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  • Title: Botany Department - Home
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Our mission.. is to discover, maintain, and transmit knowledge concerning basic plant biology and provide leadership in the biological sciences.. Students and researchers.. have access to leading-edge.. microscopy facilities.. , an 8,000 square foot.. greenhouse complex.. , a unique APGII-organized.. garden.. , and the.. Wisconsin State Herbarium.. 's 1,000,000 specimens.. Our degree programs offer studies in molecular, genetic, cellular, and developmental biology, through physiology, structural botany, molecular systematics, taxonomy, ecology, ethnobotany and evolution.. Visitors.. to this site will find.. botanical resources.. for identifying plant species and for growing plants in the greenhouse and garden.. This site also offers images of plants, algae and fungi, and a wealth of information for research, classroom and personal education.. Birge Hall.. Home of the department near the center of campus (.. see map.. )..  ...   Facilities.. Newcomb Imaging Center.. Arboretum.. Botany Art Studio.. What we offer.. Botanical Resources.. Current Events.. Calendar.. Outreach Store.. Botany.. Web.. News.. Ken Cameron receives Peter Raven Award.. _____________.. New Microscope for Botany's Newcomb Imaging Center.. Seeded with a generous gift, Botanists busied to upgrade microscopy equipment in the NIC.. Botany class travels to end of the world and back.. Chile trip inspires students.. Biology Colloquium.. Botany/Zoology Colloquia and Seminars.. Alumni.. Discover ways to keep connected on the.. Alumni page.. Gift Giving.. Opportunities.. to support the Department of Botany.. connect with us on:.. Facebook.. YouTube.. File last updated: September 05, 2014.. Feedback, questions or accessibility issues:.. webmaster@botany.. wisc.. edu.. Copyright 2014 Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System.. UW-Department of Botany.. 430 Lincoln Drive.. Madison, WI 53706.. (608) 262-1057.. FAX (608) 262-7509..

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  • Title: Newcomb Imaging Center
    Descriptive info: NIC Home.. Dept.. of Botany.. UW-Madison.. Instrumentation.. People & Projects.. Workshop & Talks.. Using the NIC.. Featured Images.. NIC Access Form (PDF).. Professor Emeritus Dr.. Eldon Newcomb.. The Newcomb Imaging Center.. The Newcomb Imaging Center (NIC) is a multi-user research center in the Department of Botany offering expertise, instruction, and instrumentation in modern microscopy to the research community at the University of Wisconsin - Madison.. Current research in the NIC covers a broad range of plant biology topics including calcium signaling, tropism responses, mechanical signaling, embryo development, leaf development, hormone signaling, pollen phenotyping, protein degradation, and membrane dynamics.. Additionally, NIC  ...   synthetic materials.. NIC users not only include the faculty, staff, students, and visiting scientists from the Department of Botany but also researchers from the Genetics, Horticulture, Biochemistry, Soil Science, Bacteriology, Bioengineering, Physics, and Agronomy Departments, plus non-UW research groups such as the USDA Forest Products Lab.. In addition to research, Botany faculty regularly use the NIC for microscopy demonstrations and a plant imaging course is taught in the NIC by Botany faculty and staff.. Researchers in the Newcomb Imaging Center examine a sample using the confocal laser scanning microscope.. Webmaster.. 2014 Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System..

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  • Title: Untitled Document
    Descriptive info: |.. University of Wisconsin-Madison.. |.. Botany Greenhouse.. Location.. Guidelines.. Service Request.. Collections.. Tour Request.. Greenhouse Photos.. Credits.. Become a Friend.. The.. has served as a laboratory of learning and oasis of tranquility for generations of University of Wisconsin-Madison students.. The eight rooms, encompassing 8,000 square feet, located north of University Avenue and bounded by Chamberlain, Lathrop and Birge Halls, features more than 1,000 species comprising distinct aquatic, desert and tropical communities.. The Department of Botany and other university departments make extensive use of the greenhouse.. This is a working facility, permitting UW faculty and students to undertake a  ...   teaching and research interests, the greenhouse is an aesthetic resource for students and the community.. Botany staff assist numerous visitors seeking advice on plants for their homes and gardens; during winter months, the facility is used as a setting for art students; the greenhouse serves touring school childern, in whom the seeds of environmental stewardship are first planted.. Within an increasingly urbanized environment, the botany greenhouse has become refuge of greenery and serenity.. Comments, Questions, Desire to Support:.. Contact Dr.. Mo Fayyaz, Greenhouse/Garden Director.. Copyright 2009The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System.. File last updated: 2014..

