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  • Title: Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation
    Descriptive info: .. Departments.. Services.. Databases.. Exhibitions.. Publications.. History.. SEARCH.. Staff.. News.. Open House.. Directions.. Hunt Institute.. specializes in the history of botany and all aspects of plant science and serves the international scientific community through research and documentation.. To this end, the Institute acquires and maintains authoritative collections of books, plant images, manuscripts, portraits and data files, and provides publications and other modes of information service.. The Institute meets the reference needs of biologists, historians, conservationists, librarians, bibliographers and the public at large, especially those concerned with any aspect of the North American flora.. [.. Acrocinus longimanus.. , long-horn beetle, on a citrus fruit], detail of a hand-colored engraving by Maria Sibylla Merian (1647 1717) for her.. Dissertatio de generatione et metamorphosibus insectorum surinamensium,.. ed.. 3 (The Hague, Pierre Gosse, 1726, pl.. 28), HI Library call no.. BE10 M561d.. The Institute was dedicated in 1961 as the Rachel McMasters Miller Hunt Botanical Library, an international center for bibliographical research and service in the interests of botany and horticulture, as well as a center for the study of all aspects of the  ...   prints; and 2,000 autograph letters and manuscripts.. The Institute's collections, holdings and staff expertise are of value not only for the study of botany and its history but also for investigations of the following topics:.. Art history.. Botanical art and illustration.. History of science.. Horticulture, botanic gardens and gardening.. Manuscripts.. Medicine.. Printers and publishing.. Rare books.. Scientific education.. Social and cultural commentary.. Travel and scientific expeditions and exploration.. Institute Web site organization and implementation by:.. Charlotte Tancin, Site Coordinator.. Frank Reynolds, Webmanager.. Scarlett T.. Townsend, Site Editor.. Site last updated 15 January 2014.. Questions and comments about this site are welcome! Send them to:.. huntinst@andrew.. cmu.. edu.. Iris Susiana, flore maximo, ex albo nigricante.. C.. B.. ; Iris bulbosa, angustifolia coerulea.. B.. [Mourning Iris,.. Iris susiana.. L.. , and English Iris,.. Iris xiphioides.. J.. F.. Ehrh.. ], gouache on vellum by Georg Dionysius Ehret, 1745, HI Art accession no.. 2650.. Contact Us.. FAQ.. Site Guide.. Site Index.. Top of Page.. URL for this page: huntbot.. andrew.. edu /index.. shtml.. 2011 Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation.. All rights reserved.. Terms and Conditions..

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  • Title: Hunt Institute: Archives
    Descriptive info: Archives.. Art.. Bibliography.. Library.. Flora of North America.. Home.. The Institute's Archives department identifies, locates, acquires, documents and preserves the evidence of past and present activities of individuals and institutions in the development of plant science worldwide.. The Archives includes 29,000+ individual and group portraits, 2,000+ autograph letters and manuscripts, and other materials by and about botanists and others working in the plant sciences, including horticulturists, ecologists, natural scientists, botanical artists and illustrators, and botanical organizations.. Joseph Rock in royal costume, by anonymous photographer.. HI Archives portrait no.. 20.. Collections.. Over 300 collections of the personal papers of botanists and botanical artists from all parts of the world during the 19th and 20th centuries.. See our.. Archives Collections List.. for a partial index.. Manuscripts, letters, papers, journals, drawings, and photographs.. Portraits (engravings and photographs) of botanists and botanical artists.. Citations of published autobiographical and biographical accounts from around the world, throughout the history of botany.. Institutional and society papers including those of the Botanical Society of America, Pacific Section (1933 1936, 1939 1941); Eleventh International Botanical Congress (1969); American Association of Stratigraphic Palynologists; and the International Association of Plant Taxonomy, Committee on Fossil Plants; and the Escuela Agricola Panamericana (1941 1985).. Biographical files: reprints of biographical articles and curricula vitae of botanists and botanical artists.. Oral history interviews and their transcriptions.. Michel Adanson Library.. , consisting of annotated books, letters, manuscripts, certificates, official documents, drawings, and maps by Adanson, his plate collection, herbarium specimens, portraits, and objets de botanique.. Projects.. The Institute is incorporating data from the Archives' master biographical file in an electronic database, and an accompanying publication, a multi-volume Biographical register of botany, is in preparation.. If you work in botany and would be willing to contribute professional information about yourself, click below to download one of our Biographical Record forms.. The information you send will help us ensure that our efforts to document the history of botany are as thorough as possible.. Please mail the completed form, a curriculum vitae and any photographs to the Archivist.. Biographical Record.. A detailed synopsis of holdings in the Archives,.. Guide to the Botanical Records and Papers in the Archives of the Hunt Institute.. , is being published in parts and is currently done through Part 3.. A consolidated