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  • Title: Home
    Descriptive info: .. Select Language:.. English.. |.. Español.. Home.. About the Team.. Enroll.. About the Study.. Privacy.. Contact.. Join new Internet Stop Smoking study.. You can quit, here's how.. Please follow us on Facebook.. We comply with the.. HONcode standard for trustworthy health.. information:.. verify here.. Disclaimer.. This site is a self-help health resource.. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment..  ...   questions you may have regarding a medical condition.. This site does not host or receive funding from advertising.. User Name.. Password.. Forgot your password?.. If you're ready to quit, click here to enroll now!.. Statistics.. Visitors today.. 164.. Total visitors.. 92888.. Quit today.. 5,432.. Total quit.. 9,173.. Countries represented.. 116.. Last updated February, 2012.. Copyright (c) 2012 by the Regents of the University of California.. All rights reserved..

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  • Title: About the Team
    Descriptive info: This study is being administered by investigators from the University of California, San Francisco.. See the information below for more information on the investigators.. Name:.. Eliseo Pérez-Stable, M.. D.. Email:.. eliseops@medicine.. ucsf.. edu.. Department:.. Medicine.. Title:.. Professor, UCSF.. View more work by this researcher.. Ricardo F.. Muñoz, Ph.. ricardo.. munoz@ucsf.. Psychiatry.. Cecilia Populus-Eudave.. ceciliap@medicine.. Medicine.. Project Coordinator, UCSF.. Leandro Torres.. Leandro.. Torres@ucsf.. Psychiatry.. Clinical Psychology Fellow, UCSF..

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  • Title: Testimonials
    Descriptive info: About the study.. The current study is designed to provide information that helps you quit, and tools to track your progress.. Upon enrollment, participants were asked to choose from a list of self-help elements that will assist you quit.. The study is being conducted by the University of California, San Francisco, and San Francisco General Hospital.. Funding for the development and initial testing of the site was provided by the Tobacco Related Disease Research Program (TRDRP Grant number: 13RT-0050 (Ricardo F.. Muñoz, Principal Investigator) 7/1/2004 - 6/30/2008.. Grant title: Internet Health Research Center: Smoking, Latinos, & the Web This grant was used to construct a bilingual (Spanish/English), modular, and permanent smoking cessation research web site at the University of California, San Francisco.. Site maintenance, user support, and hosting costs are currently funded by a grant to Eliseo J.. Pérez-Stable, M.. Principal Investigator.. In the new  ...   is better than the other for most smokers.. "I found this site helpful.. By participating it helped to keep me accountable to quit.. I did have a slip but am back on track! Thanks!".. - Johnny, FL.. Thank you for the information and helpful tips.. As of today, I have only had 2 cigarettes since my quit.. I realized that these are not reasons to smoke again, just small speed-bumps in my road to being a non-smoker.. ".. - Jimmy, TX.. "I appreciated the advice about using the antidepressant.. I found it incredibly helpful in my quitting.. - Tommy, NY.. "The benefit of the site is that I do not feel 'alone' in my battle against my addiction.. - Timmy, MA.. "I found your suggestions as to what I personally should do to quit to be the key to my success so far.. - Alexa, CA..

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  • Title: Privacy
    Descriptive info: We take your privacy very seriously.. This project has a very strict privacy policy.. Here are the foundations:.. All responses you give are kept secure during and after transmission.. 1.. While your data is being transmitted it is kept secure by SSL Technology, assuring a secure Internet connection.. 2.. After transmission, your data is kept confidential by the policies of the University of California's Human  ...   This policy ensures:.. Only researchers will have access to personally identifiable information.. Personally identifiable information will be kept completely separate from your responses.. Currently we are using Google Analytics to analyze the audience of the website and improve our content.. No personal information is collect from Google Analytics.. For further information on the privacy policy concerning Google Analytics, please go here,.. http://www.. google.. com/intl/en_uk/analytics/privacyoverview.. html..

