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  • Title: Phil's Stock World
    Descriptive info: .. Guest View.. User:.. Pass:.. |.. become a member.. Phil's Stock World, Stock Options Trading Information.. Daily Stock and Options Tips Updates; Get Our Daily Newsletter Here.. Phil, thank you for the thorough response(s).. I joined this group last week to take my education to the next level.. the school i am involved with very good at calling out levels but very little live trading and little help in managing a position going against you.. I like the combo of knowing where the major levels are coupled with your approach to getting in.. learned a lot this week.. thank you!.. - DawnR.. Phil - Your logic not only makes sense, but it made a lot of premium profit for me over the past 12 months.. I have recovered much of the massive equity losses of last year.. My Monday play is the sale of long term puts on FXI.. Love the premium!.. - Gel1.. Phil - Thanks for the welcoming gift of the POT at a buck Just paid for this month and my membership is not even 24 hours old! looking forward to many more - bk.. - Bjkeck.. Phil: I loaded up big time yesterday on your suggestion of the AMZN September 75 naked puts.. They are up 43%!.. I discovered PSW while reading up on the US economy and how it applies to all the poor folk of the world and to myself as a humble UK desk slave.. This year I put time into learning options trading.. I upgraded (with great administrative difficulty!) my stock dealing account to deal options.. Now I am an avid reader of PSW and subscribed for voyeur membership.. Initially feeling out of my depth struggling to keep up with the peculiar language of options traders, I unsubscribed feeling a little under confident and uncertain if the small stake I have to invest in options could generate enough to justify my PSW subscription.. Nevertheless, I've benefited considerably from the member's material.. From a small number of initial trades, I've exceeded profit targets enough to consider re-subscribing in some capacity.. Thanks for the knowledge and more than anything I appreciate the human angle, the humour and the ecologically sympathetic approach rarely seen in other financial media.. Best wishes all - Jon.. - Jon.. Phil: I have 263 positions - 70% in options ( balance stocks) in three portfolios with a value of 3 mil.. YTD profit is about $750,000.. Thanks!.. Phil/thankyou.. Phil, I went over the recording of last weeks webinar.. I liked it a lot and wanted to thank you.. I thought the case studies (company reviews) were detailed, I learned more about selling puts process and also what happens if stock continues to go down after that, I liked the fact that we discuss so many different avenues like stocks, optiond, futures, oil, commodities etc… I replayed portions of it multiple times to make sure I was grasping it but wanted to say good job.. Thanks….. - Nramanuja.. I started with $250,000 in cash as of Oct 1 and have realized gains of $81,000 thru close of business.. And that's in an IRA with no margin or naked trades.. Whenever you are in Argentina or Chile I owe you a drink.. I'm looking forward to it.. - Denlundy.. Way to go Phil! Have I said how much I appreciate your site lately! Your ability to teach and your willingless to give others a forum to demonstrate their own skill sets makes your site remarkable.. I got great help from you, jmm1951, and Iflantheman (special thanks!) today.. Hell, if I have many more days like this I may even be able to sign up for a full year rather than doing it just quarterly.. Tomorrow is another day but, fabulous job today!.. - dclark41.. Phil/ Thanks to your obsessive bearish anxiety over the last few weeks, I made money on the long side this month, phased gradually to bearish, came in net short today and managed to make money both long and short all week, ending today [and each day this week] in the green.. I don't know how you do it, but thank you.. - Zeroxzero.. Oxen (directly) and Wilkinson (indirectly) are making me a great day trader! Props to Andrew for another little nugget last night: HIG.. $20 Dec calls paid 6% quickly this morning.. And helloooo STJ - a few days, but nice pick nonetheless - esp with early cover premium.. - Dstillwe.. Phil: Closed out ZION with 49 % gain!.. - RMM.. Phil - I am 3 month follower and shout a big thanks for all the good advice and training.. I read all the materials and posts as suggested.. I am retired CFO and took over my investments 2 years ago from broker after frustration with returns.. I followed some conservative advice for retirees and have 60% bonds currently in a 5m portfolio.. I had been doing covered calls on my stocks to boost returns and slowly am getting more aggressive after following your site and my son who has been with you for 6 months.. I allocated 1.. 5m to stocks and am scaling up from 30%.. I did some of the trades suggested in early June using Aug & Oct buy/writes on CSCO, WMT, MON, WFR, DO in addition to calls on XOM, CVX, PEP, PG, WM, T that I owned.. Most are doing very well (4-24%) in 60 days.. My good problem is that instead of getting longer, I will be making 6% quickly (50% plus annualized) and getting called away on many positions.. What would you advise for getting long again.. Thanks again for such a great job advising all of us!.. - TXChili.. I read with great interest your statement the other day that the DX is unlikely to break 76 or there will be great hell to pay, torrential amounts of tears shed, and gnashing of dentures all over the world.. Well.. I have had several short DX contracts in the $78ish range during the last month and upon your two statements 1) don't be greedy, and 2) 76 could be a bottom, I yesterday put a buy GTC order to close my positions at 76 and for some inexplicable reason the DX spiked down after the close and now I can safely say that once again you have confirmed for me that you have been one of the best investment services I have yet to come across.. Almost to the point that I'm beginning to think that maybe I'm completely wrong about my political stance as well.. Almost.. In any event, I wanted you to know that this has been my third execution based on your comments and recommendations that I have followed and this one has also worked to my advantage.. My subscription fee has been more than justified for the next year and there's some left over to pay for my stay in Toronto this week, dinner at Joso's in the Yorkville section of town.. If I smoked I'd have a Montecristo to salute you.. Be well, stay well.. - Flipspiceland.. On Optrader's section yesterday he was asked how he works with AAPL as an investment.. He replied that he just ‘plays with the covers'.. I've got a separate portfolio where I use primarily this technique over the past 6 months.. Up 60% The principles involved are stock selection, patience, patience, using covers to protect profits, rolling covers to maximize premium return, and exiting when covers are gone and stock price is high.. Sometimes it's hard to remember where you learn to do this stuff, but much of it is from integrating principles I've learned here with thing I already knew.. Thanks for the help on this, Phil and others.. - Iflantheman.. Don't expect to get rich quick here, but you can get easy 30 - 50 % per year, just by buying good stocks at discount (as we often discuss), selling monthly premiums of calls and puts.. - Tchayipov.. You are doing a fantastic job.. I think most of us our very well balanced and consequently have learned how to manage through these ever so short declines in the market without panic.. - Dclark41.. Hey Phil – I ignored your call to sell those AAPL $580s for $1 so not sure whether to thank you or not (just kidding) for my $5 winner.. Actually I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, that was an uncanny call.. - TheChaser.. 1,000% on SKF - It was a freakin' monster into the center field bleachers! I saw it play out live and squawked it from the StockTwits ID which 14k people follow: Home run trade of the week @philstockworld just knocked cover off ball w $SKF puts.. http://bit.. ly/piBL Great trade bud!.. - Phil Pearlman - StockTwits.. Thanks for your thoughts against buying BP ahead of earnings (yesterdays' member comments).. It announced a loss of $3.. 3b and is down 3% in pre-market but still just above the bottom of the chaneel of $40-$50.. - mSquare.. Phil: That NFLX call was awesome.. The speed at which NFLX options decayed was precipitous.. The blow out spike that allowed me to double and roll my callers to 190(!) and the ridiculous 170 weeklies @3.. 50 a day away from Op-Ex.. The gains I realized in that trade floored me when I took a long at my portfolio value on Friday.. What a great way to start the 3rd Quarter.. - Kinkistyle.. New member/1st time posting: Thanks Phil and Pharm for the rec on TOS.. I've emailed Scott to get myself setup so I hope to hear back soon.. As a newbie on PSW for a month now, I've been readin' and readin' and readin'.. Gonna start paper-trading for a while.. See how I do before putting a single dime into it.. New at options but seems like this is the best training and educational platform out there.. I'm a long-time mortgage broker who got too involved with real estate investing.. LOVED your article, Phil, on mortgage interest scams.. Right on!! Let me know if and how I can contribute back to the community here.. Cheers! - Mark.. - Mark.. I took $2 (up 133%) and ran on those USO puts, quite a bit more than the 20 you played in the $25KP.. Thank you once again for turning a bad market week into a great personal week.. You will be happy to know I am back to cashy and cautious with a few of your favorite longs into the weekend.. Thanks to Phil, JRW and all the members who share their knowledge here.. - Dennis.. What a quarter! (AAPL, etc.. ) "People react; PSW'ers anticipate.. " Thanks everyone for a vibrant board.. - Silentstorm.. PSW AC Conf: For those who may be on the bubble, I attended my first PSW LV in November.. It was a real eye-opener.. What I accomplished in a couple of days of exposure to Phil, Pharm, Craig, et al made my previous couple of years of hanging around the web site seem silly.. If you are inclined in the slightest, you really should go.. Just rubbing shoulders with other PSW members proved to be really valuable.. Strictly on the basis of value, it's a great deal.. You will have real time conversations with Phil and the gang and they will get to your questions and agenda items.. - Mjjwo9b.. Thanks, Phil.. I really appreciate your sentiment and commitment! Just want to thank you for what you do for all of us.. - JBaker.. Phil - DIA 107 Calls.. As suggested I am taking the money and running to home depot for some shelter supplies! This is the grand finale of several successful trades from you through this roller-coster and as you have further suggested it is time for me to sit back and relax in cash.. May even be able to talk my wife into the premium membership after these intelligent trades in a stupid market.. - DOStrade.. Phil – BTW, the new STP/LTP coupled with the income portfolio is Perfect! I do not trade all of them, very few actually since I work during market hours.. However, following the trades real-time is very educational.. I did enter the ABX call if you recall, I rolled to July on that nonsense news that sent it tumbling.. Out today for 110% gain (2.. 00 stop) not counting covering the loss from the earlier roll.. Nonetheless, a good trade.. Keep it up….. Thanks.. - JFawcett.. GIVE THANKS/PHIL Have not done my 10,000 hours, but a couple of years at PSW, and moved from fishing with a single line to owner of a commercial trawler (metaphorically speaking).. Now I fish with many lines.. It is amazing when you go over the same information time and time again, eventually it clicks.. Like planting trees; being the house, 20% sale items, selling into the excitement.. and patience.. I just sold an AAPL Jan 12 340/390 BCS financed by the sales of Jan 12 275 Put.. The trade was put on one year ago for a net credit and exited five minutes ago for a 49 dollar per contract profit.. No point in waiting till opex to see what happens, and I will just sell 10 of those VLO puts to make myself net the round 50.. I no longer worry about opex coming as I have adjusted well in time for most positions that go against me.. I still make some howlers (RIMM, TBT, TRGT) but I play the percentages and my winners outdistance my losers by many miles.. I would never be in this position if it were not for Phil.. He is a treasure, pure and simple.. The goose that lays the golden egg if we care to listen and practice.. Phil, a mighty big thank you.. - Winston.. Way back did 20 of your suggested short BP Jan 11 26 P @ 4.. 3 now.. 85 — sold half.. this am — paid for a years sub AGain!! thank you very much!.. - Ban2.. Profit from our experience! Subscribe Today! Learn more about all of the benefits of membership.. We'll teach you all of the sophisticated stock and power options trading techniques and secrets!.. about us.. portfolio.. stock options education.. contact us.. Phil.. Phil's.. Favorites.. OpTrader.. Sabrient.. Option.. Review.. Chart.. School.. Insider.. Scoop.. All About.. Trends.. Pharmboy.. Zero.. Hedge.. Stock World Weekly.. by.. SWW.. - October 12th, 2014 2:26 am.. Newsletter writers are available to chat with Members regarding topics presented in SWW, comments are found below each post.. The latest Stock World Weekly is.. here.. Click on this link and sign in with your PSW user name and password.. Picture by.. Geralt at Pixabay.. Posted in.. Appears on main page.. ,.. Immediately available to public.. No Comments.. Email This Post.. Twitter.. LinkedIn.. del.. icio.. us.. Google+.. Phil… My portfolio, in the past few months, has acheived a high degree of stabilization.. I've noticed that on up days, down days, even days, it doesn't matter, my portfolio rarely varies more than 2%.. And over the long haul it just slowly increases in value.. I attribute this not to investment choices, but to style.. Thanks to you and others on this site I'm paying close attention to position size, delta neutrality, downside protection, and concentrating on selling premium rather than buying it.. I've developed increasing patience, not having to trade daily, or even weekly.. I'm concentrating on the finer points of trading, letting the profits come to me, rather than the other way around.. I appreciate the help everyone here has given in getting me focused on this principle.. I'm pumped!…in a calm sort of way.. GOOG, NFLX and AAPL all bought last hour Friday.. Sold into the excitement the first hour today for an average of 15% on the options.. And lots of them.. Thanks again Phil for teaching me so well.. - lflantheman.. Phil, I'm up 34x what I paid in fees for your service, and that only counts the trades I didn't think of myself.. - Barfinger.. Phil – I think I finally figured out your "crystal ball" time frame.. You're about 5-14 days AHEAD of what the market is going to do.. It's taken me a long time to realize this, but boy it's been profitable.. I go in when you recommend something at about 25% allocation, and then add to it each day it "goes the wrong  ...   also called a very wise exit to our TZA spread (up 190%) and flipped long on the /TF futures at 1,070 and those finished the day well past our 1,080 goal all the way back to 1,100 for a $3,000 per contract gain.. That s in a single day folks!.. This morning, in our Live Member Chat Room (.. and you can join us here before the prices go up next week.. ), we took short positions on the indexes with me saying to our Members in a 6:41 Alert that was sent out via Email as well and, for good measure, it was tweeted out (.. follow us here.. ) and posted on our Facebook page (.. follow here.. ):.. Clearly we can short /TF at 1,100 with a stop above or /NQ 4,040 or /ES 1,965 or /YM 16,900 simply stopping out if any two of those go higher.. On the other side, Oil can be played long at $87.. 