catalogue of the portrait collections of Hunt Institute, the Linnean Society of London and the Conservatoire et Jardin Botaniques at Geneva, titled.. Catalogue of Portraits of Naturalists, Mostly Botanists, in the Collections of the Hunt Institute, The Linnean Society of London, and the Conservatoire et Jardin Botaniques de la Ville de Genève.. , is also being published in parts and is currently done through Part 3.. Angela Todd, archivist at the Hunt Institute, and Douglas Holland, archivist at Missouri Botanical Garden, created the archival exhibit.. Fragments from the Botanical Frontier: Cultural History from Archives.. for the XVI International Botanical Congress in August 1999.. The exhibit explored how botany was executed in the westward-moving North American frontier and the importance of archives in documenting that history.. The exhibit is now on the Web and is accessible through our.. Online Exhibitions.. page.. Special Services.. Locating copies of portraits.. Supplying biographical information about individuals in the plant sciences.. Providing information about and referrals to repositories for botanists' papers (including serving as a repository of alternate resort).. Donating to Archives.. Rachel McMasters Miller Hunt's botanical collections of books, art, manuscripts, and portraits are known for their depth and fine quality, reflecting her enthusiasm and expertise in plants, gardens, books, and history.. She was determined that her collections be living resources not only preserved but also curated actively and used productively in the service  ...   it for inclusion in our collection.. Donor Arrangements.. Material not suitable for the collections will be returned promptly to the donor, or the donor can choose for the Institute to sell the items to raise funds, to offer them to another library, or (for published materials) to include them in the Institute's duplicate sales.. We are happy to provide a letter of acknowledgment and a list of the material received, along with short descriptions if needed, but we are not permitted by the IRS, nor are we sufficiently knowledgeable, to make appraisals on items donated to us.. If you have retained the purchase receipts connected with your gift(s), these might serve your tax purposes in lieu of an appraisal.. Monetary Gifts.. Monetary donations to Hunt Institute are tax deductible.. Monetary gifts may be applied to our general operating fund or to the endowment generously established by the Roy A.. Hunt Foundation to provide ongoing support for Hunt Institute.. In addition to building the collections, gifts can be used for archival storage supplies, conservation and repair of collection material, digitizing and databasing projects, and production of publications.. If you would like to expedite a current project or enable us to begin one, please let us know.. Special project support is always welcome.. If you prefer to specify how your donation is applied, consider these possibilities in preservation, restoration or digitization.. Subsidize the preservation or conservation of your donated papers or other archival materials in which you are interested.. As little as $100 can ensure that your collection is immediately housed in acid-free boxes and folders.. Dedicate your gift for items that require repair, rebinding or restoration.. Provide a custom-made book box ($35 $200).. Restore a photograph.. Contribute toward the costs of an outside vendor to perform a restoration or to the general purchase of archival supplies.. These gifts stabilize collections and keep them accessible to researchers.. Contribute to digitization and database projects, where funds might be used for equipment, software, technical consultants, or additional project staff to do scanning, indexing, data input, transcription, or translation.. Ronald L.. Stuckey Endowment for the Preservation of Botanical History.. In 2003 Dr.. Stuckey, professor emeritus of botany at The Ohio State University, established the Ronald L.. Stuckey Endowment for the Preservation of Botanical History at the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation.. This fund will help us to acquire and preserve photographs, biographical sketches, and obituaries of botanists, as well as books on botanical history and bibliography.. We are grateful for Dr.. Stuckey s long-time interest in Hunt Institute, its collections and its mission.. We welcome additional contributions to this fund from others who share our commitment to the preservation of botanical history.. Memorial Gifts.. Memorial gifts are also welcome.. For example, books purchased through your contribution can be marked with a donor bookplate upon request, acknowledging your gift in memory of or on behalf of someone.. Other Types of Contributions.. There are other ways that you can help.. Take our biographical record forms to distribute at scientific or botanical art meetings and help swell our biographical files.. If you see botanical biographies and obituaries, drop a note to our Archivist about them.. Send us notices about botanists that appear in newspapers, magazines and other regional or non-botanical publications.. If you know of a group that will be meeting in or visiting Pittsburgh, suggest that they contact us about a group visit to Hunt Institute.. Please don't hesitate to confer with us about any proposed gift, including its use and acknowledgment.. We appreciate your involvement, and we thank you for your interest.. Contact.. Dustin Williams.. Archivist Research Scholar.. 412-268-2437.. jdustin@andrew.. edu.. edu /HIBD/Departments/Archives..

