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  • Title: Leinonen Estonia
    Descriptive info: .. In English.. In Estonian.. In Finnish.. Home Page.. News.. Services.. About Us.. Contacts.. Events.. Interested in doing.. business in Estonia?.. Read more.. Accountants advisors.. at your service.. We help companies.. succeed in challenging markets.. Outsource accounting and.. concentrate on core business.. High Quality Accounting Professional Advisory.. We are serving an increasing number of international companies.. in Estonia.. Proper accounting practices and good advice help your company be successful and safe from any unpleasant surprises.. No matter whether you are an international company or a local one-man firm, we would like to work with you.. Every client is important to us, regardless of size, turnover or sphere of activity of the client’s business.. We join the cumulative knowledge of 25 well trained and experienced specialists to offer you solutions for all kinds of financial matters.. We have liability insurance that safeguards our clients.. Read more.. We are ISO 9001 Certified Partner.. Leinonen Estonia  ...   in Estonia (§ 7) is required to submit a signed copy of the annual report of its permanent establishment to the Tax and Customs Board within six months following the end of the financial year (Subsection 55 (2) of the Income Tax Act.. ›.. About the Company.. Leinonen is a professional and reliable accounting service provider in Estonian market.. The Tallinn Office is part of an international accounting and advisory company.. Leinonen Group.. Reliable Professionals.. Experience brings confidence.. We have operated in the region for almost 20 years.. We have in-depth knowledge of these challenging markets and want to help you discover their full potential.. Contact Us.. Dedicated Customer Service.. At Leinonen every customer is always served by a professional accountant with good communication skills and all the necessary company support functions available.. Read more about.. Our Service.. s.. :.. © 2014 Leinonen Estonia.. Põhja pst.. 25.. 10415 Tallinn.. contact@leinonen.. ee.. +372 6117 700..

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  • Title: News | Leinonen Estonia
    Descriptive info: The Newsroom.. About.. This is the place to find.. Leinonen Estonia.. news.. We also write about the accounting industry and everything interesting connected to Baltic markets.. News 2014.. News 2013.. News 2012.. News 2011.. News 2010.. News 2009.. Read more ›.. Share on Facebook.. Share on Google+.. Share on Twitter.. Changes in Leinonen Estonia personnel.. Aug 28.. Starting 1.. 08.. 2014 new manager for Leinonen Estonia is Kaire Rebane.. Starting 8.. 2014 new internal controller and member of Advisory Team for Leinonen Group is Alla Devadze.. Legal Advisory Services.. Leinonen Estonia is glad to announce that starting from summer 2014 Leinonen Estonia provides legal advisory services.. We are ready to assist you in everyday legal matters and provide legal assistance.. Starting this Summer Leinonen Estonia offers Transfer Pricing Service.. Leinonen Transfer Pricing Service can help clients to manage their risks of taxation uncertainty and cross-border transactions tax effectively.. The Estonian transfer pricing legislation is effective as of 1 January 2007, amended as of 1 January 2011 regarding the part of regulations concerning related parties.. New Appendix to the value added tax return starting from 1.. 11.. 2014.. Starting from 1.. 2014 there is a new Appendix for VAT that needs to filed to Estonian Tax Office on monthly base.. On that Appendix must be reported all transactions with your business partners with whom your transactions exceed in one month 1000 euros (net amount).. Changes in personal car compensation starting 1.. 09.. As of 1 September, it will no longer be possible to pay the personal car compensation of 64 euros per month.. tax-free without keeping records.. Clause 13 (3) 2) will be amended as follows with the Income Tax Act Amendment Act (draft 643 SEI) that will enter into  ...   markets: Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.. Some of the reasons described were of course the easiness of setting up and doing business, common currency, open borders, and growing GDP.. Invitation to the international markets seminars.. Mar 14.. We invite all business operators, interested in international business, to the seminar room in our office building at Malminkaari 23A in Helsinki.. to listen to an overview by Leinonen and its cooperation partners on starting and doing business on international markets.. 1/04/2014 in Central Europe – Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria.. 8/04/2014 in Scandinavia – Sweden, Norway.. 15/04/2014 in the Baltic States – Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania.. 29/04/2014 in Russia and Ukraine.. Topics: business environment, taxes and establishment of companies, accounting, payroll accounting, reporting.. The event will be held in Finnish and is free of charge.. New common labour force register in Estonia.. Mar 13.. On 21 January 2014, the Parliament (.. Riigikogu.. ) of the Republic of Estonia adopted the Taxation Act and an act amending other related legislative acts (.. 507 SE.. ) pursuant to which a register will be established by 1 July of this year that will collect employment-related information and by which all employees must be registered before they start their employment.. Annual report as your company’s business card.. The time when companies start preparing their annual reports is approaching.. Sometimes, it seems that smaller companies consider preparing the annual report a rather bothersome and financially expensive obligation because they must pay more to the accountant for preparing the report.. It is a well-known fact that an annual report mainly comprises two reports, i.. e.. management report and annual accounts.. The annual accounts are accompanied by a set of notes that refer to the balance sheet, income statement or cash flow statement..

