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  • Title: Zimbra Web Client Log In
    Descriptive info: .. Username:.. Password:.. Remember me.. Version:.. Default.. Advanced (Ajax).. Standard (HTML).. Mobile.. Client Types:.. Advanced.. offers the full set of Web collaboration features.. This Web Client works best with newer browsers and faster Internet connections.. Standard.. is recommended when Internet connections are slow, when using older browsers, or for easier accessibility.. is recommended for mobile devices.. To set.. to be your preferred client type,  ...   that your web browser or display does not fully support the Advanced version.. We strongly recommend that you use the Standard client.. Go offline with Zimbra Desktop.. Learn more.. Zimbra.. :: the leader in open source messaging and collaboration ::.. Blog.. -.. Wiki.. Forums.. Copyright © 2005-2013 Telligent Systems, Inc.. All rights reserved.. "Telligent" and "Zimbra" are registered trademarks or trademarks of Telligent Systems, Inc..

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