spread.. 12/14/2012.. 53%.. (FXY) 1/$119-124 puts spread.. 12/18/2012.. (FXE) 1/$126- $131 put spreads.. (SPY) 1/$131-$136 Call spread.. (IWM) 1/$76-$80 call spread.. (GOOG) 1/$600-$650 call spread.. 12/19/2012.. November 2012.. (GLD) 12/$160-$165 calls spread.. 11/1/2012.. (CORN) 11/$50-$55 put spread.. 11/16/2012.. ags.. (FXY) 11/$124-$127 put spread.. 11/28/2012.. 03%.. October 2012.. (USO) 12/$32.. 50-$35 put spread.. 10/1/2012.. 46.. (AAPL) 12/$620-$650 Calls.. 10/9/2012.. (GLD) 12/$157-$ call spread.. 10/22/2012.. (GOOG) 12/$650-$680 call spread.. (SLV) 12/$28_$31 call spread.. 10/23/2012.. (SPY) 11/$150-$155 put spread.. (SPY) 11/$155 put.. 97%.. 50-35 put spread.. 10/24/2012.. 35%.. September 2012.. (TLT) 9/$111-116 put spread.. 9/4/2012.. (SPY) 9/$147-$153 Call Spread.. 9/5/2012.. (GLD) 9/$150-$154 call spread.. 9/6/2012.. (AAPL) 9/$550-$600 Call Spread.. (GLD) 9/$153-$157 call spread.. 9/10/2012.. 31.. (MS) 9/$12-$14 put spread.. (TLT) 10/$132-$137 call spread.. (MS) 10/$13  ...   8/28/2012.. July 2012.. (DIS) 10/$38-$41 Calls.. 7/16/2012.. (TLT) 7/130-135 calls.. 7/23/2012.. (FXY) 7/127-131 call spread.. 7/31/2012.. June 2012.. BA 8/2012 $70 puts.. 6/4/2012.. SPY 8/$131 Puts.. 6/6/2012.. FXY 9/2012 $121 puts.. 6/7/2012.. 44.. TBT.. 6/14/2012.. bond.. 46%.. 33.. (SPY) 8/$130 Puts.. 6/15/2012.. (TLT) 6/$128-$133 call spread.. (FXY) 6/$125-$129 call spread.. 6/19/2012.. (HPQ) 8/$14-$18 Call Spread.. 6/21/2012.. (AAPL) 8/$400-$450 call Spread.. (JPM) 8/$25-$28 Call Spread.. 59.. May 2012.. AAPL 4/2012 $450-$480 Call spread.. 5/3/2012.. 107.. GLD 6/2012 $160 puts.. 5/18/2012.. FXY 5/2012 $121 puts.. FXE 5/2012 $132 calls.. 83.. PHM 5/2012 $8 puts.. 98%.. IWM 5/2012 $77 puts.. FXE 5/2012 $127 puts.. BA 5/2012 $72.. 50 puts.. 5/21/2012.. IWM 6/2012 $80 puts.. 67.. 65.. FXE 6/2012 $130 puts.. PHM 7/2012 $7 puts.. April 2012.. (SDS).. 4/3/2012.. FXY 6/$120 puts.. 4/4/2012.. IWM 6/$83 puts.. 4/23/2012.. 29%.. March 2012.. MSFT 3/2012 $28-$30 call spread.. 3/5/2012.. 59%.. BAC 5/2012 $7 puts.. 3/14/2012.. (AAPL) 4/$600 calls.. (AAPL) 4/$630 calls.. 3/20/2012.. 99.. 3/26/2012.. -11.. February 2012.. 2/2/2012.. -7.. (UNG) 4/$6 puts.. natgas.. 77%.. SPY 3/12 $126 Puts.. 2/10/2012.. 5%.. (FXY) 3/$129 puts.. currency.. (SPY) 3/$139 Calls.. (SPY) 3/$145 Calls.. 2/28/2012.. AAPL 3/2012 $430-$460 Calls Spread.. 2/29/2012.. January 2012.. No Trades..

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  • Title: Global Trading Dispatch Results 2010-2011
    Descriptive info: Global Trading Dispatch Results 2010-2011.. As an example, if you have a US $100,000 portfolio allocated for Global Trading Dispatch Alerts and you use the money management.. December 2011.. JEF 1/2012 $11 Calls.. 12/6/2011.. 94%.. FXE 1/2012 $134 Puts.. 12/7/2011.. SPY 2/12 $125 Puts.. 12/12/2011.. 62.. SLV 1/2012 $35 Calls.. 12/14/2011.. November 2011.. CAT 1/2012 $110 calls.. 11/1/2011.. FXE 1/2012 $140 puts.. 11/30/2011.. October 2011.. FXE 11/2011 $135 puts.. 10/3/2011.. SPY 11/$110 puts.. IWM 11/2011 $65 puts.. 10/4/2011.. VIX 11/2011 $35 puts.. 10/5/2011.. VIX 11/2011 $40 puts.. September 2011.. BAC.. 9/2/2011.. SPY 9/$112 puts.. 9/5/2011.. IWM 10/2011 $71 puts.. 9/6/2011.. FXF 10/$123 puts.. 9/7/2011.. GLD 10/2011 $165 puts.. 9/9/2011.. gold.. 71%.. USO 10/$34 puts.. 9/19/2011.. USO 11/$34 puts.. FXE  ...   2011.. TLT 6/2011 $86 puts.. 6/1/2011.. SPY 8/2011 $130 puts.. 6/3/2011.. stocks.. USO 8/2011 $37 puts.. DUG.. 6/7/2011.. 19%.. FXE 9/2011 $140 puts.. EUO.. May 2011.. FXE 6/2011 $132-$129 put spread.. 5/5/2011.. SPY 5/2011 calls.. 5/9/2011.. FXE.. 5/10/2011.. April 2011.. YCS.. 4/6/2011.. 4%.. March 2011.. SPY 2/2011 $135 calls.. 3/15/2011.. VIX 6/2011 $20-$25 call spread.. 6%.. SPY 4/2011 $128-$124 put spread.. USO 4/2011 $40-$37 put spread.. 3/16/2011.. 93.. 3/6/2011.. 3%.. February 2011.. GLD 3/2011 $132-$128 put spread.. 2/18/2011.. January 2011.. BAC 12/2010 $13 calls.. 1/6/2011.. -15.. BAC 3/2011 $12-$14 call spread.. 1/7/2011.. JJG.. 1/14/2011.. grains.. CSCO 3/2011 $17 puts.. 1/20/2011.. SSO.. 1/24/2011.. CSCO 3/2011 $20-$22 call spread.. 1/25/2011.. DIG.. 1/28/2011.. 51.. 1/31/2011.. December 2010.. 12/15/2010.. BAC 3/2011 $10 puts.. 12/17/2010..