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  • Title: Hunt Institute Services
    Descriptive info: Service Charges.. Associates.. Other Resources.. Lawrence Award.. Rachel McMasters Miller Hunt founded Hunt Botanical Library with the intention that it would conduct its own program of research while ensuring that its collections would be available to others.. Hunt Institute remains committed to making its reference services and research collections available and accessible to the scientific and scholarly communities, publishers, businesses, and the interested public.. [Bouquet of mixed flowers], watercolor on vellum by Pierre-Joseph Redoute, 1839.. HI Art accession no.. 2202.. John Parkinson's.. Theatrum botanicum: The theater of plants.. (London, Thomas Cotes, 1640).. HI Library call no.. CA P247t.. Archibald Menzies (1754 1842).. 2.. This page provides an overview of Institute services.. Additional information about department-specific services is available in the services section of the departments' web pages.. Queries about any of these services may be made to the relevant department(s) or to the.. Administration Office.. by mail, email, telephone, or fax, as well as in person.. This page covers the following:.. The Archives department provides reference services and makes its research collections accessible to others.. The collection is available for on-site use, by prior appointment and subject to restrictions placed upon materials by donors or by the Institute.. The Art department provides reference services and makes its research collections accessible to others.. We do not provide appraisals of artwork and recommend your consulting an art appraiser or art gallery.. The Bibliography department makes its reference services accessible to others.. The bibliographer provides bibliographical reference and research assistance to all serious inquirers and publishes bibliographical aids and reference works.. The Library provides reference services and makes its research collections accessible to others.. The library is open Monday through Friday for on-site use; readers' hours are 1:00 to 5:00, or contact the librarians for morning appointments.. Departmental Services.. Research Assistance.. Staff members in each of the departments assist patrons in researching specific questions or topics.. In addition to providing general assistance to researchers, staff may also be engaged to provide more extensive research assistance.. An hourly fee is charged for services negotiated beyond a standard level of service; see the..  ...   Institute.. In order to prepare for your visit and ensure that materials of interest are accessible, the Institute requests that you contact department staff to make prior appointments.. For general library use, readers' hours are 1:00 to 5:00, or you may contact the librarians for morning appointments.. See the department pages or.. page for contact information.. Interlibrary Loans.. Although the Library collections do not circulate in the usual sense, limited interlibrary loan is available for some recent publications, subject to restrictions.. These loans are made library-to-library, for in-library use only.. Interlibrary loan photocopying is also provided.. Restrictions are based on constraints such as the age, condition, value and replaceability of the materials, as well as copyright restrictions or other restrictions as outlined in the interlibrary loan policy.. Repositories for Botanists' Papers.. The archivist acts in an advisory capacity to assist in finding appropriate repositories for botanists' papers in order to ensure that they are placed where they will be most serviceable to researchers, and the Institute can serve as a repository of alternate resort when one more suitable is not available.. Tours, Collection Talks and Other Presentations.. The librarians provide tours of the Library as well as presentations on a variety of topics relating to the collections.. Similarly, tours of the Archives or Art Department can be arranged, as can gallery talks and other collection-based presentations as well as tours of the.. Reading Room.. Appointments can be arranged through the departments or the.. Art Exhibitions at the Institute.. Descriptions of.. current and upcoming exhibitions.. , to be displayed in the Institute gallery, are available.. Travel Exhibitions.. The Institute shares its resources by offering.. travel exhibitions.. to museums, schools, botanic gardens, arboreta, gardens clubs and other organizations the opportunity to borrow and display ready-to-hang Institute exhibits of botanical art and illustration.. For travel exhibitions currently on display, see.. News and Events.. Queries about any of these services may be made by mail, email, telephone, or fax, as well as in person.. Additional information about department-specific services is available in the services section of the departmental pages.. See:.. -.. edu /HIBD/Services/Services..

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  • Title: Hunt Institute: Databases
    Descriptive info: The Institute is in the process of formatting for the Web existing databases of the information contained in its collections and publications.. Through the databases, we hope to offer the global community greater access to our information.. Please note that the database introductions contain descriptions of the database fields and valuable search tips.. Cyrus Guernsey Pringle (1838 1911) and his assistant Filemon Lozano (ca.. 1910) and Pringle with his herbarium (1911), in the south wing of the top floor of Williams Science Hall at the University of Vermont.. Photographs by B.. Lutman.. The original glass negatives are in the Department of Botany at the University of Vermont.. HI Archives portrait nos.. 4 and 5.. BPH Online July 2014.. BPH Online.. is a fully indexed and searchable database documenting (as comprehensively as possible) periodicals published between 1665 and the present, which routinely address the plant sciences.. is composed of the datasets used to create the print editions of.. Botanico-Periodicum-Huntianum.. , its supplement, and.. BPH-2.. BHP Online.. is essentially a Web-based version of.. , with some corrections, and searching and browsing options intended to make it more interrogable.. The scope of the database encompasses the larger disciplines of botanical literature (agriculture, agronomy, bacteriology, biology, ecology, floriculture, forestry, fruit growing, genetics and plant breeding, geography, horticulture, hydrobiology and limnology, microbiology and microscopy, palaeontology, pharmacology and pharmacognosy, plant pathology and vegetable crops), and includes over 33,000 title entries.. is a living document that will be updated and revised continually.. (Please note: For anyone wishing to have a print copy of BPH-2 (2004), it is available from the Institute for the price of shipping and handling.. See the..  ...   the total complement of structures, characters, and character states pertinent to detailed conventional description of the morphology and higher-level anatomy of plants other than algae.. The database contains 2,627 terms with their synonyms, categories, limitations and definitions, and can be searched by one or more of these fields.. Comprehensive Scheme for Standardized Abbreviation of Usable Plant-Family Names and Type-Based Suprafamilial Names.. This database lists a scheme of four-character abbreviations for all properly usable plant-family names known to have been published to date, and of two-character rank suffixes for coordinated abbreviation of type-based names at standard suprafamilial ranks.. Index to Binomials Cited in the First Edition of Linnaeus'.. Species Plantarum.. This index lists the binomials cited in the first edition of Carolus Linnaeus'.. The database contains the following fields:.. Genus.. Epithet.. Page Number.. Index to Scientific Names of Organisms Cited in the Linnaean Dissertations.. Originally published as part of the.. Index to Scientific Names of Organisms Cited in the Linnaean Dissertations together with a Synoptic Bibliography of the Dissertations and a Concordance for Selected Editions.. (1999), the database of the Index to Scientific Names is a reference resource on these dissertations and the scientific names that appear in them.. Original Linnaean Dissertations.. database below.. The database includes:.. The Lidén number.. Respondent.. Title.. Date of defense.. Pagination.. Short title.. Lidén title.. Soulsby title.. Drake title.. Notes.. The Lidén, Soulsby and Drake information refers to published reference works that contain bibliographic information about the Linnaean dissertations.. The original dissertations have been scanned and converted to PDF files.. For higher resolution 300 dpi JPEG images of these dissertations, please contact: Charlotte A.. Tancin at ctancin@cmu.. edu /HIBD/Departments/Databases..

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  • Title: Hunt Institute Exhibitions
    Descriptive info: International Exhibition.. Exhibition Schedule.. This page contains the latest information on Hunt Institute's exhibitions.. Please bookmark this page and visit often.. Floral arrangement in Institute gallery.. Photo by Frank Reynolds.. Dangerous Beauty: Thorns, Spines and Prickles.. 18 September to 18 December 2014.. Dangerous Beauty.. Press Release PDF.. Past exhibitions.. For a listing of previous exhibitions held at the Hunt Institute, please visit the.. page in the History section.. edu /HIBD/Exhibitions/Exhibitions..

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  • Title: Hunt Institute Publications
    Descriptive info: Huntia Guidelines.. Publishing, both under sole imprint and in cooperation with other organizations, is an integral part of the Institute's program, and a chief means of transmitting the results of its diverse activities.. The Institute's Associate Members receive a 25% discount on all orders.. For more information, please see the.. Associate.. To assist you in locating items of interest, Institute publications have been grouped in categories.. Clicking the Detail button will take you to a page with a description and illustrations.. [Hoisting the Book], drawn by George Cruikshank, appears in a slightly different form on the title page of his.. Vignettes from Mr.. Bateman's Orchidaceae of Mexico and Guatemala.. (London, Cook, 1844) and in Bateman's.. Orchidaceae of Mexico and Guatemala.. (London, J.. Ridgway sons, 1837 1843).. DQ2 B328o; DT100 369 B328o.. We are in the process of upgrading our Web site.. Current publication pricing is not reflected on this page or the individual publication pages, but it is included in the order form PDF.. The order form PDF can be filled in online using Acrobat Reader.. Please note that some earlier versions of Acrobat Reader will not save completed documents.. If you encounter problems, you may need to download the latest version from Adobe.. Email the completed order form to us at huntinst@andrew.. edu as an attachment.. We will calculate the shipping and handling (and insurance for international orders) on the overall weight of your order, apply the Associate or quantity discount (if applicable) and add 7% sales tax for Pennsylvania residents, and then we will email a pro forma invoice containing your order total.. If you have any questions, please contact us (412-268-2434; huntinst@andrew.. edu).. Publication Order Form PDF.. ,.. our newsletter.. Huntia.. our scholarly journal.. CD-ROM.. Out-of-Print Publications.. Exhibition Catalogues.. Reference Works.. Bulletin of the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation.. Subscription rates per volume for 2014 (includes shipping): U.. S.. $9.. 00; international $15.. 00.. The Institute's newsletter, containing information about Institute projects, publications and acquisitions, and articles by and about Institute staff and their activities.. Some back issues are available.. $65.. 00; international $75.. The Institute's scholarly journal of botanical history,.. , publishes articles on all aspects of the history of botany.. The Torner Collection of Sessé and Mociño Biological Illustrations.. 1998.. $40.. The CD-ROM contains 1,989 full-color digital reproductions of watercolor drawings from the 1787-1803 Spanish Royal Expedition to New Spain in the collection  ...   