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  • Title: Contact
    Descriptive info: Questions and feedback.. In using this web site, if you have any questions, or have experienced problems that were confusing or inconvenient, please write us a detailed.. description.. of the problem and.. url.. (where you found it) in the comment box below.. * Examples of feedback:.. - https://www.. stopsmoking.. edu/tools/counter.. aspx.. - incorrect spellings or graphics.. - can not find where to go to change character icon.. For more specific information about the people behind the study, click on Resources on the top bar, and then click on About the Team link.. Name.. Email.. Description..

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  • Title: Enroll
    Descriptive info: If you forgot your account details, enter your User Name OR E-mail address and we will e-mail you your user name and password to the e-mail you provided us.. Or.. E-mail..

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  • Title: About the Team- Eliseo J. Perez- Stable
    Descriptive info: About Dr.. Pérez-Stable.. Eliseo J.. Phone:.. (415) 476-5369.. Education/Training.. INSTITUTION AND LOCATION.. DEGREE.. YEAR(s).. FIELD OF STUDY.. University of Miami.. Coral Gables, FL.. B.. S.. 1974.. Chemistry.. UUniversity of Miami.. Miami, FL.. M.. 1978.. A.. Positions and Honors.. 1978-1981.. Resident, Department of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco (UCSF).. 1981-1983.. Henry J.. Kaiser Family Foundation Fellow in General Internal Medicine, UCSF.. 1988-1993.. Kaiser Family Foundation Faculty Scholar in General Internal Medicine.. 1983-1990.. Assistant Professor of Medicine, Department of Medicine, UCSF.. 1990-1996.. Associate Professor of Medicine, Department of Medicine, UCSF.. 1993-2005.. Co-Director, Medical Effectiveness Research Center for Diverse Populations, UCSF.. 1991.. University of California/Health Net Wellness Lectureship Award.. 1994.. Laureate Award, American College of Physicians Northern California.. 1996-present.. Professor of Medicine, Department of Medicine, UCSF.. 1996.. Elected, American Society of Clinical Investigation.. 1997-present.. Director, Center for Aging in Diverse Communities.. 1999-present.. Chief, Division of General Internal Medicine, Department of Medicine, UCSF.. 2001.. Elected, Institute of Medicine.. 2005-present.. Director, Medical Effectiveness Research Center for Diverse Populations, UCSF.. 2006-present.. Associate Director for Health Care Disparities, Diller Comprehensive Cancer Center, UCSF.. Publications.. Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications (from 146 published or in press).. Pérez-Stable EJ, Marín BV, Marín G, Brody DJ, Benowitz NL.. Apparent underreporting of cigarette consumption among Mexican American smokers.. Am J Public Health 1990 80: 1057-1061.. Pérez-Stable EJ, Marín BV, Marín G.. Smoking status and depressive symptoms among San Francisco Latinos.. Am J Public Health 1990 80: 1500-1502.. 3.. Pérez-Stable EJ, Sabogal F, Marín G, Marín BV, Otero-Sabogal R.. Evaluation of Guia Para Dejar de Fumar, a self-help guide in Spanish to quit smoking.. Public Health Rep 1991 106:(5) 564-569.. 4.. Pérez-Stable EJ, Marín G, Marín BV, Benowitz NL.. Misclassification of smoking status by self-reported cigarette consumption.. Am Rev Respir Dis 1992 145:53-57.. 5.. Pérez-Stable EJ, Sabogal F, Otero-Sabogal R, Hiatt RA, McPhee SJ.. Misconceptions about cancer among Latinos and Anglos.. JAMA 1992 268:3219-3223.. 6.. A comprehensive smoking cessation program for the San Francisco Bay Area Latino community.. Am J Health Promot 1993 7:430-442, 475.. 7.. Pérez-Stable EJ, Otero-Sabogal R, Sabogal F, McPhee SJ, Hiatt RA.. Self-reported use of cancer screening tests among Latinos and Anglos.. Arch Intern Med 1994 154:1073-1081.. 8.. Pérez-Stable EJ, Marín G, Marín BV.. Behavioral risk factors among Latinos compared to non-Latino Whites in San Francisco.. Am J Public Health 1994 84:971-976.. 