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  • Title: Untitled Document
    Descriptive info: University of Wisconsin-Madison.. | Botany Plant Growth Facilities.. Botanical Garden.. College of Letters and Science.. Botany Department.. Introduction.. History.. Garden Arts.. Garden Photos..

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  • Title: Botany Department - Botanical Resources
    Descriptive info: Plant Ecology Lab.. John T.. Curtis founded the PEL to quantitatively describe on Wisconsin's plant communities and test how species respond to gradients in their environment.. Current researchers are using these baseline data to study the causes and consequences of ecological change in Wisconsin.. Includes legacy data, maps, description of community types, and links to past and current publications and contributors.. WisFlora.. Taxonomic reference for Wisconsin's vascular plant species; includes photos, habitat information, distribution maps, herbarium specimen data and more.. Image Collections.. General botany images, trees, fungi and other material.. An excellent teaching resource.. File last updated: January 11, 2010..

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  • Title: Botany Department - Donald M. Waller
    Descriptive info: Chair of Botany, Professor of Botany and Environmental Studies.. Ph.. D.. (1978) Princeton University.. 232 Birge Hall.. 608-263-2042.. dmwaller@wisc.. edu.. The evolution of plant life histories and mating systems; rare plant demography and genetics; impacts of deer browsing on forest communities.. Waller Lab.. Research Interests.. Conservation biologists seek to discover mechanisms that threaten the persistence of native species and communities, and to use this knowledge to implement effective conservation strategies.. We use the tools of plant demography, community ecology, and population genetics to investigate plant population and community dynamics.. On a coarse scale, we are interested in tracking how forest herb communities are changing over time and space.. Using a unique historical data set collected by John Curtis and colleagues, we are tracking 50 year shifts in plant community composition, structure, and diversity.. We are particularly interested in patterns of community impoverishment and homogenization, and how the invasion of the region by exotic species is affecting native plant diversity and abundance.. On a fine scale, we study how demography and genetics influence the dynamics and persistence of rare species like.. Pedicularis furbishiae.. ,.. Aconitum novaboracense.. Cirsium pitcherii,.. and.. Polygonella basiramea.. We are interested in  ...   including the accumulation of deleterious mutations (increasing the genetic load) and the increased expression of these mutations upon inbreeding (inbreeding depression).. While inbred populations may eliminate some of their load via selection against deleterious recessive alleles, such purging may be inefficient in small populations with a history of inbreeding.. In lab experiments with the fast-cycling annual.. Brassica rapa.. , we are attempting to track how the genetic load shifts in response to population size and levels of inbreeding.. Evaluating how much purging occurs in small inbred populations compliments existing theory and enhances our understanding of the short-term dynamics of mating system evolution and the genetic hazards faced by small populations.. We also study how high densities of white-tailed deer are affecting populations of sensitive herbaceous and woody species.. Much of this work centers on.. Tsuga canadensis.. (an old-growth dominant in the region),.. Thuja occidentalis.. (an important community type), and.. Trillium grandiflorum.. (a charismatic woodland wildflower).. We use the tools of demography and experimental exclosures to assess how seedling recruitment relates to local site conditions and deer densities.. Such data are vital for making ecologically informed deer management decisions.. File last updated: August 21, 2012..