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  • Title: Reviews
    Descriptive info: Elias Halverson Video Review.. August 27, 2014.. By.. Elias has benefited tremendously from Trade Alerts suggested by John Thomas, The Mad Hedge Fund Trader.. You are 1 step away from generating the returns you have always dreamed off.. Click Here to Open your Free Account Right Now!.. [Read more.. Bill Lester Video Review..  ...   Mad Hedge Fund Trader provides.. Giving him an edge that no other individual trader can have.. Bill Good Video Review.. Find out what John Thomas believes the world markets will have in store for the next decade.. Phillip Thompson Video Review.. Phillip Thompson tells us about his experience with the Mad Hedge Fund Trader..

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  • Title: Testimonials
    Descriptive info: Testimonial.. October 6, 2014.. I admit I get VERY nervous every time you adventure off to climb the Matterhorn, or vagabond through the High Sierras within stalking distance of mountain lions, or drive that Tesla further than.. October 2, 2014.. We view The Mad Hedge Fund Trader as a vital resource that helps us focus on major market trends that are most likely to make money over time.. It is a resource that helps us filter out the daily noise in various markets and the mostly irrelevant commentary of TV's talking heads.. Unlike many newsletters that focus on one strategy or asset class The Mad Hedge Fund Trader's.. September 29, 2014.. A short note to thank John for 3 hours of great information and insight during his Melbourne strategy lunch.. Listening to John’s ideas face to face was awesome and I have committed to myself to keep following his research and trade ideas because the performance has been outstanding.. Regards, Dallas Melbourne, Australia.. September 16, 2014.. Thank you for the call I received from your staff the other day, but I’m afraid I’m not going to be able to renew my subscription to the Mad Hedge Fund Trader.. There’s nothing I’d like to do more than renew.. I truly enjoy your insights on the markets and a description of your many travels.. I have been following you for years and it is really a great deal.. However, I am active.. September 15, 2014.. Greetings from the great white north.. I am a BIG fan of yours and have rejoined your Trade Alert Service for another year.. You have friends around the world you have yet to meet.. Enclosed is a token of my appreciation.. Thanks a 100 trillion! Bob Vancouver, Canada.. September 3, 2014.. It would be remiss of me not to give thanks to you during this Thanksgiving season for all of your wise and profitable trading advice and wonderfully captivating and intense diaries.. You are indeed very generous to your subscribers.. Based on what I have received so far it could not have been more fortuitous for me to have taken up your generous offer to profit from your.. September 1, 2014.. We made a lot of money from your service this year.. I don’t agree with all of John Thomas’ trades, but we really like his insight and timely and quick, short emails that he broadcasts, like on the ECB interest rate cut, the falling yen, etc.. Thank you.. Craig Herndon, Virginia.. August 15, 2014.. I've been reading your blog for a while and found it a helpful beacon in a sea of confusing and contradictory information as I try and make sense of the world (and try and make money from sense!).. Kind regards.. Toby London, England.. August 12, 2014.. First, thanks for all that you do.. To have a job that you love, and one that does so much good for so many families is a great blessing to all of us.. I am a new retiree, and a recent new subscriber.. I followed your posts for at least two years before pulling the trigger.. Knowing that you and your group were there gave me the courage to retire a little earlier than I would.. August 6, 2014.. Hi John, I was a subscriber when you first started the service.. Then I got busy and did not renew.. I listened to your webinar yesterday and bought the January (TBT) calls.. I have already made over $12,000 on the trade.. So, I guess that I need to sign up for the service again! Suzanne Cary, North Carolina.. July 30, 2014.. Thank John for his ceaseless banter.. I enjoy this service so much.. Great stories!!!! I hope our paths cross soon.. Bill North Carolina.. July 29, 2014.. Being one of your option-phobic subscribers, I'm always glad to see ETF alternatives presented to the options trades.. I purchased the 2X Short natural Gas ETF (KOLD) as the alternative to your late February options trade on (UNG) put options.. When you closed this trade at a profit, I inquired whether I should hold onto my KOLD position.. You said yes.. In your recent July.. July 23, 2014.. Going to renew my membership today because you provide great ideas.. I think you have a lot of integrity in your messages.. We may not agree politically, but you have nailed many of the concepts you shepherd.. I have become a fan and look forward to your writing every day Don Cleveland, Ohio I’m Such a Saint!.. July 10, 2014.. Nice work! You do great analysis and execution.. Zev Potomac, Maryland.. July 8, 2014.. I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much I enjoy reading my daily emails from you.. You provide tons of information in a clear manner - with humor thrown in to boot! Great ideas for longer term investing that have more than paid for my yearly subscription already.. Keep up the great work.. Katrina Tulsa, Oklahoma.. July 4, 2014.. Please pass along my deep gratitude for the work that both John Thomas and Jim Parker do for us.. Each of their daily posts are invaluable.. I sincerely hope that they will be blessed and refreshed this holiday season.. In appreciation; Rene Mortlach, Saskatchewan, Canada.. June 20, 2014.. After losing money with a million different advisory services and registered brokers I finally found YOU, and YOU make it all worth it!!! Thanks a bunch.. I have so much confidence in you! Stefano Quarona, Sesia, Italy.. June 2, 2014.. Jim's