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  • Title: CEISMC Academic Mentoring | CEISMC Academic Mentoring
    Descriptive info: .. Skip to content.. Skip to navigation.. Georgia Institute of Technology.. CEISMC Academic Mentoring.. You are here:.. CEISMC.. CEISMC Academic Mentoring.. Pathways Atlanta.. AmeriCorps.. CEISMC AmeriCorp Members.. Federal Work-Study.. Frequently Asked Questions.. Apply.. Photo Gallery.. Pathways Gwinnett.. GoSTEM.. Prospective Mentors.. Current Mentors.. Rules of Conduct.. Attendance Policy.. Timesheet Reporting.. Helpful Tutoring Tips.. Useful Websites.. Resources.. Academic Mentoring.. Contact Us.. About CEISMC Academic Mentoring.. , the Center for Education Integrating Science, Mathematics, and Computing, is a part of.. Georgia Tech's College of Sciences.. and serves as its primary K-12 outreach division.. One of our principal missions is to improve science and mathematics education throughout the state of Georgia.. As part of this mission, the CEISMC Academic Mentoring Program seeks to place college students and college graduates in local schools and classrooms.. Now Accepting Applications for Part-time Positions.. There are two programs within CEISMC Academic Mentoring: Pathways into STEM and Pathways to College.. Pathways  ...   with the college and scholarship application process.. Tutors serve as supplemental academic support for students in need of additional support or a challenge in their math classes.. Mentors also engage students in community service and expose them to STEM through partnerships with science teachers and afterschool clubs.. Pathways to College.. provides academic mentoring for middle and high school students in the Meadowcreek High School cluster.. Academic mentors meet with high school students during the school day to improve their academic performance, expose them to STEM careers, and provide information about college.. Mentors also serve as facilitators for a weekly afterschool program for middle school students.. Mentors facilitate hands-on-activities with students, engage them in writing, and expose them to STEM careers.. Legal Privacy Information.. Accountability.. Site Login.. 2014 CEISMC Academic Mentoring - Georgia Institute of Technology | 760 Spring Street, N.. W.. , Suite 102.. Atlanta, Georgia 30308 | MAIN: 404-894-0777 | FAX: 404-894-9675..

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  • Title: Pathways Atlanta | CEISMC Academic Mentoring
    Descriptive info: Home.. The Pathways into Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.. Program (STEM) is a partnership between CEISMC and The Atlanta Public School System.. Only students attending one of the following partner schools are eligible for participation in the program:.. Centennial Place Academy.. Drew Charter Senior Academy.. Martin Luther King Middle School.. Maynard Jackson High School.. Pathways into STEM is an AmeriCorps Program made possible by funds from the.. Corporation for National and Community Service.. and the.. Georgia Commission for Service and Volunteerism.. Additional information about AmeriCorps is provided on the.. AmeriCorps Page.. The Pathways into STEM Program utilizes a combination of AmeriCorps Members and Federal Work-Study students.. The college graduates and students serve as academic  ...   build character, develop life skills, boost SAT/ACT scores, and submit college and scholarship applications.. Mentors meet with their students once a week during the school day.. During tutoring sessions, mentors focus on developing numeracy skills to assist students in performing at or above grade level in mathematics.. Mentors meet one-on-one or in small groups with students during the school day.. Students also participate in Saturday and weekday activities including National Engineers Week Celebrations, Professional Workshops, College Tours, and Community Service Projects.. These sessions will focus on increasing awareness about careers in the STEM fields, preparing them for their postsecondary choices, and providing opportunities for service and leadership.. Program Director:.. Taneisha Lee.. Outreach Coordinator:.. Sirocus Barnes..