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  • Title: Botany Department - Who we are
    Descriptive info: Meet the Faculty.. Staff Directories.. Contact Us.. File last updated: October 01, 2009..

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  • Title: Botany Department - Meet the Faculty
    Descriptive info: Ané Lab.. Cécile Ané.. Associate Professor of Botany and Statistics.. 341 Birge Hall.. 608-262-6820.. ane@stat.. Molecular evolution, Statistical inference with phylogenetic sequence data, Computational biology.. Baum Lab.. David A.. Baum.. Professor of Botany.. 340 Birge Hall.. 608-265-5385.. dbaum@wisc.. Molecular systematics; plant developmental evolution; conceptual issues in evolution and systematics.. Cameron Lab.. Kenneth M.. Cameron.. Professor of Botany Director, WIS State Herbarium.. 154 Birge Hall.. 608-265-9237.. kmcameron@wisc.. Systematics of Orchidaceae, Smilacaceae, Cactaceae, carnivorous plants; evolution of epiphytes; comparative morphology and anatomy, DNA barcoding, floristics, conservation.. Emshwiller Lab.. Eve Emshwiller.. Associate Professor of Botany.. 321 Birge Hall.. 608-890-1170.. emshwiller [AT] wisc [DOT] edu.. Ethnobotany and systematics: domestication and evolution of crop plants; conservation of genetic diversity of crops and their wild relatives; evolution of polyploidy and of clonally-propagated crops.. Fernandez Lab.. Donna E.. Fernandez.. B215 Birge Hall.. 608-262-9033.. dfernand@wisc.. Plant cell and developmental biology, molecular aspects of plant reproduction.. Gilroy Lab.. Simon Gilroy.. B117 Birge Hall.. 608-262-4009.. sgilroy@wisc.. Plant cell biology; signal transduction; lipid signaling; tip growth; tropisms.. Givnish Lab.. Thomas J.. Givnish.. Henry Allan Gleason Professor of Botany and Environmental Studies.. 315 Birge Hall.. 608-262-5718.. givnish@wisc.. Plant ecology and evolution; adaptive radiation and molecular systematics; phylogeography; physiological ecology; landscape dynamics.. Graham Lab.. Linda  ...   A.. Maeda.. Assistant Professor of Botany.. Birge B217.. 608-262-5833.. maeda2@wisc.. Plant biochemistry and physiology; Aromatic amino acid biosynthesis and its regulation; Plant metabolic engineering for human health and sustainable bioenergy production.. McCulloh Lab.. Kate McCulloh.. 344 Birge Hall.. 608-890-3042.. kmcculloh@wisc.. Whole-plant ecological physiology; long distance water transport; plant responses to drought and other abiotic stresses.. Otegui Lab.. Marisa S.. Otegui.. B119 Birge Hall.. 608-265-5703.. otegui@wisc.. Cell biology; intracellular membrane traffic; cytokinesis; endosperm development.. Spalding Lab.. Edgar P.. Spalding.. B135 Birge Hall.. 608-265-5294.. spalding@wisc.. Transport of ions including auxin; photomorphogenesis; phenotype frameworks.. Sytsma Lab.. Kenneth J.. Sytsma.. 250 Birge Hall.. 608-262-4490.. kjsytsma@wisc.. Molecular systematics of vascular plants (Ericales, Myrtales, Onagraceae, Bromeliaceae, and Lamiaceae); Angiosperm Tree of Life; Biogeography; Adaptive radiations on islands.. 232 Birge Hall.. 608-263-2042.. The evolution of plant life histories and mating systems; rare plant demography and genetics; impacts of deer browsing on forest communities.. Zedler Lab.. Joy B.. Zedler.. Professor of Botany and Aldo Leopold Chair in Restoration Ecology.. 302 Birge Hall.. 608-262-8629.. jbzedler@wisc.. Restoration ecology; wetland ecology; reestablishment of rare plants; interactions of native and rare species; adaptive management.. Information about affiliate faculty who can also serve as graduate trainers is available.. here.. File last updated: September 26, 2009..