new Opening Bell feature provides exactly what I was looking for: greater clarity on what to look for each day, including insights into longer-term patterns when he sees them.. Bravo! So based on this excellent addition alone, I'd like to renew my subscription for my PRO subscription.. I'm visiting the site now and re-upping.. Best to John and Jim for the best.. May 29, 2014.. I don’t know what I would do without John Thomas’s information.. It is informative and entertaining.. In the past 2 years I have almost doubled my portfolio, something I couldn't have done on my own.. As a military member, he has enabled me to ensure that I will not only be able to retire on time, but also help my children through college.. If things keep going this well, I will.. May 7, 2014.. I cannot give higher marks to John's style of approaching the market.. My wife has learned so much from him that we are actually having conversations about the global economy.. Wow! You will learn money management, the concept of risk versus reward, and how to take advantage of trades that are worth taking.. Thanks John! Robert B.. New York.. April 14, 2014.. “Great trading!” Judd Chicago, IL.. April 10, 2014.. Thanks for the IWM put option trade, John.. I bought at $3.. 94 and sold at $5.. 95.. I almost feel like a nimble trader! Susanna Orlando, FL.. But, Oh Susanna, you are! John Thomas The Mad Hedge Fund Trader.. March 26, 2014.. Thanks so much, John and Jim, for coming up with The Mad Day Trader! I especially appreciate that you'll be using ETFs (they are so convenient.. and I can trade without triggering short-term taxes, in my IRA).. I Also like that you're including a focus on metals, as I'm already trading (GLD), (SLV) and their inverses (DGZ), (GLL), (ZSL), and (DUST) on my own (and making.. March 13, 2014.. I would like to express how much I enjoy reading your newsletter and the global views that I gain from it.. It has been the best, by far, and the most financially worthwhile letter I have ever bought.. I find most newsletters spin and promote their returns during the good times, and never factor in or disclose their bad times.. I have had some bad trades with you, but the.. March 7, 2014.. Signing up for your service was the easiest decision that I have ever made knowing the value that I am getting in return.. Thanks for making the world of capital markets profitable for non-Wall Street guys that are busy working in other professions.. Until now, I have been forced to deal with money managers or 'Company Men' that only push the products their higher ups want to.. March 3, 2014.. I have always had a passion for the markets and the Mad Hedge Fund Trader gave me the courage to make my first trade.. At the time I was unemployed and put in everything I could scrape together - about ten thousand dollars.. For me this was a free education, as the profits would pay for all the books and the fees.. My father gave me some money as a gift, while telling me ‘I was.. February 13, 2014.. I watched John Thomas for a year before jumping in, and I should have done it earlier when he phenomenally traded that awful year, 2011, that whipsawed so many investors including myself.. He again outperformed the market in 2012, and in 2013 so far he has shown amazing skill once more in navigating treacherous markets with deep-in-the-money call and put spreads.. You can not.. February 10, 2014.. February 7, 2014.. I think the letter is getting better because it's progressing ever more towards a true mentoring program in that you share your rationale and backup data for the trades you recommend.. I really appreciate it when you include "the bet is.. "  ...   kill.. To keep subscribers happy and on board, I.. May 22, 2013.. May 15, 2013.. May 7, 2013.. April 4, 2013.. March 25, 2013.. March 21, 2013.. March 18, 2013.. Another great trade by you on the (SPY).. After watching you for almost two full years, I funded $100k with a broker and joined you live.. This is ridiculous – you are the BEST trader I know and your style is PERFECT for me, as I don't want to sit in front of the screens all day long.. I was also in with you on the (FXY).. I am truly thankful for your teachings and admire how.. March 15, 2013.. I have been working in the business for about 2 years now, I am a partner in a start-up fund, trading forex, and I have learned so much from your website and the little snippets of info that you give.. You have helped me to learn my way through this.. March 12, 2013.. March 7, 2013.. I truly admire your expertise and I like the way you present it, even if you are a Marine (I’m a.. March 4, 2013.. Great job on the trade service I appreciate it.. Your impartial approach to the market continues to set you apart.. Your commentary services have taught me a great deal I look forward to continuing to follow learn from both in the future.. Thanks in advance for any insights you care to lend! Kevin Tampa Bay, Florida.. February 21, 2013.. More than a few of your fellow hedge fund managers must have hooted and snorted when you began advising investors how to manage portfolios of as little as $100,000.. "Don't sweat the small stuff," I can hear them saying.. By now, no doubt, they are marveling as we Tiny Tim’s rack up fabulous percentage gains thanks to your advice.. For a while, I mainly read your.. February 12, 2013.. First and foremost, thank you for what you do.. The small cost of this newsletter pays for itself a thousand times over.. My returns mimic those of your portfolio for the year and for that I am grateful.. The only suggestion I would offer is to keep doing what you are doing.. It is people like you that will help return the once storied name to Wall.. February 8, 2013.. February 5, 2013.. I have to acknowledge that I purchased (OXY) on your recommendation and I am up ten points or 14% in one month.. I am also up 27% in (BYDDF) in a little over one year.. Thank you Mike Hermosa Beach, California.. February 1, 2013.. I wouldn't say that I've made a great deal of money from using your recommendations.. Your