exhibition by Richard Carroll, Charles Pitcher and Michael Wheeler.. Biographical data on each artist and a sampling of 19th-century poetry related to the season are included.. The Healing Plants of Ida Hrubesky Pemberton.. $12.. This catalogue, accompanying an exhibition displayed at the Hunt Institute from 25 September 2003 to 29 February 2004, is the first published monograph on the watercolors of Ida Hrubesky Pemberton (1890 1951), who was working in a period when there were few other female American botanical artists.. Inspiration and Translation: Botanical and Horticultural Lithographs of Joseph Prestele and Sons.. 2005.. $18.. This catalogue accompanies a collaborative exhibition between the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation and the National Agricultural Library (Beltsville, Maryland).. Although these titles are no longer in print, we are including bibliographic and descriptive information for those individuals who may be interested in them.. Botanical Results of the Sessé Mociño Expedition (1787 1803).. VII.. A Guide to Relevant Scientific Names of Plants.. $55.. This is an annotated list of about 7500 names of plants (mostly Latin binomials) that have been generated during the last 200 years as a result of the activities of an official Spanish expedition (devoted to natural history) that began its work in Mexico in 1787 and closed out its work in the New World in 1803.. 2001.. $5.. This selective glossary attempts to reconcile, integrate, and codify the traditional terminology of plant-taxonomic description, and should be especially useful for computer-based comparative databanking of such information.. 1999.. In addition to his many accomplishments, the famous Swedish naturalist Carl Linnaeus served as praeses for numerous students when they defended academic dissertations during the period 1743 1776.. The Index to Scientific Names is a reference resource on these dissertations and the scientific names that appear in them.. A detailed list of the original dissertations, a concordance to the various editions, and a historical overview and bibliography of the.. Amoenitates academicae.. are included.. Plant Taxonomic Database Standards.. This series presents standards for formatting botanical data, prepared by the International Working Group on Taxonomic Databases for Plant Sciences (TDWG) to promote wider and more effective collaboration, dissemination and exchange of information among plant taxonomic databases.. No.. World Geographical Scheme for Recording Plant Distributions, ed.. $10.. This standard clarifies how to determine what information is needed in order to specify scientific plant names and how to organize those names for botanical databasing purposes.. edu /HIBD/Publications/Publications..

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  • Title: Hunt Institute History: History of Collections
    Descriptive info: Rachel Hunt.. Bookbinding Career.. Hunt Catalogue.. Past Exhibitions.. History of the Collections.. Rachel McMasters Miller Hunt's collecting interests brought together aspects of art, history, science and literature as they related to plants and gardens.. Her private book collection was well known, and her scholarship led her also to collect related artworks, portraits and manuscripts significant in the history of botany.. Her collecting efforts, as well as those of the early Hunt Botanical Library staff, focused on publications and manuscripts from 1730 to 1840, a period of intense intellectual ferment and productivity in botanical history.. Rachel McMasters Miller Hunt displaying one of the rare books from her collection in the late 1950s or early 1960s.. 1.. In the eighteenth century, Linnaeus and his contemporaries actively sought to construct new systems for interpreting the interrelationships of the natural world, and written communication about this work increased dramatically.. The proliferation of botanical publications in this period, coupled with bibliographic complexities which disappeared following the introduction of new technologies for mass production of books and serials, make this 1730 1840 period an area of particular interest for Hunt Institute, not only in terms of collecting but also in terms of bibliographic and historical study.. Institute collecting and research interests are not limited to that period, though, and today the Institute continues to collect, use and make available a wide variety of historical and retrospective materials, as well as their modern counterparts.. Books.. Art Illustration.. Biographical Information.. Portraiture.. Mrs.. Hunt's book collection included incunabula (books printed from movable type prior to 1501), early herbals, early agricultural and horticultural works, 17th- through 19th-century color-plate books, and works on voyages of exploration and discovery.. To these were later added publications on other aspects of botany, as well as on ancillary studies such as botanical bibliography, biography, art and illustration.. Books were always her primary interest and formed the core of her personal library, around which collections of other types of material were assembled.. Thus one of the Institute's strengths always has been the interlocking quality of its collections, wherein various aspects and products of an individual's life and work are documented, reproduced or held as original materials.. The Institute also has focused continuously on building files of bibliographic data documenting the history of the published botanical record.. This activity began as research on the library collection but soon expanded in scope to include information on publications not represented in the Institute's collections, so these bibliographic data files are a rich source of information on botanical documentation.. Hunt assembled a collection of botanical art, partly with the objective of having some original artworks by every artist whose published work was in her collection of botanical books.. Thus the art collection today includes paintings, drawings, engravings, lithographs, woodcuts, linocuts, serigraphs and other types  ...   