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  • Title: Botany Department - Staff Directories
    Descriptive info: The.. Faculty.. Department.. Staff.. Faculty Affliliates.. Graduate Students.. Research Staff.. Honorary Fellows.. Emeritus Faculty Staff.. Helpful Phone Numbers.. The Faculty.. (back to top).. Name.. Position.. Office.. Phone (608).. Email.. Ané, Cécile.. associate professor.. 341.. 262-6820.. Baum, David A.. professor.. 340.. 265-7929.. Cameron, Kenneth M.. 154.. 265-9237.. Emshwiller, Eve.. 321.. 890-1170.. emshwiller wisc edu.. Fernandez, Donna E.. B215.. 262-9033.. Gilroy, Simon J.. professor.. B117.. 262-4009.. Givnish, Thomas J.. 315.. 262-5718.. Graham, Linda E.. 211.. 262-2640.. Hotchkiss, Sara C.. associate professor.. 353.. 265-6751.. Larget, Bret R.. 241.. 265-6799.. Maeda, Hiroshi A.. assistant professor.. B217.. 262-5833.. McCulloh, Kate.. 334.. 890-3042.. kmcculloh at wisc.. Otegui, Marisa S.. B119.. 265-5703.. Spalding, Edgar P.. B135.. 265-5294.. Sytsma, Kenneth J.. 250.. 262-4490.. Waller, Donald M.. 232.. 263-2042.. Zedler, Joy B.. 302.. 262-8629.. Department Staff.. Adams, James.. Research Gardener.. 263-2033.. jladams1@wisc.. Clayton, Mike.. Botany 130 Coordinator; Instructional Specialist Faculty Associate.. 262-2333.. clayton@wisc.. Diosana, Carmela.. Graduate Program Coordinator.. 262-0476.. ccdiosana@wisc.. Faust, Janice.. Accountant.. 262-1058.. jlfaust@wisc.. Fayyaz, Mo.. Greenhouse/Garden Director.. mmfayyaz@wisc.. Feist, Mary Ann.. Herbarium Curator.. 262-2792.. mfeist@wisc.. Friedrich, Sarah.. Media Specialist.. 262-3513.. scwillert@wisc.. Fry, Tricia.. 460 Coordinator.. tfry@wisc.. Goldstein, Steve.. Research Computing Facilitator.. 263-5944.. sgoldstein@wisc.. Mayes, Henry.. IT.. hmayes@wisc.. Olson Paul, Julie.. Payroll/Benefits Specialist.. 262-8010.. jkolson2@wisc.. Rezabek, Cheryl.. Department Administrator.. 262-2092.. crezabek@wisc.. Streekstra, Cara.. Horticultural Technician.. 262-2033.. streekstra@wisc.. Swanson, Sarah.. Director, Newcomb Imaging Center.. 262-4008.. swanson.. sj@gmail.. com.. Trest, Marie.. Botany 100, 330, 332 Coordinator.. 262-7475.. mttrest@wisc.. Vogtschaller, Jeff.. Instrumentation Specialist Building Manager.. 235-7687.. vogtschaller@wisc.. Walters, Kirsten.. University Services Associate 2.. 262-1057.. walters4@wisc.. Wetter, Mark.. Sr.. Academic Curator.. 262-5109.. mawetter@wisc.. Will-Wolf, Susan.. Lecturer, Associate Scientist.. 262-2754.. swwolf@wisc.. Wirth, Patricia.. Greenhouse/Gardener.. 263-2033.. Faculty Affiliates.. Home Department.. Richard Amasino.. Biochemistry.. 265-2170.. amasino@biochem.. Johanne Brunet.. Entomology.. 265-3587.. jbrunet@wisc.. David Spooner.. Horticulture.. 890-0309.. david.. spooner@ars.. usda.. gov.. Alex Wiedenhoeft.. USDA Forest Products Laboratory.. 