views on the market are invaluable, and you've helped a lot in learning how to manage an investment account and hedge.. However, your latest bulletin about the Occupy Campers, and also the biofuels were very welcome - I couldn't agree more.. It's a cynical old World out there, and it is.. January 14, 2013.. Hey John and the MAD Team, here's a late Happy New Years! You really nailed and keep nailing great reversals and trends that are just beginning to deserve a watchful eye.. I nailed it today, so far, just buying the JPY pairs, and shorting the big bond, this past couple weeks? I'm still a bit stuck on futures, but I realize the safety in your spreads is a lot smarter.. Thx for.. January 10, 2013.. Are you able to give a lot of advanced notice of the next date you will be hosting a lunch in London? I reserved a place last time you were here but business intervened and I missed it.. I would love to meet you in person.. I admire your character, independent spirit and good heart.. Oh, and your investing nous too! Keep up the great work.. And enjoy life to the full.. Thank you again for coming to Frankfurt this year – it was a pleasure having met you in person and I am looking forward to it again in 2013.. Thank you also for your research and your ideas – it is so valuable to get your insights away from the consensus pieces going around in our industry so often.. I wanted to wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.. August 31, 2012.. I wouldn’t say that I’ve made a great deal of money from using your recommendations, as I’ve got caught by bad timing on silver, SDS, TBT and EUO.. I’ve also done very well out of your other recommendations.. Your views on the market are invaluable, and you’ve helped a lot in learning how to manage an investment account and to hedge.. However, your latest bulletin about the.. August 16, 2012.. August 12, 2012.. July 23, 2012.. You may not be the only renaissance man around today but you certainly must be the most unselfish.. We vicariously live what you are living today and what you have experienced in the past through your wonderful prose.. Oh, and by the, we also get paid (profits)!! John, go see my doctor in New York next time you are there and tell him I sent you.. I want you to live forever.. He.. May 21, 2012.. Holy Cow! Somehow I missed the May 4 trade alert about selling the (GLD) June $160 puts at $3.. 40 -- guess I didn't scroll up far enough on the ol' iPhone and only saw the alerts about (FXY) and (FXE) that day.. And how happy am I that this happened, keeping me in the (GLD) puts until this morning, when I sold them at $11.. 15? VERY VERY HAPPY! While I was enjoying seeing the.. May 17, 2012.. I took advantage of an offer to subscribe to your service in early April and in Mid April of this year, received and executed on the Trade Alerts to buy puts on Boeing, IWM, FXE and GLD.. Today, May 16th, I followed up on the trade alert and closed the GLD put position with a return of 155%.. Overall, on the remaining positions in IWM, BA and FXE I have a 17% return however that.. April 9, 2012.. I just wanted to thank you for some great trades.. Thanks to you, I was profitable on the (IWM) put trade and it certainly looks like the Apple credit spread will return a nice profit (the profit you defined).. Your wisdom in the market has been a godsend to my portfolio and my family.. You stand apart from the field in your expertise in the markets.. Thank you, Thank you, Thank.. February 1, 2012.. My name is Julian and I am currently a finance student in Montreal, Canada.. I've been reading some of the free material you've posted and I think you are dead on with your analysis.. It’s really good stuff.. I've been trading for 4 years and turned $3000 into $17000.. It’s paying my way through college.. Wishing you continued success in 2012.. Julian Montreal, Canada.. January 12, 2012.. Thank you for a terrific year.. I have been managing assets for 27 years and I find your writings and work truly insightful.. I wish I had met you in 1984 (started at Merrill Lynch and then spent the bulk of my career at Bear Stearns) and let you help me shape my thoughts for all of those years.. The business has never been easy and the markets today are certainly more.. December 13, 2011.. I’m only 45 days into “Macro Millionaire” and I wanted to drop a note to say thank you.. As a relatively novice trader, your perspective, analysis and trade alerts have given me the tools to show a 96% return so far.. They've been a result of my taking additional risk with your ideas.. You have a great product and deliver incredible value.. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.. December 6, 2011.. I just wish you were my uncle and could give me years of one on time to teach me how to fish.. Thanks for the.. November 21, 2011.. I love it John.. The analysis is great - and the trades are limited to a dozen or so vehicles I can follow.. You make it so easy for us.. The service continues to improve - alerts are more timely, text alerts are working nicely.. My only wish is the webcasts were regularly posted same day - waiting until the next day is tough (only been a few times).. And I've had a darn good.. November 18, 2011.. November 10, 2011.. I have been following your trades for a while, to the tune of several hundreds of thousands in profits.. BF.. November 6, 2011.. A full double on my FXE puts means…a dancing girl for you.. You deserve it! Raising a glass to the Greek Prime Minister as I type this.. You rock!! CK.. November 3, 2011.. Hello John.. I`d like to subscribe to your Macro Millionaire program.. I`m sure glad I found you as your suggestions have been gloriously FANTASTIC! Short the long bond-WOW.. Appreciatively, John Memphis, Tennessee.. October 28, 2011.. I have always had a passion for the markets and Macro Millionaire gave me the courage to make my first trade.. For me this was a free education, as the profits would pay for all the books and the fee.. My father gave me some money as a gift, while telling me ‘I was crazy’..

