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  • Title: Greater Miami Adventist Academy
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  • Title: Greater Miami Adventist Academy - About GMAA
    Descriptive info: Greater Miami Adventist Academy was established in 1912 behind the downtown Miami Temple Seventh-day Adventist Church where classes were held in tents.. In 1960 it expanded into a kindergarten through twelfth grade academy.. In 1989 it moved to its present location on the flatlands between Miami and the Everglades.. Today it serves an internationally diverse constituency striving to achieve excellence for the purpose of service.. Our Philosophy.. To restore man to the image of his Maker.. to bring him back to the perfection in which he was created,.. to promote the development of body, mind and soul,.. that the divine purpose in His creation might be realized.. This  ...   Vision.. Greater Miami Adventist Academy seeks to create an environment where students are excited, responsible learners, a place where young children begin their discovery of knowledge in a nurturing family environment, develop caring and loving attitudes toward God and their fellowman, and graduate with a strong foundation and high moral values which will enable them to face the challenges and expectations of the 21.. st.. century.. Greater Miami Adventist Academy s commitment to excellence embraces innovative teaching methods and high standards of performance envisioning a learning center open to all wisdom extending beyond the classroom walls, fully relying on the notion that all true knowledge comes from God..

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  • Title: Greater Miami Adventist Academy - Admissions
    Descriptive info: Greater Miami Adventist Academy seeks to attract motivated and talented applicants whose desire is to acquire an enriching Christ centered education.. Admission to Greater Miami Adventist Academy may be granted irrespective of the applicant s race, national origin or religious affiliation.. Applicants who meet academic and character requirements and express a willingness to comply with school policy and adjust affably to its religious, social and cultural beliefs may be accepted.. Admission Requirements to be Submitted.. :.. Completed new student application form.. Transcripts of previous schools attended.. Three official letters of recommendation.. Computer Use form..

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  • Title: Greater Miami Adventist Academy - Academics
    Descriptive info: The Greater Miami Adventist Academy curriculum for grades K-12 follows the standards set by the Southern Union Education Department in conjunction with the Florida Conference and the North American Division of the Seventh-day Adventists.. At the secondary level, GMAA offers an honors, college preparatory, and general diploma.. The Academy curriculum (grades 9-12) includes a comprehensive math program: Algebra I, II, geometry, and financial math.. Dual enrollment math classes are pre-calculus, calculus, and statistics.. Students in middle school may advance into Algebra I during their 8th grade year.. The science program places an emphasis on the health sciences.. The  ...   Adventist University of Health Sciences (AUHS), college anatomy and physiology I, II.. Additional dual enrollment classes in partnership with AUHS are Introduction to Sociology and College English 101.. The computer courses include computer assembly and information technology operating systems, computer support, A+ preparation and computer aides design (2D, 3D modeling) and computer-aided engineering.. Elective classes are broad in scope ranging from drama, choir, band, strings, gymnastics, art, yearbook, to outdoor and team sports and two years of Spanish.. All students are automatically enrolled in a religion class each semester.. All secondary level students participate in community service projects..

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  • Title: Greater Miami Adventist Academy - Ministries
    Descriptive info: We would like to welcome our new Chaplain--Pastor Alvin Payne.. Pr.. Payne has a beautiful and talented wife, Sarah, and son Joziah who he treasures dearly.. He obtained his B.. A.. in Theology from Southern Adventist University and his Masters in Divinity from Andrews University.. Raised in New York City and Florida--Pr.. Payne has served as  ...   Ministries'.. Our school offers an array of ministries students can choose from.. Each ministry fosters an atmosphere of learning and spiritual growth.. The purpose of these ministries is also to develop leaders and spiritually educated young people--so that they can be make positive contributions not only to their churches but also to the community as a whole..