231-9384.. acwieden@wisc.. Paul Zedler.. The Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies.. 265-8018.. phzedler@wisc.. Name.. Advisor / program.. Email.. Anderson, Stacy.. saanderson6@wisc.. Arevalo, Rafael.. Cameron / Botany.. arevaloburba@wisc.. Ash, Jeremy.. Waller.. jash2@wisc.. Berg, Michael.. mberg6@wisc.. Barrett, Kevin.. kdbarrett2@wisc.. Bradbury, Elizabeth Jane.. Emshwiller / Botany.. ebradbury@wisc.. Brunner, Rachael.. Hotchkiss.. rlbrunner@wisc.. Buono, Rafael.. Otegui / Botany.. 890-0299.. buono@wisc.. Chanoca, Alexandra.. 262-4008.. chanoca@wisc.. Chittu Rajangam, Pulikesi.. Baum / PBG.. chitturajang@wisc.. Chung, Yujin.. Ané / Statistics.. 262-8012.. ychung22@wisc.. Ding, Xinxin.. Otegui.. xding4@wisc.. Doherty, James.. Zedler / Botany.. jdoherty2@wisc.. Doucette, Alfonso.. Cameron.. adoucette@wisc.. Drummond, Chloe.. Baum.. cdrummond@wisc.. Ederer, Shana.. Hotchkiss / Botany.. 262-0657.. sederer@wisc.. Eifler, Evan.. Givnish / Botany.. eeifler@wisc.. Gagne, Maegan.. McCulloh / Botany.. magagne@wisc.. Galleguillos Katz, Nicolas.. galleguillos@wisc..  ...   Botany.. jzaborsky@wisc.. Zuluaga Trochez, Alejandro.. zuluagatroch@wisc.. Position - Lab.. Alverson, Bil.. Data/Lab Manager - Waller.. Senior Scientist - Cameron.. 287-6865.. walverson@wisc.. Ames, Mercedes.. Postdoc - Givnish.. 265-5473.. amessevillan@wisc.. Andrew, Carrie.. lecturer - Botany 332.. cjandrew@mtu.. Barker, Richard.. Research Assoc.. - Gilroy.. rjbarker2@wisc.. Choi, Won-Gyu.. Postdoc - Gilroy.. wgchoi@wisc.. Deslauriers, Stephen.. Postdoc - Spalding.. 265-5295.. sdeslauriers@wisc.. Falbel, Tanya.. Asst.. Scientist - Gilroy.. tgfalbel@wisc.. Jeraj, Marjeta.. Scientist - Hotchkiss.. mjeraj@isc.. Johnson, Logan.. Programmer - Spalding.. loganjohnson@botany.. Miller, Nathan.. Scientist - Spalding.. ndmiller@wisc.. Rabier, Charles-Elie.. - Ané.. 265-8765.. rabier@stat.. Reyes, Francisca.. Postdoc - Otegui.. 890-0299.. fcreyes@wisc.. Robinson, Myles.. Researh Assoc.. - Zedler.. merobinson3@wisc.. Roschzttardtz, Hannetz.. hroschzttardtz@glbrc.. Rudd, Kelsey.. Research Specialist - Spalding.. kels.. rudd@gmail.. Spitzer, Christoph.. spitzer2@wisc.. Splitt, Bessie.. blsplitt@wisc.. Stanga, John.. Postdoc - Baum.. jpstanga@wisc.. Taylor, Isaiah.. Assoc.. Research Specialist - Fernandez.. 265-3404.. iwtaylor@wisc.. Toyota, Masatsugu.. Postdoc Research Assoc.. - Gilroy.. mtoyota@wisc.. Toyota, Satoe.. stoyota@wisc.. Tweiten, Michael.. Postdoc - Hotchkiss.. matweinten@wisc.. Vincill, Eric.. Postdoc - Spalding.. vincill@wisc.. Wu, Guosheng.. guoshengwu@wisc.. Yoshihara, Takeshi.. yoshihara@wisc.. Sponsor.. Anderson, Craig.. 