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  • Title: Pathways Atlanta - AmeriCorps | CEISMC Academic Mentoring
    Descriptive info: Pathways Atlanta - AmeriCorps.. What is AmeriCorps?.. AmeriCorps (pronounced "Ame-ri-core") is an opportunity to make a big difference in your life and in the lives of those around you.. It’s a chance to apply your skills and ideals toward helping others and meeting critical needs in the community.. Each year, AmeriCorps offers 75,000 opportunities for adults of all ages and backgrounds to serve through a network of partnerships with local and national nonprofit groups.. Whether your service makes a community safer, gives a child a second chance, or helps protect the environment, you’ll be getting.. things done through AmeriCorps!.. Benefits of Service.. As an AmeriCorps member, you’ll gain new skills and experiences—and you’ll also find the tremendous satisfaction that comes from helping others.. In addition, members who complete their service earn a Segal AmeriCorps Education Award to pay for college, graduate school, or to pay back qualified student loans; members who serve part-time receive a partial Award.. AmeriCorps members also receive a modest living allowance and are eligible for student loan forbearance during their term of service.. Full-time AmeriCorps members  ...   of service and quarter-time members serve 460 hours (15-18 hours per week) over the eight-month period of service.. In order to receive the education award, members must successfully complete the required hours of service and have satisfactory performance evaluations.. AmeriCorps is national service; therefore mentors are provided a modest monthly living allowance.. The monthly living allowance for full-time members is $1,319, quarter-time members receive $408, and minimum-time members receive $272.. What do AmeriCorps members do?.. AmeriCorps Members primarily serve as academic mentors and mathematics tutors to students at local elementary, middle, or high schools.. Full-time Members also serve as a Project Manager for Academics or Service, which involves planning and executing hands-on-STEM or community service projects for their respective schools.. AmeriCorps Members are also engaged in a powerful year of service as they help the local community by developing, coordinating, and participating in service projects on Saturdays throughout the school year.. AmeriCorps Members attend professional development trainings to develop and hone skills to equip them as powerful agents of change for their community.. Americorps.. Interested in Americorps?.. Current CEISMC Americorps Members..

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  • Title: CEISMC AmeriCorps Members | CEISMC Academic Mentoring
    Descriptive info: CEISMC AmeriCorps Members.. Chidi Wamuo.. Devin Buck.. Yilong Xu.. Matthew Robinson.. James Hill.. Dorotea Hogans Blaylock.. Dominique Grasty.. Darcha Exum..

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  • Title: Federal Work-Study FAQ | CEISMC Academic Mentoring
    Descriptive info: Federal Work-Study FAQ.. What is Federal Work-Study?.. The Federal Work-Study (FWS) Program provides funds for part-time jobs that allow students to earn.. money needed to pay for educational expenses.. Work-Study awards are a form of federal financial aid.. FWS can work on campus or in community service work.. The advantages of participating in the FWS program are that the money you earn helps to meet your college expenses and will not be counted as income for your financial aid eligibility determination next year.. You will also get on-the-job experience to give you an edge in the job market after graduation.. Students at approximately 3,400 participating postsecondary institutions receive federal work-study.. FWS students may work up to 20 hours per week.. What do CEISMC Academic Mentoring FWS students do?.. Utilizing Georgia Tech Federal Work-Study students, the CEISMC Academic Mentoring Program provides  ...   the spring.. Mentors work on a one-on-one basis, small group basis, and also provide assistance inside the classroom.. Finally, all mentors will receive training on building a relationship with a student, teaching skills, learning styles, and cultural considerations.. What hours are available and required?.. Tutoring takes place at the school locations mostly during the school day (8AM - 3PM) or during the after-school program (3 PM to 5 PM).. Tutors must work a minimum of 5 hours per week.. Some Work-Study Mentors serve as AmeriCorps Members.. Work-Study AmeriCorps Members are paid an hourly wage of $11 per hour as opposed to a monthly living allowance.. Work-Study AmeriCorps Members commit to serve as a tutor from September through April and receive an education award in addition to their bi-weekly salary.. More information about AmeriCorps is found on the.. page.. Federal Work Study..