journals and diaries, field notes, documents, drafts of published and unpublished books and articles, annotated maps, passports, and other personal papers of botanists.. The collection functions as a permanent repository for selected botanical manuscript material.. The Institute's original manuscript collection, assembled by Mrs.. Hunt, held 410 autographed signed letters from 176 persons, including many notable botanists of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.. Although the primary focus of the manuscript collection is botanical, researchers in other subject areas can also find relevant material here.. The collection includes material on such topics as travel and exploration from the 1700s to the present, nineteenth-century education in the U.. , scientific expeditions sponsored by the U.. government, early medicine, social commentary, the sociology of science, and the diffusion of scientific knowledge.. The scope and accuracy of histories of botany and science written by biographers and historians will depend very substantially on the preservation and accessibility of manuscript collections like the Institute's.. Early in her collecting years, Mrs.. Hunt sought information on those individuals whose names were commemorated in the names of plants she knew.. She also sought correspondence of botanists of previous centuries.. To these ends, she acquired biographical information about botanists, particularly about the authors whose books composed her library, but also about others who figured in the history of botany.. Years later this accumulated information has grown into a very large databank which is now being translated to machine-readable form.. In addition to the basic collection of biographical data, collections such as that of curricula vitae of 20th-century botanists bring the Institute's biographical efforts into the present day.. Hunt collected images of botanists and other individuals who worked in the plant sciences, including authors of books in her collection, figures who had plants named after them, or men and women who played significant roles in botanical history.. Engravings, medals and photographs are featured in the portrait collection, which is curated in the Institute's archives.. The early decades of photography ushered in a new era of portraiture for everyone, and botanists were no exception; while a number of botanical centers throughout the world have collections of early photographs, very few institutions have sizable collections of 20th-century photographs of botanists.. Collecting such portraits has become one of our strengths and an important part of our program.. Although Hunt Institute's mission has grown and evolved since 1961, Mrs.. Hunt's nucleus collections and originating vision form the foundation on which the ongoing development of collections and programs is based.. A comparison of the original and current collections is shown below:.. 1961.. Books and Serials.. 2,961 titles.. 30,150 titles.. Prints, Drawings and Watercolors.. 1,300.. 29,270.. Individual and Group Portraits.. 400.. 29,000+.. Autograph Letters and Manuscripts.. 410.. 2,000+.. Collected Papers.. 0.. 300+.. Detailed Bibliographic Records of Botanical Books and Periodicals.. 243,000+.. edu /HIBD/History/History..

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  • Title: Hunt Institute: Google Search Page
    Descriptive info: Search of Hunt Institute's Web site as indexed by.. This search will not include information in the Institute's databases.. Loading.. edu /HIBD/SearchGoogle..

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  • Title: Hunt Institute: Staff
    Descriptive info: Institute Staff.. Director's Office.. FNA.. Operations General Program.. Adjunct Staff.. Frontispiece from.. Gart der Gesundheit.. (Mainz, Peter Schoeffer, 1485).. CA G244.. Director's Office.. Robert W.. Kiger.. Director Principal Research Scientist.. Distinguished Service Professor of Botany.. Adjunct Professor of History of Science.. 412-268-2434.. rkiger@andrew.. T.. D.. Jacobsen.. Assistant Director Principal Research Scientist.. Adjunct Professor of Biological Sciences.. tj50@andrew.. Lana M.. Vernacchio.. Senior Administrative Associate & Business Manager.. 412-268-2121.. lanamv@andrew.. Amy Ashley-Matta.. Administrative Assistant.. aashley@andrew.. Nancy L.. Janda.. Office Staff.. 412-268-7300.. nlj@andrew.. Lugene B.. Bruno.. Curator of Art Senior Research Scholar.. 412-268-2440.. lbruno@andrew.. Carrie Roy.. Assistant Curator of Art.. 412-268-3035.. croy@andrew.. Donald Brown.. Bibliographer & Senior Research Scholar.. 412-268-7324.. dwbrown@andrew.. Charlotte A.. Tancin.. Librarian Principal Research Scholar.. 412-268-7301.. ctancin@cmu.. Jeannette McDevitt.. Assistant Librarian.. 412-268-2436.. jmcdevit@andrew.. Flora of North America (FNA) Project.. Mary Ann E.. Schmidt.. Senior Technical Editor, Flora of North America.. 412-268-4708.. maryanns@andrew.. Gary Boardman.. Operations  ...   Email: sah42@cornell.. Paul L.. Schiff, Jr.. Professor.. Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences.. School of Pharmacy.. University of Pittsburgh.. Phone: 412-648-8462.. Email: pschiff+@pitt.. Bonnie Isaac.. Collection Manager.. Section of Botany.. Carnegie Museum of Natural History.. Phone: 412-622-3253.. Email: isaacb@carnegiemnh.. org.. Michael T.. Stieber.. Batavia, IL.. James E.. King.. Tucson, AZ.. Stuckey.. Museum of Biological Diversity.. The Ohio State University.. Edward P.. Krenzelok.. Tony, WI.. Sue A.. Thompson.. Pittsburgh, PA.. Cynthia M.. Morton.. Adjunct Research Scientist Adjunct Associate Professor of Biological Sciences.. Assistant Curator and Head.. Email: mortonc@carnegiemnh.. Alain Touwaide.. Adjunct Research Scholar.. Historian of Sciences, Department of Botany, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution.. Masashi Ohara.. Graduate School of Environmental Earth Sciences.. Hokkaido University.. Sapporo 060-0810, Japan.. Phone: +81-11-706-4525.. Email: ohara@ees.. hokudai.. ac.. jp.. Web site:.. http://noah.. ees.. jp/e_and_g/ohara/.. Frederick H.. Utech.. Adjunct Research Scientist Adjunct Professor of Biological Sciences.. Ligonier, PA.. Jaime Torner Pannochia.. edu /HIBD/Home/Staff..