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  • Title: Services | Leinonen Estonia
    Descriptive info: Our Services.. Accounting.. Accounting at Estonia.. Payroll Management.. Payroll at Estonia.. Advisory.. Administration.. Supportive Services.. World-class accounting, payroll management, advisory, and administration services.. Leinonen.. offers services that enable companies to successfully conduct international business.. We are specialists in.. accounting.. who can handle any industry related questions and offer unique possibilities for outsourcing.. Moreover, Leinonen takes care of.. payroll management.. issues and provides professional.. advice.. related to accounting and international business operations.. Various.. administrative.. services are also part of our service selection.. serves mainly international clients of all sizes.. The Tallinn Office belongs to the international accounting and advisory company.. Strong customer focus.. Our service is customer oriented.. This means that despite each company having its own needs, Leinonen always develops a service package uniquely tailored to the requirements of the customer.. Our customers receive a professional and personal service in regard to all accountancy related questions.. Our strength is our well-trained and experienced staff, whose aim it is to maintain mutually beneficial international customer relationships.. The quality of Leinonen services.. are constantly improved.. Leinonen Estonia has achieved ISO 9001:2008 certificate of quality by Bureau Veritas.. This certificate assures high quality standards of accounting services and customer service that we are meeting in our activities.. Outsource – Concentrate on core business..  ...   us on your accountancy needs prevents you from making mistakes in accountancy related issues and allows you therefore to concentrate on your core business.. We are always abreast of developments in the industry and working with us thus saves you time and energy.. The benefits of outsourcing accounting are for example:.. Uninterrupted accounting 365 days per year.. No employee sick leaves, holidays or maternity breaks.. Top quality services at reasonable price.. Up-to-date understanding of local bureaucracy and business law.. Financially valuable information available on demand.. Reports and Financial Statements on time.. Possibility to concentrate on developing other areas of successful business.. Accountants and advisors at your service.. The problems expanding businesses experience in new markets are often related to cultural and business administration differences between countries.. Although the common regulations in the European Union make the business environment in our service region more stable, the accounting standards, laws, rules and best management practices still vary greatly.. All Leinonen offices are adapted to local business conditions and possess the latest knowledge of the industry.. Our managers and accountants are familiar with a number of business cultures, international accounting standards and the local legislation, and are therefore able to help customers solve their problems.. See the full international.. service region.. of Leinonen Group..

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  • Title: About Us | Leinonen Estonia
    Descriptive info: Why Choose Us.. Part of Leinonen Group.. Save your time and money, choose a trustworthy accounting partner.. “Accounting helps to assure order in a company and offers support for rational decision making.. Accounting is not just a mandatory task to comply with local rules and legislation.. It is also a precondition for  ...   clients across all industries and many of our new clients come to us through recommendations from existing clients.. That is the best confirmation of the hard work we do for our clients every day.. We strive to remain flexible and treat every client with the tailored care and attention expected from us.. ”..

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  • Title: Contacts | Leinonen Estonia
    Descriptive info: Our People.. Our Location.. Contact Form.. Partners and Media.. Contact us for more details.. We are happy to help you in all accountancy related questions.. More details about Leinonen Estonia can be found at.. Leinonen OÜ.. 10415 Tallinn, Estonia.. Phone: +372 6117 700.. Fax +372 6117 701.. E-mail:.. Detailed map to our.. office..

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  • Title: Events | Leinonen Estonia
    Descriptive info: Our Events.. Scandinavia Seminar.. Registration.. Seminar Speakers.. Here you can find our latest professional events.. Events 2014.. Go International Seminar Series in Finland: The Baltic States.. Link to the event.. Events 2013.. Scandinavian Seminar: Sweden, Norway..

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  • Title: Leinonen Estonia | Leinonen Estonia
    Descriptive info: Gateway between Nordic, Baltic and Eastern markets.. We have grown and developed step by step in cooperation with our very different and demanding clients.. We are ready to bring our more than 20 years of experience to more and more companies.. Our wish is to assure the ongoing business prosperity of the companies located here and we are ready to offer our  ...   Finnish-owned private accounting and consultancy company, which was established in 1989 in Finland.. In 1992 we entered Estonia, already operating under the name of Leinonen, after Mr.. Leinonen, the founder and owner of the company.. Today, together with Leinonen Latvia in Riga and Leinonen Lithuania in Vilnius and Kaunas, we are among the oldest and largest accounting companies operating in the Baltic States..

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  • Title: Submission of annual reports of permanent establishments to Tax and Customs Board | Leinonen Estonia
    Descriptive info: Pursuant to Subsection 55 (2) of the Income Tax Act, a non-resident legal entity that has a permanent establishment in Estonia (§ 7) is required to submit a signed copy of the annual report of its permanent establishment to the Tax and Customs Board within six months of the end of the financial year.. Pursuant to Subsection 57 (3) of the Taxation Act, the keeping of accounts and accounting for taxation purposes shall be organised in a manner that enables an  ...   of facts relevant for taxation purposes.. Although the accounting rules of permanent establishments have not been separately stipulated, a non-resident must keep the permanent establishment's accounting for taxation purposes in a manner that makes it possible to obtain within a reasonable time an overview of the expenses incurred, revenues earned and the assets and liabilities of the permanent establishment situated in Estonia.. The report usually contains a management report, balance sheet and income statement.. Having the report audited is not required..