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    Descriptive info: Open Your Free Account Today.. Current Subscriber:.. Click Here to Login.. Stress Free Easy to Execute and Manage High Quality Trade Alerts that generated over 60% in 2013 just by Looking Over John Thomas Shoulder For Free.. 100s of Testimonials since the inception of this program cannot be wrong.. Hi John,.. I was a subscriber when you first started the service.. So, I guess that I need to sign up for the service again!.. Suzanne.. Cary, North Carolina.. You provide tons of information in a clear manner – with humor thrown in to boot!.. Great ideas for longer term investing that have more than paid for my yearly subscription already.. Katrina.. Tulsa, Oklahoma.. I have so much confidence in you!.. Stefano.. Quarona, Sesia, Italy.. In the past 2 years I have almost doubled my portfolio, something I couldn’t have done on my own.. If things keep going this well, I will be able to pay for their college.. Many blessings to you, John and your staff.. Warm regards,.. Charlie M.. US Military, deployed.. This is your chance to.. ‘look over’ John Thomas shoulder.. as he gives you unparalleled insight on major world financial trends BEFORE they happen.. This equals a profit potential you’ll have to see to believe.. When you work with John Thomas, you are working with a.. Legendary level hedge fund trader.. with vast knowledge of risk and money management.. Because of his deep-rooted background trading the global markets, John is able to give traders crucial, timely, and accurate trade ideas that, much more often than not, result in a hefty profit for those who follow his every move.. With a FREE ACCOUNT you’ll get:.. 1-2 trade alerts per month.. , via Email and text messages (SMS) whenever John sees an opportunity for you in the markets.. Follow up commentary.. with concise explanation of the trade John has suggested and why.. Free Training.. How to know how many contracts or shares you need to buy or sell based on your portfolio size.. How to execute John s Trade Alerts.. LIVE coaching via bi-weekly outlook webinars.. , where John reviews market activity over the past two weeks, gives you a detailed outlook at the upcoming two weeks ahead, and most importantly, explains how you can turn this information into huge profits.. Question and answer sessions will assure that you don’t leave  ...   State of.. Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba.. Bosnia and Herzegovina.. Botswana.. Bouvet Island.. Brazil.. British Indian Ocean Territory.. Brunei Darussalam.. Bulgaria.. Burkina Faso.. Burundi.. Cambodia.. Cameroon.. Canada.. Cape Verde.. Cayman Islands.. Central African Republic.. Chad.. Chile.. China.. Christmas Island.. Cocos (Keeling) Islands.. Colombia.. Comoros.. Congo.. Congo, the Democratic Republic of the.. Cook Islands.. Costa Rica.. Côte d'Ivoire.. Croatia.. Cuba.. Curaçao.. Cyprus.. Czech Republic.. Denmark.. Djibouti.. Dominica.. Dominican Republic.. Ecuador.. Egypt.. El Salvador.. Equatorial Guinea.. Eritrea.. Estonia.. Ethiopia.. Falkland Islands (Malvinas).. Faroe Islands.. Fiji.. Finland.. France.. French Guiana.. French Polynesia.. French Southern Territories.. Gabon.. Gambia.. Georgia.. Germany.. Ghana.. Gibraltar.. Greece.. Greenland.. Grenada.. Guadeloupe.. Guam.. Guatemala.. Guernsey.. Guinea.. Guinea-Bissau.. Guyana.. Haiti.. Heard Island and McDonald Islands.. Holy See (Vatican City State).. Honduras.. Hong Kong.. Hungary.. Iceland.. India.. Indonesia.. Iran, Islamic Republic of.. Iraq.. Ireland.. Isle of Man.. ISO 3166-2:GB.. Israel.. Jamaica.. Japan.. Jersey.. Jordan.. Kazakhstan.. Kenya.. Kiribati.. Korea, Democratic People's Republic of.. Korea, Republic of.. Kuwait.. Kyrgyzstan.. Lao People's Democratic Republic.. Latvia.. Lebanon.. Lesotho.. Liberia.. Libya.. Liechtenstein.. Lithuania.. Luxembourg.. Macao.. Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of.. Madagascar.. Malawi.. Malaysia.. Maldives.. Mali.. Malta.. Marshall Islands.. Martinique.. Mauritania.. Mauritius.. Mayotte.. Mexico.. Micronesia, Federated States of.. Moldova, Republic of.. Monaco.. Mongolia.. Montenegro.. Montserrat.. Morocco.. Mozambique.. Myanmar.. Namibia.. Nauru.. Nepal.. Netherlands.. New Caledonia.. Nicaragua.. Niger.. Nigeria.. Niue.. Norfolk Island.. Northern Mariana Islands.. Norway.. Oman.. Pakistan.. Palau.. Palestine, State of.. Panama.. Papua New Guinea.. Paraguay.. Peru.. Philippines.. Pitcairn.. Poland.. Portugal.. Puerto Rico.. Qatar.. Réunion.. Romania.. Russian Federation.. Rwanda.. Saint Barthélemy.. Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha.. Saint Kitts and Nevis.. Saint Lucia.. Saint Martin (French part).. Saint Pierre and Miquelon.. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.. Samoa.. San Marino.. Sao Tome and Principe.. Saudi Arabia.. Senegal.. Serbia.. Seychelles.. Sierra Leone.. Singapore.. Sint Maarten (Dutch part).. Slovakia.. Slovenia.. Solomon Islands.. Somalia.. South Africa.. South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.. South Sudan.. Sri Lanka.. Sudan.. Suriname.. Svalbard and Jan Mayen.. Swaziland.. Sweden.. Syrian Arab Republic.. Taiwan, Province of China.. Tajikistan.. Tanzania, United Republic of.. Thailand.. Timor-Leste.. Togo.. Tokelau.. Tonga.. Trinidad and Tobago.. Tunisia.. Turkmenistan.. Turks and Caicos Islands.. Tuvalu.. Uganda.. Ukraine.. United Arab Emirates.. United Kingdom.. United States.. United States Minor Outlying Islands.. Uruguay.. Uzbekistan.. Vanuatu.. Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of.. Viet Nam.. Virgin Islands, British.. Virgin Islands, U.. S.. Wallis and Futuna.. Western Sahara.. Yemen.. Zambia.. Zimbabwe.. Telephone *.. Complete Registration.. Yes, I want to receive updates via email.. Submit Form..