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  • Title: Pathways Atlanta - FAQ | CEISMC Academic Mentoring
    Descriptive info: Pathways Atlanta - FAQ.. What types of positions are available with the Pathways - Atlanta Program.. ?.. We have two types of positions with our Atlanta Program: AmeriCorps and federal work-study positions.. What is AmeriCorps?.. AmeriCorps is national service.. Individuals commit to serve 8 or 11 months in schools that need academic support and enrichment for students.. Georgia Tech AmeriCorps members are a committed group of college students and college graduates devoted to assisting students in academic need who can benefit from tutoring or guidance in preparing for college.. How much are Pathways - Atlanta mentors paid?.. Federal work-study students are paid $11 per hour for work hours, training, and travel.. Can I participate in AmeriCorps for only 1 semester?.. No, the AmeriCorps Program requires either an 8 or 11-month commitment depending upon the type of position.. The term of service for minimum and quarter-time positions is mid-September through mid-May.. The term of service for full-time members is late August through late July.. How do I receive an education award with AmeriCorps?.. AmeriCorps members must complete the minimum number of hours required by our program and receive a satisfactory end-of-term evaluation by CEISMC Staff.. Minimum-time Members must complete 310 hours and Quarter-time Members must  ...   have hired students from Clark-Atlanta, Emory, Georgia State, Morehouse, Oglethorpe, Southern Poly, and Spelman.. You will complete the same application.. Can you guarantee that I will work at a specific school or program?.. No, we use a number of factors to determine program and school placement.. Can I only work afterschool or on Saturday in the Pathways Program?.. No, mentors and tutors must work during the week if they would like to work in our afterschool program.. Do I need a car to work in the Pathways – Atlanta Program?.. In the Pathways - Atlanta Program, you are not required to have a car.. However, you must be willing to take public transportation (MARTA).. Only one of the schools is within walking distance of Georgia Tech.. You can reach many of the schools with 30 - 45 minutes utilizing MARTA.. Where are the schools? What are they like?.. The Atlanta Public School System is an urban school district comprised of 93 traditional schools and 11 charter schools.. There are over 49,000 students enrolled in the schools.. The ethnic distribution of the school district is 86% African American, 8% Caucasian and 4% Hispanic.. You can find more information about the school district at.. www.. atlantapublicschools.. us..

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  • Title: Interested in applying for an Academic Mentoring Position? | CEISMC Academic Mentoring
    Descriptive info: Interested in applying for an Academic Mentoring Position?.. Follow these steps to ensure your application gets processed correctly:.. You can find answers to the most frequently asked application questions here!.. Step 1: Download the appropriate application.. Applications for part-time positions are found.. here.. Applications for returning Mentors are found.. Step 2: Determine your federal work-study eligibility.. Work-study is a type of funding that comes from financial aid.. Many students are eligible for work-study awards and are not even aware of it! Work-study students are hired just like any other student employee and submit timesheets and are paid bi-weekly for the hours they work.. Only Georgia Tech students are eligible for work-study positions.. To determine your work-study eligibility, please contact Melinda Shoy-Clarke in Financial Aid.. (Be sure to include your GT ID Number on all Correspondence.. ) Tell her that you are applying for a positions with CEISMC and she will help determine your work-study eligibility.. You may contact Melinda Shoy-Clarke in Financial Aid at:.. melinda.. shoy-clarke@finaid.. gatech.. edu.. or 404-894-9136.. If you have a work-study award, you will need to print out your Financial Aid Award letter from OSCAR,  ...   positions open for non work-study students, if you are not eligible.. Step 3: Decide if you have a preference for which program or age group and circle as appropriate on the application.. Pathways into STEM - Atlanta.. works with elementary, middle and high school students.. Pathways to College - Gwinnett.. works with 6th through 12th grade students in Gwinnett County.. Step 4: Complete the application in its entirety.. Step 5: Submit your application via email.. Please submit your application via email to.. ceismcmentoringprogram@gmail.. com.. We may then contact you for interviews.. Due to the volume of applications we receive, it may not be possible for us to contact you should we decide against your application.. Please note:.. If you are offered a position, a background investigation will be performed.. This is primarily because of the nature of this position (i.. e.. working with children in a school setting).. We reserve the right to refuse employment or an AmeriCorps position to any applicant who does not pass this background check or meet satisfactory academic standards.. If you have any questions about the applications or background check, please e-mail us at..