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  • Title: Hunt Institute: News and Events
    Descriptive info: This page contains the latest information on Hunt Institute's activities, traveling exhibitions and publications.. Our exhibition schedule is available on the.. All images on this page are details of the frontispiece engraving for Ephraim Chambers'.. Cyclopaedia: or, An universal dictionary of arts and sciences.. The whole intended as a course of antient and modern learning, extracted from the best authors, dictionaries, journals, memoirs, transactions, ephemerides, c.. in several languages.. , ed.. 2 (London, D.. Midwinter [etc.. ], 1738, 2 vols).. N1 C444C 738.. Recent Activities.. Current Coming Events.. Current Traveling Exhibition.. Recent Publications.. Web Site Upgrade.. You may find some page links that no longer work and some slightly out-of-date content.. To accommodate new content in the meantime, we have replaced some page text with PDFs.. To join as a 2014 Associate, please use the Associate brochure PDF available on the.. Associate Membership.. To order publications, including the new 14th International catalogue, please use the order form PDF, which includes the current pricing information and is available on the.. For submission information about the 15th International Exhibition of Botanical Art & Illustration, please see the PDFs on the.. International Exhibitions.. For information about our service charges, please see the Research and Imaging Services PDF available on the.. We apologize for any inconvenience and sincerely appreciate your patience during this transition.. In Memoriam: Walter H.. Hodge, 1912 2013.. We are saddened to hear of the loss of an important figure in the world of botany, and friend of the Hunt Institute, Walter H.. Hodge, who passed away on 13 June 2013.. The Institute is indebted to him for his donations of his correspondence and personal papers as well as over a thousand portraits of botanists.. We are very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with him over several decades.. Dr.. Hodge was born 14 October 1912 in Worcester, Massachusetts.. He met his future wife, Barbara Bobbie Taylor (1913 2009), while in high school.. He earned his B.. A.. in biology from Clark University, his M.. in botany from Massachusetts State College (now the University of Massachusetts) and his Ph.. D.. in biology from Harvard University.. He worked as a teaching assistant in botany and then as an instructor in botany at Massachusetts State College and also as a teaching fellow and photographic assistant at the Gray Herbarium.. From 1943 to 1945 Hodge was botanist for the U.. Board of Economic Warfare s Cinchona Mission, exploring for sources of quinine in South America.. After this he served in various faculty positions, from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia (1945 1946) to Harvard University (1950).. He worked for the United States Department of Agriculture (1950 1955) and the National Science Foundation (1961 1973) before retiring in 1973 to assist in the production of Hortus III (1976) at the Bailey Hortorium.. Hodge wrote over 200 publications during his career.. He was awarded the Large Gold Medal of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society in 1977 and an honorary Sc.. from Clark University in 1990.. In April the Hunt Institute received a donation from.. Island Resources Foundation.. (www.. irf.. org) of well over a thousand photographs taken by Hodge while he was in the Caribbean.. Bruce Potter, President and CEO of the Foundation, digitized many of the images, and they are available online (.. Hodge Collection.. ).. The Hunt Institute s digitization of a film, created by Hodge, of Peru during the 1940s has just been completed through a grant from the National Film Preservation Foundation.. More information about Walter H.. Hodge will be available in the next Bulletin of the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation.. Hunt Institute Request to Artists.. As part of a multi-year photography initiative at the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation, we are working to photograph our entire Art collection.. These photos are primarily for in-house purposes, but we would like to add small, 100 dpi thumbnails of the artwork to our Catalogue of the Botanical Art Collection at the Hunt Institute database, which is accessible on our Web site.. These thumbnails will be of low-resolution, unable to be reproduced and still protected by copyright where applicable.. Adding thumbnails of the 29,470 works in our Art collection to our online database not only will provide helpful information for researchers but also will give potential visitors and scholars the opportunity to see amazing examples of botanical art by historical masters and leading contemporary artists.. To date we have photographed and added thumbnails for several collections that are out  ...   