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  • Title: Greater Miami Adventist Academy - Arts
    Descriptive info: GMAA s Music department with its Choirs, Orchestra, String Ensemble, Praise Teams and bands is very involved in our Chapels, Weeks of Prayer, multiple Church visits Events and the Community overall.. Its Home Show features live performances of all these entities plus student formed bands with original scores and lyrics!.. Every year we participate in the Festival of the Arts at Forest Lake Academy and Disney World.. As an added token, this year GMAA Concert Band played very well at the FBA MPA in Key Largo! We were accompanied by a Southern Adventist Academy Music Major, Ashley Dollar, who performed her internship at our school.. The Music department also provides multiple Extracurricular Activities such as Private Piano and Vocal Lessons with Annual Recitals, group beginner s Guitar and Violin lessons, and an Intermediate/Advanced String Assemble which also performs in our major school  ...   Maranatha SDA s middle school retreat, Week of Prayer and GMAA s numerous visits to our South Florida Churches.. At the beginning of the school year, each member of GT must sign a Statement of Commitment saying that they will endeavor to have and maintain a personal commitment to Christ and to want to use their talents to benefit others.. This statement also says that, real life is where I earn credibility the message I communicate as an actor on stage will be believable only if I communicate that same message when I live out my offstage roles as friend, son or daughter, and Christian.. It is always our prayer before a GT performance that even if one person is blessed by our performance and even if that person is one of the GT actors, that is enough; we have fulfilled our purpose..

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  • Title: Greater Miami Adventist Academy - Athletics
    Descriptive info: The Athletic department at Gmaa strengthen the students to develop their mental, physical, and spiritual skills.. Through athletics we promote: Strong Sportmanship, Teamwork Values, Healthy Lifestyle, Self Esteem and Perseverance.. Gmaa Brand-New sports facilities offer to our students the right environment to practice everyday and feel confident on each game.. All students must to accomplish academic requirements to participate in sports..

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  • Title: contact
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  • Title: Greater Miami Adventist Academy - Faculty and Staff
    Descriptive info: Administration.. Mr.. Cortes, Ph.. D.. Principal.. Statistics.. Mrs.. Escobar, M.. B.. Vice Principal.. Business Manager.. Rodriguez, M.. History.. Leon, M.. Vice Principal of Elementary.. Special Needs Coordinator.. Gonzalez, M.. Government, Economics.. Office Staff.. Cortes, B.. S.. Registrar.. Colls.. Bookkeeping.. Rivera.. Receptionist.. Early Childhood Education and Care Teachers (ECEC).. Taylor, B.. E.. C.. E.. Director.. Pre-K Teacher.. Brito.. Teacher.. Janet.. Maggy.. Maceira.. Pre-K Teacher Aid.. Elementary Teachers.. Alonzo,  ...   Amich, M.. Fourth Grade.. Ms.. Bechtel, M.. Fifth Grade.. Middle School Teachers.. Mathematics.. Jr.. High Coordinator.. Anderson, M.. Director of Music.. Cortes, M.. Science, Social Studies.. Hernandez M.. Language Arts.. Taylor, A.. High High School Art.. Yearbook.. Valencia, B.. Athletic Director.. Physical Education.. Velez, B.. Spanish, Bible.. High School Teachers.. Dare, B.. / B.. Hall, M.. English/Drama.. Health/Gymnastics.. Morton, M.. English/Bible.. Payne, M.. Chaplain/Bible.. Smith, M.. Science.. Velez..

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  • Title: Greater Miami Adventist Academy - Our Vison
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  • Title: Greater Miami Adventist Academy - Objective
    Descriptive info: GMAA is committed to help each student:.. Understand and accept the good news of the gospel God s love, acceptance and forgiveness of all His children.. Understand how to begin and maintain a relationship with God through daily devotional exercise.. Understand and adopt principles such as: truth, obedience, service, self-discipline and Christian love, which affect happiness and success both now and in the future.. Develop habits of punctuality, accuracy, neatness, discrimination and sound judgment in decision-making.. Develop loyalty to his/her  ...   merely a reflector of other men s thoughts.. Education p.. 17.. Achieve excellence in academic skills such as Bible, language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and foreign languages; fine arts skills such as choir, band, art and drama; physical skills such as gymnastics, exercise, team and individual sports; communication skills such as public speaking, reading and writing; and computer skills such as keyboarding, basic and advance computer technology; and the utilization of all these skills for caring and service to others..

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