25 (again) and gasoline at $2.. 30 since it s Thursday.. As you can.. Join Member's Chat - 218 Comments Here.. Draghi.. Stimulus.. Release Of Fed Minutes, Icahn Tweet Boost Shares In Apple.. www.. interactivebrokers.. com.. Option Review.. - October 8th, 2014 4:05 pm.. Shares in Apple (Ticker: AAPL) are near their highs of the session in the final hour of trading on Wednesday, adding to the muted gains seen earlier in the day, following the release of the September FOMC meeting minutes and after activist investor and Apple shareholder Carl Icahn tweeted, Tmrw we ll be sending an open letter to @tim_cook.. Believe it will be interesting.. Icahn s tweet hit the ether at 2:33 pm ET and was met with a spike in volume in Apple shares.. The stock is currently up 2.. 0% on the day at $100.. 75 as of 3:15 pm ET.. Chart Apple rally accelerates after Icahn tweet.. AAPL.. Apple.. Apple Inc.. Icahn.. Which Way Wednesday Fed Minutes at 2pm!.. - October 8th, 2014 8:26 am.. Wheeeee what a ride!.. It s been so long since we had even a minor correction that people are acting like this little pullback is the end of the World.. If you ll notice, on our Multi-Chart, only the Russell has crossed their -5% line and, globally, only the Hang Seng has even tested it s 10% line and they ve already weak bounced 2%.. When did we forget that markets do not go straight up forever? Has the constant Fed meddling left us with nothing but skittish investors, who cut and run at the first inkling of pain?.. Warren Buffet has owned KO for 40 years including the crash of 2009, when it went down $7Bn, for him along with the rest of the market.. When the stocks got lower he bought more because he KNOWS what the stocks are worth, even when the Retail and even.. Professional.. investors did not.. WFC is 22% of Berkshire s stock holdings but it was only 14% when the stock dropped from $35 in 2008 to $9 in 2009, wiping out $9.. 1Bn on Berkshire s balance sheet on 350M shares.. What did Buffett do? He bought 175M more shares for $10 and those 525M shares are now worth $26Bn at $51.. Buffett didn t panic because he KNEW what WFC was worth and he also knows that investors are, for the most part, fairly irrational people.. I have been complaining all year about how irrational prices were and we essentially sat out the top of the rally and stayed mainly in CASH!!! in our Member Portfolio HOPING for a correction (a bigger on than this, frankly) that would give us some nice entry set-ups for 2015.. We don t think the market will collapse, but it would be nice to come back down to our 200 dmas to test the bottoms on some real volume.. As we re down about 5%.. (average).. in our indexes and as we have the Fed Minutes this afternoon, I m looking for a weak bounce, acccording to our 5% Rule , of 1% anything less than that today will be a very bearish sign! We re very interested in the -5%.. Join Member's Chat - 124 Comments Here.. Previous Entries.. Help One Of Our Own PSW Members.. May 22nd, 2014 5:03 pm.. Hello PSW Members.. This is a non-trading topic, but I wanted to post it during trading hours so as many eyes can see it as possible.. Feel free to contact me directly at.. jennifersurovy@yahoo.. with any questions.. Last fall there was some discussion on the PSW board regarding setting up a YouCaring donation page for a PSW member, Shadowfax.. Since then, we have been looking into ways to help get him additional medical services and to pay down his medical debts.. After following those leads, we are ready to move ahead with the YouCaring site.. (Link is posted below.. ) Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated; not only to help aid in his medical bill debt, but to also show what a great community this group is.. http://www.. youcaring.. com/medical-fundraiser/help-get-shadowfax-out-from-the-darkness-of-medical-bills-/126743.. Thank you for you time!.. October 12th, 2014 2:26 am.. more from SWW.. Zero Hedge.. June 2001 Bioterror Exercise Foreshadowed 9/11 and Anthrax Attacks.. October 12th, 2014 1:25 am.. Courtesy of.. ZeroHedge.. View original post.. Submitted by George Washington.. On June 22-23, 2001 - some 3 months before 9/11, and 4 months before the Anthrax attacks - the U.. S.. military held a senior-level war game at Andrews Air Force Base called Dark Winter.. The scenario of this bio-terrorism drill was designed to simulate a smallpox attack in three states.. Numerous congressmen, former CIA director James Woolsey, New York Times reporter Judith Miller (who pushed the Iraq WMD myth, as well as the false link between Iraq and the Anthrax attacks), and anti-terror official Jerome Hauer all.. participated.. in the exercise.. As a part of this war game, scripted TV news clips were made to help.. more from Tyler.. Phil's Favorites.. Snowden Film "Citizen Four" Reveals How He Did It; Second Leaker Involved; Files on 1.. 2 Million People; Snowden Vindicated.. October 11th, 2014 10:26 pm.. Mish.. Once again I salute Edwards Snowden as an all-American hero.. On second thought, make that an all-world hero.. A movie on how and why Snowden revealed NSA wiretaps is about to be released.. Showbiz reports.. Edward Snowden Doc Premieres: Shocking Inside Look at How He Did It.. Citizen Four is the shocking doc about Edward Snowden made by Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras.. Just screened tonight was the two hour film which will be released by the Weinstein Company this month.. It doesn t paint the Obama administration in a very good light as Snowden explains how the government has violated privacy rights on a massive scale.. Also the filmmakers clearly indicate that all roads lead to POTUS, a fa.. more from Ilene.. Chart School.. World Markets Weekend Update: The Selloff Accelerates.. October 11th, 2014 12:00 pm.. Doug Short.. The world market selloff accelerated over the past week.. Two indexes on my watchlist posted fractional gains during their holiday-shortened week -- China's Shanghai Composite rose 0.. 45% in three sessions and Hong Kong's Hang Seng inched up 0.. 10% in four volatile sessions.. However the other six indexes saw major selling, ranging from -1% for India's SENSEX to nearly -5% for France's CAC 40.. The average weekly change for the eight indexes was -2.. 30%, the second worst weekly average of 2014 (the worst being the -3.. 19% rout in mid-April).. Despite its 12.. 22% year-to-date advance, the Shanghai Composite remains the only index on the watch list in bear territory -- the traditional designation for a 20% decline from an interim high.. The index is down 31.. 60% from its August 2009 peak.. See the table inset (lower right) in the.. more from Chart School.. All About Trends.. Mid-Day Update.. October 10th, 2014 1:40 pm.. Reminder: David is available to chat with Members, comments are found below each post.. Click here for the full report.. To learn more, sign up for David's.. free newsletter.. and receive the.. free report.. from All About Trends - "How To Outperform 90% Of Wall Street With Just $500 A Week.. " Tell David PSW sent you.. -.. Ilene.. more from David.. Insider Scoop.. Citigroup: HSN Could See Bid From Liberty Interactive.. October 10th, 2014 12:00 am.. Benzinga.. Related.. HSNI.. Events for the Week of Aug.. 29-Oct.. 3.. HSN, Inc.. Shares In Play Following Takeover Comments.. Speculation that.. (NASDAQ:.. ) got some additional stirring Friday when another analyst suggested.. Liberty Interactive Corp.. QVCA.. ) might make an offer.. HSN, which sells merchandise on TV as well as on the Inte.. insidercow.. com/.. more from Insider.. October 8th, 2014 4:05 pm.. Chart Apple rally accelerate.. more from Caitlin.. Sector Detector: Overdue market weakness finally hits, but sector rankings turn bullish.. October 6th, 2014 1:24 pm.. Sabrient Systems and Gradient Analytics.. This seasonally weak time of the year has proven reliable once again.. As I observed last week, the volatility index often hits a peak in October but has never hit a trough during this notorious month.. Last week, I warned of more downside in stocks before any new highs are challenged.. It was the type of week that tests investors’ bullish conviction, and it was way overdue.. So, is that it for downside this year? Is the market ready to commence its end-of-year rally now? Well, the charts appear to be in recovery mode, and our fundamentals-based sector rankings have turned bullish.. But with volatility setting in, I don’t think we have seen the last of the scary market action.. Will the S P 500 fall into the -10% correction that we haven’t seen in three years? I think it is unlikely at this tim.. more from Sabrient.. Digital Currencies.. Bitcoin Has Been Getting Obliterated.. October 5th, 2014 7:23 pm.. Joe has found a place for Bitcoins, and if you hold a lot of them, you won t like it.. JOE WEISENTHAL, Business Insider.. Remember Bitcoin?.. There s not much to say about it, except that it s doing TERRIBLY.. Here s a chart going back to earlier this summer.. Charts don t get uglier than this.. Bitcoinwisdom.. Interestingly, the Bitcoin industry continues to be quite excited about the prospects for the digital currency, and there continue to be announcements about expand.. more from Bitcoin.. Swing trading portfolio - week of October 6th, 2014.. October 5th, 2014 6:28 pm.. Reminder: OpTrader is available to chat with Members, comments are found below each post.. This post is for all our live virtual trade ideas and daily comments.. Please click on comments below to follow our live discussion.. All of our current trades are listed in the spreadsheet below, with entry price (1/2 in and All in), and exit prices (1/3 out, 2/3 out, and All out).. We also indicate our stop, which is most of the time the 5 day moving average.. All trades, unless indicated, are front-month ATM options.. Please feel free to participate in the discussion and ask any questions you might have about this virtual portfolio, by clicking on the comments link right below.. To learn more about the swing trading virtual portfolio (strategy, performance, FAQ, etc.. ), please click.. more from OpTrader.. Market Shadows.. Ebola vs.. Us.. September 28th, 2014 4:15 pm.. By Ilene.. Ebola is spreading too quickly for Ebola-vaccine makers to conduct typical studies of safety and efficacy on experimental vaccines.. Instead, vaccines will be tested for basic safety, but then deployed with protocols devised now in order to test for efficacy essentially on the field.. Testing has to be expedited because the situation in West Africa gets worse every day while there are no approved vaccines or other treatments.. The chart below is from a paper in the.. New England Journal of Medicine.. showing estimates of the virus s trajectory projecting out to November 1, 2014.. If current trends continue.. more from Paul.. Promotions.. Last Chance! See The 'Google-Like' Trading Algorithm 'Live' TODAY.. September 18th, 2014 8:25 am.. Traders and Investors,.. RSVP NOW to attend a special presentation.. TODAY at Noon or 9:00 pm ET.. ,.. where you ll see a powerful trading algorithm that s been tested and proven to return phenomenal results on a consistent basis.. In fact, it has an 82% win rate.. And had you only traded the conservative alerts recommended by the algorithm since inception, you would have experienced portfolio gains of more than 200%!.. Register NOW and secure your virtual seat for one of Today s LIVE presentations.. When you register for the webinar, you ll also get instant access to following trading videos:.. Instant access to.. FOUR Quick-Start Expectancy.. more from Promotions.. Biotechs & Bubbles.. June 3rd, 2014 3:37 pm.. Reminder: Pharmboy is available to chat with Members, comments are found below each post.. Well PSW Subscribers.. I am still here, barely.. From my last post a few months ago to now, nothing has changed much, but there are a few bargins out there that as investors, should be put on the watch list (again) and if so desired.. buy a small amount.. First, the media is on a tear against biotechs/pharma, ripping companies for their drug prices.. Gilead s HepC drug, Sovaldi, is priced at $84K for the 12-week treatment.. Pundits were screaming bloody murder that it was a total rip off, but when one investigates the other drugs out there, and the consequences of not taking Sovaldi vs.. another drug combinations, then things become clearer.. For instance,.. Olysio (JNJ).. is about $66,000 for a 12-week treatment, but is approved for.. fewer types of patients.. AND.. more from Pharmboy.. ocean.. sex trade.. David Koch Scott Walker.. RRD.. styles.. OTC derivative positions.. Jim Sinclair.. Labor Unions.. pHarmony Ad.. financial abuse.. policy normalization.. technical analysis.. JEF.. Avandia.. Wall Street bailout.. Google Chrome.. Jackson Hole.. dark side of government.. Downgrade.. Dendreon.. ZIRP.. social relationships.. Barrick Gold.. MCD MYGN.. monetary stimulus.. dsco.. Steve Ballmer.. LAVA.. oil pricing.. oil exporter.. porn star.. vacancies.. financial corruption.. Merrill Lynch analyst.. PNC.. Monthly Income.. Sovereign-Debt Risks.. Gerard Celente.. white fat.. fear.. strong retracement.. General Motors Corporation.. ADS business conditions index.. PDE.. Chris Flowers.. German.. Spanish.. French.. Italian.. Portuguese.. Japanese.. Korean.. Russian.. Chinese.. About Phil:.. Philip R.. Davis is a founder Phil's Stock World, a stock and options trading site that teaches the art of options trading to newcomers and devises advanced strategies for expert traders.. Learn more About Phil.. As Seen On:.. About Ilene:.. Ilene is editor and affiliate program coordinator for PSW.. She manages the site.. market shadows.. , archives, more.. Contact Ilene.. to learn about our affiliate and content sharing programs.. Market Shadows.. home.. newsletters.. options stock education.. archives.. sitemap.. privacy.. Note: The material presented in this commentary is provided for informational purposes only and is based upon information that is considered to be reliable.. However, neither MaddJack Enterprises, LLC d/b/a PhilStockWorld (PSW) nor its affiliates warrant its completeness, accuracy or adequacy and it should not be relied upon as such.. Neither PSW nor its affiliates are responsible for any errors or omissions or for results obtained from the use of this information.. Past performance, including the tracking of virtual trades and portfolios for educational purposes, is not necessarily indicative of future results.. Neither Phil, Optrader, or anyone related to PSW is a registered financial adviser and they may hold positions in the stocks mentioned, which may change at any time without notice.. Do not buy or sell based on anything that is written here, the risk of loss in trading is great.. This material is not intended as an offer or solicitation for the purchase or sale of any security or other financial instrument.. Securities or other financial instruments mentioned in this material are not suitable for all investors.. Any opinions expressed herein are given in good faith, are subject to change without notice, and are only intended at the moment of their issue as conditions quickly change.. The information contained herein does not constitute advice on the tax consequences of making any particular investment decision.. This material does not take into account your particular investment objectives, financial situations or needs and is not intended as a recommendation to you of any particular securities, financial instruments or strategies.. Before investing, you should consider whether it is suitable for your particular circumstances and, as necessary, seek professional advice.. 0.. 80 seconds, 58 queries..