artworks by the current generation of botanical artists and make them available for study by the next.. Individuals, as well as botanical art societies and other organizations, may find this fund an attractive way to support the Hunt Institute.. We are very pleased to thank Lotte H.. Blaustein and the American Society of Botanical Artists for the first donations to this fund.. For further information write Lugene Bruno, Curator of Art, Hunt Institute.. Material gifts of artworks, books, papers, etc.. , are greatly appreciated.. For more information about the types of material gifts that we are able to accept, please see the.. ,.. , and.. pages.. Material not suitable for the collections will be returned promptly to the donor, or the donor can choose for the Institute to sell the items to raise funds, to offer them to another library, or (for published materials) to include them in the Institute s duplicate sales.. Take our biographical record forms to distribute at scientific or botanical art meetings to help swell our biographical files.. If you know of a group that will be meeting in or visiting Pittsburgh, suggest that they contact us about.. a group visit to Hunt Institute.. Please don t hesitate to confer with us about any proposed gift, including its use and acknowledgment.. Archives Collection List.. Finding aids for individual collections have been linked from the.. for Michel Adanson (1727 1806), Paul Hamilton Allen (1911 1963), an Anonymous collector of.. Narcissus.. , William Andrew Archer (1894 1973), Liberty Hyde Bailey (1858 1954), Peter René Oscar Bally (1895 1980), Rudolph Beer (1873 1940), Charles Edwin Bessey (1845 1915), Bernard Boivin (1916 1985), Botanical Garden of Padua, Botanical Society of America Pacific Section, Adolphe Théodore Brongniart (1801 1876), Joachim Camerer (1534 1598), Harold Trevor Clifford (1927 ), 11th International Botanical Congress (Seattle, 1969), David Grandison Fairchild (1869 1954), Gesellschaft Deutscher Naturforscher und Aerzte, Edward Lee Greene (843 1915), Frederick Joseph Hermann (1906 1987), Hunt Botanical Library, John Hutchinson (1884 1972), Hugo Iltis (1882 1952), Nicolaus Joseph von Jacquin (1727 1817), Jean Francois De Galaup (Comte) de La Perouse (1741 1788), George Hill Mathewson Lawrence (1910 1978), John Bernhard Leiberg (1853 1913), Willem Daniel Margadant (1916 1997), Mildred Esther Mathias (1906 1995), Franz Carl Mertens (1764 1831), Philip Miller (1691 1771), Benjamin Yoe Morrison (1891 1966), Christiaan Hendrik Persoon (1761 1836), David Prain (1857 1944), Joseph Rock (1884 1962), Velva Rudd (1910 1999), Norman Hudson Russell (1921 ), William Edwin Safford (1859 1926), Arthur Moreland Scott (1888 1963) and Charles Swingle (1899 1978).. More finding aids will be added soon.. PDFs of thumbnails of individual and group portraits and biographical citations for many of the above subjects have been added to the individual collection pages.. For the latest information about our exhibitions, please visit the.. Cabinet of Curiosities.. On display during spring 2014 in our Cabinet of curiosities located in the lobby will be the field notebooks of Emma Lucy Braun (1889 1971), author of the influential Deciduous Forests of Eastern North America (1950), from our Archives collection.. Current Travel Exhibitions.. Currently, there are no bookings for our travel exhibitions.. Please contact the hosting institution to confirm the booking dates and to receive more information.. For more information, please visit the.. To schedule an exhibition, please contact the Curator of Art at.. Catalogue [of the] 14th International Exhibition of Botanical Art & Illustration.. By Lugene B.. Bruno and Carolina L.. Roy.. 2013.. 108 pp.. ; 41 color, 41 b&w figs.. ; 8 ½ × 11"; 2 lbs.. Pictorial stiff paper cover, $28.. 00 plus shipping and handling.. ISBN 978-0-913196-86-1.. Please note that all catalogue orders will not begin shipping until after 26 September 2013.. Including biographical data, portraits of the artists and reproductions of the artworks, this fully illustrated catalogue accompanies the Hunt Institute s 14th International Exhibition of Botanical Art & Illustration, which runs from 27 September to 19 December 2013.. This catalogue features 41 watercolors, drawings and prints representing the work of 41 artists from 10 countries.. The Institute established the International series in 1964 with the hope of supporting and encouraging contemporary botanical artists.. Every three years, the International series features the works of talented botanical artists from around the world.. Collectively, the 14 International catalogues include 1,129 artists and are the most comprehensive record available of contemporary botanical artists and illustrators.. Most of the previous International catalogues are available for purchase from the Institute.. For a list of our publications, see.. edu /HIBD/Home/News..

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    Descriptive info: Annual Open House.. Sunday 29 June.. 2014.. Thank You For Attending!.. Librarian.. Curious about what is at the end of the hallway behind that green braided rope?.. Long for a closer look at that elegant room behind the glass doors?.. Curator of Art.. Bruno.. Archivist.. Dustin Williams.. Ever wonder why and how the Hunt Institute works to preserve and document the history of botany?.. How does Hunt Institute support scientific and historic research of botany?.. Publication Manager.. Want to  ...   satisfy your curiosity, seek answers to your questions, and learn more about us.. Institute offices are in the Hunt Library building, a five-story aluminum and glass structure located on Frew Street (near Schenley Park) and facing the large grassy field in the center of campus known as the Cut.. 5th Floor, Hunt Library.. 4909 Frew Street.. Telephone: 412-268-2434.. Email: huntinst@andrew.. For information on how to get to the Institute as well as hotel information, please see the.. edu /HIBD/Home/OpenHouse..

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