9.. Marín BV, Pérez-Stable EJ, Marín G, Hauck WW.. Effects of a community intervention to change smoking behavior among Hispanics.. Am J Prev Med 1994 10:340-347.. 10.. Hiatt RA, Pérez-Stable EJ, Quesenberry C, Sabogal F, Otero-Sabogal R, McPhee SJ.. Concordance of self-reported early cancer detection practices and medical audits among Hispanics and non-Hispanic Whites in Northern California.. Prev Med 1995:24(3):278-285.. 11.. Pérez-Stable EJ, Benowitz NL, Marín G.. Is serum cotinine a better measure of cigarette smoking than self-report?.. Prev Med 1995: 24:171-179.. 12.. Pérez-Stable EJ, Hiatt RA, Sabogal F, Otero-Sabogal R.. Use of Spanish surnames in survey research: comparison to self-identification.. Monogr Natl Cancer Inst 1995: 18:11-15.. 13.. Pérez-Stable EJ, Sabogal F, Otero-Sabogal R.. Use of Cancer Screening Tests in the San Francisco Bay Area: comparison of Latinos and Anglos.. Monogr Natl Cancer Inst 1995: 18:147-153.. 14.. Marín G, Pérez-Stable EJ.. Effectiveness of disseminating culturally appropriate smoking cessation information: Programa Latino Para Dejar de Fumar.. Monogr Natl Cancer Inst 1995: 18:155-163.. 15.. Pérez-Stable EJ, Coates TJ, Baron RB, Biró BS, McHenry K, Gardiner PS, Feigal D, Hauck W.. A Lifestyle Modification Program is Inferior to Propranolol for Mild Diastolic Hypertension.. J Gen Intern Med 1995: 10: 419-428.. 16.. Pérez-Stable EJ, Otero-Sabogal R, Sabogal F, Nápoles-Springer A.. Pathways to early cancer detection for Latinas: En Acción Contra el Cáncer.. Health Educ Q1996 23:S41-S59.. 17.. Chang SW, Kerlikowske K, Nápoles-Springer A, Posner SF, Sickles EA, Pérez-Stable EJ.. Racial differences in timeliness of follow-up after abnormal screening mammography.. Cancer 1996;78:1395-1402.. 18.. Muñoz RF, VanOss Marín B, Posner SF, Pérez-Stable EJ.. Mood management mail intervention increases abstinence rates for Spanish-speaking Latino smokers.. Am J Comm Psychol 1997 25:325-343.. 19.. Pérez-Stable EJ, Nápoles-Springer A, Miramontes JM.. The effects of ethnicity and language on medical outcomes of patients with hypertension or diabetes.. Med Care 1997; 35 (12): 1212-1219.. 20.. Pérez-Stable EJ, Marín G, Posner SF.. Ethnic comparison of attitudes and beliefs about cigarette smoking.. J Gen Intern Med 1998 13:167-174.. 21.. Pérez-Stable EJ, Herrera B, Jacob P, Benowitz NL.. Nicotine metabolism and intake in black and white smokers.. JAMA 1998 280:152-156.. 22..  ...   Geriatric Cognitive Disease, 2006,;22(1):42-47.. Epub 2006 May 8.. 34.. Nguyen TT, Daniels NA, Gildengorin G, Pérez-Stable EJ.. Ethnicity, language, specialty care, and quality of diabetes care.. Ethn Dis.. 2007 Winter;17(1):65-71.. PHS 398/2590 OTHER SUPPORT.. PÉREZ-STABLE, E.. J.. ACTIVE.. P30 AG15272 (Pérez-Stable, PI) 07/1/2007-6/30/2012.. NIH/National Institute of Aging,.. Center for Aging in Diverse Communities.. The major goal of this center is to foster the development of diverse investigators who will conduct research with older ethnic/racial minority persons, develop and implement strategies to diversify the investigator workforce conducting research on the health of older minority persons, develop and implement strategies for recruiting and retaining minority group members in research dealing with the health of minority elderly through community-based network, and conduct methodological studies on measures commonly used in older minorities.. 