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  • Title: | Phil's Stock World
    Descriptive info: Phil - Wow…wow.. The vision and inate grasp of the options world you posess is rather staggering.. It's this type of experience that I really hope to develop.. I'm afraid I still can't see the moves, but I WILL learn.. I cannot thank you enough for the patience, knowledge and effort you put into this place.. Please keep it going!.. - Where.. Hello Phil, Thanks for the heads up on the comming sell off on friday, and the bs job yesterday.. your our guiding light!.. - Microflux.. Phil is a fundamentalist to his fingertips.. His ability to value a stock goes well beyond p/e, as he understands the essence of many businesses, what gives them value and how they make their money.. As such, his recommendations are invaluable to a investor who takes a value-oriented approach.. - Zeroxzero.. Thanks Phil, I have adjusted my position by getting rid of the IYF puts, and selling the FAZ puts.. You have so many of these awesome little tricks in your playbook that it really amazes me.. I toally love your analogy by the way: Do you want insurance that you have to pay for, or do you want insurance that pays you?.. - Craigzooka.. Dear Phil, I have followed along with your commentary and alerts and have been flabbergasted at your quick analytical skills and your journalistic skills to explain it clearly.. In a little over three weeks I have cleared almost 1000.. 00 dollars and got an intensive education at the same time.. I would like to immediately upgrade my membership.. It is hard for me to follow all evening as I am in Tokyo but I can join you at the beginning of the market and read the next day.. - Tokyolife.. Phil - I got your earlier trade a month or so ago on MSFT 2015 32/37 BCS, selling 2015 30 puts.. Nice up 75% now!.. - Jomptien.. Phil, 3 for 3! Sold on initial excitement and made a double on USO, 70% on AMZN and 70% on SPY options from Friday.. Thanks and much appreciated for the suggestions.. - Gingbaum.. AMZN.. thanks Phil; boy did they run a squeeze on everyone there.. made me sweat.. scaling helped! I think AMZN has an 85 handle tomorrow.. maybe lower.. - Cap.. Nice call on the QQQ puts this morning Phil.. I bought 10 at.. 13 this morning for fun day trade.. Just closed at.. 95.. Sweet hedge for the day!.. - RevTodd64.. Speaking of the "Man Who Planted Trees", it really works.. I bought BTU back in March at $49.. 87.. I practically bought it at the tippy top.. However, I soon afterward found this site, started learning Phil's methodology(and those in the strategy section) and began selling calls/puts regularly against my bad position.. As of yesterday, I still own the original 100 shares, but have brought my basis down by over $11.. 00.. Couldn't be happier, what started out as a really bad entry, I have managed to work down to a good basis.. Had I not watched that video and learned your system, I would sold out of the position, and been kicking myself for making such a bad entry.. - Hoss.. I have to thank you for excelling yourself during this past week.. I have spent a good few hours going over your notes and comments and there are so many gems on repairing and rolling trades that I have been beavering away on paying special attention to my major positions and analysing them using your approach on Tuesday.. Being able to look at a group of trades on the same underlying (in this case AAPL) and taking a detached view by assessing the impact of the underlying reaching different price points was extremely reassuring.. - Winston.. Peter D, Just a note of thanks.. Eight weeks ago, I entered my first RUT strangles, when the RUT was at 625.. Tomorrow, I will let them expire, with the RUT at 625 (give or take).. I didn't care when the RUT went to 650, nor when it dropped to 590.. Easiest, no touch money I've made in a long time.. - Judahbenhur.. Phil - I celebrate today, having reached my goal for the year, trading in sync with your education and guidance, of 1 million in profit.. I learned a lot, achieved much, and am profoundly grateful.. To be honest, when I set the goal I thought it was daunting, as I have for many years been an investor in equities but did very little with options.. Learning and doing has for me been a blast! I reached my goal by following Phil's strategies - lots of Buy/Writes, covered calls on equities , naked put entries for income production.. I did it with 2.. 5 mil and kept 600,000 in cash in case I got in trouble.. I concentrated on stocks (many of my own choosing) that had decent dividends and wrote front month calls against (OTM) which has worked well in this market run.. 25% of my gain is in dividends and premium selling, with the balance in appreciation.. thanks for the DNDN recommendation last week phil.. that was moneeeee….. - Kwan.. Phil - Moved today to send kudos.. You're in my top 5 to see/read daily.. I do not trade.. but as former econ-finance adjunct faculty near Stanford U.. I give you lots of attaboys.. and provide your links to many to spread some understanding of the mess we are in.. Best to you and yours,.. - HJ Kobbeman.. Phil - Rode the /QM down from 99.. 65 at 7pm and now I'm taking your advice, taking the $$ and going to enjoy a restful night sleep.. I don't post often so I want to say thanks for sharing your incredible market acumen with all of us.. Your site has a unusually talented group of investors (and some characters) and I enjoy my days trading more because of it.. - DaveW.. PSW – Price/Value; The value of PSW on a regular basis exceeds by far the price of the annual subscription.. The edition of February 26 'Which Way Wednesday – Popping or Topping?', – priceless for the serious investor.. That was a quick double on the DIA calls.. trailing stop in place.. - Kwan.. Maya, After years of being pretty good at picking stocks I still managed to lose almost as much as I made.. All the reading Phil asked us to do as a new member (And everything else I can get my hands on lately) has revealed my Achilles Heal.. Good stock picks do not necessarily make money.. My problem was swinging for the fences.. Since becoming a member Jan 1 this year and getting into to scaling into small trades I am amazed at the steady profit growth I have experienced already while not worrying about getting killed.. And having fun doing it.. Phil, Thanks for the education, the help you give and the chance to learn more and get better.. Also thanks to all the members who have answered the few questions I had when your not around.. - Ricpar.. I love it when a trade really comes together.. After 4 DD's and a roll, I cashed out 16 times my initial position in TLT today for a 140% gain.. Thank you Phil for the lessons in scaling in, and paying for position.. - 2Can.. hil, I hit my targets for the year in my 401K (thanks in no small part to your site), so I cashed out of all positions a couple of weeks ago.. Feels good.. I'm conservative with this money –looking for 2% per month, which i've been able to do… thx.. - Lunar.. GMCR – Just bought back my Jan $90 callers on GMCR for a nice $10,000 gain.. Thanks for the recommendation Phil! It was nice to cash in on a momo.. - Palotay.. As a retired stockbroker from a major Canadian brokerage firm, I can tell you I would never had access to these type of trade ideas, especially the hedges.. Just closed out a July TZA 40/45 call spread today for a 271% gain in less than a month.. I would have normally let that run but yesterday Phil commented to another member something to the effect that "you put down a $1 for a $5 upside, now that you are up 250% you have $2.. 5 in and you are hoping for a double.. " Just closed out a USO July $38 put that Phil suggested yesterday for a 49% one day gain.. Thanks, Bob.. - RJK.. Thank God for Phil.. A few months ago (April) I didn´t even know what hedging was, and someone recommended I should check out some of Phil´s plays, especially on the retirement portfolio.. When I first started to read it, none of it made a blind bit of sense to me, but I stuck with it and gradually began to work through some of the trades to see how it worked.. Now I am putting on 5:1 SPY backspreads combined with bear put spreads, entering and leaving positions after consulting the VIX, and engaging in other esoteric maneuvers that are keeping my portfolio above water.. - jmm1951.. Your board has been fantastic helping the less experienced (includes me) navigate through all the turmoil.. The contributions from your members has been well rounded, objective, and extremely helpful.. Sans the politics you have built a fantastic community and that is a tribute to you.. I thank you and all fellow members for there contributions over the past few days.. Fantastic group!.. - dclark41.. Service Highlights.. Report.. BASIC.. PREMIUM.. Mobile Web Access.. Access to Posts Before the Market Opens.. Access to Comments and Trade Ideas.. Historic.. Limited.. Email Alerts.. Additional.. Educational and Strategy Sections.. Trading Picks of the Day and Virtual Portfolio Access.. Optrader s Swing Trading Intraday.. and Virtual Portfolio Access.. Email Newsletter, Special Features, Discount Seminars.. Please read this statement of our terms and conditions.. It s written in plain English, and by subscribing you consent to its contents.. Disclaimer.. The PSW Member Experience:.. Market overviews:.. A daily outlook before and after the bell, often with trade ideas, notes on key indicators, and analysis of the day s action.. Often Phil has market levels to watch that are the clearest indication you will ever get on when to enter and exit trades with rules that work for day traders and long-term investors alike.. Trading community:.. every trading day, our members swap ideas, advice, and post trades of their own.. Phil responds to questions and ideas, often in real time.. No other newsletter service gives its members this level of access and interactivity!.. Virtual Portfolio management ideas:.. because we re all at different stages of the game, we discuss trades and strategies for those who want to take a longer or less volatile approach.. We love to work with calendar spreads and income-producing strategies.. Education:.. new to options, or need some advanced strategies to jumpstart your trading? Our education section features one of the best options guides on the market today,.. Secrets to Explosive Stock Market Profits.. , as well as weekly educational posts.. You can read Section 1 of our options guide for free:.. click here to download.. Support:.. Our staff works hard to keep things running smoothly, and we respond promptly to any questions you have.. 10 Great Reasons to Join Now.. Great Trade Ideas.. - This is no idle boast, go through the archives, count the profits you missed.. Phil and Optrader average 5 Trade Ideas every day of the week.. Other services charge much, much more for much, much less.. Email Trade Alerts.. - Whether at work or on your mobile phone, stay on top of major market moves.. The Famous.. Buy List.. and Sample Virtual Portfolios.. - Phil s regularly updated lists of hit favorite stocks and the ideas for playing them each month.. Market Overviews.. - Pick a date and browse the archives, we are miles ahead of the curve.. Trading Community.. - A collection of some of the brightest minds in the market, come talk to us!.. Trading Strategies.. - Every day access to the same strategies that command $500 a day at our seminars.. Try.. Dont Step On That Landmine.. or.. How to Buy a Stock for a 15-20% Discount.. - Just 2 of 200 ways we have to enhance your trading.. Virtual Portfolio Cash Management Ideas.. - We don  ...   that s a $100 increase in your option for each dollar below your strike price at expiration.. As the stock keeps falling, your option will continue to increase in value.. And a trade like this can be done at a fraction of what it would have cost you to trade the actual stock.. COLLECTING AUTOMATIC PREMIUMS.. Now consider another strategy that we use to profit every which way.. On December 3, 2008, AAPL was selling at approximately $93 and let s say you believed that it would go up or at least not go down much below $70.. At the time, with the bear market raging on, maybe you weren t convinced that AAPL would go.. straight.. up and didn t want to commit $9,300 to buy 100 shares.. But you also didn t want to miss an opportunity to make money because you had a strong feeling about its general range.. And you felt that even if AAPL went down to $70, it would be great to own at that price.. Let s say you wrote the April, $70 put at $8.. 35 per share, collecting $835.. Make money even when.. you re wrong!.. Apple went down nearly -16%, yet the option remained profitable virtually every day after it was written.. If AAPL stayed above $70 at expiration (the third Friday of April), you d have pocketed the full $835.. And potentially you could have owned shares if it had dipped to $70.. Yet, even if it sunk below $70 to as low as $61.. 65, you still wouldn t have lost a cent.. Only if it went below $61.. 65, would you actually start to lose on the trade.. Here s what really happened:.. Between the day your put was written, 12/3/2008, and its 4/17/2009 expiration date, the price of AAPL got as low as $78.. 20 and as high as $124.. 25.. Since Apple, at expiration, stayed above $70, you would have kept the full $8.. 35 per share, less commissions and fees for a gain of +98.. 7 on the trade.. And you would have done it in less than 5 months, with less money and less risk than if you had invested $9,300 in the actual stock.. The best news is that you can do this again and again in the months to come.. Try our service, get our latest picks and learn all the ways YOU can enhance your trading performace using our common-sense hedging strategies to help YOU trade like a Professional!.. What Our Subscribers Have To Say:.. This is why I love this site.. Blunt truth.. While all these financial thieves don their $150 Armani ties and tell you to stay calm, much like the day after 9/11, you tell people to save themselves.. Your site is quite possibly one of the best blogs around.. Thanks for keeping it real and educating many of us lemmings.. Keep up the good work.. -Lloyd P.. I have paid many dollars for education, coaching and stupidity! I have also followed dozens of advisories, coaches and newsletters.. This is by far the most educational site with the best strategy for this type of whipsaw market! I ve already started recommending you to my trading buddies.. You better get this site ready for some major traffic as people catch on to what you re doing!.. -Mike N.. Praising PSW for enlightenment is a bit akin to praising the Pope for being holy.. I ve been reading PSW for about two months now and have learned more about investing technique and the world in general than I ve learned from the books and seminars I ve paid for.. Thanks for the enlightenment, the education, the guidance and the truth,which is not a commodity these days, but a virtue in short supply.. -Andy M.. What You Get:.. Trade Ideas: In addition to discussing market moving events, we regularly discuss trade set-ups that might work in conjunction with the news.. *.. To watch Phil in action,.. click here to view Phil s March 6th, 2009 appearance on LiveStock.. , where he called the market bottom on the nose and gave viewers 13 HUGE winning trades in 3 hours.. Note how Phil calmly talks viewers through a crash, explains the crash and explains why the markets will turn up the next week.. This is what Phil does in chat at PSW every day - we discuss the market and the news that s affecting it and Phil, David, Optrader and our featured members put up trade ideas and discuss new entries and trade adjustments along the way.. In the first 10 minutes of the above broadcast, Phil explains the.. Buy/Write Strategy.. and puts out a trade idea on FAS that made 212% in 3 weeks - taking a $80 investment to $250 using one of our key option strategies that ANYONE can follow.. FAS is now (9/5) $71.. 55, up from $2.. 41.. (+2,800%).. where Phil strongly recommended it on a day the markets were collapsing and everyone else was panicking.. For full details on our 13 Bullish Plays on March 6th that made Members a 469% return in 6 months* - CLICK HERE.. Compare what Phil was saying live on March 6th (buying with the Dow at 6,500).. at the exact same time (2:30) as Jim Cramer was calling 5,320 as a possible bottom.. - 20% lower - adding to the panic for the average viewer.. Phil was specifically saying to buy DIS which Cramer predicts would go lower, virtually at the same time on two different shows! Later that night, even after having a chance to view Phil s show,.. Cramer was still VERY negative.. , with the OPPOSITE advice Phil gave (.. you can subscribe to Cramer here.. - tell him Phil sent you!).. Fast money also told viewers that same Friday that.. there s too much risk and too little reward to get involved.. That night, even though they could have taken some time to listen to Phil, the.. Fast Money team said.. A lot of people.. (Phil).. are calling bottoms.. , says Guy Adami.. But I still don t think we re there, yet.. It has to feel like the end of the world before the market can bottom.. you can subscibe to Guy Adami here.. The data that I d watch to signal a bottom is the rate of decline slowing.. , adds Karen Finerman.. But I don t see that, yet.. you can find out about Karen s fund here.. We won t be at the bottom until the financials participate in the market s broader moves.. , adds Pete Najarian.. you can subscribe to Pete Najarian here.. I don t think we ll get a bottom until we get policy going forward that doesn t seem like it s just attacking Wall Street.. , adds Jon Najarian.. you can subscribe to John Najarian here.. Here s an example of Phil Davis going head to head with the finest minds on Wall Street on a day the market was crashing and the chips were down.. Phil did not just make great picks, he spent the better part of 3 hours explaining the economic and political climate and the reason behind his decisions to buy and he laid out strategies for what to do, even if he was wrong (he wasn t), if the market had continued to fall.. You could have listened to CNBC s All-Star Experts and gotten out with huge losses and missed the rally that followed or you could have listened to Phil, who was EMPHATIC that this was the buying opportunity of a lifetime.. Phil said we would bottom out the next session on Monday, March 9th, 2009 and.. here is the Daily Dow Chart.. - enough said.. Television is a powerful and emotional medium, it is very difficult to go against the will of ALL these.. experts.. when they get on TV and all tell you to sell (or buy) and then their TV station backs them up with bearish news and bearish guests - it s a natural bias that develops, they aren t going to make their own paid personalities look foolish by contradicting them with facts and dissenting opinions.. This is WHY you subscribe to a newsletter, not for a trade idea here or there but for an unbiased investing viewpoint THAT CAN MAKE YOU MONEY.. To work with a person who knows how to spot opportunities when the crowd is panicking and helps steer investors safely through the madness.. Philstockworld is the fastest-growing Stock Market Newsletter for very good reasons - now that you ve gotten this far - you can see why.. A sample of the educational trade ideas our members receive in our famous Member s Virtual Portfolios.. AAPL $89, 1/11 price: $90.. 58, 1/30 $93.. Oh I love these guys! Well, we made a very easy $15 with the last play, selling the conservative $85s ahead of earnings for $15.. 35 so I ll assume everyone is called away and we re starting from scratch.. March $90s are $12.. 85 so still not bad at net $80.. 15/85.. 08 and I like.. the new revenue stream with SIRI.. It s still AAPL and you still need a strong stomach to ride it but us believers have had the best time ever buying out callers on the dips and selling them back again on the runs up.. Leaps are still too pricey unfrortunately but you can sell naked March $85 puts for $3.. 20 but maybe wait and see if you get $5 on a dip.. MSFT for $18.. 65, 1/11 price: $20.. 52, 1/30 $17.. 59.. LOL, I m just looking at what I wrote pre-earnings: This company is a disaster.. I hate the company, I detest the management and their products are aging and falling apart and competition is nipping at their heels.. Man was that on the money! So was my other comment: So why are they on the list? Well they are a money printing machine that will keep making money through sheer inertia even with a chimpanzee at the helm (.. and Steve Ballmer has proven that.. ).. At this price, they are accidental good dividend payers (2.. 9%) so my plan here is to always hedge them low and be happy to get cashed out if they run up.. Still I was not cautious enough as we took the $20s, now $2.. 60 for the set and I guess we should sell the March $18s this time for $2.. 29 which is net $15.. 30/16.. 65, that s the spike low of earnings.. TIE at $7.. 28, 1/11 price: $9.. 39, 1/30 $7.. 39.. Last time I said wait and even if you missed our entry last week $7.. 39 is still a great entry.. Selling March $7.. 50s for $1.. 78 nets $5.. 61/6.. 56 and that s just fine.. UYG at $4.. 34, 1/11 price: $5.. 86, 1/30 $3.. 40.. As I said last time: This is XLFs hyperactive little brother.. UYG pays a 7% dividend too! Of course, many banks may suspend dividends this year but we re talking about long-term holds, not trades and with banking getting back to a dull business, dividends should also make a comeback over time.. We last sold the $5s, now $1.. 80 and that can be rolled to March $5s for $2.. 16 if you are a believer.. As a new entry, there s nothing wrong with selling the March $3s for $1.. 35 to bring you down to net $2.. 05/2.. 53, which is better than you would do naked selling the puts alone and a 50% gain if called away.. *Please note that we often discuss options trades.. Not all trades are taken by all people and not all traders choose to (or have the clearance to) sell options against other positions or have the capital available to add money to trades - all this impacts your individual ability to profit and options trading is an inherantly risky practice.. You must consult a professional financial advisor before making any trade (see disclaimer) and decide what is best for your own virtual portfolio.. This site is meant to help educate you and we recommend setting up a Paper Trading Account with ThinkorSwim/TD AmeriTrade or another on-line broker so you can try some of these strategies on-line without risking cash.. 29 seconds, 25 queries..