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    Descriptive info: About John Thomas.. The.. Diary of a Mad Hedge Fund Trader.. is written by John Thomas, one of the founding fathers of the modern hedge fund industry.. Seeing the incredible inefficiencies and severe mis-pricing offered by the popping of multiple bubbles during the Great Crash of 2008, and missing the adrenaline of the marketplace, he returned to active hedge fund management.. With.. The Diary of a Mad Hedge Fund Trader.. , his goal is to broaden public understanding of the techniques and strategies employed by the most successful hedge funds so that they may more profitably manage their own money.. In 1999 Thomas sold his hedge fund to concentrate on managing his personal investments.. He focused on oil natural gas exploration and development in Texas and Colorado, pioneering the new “fracking” technology.. After catching a surge in the price of natural gas, John sold this business in 2005.. In 1989 Thomas was appointed a director of the Swiss Bank Corp responsible for its then vast portfolio of Japanese equity derivatives.. A year later he left to set up the first ever dedicated international hedge fund, which became a top performer in the industry.. In 1983 he was hired by a top investment bank to build a  ...   house as a research analyst, becoming fluent in Japanese.. In 1976 he was appointed the Tokyo correspondent for.. The Economist.. magazine and the.. Financial Times.. For the next seven years he published thousands of articles about the economies, companies, and leaders of Asia.. He was one of the first American correspondents to cover China during the Cultural Revolution.. He reported on the American attempt to climb Mount Everest and guerilla wars throughout Southeast Asia.. The major figures he interviewed included China’s Premier Deng Xiaoping, Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines, the UK’s Margaret Thatcher, the PLO’s Yassir Arafat, CIA head William Colby, and of course, President Ronald Reagan.. In his free time, Thomas climbs mountains, does long distance backpacks, practices karate, performs aerobatics in antique aircraft, collects vintage wines, reads the Japanese classics, and engages in a wide variety of public service and philanthropic activities.. His career has taken him up to 20,000 feet on Mount Everest, to the edge of space at 90,000 feet in the Cockpit of a MIG-25, and to the depths of a sunken Japanese fleet in the Truk Lagoon.. Why they call him “Mad” he will never understand.. Do not Miss John Thomas Next Trade.. Get his Trades For Free (Limited Time Offer)..

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    Descriptive info: About The Mad Hedge Fund Trader.. Mad Hedge Fund Trader PRO.. is a unique package of products and services that enhances your investment performance.. They cover all asset classes, including global stocks, bonds, foreign currencies, commodities, precious metals, energy and real estate.. The goal is to teach you to think like a hedge fund manager and obtain absolute positive returns on your portfolio at all times.. We really don’t care about performance relative to a benchmark, like the S P 500.. instructs readers on how to execute low risk/high return techniques used by the best hedge fund managers.. It gives specialist traders in single markets knowledge and expertise across all asset classes worldwide.. Mad Hedge.. will send you.. Trade Alerts via email.. to notify you exactly when to execute specific trades.. It then follows these up with posting a daily profit and loss statement.. Trades are  ...   in depth fundamentals behind our recommended.. Trade Alerts.. This provides you with a steady stream of the best written, insightful, and yes, often funny, information available in the market.. It offers a fabulous education about today’s complex and often volatile financial markets.. Click Here to Receive Free Trade Alerts Now (Limited Spots Available).. Mad Hedge offers several other services to further educate you.. Hedge Fund Radio.. delivers live weekly interviews with investing heavyweights.. give you the opportunity to meet John Thomas one on one at venues around the world.. A massive archive and database provides a library of potential investment ideas.. John’s.. Global Strategy Webinars.. every 2 weeks.. give followers an updated snapshot of the state of play in all asset classes.. Jim Parker’s.. includes tools for those who trade short-term.. The Mad Hedge Fund Trader has been featured in:.. Futures Magazine.. Kitco News.. BenzingaTV.. MoneyShow.. com..