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  • Title: Gallery List | CEISMC Academic Mentoring
    Descriptive info: Gallery List..

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  • Title: Pathways Gwinnett | CEISMC Academic Mentoring
    Descriptive info: The Pathways into College is a partnership between CEISMC and The Gwinnett County Public School System.. The Pathways in Gwinnett Program targets Hispanic students and provides exposure to STEM disciplines, enhances their educational experience and prepares students and their families to make the decision to pursue a college degree.. Pathways in Gwinnett is also a research project that will determine which types of initiatives and programs are most effective in increasing the percent of Hispanic students who pursue careers in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics.. The Program partners with the following schools:.. Lilburn Middle School.. Meadowcreek High School.. Radloff Middle School.. The program will engage 80 9th through 12th graders at Meadowcreek High  ...   students once a week during the school day.. Students also participate in afterschool activities weekly to attend classes and acquire skills that will translate to success at the post-secondary level.. Mentors meet with middle school students in a slightly different format, small groups once a week afterschool, from 4:30 - 6PM.. During the afterschool program, students receive tutoring and also participate in hands-on-activities to enhance their mathematics, reading, and science skills.. Students will also engage in projects and activities incorporating technology.. All program participants will also participate in Saturday and weekday activities including National Engineers Week Celebrations, Professional Workshops, College Tours and Community Service Projects.. Program Director:.. Outreach Coordinator:.. Alba Gutierrez.. Frequently Asked Question..

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  • Title: GoSTEM | CEISMC Academic Mentoring
    Descriptive info: is a collaboration between Georgia Tech and the Gwinnett County Public School District to enhance the educational experience of Latino students in Georgia and strengthen the pipeline of these students into post-secondary STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education.. The project's long-term goal is to create a research-supported model for how technical universities, school systems, and philanthropic foundations can partner to promote academic achievement in STEM fields among Hispanic K-12  ...   cohort of students from one high school/middle school cluster at Gwinnett County Public Schools, specifically the Meadowcreek Cluster; and activities open to the broader community.. The GoSTEM Program has a number of partner-school programs to serve students in the Meadowcreek Cluster.. These programs include Pathways to College, Graduate Teaching Fellows, Parental Involvement Program, a Robotics Program, and STEM Summer Enrichment Opportunities.. More information about GoSTEM can be found at.. http://gostem.. GOSTEM..

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  • Title: Pathways Gwinnett - FAQ | CEISMC Academic Mentoring
    Descriptive info: Pathways Gwinnett - FAQ.. Yes, we are able to hire F-1 International students for the GoSTEM Program.. If you have another visa type, please contact us at.. Yes! We have hired students from Emory, Georgia State, Morehouse, Oglethorpe, Southern Poly, and Spelman.. How much are mentors paid?.. Pathways - Gwinnett mentors are paid $11 per hour on a bi-weekly basis.. Mentors are compensated for the time working with students, training, and travel..  ...   need a car to travel to the schools in the Pathways to College - Gwinnett program.. Public Transportation is not an option in Gwinnett.. The Gwinnett County School System is located approximately 25 minutes northeast of Georgia Tech.. It is the states largest school district with over 161,000 students.. The ethnic distribution of the schools we partner with is 55% Hispanic, 26% African American, 10 Asian, and 4% White.. http://www.. gwinnett.. k12.. ga..

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