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  • Title: News 2014 | Leinonen Estonia
    Descriptive info: Estonia in Figures for 2014.. Feb 21.. Leinonen in FECC Tax Seminar in Tallinn.. Jan 23.. Here you can find main economic parameters for the year 2014.. For example: Value Added Tax Act (VATA),.. Social Tax Act (STA),.. Income Tax Act (ITA), and.. Funded Pensions Act (FPA).. etc.. Finnish Estonian Chamber of Commerce is organizing tax seminar in hotel Euroopa, on January 30, where Managing Director of Leinonen Group, Petteri Leinonen will give a presentation.. Seminar topics are about taxation, doing business and hiring people in Finland and Estonia..

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  • Title: News 2013 | Leinonen Estonia
    Descriptive info: Electronic submission of certificates of incapacity for work.. Dec 10.. Legislation of Documents in the Member States of the EU.. Dec 09.. Changes in connection with SEPA payments.. Dec 06.. Leinonen now has an office in Norway.. Dec 02.. Welcome to Scandinavia Seminar on 5th or 6th December 2013.. Nov 20.. Additional information when registering the permanent establishment.. Jun 25.. Change in issuing the tax liabilities absence certificate.. Jun 19.. Leinonen Estonia 20th Anniversary.. May 28.. Companies are moving to Estonia.. May 13.. Industrial production in Estonia grew in March 2013.. May 02.. Changes in imposing a penalty for late payment and collection costs in Estonia.. Estonia in Figures for 2013.. Estonian business demography.. An amendment of legislation that enables all employers to start using paper-free data exchange will come into force in 2014.. The deadline for complete implementation of the electronic system is planned to be the end of 2015, and all data related to certificates of incapacity for work will be exchanged electronically.. On 19 September 2013, the Convention Abolishing the Legislation of Documents in the Member States of the EU (so-called Brussels convention) came into force according to which the requirement of an apostil regarding public documents was abolished.. A public or official document is a document issued by an authority or official.. Public documents of Belgium, Ireland, Italy, Denmark, France and Latvia are not required to be legalised or certified by an apostil in Estonia (and Estonian documents in the listed countries) after this date.. The convention does not cover the need for translation.. Several amendments related to payments and invoices that undertakings must take into account, will come into force on 1 February 2014.. They are connected to the new payment schemes of the Single European Payment Area (SEPA), the goal of which is to ensure that residents, businesses and organisations across Europe can have simple, fast, secure and cheaper payments.. The amendment will be  ...   note the name and registry code or personal identification code (or in the absence of the personal identity code the day, month and year of birth) of each shareholder, in its application, to be submitted to the Tax and Customs Board.. There is change in the amount of tax arrears when the certificate concerning the absence of tax arrears is required to be issued.. Today Leinonen celebrates 20th anniversary of Estonian activities.. There was interview with Petteri Leinonen in Estonian biggest business magazine Äripäev today.. About 4,000 Finnish-owned companies are already operating in Estonia.. An article on this topic was published in the Helsingin Sanomat newspaper on 12 May 2013.. In the article, Tomi Bosnjak, Managing Director of Leinonen Estonia, was also interviewed, and he spoke about companies that move from Finland to Estonia as well as companies that move from Estonia to Finland.. Leinonen Estonia helps both kinds of companies.. Also, the Leinonen office in Finland provides advice and assistance.. We are being contacted more and more frequently.. According to Statistics Estonia, in March 2013, the production of industrial enterprises increased by 7% compared to March of the previous year.. The growth in the production was most of all influenced by the manufacturing of electronic products and electricity.. A new version of.. § 113.. of the Law of Obligations Act entered into force on 15 April 2013, which greatly improves the situation of an obligee by giving the obligee a stronger position to pressure an obligor, a higher rate of penalty for late payment and a simpler regulation regarding compensation for collection costs.. Here you can find main economic parameters for the year 2013 and their comparison with the year 2012 figures.. The recession of 2008-2009 reduced the creation rate of enterprises in Estonia and lead to more companies going out of business than in previous periods.. In 2010, the statistics of business demography improved by a small degree..

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  • Title: News 2012 | Leinonen Estonia
    Descriptive info: Alcohol excise duty to be risen by 5 % every year between 2013 and 2016.. Dec 03.. Changes to the Estonian VAT Act starting from 2013.. Nov 22.. Finnish companies will get an access to the credit information of Estonian companies.. Oct 04.. Signing of annual reports in Estonia.. Aug 01.. Payment behaviour in Estonia.. May 08.. The additional income to the Estonian state budget is expected to be 129 million euro: 7 million in 2103, 22 million in 2014, 40 million in 2015 and 60 million euro in 2016..

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