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  • Title: Evening VIP
    Descriptive info: September 11, 2014.. But when it came to electronic parts, I had an unlimited budget, as that is where he saw the future.. So while other kids collected baseball cards, I.. My Uncle, Colonel Mitchell Paige, won.. August 29, 2014.. Bob, 85, called me two weeks ago to tell me his CAT scan had just revealed advanced metastatic lung cancer.. I said.. Shaking the Hand that Killed Osama bin Laden.. August 5, 2014.. The team fought their way up two flights of stairs in pitch-blackness, dispatching several fighters along the way.. A tall figure emerged in the green glow of the night vision goggles.. It hesitated.. Two shots were fired, and the body hit the ground.. That was how Navy Seal Team Six member, Mark Owen, described the last seconds of Al Qaida leader, Osama bin Laden, in the raid.. Catching up with Economist David Hale.. July 9, 2014.. I have been relying on David Hale as my de facto global macro economist for decades and I never miss an opportunity to get his updated views.. The challenge is in writing down David’s eye popping, out of consensus ideas fast enough, because he spits them out in such a rapid-fire succession.. Since David is an independent economic advisor to many of the world’s governments,.. An Afternoon with Ace Reporter Helen Thomas.. July 1, 2014.. I managed to catch up with my former white House Press Corp colleague, Helen Thomas, just a short time before she passed away last year at the age of 92.. Helen was the oldest and longest serving member of this esteemed group of journalists and had the traditional right to ask the first question at each press conference.. The native Kentuckian covered every president since.. Tribute to a Giant of Journalism, Roy Essoyan.. I had been filled with great sadness when I had learned of the passing of an old friend and mentor, Roy Essoyan, the former Tokyo bureau chief for the Associated Press.. When I was a young, wet behind the ears financial journalist in Japan during the early seventies, Roy had the charity to take me under his wing and teach me a few tricks of the trade.. We often met for lunch.. A Tribute to a True Veteran.. May 23, 2014.. This coming Monday will be Memorial Day in the United States.. I’ll be putting on my faded Marine Corp fatigues, with gold railroad track bars on my shoulders, and leading the hometown’s parade.. So I thought it would be a good day to tell you the story of my Uncle Mitch.. Since job prospects for high school graduates in rural Pennsylvania in 1936 were poor, Mitch walked 200.. Drinks With Robert Reich.. April 4, 2014.. The commencement speaker at this week’s graduation ceremonies at the University of California at Berkeley just so happened to be Robert Reich, Bill Clinton’s Secretary of Labor, and an old friend of mine, who now a distinguished professor at the Goldman School of Public Policy.. I attended a couple of Bob’s economics classes, and his grasp of the subject is mind-boggling.. Never.. Murray Sayle: The Passing of a Giant in Journalism.. December 31, 2013.. I was saddened when I heard of the death of my close friend, the Australian, Murray Sayle a few years ago, after his long battle with Parkinson's disease at the age of 84.. Murray was one of the giants of journalism in the second half of the 20th century.. He started by editing the newspaper at University of Sydney, where his incendiary opinions got him expelled from school.. Dinner with Joseph Stiglitz.. December 30, 2013.. The great thing about interviewing Joseph Stiglitz over dinner is that you don't have to ask any questions.. You just turn him on and he spits out one zinger after another.. And he does this in a kibitzing, wizened, grandfatherly manner like one would expect from a character that just walked off the set of Fiddler on the Roof.. The unfortunate thing is that you also don't get.. Yale’s Robert Shiller Bags Nobel Economic Prize.. October 15, 2013.. It isn’t often when a friend of mine wins a Nobel Prize.. But that’s what happened this weekend when the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences awarded the prestigious award to Yale University’s Robert Shiller.. Shiller, along with Eugene Fama, and Lars Peter Hanson of the University of Chicago will share the $1.. 23 million cash award for their work on market pricing of.. Tea With Secretary of State George Schultz.. October 8, 2013.. Having spent time as an economics professor at MIT, Dean of the University of Chicago business school, Treasury Secretary, and Secretary of State, George Schultz has certainly covered all the bases.. Now 91, he is the senior statesman and eminence gris of San Francisco, as well as a major philanthropist.. When I read his bio, I feel like my own life in comparison has been.. An Evening with the Chinese Intelligence Service.. October 4, 2013.. I normally avoid the diplomatic circuit, as the few non-committal comments and soggy appetizers I get aren’t worth the investment of time.. But I jumped at the chance to celebrate the 62nd anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China with San Francisco consul general Gao Zhansheng.. Happy Birthday China! When I casually mention that I survived the Cultural.. Breakfast with Fed Governor Bob McTeer.. June 5, 2013.. No one can explain the most complex economic and monetary issues in a simpler, more homespun fashion than former governor of the Federal Reserve, Bob McTeer.. He is known for carrying around two yardsticks, one slightly longer than the other, to demonstrate to your average guy the monthly changes in employment.. Bob argues that the Fed is getting a bad rap today.. Ben.. An Evening With Malcolm Gladwell.. May 30, 2013.. I spent an evening with the New Yorker magazine columnist, Malcolm Gladwell, author of The Tipping Point, Blink, and Outliers, and probably the most prolific publisher of original, consensus challenging ideas today.. Half English and half Jamaican, the preeminent challenger of clichés and stereotypes was himself a cliché and a stereotype.. He wore the standard issue New York.. An Evening With Nobel Prize Winner Michael Spence.. May 17, 2013.. I have always been a sucker for a visiting Nobel Prize winner in economics.. So when I heard that Dr.. Michael Spence was passing through town, I was on the next BART train.. Michael was here to promote his latest book, The Next Convergence; The Future of Economic Growth in a Multispeed World.. Michael believes that  ...   