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    Archived pages: 4 . Archive date: 2014-09.

  • Title: Redirecting to SAMSPortal
    Descriptive info: ..

    Original link path: /
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  • Title: Load SAMS
    Descriptive info: Launch Pad.. SAMS Launch Pad.. To launch this application please click here:..

    Original link path: /SAMSPortal/html/index.html
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  • Title: SAMS Login
    Descriptive info: LOGIN.. User Login.. Username:.. Password:.. FERPA Disclaimer.. By logging in you acknowledge that you are attempting to access information that is protected by Federal Privacy Law.. Disclosure to unauthorized parties violates the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).. When accessing the system, you must access only that information needed to complete your assigned or authorized task.. You may communicate the information only to other parties authorized to have access in accordance with the provisions of FERPA.. If you have forgotten your password,.. please contact your System Administrator..

    Original link path: /SAMSPortal/html/digitalSamsLogin.jsp
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  • Title:
    Descriptive info: Error - xml request was not passed from your browser to the server..

    Original link path: /SAMSPortal/html/controller.jsp
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    Archived pages: 4