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  • Title: Phil's Stock World
    Descriptive info: Phil, Passed a milestone today since joining 2 months ago.. 25% of my account is in buy/writes, bull call spreads and disaster hedges.. A majority of the trades were taken directly from your ideas or someone else`s contributions.. Some were daytrades that became spreads.. That part of my account is up 30% as of today.. I don`t worry about it, or mess with it much, did a few rolls etc.. Rest of the account is there to day trade, cover the writes and take advantage of opportunities.. Thanks to everyone who contributes here, what a sweet way to trade, so many opportunities.. - Ben1Be.. Phil, I have the SRS 2011 $7.. 50 short puts you recommended awhile back.. I sold them for $2.. 20 and now $1.. 51 (up 31%) although SRS has been down since inception.. This was a nice mellow way to play it like you said, thanks.. Phil, I was so impressed with the personal note in the comments that I went ahead and paid for a months trial of premium that I have been on the fence for awhile about.. Just reading the comments makes me already glad for the purchase.. - Smasher.. Phil, I don't know if I told you lately but you da man! I'm doing so much better following your guidelines.. It's like you actually know what you are talking about.. 8-) I've tried a lot of services and none of them are as comprehensive or honest AND successful.. I appreciate all youz other guys/gals input as well…learning tons as a relative newbie to this game.. - Aclend.. You guys gotta give it to phil–the voice of reason yesterday, last nite and this morning.. - Corleone.. Nice intraday trading calls this week Phil.. You have me hooked on trading SPY options analogously to your DIA moves.. I paid some tuition the last few weeks but I think I have the hang of it.. Don't be greedy and be happy with 0.. 05 to 0.. 10 and sometimes you're lucky with much bigger moves.. Thanks for the training!.. - TmDecay.. I can't believe it.. After 2 Months of reading every post of every section on this site, the light bulb finaly went on.. I was begining to think this was beyond me capacity to understand.. Thanks Guys.. Specifically Phil, Pharm, Cap, Matt.. Im still Green as a leprechaun but I pulled the trigger on that SRS Vertical you laid down yesterday Phil.. Very Clever.. Now if I can just figure how to roll I migh make some money.. Thanks for sharing, This community you have here is quite remarkable.. - Zucko.. Phil I have been applying your arsenal (matresses, Edz plays, Ugl verticals etc.. ) to my gold holdings.. So a big thank you for "teaching me how to fish" rather than just giving me the fish.. - Magret.. Just closed out my V put for 50% in 24 hours thanks Phil!.. - Humvee.. I would like to thank Phil and PSW crew for the insight and assistance (even the liberals).. In December I initiated long stock positions buying stock, writing calls and puts in AAPL, WFR and CHK (scaling in and out).. Over the last week I have been trimming back my positions selling stock and taking out my callers and putters.. I am now back to my initial 25% position that I started with in December.. However this time, my cost basis on shares AAPL, WFR, and CHK is $0! With money to spare from those positions.. Phil, I meant to post over the weekend, but I was busy having fun.. Last week was a very nice week for me, and I wanted to thank you for all that you do.. I am pretty much back to cash and really feel like I am learning.. I have out performed the $5kp by a very large margin.. Thanks again for the service you provide.. - Scotbraze.. I doubled down on our USO June $35 puts on Tuesday afternoon and listened to your posting yesterday and sold 1/2 midday and the rest I sold (luckily) at the top of the market yesterday with the last 1/4 of my contracts at 100% return in less than one day!.. Boring trading – Phil/ Thanks to PSW, my yearly covered-writes are on pace for 15%.. Add the long puts and well over 20%… and I look at it once a day and never lose sleep over it.. Actually doing better than my trading account at this point (Thanks, summer 2013) Anyway, the point is that anyone with enough money would be wise to do the 20% – 40% stuff and do trading as a hobby….. - Arivera.. Phil, thanks for the call on the SKF puts earlier, I'm riding that horsie downhill right now, giddyup!.. - MrMocha.. In options trading, one must remain flexible with the ability to adjust to take advantage of the unexpected moves in the market.. It is like chess - spend most of your time strategizing the next move.. A good understanding of options is necessary to change direction and make adjustments as the market moves against you.. I have a friend that honed his option skills while a member of Phil's elite membership over a period of two years.. With the education acquired, he made over $2 Mil in that period, trading options and following the plays put on by Phil.. If making money is your goal, then he is the go-to  ...   am making progress getting rid of some of my poor trading habits of the past!.. Phil, I don't know how I can thank you enough for your guidance this past week.. I'm up significantly in my portfolio and I've never been so relaxed watching the market panic.. Thanks once again for being here for us.. - thechaser.. USO, QQQ- Phil, thanks for these plays.. Out of USO for about 65% gain today and just keeping 1/4 QQQ.. - Ksone88.. Thanks for the oil tip Phil: Bot & sold the USO May 29 calls for net $125.. Not bad for few minutes work.. The strategy you have laid out pretty much mirrors much of my trading activity.. I also mix in some momentum plays and "drop dead" bargains that come across my radar.. My YTD trading profit is 63%.. Back in March when Phil said "unless you think the world is coming to an end, then NOW is the time to start taking positions in Buy/Writes with the VIX so high.. " I jumped in with both feet - ( thanks, again Phil).. - Chaps.. Hey Phil - writing to thank you! First of all, and I know you have heard this a few times form some others - the portfolio updates you have done - with entries and targets and even margin reqs are invaluable! I find myself understanding what is done here IN THEORY most of the time.. however, there is a much bigger difference in placing and setting up the hedges properly than just understanding…This has been eye opening for me and Ifeel like I just took a major step in trading during the last week.. - Bcfla.. Phil - I'm with you just little bit longer than a month and you can not imagine how happy I am now, and not just because my P/L improved ( and I'm sure that it will be even better), but I found that the worst thing in trader's carrier is a LONELINESS.. Here I found so many bright good guys, I looked for this service for years.. THANK YOU AND TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOURSELF BECAUSE I PLAN TO STAY HERE AND RIDE THIS CREASY MARKET WITH YOU FOR ANOTHER 20-30 YEARS.. Peace of mind / I have a portfolio mainly consisting of long term long calls, short term short calls and puts, and long term BCS.. Three years, ago when I started my journey on this board I would be freaking out panicking as to what to do, as many of the short calls are ITM, Three years later (today) I look at the screen and serenely process the information.. Three years ago, I inevitably made the wrong decisions which cost me a lot of money.. Three years on I calmly roll the positions to whatever makes sense.. No drama, no hair pulling, and a great cost saver.. I guess they call that the power of education.. Brilliant covering of the arcane, the profane , but never the mundane! Easy to understand the reason for your huge following, Phil, and why you have become a must read on my daily agenda.. Please accept my complete appreciation.. - Seeking Truth.. A truly great website with a lot of information for investors.. Whether you are a novice, seasoned, or a professional there is a lot to be gained about stock options and options trading from this very informative website.. - ZKatkin.. Phil - I caught the interview….. terrific!.. Your host recommended that the viewers should " go to your site, as you will be entertained ".. That is for sure if you consider entertainment is laughing while you read, learn and make unbelievable leveraged profits that you never thought were possible.. That is my kind of entertainment !.. Phil/BCS - Didn't realise they traded here.. Should've known really.. Thanks for the tip.. managed to pick some up just before the close at a 15% discount to the UK closing price.. - DB.. Wow, Phil, we pretty much made your levels.. Your levels: Dow 7,404, S&P 775, Nas 1,466, NYSE 4,839 and RUT 402 My sceen is showing: Dow 7,404, S&P 777, Nas 1,462, NYSE 4,868 and RUT 404.. - Jordan.. Sign up now for our free daily newsletter and get access to our latest trade review (Sep 7, 2014), which has 158 winning trades out of 187 trade ideas, for a 84% winning percentage!.. Once you verify your email address, you will get immediate special access to Phil's latest Portfolio update!.. Keeping you on top of market events and giving you trade ideas is just a part of what we do at Phil's Stock World.. We also teach Stock and Option Strategies like Portfolio Management Techniques, How to Scale Into Positions and How to Stop Out with Profits all useful things for any trader to know and practice! Most importantly, we teach hedging strategies, both for your whole portfolio as well teaching you How to Use Stock Options and ETFs to Hedge Your Individual Positions and Enhance Your Returns.. There's no credit card required for signup, and you can cancel the free newsletter at anytime.. First name.. Last name.. E-mail.. Rest assured, we have many HNW members and we take their privacy, and yours, very seriously.. Read more about our privacy policy.. Powered by sweet.. Captcha.. By clicking "Go!" you agree to the.. user agreement.. If you'd like to learn more about our other subscriptions, have a look.. 45 seconds, 14 queries..

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    Descriptive info: Phil/ I hope the next 5 year bear market will be as much fun and as profitable as this 5 year bull market.. For those who survived 2008/2009, and who imbibed the wisdom of PSW, what a time it has been.. Good to have you by my side.. I think you are selling yourself short – you need to triple your prices :).. Phil: Once again thanks for those inciteful comments, and the old links to Sage's portfolio management (I hadn't read before).. I'm an experienced stock trader, but over the last 3 or 4 months have come to appreciate options trading here at PSW, and the consistency of your many premium-selling strategies.. It is liberating to have to worry less about getting direction right and being able to generate 5% MONTHLY returns with close to delta-neutral positioning.. Much appreciated!.. - Neverworkagain.. Phil, I followed your investing ideas in LTP quite closely.. It seems your insightful fundamental analysis knowledge serves you v.. well.. I get entertained and they are profitable.. - Investwizard.. Looking over your main themes last week, the "China may fall first" and "if you missed it previously, Thurs am gives you a second chance to short" were absolutely on target.. I had to rely on stop-losses because of my schedule but just those two calls could have been worth a small fortune.. Keep it up and I look forward to your new portfolio.. - Ocelli.. Thanks to Phil (again) for the lessons on the art of the roll, selling premium and hanging tight under fire (particularly in the first hour of trading-MADNESS).. Watching you manage the $25KP has really helped my trading in a big way.. - Oknoman.. Sold out my AAPL mar95 calls.. Up over 100% today on them!.. - Singapore Steve.. Hi Phil, Thanks for the free disaster hedge ideas.. I implemented variations of two of them on SDS bull call spreads and EEM bear put spreads (haven't done the TZA yet) and they really hedged my short term longs nicely today.. Makes it seem a lot less like gambling.. You are the man (of the people)!.. - Howard Roake.. I don't post much, but I guess this morning has brought me out.. This site has made me tens of thousands, every year since I have become a member.. It took me nearly two years devoting 3 hours per day to get on the ball, and actually understand portion sizing, and which trades fit my personal trading style.. Before that I spent at least two years working on Buffet style fundamental investing.. (Intellegent Investor, Security Analysis, ect.. This site really will teach you amazing things if you just pay attention.. Literally it has changed my day to day life, has allowed my family and I to move back to the U.. from overseas with confidence even with a paycut at my day job, and literally put me in a different league financially.. Seriously my life and my children's is better because of this site.. - Knightpilot.. Phil, i wanted to thank you again for helping me protect future stock allocations at work - finally, i feel like i am owning my own destiny with stocks vs.. letting the market dictate what you get – thanks again.. I want to thank you for sharing your wisdom with us.. I've learned a lot (and still am) about your trading strategy, but also I see a man who truly cares about our country, America.. Thank you.. - Autolander.. Why were the analysts wrong? If I were a Japanese investor who purchased US stocks prior to November at Y80 yen to the dollar, with the US market up an average of 15% or more and upon selling the asset I covert dollars to Yen, also realizing an additional 25% gain (one dollar now converts to 100+ Yen rather than the 80 I used at time of purchase), I think I would be unloading US assets also.. But analysts never do the math in their articles nor very rarely bring up or  ...   single post and ever single trade idea since November of 2005 so you can see for yourself what you think of our picks! Do I need your credit card so you can look? No, why should I - the work should stand on their own.. If you think they would have helped you in the past then you may decide on your own whether you want to sign up for our daily live site.. How can we give all that away for free? Because our performance is not a fluke, we do this all the time and we re pretty sure there will be brand new trading opportunities for us tomorrow - the old ideas you can keep with our compliments!.. This is not your run-of-the-mill dry, financial reporting! According to Google, there are 11,500,000 stock picking pages on the web and they all think they re smarter than us We don t try to out shout the masses - we just try to have some fun and make some money! Now I ve been told by marketing experts that I need to put in giant letters that say we make more trades, more often than most newsletters (we do), that I should make a big deal about how we try to pick real, well-known companies that are fairly liquid so you can get your money in and (more importantly) out and I m supposed to make a big deal about beating the markets month after month (we do).. I m not going to do that.. When I used to look for a financial newsletter I would always read that stuff and go blah blah blah in my head until I found some kind of sample of the actual trading.. Well, we give you full access to our posted trade ideas and, when you sign up for.. a FREE trial of the PSW report.. , you can even view EVERY SINGLE comment and trade idea in our premium member chat from the past 7-30 days.. All the winners and all the losers, not just selected samples.. There s also a weekly update free, right on this site and you can take a look most Fridays or Saturdays for yourself and you can check out my style for yourself and decide if it would annoy or please you to read me every day.. All right, so I m not good at marketing - but that s not why you re here is it? I am an amateur investor, like you, who just got sick of all the BS I was getting from all the.. professional.. services and I decided to start my own.. I m not a broker or a pro trader and you would be nuts to make any trade you read about here without consulting a professional financial advisor as to its suitability for your virtual portfolio But, if you like to talk about stocks and pick up some tips that might work without all the hype and nonsense - come join us!.. So why listen to me? I do have sort of a knack for spotting trends and picking winners and I m happy to share what I know with you.. No other reason.. Nothing bad will happen to you if you don t sign up with us - there is no pressure and this is not a limited offer.. Come back any time we are accepting new members - the door will always be open.. Looking forward to meeting you, - Phil.. global semiconductor sales.. Politics News.. conflicts of interest.. MARKET INEFFICIENCY.. illegal immigrants.. bank fraud.. IIVI.. Sept.. Futures.. Chief Economists.. Pension crisis.. VNO.. PGH.. protesters.. global flu epidemic.. COST.. homicides.. ecology.. Volcano Corporation.. corruption.. congressional investigation.. Glass-Steagall.. ARS sales.. data dumping.. credit ratings.. Blanche Lincoln.. flu virus.. Market manipulation.. trending stock.. IndyMac Bank.. The New Deal.. HFT lobby.. Northern Rock.. SocGen.. Gov.. Arnold Schwarzenegger.. Elliot Waves.. John S.. Reed.. senator Corker.. class-action lawsuits.. BCR.. proprietary trading.. jobless.. section 10(b).. trading method.. new world.. stocks plunge.. 58 seconds, 30 queries..