senior statesman and eminence gris of San Francisco, as well as a major philanthropist.. July 18, 2011 Dinner With Joseph Stiglitz.. July 18, 2011.. Featured Trades: (AN EVENING WITH JOSEPH STIGLITZ) 3)Dinner With Joseph Stiglitz.. And he does this in a kibitzing, wizened, grandfatherly manner like one would expect from a character that just walked.. July 13, 2011 An Evening with Jack Welch.. July 13, 2011.. Featured Trades: (A NIGHT WITH JACK WELCH), (GE) 3) An Evening with Jack Welch.. I met Jack Welch recently, the legendary retired CEO of General Electric (GE).. 'Neutron' Jack gets the credit for boosting the market cap of GE from $13 billion to $400 billion in 20 years, turning it into a Wall Street darling in the process.. The 'hedge fund that makes light bulbs'.. July 11, 2011 Murray Sayle: The Passing of a Giant in Journalism.. July 11, 2011.. Featured Trades: (MURRAY SAYLE, THE PASSING OF A GIANT IN JOURNALISM) 3) Murray Sayle: The Passing of a Giant in Journalism.. July 7, 2011 Wal-Mart Is on Safari for Customers in South Africa.. July 7, 2011.. Featured Trades: (WALMART IS ON SAFARI IN AFRICA), (WMT), (EWA) 5) Wal-Mart Is on Safari for Customers in South Africa.. It looks like the next 'blue light special' will be offered in South Africa (EWA).. Apparently, the retail giant, Wal-Mart (WMT), got the memo that the country is a great place to invest (click here for 'On Safari for Trades in South Africa').. May 26, 2011 An Evening With Nobel Prize Winner Michael Spence.. May 26, 2011.. Featured Trades: (AN EVENING WITH NOBEL PRIZE WINNER MICHAEL SPENCE), (EWZ), (EWY), (EWT), (EWS) , (EWY), (TF) , (IDX), (EWM), (FXI), (EWJ) 2) An Evening With Nobel Prize Winner Michael Spence.. May 10, 2011 Lunch With Leslie Hinton of Dow Jones.. May 10, 2011.. Featured Trades: (LUNCH WITH DOW JONES) 1) Lunch With Leslie Hinton of Dow Jones.. I managed to catch a lunch with Leslie Hinton, the CEO of Dow, Jones, Inc.. as he swung through San Francisco to meet with major advertisers.. Hinton was installed in the top job by Rupert Murdoch after his $5 billion takeover of the family owned paper on the eve of the financial.. May 4, 2011 Breakfast With Fed Governor Bob McTeer.. May 4, 2011.. Featured Trades: (BREAKFAST WITH FED GOVERNOR BOB McTEER) 2) Breakfast With Fed Governor Bob McTeer.. He is known for carrying around two yard sticks, one slightly longer than the other, to demonstrate to your.. May 3, 2011 A Day With Harry S.. Dent.. May 3, 2011.. Featured Trades: (A DAY WITH HARRY S.. DENT), (STOCKS), (SPX), (QQQ), (EEM), (BONDS), (TLT), (JNK), (TBT), (DOLLAR), (UUP), (FXE), (OIL), (USO), (DIG), (PRECIOUS METALS), (GLD), (SLV), (DENT) 1) A Day With Harry S.. I listen to Harry S.. Dent, not because he is an iconoclast, one of the few original thinkers out there, and a complete wild man, although these.. February 14, 2011 Dinner With Joseph Stiglitz.. February 14, 2011.. Featured Trades: (DINNER WITH JOSEPH STIGLITZ) 2) Dinner With Joseph Stiglitz.. February 7, 2011 Murray Sayle: The Passing of a Giant in Journalism.. February 7, 2011.. Featured Trades: (MURRAY SAYLE) 4) Murray Sayle: The Passing of a Giant in Journalism.. He started by editing the newspaper at University.. December 30, 2010 Lunch With the Treasury Secretary.. December 30, 2010.. Featured Trades: (LUNCH WITH THE TREASURY SECRETARY) 1) Lunch With the Treasury Secretary.. So I had to blink twice when the first message in my inbox politely inquired if I had time to meet the.. Lunch With the CIA.. December 6, 2010.. Lunch with the Central Intelligence Agency is always interesting, although five gorillas built like brick shithouses staring at me intently didn't help my digestion.. Obama's pick of Leon Panetta as the agency's new director was controversial because he didn't come from an intelligence background- upsetting the career spooks at Langley to no end.. But the President thought a.. October 20, 2010 Lunch With the Treasury Secretary.. October 20, 2010.. So I had to blink twice when the first message in my inbox politely inquired if I had time to meet.. September 28, 2010 An Evening With the Chinese Intelligence Service.. September 28, 2010.. (SPECIAL CHINA ISSUE) Featured Trades: (FXI), (BIDU), (BYDDF), (CHA), (CHL) iShares FTSE Xinhua China 25 Index ETF Wisom Tree Dreyfus China Yuan Fund ETF 1) An Evening With the Chinese Intelligence Service.. I normally avoid the diplomatic circuit, as the few non committal comments and soggy appetizers I get aren't worth the investment of time.. But I jumped.. September 21, 2010 Murray Sayle: The Passing of a Giant in Journalism.. September 21, 2010.. Featured Trades: (MURRAY SAYLE OBITUARY) 4) Murray Sayle: The Passing of a Giant in Journalism.. He started by editing the.. September 6, 2010 Dinner With Joseph Stiglitz.. September 6, 2010.. Featured Trades: (JOSEPH STIGLITZ) 2) Dinner With Joseph Stiglitz.. And he does this in a kibitzing, wizened, grandfatherly manner like one would expect from a character that just walked off the set.. September 2, 2010 The Mad Hedge Fund Trader Interviews Lee O Dwyer of 5T Wealth Management on Hedge Fund Radio.. September 2, 2010.. Featured Trades: (DBA), (CORN), (PHO), (GLD), (SLV), (FXC), (FXA), (IDX), (TUR), (ECH), (EPOL), (TBT), (YCS) 1) Lee O'Dwyer of 5T Wealth Management.. My guest on Hedge Fund Radio this week is Lee O'Dwyer, a portfolio manager at 5T Wealth Management in the sunny climes of Napa, California.. Lee is at the vanguard of a new wave of financial advisors sweeping the nation that.. August 31, 2010 Lunch With Bill Clinton.. August 31, 2010.. Featured Trades: (BILL CLINTON) 3) Lunch With Bill Clinton.. President Bill Clinton was playing at the Presidents' Cup PGA tournament at the Harding Park Golf Course in San Francisco today.. Would I have time for a chat about US economic policy afterwards? That afternoon, in walked Slick Willy, sunburned from.. August 12, 2010 Lunch With the CIA.. August 12, 2010.. Featured Trades: (LUNCH WITH THE CIA) 1) Lunch With the CIA.. Lunch with the Central Intelligence Agency is always interesting, although five gorillas built like brick shithouses with wires sprouting out of their ears, staring at me intently, didn t help my digestion.. Obama s pick of Leon Panetta as the agency s new director was controversial because he.. August 3, 2010 An Evening with Jack Welch.. August 3, 2010.. Featured Trades: (JACK WELCH), (GE) 3) An Evening with Jack Welch.. I met Jack Welch last night, the legendary retired CEO of General Electric (GE).. The 'hedge fund that makes light bulbs' is..

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