9R01DA024877-06 (Pérez-Stable, PI) 09/30/07-08/31/2012.. NIH/National Institute on Drug Abuse/Fogarty International Center.. Tobacco Control Research and Training in South America.. The overall purpose is to develop and implement two tobacco control interventions in Argentina.. The first is a community0-based intervention through schools to prevent smoking initiation and promote cessation among Argentinean adolescents in the Northwestern provinces of Tucuman and Jujuy.. The second project will evaluate the efficacy of a randomized intervention with physicians to teach them how to help their patients quit smoking with the goal of increasing quit attempts and cessation among their patients at 12 months.. The project will sponsor 1-2 visiting scholars to UCSF per year, develop and implement training in research methods targeting physicians and other investigators , and support other tobacco control research projects in South America.. U01-CA 86117 (Ramirez, PI) 04/01/2005-02/28/2010.. NIH/National Cancer Institute.. Redes En Accion: A Cancer Awareness, Research and Training Network.. The overall goal of the Redes En Acción will be to establish a national network of investigators and.. organizations focused on cancer in Latinos in order to increase awareness about cancer prevention and treatment, expand training opportunities for future investigators, and support new research ideas targeting Latinos.. 20061003 (Perez-Stable EJ, PI).. The California Endowment.. Evaluation of Video Medical Interpretation; 8/1/2006 to 7/31/2008.. The overall goal is to evaluate the implementation of a videoconferencing medical interpretation program at Alameda County Medical Center and UCSF Medical Center in Spanish and Chinese speaking patients.. Evaluations and process description will take place in the hospitalized patient on the medical and surgical services.. Patients evaluated in cardiology clinic and in primary care settings are also included.. 1 UL1 RR024131-01 (McCune, PI) - NCRR 09/30/2006 - 6/30/2011.. Clinical and Translational Science Institute.. The overarching goal of the Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) is to create an integrated academic home that transforms training in and conduct of clinical and translational research both at UCSF and the greater Bay Area community.. Components of the CTSI include formal didactic programs, career development pathways, a variety of consultative and technical Cores, and community outreach.. Role: Co-Investigator and Course Director of (or Instructor in) Clinical Research with Diverse Communities in the Training in Clinical Research (TICR) Program.. 1 UL1 RR024131-01 (McCune, PI) - NCRR/CTSI 09/30/2006 - 6/30/2011.. The Community Engagement Program of the Clinical Translational Science Institute will support the initiation and success of mutually beneficial research partnerships with colleagues in community practice and with the public.. The goal is to produce broad-based improvements in the quality of care and reductions in health disparities in the community.. P30 CA82103 (McCormick, PI) 8/5/99- 5/31/12.. NIH/NCI.. Cancer Center Support Grant.. The Cancer Center Support Grant provides support for administration and infrastructure for the UCSF Comprehensive Cancer Center.. Dr.. Perez-Stable is funded as a Staff Investigator and Associate Director for Health Care Disparities to direct programs targeting diverse populations in the Comprehensive Cancer Center.. COMPLETED.. P01 HS10856 (Washington, PI) 09/01/2000-08/31/2006.. AHRQ (project #2/Pérez-Stable).. Promoting Effective Communication and.. Decision-Making for Diverse Populations.. In this Program Project we will a) identify elements of effective communication in diverse populations; b) determine factors that enhance effective, patient-preference based, clinical decision-making; c) evaluate methods for communicating risks (probability and outcomes) in diverse populations; d) lay foundation for developing decision-assisting tools; and e) develop greater capacity for health services research.. TRDRP (Muñoz RF, PI) 09/01/1998 - 08/31/2007.. Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program, California.. Spanish/English Web Site for Smoking Cessation Trials.. The major goal of this study is to provide a bilingual smoking cessation intervention using the latest communication technology and to evaluate treatments for smoking and other health problems.. Back to the Team..