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    Descriptive info: I did the same thing via your logic (sold puts that is).. I glanced one time and they were already up 15% which is considered a good return for an overnight hold in most circles.. This is PSW though and to us it's just another day….. Phil fantastic call on the markets… I owe you BIG…thanks and have a great weekend!.. - Kustomz.. I have been a member of Phil's site for three years and counting, and my advice is that all investing takes time.. There are o shortcuts, no secret way to riches.. Same with Phil's site- you need time and patience to start benefitting fully from his advice.. But it is often spot on and also very useful, especially to me as I try to keep a level head in this turbulent stock market environment.. The virtuous trade / Phil throws out so many ideas, that understandably he rejects all calls for a running total of how all ""quoted"" ideas are performing – it would be unworkable.. But without such a list, I think it behooves us to call out the trades that have made a difference.. January 13 expiration is going to be a big month for me as a significant number of sold put positions will expire worthless.. One example of the power of patience and leaving well alone: VLO – sold Jan 13, 17.. 5 puts for $3.. 45 – and this trade was placed in August 2011.. VLO is currently a tad over $35! And as time went by, and I got more experienced – with the help of Phil and the contributions from board members, I started selling short term puts and calls around this position.. Sometimes having to roll, sometimes doubling down but always knowing what I was getting into, and feeling very calm and focussed that whatever happened I could handle it.. And if I couldn't then there was always Phil to lend a helping hand.. All in all, my profits since August 2011 would qualify as a tidy addition to any earnings from the day job.. Thank you Sir.. I have learned more about options in the past 2 weeks as a full PSW member that the previous 5 yrs of making more bad than good option plays.. The educational material alone is worth several times the price of admission.. I have had an expensive education on what not to do- what is past is past- I am looking forward to profitable/fun future.. - Pstas.. Phil, I have to hand it to you.. It seemed that you were the only person on the planet that thought stocks falling was still possible.. I am glad I listened.. About the end of the year I was really beginning to second guess though.. Thanks for suggesting taking some profits last Nov.. It no longer looks like I missed much.. - rj_jarboe.. Joined last year and and started profitably trading options thanks to everything I have learned here.. THANK YOU!!.. - OnWisconsin.. I've been trading/investing since the early 80's (my dad started me out young).. I've had seven figure accounts (in the past) and I've done lots of trading, so I can say that I'm a well seasoned investor.. Phil is the real deal.. His trades make sense and his strategy is sound.. He sees things that others miss and he's one of the best at finding price anomalies.. When he makes a mistake, he has an exit strategy already planned.. He hedges very well and he has an instict which tells him to go to cash or to be all in.. Phil is a master at keeping you laughing, as well as making you money.. - It is like " laughing all the way to the bank!".. Great call on expe Phil! Went long 50  ...   I ended up stopping out for a $170 gain, but it was pretty cool to have the dip and recovery at the same time I was learning the art of stopping out when a pivot line was taken out.. Well that was a fun day.. Cashed out my GS 140 calls for about 35% profit and my AAPL calls for 38% gain.. Not bad for 40 minutes of work.. Back to 85% cash.. Options Trading Beginner’s Guide.. Guide for New Members.. EBook.. Videos.. Trading Links.. Book Club.. FAQ.. Trading Glossary.. Trading Education Home.. Welcome to our trading education section.. We have created this entire section to help you, our readers, subscribers, and members, become more familiar with trading.. We ve stocked it full of useful links, tools, guides, etc.. that we ve produced or found on the web.. The information contain within will help even the most basic beginner, become more familiar with the stock market, options and stock trading, etc.. In no time you should be able to take the information found within this section and begin trading and making money.. We are always adding and expanding, but if you find a particularly helpful tool or web resource you would like to share, or believe it should belong in this section please feel free to.. Options Beginner s Guide.. Are you brand new to trading stocks or options? Do you not know how or where to purchase a stock or option, or don t even know what a stock or option really is? Start with our beginner s guide.. It is contains very basic information and steps that will help you become a better trader.. A very nice visual walk-through of the various strategies we employ here.. has been designed by 888Options.. net.. - Just click on the strategy you are interested in to see the guide.. Educational Videos and Podcasts.. A series of Educational Broadcasts teaching the basic and advanced stock and options trading.. Educational Walk-Throughs and Guides.. Charles Schwab has a nice series for all levels of option trading.. with nicely detailed articles and examples.. Think or Swim has tons of in-depth articles on their site.. and you can also go to.. Option Planet.. to learn the basics.. OptionsXpress has a nice education section.. , with Webinars and Workshops available for the general public.. Option House has all sorts of educational articles and videos too.. They (OH) also now have an Options News Network with.. a nice video series on strategies.. TradeMonster is also a good source for stock and option trading basics.. with many downloadable PDF guides.. Another informative site to browse is the.. Options Industry Council.. Here is a nice.. Introduction to Technical Analysis.. Our own Pharmboy wrote a great article on.. Fundamental vs.. Technical Analysis.. Educational Archive.. All the educational posts on PhilStockWorld.. com, including special posts by Option Sage.. This is a list of all of the sites and services we use everyday.. This list is the best of the best.. We don t do any link-sharing here.. You ll only find solid advice, great tools, and fantastic stock and options trading information from these websites and resources.. Our trading glossary is coming soon.. It contains invaluable information on.. different terms and sayings in the trading world.. MBS program.. ABX.. zero interest rates.. JJG.. CDSs.. Detroit Auto Loans.. UTHR.. containment boom.. greatest Democratic senator in history.. market internals.. evacuations.. IceSave.. Geithener.. GAP.. KEY.. Secretary of the Treasury.. bottom may be in.. Phil's Favorites site.. public outrage.. novelty.. Stratfor.. price cap.. passive income.. patients.. UK.. pedals.. debt.. clawbacks.. Smith.. comparison of countries.. cereal.. Principal Transactions.. VZ.. Sandy Weill.. JP Morgan.. Home Equity Housing Bubble.. record low interest rates.. war on terror.. tax refund.. BPOP.. ENTG.. King World News Interview.. XME.. confidence.. option expiration.. 62 seconds, 34 queries..

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    Descriptive info: Phil - I followed your great pick re F and sold short the 1011 2.. 50 puts (200 contracts) and paid for the next 10 years of membership fees….. I have been trading for quite a few years and in good years made about 25%.. After joining PSW, I followed closely the PSW strategy and my trading profit for this year is close to 70% to date.. For fun, I like to mix in a few "Hail Mary" plays that really worked out well, but overall the simpler Buy/Write strategy, as presented by Phil so often, created the majority of the profit.. I really would like to meet all of the posters here who seem like an intriguing bunch of intelligent, opinionated (without being obnoxious or condescending most of the time), and well spoken people.. Not so easy to find in this age of instant gratification and me first attitudes.. Usually this results in groups where misinformation is used to gain an advantage, or whatever it takes to beat the other guys.. I love the one for all, all for one vibe here, sharing your best ideas and helping each other work together for a common goal, to be successful investors!..  ...   prognostics (bears) Phil pointed in the morning the correct direction, and in middle of day he pointed the possible move to 2.. 5% Incredible… I'm starting to serious believe on the program trading and the human nature behind the programing those "trade-bots".. - Spider.. Phil, those OIH $80 p that you recommended last week for ~$1 are now worth $5.. 50!.. - Greg.. Contact Us.. Get in touch using the form below, or through the following:.. admin (at) philstockworld (dot) com.. Your Name (required).. Your Email (required).. Subject.. Your Message.. Any other correspondence can be sent to:.. 26 Franklin Street.. Tenafly, NJ 07670.. DPS.. Ag Supercycle.. deficit spending.. Mad Hedge Fund Trader.. Best Buy (BBY) Results.. IchimokuCharts.. pessimism bubble.. bargains.. CURRENCY WARS.. greater fools.. Asian-Pacific and European markets.. high-production-volume chemicals.. Construction Loans.. reversal day.. robotrading.. D225N.. peace.. Oxen Group.. Dick Cheney.. China's People Liberation Army.. British Petroleum.. Japanese economy.. Geography Of A Recession.. China's real estate bubble.. Trade War.. Safari.. Michael Milken.. collapse of empires.. banking laws.. Greenspanism.. nuclear energy industry.. European Government Bonds.. Exotic Pets.. Chinese Malls.. trend following models.. Greek government.. U.. N.. Security Council meeting.. interest.. SNX.. GPRO.. Forex.. HAR.. ECA.. system collapse.. the government.. 57 seconds, 30 queries..

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    Descriptive info: Phil- great call in oil this morning! Now that Im no longer studying and am back in the real world I can only check this in the morning, at lunch, and after work.. Anyways, you've been killing it on oil ( even more than you usually do) so I made a point to wake up extra early and made.. 25 off your ‘buy oil if you're brave'recommendation.. It's nice to wake up and scalp 100+ bucks before I even start my real job.. You lay those golden eggs everyday Phil! I thank you for that!.. Have been a member for about 6 months or there abouts.. Signed up for a quarter at first and then for a year.. To me, and it's only my opinion, it's an investment and I have made the membership fees back many times over on the strategy advice.. Since joining and implementing the strategy of buy/writes and hedges I have cut my portfolio losses for the year and have a really good chance of going positive this year.. If I would have continued down the road I was on, I would still have been fumbling around without a strategy and completely inept in what I was doing.. I feel now the strategy is working and I am far more comfortable with the risks I am taking.. I still have a lot to learn but I feel the fees have been one of the best investments I have made.. The returns have been fantastic.. Still have problems with the politics but hey nobody is perfect.. - DKGuy.. I have followed along with your commentary and alerts and have been flabbergasted at your quick analytical skills and your journalistic skills to explain it clearly.. - TokyoLife.. Phil thanks.. You never cease to amaze me with your thoughtful perspective on a myriad of different issues and challenges.. It's kind of an embarrassment of riches since I joined this board a few years back.. The ride from Dow 9,000 or was it 8,000? up to Dow 15,000 seems hard to believe.. I wish I could have it all over again, except with the capital I have now.. Fed days are fun! Just for grins I decided to see how much money I could make in two clicks.. I bought DIA calls right when the surge started and then sold them the minute they hit my account.. Net gain of 20% in 20 seconds.. Can't do that very often….. Thanks Phil, your note at the close was responsible for making those silly GOOG sellers pay for my NYC sojourn, nice!!.. - zeroxzero.. I've recently done exactly what Phil described.. I upgraded my ability to trade the IRA acct.. by transferring acct.. from TDA to TOS.. TDA would not allow spreads; TOS does.. Neither will allow naked options.. With spreads I am able to buy calls or puts several months out then sell front month calls or puts over and over.. This allows me to collect premium, which is, of course, the goal.. This wasn't an original idea.. Phil put me onto it.. Since the transfer I've substantially increased my performance in the IRA!.. Phil/Eric/Cwan/Matt/Cap/etc.. - I've learned so much from all of you and want to thank you.. I'm up 23% this month thanks to all of your advice - Thanks, guys!.. - Josiah.. I am an investor, not a trader.. The information at Phil's World is top-notch and always relevant.. It is great to see your website thriving.. - Prof.. Oil – thanks Phil, got in late at 0.. 53 on the 38p today, set a sell for 0.. 75 and took the dog for a walk – 70% gain and more than enough $$ to buy dog food.. TZA Aug 35/40 BCS – closed out for a 100% gain in under a month – thanks again for introducing me to these trades.. - CanuckBob.. Phil/USO Adjustment~~ Thanks for showing us the make it even (maybe even profitable) tricks for 'fixing' a losing position.. I would have never known the trick if you didn't explain it.. The option adjustment techniques are very helpful.. Trading stocks would probably never offer that kind of flexibilities! Thanks!.. Phil's Newsletter.. Older Entries.. Testy Tuesday 1,975 or BUST!.. - October 7th, 2014 8:28 am.. I told you it was going to be a wild week.. !.. Not that you can draw any conclusions from yesterday s low-volume action.. The Fed doves have their say for the next two days and then we go into a hawkish nosedive on Thursday and Friday, so this little drama is just getting started.. All went according to plan yesterday per our set-up in the morning post.. As a hedge, for our.. Member Portfolios.. , we re favoring SQQQ (now $36.. 55) and DXD (now $24.. 52) to protect us from another slide but the real tilt to hawkish doesn t start until Thursday, after the Fed minutes, so we can assume they will be spun bearish from there into the weekend and.. we ll look to take nice, short positions against any run-up that comes from doveish Fed statements early in the week.. As you can see from yesterday s action, that was the perfect way to play it and our short positions on the Futures gave us several quick victories as it was all downhill from the open until 1pm.. Even our oil short gave us a nice $600 win the one that was right there in the morning post at $89.. 60 and oil was below $89 by 10:45, less than 3 hours for that trade idea to play out!.. That s good because we REALLY needed the money because GTAT, one of our good-sized positions in two of our portfolios, declared a surprise bankruptcy yesterday.. Bankruptcies are not supposed to be surprising but this one was and GTAT dropped 90%, essentially wiping out a $25,000 position and costing us 1/4 of our year s profits in the Long-Term Portfolio.. There s.. an excellent article in Bloomberg.. and another one.. from Seeking Alpha.. outlining what happened and where it stands so I ll spare you the gory details other than to say that this is why we stress diversification and portion control in investing.. Even so, GTAT happened to be a stock that got weak and, because management promised a turn-around, we added to our losing position on the initial dip and maxed our allocation and.. Big Chart.. Democrats.. Elections.. Futures Trading.. GOP.. GTAT.. Mitch McConnell.. Republicans.. SQQQ.. Join Member's Chat - 158 Comments Here.. Market Mayhem 12 Fed Speeches in 5 Days Causes Chaos.. - October 6th, 2014 8:03 am.. Get ready for a wild week.. FOMC minutes are released on Wednesday at 2pm and there are a record 12 Fed speeches in the days that surround them.. Expect the market to gyrate wildly with each tweetable quote and it all kicks off this afternoon with Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, followed by KC s Hawkish Esther George at 8:30.. Tuesday we have Kocherlakota (hawk) and Dudley (dove), Wednesday is Evans (dove) and the minutes..  ...   join us HERE.. This morning, we re waiting on Draghi to wave his magic stimulus wand and stop the market slide but I m not sure he can.. Commodity Trading.. currency trading.. ECB.. Las Vegas Seminar.. Live Trading Seminar.. New York Stock Exchange.. Nikkei.. Russell.. S P 500.. Yen.. Join Member's Chat - 162 Comments Here.. Weakening Wednesday Market Picture Begins to Look Grim.. - October 1st, 2014 8:25 am.. This is not pretty.. As you can see on our Big Chart, we ve failed the 50 dma on the S P, Nasdaq, NYSE and Russell and the Russell failed its 200 dma long ago.. We re still waiting for the Dow to cross below 16,940 and confirm the carnage but we made those bets long ago with our DXD Oct $24 calls, which are now 0.. 70.. (up 55%).. from our 0.. 45 entry back on 9/18.. In fact, we already took 1/2 of those calls off the table at 0.. 85 last week so, essentially, the remainder is a free put option on the Dow for the next three weeks with DXD at $24.. 45, so we gain every penny from here on up as the Dow falls.. That s what hedges are supposed to do, of course.. We discussed that in yesterday s Live Trading Webinar, where we also demonstrated a live Futures trade on the Russell (/TF Futures) that made $500 on the 2:30 bounce.. That bounce was very easy to predict because THE MARKET IS MANIPULATED and all we had to do was wait for the same fake spike that we get at the end of every quarter,.. courtesy of the Fed and their fellow Banksters.. What s scary about yesterday s flood of money.. ($230Bn in two days).. wasn t just the size of the pump job, but the ineffectiveness of it.. The volume was still anemic and declining shares outpaced advancing shares by almost 2:1 in yesterday s.. mixed.. trading.. In reality, it wasn t mixed at all as big traders took advantage of every penny that moved into the market.. as they told their brokers to sell, SELL.. !!!.. Still, it s not the end of the World just yet only close to it, and we can still turn this puppy around by holding the line on the Dow as well as Russell 1,100 and Nasdaq 4,500.. This market has been amazingly resiliant in 2014 so we re not going to be complacently bearish the same way we (thank goodness) did not let ourselves get complacently bullish this summer.. CHINA.. Ebola.. Fed.. GLD.. Gold.. japan.. Putin.. silver.. trading webinar.. Ukraine.. Join Member's Chat - 186 Comments Here.. Testy Tuesday Dressing the Windows at our Bounce Lines.. - September 30th, 2014 8:09 am.. First, the big news.. EBAY has finally agreed to spin off PayPal.. and that s going to give us a nice boost in our Income Portfolio.. which we fortunately just adjusted more aggressive yesterday.. and EBAY has been on our Buy List.. Members Only.. since 5/20, when they were testing $50 and,.. as I said to our Members when I predicted an earnings beat in July.. Paypal, Paypal and Paypal.. They should beat the.. 68 expectations (.. 63 last year) and all of last year they traded in the $50s, so why should they be below it now when they are making $3 a year (p/e 16.. 7)? Compared to the rest of the market, this thing is a real bargain!.. They beat by a penny and, as you can see from the chart, that was enough to kick them up 10% and we recently got a nice re-entry at $50,.. when we took advantage of the spike down to sell more 2016 $50 puts for $5.. 50.. which were up 15% at $4.. 80 at yesterday s close not bad for a month s work and they should be up 30% by the end of today!.. Today we will see an all-out effort to keep the markets afloat so the books on Q3 can be spun positive by the Banksters, who have Trillions of Dollars riding on the outcome.. Of course, we KNOW that no Bankster would ever attempt to manipulate the Market, or LIBOR, or Currencies, or Ratings Well, not if they knew for a fact they would get caught AND the punishment was more than a slap on the wrist, anyway.. Thank goodness, that never happens.. As you can see from our Big Chart, the S P came to a rest right on the 50 dma at 1,977 so that s the do or die line for the day while it s 4,495 on the Nasdaq.. On the Dow we want to see 17,100 taken back and the NYSE needs to hold 10,750 while the poor, beleagured Russell just needs to hold that 1,110 line.. Officially, our bounce lines remain:.. EBAY.. Income Portfolio.. paypal.. SLW.. Join Member's Chat - 116 Comments Here.. Monday s Mixed Signals Time to Dress the Windows?.. - September 29th, 2014 8:27 am.. Wheeee, what a ride!.. We re up, we re down and over and out but.. That s Life.. in the markets, right? Life is being good to our Short-Term Portfolio, now up 59.. 2% for the year as we caught the bearish move very nicely.. Because our STP was up, we have, so far, been able to ride out our long-term positions but we re certainly concerned about a major breakdown possibly in the works.. As noted by Dave Fry in his SPY chart.. , that 50 dma is a big point of contention now and of course we re going to get a bounce off a line like that.. In fact, the new lows we hit at the end of the week led us to recalculate our bounce lines for this week and now we are looking for:.. Dow -.. 17,000.. (weak) and.. 17,100.. (strong).. S P.. 1,975.. 1,985.. Nasdaq.. 4,475.. 4,500.. NYSE.. 10,760.. 10,820.. Russell.. 1,125.. 1,140.. We weren t too convinced by Friday s low-volume rally and we aren t going to be convinced by anything that happens on the last two days of the month.. (window dressing).. but clearly any failure of those weak bounce lines is going to have us racing back to some bearish bets into the start of October.. (and earnings season).. Speaking of earnings - the CEO of Macy s, Terry Lundren is not too enthusiastic about Q4.. After.. DOW.. FXI.. Hang Seng.. retail sales.. XRT.. Join Member's Chat - 130 Comments Here.. economic boom.. light.. FINRA.. confidence game.. BMW.. Mack.. Outsourcing Unemployment.. Big Oil.. investment banks.. Hadley Climate Research Center.. pharmaceutical sales reps.. strategic defaults.. Glass-Steagall Act.. Restructuring of CMBS Loans.. Alerts.. plan to fix economy.. foreclosure prevention programs.. high end retailers.. NVDA.. UCB.. UNP.. GMAC and GM.. financial company.. states’ fiscal problems.. ERY.. MYL.. market price.. organized crime.. John Maulding.. Chicago Transit Authority.. Wall Street's Big Win.. open books.. psychological manipulation.. bank accounts.. wall of worry.. liabilities.. sacrifices.. BZH.. tax breaks.. AEA.. Keynesians.. youtube.. investment bankers.. 78 seconds, 33 queries..

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  • Title: Phil’s Favorites | Phil's Stock World
    Descriptive info: I remember back in March of '09, you stated " Unless you think the country is going to hell in a hand-basket, NOW is the time to do your buying".. Do you remember ? I took your advice, and bought leap $2.. 00 calls on F, approximately 200,000 shares using the options, for just pennies.. Now that was the best Ford I ever owned.. made over $1 mil - thanks go to you Phil.. I now drive a Mercedes but still "love" the Ford.. Thanks, Phil!!! I just crushed today with it with silver (SLV) calls today, thanks to your persistent reminders of how ridiculously cheap it has become, and watching my TSLA this week $240 puts dissolve into chump change added an extra note of amusement.. Phil/ et al- Thanks for the answers to my spread questions last night, as I really needed that little piece of knowledge to crystallize my understanding of spreads.. Your help is much appreciated and I have been doing really well for the last couple of months with fewer and fewer missteps as I embrace the PSW ways and watching my portfolios grow.. - Craigsa620.. Thanks Phil, for banging the table on getting short and getting to cash.. Usually when this happens in the market I am freaking out but I actually made money this week thanks to you.. That HOV trade was a great way to re-deploy some of my cash.. - Julian.. Phil// Cashing out of my LT holdings have been going on for over two weeks.. However, I have elected not to cash all of the holdings including my AAPL, Jan 16 Short Puts at $470 and $480.. Plus, I am being opportunistic in selectively putting on those positions for beat down stocks by selling 2016 Puts.. That said, YTD harvested profits now stand at $135k on a current account balance of $683K or a 19.. 81% YTD return.. Thanks for your expertise in teaching me how to be patient, be the banker, but also not being greedy, cashing out and harvesting profits.. - IHS4GOD.. My watch list looks like a grid where Phil's recommendations went UP and everything else went DOWN! It looked something like an ad for Philstockworld.. I am half in cash, followed the recommendations (AAPL TASR YHOO) on a 20K portfolio and still up 1% for the day.. - Sn0gr00ve.. Newer member here, but just wanted to say thank you too.. I've learned so much and I hope you'll be around for a long time helping us learn along the way.. Phil - Another excellent teaching article - when you write like that it blows me away.. Thank you! I had the ideas from earlier articles but what I didn't have was enough understanding.. The familiarity of ideas through repetition, re-working, revision - over time - the variation, the pulling out of implications - it all contributes to understanding and mostly thats on the student - but a good teacher (worth their weight in gold) makes understanding a pleasure.. I wanted to learn about trading options because it makes my brain feel better - fitter, healthier.. Actually mostly it makes me happy to think about the trade and trading options.. You are a good teacher and I know that or I wouldn't value the subscription the way I do.. It pays for itself through the pleasure of understanding alone.. - Redfern1.. Personally I admire and respect you disciplined approach to investing.. My style is at the extreme side of aggressive and I have to learn how to be less that way.. If I yell " Let it Ride" at my house, no one says a word so I can't use that to temper my behavior.. Phil has done a pretty good job of knocking some of my potential moves and as a result, I have increased my portfolio value by almost 25% since late July.. - DoubleD.. Archive for the Phil s Favorites Category.. Snowden Film Citizen Four Reveals How He Did It; Second Leaker Involved; Files on 1.. 2 Million People; Snowden Vindicated.. ilene.. - October 11th, 2014 10:26 pm.. Also the filmmakers clearly indicate that all roads lead to POTUS, a fairly serious accusation.. There may be serious repercussions.. Then there s the Hollywoodization of Snowden.. The detail of how and why Snowden went about this is pretty surprising considering how the 29 year old former NSA employee says he wants his own privacy and not to be a celebrity.. It s instructive to see his evolution from eyeglass wearing nerd to contact lenses and moussed up hair sporting hero of his own thriller.. It s all very Tom Cruise.. Even the beautiful girlfriend sets up housekeeping with him in Moscow.. Nevertheless as the details of the NSA s programs are revealed Snowden says, This isn t science fiction.. It s really happening.. Snowden Vindicated.. Let s turn to where it all started: The Guardian.. Snowden made his revelations to Guardian reporter Glen Greenwald.. Please consider.. The Guardian.. article.. Citizenfour Review Poitras Victorious Film Shows Snowden Vindicated.. Citizenfour must have been a maddening documentary to film.. Its subject is pervasive global surveillance, an enveloping digital act that spreads without visibility, so its scenes unfold in courtrooms, hearing chambers and hotels.. Yet the virtuosity of Laura Poitras, its director and architect, makes its 114 minutes crackle with the nervous energy of revelation.. At its heart, Citizenfour is the story of how Snowden s disclosures unfolded through Poitras eyes, from the first communications Snowden sends Poitras, hinting at what is to come, until Snowden sees himself vindicated through emulation.. (The film is named for a pseudonym Snowden used with Poitras.. ) The time before Poitras meets Snowden is symbolized by a car travelling.. Did Oil s Decline Take the Stock Market Down?.. - October 11th, 2014 4:07 pm.. Charles Hugh Smith, Of Two Minds.. If oil has been leading the broad markets lower, should it find support at $84 and reverse, that could presage a reversal in the broader market.. Did the sharp sell-off in crude oil trigger the meltdown in stocks? While there are plenty of potential reasons for the stock market to drop--stretched valuations, the slowdown in Germany, Japan and China, etc.. --it occurred to me that the recent sell-off in crude oil might have served as a trigger.. Any sell-off in a sector that represents a significant share of the stock market has the potential to trigger more selling, which then begets more selling.. Energy is a sector that is generally well-represented in institutional holdings and mutual funds.. Once oil broke key supports, institutional money managers reading projections of $60/barrel oil apparently decided to exit oil and oil services en masse.. Given the weight of this sector in portfolios, mass unloading of oil stocks would negatively impact the entire S P 500.. If oil being dumped caused the market to breach key technical levels, that would cause managers to trim risk-on portfolios.. This selling would then beget more selling as the downtrend gathered momentum.. We can look for some correlation by comparing the charts of WTIC (crude oil) and SPX (S P 500).. Oil topped in June and rolled over into a downturn that gathered momentum once the 50-day moving average (breached in early July) and 200-day moving average (breached at the end of July) gave way.. An attempted reversal in crude oil failed in late September, ushering in a brutal $10 cascade down to the $84 level.. Interestingly, though the SPX continued slogging higher after oil rolled over, the MACD of SPX began declining in July along with oil.. Shortly after oil broke its critical 200-day moving average, the S P 500 suffered a cascading downturn that sliced right through its 50-day.. Is the market undergoing a re-rating?.. - October 11th, 2014 3:20 pm.. Joshua M Brown.. Old B-school test question: What s the difference between a good company and a good stock? The answer is Valuation.. Against measures of long-term earnings power, the S P 500 is clearly expensive at 25x trailing 10 year earnings (the Shiller PE).. When compared to current earnings power of about $120, the multiple is 16x.. That s a perfectly reasonable level when the global economy is growing by 2-3% and modest inflation helps things along.. It is, perhaps, not a multiple appropriate for a sloppy expansion in the U.. and threats of deflation and recession elsewhere.. Nicholas Colas, chief market strategist at ConvergEx Group, a global brokerage company based in New York.. Jay-Z remarked It was all good just a week ago on the seventh track off 1998 s Vol.. 2 Hard Knock Life album.. While Hov was referring to a partners-in-crime relationship gone bad, he could ve just as easily been talking about the fall of 2014 in the US stock market..  ...   