262-2792.. craig.. anderson@dnr.. state.. wi.. us.. Bennett, James P.. 262-5489.. jpbennet@wisc.. Boyle, Owen.. owen.. boyle@dnr.. Chesnik, Joby.. ice_sk8tes@yahoo.. Davis, Jerry.. sivadjam@mhtc.. net.. Fulton, Mark.. mfulton@bemidjistate.. Gonsiska, Philip.. Givnish.. gonsiska@wisc.. Gonzalez, Luz Maria.. clethra@compuserve.. Graham, James.. jgraham@wisc.. Groff, Paul.. groffco@gmail.. Hapeman, Jeffrey.. 265-3348.. jhapeman@students.. Hipp, Andrew.. ahipp@mortonarb.. org.. Jung, Rudolf.. jungrudolf@hotmail.. Lynch, Elizabeth.. ealynch2@wisc.. Martinez, Dana.. demartinez@wisc.. Nash, Tom.. 262-5489.. Rogers, David.. darogers@wisc.. Sanders, Suzanne.. Schuurman, Gregor.. schuurman@wisc.. Smith, Galen.. sgsmith2@wisc.. Spooner, David.. dspooner@wisc.. Whitlock, Barbara.. whitlock@bio.. miami.. Wiedenhoeft, Alex.. Wiemann, Michael.. mwiemann@fs.. fed.. Wilcox, Lee.. lwwilcox@wisc.. Yoshitani, Jun.. bioanden@sbcglobal.. Zimmerman, Elizabeth.. ehzimmer@wisc.. Adams, Michael S.. Professor Emeritus.. msadams@wisc.. Allen, Timothy F.. H.. Professor Emeritus.. tfallen@wisc.. Cochrane, Ted.. Herbarium Curator Emeritus.. tscochra@wisc.. Derouen, Diane C.. Lab Manager I Emerita.. dderouen@wisc.. Eichhorn, Susan E.. Research Program Manager Emerita.. eichhorn@wisc.. Elliot.. , Kandis.. Senior Artist Emerita.. keelliot@wisc.. Erlenborn, Barbara.. Department Administrator Emerita.. bjerlenb@wisc.. Evert, Ray F.. rfevert@wisc.. Helgeson, John.. Iltis, Hugh H.. swis@charter.. Kowal, Robert R.. rrkowal@wisc.. Leonard, Thomas J.. tjleonard@wisc.. Newcomb, Eldon H.. (area code 608).. Botany Department Administrator.. Botany Office, 132 Birge.. 262-1057.. Botany Accounting.. Botany Payroll Benefits.. 262-1058.. Botany Chair.. 262-9991.. Botany Greenhouses.. Wisconsin State Herbarium.. Botany Art Studio.. 262-3513.. Biology Library.. 262-2740.. Botany Graduate Coordinator.. Botany Network Administrator Webmaster.. 515-8777.. Botany Bldg Mgr/Shop/Instr Specialist.. Botany FAX.. 262-7509.. Botany conference room, 345 Birge Hall.. 890-0316.. Zoology office.. 262-2648.. Biol Sci Advisor.. 262-6836.. Biology Major office.. 262-9690.. DoIT Help Line.. 264-4357.. LSS Help Line.. 263-5000.. File last updated: February 01, 2010..

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  • Title: Botany Department - Contact Us
    Descriptive info: Botany Office.. Department of Botany.. 430 Lincoln Drive.. Tel: (608) 262-1057.. Fax: (608) 262-7509.. Cheryl Rezabek.. (608) 262-2092.. Department Chair.. (608) 263-2042.. Andrea Herr-Turoff.. amherrturoff@wisc.. (608) 262-0476.. File last updated: January 17, 2012..

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  • Title: Botany Department - What we do
    Descriptive info: Research Overview.. Undergraduate Study.. Graduate Program.. Botany Courses.. File last updated: August 07, 2009..

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