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  • Title: About the Team - Ricardo Muñoz
    Descriptive info: Muñoz.. (415) 206-5214.. Stanford University.. Stanford, CA.. A.. 1972.. Psychology.. University of Oregon.. Eugene, OR.. 1975.. Clinical Psychology.. Ph.. 1977.. Research and Professional Experience.. 1977-Present.. Assistant Professor to Professor, University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry at San Francisco General Hospital (SFGH).. 1985-1990.. Founding Director, Depression Clinic, San Francisco General Hospital.. 1987-present.. Chief Psychologist, San Francisco General Hospital.. 1992-Present.. Director, UCSF Clinical Psych Training Prog.. (clinical/research fellowship).. 1993-Present.. Director, UCSF/SFGH Latino Mental Health Research Program.. 2004-Present.. Director, UCSF/SFGH Internet World Health Research Program.. Selected Academic Honors and Awards.. Phi Beta Kappa; A.. B.. with Distinction & with Departmental Honors in Psychology (Stanford).. 1983-1994.. National Institute of Mental Health, Member of various Review Groups.. 1980, 1981.. UCSF Faculty Development Award.. 1984.. Health Promotion Award, Nat’l Coalition of Hispanic Mental Health & Human Svcs Organiz.. 1988.. Fellow, American Psychological Association (Divisions 27 and 45).. Martin Luther King, Jr.. Award, University of California, San Francisco.. 1992-1994.. Institute of Medicine, Member, Committee on Prevention of Mental Disorders.. Fellow, American Psychological Association.. Lela Rowland Prevention Award, National Mental Health Association.. 1991-1996.. Institute of Medicine, Board Member, Div.. of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention.. George Sarlo Award for Excellence in Teaching, Department of Psychiatry, UCSF.. National Institute of Mental Health, Co-chair: Psychosocial Intervention Development.. Workgroup Breaking Ground, Breaking Through: Developing a Strategic Plan For Mood Disorders Research.. 2001-Present.. National Depressive and Manic-Depressive Association: Scientific Advisory Board.. Editorial Board, Annual Review of Clinical Psychology Various Invited Speaker: Chile, Finland, Perú, Puerto Rico, Mexico, The Netherlands, Spain Various Intervention manuals have been adopted widely, and translated to: Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, German, Norwegian, and Finnish.. Selected Publications.. Muñoz RF, Snowden LR, Kelly JG & Associates.. (1979).. Social and psychological research in community settings: Designing and conducting programs for social and personal well-being.. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.. Lewinsohn PM, Muñoz RF, Youngren MA & Zeiss AM.. (1986).. Control your depression.. (Revised Ed.. NewYork: Prentice Hall Press.. Muñoz RF, Chan F, & Armas R.. Primary prevention: Cross-cultural perspectives.. In JT Barter & SW Talbott (Eds.. ),.. Primary prevention in psychiatry: State of the art.. Washington, DC: American Psychiatric Press, pp.. 13-54.. Muñoz RF.. (1987).. Depression prevention: Research directions.. Washington, DC: Hemisphere.. Miranda J, Muñoz RF & Shumway M.. (1990).. Depression prevention research: The need for screening scales that truly predict.. In: C Attkisson & J Zich (Eds.. Depression in primary care: Screening and detection.. New York: Routledge, pp.. 232-250.. Perez-Stable EJ, Miranda J, Muñoz RF & Ying YW.. Depression in medical outpatients: Underrecognition and misdiagnosis.. Archives of Internal Medicine,.. 150(5): 1083-1088.. Miranda J, Perez-Stable EJ, Muñoz RF, Hargreaves W, & Henke CJ.. (1991).. Somatization, psychiatric disorder and stress in utilization of ambulatory medical services.. Health Psychology,.. 10: 46-51.. Muñoz RF & Ying YW.. (1993).. The Prevention of Depression.. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press.. The prevention of depression: Current research and practice.. Applied & Preventive Psychology,.. 2:21-33.. Hall SM, Muñoz RF, Reus VI, & Sees KL.. Nicotine, negative effect, and depression.. Journal of Clinical and Consulting Psychology,.. 61: 761-767.. Hall SM, Muñoz RF, & Reus VI.. (1994).. Cognitive-behavioral intervention increases abstinence rates for depressive-history smokers.. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology,.. 62(1): 141-146.. Miranda J & Muñoz RF.. Intervention for minor depression in primary care patients.. Psychosomatic Medicine,.. 56(2): 136-142.. Muñoz RF, Hollon SD, McGrath E, Rehm LP & VandenBos GR.. On the AHCPR  ...   and English-language voice recognition.. J of Consulting Clinical Psychology, 67(4), 502-10.. Tsoh JY, Humfleet GL, Muñoz RF, Reus VI, Hartz DT Hall SM (2000).. Development of major depression after treatment for smoking cessation.. American Journal of Psychiatry, 157, 368-74.. Hall SM, Humfleet GL, Reus VI, Muñoz RF, Hartz DT, Maude-Griffin R (2002).. Psychological intervention and antidepressant treatment in smoking cessation.. Arch Gen Psychiatry; 59(10):930-6.. Muñoz RF, Le HN, Clarke G Jaycox L (2002).. Preventing the onset of major depression.. In IH Gotlib CL Hammen (Eds.. Handbook of Depression (pp.. 343-359).. New York, NY: Guilford Press.. Lenert L, Muñoz RF, Stoddard J, Delucchi K, Bansod A, Skoczen S, Perez-Stable EJ (2003).. Design and pilot evaluation of an internet smoking cessation program.. J Am Med Inform Assoc.. ; 10(1):16-20.. Haas AL, Muñoz RF, Humfleet GL, Reus VI, Hall SM (2004).. Influences of mood, depression history, and treatment modality on outcomes in smoking cessation.. J Consult Clin Psychol.. ; 72(4):563-70.. Le HN, Muñoz RF, Soto J, Delucchi K, Ghosh Ippen C (2004).. Identification of risk for onset of major depressive episodes during pregnancy and postpartum.. Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences, 26(4), 463-482.. Urizar GG Jr, Milazzo M, Le HN, Delucchi K, Sotelo R, Muñoz RF (2004).. Impact of stress reduction instructions on stress and cortisol levels during pregnancy.. Biol Psychol.. ; 67(3):275-82.. Lenert L, Muñoz RF, Perez JE, Bansod A (2004).. Automated e-mail messaging as a tool for improving quit rates in an internet smoking cessation intervention.. ; 11(4):235-40.. Hall SM, Humfleet GL, Reus VI, Muñoz RF, Cullen J (2004).. Extended nortriptyline and psychological treatment for cigarette smoking.. Am J Psychiatry; 161(11):2100-7.. Stoddard J, Delucchi K, Muñoz R, Collins N, Stable EP, Augustson E, Lenert L (2005).. Smoking cessation research via the internet: a feasibility study.. J Health Commun.. ; 10(1):27-41.. Hall SM, Lightwood JM, Humfleet G, Bostrom A, Reus VI, Muñoz R (2005).. Cost-effectiveness of bupropion, nortriptyline, and psychological intervention in smoking cessation.. Journal of Behavioral Health Services Research, 32, 381-392.. Muñoz RF Mendelson T (2005).. Toward evidence-based interventions for diverse populations: The San Francisco General Hospital prevention and treatment manuals.. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 73, 790-799.. Humfleet GL, Prochaska JJ, Mengis M, Cullen J, Muñoz R, Reus V, Hall SM (2005).. Preliminary evidence of the association between the history of childhood attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and smoking treatment failure.. Nicotine Tob Res.. 7(3):453-60.. Muñoz RF, Lenert LL, Delucchi K, Stoddard J, Pérez JE, Penilla C, Pérez-Stable EJ (2006).. Toward evidence-based Internet interventions: A Spanish/English Web site for international smoking cessation trials.. Nicotine Tobacco Research, 8(1): 77-87.. Hall SM, Gorecki JA, Reus VI, Humfleet GL, Muñoz RF (2007).. Belief about drug assignment and abstinence in treatment of cigarette smoking using nortriptyline.. Nicotine Tobacco Research, 9(4): 467-71.. Barrera AZ, Torres LD, Muñoz RF (2007).. Prevention of depression: the state of the science at the beginning of the 21st Century.. Int Rev Psychiatry.. 19(6): 655-70.. Muñoz RF, Le HN, Ghosh Ippen C, Diaz MA, Urizar GG, Soto J, Mendelson T, Delucchi K, Lieberman AF (in press).. Prevention of postpartum depression in low-income women: Development of the Mamás y Bebés/Mothers and Babies Course.. Cognitive and Behavioral Practice.. Hall SM, Humfleet GL, Gorecki JA, Muñoz RF, Reus VI Prochaska JJ (in press).. Older versus younger treatment-seeking smokers: Differences in smoking behavior, drug and alcohol use, and psychosocial and physical functioning.. Nicotine and Tobacco Research..

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