that a 2% annual gain on the CPI is a proven economic elixir.. No, the 2% inflation mantra has been repeated so early and often by Fed speakers, their court economists and the Wall Street stock peddlers known as strategists that.. Indianapolis Airport Unveils Roaming Customer Service Robot on Wheels; Next Big Thing in Airport Customer Relations.. - October 10th, 2014 6:09 pm.. The ongoing effort to replace human workers with robots took an interesting turn today as.. Indianapolis Airport Unveils Roaming Customer Service Robot on Wheels.. A new customer service robot is now roaming around the passenger terminal of Indianapolis International Airport.. The robot was rolled out Thursday, with a staffer guiding it remotely around the baggage claim area greeting travelers and looking for anyone who needed assistance.. The robot looks like a miniature Segway, but with a blue customer service shirt and an interactive iPod on top showing the employee piloting it.. Next Big Thing in Airport Customer Relations.. USA Today has a video of the.. Friendly Indianapolis Airport Robot.. answering questions.. Don t worry, the robot is not out to take your customer service job.. Airport official say the robot will be compliment, not replace, human workers.. They forgot to add until we get the kinks worked out.. Of course, the higher the minimum wage, the faster they will get the kinks out.. Mike Mish Shedlock.. http://globaleconomicanalysis.. blogspot.. com.. Continue Here.. 5 Things To Ponder: Through The Looking Glass.. - October 10th, 2014 4:36 pm.. Lance Roberts of STA Wealth Management.. If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense.. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn t.. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn t be.. And what it wouldn t be, it would.. You see? ~ Lewis Carroll, Alice s Adventures in Wonderland.. Is this the beginning of a bigger correction, or just a respite before the next advance? This is the first correction, since the beginning of the Federal Reserve s latest round of quantitative easing, where the market has broken decisively through its shorter term moving average as shown below.. As I.. discussed yesterday,.. the Federal Reserve is unlikely to raise rates soon.. With spreading global weakness due to the recession in Japan, the Eurozone and slowdown in China and U.. K the global wave of deflationary pressures will likely weigh on domestic growth in coming quarters.. Such would prove a disappointment to market bulls.. Wednesday s performance (S P +33 pts) raised the question as to whether it was the start of a return to recent highs, or just another counter-trend rally within a still-developing downtrend? Thursday s collapse through critical moving average support at 1945 puts the current bullish trend in danger.. Walter Murphy points out that.. : Our focus in coming days will be on 1977-1986 for the S P 500.. This range represents a significant amount of chart resistance and important Fibonacci resistance.. The inability to break this benchmark will indicate that the downtrend is still in force and that bears are in control.. Conversely, a decisive breakout will open the door for at least a temporary challenge of the S P s all-time high.. This week s 5 Things To Ponder will peer through the looking glass for insights as to what we may expect next and things that we should be considering.. 1) A Remembrance Of 2014.. by David Hay via Investor Insight.. Do you remember back in 2014 when the stock market was as hot as napalm? When it just never went down? When millions believed the Fed could control stock prices by whipping up a trillion here and a trillion there?.. Looking back from the vantage of today, it all.. 5.. 5% Unemployment Rate Represents Full Employment.. - October 10th, 2014 4:03 pm.. EconMatters.. 3-5 Months Ahead of Fed Forecasts for Employment Levels.. What has sort of gone under the radar recently with Ebola fear mongering, Europe throwing a tizzy fit until they get their stimulus fix and everything is miraculously all well again, profit taking in front of earning`s season here in the US, and oil on one of its customary $20 trading range moves to the downside is that last Friday the unemployment rate dropped to 5.. 9% due to another robust employment report and several upward revisions to prior month`s reports.. Yes we are in the 5`s for unemployment, well ahead of everyone`s forecasts including the Federal Reserve.. Fed Minutes after Incorrect Employment Report.. It is great that everyone interpreted that the Fed Minutes were dovish, but the mistake is that this was after a dismal employment report, these minutes were based on old and incorrect economic information, and a Data Dependent Fed has some explaining to do now that the new employment data has come out last week for the economy.. But What About.. I know this is where the doom and gloom crowd who look at every glass as half full will point to the number of people who have left the workforce, or the underutilization rate, or the quality of jobs created in the economy, or wages only being up 2% this year, or these jobs aren`t cosmic fulfilling to their ethos spirit.. Have You Seen The Jolts Chart?.. My response to that criticism is the following data set from JOLTS data released this week showing there were 4.. 835 million job openings out there for all those who have either not been looking very hard for a job, have left the workforce, are not satisfied with their current job, or are seeking additional training to move into the workforce.. This was the highest level of job openings since January 2001.. The number of job openings increased for total private and was little changed for government in August.. This is good for the economy the strength that we have seen in both the Employment numbers and JOLTS data the fact that the private.. Defense Dept.. to Request $30-40 Billion a Year to Fight ISIS; History Lessons.. - October 10th, 2014 2:22 pm.. Anyone recall how the war in Iraq would pay for itself? That was the US Defense Department estimate in 2003.. Now some $3 trillion later (add in veterans benefits, depreciation of equipment, humanitarian aid, covert action, and paying for the military efforts of our coalition partners and the.. Total Cost of Iraq, Afghan Wars is $4-6 Trillion.. Come Hell or High Water.. That $4 to $6 trillion Iraq, Afghan cost projection was made in 2013.. That estimate assumed the costs would be winding down now.. They won t.. On September 30, 2014 Vice President Joe Biden s pledge to get out of Afghanistan.. come hell or high water by 2014.. came to an abrupt halt when President Obama agreed to a deal to leave US troops in the country until 2024.. at least.. For details and an assessment of that announcement, please see.. Come Hell or High Water Promise Morphs Into Infinity and Beyond.. How Much Will Fighting ISIS Cost?.. Boston Globe writer Linda J.. Bilmes asks.. Fighting the Islamic State how much will it cost?.. President Obama and his military top brass have pronounced that the effort to defeat the Islamic State will be long translation: expensive.. The Pentagon has admitted to spending over $1 billion so far, with the current pace running at some $10 million per day.. Todd Harrison of the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments believes the annual bill for military operations will range from $4 billion to $22 billion, depending on duration, scope, and the extent to which ground forces get involved which is becoming increasingly likely.. Obama has ruled out sending troops, but it is clear the Pentagon has not given up on boots on the ground they just may not be worn entirely by Americans.. Twelve months ago, the wartime culture of endless money, as former Defense Secretary Robert Gates dubbed it, with its endless emergency funding from Congress (nearly $2 trillion in more than 30 special funding bills) was finally coming to an end.. The Beltway was filled with talk of belt-tightening at the Department of Defense, including a 10-year $497-billion cut imposed by the so-called sequester.. The Pentagon was proposing to shrink the size of the armed forces, trim.. Euro.. Capmark.. Payday Loans.. nutritionism.. CBI.. housing inventory.. Another Finger of Instability.. credit-based monetary systems.. Real Money.. global growth.. Animal Factory.. global finance.. free checking.. AIGFP.. VMED.. Bank of China.. Asian banks.. chairman.. Representatives.. history of the stock market.. Andrew Cuomo.. political theater.. government stimulus.. D225.. manipulation schemes.. foreclosed properties.. state immigration law.. low volume SPX rises.. chips.. State Budgets Cuts.. rfmd.. Financial Armageddon.. Sweden.. Heging.. media response.. finances.. outsourcing.. financial AIDS.. portfolio selection agent.. FBHS.. OPEN.. flu projections.. Consumer Protection.. Corey Rosenbloom.. 84 seconds, 38 queries..

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  • Title: Swing Trading Live Virtual Portfolio | Phil's Stock World
    Descriptive info: Phil — gotta thank you for your advice this week, and especially today.. I took many aspects of your advice this morning, with all of my shorts -- being prepared on the short side, selling into intial excitement, taking the money and running, not being greedy.. I also made money on the your /QM and /YM calls.. It used to be I would be terrified of weeks like this one.. Now, it feels somewhat comfortable, for want of a better word.. - Escohen5.. Thanks, after years of blood and blunders, I have reached a significant milestone – I don't lose money.. Net net, I rarely have a losing week, market up, market down.. And that I owe to you.. Balanced positions.. More premium sold than bought.. Fundamental criteria applied to good companies, not momentum/ news headlines/ stock du jour/ triangle squeezies.. But rather earnings, P/E, dividends, competitive position — the boring stuff that takes study, thought,….. and patience.. You have been a great teacher, and I have embarassed myself repeatedly day with how slowly I learn.. And it's a funny thing – if you don't lose, the gains start to pile up.. The arithmetic is cruel to the downside, and becomes a gift in the other direction.. And I'm in this for the long run, having made myself unemployable through a need for diversification.. Moreover, what I've learned here has also elided into other areas, including real estate and ex-U.. investment.. Pretty cool.. Have a great weekend.. Phil you are great, and not only is your market info spot on but you have the courage to call it like it is and write about it in a great tone.. - Flanger.. Phil/Everyone here/Thank you - What everyone here with their insightful comments (including yourself) has helped me with is that I'm greatly increasing my ability to trade more psychologically neutral, although I've got a ways to go.. Two years ago I'd wake up early and my heart would race if futures weren't pointing exactly how I wanted… I've noticed an exponential leap in my discipline skills especially over this past two weeks.. The old me would have ran with that trade for profits without even asking.. Now I know that there are ALWAYS more trades and that I have PLENTY of options to turn a bad trade even.. Also, it's more logical and less emotionally draining which lets me focus my faculties on my wife, college, my job, and studying for the ol' Series 7.. Would it be safe to say that one of the most important skills to develop is the ability to adjust? I'd love to get to the point where I can look at a bracket and know, for example, what I need to sell for cover in what month in order to get my desired results.. Both COF and my past DMM venture have been excellent learning experiences.. Thanks, everyone.. I look forward to further lessons.. - Skasiah.. Phil - FAS - I dont know whether to be happier I averaged down and sold calls or that I got myself out of FAZ the other day…thanks for that help.. - BCFla.. Thanks super helpful re: UGN example….. other inflation/market-correction-defensive-related play you threw out that has jammed UP in less than a month is TITN 6/14 $15 puts, up 40%.. Excuse my enthusiasm but haven't had those types of gains in multiple plays in years let alone days doing it on my own…….. maybe I should host the PSW infomercial!!!!.. - stevegeb200.. GLD I took out my callers and rolled down my longs this morning, woo hoo!.. - Ephmen85.. Thx Phil.. Lightly moving in the bullish direction..  ...   profit of $300+ after commisions.. Once again another Phil trade pays for this months membership.. Swing Trading Live Virtual Portfolio.. The purpose of this virtual portfolio is to teach how to become consistently profitable by following some basic trend-following strategies.. All virtual trades are posted and updated live in the virtual portfolio, as well as in the daily post/comments.. In the comments we also discuss each position as well as strategies.. Our focus is on discipline and money management.. Our goal is to show that by keeping losses very small and letting run our winners it is easy to be profitable in the long-run.. View the.. most recent post, live discussion and trades.. to participate in live discussion, follow our virtual trades, and view the live virtual portfolio.. Learn more about the virtual portfolio and read the FAQ.. full strategy.. author archive.. Summary of our strategy.. Most of the trades are directional, naked options or stock.. Sometimes we trade vertical spreads or more complicated positions for earning plays.. This virtual portfolio is targeted to virtual trades that we usually hold between 2-3 days and a couple of weeks.. All virtual trades are posted live in the virtual portfolio as soon as they are entered and in the comments as well.. We use different strategies in this virtual portfolio, one of them being the 5MA strategy, explained.. But we do not trade this strategy only.. Most of our trades are based on technicals, support/resistance, patterns, candlesticks, pivot points etc.. The constant is that we always define our stop when we enter the trade and we always respect risk management and position sizing.. For most positions, unless indicated, we buy ATM or slightly ITM naked calls or puts.. We usually buy one month out, and never hold current month options 2 weeks before expiration.. R is how much we risk on each position.. It is the difference between the entry price and the stop.. R should not be more than 2% to 5% of your virtual portfolio.. R is constant.. It means that we should always lose the same amount when our stop is hit.. If we risk 2% of your virtual portfolio on each trade and our virtual portfolio is $100K, then we should ALWAYS lose $2k when we get stopped-out.. And it does not matter if the stock dropped 20% or 1% from our entry.. By defining our stop and our risk BEFORE we enter each trade, we can then calculate the number of contracts we need to buy to keep our loss at 1R when we get stopped-out.. An example of how we calculate position size:.. Let s say we buy AAPL calls when AAPL is at $152.. $151 is our stop.. Delta of the May $155 s is 0.. Our total account is $25,000.. Our risk on this trade is 2% of $25,000 or $500.. Our risk is $1.. 25 on the stock.. Our risk or maximum loss per option is $0.. 625, which 0.. 5 (delta) X $1.. 25 (risk on stock).. The number of contracts we should buy is our total risk divided by the risk per option: $500/(0.. 625*100) = 8.. XLY.. civil unrest.. Roosevelt.. RRGB.. banking system.. losses.. Adult Swim.. video screens.. Spitting Cobra.. big macs.. Udall (CO).. NYB.. defense bill.. GET.. CFOs.. compensation.. private property.. Great Crash of 1929 - 1932.. long term data.. humor.. US commercial banks.. ANDS.. Ernst Young.. agricultural goods.. Canaccord.. price trends.. analysts' ratings.. The Economist.. Fibonacci grids.. commodities trading.. art gallery.. false pretense.. FHFA.. factory farm.. Jonathan Egol.. CTB.. rate hike.. GAAP.. Washington Consensus.. one world currency.. oil refiners.. ESPN.. inferences about God.. economic history.. 68 seconds, 25 queries..

