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  • Title: Etchno
    Descriptive info: .. Toggle navigation.. Poster.. Festival.. Facebook.. Festival.. summary.. and.. touring.. artists.. Attend.. our.. facebook.. event.. Etchno neonative festival has arrived to raise awareness and firsthand connections to the Baltic and neighboring cultures; drawing from ancient and modern values and synthesizing in the form of a concert recital.. It’s no news that the north-east European tribes have been specifically vocal in reaching their goals.. The real issue that hasn’t gathered nearly enough resonance is the fact that our elder aboriginal cultures are rapidly declining.. Raising this issue in wider society is essential to finding a solution - the problem lies in certain issues regarding the compatibility and accessibility of academic models, so the purpose here is to interpret the information for a wider audience.. The farthest-reaching media strategy towards spreading native culture is to introduce it through the platform of modern aesthetics - in this case, electronic music.. Artists chosen from Baltic and neighbouring countries will devise a diverse and captivating dancefloor composition based on thrilling treatments of our primal roots culture.. Several emissaries of various legacies will collaborate to produce dynamic concert material so that no one recital copies the others too closely.. Reverberations of native cultures presented on the festival include tribal Estonian, Tuvan, Sámi and Livonian origins.. The format of the festival mimics the movement patterns of nomadic lineages that establish the cultural and physical well-being of the tribe.. Artists have been handpicked specifically in terms of their ethnofuturistic orientation in order to ensure a competent and comprehensive experience, arousing an immediate interest and dialogue in local folklore.. Day program starts at afternoon hours and is compiled of local DJ-s playing soothing digestion soundtrack & local grassroots power snacks and fresh pressed cocktails.. The call of the owl gives way to the concert program, of which you  ...   techno piece with awkward vocals during morning hours and later tell you it was a twohundred years old ritual recording played with handicraft bells & reindeer skin drums.. Turns out 144 bpm is in our blood.. Vejopatis LIVE ( Cold Tear , LT ).. Nikolaj recently stepped into the picture with his second LP Medziu Aidai -- Echoes of the Trees.. They say he went into the forest and started handsawing records from tree trunks, then dipping them into the salty seawater.. His handicraft Baltic sea goddess non-ambient record amassed a surprising following in the Baltic scene, offering interviews and local performances of his musical creation.. We are happy to present his first foreign visit, offering him the precise format that would push him further on the way his heart chose for him.. Siprut LIVE ( Qunabu , Smokin Sessions , RU ).. Sasha started his journey playing rumbling bassmusic for the St.. Petersburg youth, but quickly tore himself from the facade-driven scene by his hair and decided to plant himself into the bright & peaceful russian forest instead.. There he discovered his roots grew into the ancient Tuva tribal culture.. The russian alchemist started boiling up a concoction of primeval forest techno & Tuvan throat singing, taking his cues from local animal-minimal legend OAK and overtoning sensei Huun Huur Tu.. Rajaleidja LIVE ( Väli , EE ).. Joel Tammik is the wise man of estonian dubtechno.. He's from the age of all the contemporary estonian sound emissaries, and he's been collecting and building analogue equipment ever since he was born -- computers were magical creatures back then so he combined a synth using parts of a transistor radio & a giant harvester.. Appearently breezy sundried hay-pressed techno is in this summer.. Day program free entry, moonlight concert 5.. -..

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