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  • Title: Sabrient | Phil's Stock World
    Descriptive info: Phil, have to thank you for saving me today.. I think the discipline I have learned from this site has helped me as much if not more than the actual picks.. - Rustle123.. I have been with this site since the beginning and i have learned more the past 3 years than the previous 10.. Information and great commentary are abound.. The traders on the site are second to none and my portfolio has benefited greatly.. Greetings Phil, I am an Economist at Harvard and some of my colleagues and I would like to let you know that we follow your posts on SA, and find your analysis refreshing, rigorous, and acute.. Great work! Though many of us (including myself) have our work covered in the Wall St Journal, in many ways your macro commentary is more fearless and accurate than what is generally found in that venerable publication.. Kind regards, Daniel.. - Daniel.. 100KP dividend plays - FYI, I'm loving them.. thanks, Phil!!! Including the $0.. 848/share dividend, I am up 100% on my $2.. 38 net entry on LYG.. that's pretty cool!.. - SSDirk.. I'm just starting my second year as a member, and I'd like to thank all of you for sharing your trading ideas and insight, and especially Phil of course for great all-around investing advice as well as trades! In addition to learning patience and profit-taking, I think one of the most important things I'm learning here is to stick to stocks and trades that suit my temperament.. And wow, I had NO idea how hard it was to learn patience.. I should say "practice" instead of "learn", because it seems to be a constant struggle.. Phil, please keep reminding us how nice CASH is!.. - Jerseyside.. To see Sabrient's Gold Content,.. click here.. - October 6th, 2014 1:24 pm.. As I observed last week, the volatility index often hits a peak in October but has.. never.. hit a trough during this notorious month.. Will the S P 500 fall into the -10% correction that we haven’t seen in three years? I think it is unlikely at this time, but I expect further consolidation and testing of bullish conviction in the near term.. In this weekly update, I give my view of the current market environment, offer a technical analysis of the S P 500 chart, review our weekly fundamentals-based SectorCast rankings of the ten U.. business sectors, and then offer up some actionable trading ideas, including a sector rotation strategy using ETFs and an enhanced version using top-ranked stocks from the top-ranked sectors.. Market overview:.. The fourth quarter kicked off with a new flavor extreme market weakness.. Not only did the large caps finally shows some vulnerability, but small caps are now looking like they are in a full-blown correction from their highs reached back in July.. But weakness in October is not unusual, and in fact I see it as a welcome cleansing that should validate some key support levels, wring out some excesses and overbought technical conditions, and establish a base from which to kick off the highly anticipated year-end rally.. Of course, one major signal on Friday that investors applauded was the unemployment report showing a dip to 5.. 9%, which is its first time below 6% since 2008.. 248,000 jobs were added in September and August was revised upward from 142,000 to 180,000.. Also, the ISM Services report came in at a robust 58.. 6.. Earnings reports for Q3 kick off this week, and according to Capital IQ, S P 500 companies in aggregate are expected to.. Sector Detector: Stocks fight off predictable weakness, but expect more downside.. - September 29th, 2014 2:45 am.. Yes, the market showed significant weakness last week for the first time in quite a while.. In fact, the Dow Jones Industrial Average moved triple digits each day.. But it was all quite predictable, as I suggested in last week s article, and certainly nothing to worry about.. Now the market appears to be poised for a modest technical rebound, and longer term, U.. equities should be in good shape for a year-end rally.. However, I still believe more downside is in order before any new highs are challenged.. Moreover, market breadth is important for a sustained bull run, so the challenge for investors will be to put together broader bullish conviction, including the small caps.. Last week’s weakness was expected for a variety of reasons, including the weak near-term technical picture and the fact that the week following a triple (or quadruple) witching options expiration day (like the prior Friday) is usually negative.. So, there was nothing concerning at all about last week’s increased volatility and market turbulence.. On the contrary, it was welcome cleansing action.. The U.. economy has been showing steady strengthening while other developed markets are languishing.. Q2 GDP grew at an impressive rate of +4.. 6% annual rate (after the Q1 contraction of -2.. 1%), and many economists are revising upward for Q3 to above +3%.. Also, consumer spending grew by +2.. 5% annual rate, business investment +9.. 7%, and exports +11.. 5%, while consumer sentiment has improved.. So, with quant easing programs in place around the world creating abundant global liquidity seeking safe and attractive return in the face of escalating turmoil, violence, and terrorism, there has been a flow of capital into U.. stocks and bonds and a notable strengthening in the U.. dollar (particularly against the yen and euro).. This has helped keep stock and bond prices high and inflation low, thus giving the Fed room to remain accommodative.. And it intends to do so, even after accumulating $4.. 5 trillion in assets.. Sector Detector: Bulls leverage hopeful  ...   has already given us a couple of false breakouts at this level, and although I see higher prices ahead, I’m still not convinced that we have seen all the near-term downside that Mr.. Market has in store, particularly given we are now in the historically weak month of September.. Also, the improving economy is a double-edged sword from an equity investor’s perspective as they are concerned that the Fed might feel the need to raise rates sooner than currently planned.. Yes, we are entering the historically weakest month of September, at least according to Stock Trader’s Almanac.. However, the reality is that the average monthly loss is only -0.. 5%, and nearly half of the time the market finishes positive.. Moreover, recent performances have bucked the averages, with solid gains in September the past two years and a robust +8.. 8% in 2010.. There is no doubt that the U.. economy is strengthening while central banks flood world markets with liquidity, and global investors look to U.. stocks and Treasuries for the unusual combination of more safety and higher returns.. Hiring has surged starting with lower wage jobs but also with the expectation that higher wage jobs will soon follow.. Corporate profits are at record highs and stock buybacks are raging.. Also, oil prices have fallen as domestic production continues to rise.. The European Central Bank has joined the other major central banks in lowering interest rates and launching its own version of quantitative easing, and much of that new liquidity should find its way into the relative safety of U.. stocks and Treasuries.. And don’t forget, hedge funds are finding themselves way underweight in equities.. After the ECB announced its stimulus program, David Tepper of hedge fund Appaloosa Management predicted that this signals.. 1 Comment.. Six Companies Push Tax Rules Most.. - August 28th, 2014 1:18 pm.. Reminder: Sabrient is available to chat with Members, comments are found below each post.. Gradient Senior Analyst.. Nicholas Yee.. reports on six companies that are using a variety of techniques to shift pretax profits to lower-tax areas.. Featured in this.. USA Today.. , article, the companies include CELG, ALTR, VMW, NVDA, LRCX, and SNPS.. Excerpt:.. Nobody likes to pay taxes.. But some companies are taking cutting their tax bills to an art form that might be impossible to maintain long term, according to a report by Gradient Analytics.. Gradient Analytics analyst Nicholas Yee found six companies, including.. Celgene (CELG).. Altera (ALTR).. VMware (VMW).. Nvidia (NVDA).. Lam Research (LRCX).. and.. Synopsys (SNPS).. are using a variety of techniques to shift pretax profits to lower-tax areas, which are aggressive enough that they could attract attention from tax rule makers.. Others have gotten tax benefits that are ending or already face Internal Revenue Service reviews.. There s nothing necessarily nefarious about companies looking for ways to cut their taxes.. But investors are growing increasingly interested in whether U.. tax authorities will look to curb some of the techniques that are being used by companies.. The fear is that some companies earnings could be at risk if tax policy makers invalidate tax-reduction techniques used, Yee says.. Read more here.. Sector Detector: Up next for bulls, a big test of conviction.. - August 25th, 2014 10:25 am.. Bulls are having their way as summer draws to a close.. Indeed, U.. stocks and bonds seem to be the best and safest place to invest in a global economy that is at once hopeful and cautious, with lots of available cash hunting for attractive returns.. But now the S P 500 must deal with the ominous 2,000 level.. Bullish investors continue to ride the way of improved hiring, rising corporate earnings, and a dovish Fed (along with other central banks around the world).. Looking at the ten U.. business sectors, last week was definitely a good time to be long the economically sensitive sectors.. Technology was far-and-away the leader for the week, while Telecom was the worst.. Other top performers included Consumer Services/Discretionary, Financial, and Industrial.. The CBOE Market Volatility Index (VIX), a.. k.. a.. fear gauge, closed Friday at 11.. 47 and is trending downward.. Treasuries continue to enjoy strong demand, as well, even while the Fed continues to taper its bond buying activity.. The 10-year yield fell even further last week, closing Friday at 2.. 40%, which is up only slightly from the prior Friday.. Again, the strength in Treasuries is reflecting global investors seeking the relative safety of the U.. , given all the global uncertainties, European malaise, and violent hot spots, as well as an expectation that the Fed likely will not raise interest rates any time soon.. SPY chart review:.. The SPDR S P 500 Trust (SPY) closed last Friday at 199.. 19, which again is up nicely from the prior Friday as the market essentially has gone straight up after finding strong support at its 100-day simple moving average.. SPY paused as it retook its 50-day SMA, and now is dealing with the psychologically daunting 200 level.. With such low volume, bulls have not had to overcome any significant bearish roadblocks, but the challenge this week will be recruiting enough new bullish capital to break through 200.. Additional support levels are nearby,.. P=MV.. high unemployment.. consumer metrics institute.. Chinese State-Owned Companies.. information.. consuemrs.. life.. EMC.. TTWO.. chelation.. fraudulent taxpayer ripoff.. leverage speculation.. Foreign Capital Inflows.. severe brain degeneration.. global slowdown.. PIMCO.. the Ded.. Bill Bonner.. job savings.. Christmas season.. Boeing.. brain damage.. Citigroup assets.. irrationality.. Larry Lovrencic.. unconstitutional.. NBC Universal.. Vitter Audit the Fed.. mutations.. IMA.. Prime Minister Cameron.. "shitty".. TNK.. holiday shoppers.. HSP.. Nouriel Roubini.. bing search engine.. LEG.. SGR.. Minsky Moment.. Jeremy Grantham.. FOMC update.. Mortgage Rate Adjustments.. 94 seconds, 33 queries..

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  • Title: Option Review | Phil's Stock World
    Descriptive info: Hey Phil -- I want to thank you every chance I get for helping me to grow my previous portfolio to being profitable enough to pay off some debts my family had and left me with $1,000 left to use in the markets.. You should know that your premium membership is amazing on many levels, You and your readers offer a ton of economic and statistical analysis that I was able to use in my clerical level job in finance.. It's a shame that someone as talented and honest as you is not on television each night providing a true service to the investing public and not the clowns and hucksters that are talking up their books to dump on retail investors.. Sorry for the long post.. I had to say something to you that I never thought I would have the opportunity to.. You helped put my family in an almost debt-free life through the stock and option plays that I made during my time as a customer of your service and that has made us very happy.. You are a good man and I wish you and your family many years of joy and happiness.. I wish I could do ads for you!.. - DaveJ.. BTW Phil, I wanted to relate a conversation I had with my business partner yesterday.. I told him that I have been much more relaxed about my investments ever since I joined your site.. It's funny how a 15-20% cushion does to your nerves.. My returns have increased dramatically and my risk diminished.. Many thanks for the guidance and patience.. Good thing I am doing better financially as you might have increased my life expectancy as well!.. - StJeanluc.. Author Archive for Option Review.. A Look At How BABA Options Are Trading.. - October 6th, 2014 5:07 pm.. Alibaba (Ticker: BABA) options have been trading for one week.. Let s take a look at where options traders have accumulated the most positions in BABA call and put options.. Per the below chart, the 90.. 0 strike calls and puts are by far the most held options contracts across all available expiries on the Chinese e-commerce giant.. All told, it looks like there are approximately 52,000 contracts held at the 90.. 0 strike level, or roughly 17% of total open interest on the name of 312,000 contracts.. The call/put interest ratio of approximately 1.. 5 on Alibaba indicates more of the open interest held of investors is in call options versus puts on the stock.. Shares in BABA today are roughly flat on the session to stand at 88.. 20, and options traders have exchanged a little more than 22,000 contracts versus the stock s average daily options volume of 99,000 contracts.. Chart BABA Open Interest as of 10/06/14.. AliBaba.. BABA.. Yahoo!.. YHOO.. VIX Call Spreads Trade.. - September 29th, 2014 5:52 pm.. The CBOE Vix Index topped 17.. 0 and the highest level since early-August on Monday morning amid declines in U.. equities to start the trading week.. The volatility index is off its earlier highs to trade 5.. 0% higher on the session at 15.. 65 as of 11:30 am ET.. Options volume on the VIX is hovering near 360,000 contracts, or just more than 50% of the average daily reading of around 660,000 contracts.. Calls are far more active than put options, as evidenced by the call/put ratio up above 4.. 2 in morning trading, perhaps as some traders position for volatility to stick around.. Large call spreads traded on the VIX today caught our attention as one big options market participant appears to be rolling a bull call spread from the October to November expiration.. A 45,000-lot Oct 19.. 0/23.. 0 call spread appears to have been sold, while the November 17/23 call spread appears to have been purchased, all at a net premium of $0.. 57 per contract.. The spread looks for volatility to potentially rise to the highest levels since December 2012 when the VIX touched a two-year high of 23.. 23.. The chart below marks the 17.. 0 and 23.. 0 levels (dashed lines), the striking prices selected in the Nov 17.. 0 bull call spread.. Chart 2-year chart of CBOE Vix Index.. VIX.. SunEdison Options Volume Pops.. - September 24th, 2014 3:57 pm.. At around 10 am ET on Wednesday, shares in SunEdison Inc.. (Ticker: SUNE) reversed early-morning declines and jumped more than 11% to $21.. 39 on speculation General Electric Co.. (Ticker: GE) may be interested in purchasing the company.. Speculation has since been snuffed out after a spokeswoman for General Electric stated the company is not in talks to acquire the company.. Shares in SUNE continue to trade up on the session, albeit off earlier highs, to stand 3.. 5% higher on the day at $19.. 98 and above its opening print of $19.. 46.. The move in the stock sparked very heavy trading in options on the stock, sending volume to just below 100,000  ...   strike.. The trade cost a net $0.. 75 per contract and starts making money if shares in Autodesk rally 3.. 6% over the current price to exceed the breakeven point at $55.. Maximum potential profits of $4.. 25 per contract are available on the call butterfly spread in the event that ADSK shares surge 11.. 5% to $60.. 00 at October expiration.. Autodesk s shares traded up to a 52-week high of $58.. 68 back in February.. ADSK.. autodesk.. SinoCoking Calls Active As Shares Surge.. - September 9th, 2014 4:12 pm.. Coal and coke producer SinoCoking Coal and Coke Chemical Industries, Inc.. (Ticker: SCOK) typically sees average daily options volume of around 42 contracts, but today, with shares in the name spiking more than 200% intraday to $8.. 96, options volume has surged to more than 1,300 contracts as of 11:15 am ET.. Much of the volume is centered at the Sep 7.. 5 strike, with around 630 of the calls at that strike changing hands and 290 puts against zero open positions.. Traders appear to be buying the Sep 7.. 5 strike calls for an average premium of $0.. 83 as of the time of this writing.. Shares in the name appear to have spiked after the company announced some details regarding a new underground coal gasification project, per a brief article released by Reuters.. Volume in SCOK shares have exploded, with more than 15.. 5 million shares traded as of 11:25 am ET versus average daily volume of around 300,000 shares.. Chart SCOK shares spike on heavy volume.. SCOK.. SinoCoking.. Apple Options Volume Explodes As Shares Slip.. - September 3rd, 2014 2:27 pm.. Volume in Apple Inc.. (Ticker: AAPL) options is spiking today as shares in the name slide back into double-digits after yesterday trading up to a fresh record high of $103.. 74.. Upwards of 1.. 5 million options contracts have changed hands on the stock by midday, which compares to average daily volume of around 940,000 contracts.. Shares in AAPL are down roughly 4.. 5% on the day at $98.. 60, helped lower in part by comments from Pacific Crest analyst Andy Hargreaves, as investors await the company s September 9 media event in Cupertino, California.. As of the time of this writing, roughly 1.. 9 call options are trading for each single put option changing hands on the stock.. Perhaps some traders are taking profits following the stock s roughly 30% rally since the start of 2014, or alternatively, picking up calls at relatively discounted premium levels amid the day s selloff in the view that shares may potentially bounce back.. The pop in implied volatility on the name, up 22% on the day at last check, could also be attracting traders to the options as well.. Trading is most active in near term calls and puts.. Specifically, the Sep 05 14 102.. 0 strike calls and the Sep 12 14 107.. 0 strike call options have each traded upwards of 66,000 times, trumping existing open interest levels.. The Sep 05 14 99.. 0 strike put options are seeing volume in excess of 59,000 contracts as of midday.. Puts Active On Buffalo Wild Wings.. - August 28th, 2014 3:11 pm.. Buffalo Wild Wings Inc.. (Ticker: BWLD) shares are in positive territory in early-afternoon trading on Thursday, reversing earlier losses to stand up 0.. 50% on the session at $148.. 50 as of 12:15 pm ET.. Options volume on the restaurant chain is running approximately three times the daily average level due to heavy put activity in the October expiry contracts.. It looks like one or more traders are buying the Oct 140/145 put spread at a net premium of roughly $1.. 45 per contract.. As of the time of this writing, the spread has traded approximately 3,000 times against very little open interest at either striking price.. The put spread may be a hedge to protect a long stock position against a roughly 6% pullback in the price of the underlying through October expiration, or an outright bearish play anticipating a dip in BWLD shares in the next couple of months.. The spread makes money at expiration if shares in BWLD decline 3.. 3% from the current price of $148.. 50 to breach the breakeven point at $143.. 55, with maximum potential profits of $3.. 55 per contract available on the trade in the event that shares slump 5.. 7% to $140.. Shares in Buffalo Wild Wings last traded below $140.. 00 back in May.. BWLD.. alcohol.. corn.. policy.. ISM.. long-term deficits.. computer skills.. fictional nonsense.. timing models.. economic volatility.. Nonfarm payroll employment.. Hoover.. public servants.. emergency measures.. placebo.. Chrysler Sale.. jail.. clean water.. balance sheets.. Martin Zimmerman.. Berskshire Hathaway.. GDP growth.. forgacslab.. financial reform bill.. trucker's strike.. Greek Bonds.. checks and balances.. organic growth.. derivatives markets.. IHG.. local spending.. Slovenia.. CPI report.. Weekend Update.. HBHC.. monetary authorities.. bureaucrats.. suppliers.. Deutsche Bank.. BGU.. credit card writeoffs.. Brookfield Properties (BPO).. buy/write strategy.. Allen Greenspan.. 69 seconds, 32 queries..

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